and yes im bored

when you wake up remembering that you’re supposed to remember something but you don’t remember what it is that you’re supposed to remember

“hows the marriage life?”

Keith: *comes out of shower in towel*

Lance: *runs up screaming and tackles him*

Keith: Jesus fucking chr-

Keith: You’re going to get all wet!

Lance: *kisses cheek* It’s fine, besides people are always telling me I’m dripping with good looks ;)

Keith: *stares at to camera like on The Office* 

Infatuation - Part 1

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Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

Authors Note: This is my first fanfic and I am not really sure what everyone will think of it but please give me some feedback! Oh and I hate when fanfics don’t have a slight twist to them so don’t think I’ll keep you bored! I want some action and suspense here :) 

Chapter 1:

You walked out of your last exam feeling excited because you finally finished your senior year of high school. All that was left was graduation day! You were excited for this upcoming summer because you finally had a car, a job, and more time with your boyfriend, Yugyeom. You were also excited because college would start in August, which meant a new chapter in your life. 

You had been working hard during the semester to maintain your rank as number 1 in the class. After your hard work, you finally became valedictorian, and you would be giving a speech to your fellow classmates on graduation day. You were ready for a nice and refreshing summer. 

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Lincoln and Lynn - Pokeverse Completed.

I’ll make a new blog for this au later on.

Is there anyone you’d like me to draw in from the Loud house in the PokeUniverse with a certain pokemon(s)? Requests are open. 

keith and lance are arguing one day and dont notice hunk and pidge sneaking up on them - hunk pants lance and pidge pants keith not thinking too much of it but

they end up laughing at the sight theyre met with (keith’s boxers are blue, lance’s are red)

keith and lance just go quiet for a moment before bursting out with, “you do care!!!!!”

they hug

end scene.

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