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Rhythm | Lee Joo Heon | One-Shot

jooheon (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,233
warnings: i have no excuse for this flithy, graphic smut (that includes but is not limited to thigh riding, breath play, mild degradation, spanking, etc) and strong language (some slut shaming) and brief mentions of infidelity
a/n: i was inspired by the new mv and channeled that inspiration into a gang!au, bad boy jooheon sexy time fest and before you say anything yes i know he is a total squish in real life that’s why it’s called fiction :)

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rararahhh  asked:

Do you think Lizzy suddenly becoming taller than "Ciel" after he came back could be a hint from the author? Girls do typically mature faster than boys, but it was only a month, which is kind of pushing it, even for anime logic. If the actual Ciel was healthy, it'd make sense for him to be a normal height, whereas the sick, weakly twin could potentially have stunted growth. Lizzy would just rationalize any oddities away because she would be happy to have her "Ciel" back.

Yes, I do think that that scene was indeed one of the many 2CT hints! :D

And there are actually more hints than just the height difference in that scene:

On the left you see the fan translation and on the right the official YP translation which is - in this case - the correct one: In the original Japanese version our!Ciel clearly says 「エリザベス」 (”Elizabeth”) (and not “Lizzy”, the way real!Ciel used to call her), to which Lizzy then reacts like this:

I think it’s possible that she noticed several little oddities surrounding the “Ciel” that returned (the height, the way he calls her, etc), but tried to push them down.

However, I admit that it is strange that it took her 3 years to finally realize that there is definitely something wrong with “Ciel” (ch56, ch66)

and to eventually decide to test him by lying to him (ch66):

It’s also very strange that even though she noticed all these oddities, she still doesn’t seem to even consider the possibility that the “Ciel” that returned to her might not be real!Ciel but his twin. This is a real mystery particularly since I am 100% sure that (if 2CT is true) she knew the existence of Ciel’s twin, because -as I mentioned many times- Vincent apparently didn’t make any secret of the twins, he took both of them to the party (ch32) and also there’s a flashback scene in Circus arc (ch28) where Lizzy looks worriedly at our!Ciel who’s lying in bed due to severe asthma.

So if 2CT is true, I really hope Yana has some good explanations for this mystery in store (and I’m quite sure she has!) :D Maybe there’s a convenient memory erasing tool like in “Gravity Falls” or “Men in Black” xD

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springleaves003  asked:

Is your logo from Gravity Falls? They pulled off the whole 'secret twin' thing really well and surprised me because I thought it was going to be really corny. I hope Yana does the same if the 2CT is true!

Yes, it is! :D @her-majestys-watchdog sent me a link to a video clip of Ducktective (see below) 2 years ago and I found it funny especially in the light of the unpopularity of the 2CT in the Western fandom so I’ve since used it as my icon! xD

Now that I rewatch this, I still find it hilarious haha xD

As for the real twin plot twist in the series, yeah I really found it interesting, too! It had some similarities with the 2CT (one twin taking on the name and identity of the other twin and thus deceiving everyone; the creators planned it from the beginning and gave us a lot of hints throughout the series, heated discussions between twin theory believers and non-believers, etc). Now it would be funny if real!Ciel had 6 fingers, too, but sadly, - I’ve just double-checked it -  he doesn’t (neither does our!Ciel) xD

my-lady-no-further said: But he could have six toes…

OMG. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! This is the best 2CT comment I’ve ever seen! xD

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do you have tips on telling the difference between an Intense Daydream and actual astral or magical work? i'm having a lot of fun with my new friends but im worried they are purely imaginary and no one else will be able to sense them to confirm what i'm doing is working


In my belief system the human mind is HIGHLY magical. That is why it is so hard to tell what is “you” and what is “them”. Because they’re magical and we’re magical and it just gets confused.

But in general yes I do have some tips!

  • Spirits should move and speak independently. If you are willing them to move and speak, it is more likely you are working with thoughtforms or just having a daydream. The inner will to direct a daydreamed being may be only milliseconds long, so pay close attention to figure out if you are doing it.
  • Ask your spirits to send you signs when they meet you. This sign means “I am the real spirit you are intending to meet! Here I am!” An example is a specific greeting. Ensure you never will this sign to happen and wait for it to occur when you are trying to connect with your spirit friends.
  • Ask your friends to visit you spontaneously using the sign you set up. This helps you realize they exist independently of you :)
  • Sometimes spirit communication gets confusing because we can easily trick ourselves. If a spirit is not actually present we can switch to a daydream where we control a puppet that looks like them. Use careful discernment and practice to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Focus on the minute details of what real spirit contact feels like to you.

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for the meme, jessica the vampire slayer?

1. Kilgrave is a super duper old vampire with hypnotic powers. He’s lived so long that he’s bored of everything so he gets his jollies by playing with his food, keeping them around hypnotized and terrified for days or weeks for the fun of it. He’s fascinated by Jessica because she’s already super strong, so what will happen if he turns her?

2. He turns Hope and she kills her parents in her initial bloodlust, so now Jessica has to prove that vampires are real and can be calm and non-bitey out of their bloodlust if they choose and that Hope isn’t just a terrifying cannibal.

3. OMG OKAY instead of It’s Patsy! TRISH WAS THE STAR OF A TWEEN SHOW CALLED PATSY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. YES. It was halfway between Buffy and Wizards of Waverly Place and it was immensely popular and she obviously will be no help in proving that vampires are real because it would sound ridiculous coming from her, which she finds immensely frustrating.

4. Simpson is a werewolf but one created by government genetic engineering, not a bite from another werewolf.

5. Malcolm hasn’t been turned yet (because Jessica would be able to tell that he’s a vampire), but he’s addicted to Kilgrave’s blood, not heroin. It’s gross.

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Can we take a minute to become mesmerized by the lyrics to Seven Rings in Hand? "Be it all the same it's never the same/ Just like that just nothing it all just means/ Nothing it all just means/ If all as is then it's never as is/ Back to fact make real of all that seems/ Make real of all that seems... It reminds meof Tolkien's poetry (I can't be the only one whose's read the poems) in that they make "mystic sense" if you get my drift? The Fairytales In Trance version is best to hear the lyrics.

Yeah! Honestly, it’s such a pretty song?? And yes, that remix, ohhhh gosh I love it so much?

Who Am I Without You?

gaaah, I love this idea so much, I can already see this being sad and fluffy as heckie. Thanks anon!! :)

Summary: Dan and Phil have been best friends since they met on the internet. They do pretty much everything together, including their career endeavors, and eventually getting a flat together. When speculation rises that the two lads could be dating, Dan and Phil agree that Phil should go get his own place, but is that really what they both want?

Genres: Slight Fluff! Friend to Lovers! Angst! In Real Time Phan Au! Oneshot!

Pairing: Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

Word Count: 2,628

Warning: slight cursing! It’s also cheesy af I’m sorry ._.

A/N: Yes, I know I have an addiction to writing ftl fics, it’s an obsession!! It’s just so easy to write a bit of angst with it :) This is purely fiction, so don’t attack me if you don’t ship phan, but I’ve written plenty of ftl oneshots and it’s all been good feedback so I’m not totally worried :) enjoy guys!! And I hope I did this justice for you anon!

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taetor-tot  asked:

YOOOO your prom dress looks so awesome!! Slay honestly. I had one similar when I went to prom :0 and don't worry about not having a date, neither did most people at my prom, but didn't stop all of us from having a great time :) Also, all these people asking to be adopted by you, but the REAL question is, can I adopt YOU





thank you so much for being super sweet!!! <3

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Pokemon Card of the Day #932: Charizard (Secret Wonders)

Hey look, it’s Charizard! That means you know what you’re basically going to get. Big damage, high Energy cost, heavy discarding. Yes, this Charizard did it too. There was one interesting thing about it in this case, as it actually could KO everything available but 1 Pokemon, I believe (Salamence ex) late in the game. Other than that extra power even for Charizard standards, the same positives and negatives applied. The extra positive made this worth a real look, at least.

Charizard, as usual, had some good bulk. 130 HP was quite good on a Stage 2, and it could definitely take hits. The +40 Water Weakness could hurt quite a bit, since Pokemon such as Kingdra and Empoleon were popular and Gyarados could just outright KO. On the other hand, having a -20 Fighting Resistance was fantastic. Machamp and Gallade were popular Pokemon, and in later stages of DP-On, you’d see a good bit of Donphan Prime. Donphan Prime wasn’t nearly as interesting in the face of a Fighting Resistance. The Retreat Cost of 3 was rather high and Charizard discarded a ton of Energy, so Warp Point or something similar was almost mandatory.

Fury Blaze was what gave Charizard a slight leg up on other Charizard cards. If the opponent had 3 or fewer Prizes left, each of Charizard’s attacks did 50 more damage to the Active Pokemon. This just turned Charizard into a nuke that blasted through anything in its path. No legitimately competitive card could survive a boosted Blast Burn, even if it was almost impossible to use consistently.

And then there was the attack. Blast Burn did 120 damage, and that was before a potential boost. The problem? Not only did it cost 4 Fire Energy, but there was a crazy level of discarding. If it had just been 2 Energy, Charizard may have been quite good. But a coin flip that made you discard 4 if tails, while still requiring 2 discards if heads? That was impossible to use reliably. The power was absolutely outstanding but it was hard to pull off.

Charizard was left behind due to a horrible secondary effect, just like many other Charizard cards. It was a bit scarier than most since you could run Typhlosion support with it and it could just wipe out your most important Pokemon without any way to stop it, but it ended up being a clunky deck in most cases. Still, this was one of the better ways to use Charizard, a Pokemon that had few truly good cards through the years. A Charizard/Typhlosion deck may not have been amazing but it was useful enough for Charizard fans.

Yes, but what if? (Yoonmin masterpost/prompt)

Okay so a few months ago I read this fanfiction. In a few words IT WAS THE BEST YOONMIN FANFICTION I’VE READ IN THE ENTIRETY OF MY LIFE. It’s based on real events and the only thing I can say is that ever since I read it my brain is convinced that this actually happened between Yoonmin. If you haven’t read it I insist you do.

This fanfic describes how Yoonmin were in love since they met but hadn’t realized it until the period Yoongi had written/recorded First Love. The writer (Hello, by the way, if you are reading this! I hope you don’t mind me promoting your awesome work. I asked for permission in your comments, but if you have a problem just tell me and I’ll take it down.) bless them, talks about how the rest of Bangtan found out Yoongi and Jimin were in love before the two of them did. If I continue I probably won’t stop. So please read it! Especially if you are a Yoonmin stan.

So as I said, my fantasy world is set in a reality where this actually happened. And in this reality, (also in the fanfic, according to the time it’s placed in) Yoongi and Jimin got together on the day Yoongi recorded First Love. So that means that in this picture

they have just begun dating. *Reminder: This is all happening in my brain. I have formed my own reality. Nothing is true* Okay so, because  my brain needed more of this story, I began putting real events into this fantasy world in a way that would seem like the two are actually together. Do you get me? Like, I’d watch/read whatever happened on twitter or in Bangtan Bombs, having in mind that the two of them were actually together. I’m weird I know. I hope I’m not the only one who does this, or else it’d be really awkward. Here are some of these moments.

*Credits to the owners*

I’d watch these and think that when they were filming this, they were actually together. It made my heart flutter every time. Again I hope other shippers do that too.

So, because I needed to convince my self that this fantasy world really existed, I began making audios, writing fics, drawing fanart based on this world. I wanted to make something like Behind The Scenes moments that didn’t actually exist. I hope anyone out there can relate. Yoonmin has taken over my life and it’s the only thing that occupies my mind ever since I read that fanfic.

During this period I’ve come up with the following. It’s more of a prompt for a fanfic. It’s extremely stupid but I can’t help my self.


So Yoonmin supposedly got together some time in August. Suga’s mixtape was released around that time (correct me if I’m wrong), but the songs were written long before. Here’s a fanfic that fits this story line. Then their WINGS comeback was in October. During that time Yoongi and Jimin were still exploring this new territory.

Their first time was some time in early November.  

And the talk was in early December. I’m shit at writing fanfics but I’ll try my best to explain what was said during the talk. It went a little like this:

Yoongi and Jimin were lying on the couch in their dorm living room at night chatting about different things (because in reality that’s what Yoonmin loves to do with each other)

when Yoongi said.(for a second time that night)

“I can’t imagine my life without you” or “I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with you.”

Jimin sat in silence for a while, scrunching up his nose (in that cute way he does) in confusion.

“Hyung, are you proposing?” he asked looking up at Yoongi. Yoongi was confused by the question but then said something like:

“I know we can’t get married in Korea, but if we could would, you marry me?” or like “I know it’s impossible because no1 we are idols no2 no one knows about us(*supposedly they hadn’t ‘come out’ to the rest of BTS, despite the fact that BTS knew they’d end up together before them*) and no3 we live in a country where marriage between men is not allowed, but lets say non of these were in the way. Would you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”

And then Jimin kissed him softly and ran his fingers through Yoongi’s black hair.

“Of course I’d marry you, Yoongi. I love you way too much. And even if we can’t get married, I’d still want to spend the rest of my life with you, no matter what.” And they kissed again.

They exchanged gentle kisses for a couple of minutes until Jimin pulled back and said.

“Yoongi? I think we can.”

“What?” Yoongi asked, a little light-headed from Jimin’s kisses.

“I think we can get married. I have an idea.” Jimin said.

So Jimin explained his idea, that being them going to the United States for their Wings Tour and getting married there. They’d do it in private, just the two of them and a witness *they later decided on RM, because no1 he was the leader and deserved to know, no2 he wouldn’t judge them(none of the boys would but those were Jimin’s insecurities talking) and no3 he could speak english so they would be able to communicate with the people there*. They’d do it on their second day in New Ark, NJ, in the morning before they started getting ready for the concert. When I tell you I did research for this I’m not kidding. I literally looked up ‘how can gay couples get married in Newark?’. I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life anymore.

“No one has to know. We won’t cause a scandal, because no one will find out. We’ll tell management that we went out to get coffee or whatever. We’ll just go and sign the papers. And in the future, if marriage gets legal back at home and we can be who we really are without fear, we can actually have a ceremony there.” Jimin said.

Anyways, during the next week they did their own research, filling out marriage license applications, talking with Namjoon (RM told them that they all knew and would all be present that day). Everything was settled before they left for the tour. They had even booked the appointment with the center.

Then I got inspiration and created this, which happened during their stop in NY before heading to Chile. During the rest of the tour they were pretty much occupied with rehearsals and sleep. They got the same room in hotels and, even though they were really tired every night, they always kissed each other good night and whispered a ‘saranghe’ before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

So as I said, this is all in my brain. I know it’s fake and I know that ‘of course Yoongi and Jimin aren’t getting married in real life and you are stupid for thinking it can actually happen.’ That’s what I told my self a week ago and I had almost forgotten about it, when Day 2 of the Newark concert came around and I saw this:

The photo was taken after their concert on their second day in Newark.

Then I noticed the ring on Jimin’s finger.

Jimin’s been wearing this ring for quite a while now, but the fact that it was on his fourth finger and the fact that Yoongi

had the same one on his fourth finger got me going crazy. Of course it’s a coincidence but I can’t help but think of this other reality. I’m mean, yes nothing’s real, but what if?

Anyways I wanted to share this, because

1. I wanted to know if anyone else in this world had the same thoughts (please tell me, I want to know)

2. I am Yoonmin trash and just can’t help it.

3. I hope someone writes a fanfic about this.  I’d do it but I can’t write. And if you do let me know!

4. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore…

Anyways thanks for reading! I hope I didn’t tire you. But then again if I did you wouldn’t be reading this now. ;)

Have a wonderful rest of the day!! And enjoy this married couple.

Credits to the owners of the pictures.

youwillmysme  asked:

IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THAT PUPPY SISTER IS SAD. What can I do to help~?? Do you want food? Food is p neat I hear. Will souls do?

If by sad you mean my heart has been ripped out of my chest and stomped on by some honey nut feelios then yes I’m pretty sad. :V

Nothing can be done unless Zen suddenly Becomes Real and lets me cuddle with him for three hours… or three years… or three millennia.

Real talk guys:

Yes, Gaston is hot. But that’s about it for him. I don’t really like it when people are like: “Oh, look how great Gaston is!” When they conveniently forget that he fucking left Maurice to die in the woods, then locked him AND Belle up because they weren’t ‘on his side’. 

If people could stop excusing the hot white villain, that’d be great. 

Not talking to the Gaston RPers out there, because yeah…. Villain’s are fun to play, etc. I’m just REALLY tired of people constantly excusing the villain for the horrible things they did. I already hate the OUAT/Hook fandom for this same reason.