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Hey!! I love your blog and I’ve totally been stalking it 😂 sorry not sorry! I was wondering if I could join your Christmas card list? I don’t have much family left, just my sister and I, and it would be awesome 💕

Hi! Yes of course!

If you are in the States, just toss me your address, if you are out of the country please send me your address EXACTLY how it goes on an envelope


So I don’t make any mistakes while addressing envelopes!

Child’s Play - Request

Requested by anon: The reader is taking care of her friends kids while they are on a hunt and they fall asleep on her stomach and dean walks in and admires her. 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1.100

Warnings: None.

A/N: Bit of Dean fluff to finish the night. ;)


Originally posted by heytheredeann

“So how again did we end up as baby sitters?” (Y/N) asked as she and Dean took a glimpse inside the kitchen, where three kids were chasing each other.

“Sam’s old hunter friend and his wife are on a hunt…” Dean started.

“The hunt Sam is also in, right?”

“Yes, he volunteered as a third hand to finish quicker.” Dean nodded, “But they needed baby sitters and I said we’d do it.”


“Because those kids are cool and I don’t want to go after disgusting witches.” Dean stated as it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“OK…” She took in a deep breath – she wanted so much to rest that day – and smiled at him. “We can do this.”

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The concert in Portland was amazing! About 45 minutes before the concert my friend and I were in our seats when we saw Zack walking towards us. He said hi and asked if we wanted to meet Brendon. My heart literally stopped beating. Obviously we said yes and Zack brought us backstage. Brendon was so sweet and he hugged me like four times and I was so happy. Apparently my dad’s best friend had planned this a couple weeks ago. Also, before Brendon played This Is Gospel he said “Before I start I would like to dedicate this next one to Christian (my father who died a couple of months ago) and his awesome family and friends that I got to meet backstage, you guys are very fucking awesome” I was in tears and I thought it was so kind of him. Again, the show was amazing and honnestly it was probably the best night of my life.

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Hey, you're German, right? I've got a huge favour to ask of you. I've been studying German for a few years, and I plan on studying there for a year. Before that, I wanna improve my language skills, so I've been wondering if you could tell me about some good original German movies? I don't want to watch dubbed ones, I've heard they're horrible. Thank you so much! Love your blog, by the way.

Dubbed movies aren’t actually half bad - at least to movies dubbed in other languages. Trust me, I’ve watched both Spanish and French dubbed movies, they were way worse. This is what we like to call “Jammern auf hohem Niveau” - complaining even though everything is pretty good. You’ll find that Germans are a people of complainers; we like to complain about everything. We are never content :) 

Still, I’m really really excited that you’re interested in my culture and HELL YES THERE ARE A BUNCH OF AWESOME GERMAN MOVIES. Here are some highly acclaimed ones and some of my favourites, I hope all links work. 

  • 12 Meter ohne Kopf (a movie about a German pirate, who allegedly walked 12 meters after being beheaded in order to save his crew)
  • Auf der anderen Seite (a really bautiful sort of episodic movie connecting the lives of three families, both German and Turkish)
  • Barfuss (a movie about a girl suffering from PTSD, who is saved mostly accidentally from committing suicide by a dude cleaning the clinic she is in, and then follows him around everywhere, and they fall in love. Seriously, onely one of two movies by Til Schweiger worth watching)
  • Buddenbrooks (the story of a very rich merchant family and their downfall…a really famour book adaptation)
  • Das Boot (a movie about a German submarine and its crew during World War II. 100& must-see)
  • Das Experiment (A movie about a psychology experiment in prison, and how people react when given free reign over others. This should come with a huge trigger warning. It’s awesome, but also really super disturbing)
  • Das Leben der Anderen (You might’ve heard of that one, since it received an Oscar. It deals with surveillance in East Germany, and is, also, a must-see).
  • Das weiße Band (A movie about the oppressive and rigid society pre-World War I children grew up in.)
  • Das Wunder von Bern (This movie mixes the football world championships of 1954 (soccer for heathens who call other stuff football) and the story of a family that has to re-learn to live with each other when the father comes home after being a war captive for like…12 years MUST SEE)
  • Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (movie about famous German left extremists, the RAF and their terrorist attacks)
  • Der Schuh des Manitu (THE single best German comedy to ever exist. It makes fun of Cowboy movies/books that are super popular in Germany. You’ll cry of laughter seeing Native Americans with a Bavarian accent - which also means your language level should be really high, or you won’t understand a thing. Uh, obviously don’t watch if you think white comedians playing Native Americans is racist even when it’s satire)
  • Der Untergang (the last days in thr life of Adolf Hitler. You’ll probably have heard of that one, too. MUST SEE)
  • Die Blechtrommel (God, I don’t know how to describe this one. Basically, a movie about a child who decides he doesn’t want to grow anymore and observes the world of the adults around him?)
  • Die Fälscher (again, dealing with World War II, and people in concentration camps who were tasked with copying money of other countries)
  • Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (a movie about three rebels who break into rich people’s houses only to rearrange their furniture and tell them to revise their morals - until one of them catches them in the act and they abduct him for a weekend. MUST SEE)
  • Die Feuerzangenbowle (THE classic movie. about the German school system. An older guy pretending to be a student at an elite high school. Also gave the name to a drink you will find a lot on Christmas markets)
  • Effie Briest (another novel adaptation about a young woman whose marriage is arranged and who loses everything when she cheats on her husband)
  • Ein Freund von mir (two guys who are completely different building a very strange friendship)
  • Elementarteilchen (about the lives of two brothers who were separated after birth, and the completely different lives they lead)
  • Fack Ju Göhte (no links yet, it only came out last year, a new comedy about the German school system, and absolute must-see, if you happen to find a link one day)
  • Gegen die Wand (a Turkish girl fake-marrying a German addict in an attempt to escae her family. MUST SEE)
  • Goodbye Lenin (a beautiful movie/comedy about a family and the German reunification. MUST SEE)
  • Im Winter ein Jahr (a family dealing with the loss of their son/brother)
  • Kabale und Liebe (a superb adaptation of Schiller’s play. bsjdhkdjk)
  • Kebab Connection (…I don’t even know how to describe this movie. Just watch it. Very multi/transcultural and hilarious)
  • Keinohrhasen (a douche has to do community service at a kindergarten - and finds that the girl he used to bully as a kid is now his superior. uh-oh. It’s super funny)
  • Kirschblüten - Hanami  (a dude travelling to Japan to understand and be close to his late wife) 
  • Lola rennt ( a movie about a couple in a dangerous situation - and three possible outcomes)
  • Schiller (ah boy, this was a TV production, so I couldn’t find a link. A brilliant movie about the life of Germany’s best playwright, if you ask me)
  • Soul Kitchen (a comedy about a guy trying to keep his restaurant afloat and keeping his brother out of a life of petty crime)
  • Sophie Scholl - die letzten Tage (a movie about the last days in the life of Sophie Scholl and her brother, who were part of the resistance against the Nazis)
  • Vincent will Meer (a guy with tourette syndrom, a girl with an eating disorder and a guy with OCD break out of their psychiatric clinic to go to the sea. MUST SEE)
  • Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken? ( a movie based on a real story, about a group of teenagers vowing to commit suicide once they do not feel any love anymore)
  • Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot (a comedy about a kid who does a lot of nonsense and when told that he is the reason his mother dies, blames himself, feares that he has to go to hell, and tries to make up for his sins by finding his dad a new wife. Hilarious. Again, tho, super strong Bavarian accent, beware!)

And if you want to watch a few good German TV-shows:

  • Türkisch für Anfänger (ABSOLUTE MUST SEE TV SERIES OMG WATCH IT!!! It deals with a German-Turkish patchwork family and it is hilarious)
  • Tatort Münster (basically a procedural crime show. There are a lot of Tatorts, but this is the only one that is always good. you’ll find a lot of the episodes on youtube)
  • Der letzte Zeuge (a show about a coroner solving crimes)
Me and anyone in my family talking about phan.
  • Me: Ugh dan and Phil are so cute! Their friendship is adorable!
  • Mum: are those guys the youtubers?
  • Me: yeah,
  • Mum: they're a pretty cute couple.
  • Me: ?
  • Mum: they're together right?
  • Me: I'm not sure-
  • Mum: it's pretty obvious.
  • Me: I guess-
  • Mum: no their married.
  • Me: bu-
  • Mum: MARRIED.
  • Grandma: is that them two boys again?
  • Me: yeah, they're awesome.
  • Grandma: aren't they married?
  • Me: uh-
  • Grandma: but they look married- they should get married, they're cute.
  • Me: yes.

Imagine Dean coaching your daughter’s soccer team.

Characters: Mechanic!Dean x Teacher!Reader

Warnings: mild angst, super fluff, daddy! Dean (yes, it’s a warning because *swoon*)

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic TEN. The line requested was “The whistle makes me their god.” It was requested by @pinknerdpanda​ . It will be highlighted in the fic. Thank you so much for celebrating with me. I didn’t get to add in the smut that you requested because the story in my head just didn’t lend itself to it. Hope you aren’t too disappointed with the outcome. I personally had tears of joy in my eyes as I was editing it. I LOVE daddy! Dean. 

Feedback Appreciated

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Cartimandua was a 1st-century queen of the Brigantes, a Celtic people living in what is now northern England. She came to power around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, and formed a large tribal agglomeration that became loyal to Rome. She appears to have been widely influential in early Roman Britain.

Our only knowledge of Cartimandua is through the writings of Roman author Tacitus, who presents her in a negative light. He writes of her treacherous role in the capture of Caratacus, who had sought her protection, her “self-indulgence, her sexual impropriety in rejecting her husband in favour of a common soldier, and her "cunning strategems” during her rule. However, he also consistently names her as a queen, the only one such known in early Roman Britain.

Boudica was ruler of the Iceni people, a Celtic tribe, who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. In AD 60 or 61, while the Roman governor Gaius Paulinus was leading a campaign on the island of Anglesey off the northwest coast of Wales, Boudica led the Iceni as well as the Trinovantes and others in revolt.

Boudica led 100,000 Iceni, Trinovantes and others to fight the Roman Legio IX Hispana and burned and destroyed several settlements in Britannia. An estimated 70,000–80,000 Romans and British were killed in the three cities by those led by Boudica. The crisis caused the Emperor Nero to consider withdrawing all Roman forces from Britain, but Suetonius’s eventual victory over Boudica confirmed Roman control of the province. Boudica’s fate is not known.

The two women are the only known female Celtic rulers of the age.

Every episode of Say Yes To The Dress
  • Bride: I love this dress! It's unique, it's elegant, it's sexy! I feel like a princess.
  • Bride's mom: I don't like it.
  • Bride: *tries on another* I love this. It's very flattering on my new figure. I feel awesome!
  • Bridesmaid: The shape is unflattering. No.
  • Bride: *tries on another one* I like this one a lot more. I love the back and all the details. This is so me.
  • Bride's sisters: You look like you're wearing a tablecloth.
  • female bridal consultant: There is a dilemma here between the bride and her family and we are running out of options to pick from.
  • Randy the gay bridal consultant: Wait a minute, before you all decide to say no to this dress, let's add some BLING
  • *puts a veil on bride's head*
  • *everyone starts to cry*
  • *it's perfect*
  • Bridal consultant: Are you saying yes to the dress?
  • Bride: I'm saying yes to the dress. *laughs & cries hysterically*

my wife just pointed out that Rick O’Connell from The Mummy and Eliot Spencer from Leverage would be the ultimate mom friends together and now I want a movie of this, the two of them long-sufferingly trying to prevent their family/friends with no self-preservation instincts from getting themselves killed

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cute: my nephew initially wasn't too interested in the cat, cause it's not cuddly in the same way the family dog is. Until, a while ago, he watched me play with it, and decided that kitty jumping and running all over the place to catch a toy looked fun & awesome. I showed him how to play safely, and he kept bugging me to play with him and the cat all week. Educational cat video sessions included, to answer all the "why did he do this??" questions. Kid's ultimate conclusion: cat is actually cool.

Hell yes, this is how you mentor the next generation about interacting with animals correctly. A+.

Fragments - Part 5

Word Count: 5002

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, canon divergence

A/N: Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome. Unedited. Mistakes are all mine. If you’d like to be tagged, you can add yourself Here

Fragments Masterlist

Ever since the night Cas told you parts of your soul were gone, you’d withdrawn from everyone. Dean hadn’t pushed you, even though you could tell he desperately wanted you to open up to him about whatever it was you were feeling. The absolute truth of it was, you weren’t sure what it was you were feeling. It was all so overwhelming; being thrust back into a world you knew nothing about.

Sam was right, you were good at research. You’d spent most days holed up in your room with your laptop relearning how to be a hunter. When night fell, you’d wait until you were sure everyone was asleep or at the very least in their own rooms and creep out into the library to read more lore. You fully invested yourself in it. You wanted to be a hunter again.

“Y/N?” Cas’ figure cast a shadow in the library and you lifted your head from your research, giving him a half smile. “Are you alright?”

“No.” You whispered, mostly to yourself. Cas was there instantly, sitting next to you and resting his hand on top of yours. “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Cas smiled and laced his fingers with yours. “Well, first and foremost, we were great friends. You understood me in a way nobody else ever did. You read people…and angels…well. I don’t know if that’s something you’ve noticed.” You nodded and huffed a laugh. “Second, I promised your father once that I’d look out for you. I failed once. I don’t intend to do it again.”

“Failed me how?” You questioned. “A lot of people feel like they failed me. People die. You can’t prevent it. It just happens.”

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  • Zack: Why do you have a Chinese last name?
  • Trini: Why don't you?
  • Zack: I do. It's Tang. My parents Americanized their names when they immigrated. Your turn.
  • Zack: (rolls his eyes) I mean, if you want. I respect your privacy blah blah blah.
  • Trini: Trinidad Mercedes Quiñones de Lupo y Kwan. Quiñones is my actual last name. Kwan is my mom's Vietnamese stepdad's last name. But because of Spanish naming conventions, it gets tacked on to mine last, and that's how it is on my school file now.
  • Trini: (grabs Kimberly who's passing through the hall; to Zack) You gonna ask this gringa why she's got a white name?
  • Kimberly: My last name's Hart because my dad's white. But I'm not a gringa. My mom's Indian.
  • Trini: In my defense, I've only seen her once. Thought she was Italian.
  • Kimberly: She wears a bindi.
  • Trini: So does Ariana Grande.
  • Zack: (grabs Billy) Hey, bro, we're asking everybody why they have the surnames they do.
  • Billy: (matter-of-factly) Slavery.
  • Zack: Awesome. (grabs Jason) Dude, we're having an awkward conversation about our last names. You white as you sound?
  • Jason: Yes. All my ancestors were Scotsmen who came to Angel Grove during the Gold Rush, and before that they were all probably Pilgrims or something.
The Proposal

Title: The Proposal

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 960

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written for Becka and Johanna’s Challenge ( @beckawinchester and @boredoutofmymindwriting ). My prompt song was Better Together by Us The Duo. Thanks for letting me in this challenge! Hope you like it.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

“That’s a wrap, everybody!” - Bob said.

Everybody cheered. Another season finished. You were all tired, it was already 2 AM when you finally finished the last scene, but everyone wanted to celebrate, so you got into the car with Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark, and followed by other cars you searched for an open bar or something.

“Okay, okay… I wanna say a few things: 12 seasons! 13 years! We’re getting fucking old… but this is awesome and I love you guys. This is the best family ever!” - Jared said, raising his glass.

“Here’s to season 13! May the next year be as amazing as this one!” - Jensen raised his glass and everybody followed, cheering.

After a lot of drinks, laughs and memories, everybody went home. It was a great night!

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I’ll Never Forget You

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count  : 4 985
summary : Reader gets sent to 1994 PW with Kai. [fluff + angst]
note : the story continues in part II
 gif by lightwoodxalec

    “Wakey wakey.” said an unfamiliar male voice. “About time you woke up. Watching you drool on my favourite pillow – not a good way to start our friendship.”
Y/N shot up straight, looking around confused and instantly pulled away from the stranger. “Who are you ? Wh-where am I ?”
    “You are in my bed. Oh don’t give me that shocked look. Nothing happened – yet.” he smirked devilishly. “I brought you home after I found you laying on the ground not too far from here on my way from my shopping trip. I am still not sure you are real. Being all alone for such a long time can mess with your head –”
Y/N stared at him. Her new ‘friend’ had blue/gray eyes, brown hair, perfectly chiseled jaw and – was literally the hottest guy she had seen in her life. He was sitting half a metre away from her on the bed and was currently grinning which in a way was starting to creep her out, but on the other hand – his smile was like literal sunshine and she couldn’t help but smile for a moment too.
    “Hey, what year is in the real world ?” he asked. “I have been here all by myself for quite a while. Time started blurring into one endless sea of misery.”
    “What? What do you mean the ‘real world’?” she asked confused. “I am dreaming. I hit my head and I am probably in a coma somewhere because what you just said makes no sense.” 
Kai took the food tray from the nightstand and put it on her lap without taking his eyes off her. If he had counted correctly, he had been all by himself for about eleven or twelve years now. Finding her a few hours ago still felt completely surreal to him. His father would’ve never send anyone there to keep him company. Being trapped in a Prison World all alone for all eternity, unable to die no matter what he tried, had been his punishment for what he did on May 9th 1994. 
    “Yeah, a lot of things don’t make sense.” he trailed off. “You still haven’t told me your name, sweet cheeks.”
    “Y/N … and you are ??”
    “Right, sorry. Where are my manners?! I am Kai… Parker.” he smirked. “By your shocked expression I gather you have heard of me. How ?”
Y/N started to get up but he gripped her wrist and almost instantly she flinched in pain. Her eyes drifted to the place where he was holding her seeing a reddish glow coming from under his arm, then she glanced at him. The look on his face was a mix of shock, surprise and curiosity. She gripped his wrist, yanked herself free and ran outside in the hall locking the door with magic to buy herself some time. 
    “Stairs.” she muttered to herself, glancing in both ways. “Where are the stairs?!”
A few seconds later she was already running towards the door, almost jumping the stairs two at a time, and opened the door. ‘Voudoux.’ she heard him mutter behind her and a moment later she got pulled back. 
    “What the hell ?!” she groaned, grabbing the stair railing. 
    “Ahhh life is so much easier with magic, isn’t it Y/N.” said Kai tucking up his sleeve as he walked down the stairs with a grin on his face as he waved his hand, slamming the door shit. Instantly Y/N ran towards it, trying to open it again. "I juice boxed your magic earlier and let me tell you something, it feels amazing to be able to do spells again.”
    “D-don’t hurt me.“
    “I am not going to hurt you. Why would I hurt the other half of the population on this empty planet ?” he thought out loud. “Doesn’t really make sense.”
    “Please let me go, Malachai.” she put her hands on the door still trying to open it. A moment later he was right behind her, bracing his hands on either side of her body caging her in. His breath tickled her neck and her heart thumped like crazy, and the moment he touched her, she started to tremble. Not so much from fear as much from how gentle his touch was. A part of her had expected him to yank her back or something.
    “Hmmm… ” he stroked her hair. “Don’t ever call me by my full name unless you want to get hurt.” Kai snaked his hands around her waist and she turned around coming face to face with him. He looked at her all serious for a moment and cupped her face, smiling at her. “Don’t look so scared.” he said amused. “As long as you don’t run, call me by my full name or get me upset in any way – you are perfectly safe.”
    “Am I ?”
Kai hummed, took her hand and pulled her towards the couch in the living room. He was dying to find out who his new friend was. How she had gotten there and maybe, just maybe become friends with her because being all alone was turning into a burden now and he could barely stand it anymore.
    “You are a witch. Now I know for sure my father didn’t send you here.” he pushed her down on the couch. “Who are you and what did you do to get yourself sent to a magical Prison with a murderous sociopath ? Must’ve been pretty awful.”
    “None of your business.” she snapped, rubbing her wrist. Damn, he had a tight grip.  “Why don’t you tell me where we are since you were here first ?”
Kai studied her face for a long moment trying to make a decision and sat next to her. “Alright. Since you are the girl , I’ll bite.” he smiled at her. ”This is my childhood home. You are in Portland , Oregon. Stomping grounds of Courtney love, Tonya Harding and tons of other awesome people and its May 10th 1994. It has been May 10th 1994 on a repeating loop for about ten? Twelve years ? Like I said before, after a while time blurs together.”
A few minutes passed in complete silence as she processed what he had just said. Growing up she had heard the story or more heard of it. Her parents were also coven leaders in Oregon, same as his, but she had been too young at the time and all they had told her and her brothers was that some boy from the Gemini had done something awful and they had sent him away where he could never hurt anyone.
    “It’s 2007. In the real world.” she said quietly.
    “Ahhh she speaks. Finally.” he grinned. “It’s just you and me by the way. We are literally the only two people in the whole planet. You know, it is so exciting to finally be able to show this place to someone. Usually my family keeps to itself and not many people outside the Gemini come to –”
    “Do you have anything to eat?” she asked suddenly. “Something sugary ? I am feeling kind of – lightheaded. Don’t suppose you have chocolate around here or I don’t know cupcakes or something ?”
    “You like cupcakes too ? Awesome !” he put his hand on her hip and grinned at her. “You stay here. I’ll go grab you something sweet from the kitchen and maybe later we can make some cupcakes.”
Y/N watched him walk out of the living room and into the hallway towards kitchen, listening to to his footsteps. As soon as they stopped she got up as quickly and quietly as she could and ran towards the window, hoping it might be a way out.
    “You are so predictable.” said Kai, leaning against the door frame with a can coca-cola in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other. “Did you really think I didn’t think of putting a boundary spell ? Seems excessive, I know but I just want to talk to someone, you know. I’ve been in complete isolation for over a decade. And you don’t want to be all by yourself, trust me. It might sound fun but it is not, specially when there is no way to change it. And trust me, I’ve tried.”
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair, took a step towards him and stumbled over for a second, feeling dizzy. Kai was quick enough to catch her and help her to the couch before handing her the chocolate bar and the cola.
    “Thanks.” she smiled for a second, taking a sip. 
    “Now aren’t you happy I put a boundary on the house and you didn’t fall through the window ?”
    “Shut up.” she rolled her eyes, taking a bite from the chocolate. Kai laughed under his breath and sat on the opposite end of the couch. “Why are you being so nice ? Like – you could’ve let me fall back there but you didn’t.”
    “Eat your chocolate.” he said, closing his eyes for a moment. “You know, when the day is over I do hope you chose to stay here. It would be nice not to be alone. I might be rusty on face to face interactions but you seem fun. Or annoying. I can’t make up my mind yet.”
    “You are giving me a choice ?”
    “Yeah.” he gave her a small smile. “Anyways, don’t you want to hear my story now that you are not all lightheaded, low blood sugary and all?”
Y/N studied his face. Was he really giving her a choice or was that a trick ? There was a large part of her that believed him when he said he wouldn’t hurt her. He had sounded so honest, but the other half was worried he had been lying. Not that it mattered. Her family had sent her away. There was no one coming to get her and spending eternity alone did sound awful.
    “I know the story. You killed your siblings and then they sent you here as a punishment.” 
    “Technically, yes. That is true but it’s not the full story.”
    “Enlighten me then.”
Kai grinned. “Someone’s curiosity won over huh. Awesome! Where should I start ? I guess you know I am a Gemini, obviously. Anyways, in my coven’s tradition after the 22nd birthday of the twins there is this merge ceremony where the twins merge their strength and the stronger one wins, the weaker one dies. I was supposed to merge with my twin sister, but my father had other ideas. See, I was born without my own magic which when my parents found out made me the defective twin in their eyes, the abomination. No one in my family understood what it was like, being a siphoner, so… they isolated me. I couldn’t even touch anyone. Everyone would always flinch or run away. That screwed me up big time.” he swallowed hard. “Not too long after my 22nd birthday I figured out my father’s plan and needless to say I didn’t handle by anger the best way.”
Y/N couldn’t help but notice how his voice nearly broke while he told her his story and unless she was imagining it, his eyes were a little more watery than they should’ve been. Clearly his parents’ attitude towards him had hurt him. Who wouldn’t that hurt, right ? When the people who are supposed to love you no matter what decide you are not worth it because you are born different, it hurts. 
    “And your family sent you here –?”
    “My father – my father sent me here.” he swallowed hard. “He treated me like trash for 22 years and then sent me away. The coven always came first no matter what, as if his children didn’t even matter.” he trailed off.
    “You know, I understand it, I think. I mean obviously they shouldn’t have treated you differently. Being born without your own magic doesn’t mean you are less than everyone else and not being able to touch anyone – ”
    “You really think so or are you lying to get me to trust you.” he wondered, studying her face carefully. 
    “Paranoid much ?” she teased, running her fingers through her hair. “I’m not lying. I know what it is, sort of. After this car accident when my older brother, who was supposed to be the next coven leader, got killed because of me, my parents practically locked me in my room for a whole year before they sent me here after I tried to bring him back from the Other Side. Which resulted in my father almost dying, you know nature demanding balance and all.”
    “That’s how you got yourself sent here?” he asked a little surprised. “You tried fixing something and got punished for it ?”
Y/N swallowed hard and nodded. There was more to it, but now wasn’t the time to tell. “I guess I deserved it. I mean – I did get myself in quite the mess for someone my age. Expression is pure darkness and –” she sighed. “Could’ve been a lot worse I guess. I could’ve been trapped here all by myself.”
    “Are they coming to get you any time soon or ?”
    “Who knows.” she shrugged her shoulders. “They didn’t even tell me I was being sent away. Last thing I remember before waking up in your bed is going to sleep in mine. I guess they drugged me or wiped my memory or something. There are all those white spots in it – ”
    “You can stay. If you want.” he said hopefully. “I mean, I know I trapped you here and probably scared the living daylights out of you but –”
    “For now.” she smiled. Kai smiled nervously at her. “But we are sleeping in separate rooms.”
    “Jeez, suck the fun right out of it won’t ya.” he laughed. “Fine. Pick your room, little witch.”


Living all alone with Kai in the Prison World was both exciting and a little scary sometimes… though not in the traditional sense of the world. They had their bad days where he’d wake up in a mood and nothing she did or said could fix it but only escalate things and sometimes in his anger, he ended up siphoning her without her consent. After that happened a couple of times, Y/N decided to steer clear from him whenever he was in a mood and as the months passed, those moods rarely happened. However there were days when they still fought… until a few months ago when they found a new outlet for their frustration. Contrary to what both of them had agreed on their first day together, Kai slept wherever she did and at first he had scared her out of her mind sneaking into her bed in the middle of the night, wondering why she always sleeps with the lamp on. Then later on he had told her how after all this time spend all by himself, he didn’t like sleeping alone. A part of her wondered if maybe he was scared she’d leave and not tell him, but after a few weeks together it became clear to both of them that’s not going to happen,ever. 
Turned out they had a lot of things in common (similar music/book/movie taste) and enjoyed a lot of the same activities like cooking and karaoke, but also when it came to their families. To both their parents the coven’s future always came first, over their own children, and every time Kai got a little extra curious about it, Y/N would just change the subject, which made him wonder what she wasn’t telling him.
Kai liked having her around, listening to her laugh and talk and after eleven months spent together he couldn’t imagine his life without her. There had never had someone like her in his life. Someone who doesn’t treat him differently for what he is and wasn’t judging him what he had done even though the aftermath was right before her eyes every time she walked downstairs. Somehow Y/N had become the most important person in his life and even though he didn’t understand what all those emotions he felt towards her meant, he knew it to be true and often wondered if he was just as important to her. He also knew that if he ever got the chance to get out there was no way he’d leave her behind. 

*                    *                    *

    “Y/N ? Come on, you’ll miss the sunset.” called out Kai, walking into her room. He could hear the shower running and by the looks of it, she hadn’t heard him calling for her. A sigh left his lips and he tossed himself on her bed, feeling something hidden under the covers. “What the ..?”
Kai reached under the blanket and pulled out a small notebook with hardcovers – her diary. He had seen her multiple times writing and had always wondered what she was writing about and now had the chance to find out, though for a moment he hesitated. Y/N was barely a few metres away in the shower, she could walk in on him at any moment and for sure she’d get upset with him, but the temptation was too big for him to resist. Kai scooted up on the bed, resting his back against the headboard and opened the cover, trailing his fingertips on the first page. There it was – her beautiful handwriting, but it wasn’t just that. 
    “Wow…“ he smiled to himself and flipped to the next page. Her diary was mostly sketches and scribbles with small text bubbles here and there, mostly random thoughts or song quotes. A lot of the sketches were sceneries – his house from the front yard or that small fountain a few houses down the street where they had spent a couple of hours a few weeks ago (because it had a pool). But mostly it was sketches of him – his face when he smiles or laughs, smirks or … as he realised, when he was looking at her. Kai trailed the image with his fingertips, his smile getting a little wider. Damn. he mouthed, flipping page after page until he stumbled upon a couple of pages of full writing. His eyes scanned the text and a couple sentences caught his attention.
Y/N had spared him some of the details from her childhood, which in a way resembled his except there had been at least one person who cared about her enough to protect her – her older brother. He wondered why she wouldn’t trust him enough to share her full story with him, seeing how they had gotten really close during the past few months and flipped another page, instantly sitting up, holding her diary in his hands with a smile on his face.

“Dear Diary,

I have to say – my parents’ idea of punishment clearly differs from mine. How can they think sending me here is a punishment ?! I mean, yeah, if I was all by myself, it probably would have been, but I have Kai… and even though some days he is annoying as hell, gets on my nerves and pushes every single button there is, I love having him around and having him in my life. He might not understand it yet, emotions and all, but I think he cares about me as much as I care about him. Every day with him is an adventure and I am happy I chose to stay that first day. I am happy I get to spend every day with him, even the days when we fight because it means this is all real. Life is not all unicorns and rainbows (not that there are any unicorns or rainbows anywhere around here, seeing how we are stuck on a repeating loop of an annoyingly sunny May 10th 1994)…  
I don’t think I would’ve liked being here if it wasn’t for him and if one day someone comes to get me, they’d be dragging me away kicking and screaming because there is no way I’d leave him behind. How can I ? Kai became my best friend (well, a little more than a friend in the past few months), the most important person in my life and I think I may be fa–”

    “What are you doing ?!“  she exclaimed, holding her towel with one hand, reaching for her diary with the other.
    “I can explain.“ he gulped, glancing between the diary in his hands and Y/N. Her hair was dripping down her towel and onto the floor, but he didn’t mind mas he usually would. "And why not ?” he asked, putting his feet on the ground. “You are a great artist by the way. Why do you keep drawing me so often ?”
Y/N clenched her jaw, put her diary under the pillow and grabbed his hand starting to pull him up. Instead he pulled her onto the bed and rolled on top of her, wondering how the sentence he had started to read ended. His friend tried to push him off but he gripped her wrists, pinning them on either side of her head.
    “None of your business. How did you even find it and why did you decide that you have the right to read it ? It’s private –“
    “I didn’t look for it. It found me.” he smiled at her. “You are really bad at hiding things. Same as with running and playing hide and seek. I find you in a couple of minutes. It’s like you don’t even try.”
    “Malach–“ she said through gritted teeth and instantly his eyes lit up in flames. His lips crashed against hers, just like every time she called him that the past few weeks, and his grip on her tightened, not realising jow in his anger he had siphoned her for a few moments. "Stop kissing me when I am upset with you!”
    “Hey, not my fault you used my full name –“
    “You can’t invade my privacy like that !”
    “I think we are past the ‘privacy’ invasion, sweet cheeks.” he smirked at her, gazing into her eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me about your parents?“ Was he imaging it or her eyes had started to water the moment he had mentioned her parents ? "You said you had gotten a ‘taste’ of what it’s like being isolated, but it didn’t seem like it judging by what you had written. Did they really lock you away in the basement or the attic whenever you messed up? That must’ve been hard. Being all alone in the dark…” he thought out loud. “Explains why you can’t sleep with the lamp turned off, or without that stuffed toy you had in your backpack when I found you. Well, slept. Now you have me to cuddle.”
Y/N pressed her lips together, trying hard not to start crying in that exact second. A large part of her childhood memories had been painful, yes … and even thinking about them made her feel like she was back there … all alone, cuddled up in the corner of the basement or the attic. Her parents had always put her older brother first, seeing how he was supposed to be the leader of the coven, and had been strict as Hell with her and her younger brother. After the accident things had gotten out of control and her parents had blamed it all on her, as if she had been driving the car that hit theirs, completely ignoring the fact she had almost died too. And in the end they had decided to get rid of her for good, by banishing her in the Prison World.
    “Get out. Now.“ she said through tears. ”Leave or I will make you leave.”
Kai pulled away, realising his mistake too late. Y/N hadn’t been as upset about him reading her diary, checking out her sketches –
    “Y/N, I –“ he started.
    “Motus.” she muttered, pushing him out of the room until his back hit the wall on the other end of the hallway and he slipped down to the ground. Last thing Kai saw before she flicked her wrist and slammed the door shut with magic was his only friend starring at him with pain in her eyes.
For a few minutes after the door slammed shut, Y/N just sat there starring at the door remembering the look on Kai’s face. He had looked so broken and obviously he hadn’t expected her to get upset about it. A part of her knew he hadn’t meant to hurt her that he had just be curious about it, the other felt more broken than angry. Her eyes closed and she felt tears streaming down her cheeks while her mind took her back to the time she had been 7 years old and her father had yanked her away from the front yard. She and her older brother had been chasing each other around that and she had accidentally tackled him on the ground. He had hit his head, hard, and later on turned out he had a concussion. Even though it had been an accident and her brother had protested they don’t touch her or punish her in any way, Y/N had spent most of the day and nearly the entire night locked away until her older brother had sneaked out of his room to come get her.
* * *

Kai sat on the floor by her door, listening to her crying while trying to figure out how he had managed to mess things up so badly this time. No one had ever said he is the most important person to them and now … he was terrified things between them had been broken beyond repair. He wanted to make things right, to apologise but every time he knocked on the door and called out for her, there was no answer. Yet he didn’t give up and kept trying.
    “Y/N ?“ he knocked on the door again about 40 minutes after she had kicked him out. “Please, open the door.”
    “Go away.“ she shouted. A sight left his lips and his lips curled into a small smile. That was progress, at least she was speaking to him. Even if those were the only two words she had said to him in the past hour. "Please, let me in. I can’t stand listening to you cry –”
    “Then you shouldn’t have done what you did.“
    “I know. I am sorry. It’s never going to happen again, I promise.” he pleaded with her. “I will never touch your diary again, I will never say a word about –”
    “You think that’s what I am upset about ?“ she put her hands on the door loudly, almost sounding as a bang. "You reading my diary ? No. I am upset about what you said –”
    “You know I say things without thinking. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never meant to hurt you.“ he placed his hand on the door, unknowingly placing it at the same spot her hand was on the other side. "I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I just … Please, open the door. We can go for ice cream or make cupcakes. Whatever you decide. Let me make it right.”
A few long moments passed and he heard her start to unlock the door, instantly he got up. Then the weirdest thing happened and he heard her scream.
    “N-no! No, let me go !“ she shouted, her feet kicking at the door. ”Let go off me ! Kai ! I have to say –”
    “Y/N ? Let you go ? W-what are you talking about ?“ asked Kai confused, putting his hand on the doorknob, which was still locked. For a few moments it sounded as if things were being broken in the room, her voice muffled by something and then – nothing. He called out for her a few times and when he couldn’t hear any sounds coming from the inside anymore, he flicked his wrist unlocking the door with magic and stepped inside. His eyes widened at the sight before him – her nightstand lamp had been knocked on the floor, glass shattered everywhere and the window was open. Had the window been open before ? He couldn’t remember or think in that moment.
    “Y/N ?” he called out for her, running into the bathroom looking for her. He looked everywhere but there was no trace of her. Or the backpack she had had when she had first arrived. However when he reached under the pillow – there it was, her diary. Kai tried a locator spell, hoping that maybe she was somewhere outside and he’d find her, because he knew she wouldn’t leave. Not without him. There was a flicker for a moment and then – nothing. As if she had just blinked out of existence… and then it hit him. Someone had come to get her. His jaw clenched and in the next few moments the wall got redecorated where he punched it with his fist, his screams filling in the empty house. He was all alone again and –
    “I didn’t get to say goodbye.“ he whispered, sitting on the ground next to her bed holding onto her diary as if his life depended on it. “I didn’t get to say goodbye.”




It’s You

Summary: AU where Y/N is the speedster and Barry Allen is the first person you save.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 3150

A/N: Hi! So, this is something I wrote for a friend and I liked how it turned out so she let me post it here :) I hope you all like it too! (It’s also the longest thing I’ve ever written lol).


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becitravel  asked:

Just wanted to share this My 12yr old cancer pt on the children's ward at my work I have looked after for many months is packing his green backpack Me: jack are you running away? Jack: yes Me: ok can ask where you are going? Jack: Oliver needs help. U saw the ep last night. Me: right Jack: u always said u have to help anyone u can who is hurt and Oliver is hurt. Me: okay that's awesome. I am pretty sure ur family will miss u. Jack: I left a note recruiting fans of the show i ❤ 🏹🎯😊

You just killed me.  I have no words.

Hiram Lodge... how do I even begin to explain Hiram Lodge?

Hermione: Hiram Lodge is flawless.
Mary: I hear his business is insured for ten million dollars.
FP: I hear he does shady business deals… from prison.
Veronica: His favorite movie is The Godfather.
Hal: One time he met Kelly Ripa on a plane -
Alice:  - and she told him he was handsome.
Fred: One time he put a hit out on me. It was not awesome.*

Who are you, Hiram? I don’t need to tell anyone who follows me about my obsession with Riverparents, so YES I was excited for this. 

Information we knew about Hiram from season 1: Fred refers to him as the “rich kid” Hermione choose over him. He is from Riverdale. (In the first  tie-in comic, Hermione refers to Riverdale as “the town upstate your dad and I are from,” so making this assumption here.) Lodges are quite possibly one of these “founding families” the Blossoms refer to, since their history in Riverdale seems to date back to it’s founding (75 years of getting paid off by the Blossoms). And that is… it? He’s in prison for white collar crime, yada yada yada on the details.

Hermione tells her daughter several times to stop turning him into a villain and Veronica does seem genuinely shocked when she keeps discovering all these shady things her parents were doing. We can hardly blame her in this sense, because it seems like she did have a pretty good relationship with both her parents (minus going on the occasional bender to piss off mom) back in NYC. Spence student, Dakota-living, personal-Barney’s-spending-account Veronica Lodge was, first and foremost, a daddy’s girl.

My Hiram headcanon before Mark Consuelos was cast was that Hiram was perhaps slightly older (must Sheriff Keller be our only resident Silver Fox?) like in the comics. Distinguished. Hermione probably came from a middle class (probably on par with the Coopers) and was won over by the older boy’s charm and, yes, perhaps a little by his money. Everyone liked messy, Springsteen-loving Bulldog Fred Andrews, but Hermione never looked at Fred as  much more than a boy. Hiram was a man. 

But it appears Hiram is more their age and perhaps Fred’s line of “rich kid” does refer to him as being a peer. Was he in the same grade as them in high school? Was he a future MBA? Did he throw his weight around, knowing the Lodge name could get you whatever you wanted in Riverdale? Was he friends with any of our other Riverparents? Did him and FP have an epic rich-kid/poor-kid dynamic where they were constantly trying to out do one another? I know the idea of a flashback episode has pretty much been shot down, but could we get like… a tie-in comic of them in high school at least? A scene with them looking at their high school yearbook? Like come on, I’m a desperate woman with a very specific obsession here. Throw me a bone, RAS.

I’m actually a little let down we saw him so soon, as I waned a little more build up to this moment of seeing Hiram. It’s been like… three days since they said he was getting released early? But this is Riverdale Law and shit don’t have to make a lick of sense here (re: FP in jail, Jughead going to juvie… I could go on). So okay, he “came home early.”

Let me tell you, this scene gave me CHILLS. I love that he’s just sitting there in the shadows of the dining room. Hermione obediently at his side. During this father-daughter reunion, he literally makes his daughter cross all the way to him to give him the most heartless kiss I’ve ever seen. Geez. Way to throw your power around, Hiram.

And Hermione. Lets talk about Hermione. She’s so back and forth during season 1, which I thought was perfect because, just like her daughter, she was using this move to Riverdale to try and turn her life around. Forget being this socialite rich bitch, you’re scrubbing grease off the grill at Pops. Talk about becoming humble. We see Hermione do these “bad things,” but overall it seemed like she was doing so many of them to make sure she and her daughter were able to stay afloat. If that meant being the courier for Hiram’s deals, so be it.

Hands down, the best Hermione moment of this episode was her threatening to slap Veronica. But holy shit. “And she drank your Cristal.” WHAT IS YOUR GAME, WOMAN? You know when your sibling was in trouble and you were  pissed at them, so you just feed your parents more bullshit to get them madder? (”How the hell is your cell phone bill $300?” “BECAUSE SHE’S ON THE PHONE ALL NIGHT TALKING TO HER BOYFRIEND, THAT’S WHY DAD.”) That’s literally the tone Hermione was using. I also want to point out that Hermione has zero problem with her 15/16-year old daughter enjoying a mimosa after a night of hot teen sex, but she has a problem when it’s a $400 bottle of champagne being used in that mimosa. I fucking love you, Hermione.

I am SO READY for these mildly evil (okay, there is no “evil” or “good” in this town, it’s always both) Lodges. BRING IT. 

*no, I don’t actually think this “angel of death” has anything to do with Hiram. It just seemed like an appropriate line.

Meeting her Parents

Suggested by @becauseweregay and boy was this fun to write!! Sorry if it’s a bit on the longer side, my brain just went for it and produced this great piece of word-vomit

  • Michael is meeting your parents tonight for dinner and he is very, very, very N ER VO US!
  • It’s his first time meeting your parents and, of course like all boyfriends do, he wants to prove himself to your parents
  • Prove that he’s perfect for their daughter

  • He’s getting ready at his house and unfortunately is unable to wear his iconic hoodie, opting for a nicer, sharper outfit consisting of a nice shirt and nice pants
  • Michael tells himself constantly, “Everything’ll be okay, Mikey, don’t overthink it; they’ll love you! (Y/n) does, and I’m sure she says good things about me”
  • Feeling naked without his hoodie, he leaves before he’s tempted to wear it, knowing he can wear if freely after making a good first impression on your parents
  • Michael actually calls Jeremy to talk to because he is that nervous
  • “What if they hate me, bro? What if they think I’m not good enough for (y/n/n)? What am I going to do?!”
  • “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Michael, you gotta calm down, don’t be a nervous wreck when you meet (y/n)’s parents. You’re a great guy, they really have no reason to hate you. Just… be yourself, try not to be something you’re not”
  • Taking a breath, Michael feels better, he knowing it was a good idea to call his best friend, “Thanks, Jeremy”
  • “Welcome, dude”
  • Combing a shaky hand through his hair, Michael grabs his keys, heads to his car and heads over to your house

  • You were almost just as nervous as your boyfriend was, of course your parents had asked to meet him, you were always talking about him
  • Pacing around your room, you grow more worried but you know that they will love him
  • You get a text from Michael telling you that he is on the way, your heart both jumps for joy and sinks in worry
  • Both your parents are working diligently on dinner as you walk downstairs from your room and tell them that Michael’s on his way
  • Their faces somewhat fall, they weren’t ready, so they go to their room to get ready
  • You are already ready, wearing your (f/c) dress with your hair slightly curled (if you have a pixie cut, then don’t worry bout this)

  • Michael arrives at your house and his heart, just like yours, jumps for joy and sinks in nervousness
  • “Be cool, Michael, be cool” he whispers to himself like a mantra as he walks up to your front door
  • As he stands in front of your door, he has to stop and take a  r e a l ly deep breath, which calms him down a bit, he also knows that the moment he sees you that it’ll also calm him down
  • With this in his head, he rings the doorbell

  • You are so lost in thought that the sound of the doorbell causing you to let out a small yelp, but after a second you realize that it must be Michael
  • Calling out to your parents that you’ll get the door, you walk over to and open the door and you swear you start drooling
  • Michael looks so handsome in his nice outfit that you swear had you not been grabbing the door, you would’ve been knocked on your butt
  • “C-come inside” you say, inviting him in, “My parents are still getting ready, so… yeah”

  • Michael comes into your home and immediately pulls you into a hug, you can tell how nervous he is by his breathing
  • Wrapping your arms around his neck, you whisper into his ear, “Don’t worry, Mikey, I’m just as nervous as you are!”
  • “Oh really?” comes his shaky reply
  • “Yes, really, Michael. B-but I have a feeling they’ll really like you”
  • “I needed to hear that. And see you”
  • “You’re too sweet. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to see you, either, goofball”

  • As you two are whispering back and forth, your parents emerge from their room and are greeted with the scene before them
  • Your mom clears her throat, bringing to your attention that they were in the room
  • Instantly, you and Michael pull away from your hug and both laugh nervously
  • “Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend, Michael Mell. Michael, these are my wonderful parents,” you introduce
  • Michael waves at your parents, saying, “Pleasure to meet you two”
  • Your mother smiles, instantly taking a liking to him, “The pleasure is ours, Michael. Now, dinner should be done, let’s go eat, yeah?”
  • He sighs out a “Oh my God, yes, please! I’m starved!”
  • That causes both your parents to laugh, this was a good sign

  • During dinner, Michael carries on with your parents like he was part of the family already
  • “Wow, you two are amazing! I understand where (y/n) gets her awesomeness from! Dinner is delicious, Mrs. (y/l/n)”
  • Your mother chuckles and says, “Why thank you, Michael. Might I say that (y/n) was right, you’re quite handsome and you’re very polite”
  • Nodding, your father concurs with his wife, “I have to agree. Michael, you are quite the nice, polite young man. Everything I would want for my little girl”
  • Michael’s almost noticeably relieved to hear them say those things, sighing he answers, “You two have no idea how relieved that makes me”
  • “Me too!” you pipe in happily, “Michael and I were worried you’d hate him”
  • Your mother looks almost appalled by your statement, “How could we ever hate anyone our little girl likes? Unless he does something really stupid, we have no reason to hate or even dislike him”
  • Once again, your father agrees with your mother, “I could not say it better myself, darling”

  • You and Michael are so happy, your parents approve of him and that makes everything so much better
  • After dinner, Michael takes you to the 7/11 for celebratory slushies and then when you get back to your house, a night full of cuddles ensues, the two of you giddy as you’ll get out
  • Surprisingly, your parents were actually okay with him staying the night, fully trusting that the two of you will not do anything too stupid
  • Later that night, a rather heated make-out session happens but it did not escalate further than that, because you two pass out around 11:00 pm due to how your nervousness wore you both out
Madohomu is Canon!

Ok Guys, listen up!

This ship is canon

Madohomu is canon. It’s the only ship in PMMM that has the most potential, a complete background, it has a perfect and strong basis. Moreover. The “What” and ‘When” of the Madohomu moments have perfectly explained, “Why” and How”.

Everyone needs to know that if you are going to give a what and when, be sure to give a why and how. Please be perfectly clear that “what” and “when” are born from “why” and “how”. There can’t be a “what” and “when”, without a “why” and “how”. But also know this, some “why” and “how” are also born from “what” and “when”. But these “what” and”when” are also born from other “why” and “how”. Just because sometimes we don’t know the “why” and “how”, it doesn’t change the fact that the result, “what” and “when” were not born from them.


What: A baby was born.

When: On X day, at X hours, in X year.

Why: A man and a woman fell in love, or any other VALID REASON.

How: By the process of reproduction in humans.

Please be sure to give why and how when we are discussing what right and what’s wrong. Give sources and links.

Now, onto the main topic. Why is Madohomu canon? One of the members whispered that the feeling they have for their lover is Love. Let me make it perfectly clear that there was never any obsession to begin with, and still isn’t.

In the Anime, it was only about keeping and fulfilling her promise to Madoka of the third timeline.

In the Rebellion, it was about coming to terms with her true feelings of love.

Proof for why the feelings are not obsession was said by Nagisa Momoe herself during the dethronement scene.

In the manga, she explicitly asked “is it obsession?”

This was said by Nagisa.

So there you go, it’s plain Love, love has many faces, shrieking “obsession” in the face of love doesn’t mean that’s the kind of love it is. Obsession of any and every kind, NOT PRESENT FROM THE BEGINNING. This “Love” is the purest form of love. Do you want to know why?

Because in the ending, madoka is with her family

And Homura is all alone,

This is why I call this ending a sign of true love. The truest form of love is not to get in bed with the person you love, it’s the moment when you are simply content with the fact that they are happy and secure, as well as even breathing.

There are many canon reasons for the dethronement part, not just AI YO.

Here they are.

There are many canon reasons for why the Love Homura has for Madoka is anything but Sexual, or non consensual.

Here they are.

I also have explained why it isn’t abusive or unhealthy up there.

There are pictures and sources present about Urobuchi signing Homu posters with “Homura is the best girl”. “Homura did was nothing wrong” was what he signed as well. Now we don’t know whether it was asked or he did it himself, that is up to you. 

Also, people say the relationship is going to be unhealthy and abusive. 

Shut up. 

Once again, where is your “why” and “how”? 

The only evidence that Magica Quartet slapped in our faces to imagine the post rebellion world is by giving us official art of the post rebellion world.

Here it fucking is.


Hope to redeem your best friend or never giving up until getting your best friend back, is included in that. Please don’t forget that Madokami will keep trying, because this story is basically about “HOPE”. 

The only character to have whispered “It’s Love” is Homura.

The MadoHomu ships is already half way to island Canon. We just need to hear Madoka Kaname’s answer.

Her voice actor herself said about Madoka’s probable answer in the future regarding Homura’s feelings for her. It was ”No matter what form you take, Homura-chan is Homura-chan. Falling in love wirh someone is wonderful, so don’t call yourself the devil. I love you”.

Here is the original page.

Homura hates herself :( , that’s why the clara dolls are present. 

But just because she hates herself, doesn’t mean she’s not happy.

Urubouchi stated in an interview that the ending of Rebellion was atleast Happy for Homura. He said “atleast”. “Atleast” means that more than Homura, there are others who are happy as well. The others?

But Homura is also happy. Like I stated, she’s happy that the person she loves is finally living a normal life she wanted. Yes, Madoka did want to live with her family, she never wanted to leave them, it was the circumstances, because of which she had to put her personal wishes aside, Otherwise, she would’ve never left her family and friends. 

In this scene

(My God, just look at all the love!)

The things that Madoka said were all true! Please read Shinbou’s interviews as well, one of the translated one states that these were the true feelings of Madoka. This is one of the reasons for the dethronement part. I have given the link above.

So yeah, this pairing is canon. It’s awesome, 

it’s touching, 

it’s unique, 

it’s sad,

it’s beautiful, 

it’s tragic, 

and it’s love in it’s purest form. 

Where you’re ready to shoulder any burden, 

any sin, 

anything, just for the person you love 

and make sure they’re happy, no matter whether it KILLS YOU 

in the process.

But who cares right? 

Since the one you love is happy and secure, that calls for some celebration right? Come on guys get up!

And let’s not forget to invite the one who has been screwing with you since the beginning!

Let’s party!


1st Group Picture

Made new friends with an awesome Scaramouche and DJ Stylbator! Rod and I actually saw her progress pictures that someone posted in the Fanime group. Our goal was to run into her at Fanime but Jess and Dave actually come up to us instead when they saw Rod’s armor from far away! Then we started nerding out about Samurai Jack and planned a meetup the next day because they weren’t in costume that day. It was so much fun! 

@mocktugboat as Samurai Jack

@kaleidraws as Scaramouche

@djkvesper as DJ Stylbator 


2nd Group Picture

We found Mona! Here’s how we met:

Went to a different fabric store with Rod because it’s bigger and we couldn’t find what we needed. While we were getting fabric cut, the older lady working there asked what we were making. We showed her pictures of Samurai Jack and Ashi, she said people come in all the time for cosplay and she thinks it’s amazing. Mona, the older black lady she knows behind us overhears and we start talking.

Mona: “You guys make cosplays?“ 
Me: "Yes, do you?" 
Mona: "Yeah, I make costumes for my kids and husband. The older one doesn’t like it as much though. We go to Comic Con, Fanime, etc. I’m making Overwatch for me, my husband and two boys. I have pictures here.”
Me: “Omg, that’s amazing! Family goals.” ❤️
Rod: “Ugh, this is my first time working with armor. That looks awesome!”
Me: “He’s making the Samurai Jack armor and I’m doing Ashi." 
Mona: "OMGGG I love Samurai Jack! I was going to do that but I don’t know how to make her one shoulder top go over my fat body.”
Me: “Aaaw." 
Mona: "No because my boobs are big!”
Me: “Does your husband make stuff too?”
Mona: “No, he just gives me money.”
Me and Rod: 
Mona: “You guys going to Fanime?”
Me: “Yeah! We’ll look for you." 
Mona: "Oh, they called my number to cut fabric. Nice meeting you, I’m Mona." 
Rod: "You too! I’m Rod.”
Me: “Nice meeting you too! I’m Kaylyn.”

Forget being a soccer mom or dance mom. I’m going to be a cosplay mom. We love you Mona! ❤️