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I watched Power Rangers tonight with a group of friends and there a few great takeaways from the film. Keep in mind that we are all what society would consider adults and have all watched Power Rangers on television while growing up.

1) Power Rangers can be summed up as a movie with an elaborate plot to rob a donut shop.

2) Effectively, the film is a two hour Krispy Kreme commercial.

3) They used the original theme song for a brief moment. Yes. They actually did.

4) It doesn’t matter who you think you are, we are all Billy, the Blue Ranger.

5) Zords. Megazords.

6) Slapping is now again an effective method of defeating your enemies, most notably bullies.

7) They had a Team Rocket scene at the end. Yes. They did that as well (minus Meowth).

8) Power Rangers was essentially a Saturday morning from the 90s set in 2017.

That is all.

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I apologize if your asks are not open...but I had a meta question about Yakov and the last chapter of Winter...He seems to be warming up to Yuuri. So I was wondering if it isn't too spoliery where he stands currently on the "Not really impressed /He is my adorable son in law" scale? What is he feeling right now as of this latest chapter about Yuuri? (I love Yakov and I am just curious.) <3 As always I love your work. Hugs!

I love Yakov as well! (And yes, I reopened my Asks.) :)

In my Winter Song head-canon, Yakov is basically Victor’s father. Like any parent, Yakov is looking speculatively at his future son-in-law and is wondering if Yuuri is the right person for Victor. It’s protectiveness. Not dislike.

Keep in mind that Victor dropped his skating career (and his coach) to go running after Yuuri - and Yakov did not like that one little bit. But he also sees the positive change in Victor and that Yuuri is encouraging him in the right direction.

At this point in the story, Yakov is waiting to cast judgment on Yuuri. He likes what he sees so far. After Yuuri told him “I would help Victor whether or not you coach me on the side”, Yakov’s opinion of him improved a lot. He’s seeing that Yuuri loves Victor just as much as he does.

I probably won’t cover too much of their future relationship in Russia, but I see Yakov taking Yuuri under his wing and becoming a secondary coach for him. He’ll do this because it takes some of the pressure off of Victor … but also because Yakov likes Yuuri and sees a great deal of promise in his skating. I also see Yuuri flourishing under the combined coaching skills of Victor (the dreamer) and Yakov (the realist).

Basically, I see Yakov as a huge softy. He’ll come to view Yuuri as another member of his family.

[INFO] DK&Seungkwan Music Box Special Channel+ V Live Full Song List

Say yes - DK&Seungkwan* (Duet)
Like Rain, Like Music - Kim Hyunsik
Butterfly Grave - TAKE
28.5 - Kye Bumzu
Baby Baby - 4men
Without a Heart - 8eight
Blue Whale - Yoon Dohyun* (DK Solo)
Before U Go - TVXQ
Exhausted - Yoon Jongshin
Hug Me - Jung Joonil
Monodrama - Yoo Seungo
Last Love - Kim Bumsu* (Seungkwan Solo)
Drunken Truth - Kim Dongryul
Do You Like Spring? - 10cm
The Little Prince - Ryeowook
Hello - Heogak
Polaris - Kangta
Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossos - HIGH4 ft. IU
I Don’t Know- Seventeen
Beautiful - Crush
Beautiful Tomorrow - Park Hyoshin* (Duet)

*For most of these song, they only sang short snippets of them but the songs with asterisks are the songs they sang in full either as a duet or as a solo.

Trans. Credit: FySeokmin
Please take with full credit!

Niall Horan Imagine ❀

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❀Song(s):Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, Versace On The Floor by Bruno Mars, Do You Like It by Victoria Monet 

❀Warning(s): Mention of sex 

❀Summary: Niall and Jessica have been friends for a long as he can remember. He’d fallen for her and one day finally took the chance in asking her out on a date. It wasn’t long before the pair was found on his bed with limbs tangled and nothing but love and passion floating through the air. 


That was the one thing that came to mind when he had finally asked Jessica out on a date. He knew her like the back of his hand, he watched from the sidelines as guy after guy broke her. He had the upper hand knowing the do’s and don’ts. He’d double checked everything making sure everything was perfect down to the seasoning he’d used to prepare the food for them. He was going all out but still keeping it nice and simple.

She couldn’t help but smile as he opened the door to his car for her. She’d dressed simple, like he had asked her to do. Black leggings paired with a denim shirt and a nude lace cardigan. Her hair was left down straight without a curl inside. She looked beautiful and he was finding it rather hard to not stare. Placing his hand on her thigh she smiled softly as a blush crept it’s way up onto her cheek. 

She bit her lip as it raised higher and higher the closer and closer they got to his house. She quickly took a hold of his hands, as his cheeks flushed with color. He didn’t know what had come over him but he couldn’t help but wonder how she’d look beneath him. Her dark hair spread on his pillow as her chest heaved in pleasure. 

“You ready?” 

She blushed getting the double meaning of his words, but yet she let her mind wonder to what it’ll feel like to have his hands roam her body, feeling his skin against her’s as he brought her to a state of bliss no other has been able to take her. Sure these thoughts grower stronger, as he his hands slide down her upper arm to hold her hand as he lead them to his backyard. 

Sh gasped slightly at the beautifully set up table. Ever inch was covered with all her favorite foods, from things she hadn’t eaten in years to the snacks she always makes sure she has at home. “This is perfect Niall…” She whispered as she turned to face him. 

His hands rested on her waist as he smiled once her arms reached his neck. Smiling he pulled her closed resting his forehead on hers. Her sweets smell took over his sense as she smiled up at him. It didn’t take long before his smile faded softly and leaned closer and closer. 

“Is this okay?” He breathed as she nodded her head. Her eyes fluttered shut as his lips brushed up against her’s. 

It wasn’t long before the food was simply forgotten, and they found themselves in Niall’s bedroom. He pulled away slightly cheeks flushed as he took in her appearance. “Are you sure?” He breathed as she nodded her head giving him the permission he needed. 

It wasn’t long till they were a heaping and moaning mess. Her skin felt like fire as his lips traced each part of her body. Her hands Gripped him tightly as he brought her to her release. His eyes screwed shut as her mouth placed sweet kisses along his shoulders and neck as he worked them both. 

Smiling as she rested her head on his chest he sighed, never did he expect for the girl he’d fancied would feel the slight bit of attraction towards him. Smiling as she traced shapes on his chest making him glow with happiness. “Can’t believe that happened..” She stated as he chuckled and brought her closer. 

“Can’t believe ya like me back petal..” 

“How can I not..” 

“Cause you’re too perfect..” 

Sunday Candy Steve Rogers edition (Steve Rogers x reader)

A/N: In honor of my best friend’s birthday, @bitch-m-fabulous here is Steve coming home from a week long mission all too excited to see you. *Wink* Yes it is finally Steve smut and yes it is to one of my besties favorite songs.

Warnings: Smut and good music

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Not gonna lie my dude, you should do Ethan for the playlist thing

Heck yes!! (These are mostly just songs that remind me of ethan, no real theme otherwise) <3

Lots of Uke and Blue Boys
Baby Blue - King Krule
You Are My Sunshine - Johnny Cash
Pacify Her - Melanie Martinez 
Can’t Help Falling In Love - Twenty One Pilots Cover
House of Gold - Twenty One Pilots
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Budapest - George Ezra

send me an emotion/feeling/youtuber and i’ll make you a short playlist based on it

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Okay so you know the song Electric Love? I feel like that is SUCH A MITJO SONG like Jonas's yellow lights looking like thunder bolts and everything I love it sm

AHHH YES!!! I think I made a song post about that for them already because of how much it fit!! I need to do a lot more of those…


Wow! Yes, this is a short story because I really need this space to say… wow. Thanks for the supporting my others two posts, I’m stunned with your reaction. Thanks again!!

Imagine you being a normal girl, who found yourself backing up to Jerome’s speech on GCPD.  

The bar was full that night, even if the Maniax attacked once more, now the police department.

“Hey, pretty baby! Where’s my coffee”

As I said, the bar was full, and “I’m only one, wait a bit”. My boss hated when I “do this with your eyes… roll them”. But when the bar was full (sounds like tonight), it was impossible not to do such mania. Mainly when the “pretty baby” felt like knives in my intestine.

But, well, the coffee wasn’t ready, the usual cops were dead (thank god) and my boss left the TV on.

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Niall has been touring (essentially) with ONE SONG! Liam has music that has been held hostage. Zayn who chose Syco/Sony got to release a whole album with lots of hype. Harry who also chose Sony/Columbia gets to release a whole album with stratospheric hype (as we will soon witness). Where is the confusion lmao:)

There’s a pattern and I don’t like that pattern. It’s not about the 1D members, it’s about what the 1D members are dealing with. I don’t like what that pattern says about the choices the 1D members have.

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If Momo likes mayo and Mina likes ketchup can we say match made in condiment heaven?

It’s true sauce love

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Also Into You is def a Namo song~

Oh yes, I can definitely see it

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: If you heard a crack, that was my heart breaking into million pieces twitter(.)com/tzuyuday/status/846733192434503680

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: why is this so funny 😂😂😂😂 twitter(.)com/choutzuyu99/status/847022547312902145

RIP Sana

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: When I’ve first sent that ask about wanting to be slapped by Nayeon’s yaoi hands I didn’t think it would blow up like this lol - tbh anon

You’ve unlocked something in everyone else. 

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Many Said a fanfics are about Sana cheating on Dahyun with Tzuyu or Mina and I’m sure the authors based them on real life events

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I’m such a piece of shit to myself. Instead of going to sleep to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep and what do I do? I stay up to 1:00 am reading MiMo fan fiction… What has Twice done to me 😭💀. -julia

We’ve all been there fam don’t worry, you’re not alone

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: i fell off of my fridge because of twice and now I’m in trouble rip -’,:^) anon

you…you fell off your fridge? How? Because of Twice? HOW??

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: It’s funny that ppl heard the iku thingy when nayeon was whispering to jihyo like do u get me lol it literally defeat the meaning of whisper lmao I find that so funny

Nayeon tried, and failed, and now we all know how secretly peverted they are

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: sana gets really into tutoring the members in japanese… and momo gets really excited about answering before anyone else can. “momo, stop interjecting, you already speak japanese” mina says. “not well.” the rest of the members say. but seriously it is cute imagining the rest of j-line helping momo remember whatever words she forgets.

j-line being cute while teaching Japanese, yes please thank you

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: When is the time , when nayeon said “iku”

I don’t know, I still haven’t watched it. Sorry

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: twitter(.)com/illiy009/status/846899197185974272 after this I really think it was Momo who taught them ‘iku'🙊

Why are they all like this. istg

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Some camren songs to fuck you up: Emma Bale - All I Want // Sleeping At Last - Turning Pages // Turning Pages - Saturn // Natalie Taylor - Surrender // Keane - Somewhere Only We Know // Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home // Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go (if you're going to listen to any, listen to the first 4, it'll make you cry your eyes out)

Oh my gosh!!! Thank you Lovey. More songs to add to the Camren Playlist. Yes!!! 😩😭😂

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How about RFA + minor trio reacting to mc being oblivious to how horrible she sounds and looks while singing and dancing at a karaoke bar? Like she's just having the time of the life and doesn't even care that she looks like a llama on drugs. XDDD

hm llama on drugs lol I love that image.

That be me I too can sing and dance really badly.

And yes they all got their own songs .

I hope you like this anon!


  • You having all a blast at a party till you all are tipsy and Zen wants to do Karaoke.
  • Of course he sounds amazing and you really want to sing and he finally agrees
  • after you stole the microphone from him.
  • You choose a song its “ Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero“ - its perfect for Zen -
  • You start singing to the song and it sounds awful but you really just had so much fun and Zen could not stop you specially since you clearly just sing for him.
  • And when you start to dance really badly everyone just feels bad for you and loughs but Zen thinks you are just so cute since you have the time of your life.
  • He loves how much passion you have even when you are terrible he will let you sing for him whenever you want he feels blessed when you sing he never stops you no matter how off you sound.
  • And he offers you to train dancing with him but you think that your dancing is quite good as it is and he just lets you believe that.


  • You had fun and got a bit tipsy so you wanted to make a little sing along contest with everyone.
  • They dared you to sing a certain song and you agreed its was “Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl”
  • So you start to sing it really badly and you also dance to it really poorly but you have so much fun still.
  • You ever said you can sing good but only you are thinking that and Yoosung does not even notice how bad you sing since lyrics are really distracting him.
  • Why do you singing about kissing a girl ??? Why do you have so much fun with this ???? Did you actual ever kissed a girl?
  • Too many questions you will have to explain that too him later !
  • He does not really care about how bad you sing and dance he finds you cute no matter what just be careful what song you are playing otherwise you will have to explain a  lot to him.


  • You really love to sing so much so of course you agree once someone mentions karaoke.
  • Jaehee really does not want to sing but she lets you have your fun so you choose a song that makes you think about Jaehee “Maroon 5 -She Will Be Loved ”
  • You sing really terrible and you also have no idea how to dance but you dont even care actual you think you doing great and have the time of your life.
  • While Jaehee is embarrassed about it she kind of wants you to stop but you are just so happy and the song shows her that you really think about her a lot and she finds this just so sweet.
  • She will eventually stop you when she gets completely embarrassed about our talent though.
  • Jaehee will let you sing when you two are alone together.


  • You got drunk and you really wanted to sing for Jumin that song he tried to stop you but you where really sure that you would sing really good.
  • At some point Jumin gives in and hopes that you not choose a bad song at least.
  • And your choice is “The cap - moon “ so you start to sing really badly and you also dance to it really badly Jumin is kind of embarrassed by that and also those lyrics are you really going to this to him.
  • Are you serious or are you just playing with him?
  • He also doesn’t get that you said you love to dance and sing its clear that you have so fun much too.
  • Jumin really isn’t sure if you should sing like that in public specially when you make it really clear to him that you sing that song for him.
  • You really are something to pull off such a stunt well you better make sure you keep what you sing then.
  • After all he lets you have your fun too so its only natural that you pay him back later.


  • Seven had the idea to make a karaoke night and he has a blast with singing to all the songs finally he lets you have a turn too.
  • But he chooses the song and you take the challenge and you are fully convinced that you are a great singer and dancer even when he already knows that you are not.
  • He would not tell you that though he has too much fun to watch you.
  • The song is “ Florida Georgia Line- Cruise” so you start singing and dancing and  you are bad but you just have too much fun.
  • Seven cant help it and sing along too and he also records you too not to mock you he just really loves to see how much fun you have.
  • He would never dream of telling you that you are actual terrible since you look like you sparkle while you sing specially when its a song he chooses.
  • He will fight anyone that tells you that you are bad since to him you are awesome.


  • After you got a bit tipsy you finally gather the courage to sing something for V.
  • You have been told you are bad but you don´t believe it at all you think you are doing good you love to sing after all.
  • V tells you you should do it and so you do you already choose a song for him too
  • “Michael Buble – sway” The song starts to play and V likes the rhythm already then you start singing and you sound so terrible and when you start to dance it looks really bad -pretend that V can see that – but you clearly have so much fun its kind of cue how you think that you actual do any good.
  • Somehow V finds that really precious you just have so much fun you smile so widely.
  • He loves how you choose that song for him he is glad that you feel that way about him and he likes your taste in music.
  • After you are done he even asks you to sing some more even when everybody trys to stop him what he just doesn´t understand.

Skip the last two for spoilers


  • He found it a bad idea to come here in the first place he not liked partys or karaoke.
  • Saeran just came along since he can´t let you alone with the other Rfa people.
  • He refuses to sing or to enjoy his time.
  • At some point you get a bit tipsy – blame the other guys for making you drink-
  • You soon start to think it would be great to sing for Saeran and then Saeyoung dares you sing something his choice is “Milow - Ayo Technology “.
  • You take the challenge since you are sure you will do great.
  • You are really bad specially when you also try to dance in a seductive way.
  • Saeran watches you with a quite serious look on his face.
  • As your singing was not bad enough but that moves what are you even trying to do are you really trying to seduce him or are you wanting to kill him ?
  • He really does not know and why had his stupid brother to give you such a song to sing anyways.
  • Should he hate you for dancing like that for him or his brother for giving you this song ?
  • He votes to hates his brother since you just look like the victim to him and you have so much fun too you really done realize how bad your moves are or your singing is.
  • He let´s you finish thought and then tells you how terrible you are and as you get really hurt from that he says you can only do this at home from now on and only for him.
  • You kind of get it and agree.


  • Everyone was their and somehow even Vanderwood and after everyone just had to sing you finale got a chance too even when everyone tried to convince you to not sing or dance.
  • You just really want to at least one song so they give in and give you one song.
  • Your choice is “Maroon 5 - Animals” probably not the best choice to sing this but whatever .
  • So you start to sing and you are just as bad as everyone said and your dance moves are the worst that everyone ever seen
  • You have a ton of fun though Vanderwood just can´t believe it how cant you see how bad you are.
  • How do you think that you are any good how can you even move like that and why did you even choose that song?
  • Why are you singing to him are you trying to tell him anything with this ?
  • He lets you finish while looking really unpleased after you are done you will have to answer him all of his questions till he is satisfied.

Take a look at my Masterlist , I have headcanons ,writings and some drawings.

music tag: put your music on shuffle and list the 10 first songs that come on. @minirose tagged me, thank you!!! 💗

1. Video Games, Louis Delort
2. X&Y, Coldplay
3. Moments, 1D
4. You are the music in me, HSM2 (yes i do have all the songs from the 3 movies)
5. Save him, Justin Nozuka
6. Drunk, Ed
7. Knew Better_Forever Boy, Ariana Grande
8. Love Again, Carly Rae Jepsen
9. Bluebird, The Horse Thieves
10. Right Now, 1d

i tag @spaceziall @itjustkindofhappened @avocadonouis @mitamdemo @unlit-tragician @dimpledharry @slytherinbisexual @moonlightlouie and anyone who wants to do it 💗