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I don't know if you're doing requests at the moment or not, but if you are you mentioned/reblogged something about Omegaverse RusAme and knotting. If you ever get the chance, could you do a drabble or something with that please? I would love it so much.

((THANK YOU I reaaally needed a break from that fucking spamano fic I’m doing rn))

Alfred rubbed his thighs together as he sat on Ivan’s lap, flushed a bright red and much much more squirmy than he’d been during the beginning of the movie, when he’d decided to get off the couch cushions and into his husband’s lap, where he felt more comfortable. But Ivan’s scent gland had been right near his nose as Alfred had cuddled up with his lover, and now a thick layer of slick coated his thighs, and was slowly soaking through the denim of his jeans, soon to be felt by the big Russian Alpha, who was only wearing his boxer shorts and an old t-shirt, as he usually did on movie night. He could just picture Ivan’s cock, big thick and pleasurable inside of him, pounding against all those special little spots inside of him before knotting and linking the two together, pumping hot cum into him for hours afterward until his stomach bulged and he whined from how fucking full he felt. It was only when Ivan gave a gentle kiss to Alfred’s cheek did he snap out of it, feeling the hand rubbing his thigh.

“What are you thinking about, Fredka?~”

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