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I Found You (Loki Laufeyson Soulmate AU)

Summary: (Y/n)’s soulmate tattoo is Loki in Nordic runes and now thinks fate is playing with her and he doesn’t exist because they gave her a mythological god. During the battle of NY (y/n) happens to meet him but what occurs once the battle is over? Her soulmate is the most hated man on the planet.

A/n: So I changed the MCU storyline a bit as well where Clint had met Steve before the battle of New York.

Warnings: There’s some physical harassment from a male co-worker on the reader so possible TRIGGER WARNING, and remember if this happens to you, report it and if nothing is done about it, definitely call the police. (Be safe y’all, we don’t all have Steve Rogers to our rescue)


Gif is not mine, credit to @lokitty

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A young man approached, thanking and taking his coffee from (y/n). She huffed, overtime she called out someone’s name, she always somewhat hoped that her soulmate would mysteriously appear. She’d had her soulmate tattoo since it appeared at age 12, like everybody else, except hers, wasn’t even English. It was in Nordic Runes, something people didn’t use to name their kids. (Y/n) had found out at 16 when she went looking for her soulmate after being teased for her strange tattoo. She was desperate to prove to everyone, her soulmate wasn’t a freak; he/she was unique and deserved love. She, after all, being in foster homes all her life, believed she could give this to them.

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Texts Between Strangers

Note: female/woman ‘reader’

Hey, it was really nice meeting you last night. Maybe we can grab lunch tomorrow? This is Cisco btw.

The text pops up on your phone screen as you’re scrolling through social media. You’ve been lounging in bed on this rainy Saturday morning planning on doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day but binge watch The Walking Dead and order thai take out later. You just stare at the text for a minute, blinking.

You definitely didn’t give your number to anyone last night because all you did yesterday was pull a double shift at Jitters because they’ve been short staffed lately. A long day at work usually left you looking a bit wrecked so you’re damn sure there wasn’t anyone slipping their digits your way either.

This person has the wrong number.

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Going through my old files and found a bountiful array of narry gifs n such and decided they needed to be shared so here- have some narry, in no particular chronological order. And on a side note- the captions underneath are what I wrote as captions when I saved them to my computer, save for the first one. 

*this is a lockscreen obvs, not a gif- but v v cute and may or may not have made me cry*

harry’s smile is everything

ballroom dancing, followed by a complete disregard of the fact that there are young people in the audience. also. keep it in your pants. 

clingy harry

clingy niall


confirmed pt 2

cute boyfriends dancing

more aggressive dancing

delicate hand holding

proper education


almost kissed you guys almost

fist bump or peering at Dick who knows

flower sparkle dancing rainbow sunshine fairies

footie hugs

photoshoot romance and Fonding

im not saying they fucked after this concert but they totally fucked

i just love his hair i cant stop touching it at all hours of the day do you see how soft and floofy and-

i have a need for physical contact 24/7 so if I act clingy its because I am

haha kill me why don’t you

Harry is preggers w nialls head

i told you I love his hair



Major Case of Fond has been diagnosed

what is with the hip swaying. what are they laughing about. the world shall never know. 

he wasn’t really going for the hood u guys

cutest interview couple of the century yes thank you

ur very fluffy harold

Proclaiming Sexual Longing In Front of 50,000+ People


“If you had to kiss one person under the mistletoe…who would it be?” you, harold.

cutestest metro lion replacements ever

“mick jagger move” haha OR excuse to grind in public

i literally dont know where to start w this one like they miss eachother’s glances and they way harry looks at him like he’s his everything and the cute lil dimple like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“nialls hugs are the best”

look how cute my bf was 

A Study In Dimples, by Niall Horan

Synchronized Boyfriends

what the fu- ohh he’s such a tease dammit- im gonna fuck him on this table later and then he’ll be sorry


Something funny, boys?

my heart aches

i have…no words

How To Hug Your Cute Boyfriend: A Lesson by Harry Styles

its totally platonic, bro.


tickle monster

my butt Deserves to be taken a photograph of

SIGHTED: New Mating Dance Discovered

when will ur faves ever

youll need a chainsaw to cut through the sexual tension here


did he really have to? no. but this is his boyfriend and he will be Extra 

I Serenaded My Boyfriend But He Glanced Away How Rude of Him And Im Slightly Offended 


bIH???? kisspering is the only word appropriate

its canon. they’re having a kid. 

get a room.

tuesday mornings

member: kang daniel
genre: fluff
summary: your terrible habit of sleeping on the subway actually lead you somewhere.
requested: yes! (finally) but this is actually based on my irl experience and horrible habit of sleeping when i commuted to school except i didn’t have a cute boy like daniel around…
a/n: it’s daniel fic week on my blog for my constantly writing a soulmate au fic soulmate’s birthday week @deepdickdaniel !!! happy birthday bitch. (also thank you @onlyjihoons for helping me with my writers block)

  • university has been cutting into your sleeping time.
  • because of all the group projects, essays, and assignments, you developed unsafe habit of sleeping on the subway, 
  • you’d often get older but really kind strangers shaking you awake, telling you it’s unsafe for someone so young to sleep on the subway alone.
  • honestly, you couldn’t help it….
  • there were many times where you missed your stop so you started to tape a sign on yourself saying “wake me up at xxx station”
  • that’s when you had a regular (?) waking you up every tuesday in the same subway cart at Your Seat™ (yes you had your own seat)

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Self-destructive tendencies - Tony Stark x Reader

Summary : Reader is in love with Tony, but Tony is dating Pepper…until she dumps him, and the Iron Man keeps coming to our dear reader for comfort (nothing sexual…yet). Warning for language.

(My masterlist blog here :


You always had a massive crush on Tony Stark, even though he was quite a bit older than you. And when he started dating his long time “assistant” Pepper Potts, your heart shattered. In a way though, maybe it was for the best, he didn’t have exactly a good reputation with his relationship with women…

They stayed together two years, and one day, she broke up with him. And the reasons why didn’t surprise you one bit. He was a difficult man to live with. But you couldn’t help but think Pepper should have known better. Like, she knew him since a long time, and she knew how he was…So why get with him if she couldn’t handle his way of being ? Especially since Tony actually put in a lot of effort in. He stopped drinking, he tried to remember important dates such as birthday and anniversary, even her name day ! And he often took her out, just the two of them…

But she wanted more, apparently. She wanted him to stop being the Iron Man and take more care of her. She wanted him to change some important parts of his personality…and that just couldn’t work. You didn’t get it. Again, she knew how he was, and she knew some things would stay the same…So why breaking up with him for those reasons ?

In your eyes, she just didn’t love him enough to accept all of him. And it broke your heart a bit, because no matter how much of an asshole Tony was, he deserved better. He deserved someone who understood that, since he got kidnapped in Afghanistan, and since the Alien attack on NYC, he wasn’t the same man anymore.

But what could you do ? He’d never look at you in another way than a little sister, you were too young. And he was still in love with her…

You were brooding in your office one late night when you heard a knock on your door. Only one person could come knock on your door at 4 am…

Tony fucking Stark. And he was drunk. So drunk.

-Heyyyyyyy youuUUUuuuUUuuuu. Came by the neighborhood, thought I’d…Check on you or something.

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Opposite Dog Hybrid!Mingyu

Requested by anon: Helooo Mom™ can I have a fluffy Hybrid! Mingyu Or Jeonghan Au? 😊 thank you 💘💖✨💫🌈💘💝💫✨💗💖 

aaa here it is my love emoji anon!!!! i tried to make it super fluffy i think im gonna die from this sweetness!!! 

warnings: fluff that makes u wanna dIE AND MURDER MINGYU BUT ALSO SQUISH HIS FACE

  • You recently moved in your new apartment for the first time ever since graduating college
  • You were able to pick up some temporary jobs that would barely be enough to make a living but hey you wanted the freedom and you wanted to prove yourself to your parents
  • As you were carrying your boxes to the third floor, you were about to colLAPSE BC SO MANY STAIRS YOU WISH YOU DID BETTER IN PE
  • After you finally finished carrying all of your stuff you thought maybe i should show some hospitality and introduce myself to the neighbors!!
  • But you’re also a cat hybrid and you’re like um well do i really have to tho i’d rather just sLEEP MY ARMS ARE GONNA FALL OFF
  • But you’re determined to do something adult!!! You are now living alone and have jobs and bills to pay!!!!
  • So you gathered all of your willpower and got out some of your homemade bomb af cookies before heading to your next door neighbor
  • You were like ok chill all you’re doing is saying your name and giving them some cookies nO bIgGiE!!!

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21 Questions- Calum Hood

So this isn’t my best despite all the time spent on it, also REALLY long, but wanted to give you guys something…so enjoy

But then what? You drop your guy and take me on, it’s everything i wanted…but then what? Would you get tired of my time? -21 questions, Waterparks

Your boyfriend got a new gig, a major one. Or at least that’s what he made it seem like. You had no idea what this 5 seconds of summer was. What kind of name is that for a band anyway? Regardless you were happy for him. This was his first big gig in months. Sure he’d have to follow them on the American leg of their tour, and be gone for awhile but that’s what you signed up for.

“I can’t wait! This is going to be so awesome! And I already met the guys, they’re super chill. You’ll like them a lot. Now have you seen my box of SD cards? I can’t them anywhere…or that new lens….Where’d you put them?”

“You already packed them” You laughed. “And what’s this about me liking them?? You never mentioned I have to meet them…”

He looked up at you and sighed.

“Dammit…I blew it. Oh well might as well tell you…”


“Well Y/n, you see….”


“You’re coming with me for the first month”


“You get to come on tour! Look babe I know it’s been hard between us lately, but I think if you came with me and we just got away for awhile it’ll fix things…” He said, pulling you close.

“Oh Jesse…that sounds wonderful…this will be so much fun!! Oh my god, I have to start packing. A month?? What am I going to wear, what can I bring, oh my gosh” You said, giving him a quick kiss before rushing to your closet to start packing.


You walked into the venue. The band had to be here early for set up, so they thought it would be best for all of us to meet there. That way Jesse could also plan out his shots.

From the look on his face, you can tell he was already doing that as he looked at the stage in front of you both.

“Hang on, I’ll be right back” He said, disappearing somewhere on the side of the stage.

“Ya, sure just leave me here…” You sighed. He was already gone though.

“Are you supposed to be here?” Someone said from behind you.

You turned to see a boy with dark hair and tanned skin. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt, leaving his bulging arms exposed, and giving full view to his tattoos. You couldn’t help but stare, then in embarrassment you fumbled for the lanyard around your neck.

“Yeah….” You said holding up your badge.

“Oh ok, I thought you might be some fan that snuck in”

“Haha, no…I honestly don’t even know who the band is…I’m supposed to meet them later though. And of course I’ll be on tour with them for awhile…”

“Really?” He grinned

“Yup. Do you know them?”

“Yeah. Quite well actually. They’re all assholes.” He laughed


“Oh yeah. They’re the worst. Here, I’ll introduce you” He said, pulling you by the hand.

Once you were backstage, he went straight for the dressing room.

“Hey we got company, you all better be decent” Calum yelled as he opened the door.

“Hey guys this is…what was your name?” Calum asked you.


“Y/n…” Calum said, smiling at you.

“You brought her backstage with out knowing her name? What is she’s just some stalker fan” A tall boy with blonde hair and blue eyes asked.

“Yeah Calum, come on think dude” Another boy with blonde hair asked, dark scruff covering his chin.

“Um hello? Yes, I’m right here. What is with the whole stalker fan thing? You guys actually have those? And why am I assumed to be one? What because I’m female? Look I’m actually meant to be here, see this badge? I don’t think I could have stolen a photographer’s badge.”

“Ohhh! You’re Jesse’s girlfriend yes?” A boy with curly brown hair asked, holding a pair of drumsticks.

“Yes, thanks for finally realizing. Calum here was right, you guys are a bunch of assholes.”

“Calum said that?” The taller blonde boy asked, laughing. The other two laughing with him.

“You’re Jesse’s girlfriend?” Calum asked you, giving you a confused look.


“Ok Y/n, so when Calum said the band is made up of a bunch of assholes, did he mention he’s our bassist? ” The one with the scruff said.

“What? Seriously?” You said turning to Calum

“Wow…you really aren’t a stalker fan are you?” The drummer asked.

Calum seemed lost in thought, but quickly returned to normal at this.

“Yup! See I told you!” Calum laughed, throwing his arm around you.

“Woah watch it buddy, she’s taken. Hi I’m Michael.” The boy with the scruff, Michael, said while shaking your hand.

“Luke” The tall blonde boy said, shaking your hand as well.

“Ashton, and I’m more of a hugging type” The curly haired boy said, giving you a huge bear hug.

“Hi…Well, nice to meet you guys”

“Y/n! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! I see you met the guys… hope you all have been nice…” Jesse said, giving them a smirk. He then went to stand by you and put his arm around your waist.

As he did this, you couldn’t help but see Calum staring, and you couldn’t quite place his expression. Was it anger, jealousy, hurt? All three?

“They’ve been great. Don’t worry. I think we’ll have a lot of fun” You said smiling.


One hour until the show started. You were really busy, making sure all the cameras, lenses, batteries, and SD cards were in order. You had front row seats to the show (thank you boys) but you wanted to make sure everything was in place for your boyfriend.

“Wow looks great babe! Thanks! Why don’t you go get some snacks or something? There’s the catering table right over there. Relax for a bit before the madness starts.”


You had just filled your plate with various snacks when you felt someone walk up next to you. You looked up to see Calum.

“Hey Calum. Ready for the show?”

“Yup. I think you’ll really enjoy it.”

“Yeah? I don’t know we’ll see…” You said giving him a wink.

“Oh I know you’ll love it”

“And why is that?”

“Because your sitting front row on my side of the stage. Complete view of all of this” He said, gesturing to himself.

“Oh really?” You laughed.

“Yup. So you see, it’s a real party on my side. Impossible not to have a great time.”

“Haha well I think that all depends on your music”

“Oh that? We’ve got that covered”

“I’d hope so since you are performing” You laughed. “But I’ve never heard you guys before”

“Really? Well then we really must play our hearts out” He said, giving you a wink before grabbing a chip off your plate and walking away.

“That was mine!” You yelled after him. He gave you a thumbs up in response.

“Dork…” You muttered to yourself.


You didn’t expect to like the show. You didn’t expect to actually have a good time, despite Calum’s confidence that you would. You didn’t expect to actually like there music, but look at you now. The whole show, you couldn’t stop dancing and smiling. The whole crowd seemed to know every single word to every single song…you didn’t even think that was possible. You desperately wished you knew the words too, you wished you could connect to the songs like they did before now. They were amazing, and Calum…. Well there’s a lot to say on that matter. You thought he was very attractive before, but put a bass in his hands and he instantly became 10x more attractive. The way he played and sang….and not just him, all of the guys. You could definitely see the appeal. Of course it didn’t help that Calum was constantly smiling or winking at you. Every time he merely glanced at you, your heart pounded in your chest. You never instantly liked someone so much, not even with Jesse. Jesse…fuck.

The whole show you kept glancing at your boyfriend, just as a reminder that you were in a committed relationship, and despite all the problems between the two of you, you did in fact love him….right?


You had been on tour with the guys for a little over a week now. They had the weekend off, and were planning to spend the weekend right. And by that, they weren’t spending their precious time off relaxing and catching up on sleep. Oh no, the whole weekend was going to be spent partying. You couldn’t wait, and were super excited the guys invited you and Jesse along. Everything was supposed to start Friday night, only you woke up puking your guts out Friday morning. Yup, on the best weekend of your life you woke up sick. Wonderful. So much for partying. You insisted Jesse go though, no use in the both of you missing out. However, you didn’t actually expect him to just leave you there in the hotel room sick while he went out and partied.

So here you are in bed at 9pm Friday night watching Netflix. You were a little better than this morning, at least the puking stopped anyway. Your stomach and head were killing you though.

Suddenly you heard the door open.

“Jesse? I knew you wouldn’t just leave me here, and- Calum?”

The tall boy who walked into your room wasn’t your boyfriend after all.

“Hey Y/n…I heard you were sick. So, I brought you chicken soup” He smiled as he held up the container of some really yummy looking soup.

“Thanks Calum. You really didn’t have to do this. Why aren’t you out tonight with everyone else?”

“Well because someone has to take care of you, and when your boyfriend made it clear to me he wasn’t going to do that I decided to take it upon myself”

“Ya…I told him to go and have fun”

“That doesn’t mean he should have done it. He should be here bringing you soup instead of getting drunk at the bar. I mean that’s what boyfriends are for, they should take care of their girl”

“Your girlfriend is truly lucky isn’t she?”

“Haha, no girlfriend here”


“Seriously. Now here eat this” He said, handing you a bowl of the soup.

You never asked Calum about his love life, just naturally assumed he had someone. The news he was single shocked you, and also made you feel happy and relieved.

“This is delicious” You said, scarfing down the incredible soup.

“I’m glad you like it”

One you finished the soup, he took the bowl from you and set it down on the counter. He then felt your forehead, moving your hair out of your face with his fingertips.

“You’re burning up. Let me go get you a towel”

He then walked into the bathroom, to get a cold wash cloth. He made you lay down, then set the cloth on your forehead. He then jumped into the other side of the bed with you.

“So what are we watching?”

“Calum, you’re gonna get sick”

“I’ll be fine…and I promised to take care of you! That means I can’t leave your side all night” He winked.

“Fine. You’re lucky I’m feeling better than I was earlier.”

“I didn’t know you were sick earlier. But I’m here now, and so what are we watching?”

You laughed and shook your head, but decided to flip through your options. You settled on some movie and tried to ignore the fact that Calum was laying in bed a mere few inches away from you. You couldn’t however, so of course you had no idea what was going on in the movie.

It was nearly midnight by the time the movie ended. Calum got up off the bed and came to stand next to you.

“How are you feeling? Do you need anything?”


“Coming right up” He smiled, then went to get a bottled water from the mini fridge.

“Here you go my lady”

“Thank you kind sir, how would I have gotten over this without you?” You teased.

“We’ll never know” He laughed. “Hey so I’m going to go, I don’t want Jesse coming in here and getting the wrong idea”

“Yeah…of course. I understand.”

“Goodnight Y/n. I’ll come see you tomorrow ok?” He then surprised you by kissing your cheek. He smiled, then left the room before you could find words.


The next night your apparent 24 hour sickness was gone, so this meant you could go out with the guys. You decided to wear a classic black mini dress to whatever club the guys chose tonight. As soon as you entered the venue, you were overwhelmed with bright lights and pounding music. Jesse went straight for the bar saying he’ll find you later (no surprise there) while you looked for the guys.

“Y/n!” A voice said from behind you.

You turned to see Luke.

“Hey!” You said, giving him a huge hug.

“Glad to see you’re feeling better! We were all worried! Come on we’re over here” He said, grabbing your hand and leading you to their table.

“Guys, look who I found!”

Michael and Ashton cheered, shouting for you to sit down. Calum’s eyes went wide as he saw you, his gaze dropping down your body, admiring the dress. His staring was making you blush. The only spot at the table was next to Calum, so you sat down right next to him.

“You’re feeling better”

“Yeah…must have been one of those 24 hour things”

“Well you look incredible….”


“Hey Y/n have you had anything to drink yet?” Michael asked.

“Of course not Mikey, here Y/n have a beer” Ashton said, sliding a beer towards you.

“Thanks” You said, taking a sip.

“Where’s Jesse at?” Calum asked you.

“Um…I’m not sure actually…he said he was going to get a drink then would meet us later, but I don’t see him anywhere…”

“Great. Wanna dance?”

“You’re kidding me”

“Nope. Come on! It’ll be fun” He said, giving you one of those big cheesy grins you couldn’t resist.

He grabbed your hand as he pulled you to the dancefloor, spinning you to face him as you both moved to the music. Calum surprised you, he was actually a really good dancer. He moved his hand to your hips as you wrapped your arms around his neck, loving being this close to him. You were so lost in each other and the music that you didn’t notice who was approaching you.

“What the fuck!!” Jesse yelled, pulling Calum off of you and pushing him into the crowd.

“Jesse what are you doing?” You screamed.

“What am I doing? What are you doing Y/n?! I brought you here so you and I could get closer, not so you could hook up with this-”

“Woah mate, hold up” Calum said

“Jesse you’re drunk” You said, shaking your head.

“And you’re a slut” Jesse slurred

“Fuck you. We’re done”

“You can’t just-”

“Yes I can, and I will. I’m through with this shit Jesse! I’ve put up with a lot, but you being drunk and acting like this? Treating me like this? No. We’re done.”

You didn’t give him a chance to reply, just stormed out of the club. You heard someone running behind you.

“Y/n! Wait up!” Calum said, finally catching up to you. “Are you alright”

“I will be…for now I better go pack up my things…”

“Here let me call a car, and I’ll help you”

“Thanks Cal”


You and Calum finally repacked all your bags, luckily you never really unpack at hotels.

“Hey so I know you probably don’t have a place to stay, but Michael and I were originally gonna share a room, but then management went ahead and got us separate rooms, so there’s an extra bed in my room. It’s yours if you want it. You don’t have to and-”

You interrupted him by crushing him in a huge bear hug.

“Oh my gosh Calum that would be so wonderful! Thank you!”

“No problem” He said, wrapping his arms tightly around you.

You stayed like that for a moment, wrapped in each others arms. With Calum’s strong arms holding you tight, you never felt more at home. For once in your life you just felt happy, and warm, and just at peace. No stress, no worries, well just one….

“We better get out of here before Jesse comes back” You said, reluctantly pulling away

“Yeah. Come on, my room is a floor up”


You threw your bags on the bed you assumed was yours, since the other one was unmade.

“Well this is it. Wanna watch a movie or something?” Calum said, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Um yeah, sure” You said, sitting down next to him.

“How are you feeling”

“Kind of numb to be honest”

“You’re not upset or anything? You did just break up with your boyfriend”

“Weirdly enough no. I don’t regret it. Its something I should have done a long time ago, tonight was just the universe’s way of telling me that”

“So you’re good?” He asked, putting an arm around you. “Because if you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on-”

“Omg no” You laughed, laying your head on his shoulder. “It’s ok. Really.”

“Ok. If you say so” He said, wrapping his arm tighter around you.

“Calum, thank you so much. You really didn’t have to do this” You said, looking up at him.

“But I wanted to”

“And I’m grateful, but you keep doing all of these things for me, and there’s no way I can repay you-”

“Hey listen to me” He said, raising a hand to cup the side of your face. “I wanted to”


His actions brought you both a lot close to each other, and he seemed to just realize that. You stared up at him, unable to break his gaze. You maintained eye contact as he leaned down closer to you, finally closing your eyes when his lips brushed yours.

His kiss was hesitant at first, him being unsure if this was ok, if this was something you wanted. His concerns vanished when you brushed your fingers through his hair. His kiss deepened as he pulled you in his lap, digging his fingers into your sides.  

“Mmm…I’ve wanted this for so long” He said, kissing your neck

“Have you now?” You laughed as you pushed him down onto the bed.

“Oh yeah..” He said, flipping you over so he was on top of you. He kissed you again, hard.


You woke up the next morning half-dressed in Calum’s bed. You could hear his soft snores behind you. You wiggled out of his arms that were firmly wrapped around your waist, and quickly go dressed. You were very careful not to wake him up. You smiled as you saw his sleeping form. Then you turned to leave, you quietly closing the door behind you.

You got in the elevator and pressed the button for the first. You still couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face, in disbelief of all that happened within the past 24 hours. Of course this moment didn’t last long, for soon the elevator stopped and another passenger got on, one so unwelcome right now.

“Y/n? Hey…I was so worried” Jesse said, wrapping you in an embrace.

“Don’t even Jesse” You said, pushing him off.

“Look I’m sorry, I really am babe-”

“Don’t call me that”

“So you’re serious then? You really want to break up…”


“Ya no I get it…Y/n we’ve been through a lot together, and I love you, I really do, but maybe this is what’s best for us…”

“We’ve been putting it off for too long Jesse…it’s time”

“Yeah…I guess you’re right. So you gonna head home?”


“Calum?” He scoffed, teeth clenched and standing upright.


“So I was right last night?”


“No tell me the truth. You owe me that”

“Did I like him? Yes ok I’m not gonna lie. But that was all Jesse, nothing happened between us, I care too much for you to do something like that to you.”

“And now?”

“Now, things between me and him are different”

He sighed. “Well…I’m not sticking around for that”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m leaving. Enjoy the rest of your trip”

“What where?”

The elevator dinged and the doors opened.

“I was offered a really good job, and I’m gonna take it. Tell the guys thanks, but they’re gonna have to find another camera man”

And with that he walked out of the elevator, waving goodbye.

You were stunned by his words as you walked out of the elevator. Suddenly you weren’t so hungry, and decided to just grab coffee and donuts from the hotel buffet and just bring that up to Calum instead of a full breakfast. As you walked though his hotel room door you found him still asleep.

You set the donuts on the counter and climbed next to him on the bed. You looked at his sleeping form, he looked so peaceful. You ran your hand down the side of his face, and through his hair. He smiled as he blinked awake.

“Morning” He smiled at you and looked at you as though you were the most precious thing in the world.

“Morning” You smiled back, and for the first time in a long time it was a genuine smile. You were so happy, that not even everything that happened with Jesse would ruin that.

He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him as he brushed his lips against yours

“You keep doing that, and we’ll never get out of this bed” You laughed, breaking his kiss.

“Mmmm…and that’s bad?” He said, nuzzling your neck

“Well I brought breakfast and everything..” You said, gesturing to the coffee and donuts.

“Fine, we’ll eat. But don’t think you’re getting out of this. I don’t have a show again until tomorrow so this here-” He said kissing your lips, slightly biting your bottom lip as he pulled away “Is to be continued”

“I look forward to it” You laughed.


Watcha think? Thanks for reading! Love you guys!! -Lydia

[ never will i ever ]

Prompt: Enemies To Lovers
What: BTS Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Wiords: 3k

Summary: Your best friend is an idol and being an idol comes with its trappings. When she tells you that she’s signed up for We Got Married, you’re super excited for her. You are less enthused when you find out who her partner is going to be. Your teenage nemesis - Kim Taehyung

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Y/N!! Open up!! Wake up ya binch!!!” a shrill voice says in a register that can only be described as excited.

You shoot up in bed, the blood rushing to your head quickly causing the room to spin a bit. Squinting at the clock, you register the time, it’s 7 am. For fuck’s sake, why is this dumbass waking you up this early. Sometimes her enthusiasm is irritating.

You contemplate going back to sleep, debating whether it’s worth to let your best friend murder you for a few more hours of sleep.

Then you hear another frantic knocking spell.

“Y/NNNNNN…. get your lazy ass out of bed or I’m going to open the door with the spare key hidden in….”

“Oi!!!” you shout from inside the apartment, “We don’t need my whole floor knowing where I keep my spare key!!”

“Then open the damn door!!!” Jang-mi yells back with gusto.

Your curse the day you became friends with Park Jang-mi. Your life had never been the same. She seems to have taken the motto “Carpe Diem” as a personal goal. Your weary soul needs rest.

Grumbling you put on your comfy robe over your pajamas and make your way to the door.

You barely have the door unlocked when Jang-mi comes barreling in. What infuriates you the most is that she looks the picture of perfection, hair done, make up perfect. “Yah, why do you look like you’re going to an award show at 7 fucking am” you say in a sulking tone because you both know there’s no malice in there.

“Excuse me did you forget? I’m an idol, I always have to be the picture of perfection. One wrong HQ fansite picture and my career is donezos” Jang-mi replies in a sickly sweet voice, which she knows gets on your nerves

“Ugh man I will never understand you guys’ world” you replied, rolling your eyes, standing in stark contrast to your best friend, with your messy hair, bad breath, and sleep crusty eyes.

“ANYWAYYYY, the reason I came here at this god forsaken hour is that I have big news and you’re the first person I wanted to share it with!!” she squealed warmly.

“Umm ok, it sounds important, let me put a pot of coffee on.” you say. You need the life giving liquid if you want to stay awake for this conversation.

“Yes please, coffee sounds amazing” Jang-mi replies as she walks towards the couch in your lounge, settling down comfortably with her legs spread out.

“Idol my ass.” you say under your breath and chuckle, but you’re secretly pleased that your best friend has a place where she can be herself; away from prying eyes.

Setting down two steaming mugs of Sumatra’s finest on the table, you look over to your best friend curiously. “So what exactly is it that made you almost break down my door at 7 am?” you finally ask

“I’m getting married!!” she yells out and your head snaps from the cup to your best friend. The shock must be clear on your face because she hastily continues, “Not real life married, relax. If I was dating anyone, you’d be the first to know duh.” she says with annoyance as if it’s a fact.

“I’m still lost, you’re getting married….?” you ask again.

“You remember I told you about the conversation I had with my manager? About raising my profile? The group’s becoming more popular, but I just need the extra push. Finally he’s found me the best thing!” each syllable came out faster and more excited than the last. This is clearly something she’s thrilled about, you think to yourself.

“He managed to get me on We Got Married!!” Jang-mi finally lets the cat out of the bag, throwing her arms in the air in celebration.

“Whaaattttt??!! We Got Married??? Omg, I love that show soo much!! Aaaahh, I’m so excited and so jealous of you wench!! That’s amazing! Perfect for your career and image!!” you can’t help squeal along with your best friend.

The show is one of your absolute favourites, despite your curmudgeon appearance, you are a romantic at heart. You know the relationships on the show are fake but you can’t help get carried away with the mushiness of it all! Blame it on the editors!

“Wait till you hear who my “husband” is going to be! You’re going to be yelling your lungs out with joy. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get a lot of hate mail soon.” she says with a smirk, clearly not fazed by the possibility of dealing with crazy fangirls.

“Oooooh, who is it? A fellow idol? An actor? Don’t leave me hanging!!” you say in an agitated tone to your best friend who is now walking over to your fridge, undoubtedly to make herself a snack.

“Oh no one special, just a member of probably the most popular boy band these days.” she says smugly, enjoying how your face has contorted with distaste at her coyness.

“Please tell me it’s not Chanyeol, I will kill you with my own hands. DON’T BREAK THE BRO CODE!!!” you practically yell at her.

“Omg chill, I’m not getting fake married to your future husband. It’s actually V, umm, Taehyung from BTS.” Jang-mi finally tells you.

You splutter out the sip of coffee you are taking, almost choking on the liquid. Jang-mi runs to you when she sees you struggling a little for air.

“Are you ok? Take it easy, don’t inhale your drink.” she laughs as she rubs your back.

Your eyes are mere slits as you look at your best friend, “Who did you say was cast as your husband? Taehyung? As in Kim Taehyung from Daegu?” you manage to say through gritted teeth.

“Uh huh, that’s his name, not sure about his hometown. Why? You’re not a fan? I thought you loved BTS’ music?” she says worriedly with a hint of confusion.

“A FAN?? There’s no way in hell I would be a fan of the guy who made my life a living hell in middle school. He’s such a jerk!! The absolute worst!” your words are coming out fast and angry, which scares your best friend.

“Calm down Y/N, what are you talking about? I’ve met him a few times at music shows, he seems like a sweet guy, always polite and friendly. You went to middle school with him? Maybe you’re confusing him with someone else.” Jang-mi looks at your skeptically.

“Nope, it’s him alright, I’d recognise that stupid face and that dumb rectangular smile anywhere.” you say as faded childhood memories come back to you in pieces.

6th Grade:

“Haha look at Miss Greasy Pigtails, she’s so slow, she wouldn’t even win second place if it was a two person race!! Next time, you should just partner with me, at least you won’t embarrass our class like this.”

7th Grade:

“Hi Miss G.P., did you even look at the mirror before coming to school today? That flower headband looks stupid on you. Look everyone, Y/N’s trying to be a pretty girl but it’s not working awww.”

8th Grade:

“Your shoes are sooo old and gross. If you need shoes, tell me my uncle owns a shoe store, I’m sure I can get Miss G.P. a discount.”

9th Grade:

“Soo…crying over Se Joon? Pfft what did you think, you’d confess to him and he’d confess his undying love for you? Toughen up princess.”

“4 years. 4 years of relentless taunts and teasing. He was horrible to me. I repeat, the absolute worst.” you said as tears started pricking at the corner of your eyes. “I will not let me best friend go through that man’s torture, he may seem sweet and angelic on camera but I know what he’s like in real life, I won’t let you go through what I did!” you say with determination

“Calm down Y/N, that was a long time ago, I’m sure he’s changed since then. Everyone does stupid shit when they’re kids. From whatever I’ve seen, he’s a perfect gentleman.” she says to calm your fears.

“The devil does not change his colours. I’m telling you, he will make you cry. Can’t believe I ever used to like him….” you trail of as a different memory bubbles up in your mind.

“Wait, you used to like him? This just made it more interesting! What happened? He rejected you and you became an anti-fan?” your best friend seems to be enjoying your discomfort at this particular memory.

“No…it just… I was going to confess my feelings to Taehyung, even though he was always such a jerk to me, so to gather some courage, I went to talk to our mutual friend Se Joon about it, asking his advice. Se Joon and I had a really positive conversation and he said I should go for it. I mustered all the damn courage I had and went to find him. Only to see him tongue deep with a girl from our class. After that I just…never mind. My dislike for him isn’t because of this, it’s because of his nasty attitude. He was quite foul with me for a few weeks after this incident and then came grade 10 and he left for Seoul.” you realize that you have rushed through the story without a beat, so you take a few deep breaths to calm down.

“Anyway, none of that matters, what matters is that I will not let you be treated badly by that man! Please tell me you’re going to reconsider this fake marriage thing. Or find another partner. Someone who won’t treat you like dirt.” you all but plead your best friend.

“I don’t know Y/N. I’ve all but signed the contract, the two of us are meeting at the broadcasting company’s HQ today at 5. I think it’s too late to reconsider.” Jang-mi tells you patiently.

“Noo, please you have to believe me, it’ll be an unpleasant experience for you! I want to protect you from that!” you say impatiently, you have to save her from this experience, you love her too much.

“I’m a big girl Y/N, I can take care of myself. I don’t think he’s as bad as you make him sound. I have to go now, I have a schedule before the meeting.” she says with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“I’m sorry Jang-mi, I just don’t want anyone to treat you anything less than spectacular. You deserve the world. Anything less than that and I will hunt down the man and end him myself.” you reply sheepishly, knowing that nothing would come out of arguing with your best friend.

“Oh god, you’re such a pile of mush. Fiiiine, you can come with me to the preliminary meeting and if you feel like anything’s off, then I will reconsider it!” she replies with a grin on her face.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, I haven’t seen him in what, 7 years? But for you, I am willing” you reply with a sigh.

“Good, don’t be late, I will text you the address, and dress nicely. Think of my reputation.” Jang-mi chuckles before picking up her things and exiting your apartment, leaving you to your thoughts.

“Well, well Kim Taehyung, what a strange world. Can’t believe I’m going to see your idiotic face again.” you say to no one in particular.

5 PM, MBC Broadcast Station

“Shoot, can’t believe I’m running late, Jang-mi’s going to kill me” you mumble to yourself as you race from the subway station to the address your best friend texted you hours ago.

You’re out of breath and your hair’s a mess when you finally arrive at the front desk of the building.

The receptionist eyes you uncertainly till you say, “I’m Y/N, I’m here to see Park Jang-mi, she’s expecting me.”

She checks a list and says, “Ahh yes, they’ve been waiting for you, right this way.”

You follow the receptionist to the corridor with the elevators and she turns to you, “Straight up to the 8th floor, the meeting room is right opposite the elevator.” her tone is brisk and efficient and she’s already heading back to her desk before you can mutter out a thank you.

You step into the elevator and your nerves have taken a sudden hold of you. What will it be like? To see your tormentor after 7 years? He would have to be nice to you right? He was in public.

The ding of the elevator makes you jump out of your skin a little. You are here. This is it. Time to face the dumbass head on and prove your point to Jang-mi.

You clear your throat as you enter the room, expecting it to be filled with crew, managers, PDs etc but to your surprise it’s just the two of them.

Jang-mi and him.

He is making her laugh, and your war mode switches on automatically. If he’s making her laugh, this will be an uphill battle.

“Hi Y/N!! You’re finally here, I told you not to be late but your punctuality is a lost case.” Jang-mi says as she spots you standing at the door.

“I’ll make introductions, Tae this is my best friend in the entire world - Y/N. Y/N says she already knows you personally so I don’t think I need to introduce any further.” she finishes with a laugh.

“Oh really.. and how does the lovely lady know me….” his voice trails off as he finally turns to look at you, recognition dawning on his fate.

“Do mine eyes deceive me? Is it really Miss Greasy Pigtails??” Taehyung says with a childlike excitement.

You roll your eyes, pointedly ignoring him and speak to your best friend instead, “See I told you… it’s him alright. He’s already started to show his true colours.” you say flatly, glad your point is proven without you having to do much work.

“It’s just with you Y/N. Something about you just riles me up. I can’t help it. How have you been? It’s been a while. Are you well.” his tone is soft as he asks about you.

You’re taken bit taken aback but you decide not to let him faze you. You’re here on a mission. You quickly take a seat next to Jang-mi and across from him.

“We’re not friends, Mr. Kim, let’s do away with the niceties. I’m just here to convince my best friend not to get fake married to you.” you say in the coldest voice you can manage.

“Well well Miss. G.P. I don’t recall giving you permission to be in charge of my dating life.”

“This isn’t real Taehyung, it’s a TV show.”

“Why, are you mad that I may end up dating your friend for real?”

“Oh please, I’m just worried she’s going to be stuck with a complete and utter ass for the next 6 months.”

“Well if she’s managed to stay friends with you after knowing you this well I think she’ll do just fine”

“I knew it, you haven’t changed. Always the disrespectful brat.”

“Correction, only you bring that ass out of me; so take responsibility.”


“I’m sorry Miss Jang-mi you’re a wonderful person but I don’t think I’ll able to do the show with you.” Taehyung finally says to your best friend.

Getting up from his seat, he looks at you for an instant and opens his mouth to speak.

“Are you free tonight around 8?” he says to you as he takes out his phone.

“Yes. Why?” your eyes narrow in suspicion.

“I’ll pick you up around 7:45. There’s this place I want to take you. Wanted to take you there ever since I moved here. So be ready on time. Your number hasn’t changed has it? I’ll text you.” Taehyung says airily as he starts to walk away from the two of you.

“Wait, what’s happening? Are you asking me out?” you ask him, utterly confused by the happenings of the last two minutes.

He stops in his tracks and walks over to where you are sitting. He places one hand on the arm of the chair you’re in and leans down close enough to you that you can count his eyelashes.

“If you think that after 7 years of being apart,  I’m going to let you slip away again, you’re mistaken love.” his voice is soft and melodious. His proximity and his little confession is making your poor heart beat a thousand beats per minute.

He smiles his signature rectangular smile at you and gets up to leave.

He’s near the door when he turns to you again and says, “I’m glad I found you again, Miss G.P. See you at 8.” with these words he’s disappeared out the door.

Your echo of “See you at 8.” hangs in the air as your hear a loud rumbling laugh come from best friend.

You don’t know how it happened but it was certainly wasn’t what you had expected.

Kim Taehyung had just asked you on a date.

7 years ago:

“So what do you think So-mi, should I tell Y/N how I feel? I don’t think she’s getting the dumb hints I’m dropping.” Taehyung says nervously to his friend

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Tae. Look, she’s going over to confess to Se Joon I think. I heard she has a huge crush on him.” So-mi replies

“What? No. That can’t be true.” he says angrily, not willing to believe the piece of gossip.

“Look at them, look how they’re smiling and laughing. Looks pretty legit to me. Oh she’s coming over here. We should congratulate her.” So-mi said smirking towards Y/N’s direction

In a flash Taehyung has his lips on So-mi’s and his soon his tongue follows when he sees Y/N approaching. He knows she can see them.

Her confused and defeated face is the last thing he remembers.

(Translation) Rouge et Noir vol. 1

(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Yamanaka Masahiro

T/N: commissioned by @ryoutako​ ♥ thanks as always!

This volume definitely has more substantial plot than vol.2 which makes it slightly harder to translate, especially the work-related terms (ughhh) but it lays the foundation to the future volumes and I really like how each volumes establish some kind of connection towards each other. I think that makes this series really interesting and memorable.

So, like usual, please feel free to correct me on any mistaken translations or typos. I took quite a lot of liberties in this cd actually. Other than that, enjoy the ride and get ready to catch some bad guys!

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of gold and starlight | oneshot

Originally posted by bwipsul

❮ a oneshot from the all you’d never see series ❯

pairing: prosecutor!jimin x ghost!reader | fluff; also an attempt at mystery
word count: 9.5k
warning(s): mentions of blood

Park Jimin was known for many things—for being the district attorney’s all-time favorite with the highest successful prosecution rate around, for being the sexiest prosecutor on the 15th floor, and also for being that one guy who never grew out of having imaginary friends.

You took credit for that last one, though.

“Jimin, do these jeans make my ass look bigger?”

“Jimin, I’m really craving fried chicken.”

“Jimin, I need money.”

It’s funny really, how everyone else in the office still had their noses buried in the ever-growing stack of case files and settlement documents, all while you were currently half-splayed out on his desk, whining as you usually did whenever you got too bored in the afternoons. Not that anyone except Jimin could actually see the mess you were making on his desk, and that’s what made it all the more aggravating; but he has to give it to you, because there weren’t many upsides to being dead, and he’ll let you take what you can get.

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DAY 3510

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Nov 3,  2017                Fri  11:24 PM

Life moves rapidly during the course of the hours of the day .. time and position keep changing and altering .. thoughts and temperament alter .. exuberant once and in distress the other .. pleasured once and desolate in another .. it is but the understanding within that really alters .. and the self is the only breathing living body that truly and actually comprehends it ..

At times the body wishes to entertain only one, just one thought or process .. at times it becomes versatile and envelops more .. the capacity of saturation is unknown .. it is only when tested in examination, challenged in circumstance, that it exhibits its true strength  …

May the challenge be omnipresent in our lives ever .. for then - selfishly of course - we come to attain our fullest strength .. simple logic is it not !!

Mohan Studios, Mumbai .. that little tin shed which Jaya and me used as our make up room .. those were the days .. the Studio enriched by the presence of makers such as Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherji, and several other eminent makers, is lost to the world of concrete and urban development of the ‘real estate’ .. 

Where exactly did the word ‘real estate’ come from .. you mean these are states that are real and all others unreal .. what did these do to remain real and the others to become unreal .. ??

We tried to decorate this little shed with our small belongings to personalise it, the odd chair lounge from home .. a few personal pictures stuck on the tin corrugated walls with tape .. and that was it .. 

The luxury of demarcated make up rooms in those times were only available at RK Studios, Mehboob Studios, a few in RajKamal Studios and that was it .. there were make up rooms at most studios but not the elegance perhaps of what the new generation super stars occupy today .. in fact the entire process of individual make up rooms has almost disappeared .. the Vanity van, that personal Vanity van has taken over .. divisions inside the van have the luxury of at least 2 separate rooms, TV , sound systems, fridge, toilets and wash rooms .. the works .. and all air conditioned ..

AND the first Vanity van that came to the Industry was the invention by that great maker Manmohan Desai .. he had two made .. one for himself and one for me .. it was a gift .. but one that I cherish till date .. a bed, a toilet, chairs drawing room like to relax on, and music and Tv systems in place, but difficult to operate .. tv particularly, because they were early days when satellite and dishes were not in practice or thought of .. but what a luxury it was and what an envy that became .. I had the license for it to be used as a general vehicle, so it was used to travel all over, unlike now when the Vanity van has been put in a different road rule category and cannot be used for city travel .. 

My license came not because of any preferential statement .. it was the first and only one and the traffic system and department did not have rulings or facility to give it any other status .. of course all that subsequently changed and restrictions of its use came in, as did the licensing .. 

I do not have that Vanity now .. its mere chassis lies in some workshop, with the hope of it being remade, much like the modern ones that most stars , the BIG ones, have personally designed for their use .. but for me its a simple rented Vanity now .. and I am happy with its presence .. nothing elaborate and natty, just enough needed for a shooting day ..

BUT yes what a change from those olden days .. of tin sheds, and multipurpose used rooms .. at times having to share with two others ..

The really smart make up rooms and the air conditioned floor came up just above the Natraj Studios, called  … damn forgetting the name .. that too gone , a car show room has taken its place .. that was a revelation .. the AC floor cold as hell, and the rooms no different from a 5 star Hotel deluxe .. haha .. most of our time was spent in the make rooms than on the floor of the Studio ..

Now the Vanity travels wherever the star presence is required .. an event, a shop or store opening, a visit of some duration to a distant place, and even to outdoor locations … the Vanity travels from Mumbai all over the country ..

And some of the personal ones are pretty neat .. I have seen and been invited to a  few .. Shah Rukh Khan’s, Ajay Devgan, John Abraham, Salman Khan , Deepika .. they all have most tastefully, done up their interiors, and equipped the interiors with almost all home facilities .. Shah Rukh’s has a drawing room fitted with a large TV console and most of the time the cast and crew are inside there, playing video games .. !!! hehehahaha .. I’ve been invited on occasion to play FIFA football !! 

What a change from the times of old ..

And the old is being run aground with all that keeps invading its presence .. archives and history or museums or research centres that should be built around the city known as the Film Capital of the country are no where to be found or thought of .. our films lying in old dumps , its negatives either lost or destroyed with age, no proper care for its restoration .. a few concerned individuals are working at it and God bless them, for if not, then the history of the largest film making nation shall be lost .. and forgotten .. just the present digital age will find storage and restoration ..

Digital shall survive .. analog shall not if not cared for ..

Amitabh Bachchan  

19 things i wish people wouldn't say to me just because i’m in a long distance relationship

and my sometimes sassy reply- just me venting. 

1. what if he is an old creepy man or maybe even a woman?

this is a fun one. in a world that involves a tv show called catfish, it is an honest question.. to some extent. the show has shown us that people lie all the time… but most people are not that stupid to accept that “my front and back camera on my phone is broken oh and the webcam on my computer is broken… and I can’t even make a voice call” that is just stupid. I made sure with in a week of casually talking that he was the person I thought he was…so you don’t need to keep asking me thinking he has been tricking me for years.

2. is it worth it even? seems like you are just wasting your time.

many relationships in your late teens and early twenties could fail… but does that mean no one should date? no. even if I never was able to meet my boyfriend I wouldn’t consider it a waste of time. I have spent 4 years loving him and he has helped me through so very dark times in my life and I am thankful that he entered my life when he did. if we were to never meet (but we are meeting in 2 months!) or to officially break up I would be incredibly sad from the greatness that could have been… but it isn’t a waste of time.

3. you don’t really even know him.

this one always bugs me. I know him better than anyone else in the world probably. I don’t know how his hand feels in mine but I know his life story and everything he hopes and dreams of. you could ask me anything about him and I would probably know the answer. (unless it’s what is his mom’s name… but that just because I have a hard time pronouncing it haha)

4. what if you meet and you hate each other?

well, i’ve been loving him for a few years so I don’t think I will hate him. there are concerns I have about how things could be different when we are face to face. I know that there are some things that bother me that I will have to face more head on in person… but I don’t fear anything about not loving him.

5. you are not going to move to where he is? (look of disgust on their face)

there are a few questions or statements on this post that are specific to the fact my guy lives in the middle east… this is one. my answer is no.. the plan is to not live where he is from but that is his home so I respect that he might want to.

6. he might be cheating on you anyways… you should keep your options open.

this is a common one.. how do I know he isn’t cheating? well, we are in a committed relationship and we have trust. trust is a big thing in long distance relationships… if you can’t trust them then it won’t last.

as far as the keeping me options open… again- it’s a committed relationship. many people don’t understand that even though it is different it is still a relationship and I am not the kind of person that would cheat.

7. how can you be in love when they are so far away and you have not even met?

this is really hard for people to understand if they have never experienced it. you can fall in love with the person’s mind and their personality from miles away. online it is actually easier I think to get to truly know someone. when you first start talking and you don’t know if the relationship will go anywhere it is easy to spill your secrets in a way. I know who he is and what kind of person he is… so I can fall in love with him all I want.

8. your life would be easier if you just met someone here. you could go on some dates… he wouldn’t have to know. could you not find anyone in your own country?

I guess it might be easier… but should love be just about what is convenient? I don’t think so. I have not taken the easy road for anything in my life… why start now. I believe in soul mates and I also believe that when there are billions of people in the world your person might be far away. I didn’t decide I wanted to fall for someone in a different country.. it just happened.

9. those relationships never work.

okay… thank you? I have never understood why people feel the need to say this.. even when they have never been involved in an LDR before. yes, there is a high failure rate for long distance relationships… but isn’t there for all relationships? I mean every relationship won’t work out and that is just reality… long distance or not.

10. why hasn’t he just moved here already?

well, its actually incredibly complicated and most people won’t understand it. visa processes are not the easiest and me and him probably won’t live in the same place for at least 2 more years.

11. are you sure he doesn’t just want a green card? he is probably just using you to get in America.

this a common thing people like to say to me. Many Americans would be surprised to learn that not everyone actually wants to live in America! a lot of people don’t think it is the best place to live… yes there are a lot of opportunities but especially with what has happened in the most recent presidency… not the best place if you are from the middle east and thinking about moving.

my guy always liked the idea of moving somewhere else for better opportunities… but America wasn’t high on the list… until me. I’m the reason he would want to live in America…so no, I don’t think I’m being used.

(and when I tell people he never really wanted to live in America they ask if he hates America or Americans (because everyone from the middle east is a terrorist wanting to destroy America obviously) … no… it just was a country he had not planned on living in)

12. can it count as a relationship even since you have never touched?

yep! we have a close relationship… just minus the physical stuff.

13. just a few good ones I get since he is from the middle east-

are you sure he isn’t a terrorist? men from there are very controlling… he will force you to live in his country. I once knew someone who knew someone who said the guy was nice and then they got married and he was abusive and it’s because he is from the middle east. he will force you to become Muslim. you won’t have a say in anything about your life.

UGH, stereotypes. yes, there are some bad stories and situations… but if I was dating a white guy would someone bring up all the murderers and cereal killers that exist and warn me that I will be unhappy some day because I’m dating a guy the same race as Jeffrey Dahmer? no. no one would say that because you can’t classify every person a certain way just because some people the same race or religion do bad things.

14. I think you guys talk too much. you are always on your phone.

yeah, i am always on my phone because it is my only connection to my guy. I text him through out the day every day and we talk on the phone on average probably 2 hours a day ish (some days less)… but that is all I have…so no I don’t think its too much.

15. is he even serious about the relationship? how do you even know?

because we have talked about things obviously.

16. what if he meets someone else?

well, that can happen in any relationship… but he isn’t currently looking for anyone else.

17. how are you dating if you have never even been on a date?

we have had skype dates… does that count? I do agree that it does feel funny saying we are “dating” but that is just a universal term for being in a relationship.

19.  I just don’t understand how you met? was he looking for girls in America? were you looking for a boyfriend? why would you even want to try to meet someone online?

I get so many questions about how we met (which is surprising because not that many people even know about it) I think I explain the whole meeting process to my mom at least every 5 months just because she still doesn’t understand. no we both weren’t looking for a relationship or for people in certain countries… it just happened and we talked and boom here we are 4 years later.

What are some questions you get???

Seventeen One Shot - Minghao : “We Chose Each Other”

Request by @summerliar : hiiii. So my request is Pretty U, Ring, Minghao

HEY!! Hope you like it! Also! Listen to the song! <3 I tried a different scenario this time so haha! 

Theme : Fluff, Soulmate Au 

Words : 625

*Note! I do not own any lyrics mentioned! And as always - this is just a reaction, it is in no way real, meant to offend, or to be taken seriously! I do not own this gif credit to owner!!*

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Minghao had always been skeptical of soulmates. But, ever since the other members had started to find theirs he couldn’t help but think about whether or not there was someone out there for him. Everyone has one, eh? 

“Yeah everyone has one Minghao, but there have been cases where their soulmate has more than one…so they have to pick.” Jun’s words were not helping. Not only was he paranoid about whether or not he would actually find his soulmate, now he had to worry about whether or not they would pick him…

“It’s all too complicated,” Minghao complained picking up his phone off the table, stuffing his headphones in his ears and heading for the door. Fresh air. A walk. That’s what he needed. 

It was late. The moon beaming down upon him, a cloudless sky, a slight chill in the air that threatened to freeze him in one sitting. So, he pushed himself straight through the first open door he found. “Hey, we’re closing!” a voice shouted from somewhere. The fact he couldn’t see you startled Minghao. 

But your voice stopped him from walking straight out the door. It was warming, melting the chill he’d felt at the sudden drop in temperature outside. “Sorry…I…” Minghao stammered through chattering teeth. “I…”

“Oh no!!” you suddenly shouted, your head appearing as you finally stood up from behind the counter. “Seriously? Why does this shit happen to me?” you grumbled pushing your hair from your face.

“I’m sorry?” Minghao asked, a small laugh on his lips as he walked to meet you. 

You still hadn’t looked at him, instead your eyes were searching the floor. “I dropped my ring. I always keep it on a chain in work…and now…ugh…” You quickly disappeared back underneath the counter, scavenging on the floor. 

Minghao was drawn to you. A small flustered smile appearing on his lips as he peered over to watch you. “Do you want me to come back and help?” he asked, and the small noise you made in response he took as a yes. 

“Are you sure you lost it here?” Minghao asked after thirty minutes of searching, and still, he hadn’t caught one glimpse of your eyes. Of your face. But, he was captivated by you. He felt like he needed to scavenge the internet to figure out what this meant…

“I’m positive! I heard it…” 

“Found it!!” Minghao finally belted shooting straight from the floor and handing you the small ring. That was when you finally looked at him. And, in that moment, your eyes shifted colour. They were slightly yellow. “Woah, your eyes…”

Your equally shocked expression stilled Minghao as you stammered, “My eyes? What about yours they’re…”

“Yellow…” you both said in unison. “Wait…Did we just…” You both continued to match every single word, until you blurted, “Are you my soulmate?”

“Is that my ring?” Minghao suddenly cried pointing to the one on the chain. “Wait, what no?” His ring was on his finger but how could you have the same one… 

“I was given this when I was a kid. My mom told me it would have a purpose one day…” That was when you caught the exact same ring on his finger. “Oh my god! You really are my soulmate!!”

After a few hours of talking Minghao felt how much he was already in love with you. He wanted to confess to you right there and then until you piped up, "This has happened to me before. This whole finding a soulmate thing…but…with you its different. I really like you Minghao…I think I’d like to give this a shot.”

“Wait what? You’re really going to choose me?” 

You shook your head, a wink in your eyes. “Nope, we chose each other.” 

I love plants! Sorry this has been in my inbox for a while^^;;

▪She likes plants too!
▪she didn’t keep any around because she worked for Jumin and was too busy, but you buy her a little snapdragon for her windowsill when she quits
▪she ends up over watering it and calls you up in a frenzy, freaked out because it’s dying and it’s the only tangible thing you’ve given her
▪so you both decide to attend a gardening class!
▪She somehow misreads the flyer so you end up going to a couples gardening class
▪You two are the only non-couple there, which is awkward, but she has a fantastic time
▪ now that she knows how to take care of them, the cafe is full of plants!
▪It’s so neat and all of your customers love it
▪When she does finally get around to asking you out on a date, she does so with another snapdragon
▪“MC I promise this wasn’t a snap decision, but will you go out with me?” 

▪asks you if he can name one after his LOLOL avatar or one after the LOLOL programmer
▪every time he comes home from class he greets them ALL by name
▪sees your unnamed yellow flower and asks to name it Rika
▪your reaction is up to you
▪ he’s totally an accidental plant murderer bc he’ll rip them out of the ground without knowing better

▪when he first saw you through the CCTV bringing in a few flowers and cacti, he was kinda taken aback
▪V gifted Rika with a few plants but they all died quickly no matter how she cared for them
▪So to Seven, it was strange that there was even more life in the apartment
▪didn’t know much about gardening before but he spends 6 hours reading different gardening books and asks you about the different kinds of plants
▪gdi Seven
▪he has the full gardening outfit complete with the brightest gloves and pants
▪ Everything clashes terribly with his red hair and he’s an eyesore to look at
▪ but when he’s out in the sun, he starts to get all freckle-y which is adorable
▪ And of course he burns super easy, he could be outside for five minutes and still get a sunburn same
▪even claims he can communicate with your plants
▪"It’s my Seventh sense MC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“
▪how’d he manage to say ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) out loud wtf
▪thinks it’s the coolest thing that your plants have names
▪when you get new ones, he’ll beg you to let him name them
▪haha good luck on that one, hon

▪at first he was indifferent, but your passion really changed his mind
▪he loves seeing how excited and loving you are towards your plants but he’s a little sad that they can’t get the proper sunlight
▪he has a basement apartment, but he’s already called his landlord asking if the two of you can build a garden on the roof even though he knows the landlord is going to charge him a lot
▪when he gets the okay, he kind of goes overboard
▪you make a full day out of planting and building the garden
▪since it’s an apartment, anyone can go up to the roof and mess around
▪Zen makes sure to put up as many signs as he can, and he will 100% beat up anyone who so much as touches a single petal

▪he pretends to be indifferent
▪"MC they’re just plants. They can’t hear you”
▪but Saeran, plants need love and affection just like humans do ;-;
▪"Yeah whatever”
▪secretly makes him feel safe and happy when he sees you dancing around the house serenading and caring for your plants
▪will absolutely never admit it but he thinks you’re really pretty when you get into long rambles about the different types of plants and different facts & fables about plant care
▪takes an interest in Venus flytraps because they’re so pretty but yet brutal
▪if he gets one then you know Seven is gonna try getting one to gnaw on his finger

▪slightly indifferent
▪"well…you like what you like, MC"
▪he does get really jealous whenever you give them more affection than him
▪instead of confronting you about it, he’ll just give you the silent treatment
▪if there’s a plant you want, he’ll get it for you though, even if you do give it more attention

▪he cannot control his joy
▪you two are plant bud-dies!
▪your shared apartment has at least 10 potted plants in each room and your windows are always open to allow sunlight in
▪nightly routines are insane
▪not only do you two have to water them, but you also insist on saying good night to each and every plant
▪V just dies a little inside everytime he hears your adorable voice in the other room
▪For Valentine’s Day he’ll gift you with a little succulent, which has a tag that reads “I’m a succ-er for you, MC!”

Jumin Han
▪at first he was a little scared
▪"you like cacti, MC?“
▪”but what if Elizabeth 3rd gets the wrong idea and tries to eat one?????”
▪iNtensE paNic
  ▪you have to assure him that, yes, have cacti, but that Elizabeth is a smart cat
▪two days after you brought in the cacti Elizabeth tried to nuzzle one
▪she got a needle in her cheek, but never did it again
▪Jumin makes you promise to only keep cat-safe plants in your house and save your cacti for the greenhouse
▪speaking of that
▪you have the biggest garden you could ever hope for and imagine, plus a climate controlled greenhouse
▪has exotic plants brought in for you and if he travels, he’ll bring home a plant from that country
▪you’re spoiled rotten
▪If you ask him to help you plant, he’ll show up in a wide-brimmed floppy hat and the entire outfit
he tried to wear a cooking apron too bless this beautiful boy
▪doesn’t really want to get his hands dirty so he uses a small plastic kiddie shovel to dig the hole and flick the dirt out
▪…he prefers the buying and watering
▪buuuut, since he’s gone sometimes on business trips, he buys you a little purple plant to put on your bedside table
▪your little plant Jumin

Novel Writer!Mark


• this is my first mark bulletpoint au, so i hope its alright!! i didn’t initially write any of the maknae line in my first series because they’re all younger than me but i tried my best with this

• i could make a million mark jokes but i’m just gonna say i’m glad that his hair is brown again. blonde was okay but like….it cannot have been good for his scalp

• let’s goooooo

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Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: swearing, mild sexual language/suggestions, fluffity fluff.

Request: “Oh man I love your writing! Thanks for tagging me in your latest fics! Could I request a fic where the reader is an artist who paints from a bygone era and nobody will buy her paintings because they are old fashioned, which leads her to a depression, but one day Crowley sees her work in a gallery and makes a huge offer because he is enchanted by the soul in her work and becomes enchanted by her when he meets her? It would really make my day <3” – @happilyevernever

Author’s Note: I don’t know too much about art techniques and eras, so please forgive me if anything is incorrect. And I added a little bit to the prompt… I got a bit carried away. Haha. Photo below not mine.

You sighed as you gently lowered your brush, taking in the beauty of the piece you had just finished. The scene was of an ancient castle, laying in partial ruin along the edge of a cliff, with the raging ocean swirling below. The brilliant grays and clues of the sky contrasting with the deep shadows within the green grass was better than anything else you had created recently. It had taken you several weeks to finally perfect the image, having struggled a little bit with putting the vision in your mind onto the canvas. But now, it was perfect.

You just wished others viewed your work the same way you did. In the last four months, you had sold three paintings, while other artists whose work was featured in the same freaking gallery sold a dozen or more. You had even worked with the gallery manager to lower the prices a bit. But, at the end of the day, you needed to make some sort of profit. And, your day job as a bookstore cashier wasn’t exactly cutting it.

The gallery manager, along with some of the regular patrons, commented on your work regularly. It’s too dated. Your technique needs updating. For such a young artist, you create such outdated art.

Staring down at your work, you scowled. “Fuck them,” you whispered as you admired your newest creation. It was rare that you were so proud of a piece, making you a little embarrassed of your pride. But, who said pride was a bad thing?

You glanced down at the tiny, paint covered watch on your wrist. Shit. The gallery’s Biannual Revealing Event was in an hour, and you were covered in paint and sweat. But, at least you had a new piece to present.

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RFA+V+Unknown+Vanderwood knowing MC before

Yo I’ve seen this a few times but I wanna do my take on this. The crew and trio knowing you before the whole RFA thing let’s have fun shall we?


  • “MC I can’t wait to meet you in person!”
  • “But we already met once”
  • Hold up
  • “We’ve met?!”
  • You were a little upset but then remember he doesn’t know what you look like
  • “Yup~ you’ll find out who I am at the party~”
  • MC you tease
  • You actually worked at his favorite Cafe when he was in high school
  • When he had long days studying he would come to the cafe
  • He didn’t really notice you at first because he was so focused on school
  • But then one day he walked in the shop with lifeless eyes
  • you actually grew to like him and seeing him like this hurt
  • so as you place down his drink you sit across from him.
  • “Are you okay?”
  • He was really confused
  • just some random pretty girl
  • is talking
  • to me?
  • “Ah yeah…”
  • “You’re a terrible liar”
  • He was taken aback
  • “I’ve seen you for awhile and you don’t usually act like this…sorry if im prying but do you want to talk about it”
  • You do your whole cute thing and it works
  • He explained that someone close to him died
  • You were very understanding and he noticed that
  • You have to get back to work but you hug him
  • “You’re strong! you got this!”
  • When he went back again you weren’t there anymore
  • Fast forward to the party he was very surprised when he saw you
  • “Omg it’s you!?”
  • He was very happy
  • He actually had a crush on you 
  • it was like it was meant to be


  • You were part of his middle school theater club!
  • “Hey Zen do you still play guitar?”
  • ???
  • “How did you know I used to play? are you a fan~?”
  • “Well I was in your theater club-”
  • “You were?!”
  • He tried to narrow it down
  • but a bunch of girls would come and go because they only joined to see him
  • “I wasn’t very good so i did all the props”
  • He remembers very clearly about how beautiful the set was but never knew who did them
  • “That was you?!”
  • You were a bit hurt that he didn’t bother to find out who you were, but it didn’t bother you much you’re just glad he’s doing something good with his life
  • Once you went to his house when he was healing he just saw you and
  • “I do know you!”
  • And you’re confused because you never would have guessed that he knew you
  • “You’re the one that kicked my mother out of the dressing room when she tried to pull me out of the play”
  • Oh yeah
  • She came barging in trying to pull Zen out by his hair and you just went off on her
  • “Zen has been working very hard on this play and if you pull him out right as he’s about to get on stage so help me god I will give you more problems then just your obvious jealousy over how beautiful your son is”
  • Savage MC in the house
  • His mother was angry and flustered
  • “How dare-”
  • “OH! do you hear that? It’s the sounds of people cheering for your handsome son! you must be so proud to have a son that’s more well liked then you!”
  • que deep offended gasp
  • mama was gone
  • He still thinks of that day
  • He tried looking for you after but he couldn’t find you
  • “You are my hero”


  • “So Jaehee do you still tap your forehead with your pen?”
  • “Wait? how do you know that??”
  • You told her that you knew her from a long time ago.
  • She has a very good memory so she was quite frustrated when she couldn’t remember you
  • “Maybe you blocked it out? it was a pretty sad story”
  • She was very confused but you explain it was around when her mom got into that car accident.
  • You were part of the car crash, you were in one of the cars that got hit
  • While in the hospital you heard the news about the woman that died and her daughter was around waiting to be picked up by her uncle
  • You first spotted Jaehee filling out some papers at the front desk
  • hitting her forehead with the pen
  • remembering what she looked like and feeling bad you left your hospital room against your nurses wishes
  • You saw her outside by herself with lifeless eyes
  • without any words you just sat beside her
  • “You look very injured, you should go back into the hospital”
  • She was very cold to you
  • “Naw I’ll just sit here”
  • She was annoyed and tried to get up but you just pull her down to sit again
  • “You should sit here two, it sucks to be alone”
  • She just looks at you but doesn’t move
  • That’s all that really happened is you sat with her while you two waited for her uncle
  • It was only a half hour of silence but it was nice
  • You noticed that she started to quietly cry but you didn’t say anything but put your hand on hers
  • When she sees her uncle she wipes her tears and goes to him
  • “I barely remember that”
  • she was more trusting to you
  • more willing to talk about things and even bring up her mother more
  • “It’s funny, I thought you were helping me now, but you’ve been helping more far longer then I thought…thank you”


  • “I see those etiquette classes did you justice Jumin”
  • “How are you aware of my classes? I don’t remember telling you
  • “I was in your class, I was your partner”
  • He thinks about it
  • “I don’t recall”
  • “I would be surprised if you did, you didn’t like me because I was a girl”
  • “haha so does Jumin Han is gay is true!”
  • “Shut it seven”
  • “Well that wasn’t the only reason..”
  • you were the girl that he practiced on to properly treat a lady
  • He was very good at pretending but you caught on his bull shit
  • “you could at least act like you like me”
  • Jumin was taken aback that you were able to see through him
  • “Isn’t this the point of the class? is to act?”
  • “Well you’re not wrong, but you seriously act too much. loosen up”
  • He didn’t like your chill and laid back attitude
  • it rubbed him the wrong way
  • It wasn’t until you saw first hand how the woman treated him and how his father was and you just
  • “Yeah….you have a good reason for being an ass”
  • He appreciated that you understood but he still requested a new partner
  • “I never knew why you switched partners…what I that forward?”
  • He remembered who you are after you told him about this
  • It’s wasn’t until he was ready to tell you that the reason he switched was because he had a crush on you and thought the feelings he felt for you were hate
  • “You mixed up the feelings of love with hate?”
  • “Ya”
  • you had a lot to teach this man

Seven (also some spoilers~)

  • “I still have that astronomy book if you want it”
  • “The what???”
  • “You know…the book you forgot at church, I still have it”
  • “wHAT?!”
  • He was so confused
  • He did a very thorough background check on you
  • and he was well hidden so how did you know it was him???
  • before you could talk anything more about his past he calls you
  • “God seven would like for you to not say anything to the others about what you know about me mmkay?”
  • “I wasn’t planning on it, I was just curious if you still wanted the book”
  • Of course he wanted that book. It was the book that he read with Saeran
  • But he was an agent now, he cant go over there to get a childhood book
  • But when “Unknown” Came in seven had to go.
  • When you saw him it was like
  • “…Saeran is that you?”
  • you recognized Unknown before Seven could
  • When Saeran left and it was just you and Saeyoung it was really quiet
  • you still tried to get close to him and he still pushed you away
  • But one night you just sat against his back with the book in hand
  • “MC not this again I’m trying to-”
  • He stopped when you started reading from the book to him
  • He had relaxed, it was like he was safe again
  • Your voice reading these words were perfect.
  • once you finished the book you move to sit beside him
  • “If you want the book back it’s still yours.”
  • “How did you even know this was mine?”
  • “You had that thing glued to your side how could I not…besides”
  • You open the book and pull out a picture
  • “The bookmark said it was yours”
  • He hasn’t seen this in years and you had it this whole time
  • He knew this was fate
  • You were his fate

V (spoilers?)

  • “Jumin long time no see how is Jihyun?”
  • It was your first day but you already knew about them so it raised some red flags
  • “Are you a stalker? how do you know Jihyun?”
  • “haha I’m sad you don’t remember me Jumin, we were all in the same  etiquette classes, I was your partner and then you made me switch and I became Jihyun’s etiquette partner.”
  • “oh yeah, well if you want to see how he is, I’ll inform him of your worries”
  • “Wait no that’s not-”
  • Jumin has left the chatroom
  • You actually got a call from Jihyun
  • “MC? I didn’t know that was you”
  • You two did a bunch of catching up, although you noticed something was up with him
  • “I hope you’re okay Jihyun, you seem off…”
  • “Me off?”
  • “Very, you have to remember I knew everything about you”
  • “Sorry”
  • “This is just like you, stop saying sorry. If you need someone to talk about you can call me okay? I care about you”
  • that hit his heart, something that he didn’t feel for a long time.
  • he found himself calling you more and more
  • one day he was showed up in the apartment in total shambles
  • “What do I do?”
  • He was a mess, he was in a mess
  • Mint eye, his eyes and Rika
  • you were there for him, he needed you
  • With you around he didn’t even think of his mistakes 
  • you were the light he needed  

Unknown (Spoilers hardcore Spoilers)

  • “Hmmmmm I don’t see the lock”
  • “that’s strange,there’s really nothing? there’s really nothing to put the password in?”
  • “There’s nothing”
  • “I can see with my own eyes that you are standing in front of a password door lock…are you going to continue to lie to me?”
  • “what? You can see me?”
  • “Yes I guess that’s it then”
  • “Plan failed”
  • You were so confused and then you see this tall lanky guy but then you’re like
  • “Saeran!”
  • You run over to him
  • “Whoa Saeran you’ve changed…are you okay?”
  • ????
  • ????
  • What?
  • “What?! how do you know me!?”
  • He was super aggressive
  • “We were friends…how could I not remember my best friend?”
  • He stopped
  • “friend? I had a friend?”
  • “Well yeah…we were pretty close but then you were gone…”
  • He saw how upset you were that he left you and he was so confused like
  • you like and miss him???
  • “You’re lying”
  • You pull out your wallet and there’s a photo of you and him hugging
  • “We took this when I snuck you out of your mom’s house and we spent the whole day together before your mom noticed.”
  • He actually starts to remember you
  • He was brainwashed so bad that he forgot you
  • He still planned on making you his a assistant and you agreed so you could keep an eye on him
  • You saw how corrupted he became and you wanted to help
  • Slowly you helped him get better
  • he was very against you and angry about everything
  • but he didn’t hate you he actually enjoyed you being there with him
  • you made this hell hole more bearable 
  • Rika wasn’t very happy about how you were changing Saeran
  • She wanted to brainwash you too but he didn’t want that for you
  • He didn’t quite understand these feelings he had for you but he felt them
  • So when Seven came and got him you were right by his side.
  • he wouldn’t go anywhere without you
  • it would take time but you would be the reason Saeran would be happy again


  • it was actually him that recognized you through the CCTV
  • “agent 707…that woman…”
  • “Oh~ do you like her?”
  • “I know her”
  • exe.agent 707 is frozen
  • “You know MC???”
  • “personal you don’t need to know”
  • “Why is she there?”
  • He explained that you were the newest member of RFA and might or might not be in danger
  • Vanderwood volunteered to watch you 24/7
  • Seven tried to dig up anything and found out you were his fiancé
  • Dramatic god seven gasping
  • New mission for agent 707 is to be match maker
  • Seven actually brought you to his home for “safety”
  • “Seven where’s MC? I don’t see her on the CCTV”
  • “She’s here”
  • What?
  • “She’s here I figured it would be easier to watch her this way”
  • He was so ready to get out of there before you could see him
  • But alas he was found by you 
  • “Vanderwood? what are you….how?”
  • “ I should go…”
  • “Vanderwood sit your ass on that couch so I can think!”
  • Que obedient Vanderwood
  • Seven is internally dying of laughter
  • to tame the Vanderwood you must out rude the Vanderwood
  • “I don’t know what to think….should I kiss you for seeing you or should i slap you for leaving so suddenly”
  • “As a hardcore shipper of you two I would prefer kiss first, slap later”
  • “Agent 707 shut up”
  • you make him explain what happened
  • After his long tangent of him trying to justify him leaving you before you two could get married you had your answer
  • “You know seven I’m thinking Slap first kiss later”
  • “As long as there’s a kiss between my ship I don’t care”
  • there was a slap and a kiss
  • seven took pictures
  • for both
  • You forgive him and Vanderwood takes up Seven’s offer of leaving the agency
  • He had to buy you a new ring to start over with you

Omg it is 5 A.M right now, I have to sleep good night~

Master list of my headcanons

Ray’s headcanon

The Girl Made of Starlight (Part 6)

The Girl Made of Starlight (Part 6)

Beast!Adam x Reader

Part 1: here    Part 2: here    Part 3: here    Part 4: here    Part 5: here

Note: This took longer than expected, but oh well haha. My book came out, so if any of y’all want to buy it, hit me up. 

I’ve been super busy with that and I had a leadership conference this weekend, but I should have some free time coming up, given the fact that school ends soon and I have a four-day weekend coming up. 

The next morning, you arose feeling more refreshed than you had in quite some time. The bed you slept in was so soft and so warm, you felt as though you had slept on a cloud. You looked around as the memories of the night before slowly pieced themselves together. You were in a castle. With a beast. And he had sworn to protect your life. My, had things taken a turn?

There was a knock at the door. Instinctively, you tensed as your eyes darted to it, but then your harsh gaze softened. You were safe here, you reminded yourself.


“It’s just Mrs. Potts, dear.” Her kind voice called from the other side of the door.

“Come on in,” You called in response. The door swung open and in she came on her tray, Chip hopping along excitedly at her side. “Good morning.”

“Morning, love. The Master sent me to see what you might like for breakfast.”

“Just some eggs and toast would be fine.” You smiled. “It’s been a long time since anyone’s cared enough to feed me.”

“Well, I’ll see to it that you’re always fed, dear.” She smiled. Mrs. Potts hated the thought of such a kind young woman being alone for so long without the promise of meals. You could feel her discomfort at the thought of it and decided it was time for a change in topic.

“So, what is he like?”


“The master of the castle.”

“He’s a little rough around the edges, but I think you’ll find that he has a good heart. You’ve stirred about something in him that I haven’t seen in a long time. Something light. Something hopeful.” She tilted her head in a sort of awkward bow. “Thank you.”

“I don’t know what I’ve even done. The way he looked at me yesterday…no one has ever looked at me like that before. Like I was their entire world.”

“To him, you’re much more than that. You’re his sun, moon, and stars too.” She chuckled a little. “I know it may seem a bit odd, but he’d do anything to protect you.” Chip looked to his mother as she continued to talk, waiting for the cue he’d been promised. The teacup had so many questions.

“Yes, Chip?” you asked as soon as you sensed his unabashed curiosity.

“Miss, who are you? I mean, what’s your name? How did you find the castle? Why does your hair glow sometimes? What do-”

“Woah there. Slow down.” You giggled, smiling. You loved children. “My name is (Y/N). The master led me to the castle after saving me from a pack of wolves. My hair glows because it’s magic.”

“What kind of magic?” the look in his eyes told you that your words had only caused his curiosity to intensify.

“The magic of the stars.” There was a twinkle in your mystifying eyes as you said this. “I can answer more questions later, but I’m sure the Master won’t want to be kept waiting too long. I’m sure that given his…circumstance, he must have quite the appetite.”

“He does indeed.” Lumiere strolled into the room accompanied by a rather disgruntled mantel clock. “Good morning, Mademoiselle. I trust your sleep was satisfying?”

“I haven’t slept this well in a long time.” You smiled. “Thank you.”

“Well, you are our guest, of course. Anyway, Madame Garderobe-” he looked to the sleeping wardrobe. After a moment’s thought, he cleared his throat and tried again. “MADAME GARDEROBE!”

Her response was a deafening string of gorgeous soprano notes. As her doors opened, she was quite shocked to take in the sight of so many of her companions. And a woman.

“A woman! Finally, someone to dress!”

“Madam, find something suitable for our guest to wear to breakfast.” Cogsworth instructed. He headed towards the door along with Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Lumiere. “We shall meet you down there when you’re ready.”

“We will find you something fitting for a princess.” She sang enthusiastically as the door shut behind the others.

“Oh, I’m no princess. Not anymore…”

“Nonsense. I can still dress you like one.”

You had the feeling that you and the Madame would get along just fine…


“What if she doesn’t want to stay here? What if I misread everything that happened last night? What if-”

“Master, she seemed very content to be here.” Mrs. Potts reassured him as he paced about the room. He had been doing this for about an hour now. “It’s been a while since she’s had anyone but herself, I think. Perhaps a home is just what she needs.”

“It’s not a home. It’s a prison.”

“For you, maybe.” Lumiere reasoned. “For her, Master, I think it’s all she has.”

There was a long patch of silence. Adam finally stopped moving. His icy blue eyes met those of Mrs. Potts. She offered a small but hopeful smile. Cogsworth looked up at the beast their prince had become. He then looked to Lumiere. The candelabra was quiet for a few moments before speaking.

“Master, all you have to do is win her heart! Just…turn on the charm!”


“Yes! Come on, show me the smile!”

“This is ridiculous.”

“Master, we’re running out of time.” Mrs. Potts’ voice was soft, as fragile as the china she was now made of. She couldn’t help but let her thoughts wander to her son. Her precious baby boy might never know the joys of a true childhood again. “Please, at least try to-”

The doors to the dining hall opened.

“G-good morning, mademoiselle!” Lumiere’s eyes snapped up to meet yours. He dipped into a low bow as Adam straightened up, eyes locked on you. You looked absolutely ravishing in the dress Madame Garderobe had made for you. It was purple with swirls of silver, floor-length with a small train and puffs at the tops of the sleeves.

Timidly, you brushed a lock of white hair behind your ear. You were so used to having the cover of the cloak around your head, shielding you from judging eyes. But now…you were so utterly exposed.

“What? Is it too much?” You asked, reaching to wipe away the rich rouge she had rubbed on your cheeks. “I told her it was too much-”

“N-no! You…you look beautiful.” Adam’s eyes softened.

“Thank you.” Your cheeks darkened as the heat rushed to your face. It took you by surprise. You weren’t sure how long it had been since you had made an actual friend, let alone one that had called you beautiful. It felt…nice.

Adam walked you to your seat and pulled it out for you. You sat down in the cushy chair, and gently, he pushed you in before taking his place across the long table. The meal was one of the best you had in a long time, despite the fact that it was just eggs and toast. Adam glanced up at you every few minutes, a slight tug pulling at his reluctant lips. His oatmeal was cold by the time he finally remembered to eat it.

You chuckled as you felt his feeling of sudden realization. If he could have blushed, he would have.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Your words were reassuring. “So perhaps you could stop worrying about it so much.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just been-”

“So long since you’ve had anyone.” You paused, a small smile forming. “I think I understand.”

“How…” He paused, swallowing. “How long have you been…”


“Alone.” The word felt heavy on his tongue. It was too familiar. Too real.

“I’ve been on my own for…A long time. I lost track about a century ago.”

Adam’s blue eyes widened. You nodded.

“I know. I hardly look it.”

“So you’re…immortal.”

“It seems so, yes.” You nodded. “There are legends about people like me, about the children of the stars. A lot of them say that when we live our purpose, we’re finally free. Well, I mean, free to live out the rest of our lives without the weight of the world on our shoulders.”

“To be human.”

“To an extent, yes.” You nodded. Adam paused, a question billowing up from the back of his mind.

“What do you believe your purpose is, then?”

You were quiet for a long time before answering with absolute certainty.

“To stop Ferdinand.”

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anonymous asked:

so, to help with the lack of quiobi prompts lately: how about some alpha qui-gon and omega obi-wan. but while you've often written omegas who tend to break the norm, go against their designation etc. i'd be interested in an omega who feels happy just as he is, who likes submitting to his alpha, who likes the alpha's possessiveness. and that kind of dynamic really working... not necessarilly smut, maybe just some domestic stuff between the two of them. thanks!

Qui-Gon is scenting him, making sure that Obi-Wan smells every inch of his mate before they are ready to leave the designated apartment they have been granted for their stay at Nurlon IV’s negotiations.

Doesn’t need to.

Doesn’t have to.

But both of them enjoy making sure people know they are mated, that Obi-Wan is spoken for.

Beside, it is a two way street.

When Qui-Gon scents him, Obi-Wan’s scent rubs out all over the older man too at the same time.

Obi-Wan likes that.

He likes the possessive curl of Qui-Gon’s fingers on his hips, ever so close to leaving behind claiming finger shaped bruises even like this. Likes the way Qui-Gon will growl under his breath if someone looks at the younger man to long or with too interested a look. Likes the way he will coil his bigger body around him while spooning or even pin him to the sheets with the bigger bulk as if to hide Obi-Wan from the galaxy.

Keep him all to himself.

But most of all he likes the way Qui-Gon kisses him.

As if Obi-Wan is precious.


Obi-Wan likes the way his mate wants to possess him, show him off, love him.

“We’re going to be late.” He murmured, not moving himself of Qui-Gon’s lap at all. The alpha just hummed and licked the old scarred claiming bite carefully. “Qui-Gon, really, I think I smell like you quite enough now.” Obi-Wan laughed.

“You can never smell enough like me.” Qui-Gon grinned, looking at him before sighing. “But you’re right, of course you are. Alright, lets get going.” He let Obi-Wan escape his grasp and lap, following after the omega quickly. “Do you know if they have made any advances on the treaty after we left?”

“They haven’t. They can’t find a common ground to work with.” Obi-Wan hummed, pulling his robe on and then boots as they would be required to wade through the snow to get to the conference rooms in the town hall.

Then he laughed as Qui-Gon wrapped what he could of his own cloak around him. “Hey.”

“Indulge me love. Its cold outside.” Qui-Gon rumbled while pulling up his hood, Obi-Wan following suit. “And snowing at the moment.”

“I know the latter.” The two moved out only for both to yelp in surprise when the wind almost threw them of their feet, even Qui-Gon with his much taller bulk. “I did not know it was this powerful a wind though!” He yelled as they huddled against each other while hurrying to the town hall as quickly as they could.

The meeting ended as quickly as it started, no one wanting to stay in the hall with the wind howling around the corners and potentially snowing them all in.

“Masters, it would be best if we postponed the talks until the storms has passed.” One of the spokesman offered, nervously glancing at the windows. “We are liable to being stuck here and not in our homes if so.”

“I see foreman Uala. Will we be able to restock the apartment we are suited in?” Qui-Gon questioned as Obi-Wan leaned into his side for comfort, Qui-Gon winding his arm around the others waist.

“Yes, yes of course. Do you want to send a list to us or pick them up yourselves?”

“Ourselves. Be easier to get the items we want. Is the bazaar still open?”

“Yes. Its moved into the grand hall and will close in two hours but its still open.”

“Thank you.”

With that the two Jedi left the others, hurrying of to get to the bazaar and get everything they’d need until the storm passed. And then they were back in the apartment, curled up on the couch together once again. “…You know, I hate the fact that we might be stuck but at least this is nice.” Obi-Wan laughed quietly, curled into his mate.

“We still need to send a message off to Anakin about this delay. You know how he worries about you.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly. Obi-Wan’s brother padawan always worried about Obi-Wan, ever since the three joined for a mission that had Obi-Wan contract the plague.

And Qui-Gon had not been there for that.

Only his former padawan and current at the time.

Anakin had taken care of Obi-Wan until Qui-Gon had managed to find them but that had taken two weeks, Obi-Wan getting sicker and sicker for everyday and needing Anakin more and more. There were some things you couldn’t go through together without ending up at tolerating each other.

“Its a good thing you don’t get jealous about him.”

“He’s more our pup then a rival.” Qui-Gon snorted and nosed Obi-Wan. “Though if he doesn’t fess up about Padme to us soon, he’s going to figure out how many clues and puns I can make about it.” He smirked then pulled Obi-Wan into his lap and tucked his nose back in the others neck.

Obi-Wan laughed then sighed contently. “I’ll comm him…later.” He whispered contently, closing his eyes to enjoy the steady cuddle.

witchlightsands  asked:

give me those sweet lloyd headcanons bek (if u toss in a micah u can have my firstborn)

only the sweetest for u rose *finger guns*

  • Will sing Tangled all day long cause when he was a kid he was trapped in the bounty all the time and he has golden hair so he is naturally Rapunzel
  • Nelson: call me THE PURPLE NINJA
    Lloyd to one of the nurses: is this child up for adoption
  • He’ll be like “I’m just doodling” and before he knows it he’s drawn this massive flawless landscape that people would sell their soul for
    • “Haha Kai I drew an ugly picture of you” *shows Kai the most beautifully detailed picture he’s ever seen, better than any selfie he has ever taken*
  • “Honestly who in the hell thought pea green was a good colour. It’s so ugly. Like, how am I supposed to jump out at bad guys in this ugly suit? Ooh, be careful guys!! Pea boy might set his entire allotment of vegetables on you!! I’m so scared!!”
  • “Lloyd remember when you had a bowl cut” “how did any of you not shave my head"
  • Oh him and Kai being best bros?? Completely platonic best bros?? Brothers?
    • I put this in the tags of something I can’t remember but consider: Kai lost his father and he did have his sister, so he wasn’t alone, but he never had someone who he could rely on as a dad. He had to step up and be that himself. So when Lloyd loses his dad, he steps in and acts like the big brother Lloyd always needed because he would’ve wanted someone to do the same for him. And being his bro means he can be an older influence he can trust to take care of him without making him feel as if he is replacing his dad
    • cause let’s be honest Kai will stay up with him until the morning looking at all possible ways to get his dad back
    • That makes it sound like Kai is responsible but he is not ajdjsj
    • “Hey Lloyd I just bought a giant bottle of coke and 7 packets of mints, wanna see how many we can put in the bottle before it blows up?”
    • Lloyd can be the ultimate wingman or the bane of his existence when it comes to Kai trying to flirt with someone
    • Anyone: you’re so smooth Kai ;)
      Lloyd: that’s what you think. Yesterday when he was sleep deprived he tried to hit on a movie poster and when they didn’t say anything back he cried.
    • One time when Lloyd was still a shorty Kai woke up in the middle of the night and turned over to see Lloyd standing by his bedside just staring at him and Kai screams so loud he has a squeaky voice the next day
    • “I wanted to know if you ate my ice cream” he’d said.
    • Kai: Lloyd doesn’t skip leg day, right Lloyd?
      Lloyd: no I don’t.
      Kai: good man! because every day is leg day am I r-
      Lloyd: no. I don’t skip leg day because there is no leg day. I don’t work out. no day is leg day.
  • Lloyd is so good at building dens you have no idea. He had to look like an evil mastermind back at darkleys and you can’t be an evil mastermind without a sick headquarters
  • “I love when people are telling me I’m like 2, 9 years old. I’m eleven so shut the f up”
  • He cannot go on holiday anywhere that requires a passport, because you know, it says he’s like 10 years old and he has a baby photo so
    • He got in so much trouble because he completely forgot and tried to use it at the airport and the security guard was like “is this a joke. You have clearly taken a passport that belongs to a 10 year old child. This is not you”.
    • Lloyd cries.
    • They all get home and they’re like what do we do?? And after a long discussion, cole, who is in the background, just slowly puts his book down and goes “I know a guy who knows a guy. He can hook you up.”
    • And he sounds so sinister when he says it like what does he mean? What will the guy who’s known by a guy that cole knows do??
    • Turns out he just fiddles with the date on his records but still, why does cole need to know someone who can hack into legal documents. Why cole. Why.
  • Jay: Lloyd your mom needs you
    Lloyd: *puts on sunglasses* I can’t read suddenly I don’t know
  • Lloyd: I’m not 10 anymore stop treating me like a baby!!
    Wu: Lloyd you need to come help me with-
    Lloyd: sorry uncle Wu but I am only 10
  • Everyone’s like “oh Lloyd I bought you this green item of clothing because you love green :)” and Lloyd is like :’’’’’’) thanks?? Because he wants to be grateful but he doesn’t even like green he just feels obliged to wear it because it’s his ninja colour ajdnan
  • has so many vintage comics that if he sold them he would probably be a millionaire
  • his reading wasn’t so sharp cause again, he just aged up magically without school or life training etc, but he made himself read more so he’d be better at it and now he would die for a good book
  • pls… don’t go to him with your struggles. he will be more than happy to listen and give you advice but the bean boy has enough on his plate just let him sleep
  • the king of hide and seek? once they couldn’t find him for 7 hours and they assumed he had been kidnapped again
  • “oh, I can be chivalrous, watch this. ahem, wilst thou accompanyeth meen to the theatre where they shallst be showing thine desired movie this fine nightynoon”
  • he once convinced the group that his powers diminished if he didn’t get to eat some candy every few hours
    • how does he still have pristine teeth please tell me
  • Wu: if you don’t stop it right now I will… i’ll… tell your mom i’m mad!!!
    Lloyd with heavy sarcasm: well now there’s no need to take drastic measures here uncle
  • try and pull the “i’m disappointed in you” card and he’ll be like lmao me too, you can’t guilt trip me if i’m already guilt tripping myself *taps finger on his head*
  • one time he pulled the lid off of a tub of cereal too hard and honestly, they were still finding pieces of it a month after it happened. it went everywhere. Lloyd just went straight back to bed
  • “oh, get some sleep??? I don’t know her. I do not sleep. no, only my respecting ninjago juice keeps me going, I don’t need breaks. Breaks are for the weak and sleep is for losers.100% 24/7 365.” “…” “please send me on vacation”

Also some brightshipping for you because it cleansed my soul and cleared my skin and watered my crops

  • The first time they meet Micah trips and falls on him and is like ‘oh no he’s cute’ and just goes “oh are you an angel cause guess I really fell from heaven on you right now and it probably hurt haha b ye” and just gets up and runs away, and Lloyd just lays there on the floor like ???¿??¿¿??¿? what is happening
    • And he brushes it off, but he can’t stop thinking about him for some reason and he’s like “he had really cute hair and the biggest most beautiful eyes that stared right into my soul- oh no Kai had been talking to me for the past 5 minutes I have not been listening”
    • Micah is like pls let me never see him again I’m so embarrassed
    • He sees him again and is like God if you’re out there please let him not notice me
      Lloyd: oh hi fancy seeing you here :)
      Micah: wth @ god I said no what is up with this
  • Wu: I’m going to the mall do you want anything
    Lloyd: something sparkly would be nice
    Micah, dropping to one knee: will a ring do
  • Cuddled up on the couch playing i spy all day and Lloyd keeps saying “I spy the love of my life” and Micah is like that is not how you play the game Lloyd but thank you I love you too
  • One time lloyd is sad and Micah just boops him on the nose and he is healed
  • Lloyd: I still can’t drive
    Micah: are you kidding I’m going to teach you to drive
    Lloyd: Micah… we are .. the same age… you can’t drive…
    Micah: i am going to teach you to drive.
  • I seem to remember somewhere that you said Micah works in a flower shop?
    • So Lloyd and Micah have been getting to know each other for a while and Lloyd is like “I can do this I can buy the cute boy some flowers come on Lloyd”
    • so he marches into the florist and slams $20 on the checkout and is like “I need your gayest bunch of flowers stat”
    • he is shook when Micah turns around and gives him this glowing smile and goes “oh hey Lloyd what brings you here :)” and he’s like “if I ever needed a sign it’s right here”
    • So he asks Micah his favourite flowers that he would “recommend” and Lloyd ends up with a beautiful bunch of flowers and as soon as he finishes paying he screams “WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME PLEASE” and shoves the flowers back in his face “THEY WE’RE FOR YOU ALL ALONG DO YOU LIKE THEM”
    • and Micah is the colour of the carnations he picked out and goes “of course I like them you loser I picked them out myself”
    • Micah loves them so much he used his best preservation techniques to make them last and then gets one of them pressed so he can keep it forever
    • Shows up to the date with one of the flowers in his hair and Lloyd nearly dies
  • Speaking of Micah makes badass flower crowns and Lloyd is only too happy to try them out
  • Micah: *knocks on Lloyd’s door* oh fancy seeing you here in this part of town ;))
    Lloyd: Micah i live here this is my bedroom
    • Alternatively:
      Lloyd: *comes out of the bathroom*
      Micah: hey come here often beautiful? ;))
      Lloyd: I was sat with you 30 seconds ago
  • Micah: why is our ship name brightshipping?
    Lloyd: because you are the light and love of my life and my source of joy comes from you and whenever you walk into a room everything lights up and I feel like everything is going to be ok just as long as you’re here
    Micah: *clutches heart* I can’t breathe
  • I mentioned that he sings Tangled so the answer is yes he and Micah will duet with “I see the light”
  • Lots of forehead nuzzles
  • Lloyd makes him blush one time and he’s like “he’s so dreamy- hang on are those FRECKLES”
  • Micah: Lloyd I have a gift for you! *kisses him on the cheek* do you like it?
    Lloyd: I don’t know…
    Micah: :(
    Lloyd: I think I want to return it ;)
    Micah: :D !!
  • Whenever Micah is doing anything remotely competitive Lloyd will be in the crowd waving a bi flag with Micah’s face on it screaming “GO ON BABY KICK HIS ASS”
  • Lloyd while doing pushups: 1…….. 2……. 3……..
    Micah: *walks past*
    Lloyd: 166!!!! 167!!!!! 168!!!!!!!
  • One time Micah pulls up on his bike mid battle and Lloyd is like “what the hell are you doing here?!?!” And Micah just goes “you forgot your lunch”
  • Micah: I am so cool, honestly nothing phases me I can handle anything
    Lloyd: do you have any tape babe I broke something off my bike
    Micah: you can have my liver and my hand in marriage will that suffice
  • Lloyd is the master of light/energy or whatever idk they keep changing it, but that means he can make fireworks and pretty swirly lights in the sky in all sorts of shapes and colours for when they’re on a late night date
    • In the most cliche moment I have ever written, Micah is like “they’re so beautiful” and Lloyd is just looking at him the whole time and goes “yeah you are”
    • because he hasn’t even been paying attention to what he’s doing he’s just looking at Micah
    • the reason the lights are the most beautiful things you’ll ever see is because Micah is the most beautiful thing Lloyd has ever seen
    • and he’s just making what he feels inspired to make when he sees his bf’s beautiful face
  • I could write you a novel on the things that are wrong with Lloyd due to past trauma. But the main thing is that he hates sleeping and he gets really anxious about it, but watching Micah sleeping with this little smile on his face and his messy red hair makes everything so much easier because how can he think of anything else when he has this angel in front of him
  • A battle for who has the softest hair
  • Micah is so extra, he will constantly walk up to Lloyd and dip him just to give him a kiss
    Also Lloyd: *trips over a rock*
  • Not to be gay but Micah had a scrapbook of his and Lloyd’s favourite moments and pictures ((also the flower he got pressed))
  • *On Lloyd’s 18th birthday*
    Lloyd: oh you know what this means ;)
  • They aren’t allowed to adopt all the orphans because Wu ruins everything but they do adopt a dog
  • Morro @ Lloyd: hi.
    Micah: *picks up Lloyd and spins him around so he can kick Morro in the face*
  • one time Micah falls down the stairs and when Lloyd tries to help him he goes “wow there are stars in your eyes” and Lloyd is blushing and goes “aw thanks” and Micah is like “no really I’m seeing stars I hit my head really hard I think I need to go to the hospital”

Ask me ninjago headcanons!