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what is this sss that you all speak of

Time to drop your panties for these beautiful men 

They are all brothers. Yes I know, they don’t look alike and that is because their father is a man whore. So god damn can we just appreciate them for a bit? 

The one on the floor, wearing white, is Mei Taratino. He is a world famous pianist and Jesus Christ he is a cinnamon roll who needs protection. He deserves your love. Can we appreciate his beautiful facial features tho? Look how his waves gently falls on his face. God he is eatable. 

The one sitting on the couch handle shit, is Shizuka Kira. He is a supermodel and he is such a sweetie. He is a whore for sneakers and honestly SAME. We don’t have a route for him yet but hopefully soon D: 

The one fixing his hair is Rei Shindo. He doesn’t have a route either but he seems like the sweet guy right! But fucker seems controlling and I want to know more about Rei. 


HUSBAND #3 IS THE FUCKER IN THE GREY OZZING OUT SEX APPEAL. TOMA MOTHER FUCKING KIRA. Look at that jaw, its perfect to ride his face. Sorry I’m frustrated LMAO, he is honestly the sweetest. He comes off harsh but his intentions are pure. His past haunts him and I love this sweet baby. 

HUSBAND #2 IS THE FUCKER WITH THE SMIRK AND HIS CROSSED LEGS. FIST ME PAPI. HIS NAME IS CHIAKI KIRA. GOD DAMN BITCH. IM THIRSTY FOR HIM. OKAY HE IS PROBLEMATIC. In the beginning he uses you for the typical excuse of not wanting to be something okay. People take it the wrong way, but people are just hating on him. I love everything about Chiaki and his route is hilarious. He is relatable for being lazy as fuck and when he screams the screen shakes and its adorable. 

HUSBAND #1 NOW THE SEXY CLOWN LOOKING LIKE HE STEPPED OUT OF A BOX OF LUCKY CHARMS NAME IS MINAMI KIRA. THIS FUCKING GOOF BALL IS FUCKING EVERYTHING FOR ME. OKAY IS THE TOP PROBLEMATIC OUT OF THE WHOLE BROTHERS. OKAY some people bash on him because they don’t realize the emotional damage this man has gone through. His route is extra angst and I fell in love with him. I don’t excuse his actions but I must give credit where credit is due, he stopped it. You may not understand but if you play his route, try to understand him.

Follower thingie! 300 + !

I’ve been lucky enough to be followed back by some of the most talented individuals residing on this here very site; I feel quite blessed. I’ll mention a few but not a whole lot! If you aren’t mentioned A. We haven’t interacted much. B. I forgot bc im a bean.


@aurumalas: I really relish the chance to exchange ideas with you in regards to Xayah && Rakan, I love the threads we have planned canon && Au alike && really am looking forward to building stuff with you !

@unadulteratedcolordaze Despite the fact that Im so slow on replying to things I really love seeing you on my dash! && the student/ teaching thing we have going on is really fun to write !

@valorandmoxie: RAISES LEGGY. I adore your Quinn. I love our random IM antics that always leave me smiling && the memes you drop to me at times! alksjdalkjsdasd just yes <3

@noxiancrybaby: Your oc is just YES. She’s so well written && established && I know we dont interact that much (Mostly bc im slow as shit at replying) I really enjoy the threads we have currently !

@lachassedenuit: You’ve ruined me with this cute-angst as fuck ship that we have going, I really hope I get the chance to write with your Yas as well as I just really love your writing && just YOU.

@schxrfe: Another person I’ve had the chance to do a lil bit of plotting with! (i’m not so grand on the whole plotting thing tbh .-. ) im so looking forward to how this whole thing turns out; kicking arse, getting captured, throwing some assholes in jail. :’D 

@rise-of-thorns: We’ve only chatted a few times & we do have a thread currently that I’ve really enjoyed writing! the occ chats we’ve had have been really insightful && you’re someone im lookin’ forward threading to more sometime in the future.

@deathdigging: The theme you commissioned me is just amaze <3 I really enjoy seeing your stuff on my dash be it promos, threads with others; it’s just so nice to see Yorick portrayed so accurately ;; 

@wontlctgo: Now. YOU YOU YOU. Your Xayah is so on point. I admire you. I really do. I love the chats we have about HC && the fact that I can just discuss anything with you && you’re up for a chat. Twin muses are so fun && just keep doing you! <3

@ajvna: We plotted a bit! && I really like the ideas we’ve thrown around (Especially about xayah being part of the group {I cant remember what its called im sorry;;}!) I’m keen to continue threading with you && developing an awesome friendship/whatever xD

If you’re tagged in this bottom bit I either admire you from afar or we have one or two threads && yes you’re also amazing!

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Many of you asked me to post a picture with me and my boyfriend so here it is. We were at a wedding (yes i know my hair was flat haha). Alot of people told me that we look alike, but i don’t really think so…What do you guys think ?

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Idk if you've answered this question bfr but how did u and ellieljade first knew each other? Ur friendship just seems dope lmao

I know @ellieljade has answered it a time or two before, so I’ll go ahead and do so this time. 

Once upon a time, in the subreddit for BTS (r/bangtan), there was a post about everyone’s ages and how one user felt odd because they weren’t in their teens and I joined in with my own woes. Come to find out, there’s a lot of us ARMY peeps that aren’t in our teens but we still stan our boys and I was introduced to a (at the time) safe place to join my fellow olds in stanning and thirsting after not just BTS but any group.  After some time, Nicole got drunk one night and put out a post asking if anyone wanted to start a KKT chat. If I remember correctly, her post was something like, “So. I’m drunk and this seems like a great plan.” I quickly joined in along with ten or so others. 

For a time, we were all very active in that chat, but one thing was a bit hard to keep up with and that was shipping. Nicole and I… we just can’t do shipping between real people. Fictional characters? Hell. Yes. (Looking at you VoldemortxHarry *cough*). So, when all of the shipping members of the chat were posting about fics they were working on or fics they had read, I piped in with a TaehyungxReader fic that I had stumbled upon and died reading. Nicole promptly joined me in the fangirling and we ended up making a separate chat for just the two of us. 

And the rest? Well, it’s history. Lmfao. 

We got to know each other more, discovering that we’re so eerily alike in many, many ways. Beyond the mutual kinks, we had similar childhoods, things we like, things we hate, etc. It gets almost creepy sometimes, tbh. And it was through our messaging that she started writing and then I followed after her. We’re constantly exchanging ideas for new plots, kinks to add, conversations that should be had, and scenarios that need to happen. Not a day goes by where we’re not messaging each other, even now that we’re 14 hours apart time wise.

It’s weird to think that we weren’t talking to each other a little over a year ago. I text her more than my parents and my best friends. She texts me more than she does her own husband lmfao. It’s a good friendship, a great one, and I love her. And her filthy mind. <3

EDIT: Correction. Nicole IS a best friend. So. I text her more than all of my other friends and best friends.

Summery: Benny and Jenny Weir are the dynamic duo or as their cousin Stiles Stilinski calls them the terrible twosome.

Both having inherited special powers from their parents they are always in trouble, so when they get kicked out of Whitechapel after irritating the resident vampires and are shipped off to Beacon hills Stiles begins to see just how much trouble his baby cousins can be.

Teen Wolf/ My Babysitters A Vampire Crossover

Word Count: 1626

Part One  Part Two

Jenny had woken up early and was happy to see a cute outfit tucked into her window with a note written in Sarah’s hand writing.

“We saved up and got you that dress you like.” Jenny read to herself as she pulled on the dark blue floral dress and grabbed a mid-waist army jacket and knee high boots letting her white socks stick out a little over the top.

A soft thumping on the bathroom door told her Benny was awake and she skipped happily across the room unlocking it and was almost flattened by her brother who stumbled through as if he’d been leaning on the door hoping to fall through it and, judging by the pink sparks that flew from his hands he quite possibly would have if she had she taken any longer.

“Look what Grandma sent us, also Erica got me a new shirt cool huh?” Benny offered his sister a wand with her name neatly engraved in it and showed her a new spell book and potion kit while he held up his hands so she could see his new shirt.

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Rap Daddy (Part 3)

Episode 3: Rap Twins

As the show began immediately there was a noticeable change between the last episode and this one. The two person couch had now been replaced by one that was built for three people.

“Good morning” Yongguk greeted the staff as he sat down in the middle section of the couch.

As he appeared there were bold letters at the bottom of the screen saying ‘Welcome Back Yongguk’.

This time instead of thanking and welcoming Yongguk from behind the camera the PD stood up and shook his hand. “We didn’t think you would accept our invitation. We are glad to have you as Rap Daddy number three, Bang Yongguk.”

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Save Me

Big Cass/OC: You just dealt with a breakup and decide to go to a party with your friend and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend gets drunk and stupid and is all over you and your friend won’t do anything about it. Cass comes to your aid, getting your friend’s boyfriend to leave you alone and walks you home. While sitting at your house, he admits he has feelings for you that you just so happen to reciprocate. Smut happens. Kinda fluffy mostly smutty goodness for @heyitstatianita

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“How long have you been going to Oasis Springs Elementary?” Binnie asks him.

“About as long as you, we’re in the same class,” he states.

“Wait..really? How come I’ve never noticed you?” She asks genuinely curious.

“Well, 1. You don’t notice anyone and 2. I’m not the biggest fan of being noticed,” he says.

“Heh..I’m not much of a people sister actually put me up to this. Though..I’m actually enjoying it more than I expected,” Binnie admits.

“Me too…wait, that girl who came up to me yesterday was your sister?” He asks.

“Yes. I know we look alike-”

“No, I honestly can’t believe such a cool girl like you is related to such a bubble head.”

“Serious?” Binnie asks, he nods in response.

I Love to Hate You

TITLE: I Love To Hate You


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and you dislike each other, but you are forced into an arranged marriage and as time goes by, it barely gets better. It seems to be a marriage that will hardly be amiable but certain events causes Loki to be the husband you never thought he could be.


The funeral was a lavish affair; Eoin had been well respected among his own realm and others for his care for his people. Diplomats and royalty came from the Nine Realms while the people of Vanaheim lowered their work tools for three days and stood along the streets, their heads bowed as his body was brought to the royal tomb on the mountain near the city to be laid to rest.

Loki’s family rushed to their close allies sides for the affair, Frigga assisting Tatiana, who understandably felt lost without her husband, Odin and Thor assisted in keeping Mikhail in line, if just for the funeral itself, while Loki simply remained dutifully by Alexandra’s side.

Since her snapping at him about her getting rest, she had not spoken to him; she ignored him completely, as though he was not there. When his family came to give her their condolences, she was polite and spoke a little with them all, but not with Loki.

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Everyone meeting their genderbends.

Based on this: here and here

Shu: I look so good. My hair looks super soft. I look like me mom a lot a female. (GB Shu: You look good to. Ooo what dong are you listening to?) The usual you? (same. I’m tired.) Can we just go to sleep? (fine by me.)

Reiji: You look like a proper young woman. (GB Reiji: I must agree, you look like a proper young man.) Thank you for the complement. (Same to you.) Would you like some freshly brewed tea? (We can drink tea and discuss science.) I would enjoy that a lot.

Ayato: OI! YOU HAVE NO BOOBS! (GB Ayato: YOU MAYBE DON’T HAVE A-) OKAY OKAY! (*pouts*) Geez no bobs so what can you do? (I can hoop bet you cant.) Im the best at basket ball! (NO I AM) I AM (I AM) Let’s go to the court. (Let’s go bro.)

Kanato: Teddy female me looks really pretty don’t you agree? (GB Kanato: Teddy male me looks pretty as well.) Do you like sweets? (Do you like pudding?) I like chocolate pudding. (I like vanilla.) Ew.  (yours is ew. No yours is ew!) YOURS (YOURS) YOURS (YOURS) Let’s the sweets. (okay *smile*)

Laito: Mhh look at you~. (Look at you~!) You absolutely sexy! (Oh stop it you do!) *chuckles* (My my do you have a reputation~?) How naughty of you~. I do do you? (I have a weekly streak~!) Look at you seducing men every second~ (Every female for you~) *both giggles*

Subaru: (GB Subaru: wow) What? (We look alike even as different genders.) Your right… (This is creepy..) I know… (My hair is just more wilder.) Mine is flat.  (we’re like twins!) pretty much. (You look slightly feminine maybe that’s it?) Hey!

Ruki: You look nice. (GB Ruki: So do you.) You have a collar on I see? (Yes I never take it off.) Interesting. Do you like books? (Yes!) So do I. (Im reading a murder mystery right now.) So am I. (Maybe we can have a book study?) I would like that. (So would I.)

Kou: Oh my gosh your hair is tdf! (GB Kou: So is yours!!!) No way what products do you use?! (I use dove hair wash it works like crazy!) I need to go get that then! (Your outfit is stunning!) So is yours!! (Shoping?) Shopping!!

Yuma: You have boobs for days! Take that Ayato! (GB Yuma: Heh!) You’re tall also! (Duh.) No need to be a rotten tomato. (Oi! Im not a rotten tomato!) Fine baked potato! (Cabbage) Broccoli! (Carrot!) Grrr.

Azusa: Hi… (GB Azusa: Hi..I like your…hat..) Thank you.. (Do knives..?) Yes…I do want…to see my…collection? (I to..) Okay..please follow me….if you dont..mind.. (Okay…hold my..hand..) Okay…*holds hand*

Carla: My, we have a striking resemblance.  (GB Carla: I have noticed.) You look very nice. (So do you.) Your hair is slightly longer than mine but is still white and red. (It looks nice, your hair.) So do yours. (What a nice scarf you own.) Thank you would you like to see the others? There by the paintings to the left. (Okay let’s go.)

Shin: Dude your ears! (Your tail! Wicked cool!) Thanks! Want some pb squares? (Yes yes yes!) Okay! (You have a patch also?) Yeah you do to! (Yeah!) It’s obvious were the best pair. (Right!) Okay let’s get the snacks! (Kay!)

Look-alike (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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prompt: “whose that” “really liam, thats lydia, ya know one of your best friends?” “no stiles the girl behind her” “thats lyd– mini lydia?” (reader looks and acts similar to lydia, she’s a freshman and very sassy, also, may or may not be a mermaid, you decide) liam x reader plz

 A/n: i made the reader into Lydia’s cousin, hope you don’t mind. Also this in more of a season 1 kind of Lydia, because i know she changed so much during the seasons. But hopefully you liked it x ((sorry if its kinda of short))

 Being new to a school is a scary thing. But for you not really. Well it was scary but you could’ve hide it that you’re scared. You were probably the most cocky, sassy person in middle school. But beside that you were very smart. That’s why people told you, you look just like your cousin Lydia. And you couldn’t agree more. You were excited to go to a new school where your , role model, cousin Lydia is.

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I’m Getting Sentimental Over You: A collection of classic tunes from the 1930s. A Playlist to make you want to forget your troubles, pick yourself up, and swing the night away.

“Now once more the belt is tight and we summon the proper expression of horror as we look back at our wasted youth. Sometimes, though, there is a ghostly rumble among the drums, an asthmatic whisper in the trombones that swings me back into the early twenties when  we drank  wood alcohol and every day in every way grew better and better, and there was a first abortive shortening of the skirts, and girls all looked alike in sweater dresses, and people you didn’t want to know said “Yes, we have no bananas,” and it seemed only a question of a few years before the older people would step aside and let the world be run by those who saw things as they were–and it all seems rosy and romantic to us who were young then, because we will never feel quite so intensely about our surroundings any more - F. Scott Fitzgerald, Echoes of the Jazz Age, 1931.


Soukoku Pool Headcanons
  • Chuuya asking Dazai what type of sunscreen he wears because he’s the responsible one who can function as a proper adult, and Dazai never wants to go on shopping trips. (Dang. Shade.)
  • They both tan easily so when they get back to base, everyone calls them “Double Tan” or “Double Done (like fried meat).”
  • Chuuya is like, “Oi Dazai, hand over some bandages.” Dazai replies, “You’ve finally seen life from my side haven’t you?”


Chuuya: “Oi, hand over some bandages. I’m burning.”
Dazai: “All prepped for hell, sweetie?”

  • **Chuuya can’t swim, so he has to use his ability to stay afloat.
  • *** He clings onto Dazai in the wave pool because “That jerk loves to ride big waves WITHOUT AN INNERTUBE. HE IS LITERALLY TRYING TO DIE. (DAZAI I DON’T WANT TO BE A PART OF YOUR DOUBLE SUICIDE. LET ME OUT OF THE POOL GOSH DARN IT. internal screaming)”
  • Dazai teasing Chuuya about looking like a (fine af) lady since Chuuya has been hit on by guys before due to the fact he covers up lots and wears a giant sunhat.
  • “Bonus points if Chuuya’s hat is really frilly and flamboyant ‘cause he stole it from Kouyou.”
  • Just imagine Chuuya wearing baggy clothes and a floppy sunhat. His shirt is so long people think it’s a dress and mistake him as a woman.
  • Also, dem legs.
  • But what if Kouyou influenced his love for tacky hats. {Kouyou doesn’t know what went wrong during her teachings; she’s fabulous when it comes to accessories. But Chuuya… She doesn’t like talking about it.}

    {Moment of silence for the short paragraph I lost due to bull-shenanigans that was not typing this out then copy and pasting into the post bc I am but a Foolish Fool™ and just HULK CHUUYA RAGE.}

  • What if the ticket person isn’t paying full attention to them, and only glances at Chuuya then says, “So a ticket for an adult and one for a child.”
  • Dazai shuts Chuuya up because the tickets are cheaper.
  • “Yes, this is my son. (whispers) He’s adopted.”
       {Chuuya is taller than me tho lol}
  • (Chuuya didn’t hear that last part) “Stop, we don’t look anything alike.” But the ticket person is out for some Dazai booty {aren’t we all?} and let’s it slide.
  • Both Dazai and Chuuya getting asked if they are models.
    {AU WHERE SOUKOKU (AKA DOUBLE BLACK IN THE WEST) ARE MODELS TRAVELING THE WORLD. Ahh yes. Soukoku. The most dangerously handsome duo in the world.}
  • Models Dazai and Chuuya on a date at the water park in general.
  • Next time they go they bring Atsushi and Akutagawa with them, and they all get asked if they’re models.
  • Eventually the mafia just rents out the whole park for a company picnic because of all the attention they attract.


Dazai + bandage tans {mic drop}

pref #6: he gets jealous of your brother (requested)

How about a pref where your brother doesn’t look like you so when he sees you with him he gets jealous because he doesn’t know that’s your brother

i found this absolutely hilarious haHaHAh omg

luke: Your brother, who was one year older than you, had just returned from college for summer break. You guys laid on the couch laughing at all the stories he told you of his college experiences. Luke knocked on the door and walked in. He stopped in his tracks, staring at you. “What?” You asked, confused. He shook his head and walking to the kitchen.“ Luke, what is going on?” You asked.

“Who is he?” He said with his hands on his hips. 

“Luke, you sound like an angry girlfriend.” You laughed.

“Well when I walk into my girlfriends house to see her with some guy on the couch, I’m gonna be angry.” He hissed.

“Luke-” You started to explain. 

“You know what, I don’t even want to know who he is. Have fun.” he raised his voice, walking out of the kitchen.

You grabbed his arm, “Luke, that’s my older brother!” You yelled in annoyance. 

“Wh- oh, wait, really?” He said, confused. 

“Yes. Now go home, I’m mad at you.” You rolled your eyes.

michael: You walked out of the frozen yogurt store with your brother. He was your fraternal twin, so you two looked nothing alike. You two laughed and talked as you ate your yogurt. 

“Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice.

“Michael!” You laughed. “What’s up?" 

"Can I talk to you?” he said nervously. You walked over to him, “I know we have only been dating for a few months, but I thought we were exclusive. I didn’t know we were seeing other people and it would’ve been nice for you to tell me that be-”

“Michael, do you think I’m seeing that guy?” You asked. He nodded his head in confusion. “That’s my brother!” You laughed. His face turned red and he laughed nervously. 

calum: You and your brother, who was a year younger than you, went on a little lunch date to catch up. You guys sat across from each other at the table as you waited for your orders. Your phone buzzed and you saw your boyfriend Calum’s name pop up on the screen. “Hey babe.” You said into the phone.

“Hey, wanna go out to lunch?” He asked.

“I’m kinda busy right now. I’ll just see you tonight.” You said. 

“Do you want to get fries or no?” Your brother said loudly.

“Who was that?” He said quickly.

“Yes.” You said to your brother. 

“Y/N, who are you with?” Calum questioned.

 "Calum, I have to go. I’ll see you at home.

– a few hours later –

You walked in the door with your brother and Calum was sitting on the couch. “Oh, hello.” He said, nonchalantly.

“Hey, Calum.” You laughed awkwardly.

“Am I getting in the way of you two doing what you need to do or what?” He hissed.

“Wh- What are you talking about?” You almost laughed. You followed him into the living room, “What’s your problem.”

“You ditch me for that guy and then you bring him home? Were you planning on hooking up with him? You didn’t even try to hide it!” He yelled.

“Cal, that’s my brother! Oh my God!” You yelled, laughing. 

“Oh shit.” He threw his head in his hands, laughing.

ashton: You hadn’t seen your brother in months since he left for college, so when you finally got to see him, you spent the whole day with him. You guys walked around the mall as you caught up on what had been happening in your lives. You walked into a cute little book store and walked around. You backed up and bumped into a hard body. “Ashton?” You laughed. 

“What are you doing here?” he asked. 

“Y/N we gotta go, we have to make the dinner reservations.” Your brother said, walking towards you.

Ashton looked back and forth between you two. “Who- what." 

"Ash-” You started.

He grabbed the book out of your hands, “You did a horrible job trying to hide this from me. You know what, Y/N, I was here picking out that book you wanted, and I see this. I’m done.” He hissed.

“He’s my brother, Ashton.” You said in a hushed tone, trying not to draw attention.

“Oh..” he sighed.

You pulled the book out of his hands, “ C'mon, Y/B/N, we have reservations for mom and dad's anniversary to make.” You said, glaring at Ashton and walking out.

you can never give ashton too much love brahs


buckle up buddies this is gonna be a wild ride

let’s start with fetus bc FRINGE BEYOND COMPARE

 i mean look at that he could be a scene queen

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Hey, I have some cash here, I’ll give it to you but I need you to do something for me first, would you?

-Is that an instant yes that I hear?- Au'thubillah.

Seriously, how many of us have been placed in such situations like these, that we go to the point that we bribe people just so they would do something for us, or that we escape some hard situation or that we can get some short period pleasure?

Oh please, don’t give me that innocent look, you know one time in your life you’ve done something “alike” to it, doing a favor for a friend in exchange of something. [We all are guilty of this.]

Why can’t we do something whole heartedly without expecting or asking some favor in return?

To those who know [deep inside of them] take advantage of their statuses, their strength, their charisma and even their intellect in order to get something done for them then this story is for you.

I ask you to please reflect thoroughly from this story between ‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab Radiyallahu Anhu and his son, 'Aasim Ibn 'Umar Radiyallahu Anhu. 

This happened during the reign of 'Umar Radiyallahu Anhu as the Caliph. 

One day, Mu'aiqeeb was summoned by 'Umar. When he went to see 'Umar as per his orders he caught him and his son, 'Aasim, discussing, more like reprimanding his son.

When 'Umar saw Mu'aiqeeb, he stopped and turned to him and told him, “Do you know what he has done? Verily, he went to Iraq, informed the people there that he is the son of the Leader of the Believers, and asked them for spending money. They gave him dishes, gold, an adorned sword, and other items.”

'Aasim intervened and said, “I did not do that; rather, all that happened was that I visited some of my people, and they then gave me [these things’.”

So, 'Umar said, “Take it, O Mu'aiqeeb and place it in the Muslim treasury.”

Look at the stance of 'Umar. Look how he displays equality among people, that even with his status as the leader of the believers he forbid his own family from enjoying from such pleasure, rather he made sure his own family just like how other Muslims are should work for a living. 

Indeed, with just reading this story, it makes you realize that we should never take advantage of the status we have given just so we could get favors from people.

This story indeed is an example of a person gaining wealth and money not through hard work but through being one’s status, title and rank.

When 'Umar felt that his son received the wealth just because of his status and not because 'Aasim worked hard to earn it, he straighten his son up and did not allow his son to keep the wealth. 

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, indeed if you are a parent then you know that your love should not rule over the disciplinary lessons you are giving to your children. 

It is not that one doesn’t love his or her own child because he or she has reprimanded their child but it is because they love them, I know some of us never understood this thought until one of us became parents of our own kids. 

And to the people who use their status, because indeed these days, you gain instant high status when you have wealth, even if you are not suitable for a political position or the likes, you are appointed because of the wealth you have, I ask you to learn and reflect from your actions. 

During the Khair ul Qurun [Era of the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum], their generals, governors, and even their Caliphs were not rich as you are now, but people followed them because they were upon the right path, they never let money rule over them nor their lusts for this world, so learn from them.

If you are a leader or if you are a parent of your own then know that your responsibilities are of high caliber, remember that every person you oppress will be asked about you in the Day of Judgement, so be just, be sensitive, do not be stubborn. 

Make use of your wealth by helping the needy or donating to a masjid, let your wealth be useful for you in the akhirah, again, do not let your money rule you, let your piety and faith do. in sha Allah.

And we pray that we become just to the people just as we want people to be just on us. Amin


Story was taken from Asrul-Khilafah Ar Raashidah, Al Umari, p. 236