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I started season 1 of OUAT again and I am curious what your thoughts are regarding Emma&Graham. She seemed willing to open up and be with him faster than with Hook... I am Captain Swan all the way but I was just wondering if you think maybe that closed her off even more since he died in her arms or maybe she just wanted to feel something like Graham did so she kissed him? or since CS is true love it just is taking her longer to open herself up to that? sorry for rambling just want your thoughts!

Sure, I’m happy to share. I mean, you have to look at Emma and Graham with a different lens, and I always start with a storytelling perspective. 

Firstly, Graham was booked onto the show with an expiration date. He was always meant to die. (ugh) So all of his development with Emma happened really in one episode, because it was crammed in there so he could feel something wonderful before he died.

Now, from Emma’s perspective. Graham was a nice guy. She’d known him for a little while, and she trusted him. He was sweet, he was genuine, and for the most part, he was pretty safe. He didn’t really push her, or at the very least, didn’t look at her and immediately understand everything about her.

Emma’s connection to Hook is extremely raw; they see so much of themselves in each other that it, initially, terrified both of them. Hook emotionally shut down once Emma did the same and betrayed him, but that’s because they make each other vulnerable. Two people who had zero desire to lose their walls forced them down in one another. 

That’s why it took 2 whole seasons for Emma to well and truly allow her guard down around him. To trust what he’d been telling her pretty much since the day he met her.

Do I think that has to do with Graham dying in her arms? Yes and no. I mean, honestly, that’s got to fuck you up, but it’s only a notch on a long line of trauma in Emma’s life. So it’s a factor, but I think what closed Emma off from Hook—more than anything else—was the fact that her feelings for him scared her.

She knew they were intense, real, and she still doesn’t understand them, but powerful enough to send her running, because he had the power to hurt her, like everyone else in her life has.