and yes protect your hair babe

Imagine Andy giving you this look after you say you’ll watch a horror movie, Knowing damn well you can not handle a horror movie. (Imagine #6)

Andy pull’s you in close “See babe, That movie wasn’t so scary.” You just look at him wide-eyed “Mhmm…. Yeah totally not scary at all.”

Later that night

“Andy…. I can’t sleep.” You whine. Andy chuckle’s at you “Are you scared from that silly movie?” You just look at him trying to act brave. “Noo… Just not tired.” He give’s you a smirk. “Babe don’t lie to me.” You finally break down “Okay! Yes, you're right… I’m scared because of that damn movie!” Andy bursts out laughing. “It’s okay baby girl, I’ll protect you” He pulls you closer to his chest, and play’s with your hair until you fall asleep.

The  Meaning Of Rest [REQUEST]

After recent events, I just wanted to write something about Yixing being looked after because that’s my dream - for Yixing to be well rested and loved! 

Sending all my love to you all too

Jade xo

You got back from the store with things for breakfast, to find Yixing slowly rolling out of bed trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes. Frowning hard, you dropped your shopping on the table and hurried into the bedroom. “What do you think you’re doing?” you asked quickly, sitting on the edge of the bed and pushing his shoulder back down.

“I need to get ready for rehearsals,” he groaned sleepily, stretching out and trying to wriggle from your grip.

Immediately you were shaking your head, tightening your grip on his shoulder. “Oh no you’re not!” you warned him, pouting your lips. “Baekhyun told me that you were practically passing out all throughout rehearsals yesterday. I called the company and told them you were taking a couple of days off to recharge.”

He moaned wordlessly and tried to slide down the bed under the covers. “I’m fine honestly. I just didn’t eat a lot yesterday.”

His words didn’t quell your worry though. For weeks, you had watched his condition deteriorate as he worked himself to the brink of exhaustion. You wanted to say something to him but he was so defensive and determined to push himself. Your words just flew in one ear and out the other. All you could do was look after him when he let you, leaving you helpless the rest of the time.

Lying down beside him, you wrapped your arms around his waist and held on tight, burying your face in his chest so he didn’t see your face. “Baby, please just take a break. You’re not doing you or the boys any favours by pushing yourself this hard. Just let me look after you for a couple of days,” you pleaded, closing your eyes to stop yourself from getting too emotional.

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Captured Part 1

A/N: so I’m not too happy about the ending, but I really wanted to get this posted! I’m really excited to keep writing this! I have no idea when this will be up for sure, but I hope by the end of the week! I work all night Thursday and I have to clean all day tomorrow, and I’m leaving for family gathering this weekend, but I want it to be done soon! I hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think! (Or just talk to me😂)

Prompt: Pietro and Reader get captured and are worried about each other getting tortured. Lots of backstory and reuniting fluff.

“Y/N,” Pietro whined. “Do I have to?” He rested his head on the island in the middle of the kitchen in the Avengers tower. He pouted and traced designs with his fingers. “I don’t wanna.”

You laughed and ran your fingers through his hair as you leaned against the island. “I’m not asking much from you,” you muttered. Pietro then started grumbling. “Especially because I’m your girlfriend!”

Pietro sat up and sighed. “I know you’re my girlfriend and I love you, but you always say how you are independent and can do anything without a man.”

You scoffed, a gentle smile playing on your lips. You and Pietro always got in these scuffles. He was typically stubborn and didn’t like leaving the tower. “Look, you’ve had a few threats, lately, and I know that I always say that, but I’m kind of scared. What’s stopping an evil doer from attacking me to get to you? Nothing! Now, I know I’ve been training with Nat, but I’m not very good and I’m very much ordinary! I’m only asking you to go back to my apartment with me and protect me while I pack up so I can move in with you.” You leaned in closer to him, a pout resting on your lips. “In all honesty,” you whispered, looking into his eyes. “Its really terrifying to have a boyfriend who is a part of the Avengers initiative. Yes, you can protect me, but I’ve seen enough movies to know that I will always be targeted to get to you. Please just come protect me?”

Pietro leaned forward and kissed your forehead. “Okay, I’ll go. I can’t let anything happen to my love.” A smile lifted his lips as you kissed his nose.

“Thanks, babe,” you murmured, smiling. You grabbed your keys and Pietro’s hand. You hit the down button on the elevator and walked inside.

When you made it to the apartment, you put your hair in a messy bun and began packing. You’d been talking about moving in with Pietro for months and had been slowly packing, since then. The two of you finalized the plan last week and had been transferring boxes throughout the week. Today, you wanted to finish packing.

“What do you want me to do with this?” You turned to see Pietro holding up a picture of you and your friend when you were little.

“Uh, you can just throw it out,” you whispered. You got a little emotional, thinking about the battle of New York.


“What do you want?” Y/F/N asked, looking at you. “I was thinking a butterscotch frozen coffee.”

You studied the menu, carefully. You were having your weekly hang out with your friend at the local cafe. The two of you made a promise to see each other weekly when you first started at different colleges. “I was thinking a mocha frappe but frozen,” you whispered.

After ordering and receiving your coffees, you sat at a table by the window. You had talked about your latest assignments and how close you were to your degree, you talked about cute guys on your campuses, you talked about everything.

Your conversation was abruptly interrupted when an explosion hit the building a block away. The cafe shook as you looked at your friend with wide eyes. “What the hell,” you muttered, looking at her.

“Everybody down!” Someone screamed as something burst into the cafe, shattering the glass windows and door.

After the smoke cleared, you looked up to see a man with long, slicked back, black hair, covered by a helmet with what looked like antlers on the front. He wore a long green suit and held a scepter. He was on a hovercraft that didn’t look familiar. He grinned, menacingly as he scanned the cafe. His eyes locked on your frightened ones as he lifted his scepter.

A man clad in red, white, and blue, carrying a shield jumped on Loki and started fighting. You immediately knew him as Captain America. You turned to your friend and ushered her under the table. She was far weaker and more frail than you. You were already enrolled in self defense courses and could protect yourself.

“Get down!” You looked up as Captain yelled. His eyes connected with yours as a beam was coming straight towards you. You knew it was useless to move and braced for the impact, but it never came.

You looked down to see your best friend collapsed on the ground, blood seeping through a wound on her stomach. You dropped to your knees and cradled her head. “Y/F/N! Please, please don’t leave me,” you sobbed, resting your head on her chest as you felt her heartbeat stop.

“Ma'am,” a voice whispered. You lifted your head to see Captain America kneeling in front of you. “I am so sorry. She made a brave choice.”

Tears spilled down your cheeks as you looked into his sincere eyes. “I’m so scared, I’ve never been without her,” you whimpered, looking down at the girl who’d been the closest thing to your sister.

“I’m so sorry. What is your name?”

“Y/N,” you spoke, clearing your throat. “Y/N Y/L/N. I go to NYU.”

He nodded. “Come with me, I’m going to give you a place to hide.” He stopped for a second when he saw your face grow more scared. “I promise, I’ll come back for you. You won’t be alone, Y/N. Come with me.”

You slowly stood up, took his outstretched hand, and left your best friend behind for the first time in your life.


“Y/N,” Pietro whispered, cutting through your memory. “You can’t throw this away. It won’t help you heal.”

You walked over to him and sat on his lap. You didn’t talk about it very often, but you did tell Pietro. “I just miss her, that picture is such a painful reminder. It should’ve hit me, not her,” you murmured, hoarsely. You rested your head in the crook of his neck.

Pietro’s hand rubbed your back as his other held onto yours. “Don’t say that.”

You nodded and stood up. You wiped your eyes and went back to packing the rest of your clothes. “Just put it in a box with my nightstand stuff.”

Once you both finished, you kissed Pietro’s cheek and wiped the sweat off of your forehead. You’d transported all the boxes to your car. “I’m going to take a shower,” you spoke and walked into the bathroom.

You climbed into the shower, letting the hot water wash away the stress. Moving your prized possessions was both mentally and physically demanding. The hot water trickled down your arms as you washed your hair. You sighed in content.

After you finished, you turned off the water. A soft thump came from outside the bathroom. You paused, grabbing the towel next to the shower. Assuming Pietro ran into a wall, again, you shrugged it off and started getting dressed. You opened the door and was greeted with HYDRA agents standing at the door.

“Hello, Y/N.”

You froze. You couldn’t do anything to get yourself out of this situation. A panic set in as they started marching towards you. “Don’t touch me,” you whimpered. You started struggling as they gripped your arms. “Please.”

“Relax,” someone whispered. Seconds later, a needle sunk into your skin and you soon passed out.

Do It All Again (Skate Maloley)

Requested? Yes.

Can you do an imagine where Y/n and Nate have a 4 year old daughter, and they go with the boys to see fireworks and the little girl gets scared, so Nate just acts really cute and protects the little girl, just make it really cute and fluffy please. Love your writing :)

-This is my first ‘grown up’ imagine w/ the boys so I’m pretty excited! 

“Okay babe the car is packed.” Nate assures you as you finish getting your daughter ready, you brush her hair and clip her bangs back with a festive fourth of July bow. 

You smile up at Nate as he enters your bedroom, “yeah, we’ll be ready soon.” You reply with a kind smile, he walks over to you and pecks your lips and your daughter’s head who was more preoccupied with the bubbles Johnson got her, “are you ready to see the fireworks?” You ask her picking her up, she nods and you carry her on your hip towards the car, you hand her to Nate who helps her into her booster seat. You became parents at a very young age, and things weren’t easy but she was four now and you and Nate were happier than ever with your young family. 

“Is Sam bringing the barbecue?” You question and he Nate replies with a ‘mhm’, he hops into the driver's side while you get into the passenger, and he reaches over to place his hand on your thigh as you drive towards the field where the fireworks would be going off. 

Once you arrive, Nate helps your daughter out and she runs towards Sam first. She absolutely loved Sam. He picks her up and spins her around hugging her extremely tightly–the other omaha guys were like her uncles and she loved having them in her life because they played with her. Next she goes to Johnson, who teaches her cool handshakes and she wraps her tiny arms around his neck, he gives her a piggyback ride and she throws her head back laughing. She saw Johnson as her best friend and favorite playmate and he was completely fine with it. Finally, she runs to Gilinsky and holds onto his leg until he picks her up, she climbs up onto his shoulders and covers his eyes, Jack plays along and pretends he can’t see just to see her smile. 

You and Nate watch with amused expressions as you set up camp for the fireworks show, which included a barbecue and tons of food. Your other friends turn up and you have an afternoon filled with a ton of sun and the guys getting competitive with a football game. 

A few hours later, the fireworks are starting, you daughter was having a wonderful time running around between the guys who quite obviously were putty in her tiny hands. She runs to Sam the second the first firework goes off because he was closest, and by the second she’s frightened and in tears, she buries her face in his neck and you walk over when Sam gives you a ‘what the hell do I do’ look, “shh babygirl, it’s okay, yeah?” He rocks her back and forth in his arms, holding her against his chest. 

“Hey! Y/D/N I have a sparkler wanna see?” Gilinsky coos, holding it out for her to see, she flinches and clings to Sam even tighter. 

“I want my daddy,” she cries, Nate was joking around with Johnson but the second he hears you daughter crying he jogs over and takes her out of Sam’s arms. 

“Shh, shh baby it’s the fourth of July, no time for tears.” He swipes her tears away with his thumb and she immediately relaxes–the same way you always did even before she was born, “come on, look up.” He points to the firework going off, “it’s pink your favorite color!” Nate’s voice while talking to your daughter was absolutely the most adorable thing in the world and it made your knees want to buckle. 

You walk over, and stand beside them, placing your hand on your daughter's back you rub it soothingly, “mama look!” She says, and then quickly flinches once more when it makes a loud noise. 

“I know, it’s beautiful, eh?” You reply to her, puckering your lips she presses a kiss to them and giggles, a lot less anxious than she was before. 

“Yeah, they’re pretty, they’re not going to hurt you, you don’t have to be scared.” Nate strokes her hair, smiling at his little girl with admiration. Nate took a few months to get used to the fact that he would be a father, but once he did it came natural. He was a focused father, and they had a relationship that other people would dream of. He set her down and she ran to Gilinsky, now suddenly excited about the sparklers he was playing with. 

“Don’t let her hold one, she’ll burn her fingertips.” You warn quickly at Jack who nods a few times and waves you off. 

Nate drapes an arm around your shoulders and presses a kiss to your temple, “she’s fine.” You sigh looking up at him and nod in agreement, “do you remember our first fourth of July?” He questions with a smirk.

“Yeah,” you scoff, “I lost my virginity to you in an extremely hot hotel room and loved every moment of it.” You reply playfully and he leans in to kiss you. 

“I’d do it all over again.” Sometimes you missed the days when you and Nate were just starting to date, things were spontaneous and fun but now you had stability, every night you knew you would come home to him and your daughter, and he’d hold you until you fell asleep. It was much better than spontaneous. 

“Who says we can’t?” You whisper in his ear, pecking his cheek upon breaking away to walk away, sauntering towards the group of friends now playing with sparklers and your daughter–they didn’t listen to you, and she was now running around with a sparkler, her face in complete awe. 

I hope this was alright and cute enough! Let me know if you want more ‘grown up’ imagines for any of the boys! I’m sorry if this is short! - Bri x 

You're separated in a crowd and you get hurt

Niall: Niall’s heart rate quickened as he caught a glimpse of the crowd gathered on the other side of the airport main entrance, instinctively pulling you that bit closer to him. His touch was comforting to you, who like Niall, suffered from claustrophobia. Your estimate was about 500 people had gathered around the airport just hoping to catch a glimpse of their idols. But you could tell they were hyped up to a point where they were relentless in getting what they came for, even if it was just a photo or an autograph. You’d witnessed the madness only once before and it didn’t end well. Niall could sense your apprehension to the whole situation but knew the what was about to happen was completely out of his control. Once the door opened, the barrier holding the fans back was destroyed and before you could even comprehend you were totally and utterly surrounded. All you could hear were people asking for photos, or autographs. That seemed tame compared to what came next. A jealousy fuelled shove caused you to lose your grip on Niall’s hand, before you lurched forward into the now dangerous crowd, hitting the cold marble floor. The force of the impact enough for you let out an involuntary whimper as the pain in your shoulder surged. You fought the urge to pass out but eventually you were consumed by darkness. Niall attempted to turn around but his security forced him to keep moving, because as much as he wanted it to be different, he was at more risk and therefore security needed to keep him moving before retuning for you. “Fucking stop! You need to help her! I’ll be fucking fine! Go and fucking help her!” Niall screamed, fear and panic taking control of him. In one swift movement he’d escaped the grasp of the large man carelessly shoving his way towards you before taking your limp body in his arms. “Move the fuck back now!” He screamed as you began to stir, regaining consciousness slowly but surely. “Niall I’ll take car of her, you need to get to the car, I’ll be right behind you!” Paul urge, lifting you from Niall’s arms. Niall reluctantly nodded making his way to the waiting car a few metres away, his demeanour a warning for anyone who tried to stand in his way. Your safety was all he cared about, the fans were important but you, you were his everything. Seeing you so fragile and vulnerable broke his heart more than anything ever had. He needed you safe and happy and he would stop at nothing to help you, even if it meant risking his own safety. After hastily climbing into the waiting car, you were gently placed in the backseat, he in Niall’s lap, still only just conscious. “My shoulder” you sobbed, any small movement only hurting you more. “I know babe, we’re almost at the hospital, you’ll be just fine love, I promise, I won’t let anything like that happen ever again” Niall soothed, running his fingers gently through your hair. “I love you” you managed to croak. “I love you, to the moon and back” he replied, placing his lips tenderly on your forehead. “You have no idea how much I really do love you”.

Zayn: He’d done all he could to gain you both a few days of privacy, but once one person had seen you, social media had erupted and within half an hour, you were basically trapped inside a random high street shop. No security, no phone reception and no way of getting out safely. “What do we do?” You asked turning to face a slightly panicked Zayn. “I think we have to face it” he spoke, swallowing the lump in his throat. “Don’t let go of me” he spoke before taking your hand protectively in his and bravely opening the shop door. The screams of the waiting fans filled your ears at an almost disorientating volume. You were then surrounded at a suffocating rate, your hand almost immediately torn from Zayn’s and as a result of your height you’d could no longer see Zayn, who had been forced away further into the now huge crowd. The next thing you heard was an angry comment before you felt a strong hand yank your pony tail with great force. “Bitch” the girl muttered her hand still tangled in your hair holding you in the painful position for a few seconds. “Let go! Now!” Zayn yelled, pushing his way past the the last few people separating you both, anger more than evident in his demeanour. He was furious that someone would do such a thing. By now the tears were welling in your eyes, your vision blurry as a result. Zayn watched the now guilty culprit back away from the two of you, his arm now instinctively around your waist, pulling you protectively close. “Can we go now?” You sobbed, your scalp now throbbing, your hair now fully disheveled. Zayn nodded, holding you that bit closer before making his way forward through the crowd. The crowd had now hushed, the remaining fans not daring to cross his path. “I’m so sorry about that babe, are you ok?” Zayn whispers in your ear after escaping the stunned crowd. “It’s not your fault, they were relentless. And yes babe I’m fine, it just caught me off guard” you responded leaning your head into the crook of his neck as you continued to walk back to his car. “I love you Y/N, I promise I’ll protect you from this ever happening again, I promise” his gently guilt ridden voice sending shivers down your spine. “You do protect me, even though I don’t need it Zayn. I’m safe, and your safe. I promise. Oh and I love you too”.

Hi lovelies! I’m sorry it’s quite late! And it’s probably not great, I had a bit of writer’s block, it’s hard to make each boys preference unique but I hope you like it :) The Harry, Liam and Louis imagine for the same preference is on my tumblr so just click my url and scroll a bit and you’ll find it :P Send me any requests you think I should do! xx E
P.s As always if a word doesn’t sound right or it just doesn’t fit, blame autocorrect because all of them are written on my phone! Xx