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Texts Between Strangers

Note: female/woman ‘reader’

Hey, it was really nice meeting you last night. Maybe we can grab lunch tomorrow? This is Cisco btw.

The text pops up on your phone screen as you’re scrolling through social media. You’ve been lounging in bed on this rainy Saturday morning planning on doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day but binge watch The Walking Dead and order thai take out later. You just stare at the text for a minute, blinking.

You definitely didn’t give your number to anyone last night because all you did yesterday was pull a double shift at Jitters because they’ve been short staffed lately. A long day at work usually left you looking a bit wrecked so you’re damn sure there wasn’t anyone slipping their digits your way either.

This person has the wrong number.

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21 Questions- Calum Hood

So this isn’t my best despite all the time spent on it, also REALLY long, but wanted to give you guys something…so enjoy

But then what? You drop your guy and take me on, it’s everything i wanted…but then what? Would you get tired of my time? -21 questions, Waterparks

Your boyfriend got a new gig, a major one. Or at least that’s what he made it seem like. You had no idea what this 5 seconds of summer was. What kind of name is that for a band anyway? Regardless you were happy for him. This was his first big gig in months. Sure he’d have to follow them on the American leg of their tour, and be gone for awhile but that’s what you signed up for.

“I can’t wait! This is going to be so awesome! And I already met the guys, they’re super chill. You’ll like them a lot. Now have you seen my box of SD cards? I can’t them anywhere…or that new lens….Where’d you put them?”

“You already packed them” You laughed. “And what’s this about me liking them?? You never mentioned I have to meet them…”

He looked up at you and sighed.

“Dammit…I blew it. Oh well might as well tell you…”


“Well Y/n, you see….”


“You’re coming with me for the first month”


“You get to come on tour! Look babe I know it’s been hard between us lately, but I think if you came with me and we just got away for awhile it’ll fix things…” He said, pulling you close.

“Oh Jesse…that sounds wonderful…this will be so much fun!! Oh my god, I have to start packing. A month?? What am I going to wear, what can I bring, oh my gosh” You said, giving him a quick kiss before rushing to your closet to start packing.


You walked into the venue. The band had to be here early for set up, so they thought it would be best for all of us to meet there. That way Jesse could also plan out his shots.

From the look on his face, you can tell he was already doing that as he looked at the stage in front of you both.

“Hang on, I’ll be right back” He said, disappearing somewhere on the side of the stage.

“Ya, sure just leave me here…” You sighed. He was already gone though.

“Are you supposed to be here?” Someone said from behind you.

You turned to see a boy with dark hair and tanned skin. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt, leaving his bulging arms exposed, and giving full view to his tattoos. You couldn’t help but stare, then in embarrassment you fumbled for the lanyard around your neck.

“Yeah….” You said holding up your badge.

“Oh ok, I thought you might be some fan that snuck in”

“Haha, no…I honestly don’t even know who the band is…I’m supposed to meet them later though. And of course I’ll be on tour with them for awhile…”

“Really?” He grinned

“Yup. Do you know them?”

“Yeah. Quite well actually. They’re all assholes.” He laughed


“Oh yeah. They’re the worst. Here, I’ll introduce you” He said, pulling you by the hand.

Once you were backstage, he went straight for the dressing room.

“Hey we got company, you all better be decent” Calum yelled as he opened the door.

“Hey guys this is…what was your name?” Calum asked you.


“Y/n…” Calum said, smiling at you.

“You brought her backstage with out knowing her name? What is she’s just some stalker fan” A tall boy with blonde hair and blue eyes asked.

“Yeah Calum, come on think dude” Another boy with blonde hair asked, dark scruff covering his chin.

“Um hello? Yes, I’m right here. What is with the whole stalker fan thing? You guys actually have those? And why am I assumed to be one? What because I’m female? Look I’m actually meant to be here, see this badge? I don’t think I could have stolen a photographer’s badge.”

“Ohhh! You’re Jesse’s girlfriend yes?” A boy with curly brown hair asked, holding a pair of drumsticks.

“Yes, thanks for finally realizing. Calum here was right, you guys are a bunch of assholes.”

“Calum said that?” The taller blonde boy asked, laughing. The other two laughing with him.

“You’re Jesse’s girlfriend?” Calum asked you, giving you a confused look.


“Ok Y/n, so when Calum said the band is made up of a bunch of assholes, did he mention he’s our bassist? ” The one with the scruff said.

“What? Seriously?” You said turning to Calum

“Wow…you really aren’t a stalker fan are you?” The drummer asked.

Calum seemed lost in thought, but quickly returned to normal at this.

“Yup! See I told you!” Calum laughed, throwing his arm around you.

“Woah watch it buddy, she’s taken. Hi I’m Michael.” The boy with the scruff, Michael, said while shaking your hand.

“Luke” The tall blonde boy said, shaking your hand as well.

“Ashton, and I’m more of a hugging type” The curly haired boy said, giving you a huge bear hug.

“Hi…Well, nice to meet you guys”

“Y/n! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! I see you met the guys… hope you all have been nice…” Jesse said, giving them a smirk. He then went to stand by you and put his arm around your waist.

As he did this, you couldn’t help but see Calum staring, and you couldn’t quite place his expression. Was it anger, jealousy, hurt? All three?

“They’ve been great. Don’t worry. I think we’ll have a lot of fun” You said smiling.


One hour until the show started. You were really busy, making sure all the cameras, lenses, batteries, and SD cards were in order. You had front row seats to the show (thank you boys) but you wanted to make sure everything was in place for your boyfriend.

“Wow looks great babe! Thanks! Why don’t you go get some snacks or something? There’s the catering table right over there. Relax for a bit before the madness starts.”


You had just filled your plate with various snacks when you felt someone walk up next to you. You looked up to see Calum.

“Hey Calum. Ready for the show?”

“Yup. I think you’ll really enjoy it.”

“Yeah? I don’t know we’ll see…” You said giving him a wink.

“Oh I know you’ll love it”

“And why is that?”

“Because your sitting front row on my side of the stage. Complete view of all of this” He said, gesturing to himself.

“Oh really?” You laughed.

“Yup. So you see, it’s a real party on my side. Impossible not to have a great time.”

“Haha well I think that all depends on your music”

“Oh that? We’ve got that covered”

“I’d hope so since you are performing” You laughed. “But I’ve never heard you guys before”

“Really? Well then we really must play our hearts out” He said, giving you a wink before grabbing a chip off your plate and walking away.

“That was mine!” You yelled after him. He gave you a thumbs up in response.

“Dork…” You muttered to yourself.


You didn’t expect to like the show. You didn’t expect to actually have a good time, despite Calum’s confidence that you would. You didn’t expect to actually like there music, but look at you now. The whole show, you couldn’t stop dancing and smiling. The whole crowd seemed to know every single word to every single song…you didn’t even think that was possible. You desperately wished you knew the words too, you wished you could connect to the songs like they did before now. They were amazing, and Calum…. Well there’s a lot to say on that matter. You thought he was very attractive before, but put a bass in his hands and he instantly became 10x more attractive. The way he played and sang….and not just him, all of the guys. You could definitely see the appeal. Of course it didn’t help that Calum was constantly smiling or winking at you. Every time he merely glanced at you, your heart pounded in your chest. You never instantly liked someone so much, not even with Jesse. Jesse…fuck.

The whole show you kept glancing at your boyfriend, just as a reminder that you were in a committed relationship, and despite all the problems between the two of you, you did in fact love him….right?


You had been on tour with the guys for a little over a week now. They had the weekend off, and were planning to spend the weekend right. And by that, they weren’t spending their precious time off relaxing and catching up on sleep. Oh no, the whole weekend was going to be spent partying. You couldn’t wait, and were super excited the guys invited you and Jesse along. Everything was supposed to start Friday night, only you woke up puking your guts out Friday morning. Yup, on the best weekend of your life you woke up sick. Wonderful. So much for partying. You insisted Jesse go though, no use in the both of you missing out. However, you didn’t actually expect him to just leave you there in the hotel room sick while he went out and partied.

So here you are in bed at 9pm Friday night watching Netflix. You were a little better than this morning, at least the puking stopped anyway. Your stomach and head were killing you though.

Suddenly you heard the door open.

“Jesse? I knew you wouldn’t just leave me here, and- Calum?”

The tall boy who walked into your room wasn’t your boyfriend after all.

“Hey Y/n…I heard you were sick. So, I brought you chicken soup” He smiled as he held up the container of some really yummy looking soup.

“Thanks Calum. You really didn’t have to do this. Why aren’t you out tonight with everyone else?”

“Well because someone has to take care of you, and when your boyfriend made it clear to me he wasn’t going to do that I decided to take it upon myself”

“Ya…I told him to go and have fun”

“That doesn’t mean he should have done it. He should be here bringing you soup instead of getting drunk at the bar. I mean that’s what boyfriends are for, they should take care of their girl”

“Your girlfriend is truly lucky isn’t she?”

“Haha, no girlfriend here”


“Seriously. Now here eat this” He said, handing you a bowl of the soup.

You never asked Calum about his love life, just naturally assumed he had someone. The news he was single shocked you, and also made you feel happy and relieved.

“This is delicious” You said, scarfing down the incredible soup.

“I’m glad you like it”

One you finished the soup, he took the bowl from you and set it down on the counter. He then felt your forehead, moving your hair out of your face with his fingertips.

“You’re burning up. Let me go get you a towel”

He then walked into the bathroom, to get a cold wash cloth. He made you lay down, then set the cloth on your forehead. He then jumped into the other side of the bed with you.

“So what are we watching?”

“Calum, you’re gonna get sick”

“I’ll be fine…and I promised to take care of you! That means I can’t leave your side all night” He winked.

“Fine. You’re lucky I’m feeling better than I was earlier.”

“I didn’t know you were sick earlier. But I’m here now, and so what are we watching?”

You laughed and shook your head, but decided to flip through your options. You settled on some movie and tried to ignore the fact that Calum was laying in bed a mere few inches away from you. You couldn’t however, so of course you had no idea what was going on in the movie.

It was nearly midnight by the time the movie ended. Calum got up off the bed and came to stand next to you.

“How are you feeling? Do you need anything?”


“Coming right up” He smiled, then went to get a bottled water from the mini fridge.

“Here you go my lady”

“Thank you kind sir, how would I have gotten over this without you?” You teased.

“We’ll never know” He laughed. “Hey so I’m going to go, I don’t want Jesse coming in here and getting the wrong idea”

“Yeah…of course. I understand.”

“Goodnight Y/n. I’ll come see you tomorrow ok?” He then surprised you by kissing your cheek. He smiled, then left the room before you could find words.


The next night your apparent 24 hour sickness was gone, so this meant you could go out with the guys. You decided to wear a classic black mini dress to whatever club the guys chose tonight. As soon as you entered the venue, you were overwhelmed with bright lights and pounding music. Jesse went straight for the bar saying he’ll find you later (no surprise there) while you looked for the guys.

“Y/n!” A voice said from behind you.

You turned to see Luke.

“Hey!” You said, giving him a huge hug.

“Glad to see you’re feeling better! We were all worried! Come on we’re over here” He said, grabbing your hand and leading you to their table.

“Guys, look who I found!”

Michael and Ashton cheered, shouting for you to sit down. Calum’s eyes went wide as he saw you, his gaze dropping down your body, admiring the dress. His staring was making you blush. The only spot at the table was next to Calum, so you sat down right next to him.

“You’re feeling better”

“Yeah…must have been one of those 24 hour things”

“Well you look incredible….”


“Hey Y/n have you had anything to drink yet?” Michael asked.

“Of course not Mikey, here Y/n have a beer” Ashton said, sliding a beer towards you.

“Thanks” You said, taking a sip.

“Where’s Jesse at?” Calum asked you.

“Um…I’m not sure actually…he said he was going to get a drink then would meet us later, but I don’t see him anywhere…”

“Great. Wanna dance?”

“You’re kidding me”

“Nope. Come on! It’ll be fun” He said, giving you one of those big cheesy grins you couldn’t resist.

He grabbed your hand as he pulled you to the dancefloor, spinning you to face him as you both moved to the music. Calum surprised you, he was actually a really good dancer. He moved his hand to your hips as you wrapped your arms around his neck, loving being this close to him. You were so lost in each other and the music that you didn’t notice who was approaching you.

“What the fuck!!” Jesse yelled, pulling Calum off of you and pushing him into the crowd.

“Jesse what are you doing?” You screamed.

“What am I doing? What are you doing Y/n?! I brought you here so you and I could get closer, not so you could hook up with this-”

“Woah mate, hold up” Calum said

“Jesse you’re drunk” You said, shaking your head.

“And you’re a slut” Jesse slurred

“Fuck you. We’re done”

“You can’t just-”

“Yes I can, and I will. I’m through with this shit Jesse! I’ve put up with a lot, but you being drunk and acting like this? Treating me like this? No. We’re done.”

You didn’t give him a chance to reply, just stormed out of the club. You heard someone running behind you.

“Y/n! Wait up!” Calum said, finally catching up to you. “Are you alright”

“I will be…for now I better go pack up my things…”

“Here let me call a car, and I’ll help you”

“Thanks Cal”


You and Calum finally repacked all your bags, luckily you never really unpack at hotels.

“Hey so I know you probably don’t have a place to stay, but Michael and I were originally gonna share a room, but then management went ahead and got us separate rooms, so there’s an extra bed in my room. It’s yours if you want it. You don’t have to and-”

You interrupted him by crushing him in a huge bear hug.

“Oh my gosh Calum that would be so wonderful! Thank you!”

“No problem” He said, wrapping his arms tightly around you.

You stayed like that for a moment, wrapped in each others arms. With Calum’s strong arms holding you tight, you never felt more at home. For once in your life you just felt happy, and warm, and just at peace. No stress, no worries, well just one….

“We better get out of here before Jesse comes back” You said, reluctantly pulling away

“Yeah. Come on, my room is a floor up”


You threw your bags on the bed you assumed was yours, since the other one was unmade.

“Well this is it. Wanna watch a movie or something?” Calum said, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Um yeah, sure” You said, sitting down next to him.

“How are you feeling”

“Kind of numb to be honest”

“You’re not upset or anything? You did just break up with your boyfriend”

“Weirdly enough no. I don’t regret it. Its something I should have done a long time ago, tonight was just the universe’s way of telling me that”

“So you’re good?” He asked, putting an arm around you. “Because if you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on-”

“Omg no” You laughed, laying your head on his shoulder. “It’s ok. Really.”

“Ok. If you say so” He said, wrapping his arm tighter around you.

“Calum, thank you so much. You really didn’t have to do this” You said, looking up at him.

“But I wanted to”

“And I’m grateful, but you keep doing all of these things for me, and there’s no way I can repay you-”

“Hey listen to me” He said, raising a hand to cup the side of your face. “I wanted to”


His actions brought you both a lot close to each other, and he seemed to just realize that. You stared up at him, unable to break his gaze. You maintained eye contact as he leaned down closer to you, finally closing your eyes when his lips brushed yours.

His kiss was hesitant at first, him being unsure if this was ok, if this was something you wanted. His concerns vanished when you brushed your fingers through his hair. His kiss deepened as he pulled you in his lap, digging his fingers into your sides.  

“Mmm…I’ve wanted this for so long” He said, kissing your neck

“Have you now?” You laughed as you pushed him down onto the bed.

“Oh yeah..” He said, flipping you over so he was on top of you. He kissed you again, hard.


You woke up the next morning half-dressed in Calum’s bed. You could hear his soft snores behind you. You wiggled out of his arms that were firmly wrapped around your waist, and quickly go dressed. You were very careful not to wake him up. You smiled as you saw his sleeping form. Then you turned to leave, you quietly closing the door behind you.

You got in the elevator and pressed the button for the first. You still couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face, in disbelief of all that happened within the past 24 hours. Of course this moment didn’t last long, for soon the elevator stopped and another passenger got on, one so unwelcome right now.

“Y/n? Hey…I was so worried” Jesse said, wrapping you in an embrace.

“Don’t even Jesse” You said, pushing him off.

“Look I’m sorry, I really am babe-”

“Don’t call me that”

“So you’re serious then? You really want to break up…”


“Ya no I get it…Y/n we’ve been through a lot together, and I love you, I really do, but maybe this is what’s best for us…”

“We’ve been putting it off for too long Jesse…it’s time”

“Yeah…I guess you’re right. So you gonna head home?”


“Calum?” He scoffed, teeth clenched and standing upright.


“So I was right last night?”


“No tell me the truth. You owe me that”

“Did I like him? Yes ok I’m not gonna lie. But that was all Jesse, nothing happened between us, I care too much for you to do something like that to you.”

“And now?”

“Now, things between me and him are different”

He sighed. “Well…I’m not sticking around for that”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m leaving. Enjoy the rest of your trip”

“What where?”

The elevator dinged and the doors opened.

“I was offered a really good job, and I’m gonna take it. Tell the guys thanks, but they’re gonna have to find another camera man”

And with that he walked out of the elevator, waving goodbye.

You were stunned by his words as you walked out of the elevator. Suddenly you weren’t so hungry, and decided to just grab coffee and donuts from the hotel buffet and just bring that up to Calum instead of a full breakfast. As you walked though his hotel room door you found him still asleep.

You set the donuts on the counter and climbed next to him on the bed. You looked at his sleeping form, he looked so peaceful. You ran your hand down the side of his face, and through his hair. He smiled as he blinked awake.

“Morning” He smiled at you and looked at you as though you were the most precious thing in the world.

“Morning” You smiled back, and for the first time in a long time it was a genuine smile. You were so happy, that not even everything that happened with Jesse would ruin that.

He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him as he brushed his lips against yours

“You keep doing that, and we’ll never get out of this bed” You laughed, breaking his kiss.

“Mmmm…and that’s bad?” He said, nuzzling your neck

“Well I brought breakfast and everything..” You said, gesturing to the coffee and donuts.

“Fine, we’ll eat. But don’t think you’re getting out of this. I don’t have a show again until tomorrow so this here-” He said kissing your lips, slightly biting your bottom lip as he pulled away “Is to be continued”

“I look forward to it” You laughed.


Watcha think? Thanks for reading! Love you guys!! -Lydia

Self-destructive tendencies - Tony Stark x Reader

Summary : Reader is in love with Tony, but Tony is dating Pepper…until she dumps him, and the Iron Man keeps coming to our dear reader for comfort (nothing sexual…yet). Warning for language.

(My masterlist blog here :


You always had a massive crush on Tony Stark, even though he was quite a bit older than you. And when he started dating his long time “assistant” Pepper Potts, your heart shattered. In a way though, maybe it was for the best, he didn’t have exactly a good reputation with his relationship with women…

They stayed together two years, and one day, she broke up with him. And the reasons why didn’t surprise you one bit. He was a difficult man to live with. But you couldn’t help but think Pepper should have known better. Like, she knew him since a long time, and she knew how he was…So why get with him if she couldn’t handle his way of being ? Especially since Tony actually put in a lot of effort in. He stopped drinking, he tried to remember important dates such as birthday and anniversary, even her name day ! And he often took her out, just the two of them…

But she wanted more, apparently. She wanted him to stop being the Iron Man and take more care of her. She wanted him to change some important parts of his personality…and that just couldn’t work. You didn’t get it. Again, she knew how he was, and she knew some things would stay the same…So why breaking up with him for those reasons ?

In your eyes, she just didn’t love him enough to accept all of him. And it broke your heart a bit, because no matter how much of an asshole Tony was, he deserved better. He deserved someone who understood that, since he got kidnapped in Afghanistan, and since the Alien attack on NYC, he wasn’t the same man anymore.

But what could you do ? He’d never look at you in another way than a little sister, you were too young. And he was still in love with her…

You were brooding in your office one late night when you heard a knock on your door. Only one person could come knock on your door at 4 am…

Tony fucking Stark. And he was drunk. So drunk.

-Heyyyyyyy youuUUUuuuUUuuuu. Came by the neighborhood, thought I’d…Check on you or something.

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[ never will i ever ]

For the @kwritersnet April Prompt Event!

Prompt: Enemies To Lovers
What: BTS Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Wiords: 3k

Summary: Your best friend is an idol and being an idol comes with its trappings. When she tells you that she’s signed up for We Got Married, you’re super excited for her. You are less enthused when you find out who her partner is going to be. Your teenage nemesis - Kim Taehyung

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(Translation) Rouge et Noir vol. 1

(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Yamanaka Masahiro

T/N: commissioned by @ryoutako​ ♥ thanks as always!

This volume definitely has more substantial plot than vol.2 which makes it slightly harder to translate, especially the work-related terms (ughhh) but it lays the foundation to the future volumes and I really like how each volumes establish some kind of connection towards each other. I think that makes this series really interesting and memorable.

So, like usual, please feel free to correct me on any mistaken translations or typos. I took quite a lot of liberties in this cd actually. Other than that, enjoy the ride and get ready to catch some bad guys!

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I love plants! Sorry this has been in my inbox for a while^^;;

▪She likes plants too!
▪she didn’t keep any around because she worked for Jumin and was too busy, but you buy her a little snapdragon for her windowsill when she quits
▪she ends up over watering it and calls you up in a frenzy, freaked out because it’s dying and it’s the only tangible thing you’ve given her
▪so you both decide to attend a gardening class!
▪She somehow misreads the flyer so you end up going to a couples gardening class
▪You two are the only non-couple there, which is awkward, but she has a fantastic time
▪ now that she knows how to take care of them, the cafe is full of plants!
▪It’s so neat and all of your customers love it
▪When she does finally get around to asking you out on a date, she does so with another snapdragon
▪“MC I promise this wasn’t a snap decision, but will you go out with me?” 

▪asks you if he can name one after his LOLOL avatar or one after the LOLOL programmer
▪every time he comes home from class he greets them ALL by name
▪sees your unnamed yellow flower and asks to name it Rika
▪your reaction is up to you
▪ he’s totally an accidental plant murderer bc he’ll rip them out of the ground without knowing better

▪when he first saw you through the CCTV bringing in a few flowers and cacti, he was kinda taken aback
▪V gifted Rika with a few plants but they all died quickly no matter how she cared for them
▪So to Seven, it was strange that there was even more life in the apartment
▪didn’t know much about gardening before but he spends 6 hours reading different gardening books and asks you about the different kinds of plants
▪gdi Seven
▪he has the full gardening outfit complete with the brightest gloves and pants
▪ Everything clashes terribly with his red hair and he’s an eyesore to look at
▪ but when he’s out in the sun, he starts to get all freckle-y which is adorable
▪ And of course he burns super easy, he could be outside for five minutes and still get a sunburn same
▪even claims he can communicate with your plants
▪"It’s my Seventh sense MC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“
▪how’d he manage to say ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) out loud wtf
▪thinks it’s the coolest thing that your plants have names
▪when you get new ones, he’ll beg you to let him name them
▪haha good luck on that one, hon

▪at first he was indifferent, but your passion really changed his mind
▪he loves seeing how excited and loving you are towards your plants but he’s a little sad that they can’t get the proper sunlight
▪he has a basement apartment, but he’s already called his landlord asking if the two of you can build a garden on the roof even though he knows the landlord is going to charge him a lot
▪when he gets the okay, he kind of goes overboard
▪you make a full day out of planting and building the garden
▪since it’s an apartment, anyone can go up to the roof and mess around
▪Zen makes sure to put up as many signs as he can, and he will 100% beat up anyone who so much as touches a single petal

▪he pretends to be indifferent
▪"MC they’re just plants. They can’t hear you”
▪but Saeran, plants need love and affection just like humans do ;-;
▪"Yeah whatever”
▪secretly makes him feel safe and happy when he sees you dancing around the house serenading and caring for your plants
▪will absolutely never admit it but he thinks you’re really pretty when you get into long rambles about the different types of plants and different facts & fables about plant care
▪takes an interest in Venus flytraps because they’re so pretty but yet brutal
▪if he gets one then you know Seven is gonna try getting one to gnaw on his finger

▪slightly indifferent
▪"well…you like what you like, MC"
▪he does get really jealous whenever you give them more affection than him
▪instead of confronting you about it, he’ll just give you the silent treatment
▪if there’s a plant you want, he’ll get it for you though, even if you do give it more attention

▪he cannot control his joy
▪you two are plant bud-dies!
▪your shared apartment has at least 10 potted plants in each room and your windows are always open to allow sunlight in
▪nightly routines are insane
▪not only do you two have to water them, but you also insist on saying good night to each and every plant
▪V just dies a little inside everytime he hears your adorable voice in the other room
▪For Valentine’s Day he’ll gift you with a little succulent, which has a tag that reads “I’m a succ-er for you, MC!”

Jumin Han
▪at first he was a little scared
▪"you like cacti, MC?“
▪”but what if Elizabeth 3rd gets the wrong idea and tries to eat one?????”
▪iNtensE paNic
  ▪you have to assure him that, yes, have cacti, but that Elizabeth is a smart cat
▪two days after you brought in the cacti Elizabeth tried to nuzzle one
▪she got a needle in her cheek, but never did it again
▪Jumin makes you promise to only keep cat-safe plants in your house and save your cacti for the greenhouse
▪speaking of that
▪you have the biggest garden you could ever hope for and imagine, plus a climate controlled greenhouse
▪has exotic plants brought in for you and if he travels, he’ll bring home a plant from that country
▪you’re spoiled rotten
▪If you ask him to help you plant, he’ll show up in a wide-brimmed floppy hat and the entire outfit
he tried to wear a cooking apron too bless this beautiful boy
▪doesn’t really want to get his hands dirty so he uses a small plastic kiddie shovel to dig the hole and flick the dirt out
▪…he prefers the buying and watering
▪buuuut, since he’s gone sometimes on business trips, he buys you a little purple plant to put on your bedside table
▪your little plant Jumin

The Office

2 teams of 6 good looking men, 1 intern, 1 receptionist and an overwhelming amount of tension and flirting.

Part Two - The Hazing

Genre: CRACK | Fluff | Angst
Members:  OT7
Word count: 2,503

A/N: Honestly I’m not a big fan of this chapter but some tidbits of info in this one are essential for later on. Let’s just call it that one episode that almost cancelled the show… cool? cool. - Amelia

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“Kim Taehyung!” I yelled. “Are you kidding me?!”

“What now!?” Hoseok groaned. I probably killed his ears these last two days with all the shouting. The other boys looked up from their desks to see Jungkook’s computer mouse glued to my palm.

Jungkook slipped away from Jimin’s desk and rushed to my side, frantically asking if I’d be alright. The rest of the boys were murmuring amongst themselves then I could hear one of the chairs scraping back on the linoleum.

“Taehyung, you idiot.” Yoongi’s eyes darkened, like some kind of beast had awoken inside him.

“Hyung, don’t hit him again!” Jimin intervened, walking over and standing between the two boys desks.

“This is a big offence Jimin. Let me teach him another lesson?”

“How about we let Y/n decide how to deal with this situation?” Namjoon suggested, and then they all looked over to me.

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Novel Writer!Mark


• this is my first mark bulletpoint au, so i hope its alright!! i didn’t initially write any of the maknae line in my first series because they’re all younger than me but i tried my best with this

• i could make a million mark jokes but i’m just gonna say i’m glad that his hair is brown again. blonde was okay but like….it cannot have been good for his scalp

• let’s goooooo

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The Girl Made of Starlight (Part 6)

The Girl Made of Starlight (Part 6)

Beast!Adam x Reader

Part 1: here    Part 2: here    Part 3: here    Part 4: here    Part 5: here

Note: This took longer than expected, but oh well haha. My book came out, so if any of y’all want to buy it, hit me up. 

I’ve been super busy with that and I had a leadership conference this weekend, but I should have some free time coming up, given the fact that school ends soon and I have a four-day weekend coming up. 

The next morning, you arose feeling more refreshed than you had in quite some time. The bed you slept in was so soft and so warm, you felt as though you had slept on a cloud. You looked around as the memories of the night before slowly pieced themselves together. You were in a castle. With a beast. And he had sworn to protect your life. My, had things taken a turn?

There was a knock at the door. Instinctively, you tensed as your eyes darted to it, but then your harsh gaze softened. You were safe here, you reminded yourself.


“It’s just Mrs. Potts, dear.” Her kind voice called from the other side of the door.

“Come on in,” You called in response. The door swung open and in she came on her tray, Chip hopping along excitedly at her side. “Good morning.”

“Morning, love. The Master sent me to see what you might like for breakfast.”

“Just some eggs and toast would be fine.” You smiled. “It’s been a long time since anyone’s cared enough to feed me.”

“Well, I’ll see to it that you’re always fed, dear.” She smiled. Mrs. Potts hated the thought of such a kind young woman being alone for so long without the promise of meals. You could feel her discomfort at the thought of it and decided it was time for a change in topic.

“So, what is he like?”


“The master of the castle.”

“He’s a little rough around the edges, but I think you’ll find that he has a good heart. You’ve stirred about something in him that I haven’t seen in a long time. Something light. Something hopeful.” She tilted her head in a sort of awkward bow. “Thank you.”

“I don’t know what I’ve even done. The way he looked at me yesterday…no one has ever looked at me like that before. Like I was their entire world.”

“To him, you’re much more than that. You’re his sun, moon, and stars too.” She chuckled a little. “I know it may seem a bit odd, but he’d do anything to protect you.” Chip looked to his mother as she continued to talk, waiting for the cue he’d been promised. The teacup had so many questions.

“Yes, Chip?” you asked as soon as you sensed his unabashed curiosity.

“Miss, who are you? I mean, what’s your name? How did you find the castle? Why does your hair glow sometimes? What do-”

“Woah there. Slow down.” You giggled, smiling. You loved children. “My name is (Y/N). The master led me to the castle after saving me from a pack of wolves. My hair glows because it’s magic.”

“What kind of magic?” the look in his eyes told you that your words had only caused his curiosity to intensify.

“The magic of the stars.” There was a twinkle in your mystifying eyes as you said this. “I can answer more questions later, but I’m sure the Master won’t want to be kept waiting too long. I’m sure that given his…circumstance, he must have quite the appetite.”

“He does indeed.” Lumiere strolled into the room accompanied by a rather disgruntled mantel clock. “Good morning, Mademoiselle. I trust your sleep was satisfying?”

“I haven’t slept this well in a long time.” You smiled. “Thank you.”

“Well, you are our guest, of course. Anyway, Madame Garderobe-” he looked to the sleeping wardrobe. After a moment’s thought, he cleared his throat and tried again. “MADAME GARDEROBE!”

Her response was a deafening string of gorgeous soprano notes. As her doors opened, she was quite shocked to take in the sight of so many of her companions. And a woman.

“A woman! Finally, someone to dress!”

“Madam, find something suitable for our guest to wear to breakfast.” Cogsworth instructed. He headed towards the door along with Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Lumiere. “We shall meet you down there when you’re ready.”

“We will find you something fitting for a princess.” She sang enthusiastically as the door shut behind the others.

“Oh, I’m no princess. Not anymore…”

“Nonsense. I can still dress you like one.”

You had the feeling that you and the Madame would get along just fine…


“What if she doesn’t want to stay here? What if I misread everything that happened last night? What if-”

“Master, she seemed very content to be here.” Mrs. Potts reassured him as he paced about the room. He had been doing this for about an hour now. “It’s been a while since she’s had anyone but herself, I think. Perhaps a home is just what she needs.”

“It’s not a home. It’s a prison.”

“For you, maybe.” Lumiere reasoned. “For her, Master, I think it’s all she has.”

There was a long patch of silence. Adam finally stopped moving. His icy blue eyes met those of Mrs. Potts. She offered a small but hopeful smile. Cogsworth looked up at the beast their prince had become. He then looked to Lumiere. The candelabra was quiet for a few moments before speaking.

“Master, all you have to do is win her heart! Just…turn on the charm!”


“Yes! Come on, show me the smile!”

“This is ridiculous.”

“Master, we’re running out of time.” Mrs. Potts’ voice was soft, as fragile as the china she was now made of. She couldn’t help but let her thoughts wander to her son. Her precious baby boy might never know the joys of a true childhood again. “Please, at least try to-”

The doors to the dining hall opened.

“G-good morning, mademoiselle!” Lumiere’s eyes snapped up to meet yours. He dipped into a low bow as Adam straightened up, eyes locked on you. You looked absolutely ravishing in the dress Madame Garderobe had made for you. It was purple with swirls of silver, floor-length with a small train and puffs at the tops of the sleeves.

Timidly, you brushed a lock of white hair behind your ear. You were so used to having the cover of the cloak around your head, shielding you from judging eyes. But now…you were so utterly exposed.

“What? Is it too much?” You asked, reaching to wipe away the rich rouge she had rubbed on your cheeks. “I told her it was too much-”

“N-no! You…you look beautiful.” Adam’s eyes softened.

“Thank you.” Your cheeks darkened as the heat rushed to your face. It took you by surprise. You weren’t sure how long it had been since you had made an actual friend, let alone one that had called you beautiful. It felt…nice.

Adam walked you to your seat and pulled it out for you. You sat down in the cushy chair, and gently, he pushed you in before taking his place across the long table. The meal was one of the best you had in a long time, despite the fact that it was just eggs and toast. Adam glanced up at you every few minutes, a slight tug pulling at his reluctant lips. His oatmeal was cold by the time he finally remembered to eat it.

You chuckled as you felt his feeling of sudden realization. If he could have blushed, he would have.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Your words were reassuring. “So perhaps you could stop worrying about it so much.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just been-”

“So long since you’ve had anyone.” You paused, a small smile forming. “I think I understand.”

“How…” He paused, swallowing. “How long have you been…”


“Alone.” The word felt heavy on his tongue. It was too familiar. Too real.

“I’ve been on my own for…A long time. I lost track about a century ago.”

Adam’s blue eyes widened. You nodded.

“I know. I hardly look it.”

“So you’re…immortal.”

“It seems so, yes.” You nodded. “There are legends about people like me, about the children of the stars. A lot of them say that when we live our purpose, we’re finally free. Well, I mean, free to live out the rest of our lives without the weight of the world on our shoulders.”

“To be human.”

“To an extent, yes.” You nodded. Adam paused, a question billowing up from the back of his mind.

“What do you believe your purpose is, then?”

You were quiet for a long time before answering with absolute certainty.

“To stop Ferdinand.”

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comfortable pt 1

pairing: jason todd x reader

warnings: cursing, sexual innuendoes, robbery, mentions of rape,

prompt: jason and y/n are friends and this is a casual night/morning together, hintage of feelings for each other but no one says anything bc they are both so
//comfortable// with each other rn😤

Jason and I have been friends for a hot minute, maybe a couple of years. You might think that’s enough time to know someone but we live in a time and place where you can’t just trust anyone.

I met him in the beginning of the night, late fall, and just like I hadn’t expected, I was being held up on the way home. Right on the first corner of the metro. Bad day at work, a whole bunch of cases had been piled on my desk from the new law graduates that needed evaluating. I was tired, I didn’t wait for a crowd to walk the short distance with me. It was probably 9, maybe 10. Someone had pushed me into an alley I didn’t realize was there. Held a knife to my neck and grabbed my purse.

“Got somewhere to go, little lady? Might be a while, I haven’t gotten my pay yet, *chuckles*”

He digs into my purse, and I usually don’t carry cash, just cards for security and as soon as he found out, he got very violent.

“No cash hm, clever girl. You better have something to offer me…”

He takes his knife and scars my collar bone, and to my surprise, rips my scarf off and notices the necklaces I’ve got on. Taking the knife and lifting my necklaces to examine them he snides,

“Ohh, lookie here. A couple of chains. Special to you huh? There isn’t a lot of metal, and I don’t think it’s worth that much to me… I’ll be nice, here are your options young lady. You surprise me and hand me some more valuable bracelets and rings with those necklaces, or you and I can have a little fun–”

All of a sudden he isn’t cornering me and is being pushed into a brick wall.

“Sorry I’m late,” the vigilante Red Hood says nonchalantly.

He gives my robber a pretty great beating and ties him to some random pipe, so the cops can get him later I guess.

While he is tying my robber, I pick up my scarf and cards and run. I wasn’t going to wait around for something else to get me, it was getting later and later by the minute. I had to get to my home. Or as close to home as it will get.

I’m home and I’ve already taken a shower. I can’t sleep so I sit on my couch and watch the door. I don’t know why I’m so afraid, it’s not like the man followed me home but this whole city gets to me sometimes.

I stay sitting on the couch, reading every once a while. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I have to work tomorrow. I can’t sleep. There is one person I know that can help me though. I hope he is awake, I usually hear him come home at this time, making noises doing God knows what. Sometimes with a girl, some times just rustling drawers. I hope he isn’t busy now. But he did say I could stop by whenever I needed help. I always get that though, being so short and all.

I walk across the hall to Jason Todd’s apartment. He was already living in this building before I moved in. The land lady even told me that he was quite handy, when he wasn’t grumpy or angry. When I introduced myself, he was a smidgin annoying, looking down on how short I was, slightly teasing, but he said to me,

“What a cutie, haha. Ye uh I’m Jason and I don’t know how available I’ll be, but if you need help, or need some company I’m here.”

I was desperate. Every noise kept me up, made me think that something was going to come get me. Maybe I’m still on the high of the attack, maybe my hormones are in full swing, maybe I’m just tired and off the rocker. I grab the fabric of my sweats and my large sweater and I knock the door.

Maybe he isn’t home, this is a bad idea, you don’t know him, he could just be as dangerous as the thief, it’s not to late to leave, what if he does things to you? what if he–

“Um, good morning?”
“Hey, is now an okay time?”
“… It’s like 4:00, but I am not doing anything”

I sigh, and I just go for it.

“Can I come in, it’s a little bit of an emergency.”

He opens the door for me and smirks,

“So quick to want to get to know me? Usually girls take me out to dinner before they come in. heheh”

I roll my eyes, even in my jammies and my messy ponytail he still flirts with me. It’s what I expected though. Muscular guy, super attractive, affording an apartment like this in Gotham, such a playboy. His apartment is clean and decorated with very sleek but rugged furniture. I sit on the couch and he joins me, sitting on the coffee table.

“Look, I almost got robbed a couple of hours ago but I can’t sleep. I’m really scared and I was wondering if I could stay the night. I don’t really have anywhere else to go right now, or anyone to call so, could I stay the night?”

He is silent for a while but then,

“Yeah, I’ve been there before. You can stay but don’t forget to make it up to me later. Also, is that blood coming out your sweater?”

Shit, I forgot to bandage it up. I forgot I had that cut after I took a shower.

“Shoot, yea I got that earlier tonight. Do you have antibiotics?”

He digs around in all of his kitchen cabinets, there’s literally four drawers filled with medical supplies. Maybe he’s a nurse or something. Major turn on. Ugh I need to stop myself, no no. No time for that.

“I'all take care of it, take off your shirt for me please.”

As soon as he says that, he blushes. Low lighting but I thank God for that sight. But I play feisty too, Jason.

“Take off my shirt? Usually guys take me out to dinner before they ask that.”

I pull off my sweater, revealing a light colored, spaghetti strap, braless torso. Thank God that his apartment isn’t cold.

The cut is deeper than I anticipated but, it doesn’t need stitches.

He chuckles and patches me up. The stinging hurts but he grasps my hand when the cotton is first placed on my collar.

We talk about nothings. I told him my job and how I got robbed. How I got to Gotham in the first place since I “hate it so fucking much”. He laughs at minuscule jokes I make and jokes back.

That was the beginning of our friendship. I just came over whenever. Whenever I got stressed out or needed advice from someone who’s been living in Gotham, or someone who isn’t a girl. I only ever saw him in the morning or afternoon. I didn’t want to see him during the evening, trying to prevent us from catching feelings for each other. My best friends live in my old town. It felt good to have a new one here. He didn’t tell me a lot about his life but told me a lot about what he likes and what he thinks about. The drugs get to me sometimes. The faint smell of cigarettes or the alcohol he kept around. I leave it alone though, everyone has their vice.

Our relationship changed one day, drastically. I will never forget, and never regret that encounter.


Request: Can you write a fic please of Matt the radar technician where maybe the reader is Poe’s or Rey’s sister and they get caught but escape and run into Matt and like he helps them escape but reader starts to fall for Matt the short time that they’re together and misses him when they leave? If you can do it beautiful then I will be forever grateful ❤❤

A/N: Hello and thank you for this! I had to write it asap bc I’ve been dying to write Matt so thank you, again! I’m not one for the whole triplet idea but I guess twin matt/kylo can fly by me so, if you don’t mind, I made him his own person bc I feel like Kylo really wouldn’t do this. Thank you and enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.6K+

The last thing you ever imagined yourself was being held captive, being hostage in the enemy’s territory. It was a disaster, mission gone bad and of course you were the one to be taken in out of the crew you were with. Out of everyone in your team, you were the most smartest and tech savvy–you also knew how to pilot no thanks to your brother. But, of course, with such intelligence, word got out.

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Bestfriend Ten
  • yes thai prince has another request yay ,
  • thanks for requesting anon !!
  • this bestfriend! series is as cute as the boyfriend! ones omg

  • okay so you were just visiting this dance open house ,

  • and you were just accompanying your friend since she didn’t want to go alone
  • you were not really interested in what was happening there
  • and when a group of boys were dancing on stage , one of them caught your eye
  • and it was none other than ten chittaphon
  • the way he’d smirk at the audience as he moved his body to the music smoothly ,
  • and the way he executed the movements without making any mistakes caught your attention
  • he caught eye contact with you and smiled a little , then continuing dancing
  • after the performance , he came up to you excitedly like a small child ,
  • “ i saw you staring at me !! how was my dancing ? ”
  • and you’d be taken aback at first because of his excited tone but calmly , you’d compliment him
  • “ haha yes , it was great ! ”
  • then he’d clap really loudly as he smiled non stop
  • with that he introduced himself to you , and you did the same
  • turns out he only stayed like one street away from you so your houses were pretty close to each other
  • when he asked for your number , you were hesitant to give it to him at first ,
  • but you gave it to him anyways since he seemed nice and friendly
  • y'all met up often and he also invited you over to outings with his friends
  • with that , you learnt that his favourite word was microwave
  • the friendship grew even stronger when you realised that he stayed by your side physically and emotionally during that one week where everything just fell for you
  • when you were too sad and had no appetite to even eat , only he had the power to convince you to get up to eat some snacks
  • he listened to all your rants , problems and feelings
  • and also tried his best to give you advice
  • like that , the both of you grew closer and became bestfriends eventually
  • you’re always so happy around him because he has that positive vibe and sometimes he says things without even realising that it’s funny
  • skinship’s really normal and both of you don’t mind at all
  • he likes to lie on your lap and you like to play with his hair everytime he does
  • when you disturb/tease him though , he gets really whiny like a small child
  • “ what was that for ,Y/N ”
  • “ nothing , i just wanted to poke you ”
  • “ it hurts , stop it ”
  • “ no /pokes him again/ ”
  • then he’d pretend to be sad while pouting but when you smile at him sweetly ,
  • he smiles at you too and would probably attack you with tickles
  • he’ll try to attend to you anywhere and anytime because he feels that it’s his responsibilty as a bestfriend
  • and everytime you call him to come over , he’d reach your place within ten minutes with your favourite food
  • when he has dance performances coming up , he often practices and dances infront of you to ask for your opinion
  • and when you compliment him , he gets all happy and excited ,
  • like the first time you ever did
  • when he found out about your crush on taeyong though ,
  • he got all sly and mischievous , claiming that he’d become the ’ matchmaker ’ for both of you
  • turns out he used your phone while you were sleeping to text taeyong to ask him out for a date
  • and when he told you about it , he was smiling so proudly as he passed you your phone
  • you almost killed him from the embarrassment but since taeyong agreed , you took this as an opportunity to get closer with him
  • he likes imitating you and the mistakes you make ,
  • and would tease you about it for weeks
  • one time he caught you trying to dance to a song ,
  • but your hands and legs were in the wrong position and you looked very awkward ,
  • so he burst out laughing and the next few hours he imitated your pose and kept bringing it up
  • the next thing you knew the rest of the members all knew
  • including taeyong
  • thanks so much ten
  • he’ll always support what you do
  • and would try his best to help you too
  • you guys have nicknames for each other and it’s saved as the contact names in your phones
  • you probably named him is ’ shortie ’ or ’ idiot ’
  • and he named you as ’ don’t talk to her ’
  • when you found out you smacked him so badly he threatened to tell taeyong
  • but he changed it anyways ,
  • to ’ taeyong’s gf ’ instead
  • you gave up trying to ask him to change it again
  • when both of you are in the good mood y'all would jam and go crazy to music together ,
  • so loud till the point where your neighbours literally screamed at the both of you to lower the volume
  • at the end the both of you would lower the volume but still dance like crazy
  • ten’s a really nice bestfriend but also such joker at times ,
  • sometimes you want to hug him ,
  • other times you feel like choking him
  • but this was what made your friendship special and you cherish it a lot !!
  • this was so bad im sorry ahh
Small Town Frights

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

It’s been so long since I’ve written something, then the urge hit like a freight train! haha.

“A murder-suicide?” asked Maude, looking at the case file that had been slipped into her hand. “Not to argue, sir, but isn’t this a matter for a different department? Like, the local police?”

“Well, if you’d look past the cover page…” the man—Agent Macintosh—began. “You’d see that extremely high amounts of demonic energy was found at the scene.”

Maude blushed an flipped the page. “How much energy are we talkin’ here?” the second page of the file was mainly pictures of the crime scene, with in-depth descriptions of where the bodies had been found, and what positions they were in. The next page was pictures of the home, and specifically the room the bodies were found in.

“Well, we don’t exactly know.” said Macintosh, and Maude raised an eyebrow.

The third page of the file was of demagi-counters, basically Geiger counters for demonic energy, positioned in various places in the home where the crime seen was committed. Often times, it was very beneficial to see the location of the energy detector rather than just get the reading.

On the screen it didn’t give a reading. It just said ‘MAX’.

“It maxed out the demagi-counters?” Maude asked, squinting to make sure she was seeing this right.

“It did.”

“Those max out at, like, a million, right?”

“Ten million.” said Macintosh.

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Okay but you know what Star Wars Rebels fanfic I’d like to read?

Mira and Ephraim Bridger get arrested, get sent to some shithole Imperial prison, and escape after like two, three years, and quickly make their way back to the Rebellion. And then immediately start their main priority, which is looking for their son, Ezra. Unfortunately, Ezra was taken into Imperial custody when the were arrested, and there’s been no trace of him since. Like, the records of his existance have been deleted kind of no trace. So for obvious reasons, while the Bridgers keep an ear out, it’s just generally assumed that the Empire murdered a 7 year old boy over his parents treason and isn’t that just fucked up?

So cut ahead to when canon would have started in the show. Now fourteen, Ezra Bridger is very much not dead. And almost immediately after his arrest was discovered to be Force sensitive, and taken into the Inquisitor program, with his parents lives being hung over him to make him cooperate. So when Ezra manages to find out that his parents escaped years ago, he’s not thrilled, and gets the fuck out of dodge, immediately making the Imperial wanted list in the process.

So since they would not advertise that one of their Inquisitor’s betrayed them, the Empire obviously isn’t sharing that little detail with anybody, so all that the Bridgers know is that their son was imprisoned, and has managed to escape. And more importantly, their son is alive holy fuck and they need to find him like yesterday. Now on the other side, Ezra might hate the Empire, but he doesn’t trust the Rebellion in the slightest, because come on seven years of brainwashing and conditioning are not going away overnight. Not to mention he’s obviously aware of the fact that the Rebellion would probably not give a warm welcome to a literal ex-Inquisitor. So he’s trying to do his own thing and avoid everyone.

Enter the Ghost Crew. Due to working around Lothal, once the Bridgers joined the Rebellion proper, they probably worked together a fair amount. After all, no risk there, everyone already knows that Mira and Ephraim Bridger are with the Rebellion. So, at the very least, Hera and Kanan probably are friends with the couple, and have heard of their murdered or kidnapped son. I mean, Lothal was the last place anyone knows Ezra was, so the Bridgers would probably ask the Ghost crew to keep an eye out, even if it was just to confirm that he was dead. Because I mean canon!Ezra’s reaction to his missing-probably-dead parents was to refuse any information, because he lost them as a young child, and is a very jaded teenager who would like to ignore his trauma forever. The Bridgers would be grown ass adults who would like some closure on what happened to their son.

So because some things just need to happen, the Ghost Crew finds Ezra. Recognizes him, is about to bring him back to the Alliance, and then Kanan notices haha wow this Force sensitive child who was in Imperial custody for 7 years has an awful lot of the dark side in him and control over it that’s not suspicious at all. And so the Ghost crew is stuck in an awkward limbo of trying to figure out if Ezra is a legit escaped prisoner, or an Inquisitor that was sent to infiltrate them, while at the same time knowing that they can’t just ditch the kid because his parents would literally kill them if they abandoned their long lost son for anything other than hard proof.

Wheras Ezra would not like to be with the Ghost crew, does not want to go to the Rebels, and does not want to get left for the Empire, leaving him in an awkward situation. And knowing that it’s his parents waiting for him in the Rebellion makes it more awkward, because while Ezra never stopped loving them (the Grand Inquisitor had to allow that or he wouldn’t be able to blackmail the kid), he’s probably got some massive issues from everything he’s been through, and really doesn’t want to see his parents again, because yknow why would two devout rebels feel anything but disgust for someone who folded under the pressure and agreed to work for the Empire? I’m not saying Ezra’s right, because he’s not, but the self loathing in that boy would run even deeper in this AU so that’s probably the direction his mind would go.

And, of course, the battles with the Grand Inquisitor would be even more fucked up, because there is History there now, and it is a very fucked up one.

(BONUS: Ahsoka joining the crew is incredibly awkward, because Ezra was probably getting sent out into field missions when he was like, twelve, and hey Ahsoka Tano’s been a pain in the Empire’s ass, none of the Inquisitors are good enough to get rid of her, and the Emperor doesn’t trust Vader to follow through, but they’ve got this vicious little twelve year old that a former Jedi would probably be very reluctant to kill or injure, giving him a very good shot at taking her out. He does not kill Ahsoka, she knocks him out and leaves. There’s awkward between them because A. Ezra absolutely would have killed her if he had the chance, B. Ahsoka is the only person in the Ghost crew that saw Ezra in action as an Inquisitor, and he’s not enjoying two very different stages in his life being blended, and of course C. Knowing the Sith methods, Ezra would have been in deep shit for being defeated by Ahsoka. Like, ‘she didn’t kill you so now we’ll make you wish she did’ kind of deep shit. So Ezra probably has some resentment to her over that, because he got tortured over her and was encouraged to be angry about it so he fucking is. and upon finding out what exactly she let that kid go back to after failing to kill her, Ahsoka is probably more than a little horrified, but Ezra reads it as pity and gets pissed, and its this whole fucking thing.)

Also at some point in it all happy ending of Ezra being reunited with his parents and his worries over it being put to rest, and yeah they might have had a rougher go of it than in canon but they’re a family again and they’re all alive and there and together so maybe it was all worth it in the end.

there is crying. some of it may be mine.

2 Hours and 9 Minutes

A Yuri on Ice Fanfic
Written for @seungchuchuweek

It’s past 2 am and he has training in five hours. Four hours and fifty-two minutes to be exact. He went to bed and turned the lights off two hours and eight minutes ago… Two hours and nine minutes now…

He has just spent two hours and nine minutes scrolling through the pictures on Phichit Chulanont’s sns account. To be fair, considering it has taken him that long, it says something about how often the other posts. (Way too much) It also says something about how far gone he is on his fellow skater that he finds it adorable. (2091 pictures? Really?)

Seung Gil is not good at this sort of thing. Has always believed getting involved with someone at this point in his career would only prove to be a distraction. Hadn’t even sought out friendship with the other international skaters because what was the point? They were competitors after the same prize. Would proclamations of friendship really withstand that competition? 1.09 points between a place on the podium and going home empty handed? Wouldn’t they hate each other two events later?

Apparently some people can’t take a hint, though. He’s actually grateful for that right about now. Even if part of the outcome is how a casual comment about him needing to check out his sns by Phichit has him up at some ridiculous hour of the morning. Because he obviously didn’t have any self control when it comes to hundreds of selfies of his one-sided crush.

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What’s Next for Zephyr

By “I’ll have the post up within the hour” I meant in the next ten minutes because I drafted this last night. Why? Because I’m super excited and hyped!

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Let’s do a quick recap (and I legit mean quick!) of what each diamond on Emma’s wedding band represent mmkay? And I’m gonna be forgetting a lot here so just bear with me.

1st diamond - first meeting, they were foes who both had quests, hers - getting back to her son; his - revenge against the man who took not only his love, but his hand as well: also you can be a part of something or you can be alone and he turns his ship around because he needed that reminder that he could be a part of something *wails to infinity*

2nd diamond - the neverland trip aka the moment people lost their shit because of that kiss (i wasn’t around tumblr when it happened but hearing people talk about how amazing it was then makes me smile always) / let’s throw in the next greatest moment “I swear on Emma Swan” HAHA I’M FINE NO I’M NOT then she gave up her magic to save him “Hook, come back to me.” HAHA THE MORE I WRITE I START TO CRY also followed by only the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME - THE CAPTAIN SWAN MOVIE, plus “it’s okay swan, not everything gets to watch their parents fall in love” plus “you’re a hero swan” followed by “so are you” *smile* followed by only the greatest moment in history “you traded your ship for me?” she says with wonder in her voice and his lovely “aye” and that kiss that lasted for so many minutes aka days, it was so long and beautiful and that time they broke away and both smiled before going right back for more, i’m dying thinking of it again

3rd diamond - season 4 rolls around and they’re pretty much learning the basics of coupledom, we’re witnessed to their first date (everything was sweet and pure) he got his hand back because should she let me, i’d like to be able to hold her - whatever the damn line was *i’m horrible because i don’t remember, i know but bah* it was still pure af, I should get my own place - foreshadowing i see you and i love you - followed by that kiss woop woop. then we got ‘i’m a fan of every part of you’ AHHHHHH and then “i’m not a goodbye person, but maybe just this once” *full on sobbing* now / 4b rolls around and 6 glorious wks have passed they’re being pretty fucking cute, when the queens of darkness roll into town, but who cares about that “DON’T YOU KNOW EMMA? IT’S YOU.” and that beautiful af kiss with a single tear rolling down emma’s cheek *puddle of melt* then we get cute au and deckhand swan and ‘i sensed we were close in that other realm’ ‘very’ WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE? LIKE STAPHHHH then he dies for her and her son and the curse is broken and she runs to see him, worried he’s not there when he smugly shows himself over the banister in the loft with snowing looking on and she throws herself at him and we would get an ily but then wasn’t the time, so she stares at him in awe and he’s all eyebrow raise because HE. DOESN’T. STOP. then comes heartbreak #1 emma sacrifices herself to save the town from the darkness yada yada *still sobbing btw* “Emma, don’t do this” he says with tears in her eyes, emma replies tearfully ‘I love you’ follow by a push and then she’s gone and the camera pans to him with tears in his eyes and the dagger with her name on it

4th diamond - s5 begins with hook desperately trying to get her back and then he finds her in the enchanted forest as a dark one, going through the transition and ‘heroes and villains here because of you, for you’ and then he calmly lets her make the decision to return merida’s heart and then they hug and ‘you don’t look like a crocodile’ ‘guess i lucked out’ and then as they leave hand swings aplenty then another curse happens and ‘where’s emma?’ ‘relax i’m right here’ in full dark one outfit and white hair and then emma why are you doing this and then dark swan is all because i am the dark one and poofs away, and then episode 2 back in camelot flashback and we see them get married HAHA J/K BUT THEY TOTALLY GOT MARRIED THEY LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL and then that dance at the ball and then UGH SO GOOD, BASICALLY EVERYTHING WAS CAMELOT AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERED - but then he died saving her and she refused to let him go and turned him into another dark one because i’m not gonna let him go and i won’t anyone stop me HAHA REMEMBER HOW I SAID I WAS FINE BEFORE, WELL I WAS BUT NOT ANY MORE, NOT FINE ANYMORE and then he’s all ‘how could you do this to me swan’ after finding out that his love did this to him and she’s all “i wasn’t gonna lose you killian” and then HE SACRIFICES HIMSELF TO SAVE HER AND HER FAMILY AND IS ALL “LET ME MAKE UP FOR MY MISTAKE, LET ME DIE A HERO” AND THEN SHE’S LIKE ‘NO IT SHOULD BE ME’ but he won’t let her do that, no sirree, *KILLIAN JONES HAS ALWAYS AND WILL CONTINUE TO ALWAYS PUT EMMA SWAN SWAN FIRST, YOU CAN FIGHT ME ON THAT* and then he dies and there back to normal and she holds him IN HER ARMS AS HE’S DEAD AND THEN REFUSES TO LET HIM GO WHEN THE PARAMEDICS CAME *PTERODACTYL SCREAMING* BECAUSE WHYYYYYYY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF?? then she finds out his death was taken from him (fucking rumple boo hiss) and decides she’s going to the underworld to get her man back ‘you two share a heart, so will we’ and then they reunite and there’s an argument and then all is good and then they’re trying to find a way out and then there’s TRUE LOVE’S TEST AND “IT’S TRUE LOVE. EMMA YOU CHOSE ME THAT WAS THE TEST” AND THEIR SMILES *SQUEALS* OF COURSE THEY PASS; THIS IS FUCKING CAPTAIN SWAN WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. and then they find out that hades (boo hiss) is a turd and lies and he can’t go with her back to the land of the living and that FUCKING HEARTBREAKING MOMENT #2 THE ELEVATOR GOODBYE THAT DESTROYED ME, LIKE HOW DARE THEY and even after they’re realms apart they still work together and stop hades and zeus (thank you) brings back killian to where he belongs with emma and that tiptoe kiss in the rain after they’re reunited and he’s giggling and she’s shooketh and attack kisses galore, then that ‘i love you’ that’s said with no threat of death, villains anything. just said it to say it and of course don’t forget that LIFT KISS LIFT KISS WOOT WOOT

5th diamond - s6 the hottest couch makeout we’ve ever been witnessed to with hands on the butt and leg pretty much in the air and earth-shaking after that there’s ‘move in with me’ then there’s you’re the product of true love and that cute af hand kiss to stop her shaking vision hand of imminent death and then so much separation and then she gets sent to the wish world and meets his older much heavier still attractive self (yep i’ve reached the point of finding older hook attractive sue me hehe) and then she comes back and he’s all “you’re amazing swan” hug and then that cute moment in 6x12 - ‘I JUST DESPERATELY NEED TO KISS YOU’ LIKE WHO SAYS STUFF LIKE THAT, KILLIAN JONES THAT’S WHO and then things happen and i’m crying because we all know what comes after, she finds the ring, he’s drunk off his ass, tainted proposal ensues (still beautiful tho, even knowing what we know) then they halt that proposal (more like she gives the ring back) and he’s about to leave when he changes his mind and gets ready to come back only for dark one jr creeping up on him and stopping that in it’s tracks and they’re separated for 3 fucking episodes YES YOU HEARD ME 3 FUCKING EPISODES WORTH OF SEPARATION and then he’s all “i’m trying to find my way back home to you” “i’d never abandoned you” and “i love you” and then they work their way back, he takes out his shadow to take him back to her, it fails his shadow makes its way to emma followed by A CARESS TO THE CHEEK THAT I WILL NEVER BE OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, then she goes to get him with encouragement and a push from mama snow, in a door she finds him, pushed some lost boys out the way, grabs her man’s hand and back through the door and they land on top of each other and he apologizes, she apologizes and then re-proposal, followed by the same yes as before, she gets on his level of kneelingness (yes it’s not a work but bah) says yes, kisses him and the ring goes right back where it belongs.



Possibly another part to come… but y'all know what’s gonna happen ;)

It was interview time. Your nerves had got the better of you and you were tapping your foot furiously. Norman placed his hand on your knee, giving it a light squeeze. Your leg stops moving and you look over at him and smile, then give his hand a stroke. He leaves it in place as the cameras start rolling.
“So (Y/N), what’s it been like working on the show so far? We’ve seen some great photos on social media and you look like you’ve fit right in!” The interviewer asks.
“It’s been so much fun, I never thought I’d enjoy going to work, but everyone’s made me feel so welcome, it’s so lovely. Norman loves taking snapshots of people when they’re not aware, and I love the photos he takes, so am always happy when he shares them with the fans!”
“That’s great! Yes, fans loves the photos you take,” he says, now focusing on Norman, “and they’ve noticed the last few have all included (Y/N), most of her alone. Is there a reason for this?” He pries.
Norman slides his hand off of your leg to start talking.
“Well, I take a lot of pictures, but I don’t have time to upload them all, I just show the best ones, which happen to feature this little lady quite a lot.” He smiles, gesturing towards you.
The interviewer eyes Norman suspiciously.
“So it’s just one big coincidence huh Norman?” He asks cheekily.
Norman laughs, “haha, yes, just one big coincidence.”
“Right. So (Y/N), what do you make of it all?”
“I think I must get in the way of his shots too much!” You joke.
“I am positive that’s not the reason!” The interviewer laughs, “being one of the only single people in the cast, along with Norman of course, do you get much time for a social life when filming?”
“Not really, but I don’t mind, I quite like being out in the woods on my own in Georgia. You never know if hours are gonna run over when filming, so it’s best to not make plans to be honest! We do things together anyway so it doesn’t really feel lonely at all.”
“We as in the whole group, or you and Norman?”
“I think you know the answer to that one!” Norman chimes in, “we’re joined at the hip off set!”
You both laugh and the interviewer wraps up questioning, trying to squeeze any spoilers out of you both and failing miserably. As the cameras stop, you’re finally able to breathe properly again. You say your goodbyes to the crew and wave to the audience, then both make your way out back.
“That was some intense questioning,” you say nervously. It was only your second interview and you were glad Norman was beside you for both. He takes your hand in his and kisses it.
“Don’t worry, you did brilliantly.” He says, still holding your hand. “The questions will be much harder when we go public.”
“When? Don’t you mean ‘if’?” You tease, bumping your shoulder into his.
“Ha! No, I definitely meant when.” He laughs, stopping still and turning to you, looking into your eyes seriously. He could see a little bit down your top and you leant into him, knowing it would give him a better view. You hear him growl.
“Shit (Y/N), what are you doing me woman? I’m gonna blow this whole thing if we’re not careful.” He whispers, pushing back into you slightly with his hips.
“Sorry, I’ll stop.” You smile, suddenly pulling away and carrying on walking towards the exit. Norman stands there for a moment, stunned.
You’d managed to keep your romance a secret for a long time, even before you started the show. Only two of your fellow cast members knew, and your families. You knew you were on borrowed time with it all though, especially now fans were catching on to your social media posts. Both of you wanted to make sure you did it your way though, not through being caught by a magazine or anything though. Norman had been planning it for a while, he’d roped you into what he called a photography project for an upcoming show he had, but in reality it was going to be one big collage of photos of both of you, and he was hoping this would be the perfect way to let the secret out.
“Jeez, you’re killing me (Y/N),” he says following you as you purposely swing your hips while walking away. You wait until he’s almost caught up then stop suddenly right in front of him. He walks straight into you and you relish in the feel of his body against you as he grips into your hips to steady you both.
“Oops, sorry, didn’t know you were so close!” You say, looking up at him over your shoulder with a playful smile on your face.
“Fuck. I’m gonna drag you into one of these rooms if you’re not careful.” He says through gritted teeth as he palms his crotch, trying to calm it down.
“I wouldn’t complain.” You tease, and take his hand to carry on out to the waiting car.
You get in and he leans over to whisper to the driver. As you’re being driven you notice you weren’t going back to his apartment, or yours, you were heading elsewhere and you turn to Norman looking confused.
“You’ll see soon enough!” He laughs, taking your hand. Now was the time he thought. There was a gallery space he’d been using for this project, and the photos he’d been taking had already been put up by him in a massive heart shape on the wall. They were all selfies of the both of you in black and white, some including your faces, some just your hands or legs together.
The car soon pulls up outside a warehouse and Norman jumps out then runs round to your side and opens the door for you. You get out hesitantly and he pulls you inside. Looking around you realise you’re at a gallery, and there’s a few members of the public inside. Norman pulls you towards the back where there’s a door and he gets out a key to open it, nodding at the security guard a few feet away from you.
He turns to you quickly, “close your eyes.”
“What? Why?”
“No time for that, close them please babe.”
“Okay,” you stutter, closing your eyes. He leads you into a room, and positions you carefully, even moving your head so you’d be looking exactly where he wanted you to.
“And open them,” he whispers in your ear, his hand on the small of your back. Your eyes fly open and there’s a wall of photos in a heart shape in front of you, lit up by two spotlights either side. You step closer and see all of them are of you and him. Your mouth opens in awe as you run your fingers across them, remembering when each one was taken.
“I left out the naked ones, don’t worry,” he jokes from behind you.
You laugh, but can’t find any word to say yet. You’re amazed that he’s done this, over the past couple of years, how did he have the patience?
“I know the heart shape’s cheesy-” he starts, but you interrupt him.
“It’s not. Not at all. I love it, I love everything about it, I love you.” You say, looking up at the pictures at the top.
“Yeah?” You answer, not turning around.
“(Y/N), look at me.” He says.
You turn around and he’s holding a small box…



featuring. Johnny

Genre: -

Request: Can you do a scenario where you ask Johnny for advice since you like Mark and don’t know what to do ? Thanks

A/N: I made Mark the main character so i’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but Johnny’s in the beginning part ! Also , this was really cute to write so enjoy reading !


You paced around the room back and forth , your heart beating faster and faster as time passed by .

You played with your fingers nervously as you bit your lower lip , your eyes never once leaving the door .

The handle turned and you jumped a little . You recited the words over in your head one last time , before dragging the tall latter to sit on the couch beside you .

“ What’s up Y/N ? What was so urgent that i had to rush down when i was eating my DINNER ? ” he said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes , crossing his legs and looking away from you .

You sighed as you took a seat beside him , your hands cupping your face as you rested your elbows on the arm rest .

“ Sorry Johnny … I really needed to talk about this with someone ” you said out slowly . He noticed your sad tone as he turned his head towards you , an assuring smile showing on his face as he tapped your back lightly .

“ I was only kidding. So , what’s up ? ”

You pouted your lips and took a deep breath , “ I have feelings for- ”

But before you could finish your sentence , Johnny covered his mouth as he stood up excitedly .

He pretended to shook his head and frowned , “ I’m sorry Y/N , i’m already interested in somebody else ”

You glared at him and crossed your arms , “ Johnny i’m serious here ”

He gave a small giggle before he sat back down , slinging his arm around your shoulder , “ Just wanted you to feel better but you may continue now ”

You leaned your head back against his arm and said again , “ Mark- i like Mark , Johnny . I don’t know what to do but every night these feelings keep distracting me , i’m so lost ”

You saw Johnny give you a small smile , “ It’s really obvious Y/N , but hey , seeing how Mark acts around you , i’m positive that he has feelings too . ”

You sat up straight and faced him , “ Are you sure ? ”

He gave a pat on your shoulder and flashed you a smile again , “ Yes i am . And knowing Mark he’s too shy to confess so you should do it Y/N . I’m supporting you ”

You laid back down on the couch , thoughts running through your mind .


“ I’ll be there in 10 minutes , i’m sorry ! ” the young boy on the other line said to you in an apologetic tone . You smiled to yourself instantly as his voice rang through your ears , as though it was a song that could calm you down anytime and anywhere .

“ Take your time , Mark ”

You heard him giggle before hanging up the call , causing you to blush and smile to yourself once again , the people around staring at you as though you were some weird person .

You tried clearing your mind by playing with your phone , but his text messages and your phone’s wallpaper did not help at all .

What if he rejects me ?

Will everything go as i planned ?

What if he only likes me as a friend ?

Your thoughts ran wild as you thought of all the possibilities that could happen .

After two long weeks of contemplating whether you should confess or not , you finally made the choice to - with the help of Johnny’s constant nagging and threats to tell Mark himself if you didn’t .

You were afraid , and you didn’t know how everything would turn out . Yet the feelings you had for him kept growing and growing , you needed to get it off your chest and let him know , by yourself .


A warm pair of hands squeezed your shoulders from behind as you were greeted with his sweet voice , the one that never failed to make your days better .

“ I’m finally here ! ” he exclaimed excitedly as he flashed you a shy and big smile , throwing both his hands up as he managed to reach just in time .

You returned his smile and offered him a cup of cappuccino - his favourite , that was sitting beside yours the whole time .

He grabbed the cup in his hands and took a sip out of it . He pursed his lips and closed his eyes , “ It tastes so good haha ” . You shook your head as you found yourself smiling again at his actions .

“ So .. Why’d you call to meet up today ? I thought you said you were going to be busy this week ? ” he asked with a small smile as he laid back on the chair .

Trying to act casual , you swept your hair behind your ear as you said shyly , “ I need to tell you something , Mark ”

His raised his eyebrows as he asked again , this time with curiousity , “ What is it ? ”

You looked up to meet his eyes and your mind went completely blank . Those hours spent trying to script out your feelings and confessions the previous night were all gone in just a few seconds , his perfection stunning you every single time .

If you had known earlier that he was going to be like this , you should’ve just sent him a text message instead .

He waved his hand infront of you and asked again , “ Yes Y/N ? What is it that you want to say ? ”

You took a deep breath before exclaiming quickly , “ I like you ”

He was taken aback by your words as you saw his eyes widened , as his hands rubbed against his pants - a habit that he always did when he was nervous or shy .

Your face instantly turned red as you looked down , afraid to have eye contact . You heard Mark shuffling in his seat , before clearing his throat , “ I-I wasn’t expecting that .. ”

Still looking down , you replied softly , “ It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way , i just needed to tell you so- “

” I like you too “

He said after he toom a deep breath as he boldly grabbed your hand , a small smile forming on his lips when he noticed you slowly looking at him in shock . You felt your body stiffen up from his touch as you felt your cheeks burning .

” O-Oh … “ you said as you let a giggle escape your mouth . You looked at him and he was giving you the biggest smile he’s ever had .

His right hand reached out to touch your cheek , his thumb rubbing them ,

” I guess we’re together now ? “