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Hey I am following your web comic swan and I was wondering, is Keira on the autism spectrum? She came across to me as someone who might be autistic living in a period where they didn't have a word for it yet. Which also makes me wonder, was the premise of the comic inspired by that theory that "changelings" were actually autistic children?

yes!!!!!!! yes she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I made her autistic bc of that reason though I just did it bc I’m autistic and I wanted to

I know when I found out about that changeling theory tho I was SO fuckin pumped because that’s exactly what I thought about myself when I was growing up?? I thought I MUST be a changeling bc I felt so different from everybody else like I saw things differently and I was obsessed with faeries and I was just waiting for them to arrive one day and be like “hey we’ve come to take you where you actually belong, you were never supposed to fit in with humans” but that never happened

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Can I get RFA + V finding MC's anti-depressants and realizing they have depression? Please and thank you!

Yes, I made it so that Jumin doesn’t find out that exact way, so if you want me to fix it let me know. Also, if anyone needs to talk because they feel down, you can message me at any time.


  • He’s not the brightest lightbulb he only lasted about an hour
  • He has to actually see MC’s pill case on his bathroom counter for it to really register that they take any sort of medicine
  • MC has slept over at his house a few times before, so he assumes that he’s seen them take their pills
  • He gets worried
  • Like really worried and runs out of the bathroom, pill case in hand and asks MC if they’re dying
  • Yoosung, chill
  • “No, Yoosung. It’s just to help regulate my depression”
  • Oh. He can deal with that.
  • Then it clicks
  • MC, you have depression? But you’re always so happy and smiling.”
  • They have to explain to him that just because someone is happy doesn’t mean they aren’t depressed. 
  • He studies more about depression and things he can do to help in his spare time.
  • He will stop whatever his plans are for the day and just hold them, if MC says they’re not feeling too well


  • Is honestly a bit hurt when he finds the bottle that appears to have fallen out of MC’s jacket. Yeah, MC why are you carrying your anti-depressants around in a jacket. 
  • But once he sits down and talks about it with them, he finds out that it’s not him and they’ve had it for years, he’s honestly completely fine with it.
  • It’s just another part of them to love.
  • Whenever MC is having a particularly bad day, he’ll lay down on the couch and pull MC on top of him so that they can listen to his heartbeat it’s so steady and strong and he can stroke their hair


  • She was always worried about you
  • Even back before the first party, when MC would miss chatrooms from how much they slept.
  • So she really didn’t mean to snoop. 
  • They just always looked so tired, and Jaehee just wanted to make sure MC isn’t in an kind of trouble.
  • She found a slip for a proscription refill first, for something with a name she couldn’t even begin to pronounce.
  • Then she found the pill bottles, all still filled and dated recently, all of them saying take twice a day
  • She was honestly shocked MC was hiding something like this.
  • She was their wife. We all know the proposal Jaehee had was actually a marriage proposal.
  • Obviously she confronted MC about it.
  • Everything turned out fine, Jaehee was just upset they kept it from them for so long
  • MC now has a chart and alarms on theirs and Jaehee’s phone for when to take their meds.


  • Finds out the second day they’re in his apartment. Jumin Han gets shit done.
  • It was also kind of hard to miss how MC twitched every so often.
  • When he asked them, they just told him they needed to go back to the apartment.
  • Finally, on the third day, they told him.
  • “Jumin, I really need to go back to the apartment. My meds are there, I haven’t taken them in two days.”
  • He is calling his personal doctor before they even finish the sentence.
  • He’s right there as you talk with the doctor, and takes everything surprisingly well. 
  • Makes sure there’s always things that make them happy in the apartment.
  • Their favorite is picking up Elizabeth the 3rd and letting her fur tickle their cheeks.


  • He sees the pill bottles lining the bathroom counter and figures out pretty fast
  • Doesn’t mention it at first because he doesn’t want to seem like he cares.
  • But he’s honestly so worried that he mentions it
  • He only lasted about an hour he’s blind
  • Takes it very well
  • Really wants to just pull them into a hug and let them know they’re loved
  • After the incident with mint eye he does just that
  • Everyday.
  • And MC does it to him too.


  • He’s blind 
  • So it’s more like the rattling of the pills that clues him in
  • “Darling, what is that?” Is a frequently asked question that never really got an answer
  • Finally MC tells him.
  • Is shocked at first
  • Am I destined to be with girls who have mental disorders
  • But he eventually calms down
  • Hugs MC from behind and asks them how bad it is
  • Is very relieved when he finds out that it’s completely manageable with the medication they take every day
  • Makes sure that MC never misses a day.
  • Being the giant that he is, he engulfs MC in hugs that smell like home
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Guys! I know this is gonna sound ridiculous, but I want a dog. I’ve been waiting for so long, and I just don’t know how to convince my parents, (whom, yes, I still live with) to adopt/buy me one. We made a deal. If I can get this post to 5,000+ notes, I can get a dog. I’ve seen it done before!

Help me achieve this goal, guys! Come on, we got this! Reblog! Like! Let’s rack up those notes, alright! If we can get it over my goal, there is gonna be an AWESOME contest, I promise. 

I love you guys so much, so help me maybe? Xx

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Hey, somebody ratted you out to Lezhin US Tumblr. It's a shame considering you promote buying the official release even when it comes out a week later than S Korean release. Also the fact that you promote interest in the series and work hard to create subs and don't plaster them all over the place because you support Lezhin and Koogi.

Yes, it is a tragedy but I made a post about this 

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Larissa! My girl! I love you! A lot! You're so strong!!? Yes! I know you weren't looking forward to it but you did it and I'm !!!proud!!!! I love you feel better soon!!! I'm sorry it hurts; but you're gonna be okay??? Yes!!!!!! I love you!!!

Oh friend, this message made me smile SO MUCH! Thank you for being so kind and lovely! This message really made my day. Thank you!

And yeah, it hurts a lot and I can’t barely eat… and talk 😢 but I’m taking my meds and trying to rest, you know? So I’ll be better soon. One week! I can do this! I hope lol

Hope you are having an amazing day, friend. Love you too!

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honestly im curious to know what your inspiration was for this, care to share it?

I was sitting in American History and we had nothing to do because everyone finished their work, so my teacher had told us “Do whatever. Get in your phones, listen to music, whatever”.

I got on Tumblr and I saw the “Gerard Pickle” meme in the feed while scrolling and it had no caption, so I wondered “What if I just posted that everyday”. But then I was like “What if I post a PHOTOSET of funky Gerard pictures everyday?” and that’s how @thesamepicofgerardeveryday was born.

This one came about after someone sent in an ask wondering if there was a Frank version of it. There wasn’t, and Frank is YES so I made it and here we are.

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dont be worried taekook would never turn into fanservice they're always quiet and sublte with their moments! i think tae is just not feeling well today there's reports of him possibly having a sore back and hes probably tired? kook following him around is cute i think! there's nothing wrong with them there's even a fanacc of prerecording today where kook went over and rubbed tae's arm to make sure he was ok after they made fun of him and tae smiled to say yes so they're clearly fine :)

yess i saw that which made me happy. but yeah, thank you guys. i guess i’ve been under the weather a bit lately lol

Ok TCP starting up again

Yes I know that we haven’t made progress of the game yet but like it’s because I’ve been going through hardships with life and such and I have things to do on my list for the game but I still need people to join the Crimson project group because we’re so little that everybody has their own thing to do and you know I have the stages to do I have the characters to do and the names and the name for the stages I had to come up with the Mini-Game stages and it’s a lot of work for me so that’s why I’m asking anybody who can join in our group and then I have to work with the voice actors too and your script and give them the idea of how the character will be like to describe how they are what their personality is so that they’ll get a better idea tomorrow we are working on the game again and I was supposed to post up an animation but I didn’t get to because as I mentioned the days were bad so I wasn’t feeling really good but I am in a good mood now I want to post up this other animation I did but on my 3DS but I was lazy too so I might post it tomorrow it’s just some random Flipnote that I did and I was making some other Flipnote thing and also cuz my 3DS had fell on the floor and it’s kind of wobbly from the side and I have to kind of be careful I have to add a little pressure too close it cuz if I close it lightly it’s going to get stuck on one certain spot when I’m closing it but I have another 3D yes but it’s a 3DS Lite I have both 3DS XL and 3DS light I’m thinking of getting a Nintendo DSi XL the big one but that will be later I’m just saying to do Flipnote again but the animation only goes up to 50 seconds I think at the most part just in case if I can do a long video like my normal animations and then I can just do a Flipnote that’s usually quick for me:3


Hello yes today I installed 80 Fallout 4 mods and made a new OC* who is Definitely Not A Synth, is in no way shape or form going to work for the Railroad, and is absolutely not going to fuck the the ghoul** FOR SCIENCE!, no sir.

Her name is Ana*** and we love her.

* the odds that I will actually play Fallout 4 now that I’ve made her are still pretty fucking nil.

** I installed that mod that makes Hancock look like his concept art and I’m NOT SORRY.

*** I am pretty sure this is an acronym for something but I don’t care enough to figure out what

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I've been watching old TVD cast interviews and such lately and in at least half of them Nina stares/looks at Paul like all the time.... even when he's not talking. They also had a tendency to sit or stand beside each other a lot. Now I know they've never been more than friends (their friendship is amazing) and that Nina dated Ian for three years, but I swear that she at some point at least had a crush on Paul. And I'm not saying that just because I ship Dobsley or SE. I truly believe it's true.

Yes, someone on Tumblr actually made a post of the way Nina looks at Paul (I think it’s zalrb but I’m not sure) and she keeps doing it throughout the seasons, it’s adorable. I remember this one panel in 2014 where she was looking at him and then there’s that brief moment when he looks back and things just get all… intense.

I do think she had some kind of crush on him for a while, but I don’t think they had a fling (although after that 1x10 scene something happened, I don’t know what but something did, the way Paul keeps talking about that scene and the way he immediately assumed the interviewer was talking about something behind the scenes, he looked so fucking busted, something happened, I swear to god) I just think that Nina really likes Paul and she really wants him to like her, too. When he laughs, she laughs, and when she jokes around she always looks at Paul to see if she’s making him laugh. I think it’s not so much romantic but more like a girl crushing on her high school teacher, like wanting someone you look up to to notice that you exist. That sounds a bit creepy, but I don’t mean it like that, I just think she greatly respects Paul and it shines through whenever she’s around him.

Also, sorry for answering this so late, I read the message but then I sort of forgot I had it. :’)

Shout-out to the mlm who are gonna be asked about bringing a girl home for the holidays

Shout-out to the wlw who are gonna be asked about bringing a boy home for the holidays

Shout-out to the trans kids being forced to present as their assigned gender who are going to be misgendered and misnamed

All of you are so strong and valid and I love every one of you. My blog is always a safe space for anyone who needs to talk. Especially during the holidays. You’re all amazing. Families can suck and holidays can be tough, but is temporary and you’ll make it through. I beleive in you