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Deanpunzel? - Request

(Don’t allow me to choose the titles, please.)

Requested by anon:  Hi! Could you do one dean x reader where they are in a relationship and she calls him Rapunzel because she thinks they look a lot like each other and just so many fluff and embarrassed dean please .

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam.

Word count: 1,708

Warnings: Dean’s insecurity, fluffy fluff.

A/N: I love some comforting Dean kind of thing, and I sure as Hell loved making this. I hope you do too! Enjoy!

Requests are ALWAYS open!

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“I’m serious man, clippers.” Dean insisted.

“No.” Sam stated with an eye-roll. “What’s your deal with my hair?”

“You look like freaking Rapunzel!” Dean exclaimed, keeping his joking tone.

(Y/N) tilted her head, narrowing her eyes as if she needed to get a better view of Sam. “Nah, he doesn’t.”

“See? Even your girlfriend knows…” (Y/N) was now looking at Dean.

“Although,” She interrupted Sam, “you do look a lot like her.”

“What? Of course not!” Dean fumed.

“She’s right, you do.” Sam chuckled.

“Big green eyes, curly eyelashes, blonde hair…” She mumbled, analysing his facial features.

“Chubby cheeks.” Sam added.

“I DON’T HAVE CHUBBY CHEEKS.” Dean roared. Sam took his phone out, googling a Rapunzel picture and showing it to Dean.

“Also the baby face.” (Y/N) continued.

“Oh my Chuck, yes!.” Sam nodded in agreement “You’re like twins.” The younger brother stated mockingly.

“Oh yeah… They look a lot more alike side by side.” (Y/N) commented, alternating her gaze between the animated princess and her boyfriend.

Dean huffed angrily and left to lock in his room. (Y/N) and Sam were used to him ranting about everything in the past few days, so they just worked on their respective chores and gave him time to cool off. By the time the night came, Dean was fine and he seemed to have forgotten all about the Rapunzel thing.

A whole week went by and Dean hadn’t mentioned a single thing about Sam’s hair, not even when (Y/N) French braided it. He was also acting weird and he had let his bread grow. Sam and (Y/N) were starting to get concerned about him, so (Y/N) decided to face him.

Dean was in front of the bathroom mirror, checking out his growing beard. He wasn’t used to it, it made him feel older, but he had to let it grow in order to hide his baby face. He also checked his green eyes, and tried putting on some water over his eyelashes to see if they uncurled – which they didn’t. (Y/N) was right behind him, watching his every move; however and due to the height difference, Dean hadn’t noticed her.

“Babe?” (Y/N) called, making Dean jump.

“You scared me.” He breathed out, wide eyed.

“Sorry… What are you doing?” She tilted her head to emphasize the question.

“Uh… You know, just looking at my manly beard. Why?” He was uncomfortable, and if it weren’t for the beard, (Y/N) would be able to see his blushing cheeks better.

“Nothing…” She replied, “I want to talk about a little something, if you don’t mind.”

Dean furrowed his eyebrows and nodded, walking back to his room, locking them both before sitting at the edge of the bed. He liked some privacy when (Y/N) wanted to talk.

“What is it?”

“You’re acting weird.” She stated with the most serious tone Dean had ever heard on her.

“No I’m not.” He was, and he knew it. But Dean Winchester won’t ever admit things like so.

“You haven’t mocked Sam’s hair in a whole week… Hell! You’ve barely spoken at all!” She exclaimed, “You’re letting your beard grow!”

“It’s called growing up!” Dean roared, “Maybe you and Sam should try!”

“Is this about Sam and I? What did we do?” She inquired. Dean had built up his wall, and he was overly defensive of it.

“Ask yourselves!” Dean stood up, walking past her and to the door, but (Y/N) didn’t let him. She was willing to tear the wall down, even if she had to become a wrecking ball but Dean wasn’t going to hide whatever it was bothering him from her.

“Dean, talk to me.” She begged, “Tell me what’s wrong, we can fix it.”

“Doesn’t matter, okay?” Dean huffed.

“It clearly matters to you!” She insisted, “Just… You know you can tell me anything.”

Dean licked his lips, considering her words before turning her back on her. She used this as her advantage, guiding him to sit back in bed, cuddled with her.

“Dean, baby… Please, tell me.” She asked softly, “I’m here, I won’t laugh.”

“You sure as Hell were laughing with Sam that other day… Laughing at me.” Dean mumbled, huddling closer to her and resting his face over her chest.

“You mean when… Is this because of…?”

“Rapunzel, yes.” (Y/N) giggled, causing Dean to look up at her in confusion.

“We were just joking.” She cleared, giving Dean a warm smile.

“So I don’t look like her?” (Y/N) hesitated to respond. She clicked her tongue and shrugged her shoulders.

“Just a tiny, tiny bit.” She finally replied, using a high-pitched voice, She used to fingers to gesture how small the look alike was.

Dean huffed, rolling on his side to give his back on her. She sighed heavily and rolled with him, wrapping an arm around his waist and pressing her chest against his back. It was weird to be the big spoon with such a tall, broad man but the situation required it.

“Babe, I’m sorry…” She muttered, “I never meant to make you feel less…”

“Less what?” Dean hissed.

“Whatever it is that you’re feeling.” She breathed out, not wanting to start yet another fight.

“Should’ve thought of it before mocking me.”

“To be fair, you were mocking Sam first.” She responded.

“But Sam doesn’t care… Besides, I was talking about his hair length… You literally compared me to a goddamn Disney princess.” Dean mumbled.

“She’s cute.” She replied with a dubitative tone.

“I don’t want to be cute.” Dean spoke with a childish voice.

“Then what do you want to be?” She asked, using her motherly voice to match his childish boyfriend.

“I want to be though… bad-ass… When a guy thinks of hitting on you and then sees me by your side, I want them to think ‘Damn, he’ll kick my ass if I get close’… I don’t want to be called Rapunzel, or Ken doll, definitely not pretty face… I’m a warrior, not an Abercrombie model.” Dean spoke shyly; he had never confessed that to anyone.

“I’m sure you’re already quite intimidating…” She whispered, “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I thought you did see me as a warrior.” Dean replied, leaning deeper into his pillow to hide his humiliation.

“I do see you like that… Dean, you’re like Superman, or Batman! You can save lives and still look like you were hand-made by God himself…” She said.

“Right.” Dean didn’t believe a single thing she said.

(Y/N) sighed heavily and sat up, pressing her chin to his side, and trying to look at his face – which was hiding on the pillow. “You never believe me when I compliment you but you do believe me when I tell a joke…”

“Your jokes are easier to believe.”

“So you really think you look more alike to a long-ass haired princess rather than… I don’t know… Captain America?” She inhaled deeply before letting out a loud sigh, “I just wish you could see yourself through my eyes.”

“Oh yeah, that way I could look at Rapunzel every morning when I shave.” Dean chuckled bitterly.

“Or maybe you would see the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.” She spoke softly, “You’d see a forest in your eyes, and you know how much I like forests… You would see that sharp jaw that kills me every time you chew.” Dean’s lips curled slightly, “You would see the million freckles over your nose, and remember of the stars each night…”

“If I had a million freckles, I would…”

“Don’t interrupt my moment!” She laughed, making Dean laugh as well. He looked up from the pillow, connecting his green orbs with her (Y/E/C) ones.

“You want to turn this into a chick-flick?” Dean inquired jokingly.

“Yes!” She grinned, “Now shut up.” Dean smiled back, looking down for a second before looking back up, nodding for her to continue. “Where was I?”

“My freckles.”

“Right.” Dean stared lovingly as she spoke, “Your freckles remind me of the stars each night, when we drive back home late and Sam is snoring on the back seat while the radio plays softly in the background… And you would see your fanfiction lips…”

“Fanfiction li…”

“SHHHHH.” Dean laughed along with her, “Yes, fanfiction lips… You have the exact lips people describe in fanfiction, and don’t ask how I know this but the ones that did like the Supernatural books have a fair idea of how you look like.” Dean licked his lips shyly, and not even his beard could cover the blush on his cheeks. “You would also see a very muscly man that saves my lame-ass every single time… And not only mine, but a lot of other people’s too. You would also see a man who gives his life for whoever he loves, a man who will never judge a book by its cover and that knows respect better than anyone… You’d see a man who is ashamed of making a joke using a serious statement, just to release some stress… A man who makes puns, impressions and uses pop-culture references to make people smile, or at least focus in something other than the situation… I see a man who loves with all his heart, but who thinks he’s not deserving of that same amount of love, a man who keeps telling himself he’s less than people tell him, when in reality he’s a superhero and deserves the double amount of love he gives.”

“You’re so cheesy.” Dean joked, although his green eyes were now watery.

“And you’re a stubborn bitch.” She joked back, “And I love you so much for that.”

“You really do?” He asked like a little child.

(Y/N) nodded, her eyes becoming watery as well. “I would die, I would kill, I would do anything for you, Dean Winchester.”

Dean couldn’t say anything else. Instead, he pulled her to his arms, hugging her tightly and pressing his nose on the crook of her neck. “I love you.” He managed to mumble.





“So you really think I look like Captain America?” Dean asked from the bathroom, he was finally shaving.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure you would get casted to play him on a big Hollywood production.” Dean chuckled.