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I feel like a copying bitch because I'm just trying to draw like your drawing style (ik I am) since it's admirable?? From the gods?? But I know I should find my own drawing style, I know, I know, but the question is,,,,HOW THE FUCKING FUCK DO YOU GET YOUR OWN FUCKING FUCKERY DRAWING STYLE LIKE F U C K U MY HANDS AREN'T THAT BLESSED I JUST COPY (with consent~ consent is e v e r y t h i n g) yes I'm high on my feelings

uhhh but i didn’t give consent for my style to be copied…. also please don’t say that i was born with gifted hands. it’s annoying to artists like me who weren’t good from the start.

i was only born with a burning passion for drawing and improving, which was what carried me through all these years.

i practice and suffer and battle with the thought of giving up everyday. this ask is disrespectful because you overlooked my years of practice and effort and you’re basically telling me that you’d rather hitchhike on my hard fought achievements than progress organically like everyone else, just so you know.

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Do you ship Asanoya? Why ship Asanoya? I see them more as friends, but I'm open to reasoning!

YES I SHIP ASANOYA! To me, Asanoya just makes sense. For one thing, they have such a mutual admiration for each other. THEY JUST LOVE EACH OTHER AND SING EACH OTHER’S PRAISES A LOT? AND WANT THE OTHER TO DO THEIR BEST AT EVERYTHING? There’s so much passion in their friendship that I feel maybe isn’t just friendship. Noya literally didn’t return to the team unless Asahi was there, he didn’t want to win while Asahi was off the team. 

Then there’s the height difference. But that’s purely my own indulgence lol. 

Not to mention Furudate has literally written these two as character foils. From the wiki: “ Their birthdays are inverse (01/01 and 10/10), as are their heights and personalities (and even their name kanji contrast each other - respectively ‘east’ and ‘west’, ‘peak’ and ‘valley’, 'morning sun’ and 'evening’). They are also the two best known, talented, and accomplished members of the team, other than Kageyama.” I just love that???

I respect that you can only see them as friends, but I hope some of these things helped you see Asanoya just a little more? :)


The first thing is the greater good. You taught me that.

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Brutalmoose you're awesome, but then I saw something that I dread the most when looking up the personal info of people I look up to: whether they are gay or not. Now I'm not homophobic or anything (I have a gay friend), but being gay is against my religious views, so I feel sad when I see the people I look up to and admire are gay. Do you feel bad when you hear people making fun of gays? If I have offended you I'm SO VERY sorry. I am a big fan. Keep making more videos please!!!!

You haven’t offended me, no worries! But yes, I do feel bad when people make fun of gay people in a hateful way. Some good-natured ribbing is alright, though.

I think what’s important to remember when it comes to religious beliefs is that they’re your own. Projecting your beliefs on others who don’t think the same as you doesn’t sound like it could really yield good results for anyone. Maybe try and figure out why homosexuality is the one thing you “dread the most.” Surely your religion has more rules than that. Even if I was straight, I still would likely not be a part of your religion or follow its rules… so why dread that one thing about me (or anyone else)? I just find it strange that the personal info you dread the most is ‘weather they are gay or not’ instead of what religion I’m a part of. Just an observation!

You seem like someone sensitive to others’ feelings, which is good. You don’t always see that in people. I’m just going to take a stab in the dark and guess that your religion teaches that you should love everyone, no matter who they are. Perhaps, instead of dreading someone’s sexuality (or any other aspect of their lives), simply focus on the fact that everyone in this world is different, and we should love each other despite those differences.

my mother is an unbelievably generous and loving and admirable individual and i am SO SO SO grateful to her for letting me save on rent and resources by living in her house but GODDAMNIT SHE IS GETTING ON MY EVERY NERVE RN

Bleach 665 “The Princess Dissection” Review

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you may have noticed that Urahara Kisuke is a character I am somewhat fond of.

Joking aside, when I call Kisuke my favorite, I don’t just mean my favorite character from Bleach, I mean my favorite character period.  From any work of fiction.  So when I say that I have been waiting for this moment for TEN YEARS, I am not kidding.  I won’t get into the details of why I love him so in this review, I have written countless headcanons and about 300k words of fanfiction for this man so far, and I still feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface.  Suffice it to say that I love him for both the ugliness and the beauty within him, and this chapter… well, this chapter gave me everything I could have ever asked for this wonderful disaster of a man.

No messing with silly gifs this time around.  Let’s get to it.

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30 days book challenge » Day 15 -favorite male character

Severus Snape

My ‘favorite’ ma character is my childhood crush. I fell in love at 9 when I first lay my hand on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It was the first time I liked a character this much. He was the sinister teacher, hated by everyone. 'He’s mean!’ was what all my friends used to say to me about Snape at the time (until the Deathly Hallows really), 'He’s not! You’ll see he’s not!’ I didn’t know how right I was at the time but I took his side every time I could because I just knew there was more in Severus Snape than the mean, dark teacher. Dumbledore trusted him after all. I always admired his bravery, his courage and loyalty. The fact that he made bad decision, but decided to change, to fight for what was good. I admired him and I still admire him.  “You dare use my own spells against me? Yes. I’m The Half-Blood Prince.

How to decorate your Christmas Tree

1. select plant of your own choosing

1. buy christmas tree


2. print out nice decoration

3. decorate christmas tree

(something’s missing)

(yes, perfect)

4. adjust more Nic Cage

5. admire your work


Yona of the .D. .A. .W. .N. 

one of my favorite anime series is akatsuki no yona because of its fabulous plot, amazing characters, and the super emotional events it has. i admire yona so much because she makes such a courageous transition from a naive princess to a sort of guardian of her kingdom, eager to protect everyone in it. she’s definitely a queen in her own right