and yes i watched gravity falls

Human Bill Cipher: PINE TREE WATCH ME DANCE *starts to dance* *falls and breaks leg*

Dipper: Holy shit Bill are you okay? Did you seriously just break your leg trying to dance? What the literal fuck? YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE DANCING IM SO CONFUSED

Human Bill Cipher *laughing so hard he has tears in his eyes* I DIDN’T KNOW I COULD BREAK DANCE

Dipper: … Did you seriously just break your leg for a fucking pun?


Got around to watching Ajin: Demi-Human, and decided it was right up my alley and caught up on both the anime and manga.

After all that, this was a good use of an evening.

Okay... this is going to take a while for me to process what just happened a couple hours ago. Anyways. THEORY TIME!!!

Now, after watching the intro to Jack’s Panel like a billion times on YouTube and tumblr, it’s time I come up with some theories.

So yes, it has been confirmed that Anti has been here this entire time, for almost 5 months. Remember Detention 2, 3, and 4? Remember the expressions on the facecam? That wasn’t Anti, it was Jack.

Somehow on Halloween, Jack got trapped in Anti’s world which I will refer to as the “Glitch Mindscape.” If you listen closely towards the end you’ll hear “help me.” This means that Jack is scared, alone, and helpless. He needed us to save him on Halloween, but we didn’t. Refer back to Anti saying “Look at you all just sitting there.” “It’s all your fault.” “You could’ve stopped me, but you just watched as this happened.” He’s still blaming us that we didn’t do anything to save Jack.

Anti was also angry and jealous that the attention on him was taken away. Remember at the bottom of Detention 4 “betrayal neglect mistake.” And from what he said “You stopped paying attention.” “You found someone new, someone to replace me.” “You threw me aside.” We betrayed Anti because it’s a possibility that we put our attention on Darkiplier. We neglected him. And to him, that was a big mistake for us.

Somehow, I got a strange vibe when Anti said “I’m not going anywhere.” “I’m always there, always watching.” “You can’t get rid of me.” I don’t know why but Bill Cipher just immediately popped into me head when he said that. Could this mean that Anti is part of the Illuminati somehow? I guess so since it’s confirmed that he’s omniscient, he’s watching all of us. And Bill at one point in Gravity Falls couldn’t be removed from the real world or the dreamscape until he was tricked in the series finale. What if we somehow tricked Anti and we manage to get Jack back? I don’t know…

But that’s just a Dark Youtuber Theory! Thanks for reading this. I’m usually never a theorist but today got me intrigued (Even though I had a rough afternoon, and still healing from my cold, and life has been crazy as fuck.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS, ANON <3 I’m glad it gives you life! MLB gives me so much life too huhu

DO I WATCH GRAVITY FALLS, YOU ASK? Do you mean that super cute show about these adorable nerdball twins named queen cutie and mister grumpy who defeat the swankiest triangle villain I have ever seen with their dorky grunklestan and hella rad fambam? Then, yes, I do watch it.

I had such a huge thing for human!Bill Cipher and I have a couple of sketches of him lying around. Lucky for you anon! Here’s my rendition. (Well, one I’m proud of at least.) I drew this a couple of months ago tbh ahaha (Glad you think it would look great in my style )

BONUS: The said nerdball twins :3c

Note: I can’t take requests right now. Because I have a lot of work to do atm and I might not be able to give y’all that kind of thing HUHU BUT!!! If I’ve drawn it before and someone asks for it, I don’t mind posting it.

ALSO, Sorry for the delay in getting to these asks omg :( I’ll try to get to them all when I can!

SvTFoE isn't the only good Disney XD show.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Star vs The Forces of Evil, it’s a really good show, and I’m really looking forward to see the second season but I keep these people that it’s only good show Disney XD has since Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder are done. Yes, it sucks that Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder ended and true they have Pickle and Peanut but there are still few good shows that Disney XD has besides Star Vs. Like

Star Wars Rebels (Third Season coming soon) (It’s felt really biased to me when they said “Rebels Sucks, The Clone Wars is way better.” I personally think Rebels is better than TCW because it felt closer to the source material and it really shows that Disney respect Star Wars more than George Lucas did)

Yo Kai Watch (True this anime series can be corny but hey CN has Pokemon)

Penn Zero: Part Time Hero (Second Season coming soon)

Guardians of the Galaxy (TV Series)

and hell even Ultimate Spiderman(I’m growing to like it and I think it’s improving despite having flaws)

Originally posted by effyeahultimatespiderman

I think these shows are being overlooked and I do believe they deserves to be look at.

Plus there are two upcoming Disney XD shows that I think they’re might be good

And besides, there’s a petition for bring back Wander and who knows, maybe it will happen like it happens to Kim Possible and Futurama. (I’ll give a year to see what happens)

I still have hopes for Disney.

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relationship status: in love with fictional characters :D :3

favorite colour: red, violet and black

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last movie i watched: I can’t remember but I guess it was Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses (yes that’s childish but you can’t stop me >:3)

top 3 tv shows: Star vs. the forces of evil, Gravity Falls, Kuroshitsuji

top 3 characters: Star Butterfly (&Marco Diaz), Rhys the company man, Flora (&Helia&Tecna) from Winx Club [but I actually like the old seasons better than the new ones]

top 3 ships: Rhack, Starco, Narumitsu

books i’m currently reading: sadly no books because of stress but I always read fanfictions if that counts :3

There could be an hour long Gravity Falls special of just Stan and Ford sitting in the little cabin inside the Stan O’ War II just relaxing and Stan is casually strumming and plucking a guitar while Ford is just contently listening while enjoying a cup of coffee with no dialogue and I would watch every second of it and I would love it.

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Yes, I know I’m very late with this, but I finally have the time.

Nicknames: Flup, Fliep, Flipperkast, Asahi and some other ones I can’t remember rn. I do have quite a lot of nicknames tbh.

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 173 cm

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Do I get asks regularly?: Nope.

Why did I choose my URL?: Because it was the first thing that came into my mind. I see myself as someone who doesn’t fit in a mold perfectly. In other words: I ain’t a normal person.

Gender: Cis male

Favourite colour: Yellow

Average hours of sleep: 6-8

Lucky Number: 8

Favourite Characters: Oh come on, don’t get me started. Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka (BNHA), Gon Freecs, Leorio Paladiknight (HxH), Minami Kenjiro (YOI), Asahi Azumane, Bokuto Koutarou (Haikyuu!!), Alphonse Elric (FMA), Rin Okumura, Shiemi Moriyama (Ao no Exorcist), do I need to go on? I have a lot of faves, so these are the ones that pop up in my head at the time.

Dream Job: I don’t know.

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

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My parents or ENTIRE family hates my most of my fav shows
  • Mom: Star vs. forces of evil is NOT a kids show!! >:((
  • Me: Then why does it even exist?
  • Dad: Gumball is stupid >:((
  • Me: that's kinda the point, it's a comedy basically.
  • Brother: Steven universe have horrible singers for their songs!
  • Me: not really, but if you listen to the covers I'm sure you'll like them-
  • Sister: Gravity falls is stupid!
  • Me: yes a show that inspires kidz that it's okay to be weird and unique is stupid.
  • Family: they teach no life lessons and are un educational!
  • Me: NONE of you even watch ANY of these shows!!!

inksomniaa  asked:

freaking yes! i don't go outside so i'm spending my time procrastinating chores and watching gravity falls.

ME. ALL THE TIME. If I got paid for procrastinating I’d be a fucking millionaire. Screw going outside I don’t wanna die thanks

anonymous asked:

For the date thing, I'm a 5ft tall autistic transboy with red hair (dyed, natural color is brunette) with hazel eyes. My interests include Star vs the forces of evil, gravity falls, P!ATD, Fall out boy, Tokyo ghoul, Kuroshitsuji and drawing (even though my art sucks). My perfect date would include yummy snacks that would be sensory heaven while watching whatever show you want (i'm not to picky) and lots of cuddling and blankets💖❤💛💙💚💜✌

Yes! Perfect! All the blankets and I just got Howl’s Moving Castle on DVD so we can watch that!

Doesn’t wanna tag anyone cause LAZY xD

Relationship Status: Taken

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Lipstick or Chapstick: I don’t use these stuffs -w-”

Last song I listened to: Pluto x ye. - Feel The Fire (Egzod Remix)

Last movie I watched: Moana

Top 3 TV shows: Steven universe, Gravity Falls & Criminal Mind

Top 3 characters: Veigar, Kennen and Pyrite

Top 3 ships: Hmm…

Books I’m currently reading: Some Japanese legends

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Star Vs the Forces of Evil

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gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Pokemon Team: Mm… well my current pokemon team on Sun is, Salazzle, Garchomp, Primarina, Lycanroc, Alolan Raichu and Bewear. But if I had to pick out of all the pokemon, for my team. I’m definitely pick Garchomp, Espeon, Empoleon, Volcarona, Staraptor and Mimmikyuu.

Favourite Colours: Reds, black, grey, white, and some blues.

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Favourite Characters: uh… oh boy, Voltron: Keith, Matt, Pidge, Shiro, Hunk, Lance, Thace. Gravity Falls: Dipper, Mabel, Bill. Miraculous Ladybug: Alya, Nino, Adrian, Marinette, Nathanaël, Alix and Kim. Shadowhunters: Clary, Alec, Magnus, Maya. HTTYD1/2/Riders of Berk: Heather, Hiccup, Astrid, Eret. Star vs the Forces of Evil: Toffee, Hekapoo, Marco, Jackie, Star. Steven Universe: Garnet, Lapis, Peridot, Connie, Steven.

Blankets I sleep with: 4 at my apartment and 2 at home.