and yes pun intended

I feel you Todoroki… I don’t want a redemption arc for Enji as much as I want to see Shouto learning to accept that his dad may never change or do too late and he can be at peace with that… Good luck my talented boy!

And yes… unfortunately I think Enji’s awfully hot… no pun intended…

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  • -team 7 is eating dinner at the Ichiraku's, Sasuke is finished and intertwines his fingers with Sakura's under the table-
  • Kakashi: (notices and raises an eyebrow)
  • Naruto: (too occupied with eating ramen, doesn't pay attention)
  • Sakura: (sneezes)
  • Kakashi: So, is it serious?
  • Sakura: What? No, not really, don't worry sensei. It's just a common cold. It'll go away in a week.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Kakashi: (confused but politely listening)
  • Sakura: Although a cold can turn into a nasty flu if not treated properly, and that condition can become serious pretty fast. Patients have very sore throats and can develop a horrible phlegm that has this green color when you cough it out-
  • Sasuke: Sakura...
  • Sakura: Hahah, I'm sorry, this is no topic to be discussed over dinner but I get a little passionate talking about the medical field. You guys know me, always so talkative...
  • Sasuke: Sakura, stop. Kakashi was just asking if we are dating, if our relationship is serious.
  • Sakura: (blushing like crazy) ...Huh.
Make Believe

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean and reader pose as a couple to lure a vampire

Word Count:  2540

Warnings:  Smut, language, near death situation

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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Make Believe

We were in the middle of this hunt when Mary called. We couldn’t exactly walk out on this, so Sam had volunteered to help Mary while Dean and I stay behind to finish the job.

Which led to the situation that I’m now in. It’s not so much a situation as a ‘how the holy fuck did it end up like this’ type of scenario. At the moment, as I sit in the Impala at the edge of a secluded forest with Dean, I wish that Dean had gone and Sam had stayed.

Not that it wouldn’t have been weird with Sam. It would have been weird, just a different kind of weird. Normal weird, not weird-weird. Sure, Sam is six plus feet of handsome, but the relationship I have with him is more sibling-ish. I just don’t have those kinds of feelings for Sam - the kind where my heart races a bit faster when he’s near and my girly bits get all tingly. Dean, on the other hand, has that effect on me. My relationship with Dean is strictly platonic, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream. And boy, do I ever dream. The man is fucking sex on bow-legs. Can you blame a girl?

Here’s the thing about this particular vampire - he’s got a bit of a twisted fetish. His tastes run into the kinky. He likes to take his victims mid-coitus. Doing the nasty. Knocking boots. The horizontal Mambo. He’s a real piece of work. Like I said, he’s a kinky son of a bitch.

His modus operandi is to kill the male and snatch the female. We haven’t quite figured out what he does with the girls, but our best guess is he turns them. And keeps them for his own amusement, if you catch my drift.

But I’m getting off course here. Right now my gut is swirling with butterflies, my heart pounding loudly enough that this vampire can probably hear it a mile off. In just a moment, I’m going to be making out with Dean. Sure, it’s for the greater good, I volunteer as tribute, blah blah blah. I know it’s not real, it’s just for show, but I’m nervous as hell. I’m staring at his lips and he’s giving me that cocky as hell smirk, you know the one I’m talking about. His tongue darts out to lick his lower lip and I practically swoon. I’m like Scarlet fucking O’hara, I’ve got a case of the vapors. I might actually pass out.  

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hogwartsbiggerontheinside  asked:

I like how you draw Harry and Ginny talking like adults, not like teenagers, and yet they still have a lot of fun. Speaking of adult language, when do you think was the first time Harry used the word "fuck"? He said it during his first time with Ginny in your work but was it the first "fuck"? (Pun intended)

(yes it was the first fuck but It wasn’t the first time he said that.

Honestly in my headcanon the first time he said ‘fuck’ was when the Champions from the Triwizard Tournament were announced and his name was the last one.

We just don’t know that because of books rating

i have few things to say about this film, you guessed it, in a heartbeat

first things first, sweet sweet representation

its an lgbt film from beginning to end so we never had to worry about queerbaiting, which in the media sadly is often the case, til the very point of some of us wanting to make sure its not before watching a movie, a series, etc.

the love, or simple attraction, between two people of the same gender is shown without the need of said relationship being sexualized in any way.

one of the other things i wanted to talk about is the age they chose for the characters. lgbt relationships are often portrayed between teenagers and up, not to mention for some reason labeled as content not appropriated for children. so the fact that they decided to show the questioning young audience, or anyone who felt identified with either sherwin or jonathan really, that its actually okay to have these kind of feelings for someone of the same gender warms my heart.

who knew kids could fell in love too, right?

with the happy part done, let’s go into the depths of the plot itself

“A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.”

afraid of your feelings being exposed? sadly, i think most of us can say we’ve been in that situation but i think that’s exactly what makes sherwin even more real, the fact of knowing what he could be thinking or feeling without the need of him actually saying a word in the entire length of the film.

now, we don’t know much about jonathan and i don’t want to speculate about him so i’ll try my best to talk about the content we were given. keyword, try.

he makes his entrance as the love interest, apple in one hand and a book on the other, cue to sherwin‘s heart beating out of his chest, literally. what i found funny, yet interesting was that as the scene develops around him, again, literally, he looks surprised but never really makes a move to step back, as if waiting for the other boy to say something. even leaning towards the trash can sherwin hid into before being interrupted by the bell.

then, we have the most heartbreaking scene. yes, i just realized what i wrote and no, no pun intended. once sherwin’s feelings are out, jonathan goes from confused to embarrased to worried, but never angry or disgusted.

also, the way homophobia was represented, so lightly hinted, as in just gossip and glances but none of the other students actually getting physical with any of them which is something that happens in real life, yet so accurate enough to make the viewer feel the discrimination followed by pity, again, without the need of anyone actually saying anything was just brilliant.

last but not least, we have the reencounter scene, where you, me, and everyone gasped once sherwin lifted up his head to let us see the other boy looking at him in the background. at first sherwin is hesitant to give jonathan the broken half of his heart that was left with him after running away, which the other boy understands immediatelly, so proceeds to gently take his hands in his, giving him the broken half that was left with him and making sherwin’s heart whole again.

the very last scene before credits start to show is such a pure and beautiful one, since we can see jonathan taking a seat next to sherwin, cue to blushing, and then his heart popping up, which is what happened with the other boy at the start of the film.

this is not even half of the things i have to say but before this gets way too long,

a huge thank you to beth david and esteban bravo for sharing this masterpiece with us

The Supernatural fandom right now

One side of the fandom: Poor Mary! She was doing what she thought was best! She’s a Winchester, they all lie to each other because they love each other! She’s learning! She’s doing what Cas did in season 6! REBLOG IF YOU STILL LOVE MARY

The other side of the fandom: *with pitchforks and torches* BURN BITCH BURN

Let’s just see this one through together, alright?

Paladins’ s/o giving birth

A/n: If you wanna change the names of the babies you can.


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-Somehow super calm and prepared. It lowkey calms his s/o down.

-Mr. I brought everything needed.

-aka, he’s prepared. He even has stuff his s/o doesn’t need. He’s more prepared than his pregnant s/o, but I digress.

-He really wants to hold your hand during the process, and he won’t admit it, but his human hand HURTS. He really wants to switch hands at some point, but he can’t just casually say, “Hey, Y/n. My hand is hurting.”

-Like, don’t even try it. But he’s there every second he can be. He’s so amazing at soothing his s/o and telling them what they should and shouldn’t do.

-Doesn’t retaliate if his s/o curses him (which they do)

-” I love you y/n, and I don’t think you should use that kind of language.”

- In the end his s/o gives birth to an adorable baby girl named Sango. She is a carbon copy of his mother, but with his s/o’s hair colour

-He’s really hesitant to hold her, like she’s so small. And Shiro is a giant. He doesn’t want to hurt her.

-Then he holds her and he’s hooked. Like, nothing else matters. He’d fight anyone if they hurt his baby girl.


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-Lance wished he had four arms to hold them all tightly to him and never let go.

-Bag, check, clothes for her s/o and the baby check. Food and water in case of an emergency, check.

-But, he is not mentally prepared.

-For about ten minutes he’s excited as heck. Like, Lance is going to be a father.

-Then it dawns on him, he’s going to be a father. Of an actual baby, who wears diapers. And cries. And needs Lance to take care of them.

-Then he’s freaking out. And his freaking out causes his s/o to freak out. So Lance may not be the best to keep around during the actual procedure.

-He tries to calm down, but it fails majorly.

-He tries his best to make them feel good but ultimately fails when they actually have to give birth. He tries though and that’s all that counts, (that’s what he tells himself)

-His s/o ends up giving birth to a set of triplets two girls and a boy named Lila, Daya and Leo. While Lila and Daya look like y/n. Leo looks exactly like Lance as a baby said for his eye and hair color


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-Sweet boy was caught off guard. He was so busy taking care of his s/o that he forgot that they have to push a baby out of their body.

-So when his s/o tells him their water broke, Hunk.exe has shut down.

-he’s going around and getting everything he forgot to pack. While simultaneously trying to make sure his s/o is alright.

-During the actual birth, he tries to be helpful he really does.

-But he over indulged himself on videos about what could happen during birth and he’s freaking out.

-Tries to give a pep talk of some sort to his s/o while they’re giving birth but he can’t. Like this is all too much for him.

-A part of him wants to walk out before he passes out. He doesn’t. He almost passes out then stays. He’s a good husband.

-He ends up with a set of twin girls named Tia and Monroe who look more like his s/o But has Hunk’s hair color.

-he cries. Like a baby(yes pun intended)  His s/o was able to give him two amazing children. And a part of him hopes they can bring him more.


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-Ok, Keith is prepared for battle. He’s not prepared for birth giving. His s/o tells him their water broke and he doesn’t realize what it means for a second. Then they clarify and Keith is up and ready to go.

-He casually picks up his s/o and speed walks to where they need to go (which his s/o has to remind him at times where they need to go) and sets them down as gently as possible.

-During he’s really supportive, but at the same time I feel like he’s glaring at the doctor for not helping relieve the pain.

-”Why can’t you stop the pain?”-”Keith, I came too late for the anesthesia. I’ll do it without.”

-The million dollar question is who’s calming who down. Like, Keith is trying to help you. But at the same time, you’re worried he’ll fight someone if they put their hands on the wrong place.

-During the actual birth giving, he’s trying to hold onto his s/o as tight as possible while holding them like they’ll break.

-His s/o gives birth to a tiny baby boy named Alec, by galra standards who looks more like y/n’s dad but with a blueish hair color.

-At first he’s so nervous to hold the baby. But once he’s in Keith’s arms don’t expect that baby back.

-”Keith, did you just hiss?”


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-You think Shiro knew what he was doing. He’s an amateur compared to Pidge. She my friend knows everything you could know.

-Once her s/o’s water breaks she’s calm on the outside, but on the inside she’s freaking out. But she read somewhere she should keep the pregnant person calm during labour so here Pidge was dying on the inside while telling her s/o everything will be alright.

-Once her s/o is screaming out in pain Pidge is there to make sure everything is fine. Even though her s/o screams at her angrily.

-”No no no. Katie Holt! If we have another baby it’s going in you!”

-Just to make you feel better she agrees.(which she is somehow convinced to actually do)

-Her s/o gave birth to a healthy baby boy they named Luca.

-Once Luca is born, Pidge is prepared to raise a smart kid who people will simply hear talk and think “is that Katie’ boy?” 

Fun fact: Hunk needs more gif sets. Like there aren’t enough for just him

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite ambrollins moments?

Oh well, this is a hell of an ask buddy since I have so many :O
I’ve answered this question several times so far but I guess it’s time to update it ahah, let me see if I can sum them up in a single post :))

Funniest moments:

Dean’s epic fail at turning the contract with one hand during their stipulation for the Iron Man match in FCW ahah

Seth being spurted with some slimy stuff Dean put into his MITB briefcase (any innuendo is redundant here lmao)

This question Dean asked him during their second glorious feud (which I seconded with all my heart)

The iconic ASS SLAP of course (notice how many of the funniest moments could also be featured in the gayest moments alright)

Most surprising moments:

Their backstage interview soon after the second draft (I fangirled writing in capslock for like a month?? Maybe more)

Seth popping out to save Dean for the first time because “he was called out by the Miz” (lmao sure Seth)

Dean hugging Seth so tenderly. Like ok, Seth had hugged him a thousand times until that moment but not Dean, and given his AWWWW face I guess Seth was surprised as much as we were ♡

Most heartbreaking moments:


This whole promo. Seth saying he was sorry and then offering his body (no pun intended here lmao *or maybe yes since it’s about Ambrollins lol*) to make Dean understand he was ready to pay for his past mistakes, and Dean refusing to hit him BECAUSE HE STILL LOVED HIM TOO DAMN MUCH OK BYE

Dean holding Seth when he said that maybe too much had happened between them two and was about to leave

Dean being unable to watch Seth’s pretty ass being kicked after that they had just punched each other cause OK WE ALREADY KNOW WHY

Seth hugging Dean for the first time after their win against the Miz and the Miztourage asdfghjklkjhgfdsasdfghjhgfdfghj

Most hype moments:

Their long stare before their match at MITB 2015

This very moment and the whole promo 2Kforever (I literally know every word of it by heart)

This other long stare they shared before powerbombing Roman at Battleground 2016 (this is for you anon Roman AHAHAHAHAH lmao)



together under the sun. dean pulls off the highway to buy pie from a roadside stand. cas’s roadside stand. deancas, 1k on ao3

“So get this,” Sam says from the passenger seat, “the victims were all missing the same thing – their hearts.”

“We thinking werewolves, then?” Dean glances away from the road. There’s an Oklahoma newspaper spread over Sam’s knees, crinkling against the denim of his pants and the leather of the dashboard. They’re forty miles out of Tulsa and going fast, too fast, the wind whipping past open windows. Dean drums his fingers on the windowsill, turns his face to the breeze.

“Maybe,” Sam says, folding the paper to keep it out of the wind. “The timing’s off, though. The full moon was weeks ago.”

“Oh yeah, I remember.” It had been a nice harvest moon, heavy on the horizon. Late summer orange. They were in Indiana on a rugaru hunt.

Dean lives for this – hot asphalt under his wheels, cornstalks a grainy green blur, his brother in the passenger seat.

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Your Hands

My shirt.

No… Just the hems of my shirt. Shifting and repositioning themselves as I sprawl out across this space. Gently grazing up and down along the contours of my stomach and sides. The hems themselves produce a ticklish sensation all on their own. It’s torturously teasing. But it’s not enough. 

Just the hems of my shirt. They strengthen the fire. Intensify the desire and the want. The craving for the sensation. For it to continue. For it to grow. For it to never end. 

Just the hems of my shirt. They are enough to drive me crazy. To bring me to the point of insanity. To cause me to spew out a million different words a minute about how much I long to feel this sensation everywhere and in every possible way. I need this. 

Just the hems of my shirt. They alone can make me giggle. The goosebumps rushing along my torso and up my arms. It’s a ghost-like touch. Soft, innocent; but oh, is it present. My mind fixates on it and nothing else. It’s maddening. 

Just the hems of my shirt can make me react this way. Can bring me to my knees. Can make me beg. Can make me restless and impatient and eager all at once. Can make my adrenaline rush, my stomach drop, and my pulse quicken right when it starts.

Imagine what your hands could do.

Random shenanigans with @irontickler

You got scars; I got scars too. The tissue will make us hard; the tears wash us anew. We are harder than doubt had bargained, but battling with the truth. Your scars are beauty marks, but don’t let ‘em define you. Breathe. (x)

I’m still utterly speechless. 

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Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: Smut, Oneshot

Tags: Porn watching, oral, Dom!Yoongi, Sub!Reader, Praising, foreplay

Warning: Smut, language

!Don’t Repost!


“Say, (Y/N), have you watched porn before?” You almost choked on your spit as you spun around, your wide eyes staring at the man before you. His nonchalent expression almost made you doubt that he asked that.

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