and yes you are having a dejavu

Snapped. Pt One, Captivated - smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+
Words: 2200 give er take. (I know so short for me)

Notes: Here is the first part of the collab with the lovely @thelittlestkitsune


  • to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence

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anonymous asked:

Just curious. Have you been reblogging your old works instead of doing new requests? There's nothing wrong with that, I just felt a lot of dejavu lately when it comes to posts on tumble and it's driving me bonkers!

It’s one of the main reasons, yes. It’s also for control of the links now that I’ve changed the @. 😉

amidopey  asked:

I'm still on the fence re: Ziam... I think a big part of it is my own bias, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around 4/5 in one boy band being gay... this is my hangup -- I have to admit there are many things surrounding Liam/Sophia & Zayn/Perrie that are beyond shady and I can't explain... I will keep open eyes & heart to them... I feel DejaVu with Sophia and the whole school thing, didn't we go over this with Elenor?????

I’m glad you’re keeping an open mind and being honest. And yes, most of us have some heteronormative biases that we have to actively keep in check. People have the whole 10%-of-the-population-is-gay statistic stuck in their heads, but I think the pool of X Factor contestants in 2010 certainly exceeded that 10% mark. And then you have to consider those who are on the spectrum–not 100% gay and not 100% straight. So I think it’s entirely possible–and not even shocking–to have two couples in one group.

There is nothing about the official Sophia narrative that wasn’t snatched from the official Eleanor narrative. And that should make everybody raise an eyebrow. Like Eleanor, she’s allegedly an old friend/model/pretty brunette student who students/regular girl. It’s ridiculous.

This made it’s way into the fandom during the break:

If she’s supposed to be a student at Stafford College in Stafford, England…ummmm…classes started last week.

So like Eleanor, she’s apparently putting that education on hold to stand around at concerts. Shady.