and yes i know not all of these are derogatory

The Feminine Constraint

You know what I find interesting? Unlike most female characters who “break the mold” by being super masculine (wearing pants, rejecting anything remotely girly, being one of the guys), Lizzy treats her femininity as a strength. She treats love as a strength. Love can make you stronger, it gives you something to fight for—so why is a girl who embraces love, kindness, and loyalty seen as a weakling?

Lizzy’s stronger than Ciel, a better fighter than Ciel, and has a moral compass a million times stronger than he does. (Not hating on Ciel—I respect his high intellect, Machiavellian capabilities, and rational savoir faire. Just pointing out he’s also a HUMAN character with flaws.) Elizabeth is honest, sincere, and loves Ciel without expecting to be loved in return. That, I believe, is what makes Lizzy so strong—that she’s able to keep smiling, to remain so sincere and sweet even while knowing Ciel has changed, that he’s become darker and more malevolent. That he’s hiding things from her, dismissing her and ignoring her—she is still able to remain sincere in her love and strong in her devotion. (The most impressive part? That she’s not trying to change Ciel back. That she’s learning to love him for who he is now even though the temptation to try and bring back the boy she once loved must be excruciating.)

That, I believe, is what makes Lizzy unique amongst the “strong” female protagonists we see in fiction—she’s not butch. She doesn’t hate the color pink or despise traditionally pretty things. She is one of the few females (and yes, there are others) who’s able to embrace her femininity and become stronger because of it.

Note: I am NOT an antifeminist because I say this. I believe ALL people, men and women, should be empowered—to be able to chase after their dreams and fight for what they believe in. (Which is why I love Lizzy.) That’s not to say that I don’t love the more rough and tumble female characters. One of my favorite, favorite female characters of all time is Brienne of Tarth and if you don’t know who she is, please Google her up because that woman is the definition of empowerment. (She’s also one half of my OTP. Yes, yes, yes—I’m a Jaime/Brienne shipper. What can I say.)

Discussion, as always, is welcomed though I ask that you please refrain from using derogatory language, unsubstantiated arguments, and flippant dismissals of Lizzy’s character because she “gets in the way” of your ship. Thank you.

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I hope this isn't offensive, but I was recently talking to someone who said that the word "pagan" is derogatory. is there any truth to this? I never thought of pagan as being negative or hurtful in any way. thank you for your time <3

I don’t believe you’re being offensive at all. I have also heard some people say that.

First off, I apologize for not giving you a simple yes/no answer. In order to understand what “Pagan” means, we have to go back pretty far into history. Plus, this is an area I know an uncanny amount about, ever since I took that Paganism & Early Christianity class I always knew that would come in handy someday. So, sit back, get comfy, and enjoy another round of Yunan’s Deluge of History Facts™.

To begin, let’s define Paganism. Paganism does not stand for one religion but many, and is an umbrella term used similarly to the way we use Judeo-Christian. These religions are normally polytheistic, flexible, open, and nature-focused–just to name a few qualities.

Back when Pagan religions were the majority, there was no name for them. It was universally understood that there are many Gods, and that nature should be respected. Based on what little texts we recovered from those periods, Gods were often defined by the region their worshippers lived in. This is why we know many pantheons as “Greek Gods” or “Germanic Gods”, since the region was the only way to differentiate these respective religions. 

In 380, the Edict of Thessalonica established Rome as an official Christian state. Historians estimate that less than 40% of the Roman population was Christian at the time that Edict of Thessalonica passed. This is mainly due to a method of conversion called the “top-down effect”, where the rulers of a kingdom are converted, and slowly the court and the population follow after. However, these noblemen were mainly in cities and less than 10% of the population. The elite didn’t outlaw paganism (yet), but they did restrict pagan worship and put their effort into converting the population.

Around the 400s, Chrisitan writers began coining the Latin word paganus, which I can roughly translate as “countrymen”, or “of the countryside”. Remember that the top-down effect focused on converting Romans in the elite. During this time, Rome underwent rapid urbanization, so most of its higher classes were in the cities. As a result, In Roman society city folk were seen as “enlightened” and “progressive”, whereas those in the rural ares who mostly worshipped the indigenous Pagan religion were suggested to be “backwards” or “uncivilized”. Thus, Christian writers at the time used the word “pagan” to reference the people in rural areas who still practiced their old religion.

I also want to add that the conversation of Europe took hundreds of years, until roughly 1500. When the Church began sending out friars and preachers to scope out heresy in rural areas, you better believe that the word “pagan” was use a lot, and not in a very nice tone.

But to get back on track: All Pagan religions were simply dubbed “Paganism” until the 20th century, when the Neo-Pagan movement arose. Then, people found a need to distinguish the different Pagan religions. This is where we’ve seen the rise of terms like Kemeticism, Hellenism, and even Wicca (whose practitioners were originally called “witches”, but later their faith was given a name). I believe the reason many websites and articles simply say “Paganism” because Paganism is an ancient, common, and easily understandable term for most audiences.

That begin explained—Is “pagan” a derogatory term? In its original conception, yes, it was. Is it derogatory now? I personally believe, no. Although the Romans aimed to move away from the countryside and into cities, nowadays people are aiming to move away from urbanization and back towards nature. As John Muir said, “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity … and that mountain parks are useful not only for the foundations of timber … but the foundations of life.”

Pagans take great pride in their name. And despite centuries of submission of these religions, I see no reason to see it otherwise.

How To Make DNI Banners That People Respect

sNo one asked for this post but I had to get it off my chest so here it is. Hopefully someone finds it helpful. None of these are hard and fast rules, but just general suggestions. Anyone can reblog/interact with this post.

First, a note to non-stimming folks. I know DNI banners are the fun new meme and y’all think it’s hilarious or whatever, but we started using DNI banners because explicit kink blogs kept reblogging our content without our consent, even that of the minors in our community and even gifs of our own bodies. They are a legitimate necessity. 

Respect other people’s DNI banners. This should go without saying. The whole DNI system only runs if people respect the banners. You don’t get to pick and choose which ones you want to respect. You especially don’t get to complain that other people aren’t respecting your banners and then turn around and complain that someone else’s banner mentions a group that you’re in. The goal is to enforce everyone’s boundaries, not just yours.

 I know you think it’s unfair that you don’t get to interact with a post because you’re inclusionist/exclusionist/a system little/whatever other reasons, but TERFs think it’s unfair that they don’t get to interact because they’re TERFs. If that doesn’t convince you to let TERFs interact (and it really shouldn’t), then just accept it and move on if a DNI banner mentions you. Respecting a banner is a non-action. It takes more effort to reblog a post that the OP doesn’t want you to than to just not do that.

Make your banner legible. I can’t tell you how many banners I’ve seen that are light pink text on a pale pink background in size .3 font. DNI banners aren’t meant to be part of the aesthetic. I do like it when blogs make banners that match their stimboards, it does like nice, but if someone with a vision related disability reblogs a board that they shouldn’t have because they couldn’t read the DNI banner, the fault lies with the OP. (Of course, if someone asks you not to interact, you still should just delete the post and move on, even if you couldn’t read the banner. It’s only their fault the first time.)

A good banner has high contrast between background and text, either light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background, a simple font, and large text.

Use terms that people call themselves. I see a lot of banner that are like “DNI if you’re racist/homophobic/ableist/etc” and that’s all well and good, but there aren’t many people out there who actually call themselves x-ist or x-phobic. “DNI if you’re transphobic” is a nice sentiment but “DNI if you’re a TERF” actually names a community that people know they’re a part of and it’s possible to be a TERF and genuinely believe that you’re not in any way prejudiced. (Yes, TERF is a derogatory term but at least most radfems understand that we mean them when we say TERF)  

Know what you’re talking about. Make sure the community you’re telling not to interact is the one you want. For example, I see a lot of banners along the lines of “DNI if you’re cgl/ddlg/kink”. Not all kink is cgl/ddlg. If you don’t want any kink interaction, that’s fine, but make sure that’s actually what you mean. Another example is the sheer number of various names for various age regression communities. Some of them are cgl related, some of them aren’t, I can’t keep them straight. If you’re going to mention any of them by name, make sure they’re the ones that are actually associated with cgl, especially if you say you welcome non-kink age regressors.

Keep it easy to enforce. My rule of thumb is that if it’s not something I can find out about someone in under two minutes, it’s not worth putting on the DNI banner. For example, if you specify no 18+ interaction and you see someone reblog who has 18+ only in their description, it’s easy to block and be done with. If you say “DNI if you support x ship” and you have to spend an hour looking through their blog until you find evidence that they support x ship, that’s way too much work and probably not a healthy use of your time or spoons. Keep your banner to things that you can find in a blog description, about, or byf.

Enforce it. Self explanatory.

Don’t be rude. Not a necessity and you should certainly respect DNI banners that are worded rudely, but the point of a DNI banner is to state boundaries, not make a moral judgement. “Fuck off, [x group(s)], y’all are disgusting” is going to get you a lot more hate messages and spite followers than “[x group(s)] do not interact.” You don’t have to go as far as “I would very much appreciate it if [x group(s)] would be so kind as to refrain from interacting”, but there’s a middle ground.

Focus on blogs, not people. The point of a DNI banner is to allow you to go through the notes on your own posts without running across triggering content. If someone reblogs one of your posts to a blog that’s all about x topic that triggers you, block them, put that on your banner, do whatever you gotta do. If someone blogs about x topic on one blog, but reblogs your posts to a different blog and you find out about it, then you’re probably spending an unhealthy amount of time combing through other people’s personal lives.

Shame on you

The CC’s don’t need me to defend them, they have the facts, but defend them I will. I watch all the blogs, I’ve seen the hate, I’ve heard the hate. Note: I have never written on any blog but this one. I watch I observe. I do not believe abuse, name calling, threats solves or proves anything. What ever happened to live and let live. The mia/rrens and c/ills keep throwing back/attacking this blog and other dozen CC blogs. I’ve seen facts, thoughts, teaching/education, observations, descriptions of bad performances/behaviors, even calling that person  out when it occurs, mostly love and support in these blogs. Those sending hate speak and act out of both sides of their mouth. You attack saying what gives us the right to have thoughts or opinions, when in fact you are the ones attacking, name calling and lying, just as you do in your blogs. Yes, I can imagine who you are. Ajw and the others choose from posts submitted and I know for a FACT not all posts that lean towards being derogatory, hurtful, or spill information that is hard to take let alone swallow is written.

When people,we all know of whom I speak, are blatantly abusing/attacking another physically, verbally, etc, and the abused can not, for whatever reason, defend themselves, that person needs to be called out. I am appalled at what you see as ok behavior. I would blame it on the “Trump’s era of abuse”, that is just plain unexceptionable. The behavior needs to be stopped, and none of you are willing to take your head out of the sand and stand-up for what is right. Instead you attack the people who are trying to be a force of light for two magical, prolifically talented people. SHAME ON YOU!         


All true and well said. These people have no idea how tedious it becomes and how annoying it is. As I always say, there is a simple solution. Do not like what we have to say, don’t read it.  I have never once approached someone not in this fandom nor have I ever sent a negative message to anyone directly involved in this mess. I keep my opinion to my blog and others in this community.

dinosaur wars // luke hemmings

Prompt: Player!Luke - High school AU

word count: 1235

“Wow, I didn’t know the school catered to angels,” manwhore (yes, the derogatory term was placed quite correctly in this situation) Luke Hemmings smirked as he slid himself into the desk next to me. I scoffed, my eyes not leaving my notebook paper as drawing and re-drawing small ghosts on my paper was a lot more interesting than him. “Y/N, I think I just scraped my knee falling for you.”

“As if,” I erased the little tail of my latest little ghost, “go away, Hemmings.”

“Ouch,” he laughed. “How cold, sweetheart. I think I need a kiss to make it all better,” he pouted and leaned forward, showing me his kissy-lips as he did so. I rolled my eyes and continued filling in the eyes and mouth of my ghost. “C'mon, beautiful, just one little kiss?”

“Nope,” I popped the ‘p’ sassily and next, began to draw little dinosaurs in the margin of my essay. I lined out a small brontosaurus as Luke hummed, leaning over to glance at my paper.

“Is that … a T-Rex?” He asked, craning his neck to see it more clearly.

I snatched up my notebook immediately, red flushing to my cheeks as I narrowed my eyes. “No, Hemmings, it’s not a T-Rex. It’s a brontosaurus,” I corrected snidely, “and, for the record, T-Rexes are overrated. Like, c'mon, they aren’t even that scary!”

Great, I was nerd-ing it out with Luke Hemmings about dinosaurs.

“What the fuck are you on? T-Rexes are the raddest things ever!” He stopped and re-thought his words. “Okay, not rad, but terrifying. If a T-Rex came at you, I’d bet you’d be screaming and running for your life!”

I scoffed, “Well, duh, Hemmings. A T-Rex could kill me, sure, but it’s not what I’d fear most if I had lived in the Cretaceous period!”

“Oh, really, then, Y/L/N,” he mocked how I chose to address him most of the time. “What’s the scariest dinosaur of the Cretaceous period, then?”

I smirked, “A kronosaurus. Those things are, like, bigger, more terrifying, more threatening crocodiles.” I rolled my shoulders back, my words hanging in the air between us. He laughed suddenly, a loud, arrogant laugh.

“That’s not a dinosaur!”

“It counts!” My cheeks flushed as I fought my point about the kronosaurus. “C'mon, Hemmings, it counts,” I urged, making him shake his head as he laughed. My dinosaur knowledge wasn’t the best, all I knew was that the kronosaurus was a reptile of some sorts. But, then again, so was Luke’s beloved T-Rex. There had to be some sort of correlation, right?

“All right, Y/N, let’s make a little deal?” He suggested, leaning back in his seat and propping his Converse-clad feet up on the desk. I hesitated. Deals with Luke Hemmings didn’t sound good at all. It made me feel a little sick, actually.

Oh gosh, he’s gonna ask for nudes.

Defiantly, I pushed back my hair and smiled, akin to the self-absorbed one he was wearing. “Fine, Hemmings. Let’s make a deal.” I gnawed at my lower lip, making him glance down at my mouth, smirk, and do the same thing, his pearly whites catching on his sleek lip ring.

I had to admit, Luke was attractive. His blond hair and innocent blue eyes totally contradicted his punk attitude and just - contradicted him. Hemmings was the type of guy to go home with a new girl every night, and he didn’t just stick to one group. Oh, no, he didn’t just go for cheerleaders in skimpy skirts. Luke tended to drift towards the girls that fawned over him in the halls when they thought he wasn’t looking - which ranged from everyone from sluts to quiet bookworms who spent most of their time in the library.

However, his personality just ruined it for me. Not that he wasn’t funny or smart, he was just … arrogant and just - a player! It sickened me, to think, how badly has he hurt those girls? Probably very badly. I was curious, though, why I of all people was Luke’s new target. It was obvious that I hated him. He didn’t go for girls like me (there weren’t any in the school, though, I’d bet). Maybe he liked a challenge?

“I get proof that a kronosaurus doesn’t count in our little banter,” he smiles, “and, if I’m right, you go on a date with me.”

I laughed at his wagers, “And if you’re wrong?”

“Whatever you want, darling.”

Slightly unconfident, I stuck out my hand, “Deal.”

His grin wavered for a second before his large hand slid into mine - Jesus Christ, his hands were freaking huge - and shook once. “Deal.”

Maybe I could have fun with this.


It had been two days, two days of Luke Hemmings smiling at me and flirting subtly, hinting towards the apparent love I’d feel for him after our oh - so romantic upcoming date. I sat in my desk in fourth period, the one period I had with him. I was doodling again (unsurprisingly) as the teacher snoozed on, his head on his arms as he snored softly. Despite the teacher not being, well, totally in charge, the class wasn’t in chaos. Most people were just on their phones, talking to each other, or reading some lame book about vampires. I began drawing small stars and such when Luke suddenly bolted in, holding a sheet of paper in his hands.

“Y/N Y/L/N!” He called out, making our teacher stir but not quite wake up. I noticed that his noticing of me and calling me out caused a couple of girls to glance at me with jealousy clearly written on their faces. Oh my God. My cheeks flushed and I scowled at him as he traipsed over to my desk. “I believe you owe me a date.”

He placed the paper down. It was a print-out, off of some Wiki page or something, and a sentence or two was high lighted in yellow.

“A kronosaurus, commonly mistaken for a dinosaur, is actually a pliosaur,” I read aloud. I groaned loudly, making Luke laugh and pat me on the head. “Bullshit! Ugh, I have to go on a date with you?” I said incredulously. He smirked egotistically, feigning hurt as he pressed his open-palm to his chest dramatically.

“Why, Y/N, I’m hurt by your harsh word choices,” he shook his head. “But yes. A deal’s a deal. You do keep your deals up, right?”

I scowled. “You don’t want to date me.”

“And why’s that?”

I glanced around the room, “I’m obsessed with Ke$ha.”

“You’re wearing a Blink-182 shirt. Nice music taste, by the way,” he winked, biting down on that shiny black lip ring once again. “Now, why wouldn’t I want to date you?”

“Um, I, um,” I stammered. “I will never, ever have sex with you.”

He laughed loudly, “You can’t determine the future, dollface. Also, I’m not really into you for that,” his voice dropped a bit, and he glanced at me through his eyelashes. “You’re gorgeous, but I genuinely want you for you. Not your body.”

I scoffed, “Bullshit, Hemmings.”

“No, really, I - I kinda like you.” He stuttered, sweater-paw-ing his hands into his hoodie. A black hoodie, of course, with a dark blue shirt under it. “You have no reason to believe me, but I do.”

This was a sudden turn of events.

“Fine,” I admonished, making his head snap up. “One date. You try anything, I’m done with you. Clear?”

“Crystal,” he smiled, “wear something nice, babe.”

What had I gotten myself into?

whoops it’s been a couple of days and this is shit but imig yolo. hope you like it, also i’m not an expert at dinosaurs so if any of this is wrong pls don’t correct me omg i don’t feel like being shameful over my incorrect facts.

Since it’s apparently public service announcement season, I have one of my own.

Tom, (so far of course, since we don’t know what will happen in S4), hasn’t done anything wrong.

As far as we know, he’s just a normal bloke who fell in love and proposed to his girl. Molly was using him to get over Sherlock. Molly was being uncharacteristically cruel, especially as someone who knows what it’s like to have your feelings used and abused.

Tom doesn’t deserve to be called “stupid” or get stupid names just because he has some odd resemblance to Sherlock or just because he isn’t as incredibly brilliant as Sherlock.

His meat dagger theory was out there, but it actually had a good thought to it. And he wasn’t showing off. He was just muttering to himself, and Sherlock went all smug assh*le on him and put him on the spotlight. Tom was awkward, but he isn’t stupid for having his own theories. Greg had a theory and it’s also awkward and it’s also wrong and it flipping involved a dwarf, but no one is calling him stupid.

Tom also didn’t deserve to get laughed at just because his fiancée stabbed him with a fork.

That was physical abuse, and just because his comment was uncalled for doesn’t mean Molly had the right to stab him. Janine made ridiculous, baseless comments that were directly insulting to John, Molly, Mycroft and Mrs. Hudson (“I’m the ONLY one who knows what kind of man you are.”). Does she deserve to get stabbed on the hand?

Tom doesn’t deserve ridicule just because he doesn’t have the safeguard of being a woman. Just because he’s male doesn’t mean it’s alright to call him all kinds of obviously degrading names or bash him. He didn’t do anything wrong. If anyone did anything wrong, it was Molly, for playing with his feelings and agreeing to marry him even though she obviously loved someone else.

Janine annoys the hell out of me. Yes, part of it was because she literally said sex in her first conversation with Sherlock. However, most of it was because she used him like a gadget to scope out dates, told him she wished he wasn’t what he was after hours of knowing him, and told him she’s the only one who knew him after a month of “courtship”. She annoys me. I cringed with all the lovey-dovey flirting and the kiss but I didn’t care because I knew it was beyond fake. It really really irked me, though, but I don’t call her “fake-Mrs.Holmes” or something derogatory like that, just to push the issue that Sherlock only used her and she had no idea that she wasn’t really going to be Mrs. Holmes. Why do we need to call Tom “fake” when he’s just probably being himself?

I’m a lot like Irene Adler. It’s funny, because I didn’t really like the BBC version, but when it comes to being the femme fatale, the witty sarcastic untrustworthy men-are-so-predictable woman, I’m quite like her. So if an Irene Adler fan falls in love with me, do I deserve to be called “fake-Adler” or “fake-Woman”?

Besides, let’s say Tom /is/ stupid. In the sense that he isn’t as scientifically adept as Molly, or as brilliantly observant as Sherlock. SO WHAT?

We should not be discriminating against women who are sexually aggressive. Alright, I’m fine with that. Even Jesus was kind to a prostitute. On that same line, shouldn’t we be accommodating to people who aren’t as smart as we are? I’m a big conservative prude, but I won’t call my friend who’s slept with at least 13 men so far a slut. I’m good in math, very good in it actually, and I topped the chemical engineering batch in my country’s national university, but I don’t freaking call people who can’t list noble gases or do logarithmic problems or don’t know what temperature sugar starts to turn into caramel “stupid” or “idiotic” just because of that. Tom gets one theory wrong and suddenly he’s too stupid for Molly? 

He might have been kind to Molly. He might have been just a sweet, gentle giant who adored the pathologist we all adore. He might have been insecure at the wedding, being the odd one out and probably sensing all the longing looks Molly was giving Sherlock. He might have been hurt. He might have been wondering what he could do so Molly would look at him in that way. He might have been wondering whether Molly was really happy with him. For all we know, he might have been the one who broke off the engagement, wanting to let Molly go because he’d rather see her happy than have her in his arms. He might have really cared for Molly. He might have genuinely loved her.

And it’s sad, because all we’d rather speculate about him is that meat dagger was the best thing that could come out of his brain. Feminists argue that Irene Adler may have had some untold backstory that forced her to blackmail her clients who trusted her and use Sherlock’s inexperience with sex to help his arch enemy terrorize England. Feminists argue that Janine was doing nothing wrong, Sherlock asked her to be his girlfriend and she just accepted and she may have just been too happy to see that it was all a lie and maybe she really did believe that she’s the only one who knows him. She sold Sherlock to tabloids with lies as revenge, and feminists celebrate this. Tell me, if Tom told tabloids that Molly (had she been famous) was some sort of sex addict with weird fetishes, then made money out of those lies, will we celebrate him too? After all, it’s also revenge, considering Molly used him to get over another man!

Yes, the Sherlolly tag is, in my opinion, such a friendly and fun and accommodating tag. And we have some of the most wonderful feminists in the Sherlock fandom. I’m glad about that. BUT. Let’s look at how we’ve been treating Tom. We’re telling him that he should go away, that’s he’s stupid, that he’s in idiot, that he’s nothing but an imitation, that he’s second rate. All based on the fact that he wears similar clothes to Sherlock (whom he’s probably never seen before), one wrong theory, and Molly stabbing him with a fork. Feminists would never ever do that to a woman in the same situation, especially with such baseless comments. Is it suddenly okay to do that to Tom just because he seems to just exist for comic relief? Or is it as I fear, and we do that because he’s male and it’s okay to poke fun at him since the rest of society pokes fun at the females?

No, I’m not saying we should go ahead and hate on the women so it’d be fair. Everybody says that supporting a ship doesn’t mean you have to push another character down. Tom should also be covered by that rule.

#14 - A TV Show Host Insults You

Ashton - You squeezed Ashton’s hand as everyone took their positions, the cameraman holding up his hand. “And we’re live in three…two..” in the place where he was supposed to say one he pointed his finger, the red “LIVE” sign illuminating. “Good morning, I’m Lisa Wilkinson and welcome to the Today Show. I’m sat here with the star studded couple Ashton Irwin and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) who will be joining us for the show.” she started, you and Ashton both smiling at her. She turned to you, placing her hands in her lap. “It’s so nice to have you here, and might I say (Y/N) you look incredible.” she complimented. “Thank you so much same to you.” you smiled. “Now tell me, how are the two of you holding up this relationship? I mean you seem to be handling the media and the fans so well, whereas most celebrities struggle to hold onto solid relationships in the spotlight. How do you do it?” she questioned. You turned to Ashton, the both of you giving each other a smile before he spoke. “Uh, I think we really just try to be as normal as possible. I mean yeah the tours and stuff take me away for a while sometimes but in a sense it just makes every moment we have together that much more special.” he said, you picking up where he left off. “Yeah I mean we’re a normal couple, the only thing different is that on nights where he could be at home with me he’s playing a show to hundreds of thousand of people, or when we go on dates cameras follow. But as a girlfriend you know it doesn’t matter how long he’s gone or how busy he gets because I mean yeah he sometimes doesn’t have time for you but I feel like that’s what being a girlfriend is all about. No matter what career or what path your partner chooses to follow you’ll support them no matter what, because you love them.” you finished, Ashton smiling at you. “Well that was just precious.” she said, a smile on her face. “Now I do want to know in fact how you deal with the hate, is there any tension within the relationship when you hear news stories about one or the other?” she asked, face curious. “Well I mean,” you began, taking a breath. “In all honesty we really don’t care. Yes the things they say can be hurtful but on the other hand you have to stop looking at the negative comments and start looking at the positive ones. Yes there will be a lot of derogatory statements but there are fans who support us and love us together. And in the back of my mind I guess I just have to tell myself you know what, these girls adore him. I get that, and in my position, I will admit right now, I try my hardest to be sure that I’m not stepping on any toes even though Ashton is my boyfriend.” you said. “Hmm, well going back to the first thing you said, don’t you believe that saying you don’t care about what the fans think is a little rude?” she asked. Your heartbeat picked up, not realizing that your words would backfire on you. “No, no of course not I meant-” “Because it seems to me that even though you say you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, you actually don’t even care about his fans.” she interrupted. You looked at her, at a loss for words. “I never said that-” “Now why would you want to date someone so rude, Ashton?” she cut you off, turning her head towards him. Looking beside you, you could see Ashton’s features becoming angry. You could tell he was a little less that pleased by the way she was speaking to you. “She’s not rude.” he shot back, the interviewer taken back by his tone of voice. “She never once said that she didn’t care what the fans thought. She said that she didn’t care about the hate. Did you not just hear everything she said about being considerate towards the fans because she knows that many of them look at me as their own? Did you know that sometimes she won’t even hold my hand when we’re in public because she knows how upset it makes some fans? Did you know that a lot of times she won’t wear things I buy her because if some of  the fans found out they’d be hurt? Did you know that she replies to them on twitter and instagram and lets them know that they’re beautiful? Did you know that she actually cares?” he questioned, hand getting tighter around yours. Before the interviewer could say anything he spoke up one last time. “Oh that’s right, you didn’t. Because all you did was hear what you wanted to hear for the media’s own benefit right?” he spat. After a few moments of silence the interviewer spoke, clearing her throat. “I think this calls for a break, we’ll be right back after this.” she said, looking towards the camera. When they called cut Ashton stood, storming off to the green room as you hurried to follow him. “Ash..” you said, walking and sitting beside him. He sighed. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that she just, ugh she pissed me off.” he said. You giggled, placing a kiss on his cheek “I know, I know. Thank you for standing up for me like that.” you smiled, him smiling back. 

Michael - You laughed, spinning in your chair but making sure to keep your mouth close to the mic. “Okay but really, serious topic, is Michael good in bed?” you snorted, Michael glancing at you from his microphone and wiggling his eyebrows. You were currently on Grimmy’s show, about halfway through the interview. You were having a blast, and it was safe to say that Michael was too. You leaned in close to your microphone, pausing for dramatic affect. “That’s confidential.” you laughed. “Aw damn!” Grimmy shouted, you giggling. “I just want everyone listening to the radio right now who can’t see but (Y/N)’s headphones are too big for her head and she looks ridiculous.” Michael said into the mic.“Shut up!” you said, hitting him on the shoulder. “I’m so alone.” Grimmy sighed, watching the two of you. “Alright, we’re going to take some fan questions now. Caller number one you’re on with Michael and (Y/N), what is your question?” he said, pressing a button. You heard the static of the phone before a fan’s voice came through your headphones. “Hi, I’m Amy and my question is for (Y/N).” she said. “Ask away babe.” you said. “Do you ever regret dating Michael when he’s away for long periods of time?” she asked. Leaning towards the mic, you looked at Michael. “Of course not. I feel as a girlfriend if I really love him I’ll support him no matter what. And I do, I love him. I would never regret that.” you answered. “Aww, thank you!” she said back. The call was ended as Michael smiled at you, you blushing. “Alright next caller, you’re on with Michael and (Y/N).” Grimmy announced. “Hi I’m Brenda and my question is for Michael.” she said. “Hiya! What’s your question love?” Michael said happily. “What is your favorite thing to do together when you have a break or day off?” Michael looked up as he thought. “Uh I’d have to say just spending time alone in the house most likely. It’s always nice to have peace and quiet to just be together and watch films and catch up.” he said. “Thank you so much.” she responded as the call ended. “Alright and for the last question, you’re on with Michael and (Y/N).” Grimmy said. “Hi my name is Ashley and my question is for Michael.” she said. “Shoot.” he answered. “How do the two of you make it work while you’re away?” she asked. “Well, whenever I have free time I usually spend it talking to (Y/N). In the car, the green room, breaks in the studio, the tour bus, between intermissions at shows. Whenever I can really” he answered. “That’s so sweet, thank you so much!” she called back. “Alright that concludes the fan questions.” Grimmy said. You looked away from where you and Michael were making eye contact, looking towards him as he resumed hosting. “(Y/N) is it safe to say that you’ve you know, put on a little weight these past few months?” he asked, looking at you. Your stomach dropped. “Uh, I mean-” “Because I’ve seen a lot of articles regarding this topic.” he finished. You didn’t think he would ask such a personal question. You’d always been very self conscious about your weight, and to be honest you still weren’t very comfortable with your body. To have it announced and discussed live on a radio station was worse than you could ever imagine. “Bro, really?” Michael asked from where he sat, looking at Grimmy angrily. “Michael it’s-” you tried to stop him, but instead he cut you off. “You did not just seriously ask her that.” he said, eyes narrowing in Grimmy’s direction. “Man I didn’t mean-” “No, no, I know exactly what you meant.” Michael shot back. “Who the hell cares about those articles? Because I don’t. I care about the fact that you just insulted my girlfriend to a live radio audience. Like what the fuck man?” Michael exclaimed, voice getting angrier with each word. “Uh, we’ll be right back after this new song from Ariana Grande, check it out.” Grimmy said quickly, pressing a button before removing his headphones. “Michael man I-” “Save it.” Michael spat, the both of you removing your headphones. “This interview is over.” Michael said bitterly, grabbing your hand and exiting the studio. 

Luke - “Hi I’m Robin Roberts and welcome to Good Morning America.” she spoke into the camera, you and Luke waiting patiently on the couch opposite of her. “Today I’m joined by the young couple whose names are sweeping the nation, Luke Hemmings and (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” she smiled, turning towards the both of you. “It’s great to see you.” she said. “Thank you, you too.” “Hello.” you both spoke. “ So tell me Luke, you and your band 5 Seconds of Summer have been around for nearly five years now, how does it feel to still be popular in the music industry?” she asked. Luke scratched at his nose. “It’s amazing really I mean, to have our fans still supporting us is absolutely incredible and they’re just so dedicated. We couldn’t have done it without them I love them all.” he answered deeply. “Well that’s great to hear. And you, (Y/N), I see you’ve decided to join them for the North American leg of the tour, very exciting.” she smiled, looking towards you. “How is it being with them on the road?” she asked. “Smelly.” you joked, earning a laugh out of both her and Luke. “No but it’s incredible really. I missed Luke and he missed me so to be able to see him everyday and get to watch his shows is a great opportunity and I’m so happy that he asked me to come. And the other boys are phenomenal as well. We get along so well, they’re like the three brothers I never had.” you smiled. “Well that really is something.” she said, looking at the both of you. “So I’ve been getting a lot of tweets asking about an announcement of some sort? Apparently you said that you had an announcement to make on today’s show?” she asked. “Yeah, as a matter of fact we do.” Luke smiled, looking towards you. You took a deep breath before turning back to Robin. “We didn’t know how exactly to get the news out to the fans, so we decided that doing it like this was best.” you said. “I’ll let Luke do it.” you smiled, turning to him. He licked his lips. “We’re expecting our first child in July.” he said calmly, eyes never leaving yours as he gave you a smile. Robin gasped, holding a hand to her mouth. “Oh my gosh, you’re not serious are you?” she asked, looking at you in disbelief. “Oh we’re definitely serious.” you laughed, giving Luke’s hand a squeeze. She was silent for a moment. “Don’t you think that’s a bit soon? I mean for all we know you could be fooling around back home while he’s away. Is it his?” she asked. Your eyes went wide, all of the color draining from Luke’s face as he processed her words. “Excuse me?” he said, face turning red. “I mean you have to admit that’s a little sketchy right?” she asked, leaning towards the both of you. “I mean you leave, she’s suddenly pregnant, you weren’t even there to conceive the child!” she exclaimed, throwing herself back into her chair. You didn’t know what to say, your mind blank. The only thing you could think of was how to calm Luke down. Glancing to the side you saw his face red, shoulders visible shaking with anger. “I’ll have you know that she is two months pregnant. Which is exactly how long I’ve been away on tour. Which is also the last time we were ever intimate together. The child is mine. How dare you even think about speaking to her or me in that way.” Luke spat, shooting daggers toward the interviewer. “I didn’t mean-” “Yes you did.” Luke cut her off, still glaring. “M-Maybe we should take a break. We’ll be right back.” she said quickly, immediately turning to the both of you once the cameras stopped rolling. Luke wasn’t having it though, grabbing your hand and storming off the set. “We’re done!” he called back. leading you out of the building. 

Calum - You and Calum sat together, your head in his lap as he scrolled away at his phone, free hand playing with your hair. As you continued flipping through channels, you stopped when you saw a picture of the band, shown in a little square in the top corner of the screen. “Hey look, they’re talking about you guys.” you said, Calum looking up. “I don’t watch those.” he said. “Why not?” you asked, sitting up to look at him. He put his phone down, bringing his hand up to brush hair away from your face. “Because they’re full of nothing but negative comments. I mean I don’t need to see that.” he said, running his fingers down your cheek. “Oh come on, it can’t be that bad.” you smiled, turning your attention back to the TV. You listened as they discussed the new album, talking about how great the sound was. You smiled at their comments, Calum trying his hardest to ignore the show. He stood, walking into the kitchen. “Oh come on Cal!” you called. “I don’t want to hear it! Lalala!” he shouted back playfully, you giggling. As you turned your attention back to the TV you kept listening, seeing what else they had to say. They discussed the band’s upcoming tour and the estimated stats they would have, your eyebrows shooting up. “Damn, they’re good.” you said to yourself. You were about to shut it off when suddenly a picture of you appeared on the screen, a photo from a few nights ago when you’d gone out for a night at the club with Calum and the other boys. In the picture you were seen at the bar of the club, two other guys talking to you. “Our sources gave us this picture today, of band member Calum Hood’s girlfriend (Y/N) (Y/L/N) allegedly flirting it up with other men?” the host said, raising his eyebrows. “Now I don’t know about you but that is girl I would not want to date.” he laughed. “I mean really, your boyfriend is in a world famous band and you go out, not to mention with him, and flirt with other guys? I mean that’s low even for a girl who looks like that!” he exclaimed, the crowd laughing. Calum came bursting around the corner, walking closer to the TV. He had his hands balled into fists at his sides, watching intently. He wasn’t mad at you, he knew what exactly had happened in that picture. He’d gone to the bathroom when two men had tried to hit on you, him coming out just in time to tell them to back off. But of course, someone had taken the picture and posted it, allowing the media to gain access and take the photo completely out of context, making you look bad. “Are you fucking kidding me.” he said lowly, clenching and un-clenching his fists. From the couch you watched as the host talked about you for a few more moments, immediately switching to a different topic afterwards. Your eyes pooled with tears, his words stinging even though you knew they weren’t true. Calum shut off the telly, turning to see you wiping at your eyes. “Baby..” he said, coming to sit next to you. You could see him visibly calming down, the sight of you in tears making him a lot more sensitive. “I should have listened.” you said. “Yeah, you should have.” he sighed. You glared at him, getting a chuckle in return as he pulled you close to him, resting his chin on your head. “I’m just kidding. But I want you to know what he said wasn’t true.” he comforted, rubbing a hand up and down your arm. “Yeah but what are your fans going to think?” you asked, looking up at him in alarm. Calum smiled, pulling his phone out of his pocket. “Very upset to hear what was said about (Y/N) tonight. None of it is true! Please know that she would never do anything like that. Much love.” he spoke out loud, you watching as he hit tweet. “There.” he smiled, kissing your forehead. 

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I am going to entering some pieces in a group show in which the theme is monsters. I was working on the first of a sequential series of images that tell a story about these twins that were born with one half a monster. Someone close to me saw the image as I was drawing it and told me that they didn't get it. They didn't understand what story I was trying to imply. Does this mean I fail as an illustrator? I'm not sure, now, I understand what illustration is. What is its purpose, really?

The only thing separating fine arts and illustration is usage. 

Take any painting from art history, put it on a book cover accompanying some text, and suddenly it’s illustration. Steal a panel out of a comic book, blow it up, hang it in a gallery, and now it’s fine art. These lines are fluid, and an artwork can exist simultaneously in several categories (as you have shown by entering your illustration work into a show). 

Illustration’s use is to convey a story, emotion, or concept. To wit, it “problem solves” while a similar image in a fine arts setting often “asks questions.” 

I feel like most people’s confusion with what constitutes illustration comes from things like Juxtapoz, which used to label a lot of figurative/street-inspired art as “illustration.” Maybe this derives from the term “illustrative” being used as a derogatory term in most painting circles, to signify something that was trite (and usually representational), and therefore “illustration” denoted not only commercial work, but also that which was low-brow, populist, and eventually counter-cultural.

I, nor anyone I know that isn’t an ivory tower dwelling turpentine huffer, really gives a crap about those definitions nowadays though. A quick list, in case you were confused:

  • Is illustration art?: yes
  • Is all figurative/representational art illustration?: no

In terms of failing as an illustrator: yes, it is possible to fail to convey your story, emotion, or concept. This could be for a variety of reasons, some craft or design related, but it may even just be that you’re showing the wrong thing. As an illustrator, you need to be able to identify the bones of your subject matter. The devil isn’t in the details, it’s in whether your composition works or not when you squint at it. 

Don’t get too discouraged about one person not reading the image correctly; in fact, use it to your advantage. Ask them why they weren’t able to get the story. Was it a design/craft issue? Was the subject unclear? Or was the subject matter too removed from them? (“I don’t know that story.”) Get their input, as well as others, make corrections if possible, and drive on. Even if this series is not as clear as you’d like it to be, if you learn from “failing” then you will be a better illustrator because of it.

Actual failure would be to quit because of one setback. 

Fuck transphobia.

Fuck homophobia.

Fuck people not accepting who someone really is and not coming to terms with who they are and purposely calling them the wrong name/pronoun because of THEIR own opinion.

No one deserves to be put down because of who they are. It’s completely unfair and I know a number of people who have done the following two things to people, or have made fun of my friends that are gay or lesbian.

This probably sounds a bit cliche, and idgaf, because it’s not; I wish that society could just fucking accept people. I want people to know that hey, this is a thing, and I want people to know it isn’t a fucking joke. I want to do something that will impact at least one person and raise awareness for the entire LGBT+ community. I don’t want the words ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ to be used in a derogatory way. I want people to be aware that yes, there are more than just two genders, more than just a few sexualities, and none of it is to be joked about, nor is it to be looked upon as a ‘sin’ or ‘bad’ or even ‘gross’ (because I know several people who have said that about being gay or lesbian).

I want to do something about this, and try to (I guess?) raise awareness for this, but I’m still trying to figure out how to do so. I want to voice this all, but I’m struggling to find the right way to word it, and how to get it out there.

And with this, I should probably add that I’m not heterosexual, but questioning, and don’t know what to come out as because I’m so confused, which leads me to yet another paragraph.

At the time of adolescence, teens experience many emotions as a part of development. Their feelings can change along with their physical changes. I, as I stated above, am questioning, and can’t find any support. And it fucking sucks. I think that, once you enter high school or some shit, they should at least have some type of unit or segment on it or just state ‘if you’re confused, need support, or want to know more about sexuality, then please feel free to go to the health teacher/guidance counselor/whoever else could potentially know about all of this.’ I think it would help a TON, because personally, I’m confused, I need the support, and want to know more so I can actually feel like I know myself and so I can slowly begin to crawl out of this dark and isolated hole that I’ve seemed to have fallen head first into.

I guess the gist of this is I want to raise awareness for everyone, and after tonight (rather two nights ago), I want people to know that not accepting people has now lead to two beautiful, short lives ending. It pisses me off how people can just see something and be like ‘oh wow that’s depressing’ and carry on without even thinking, ‘holy shit, they’re gone and they can never come back because people couldn’t accept them.’

I don’t know if this post makes any sense or not, or if there is even a real gist of it. I just needed to get this off my chest. So rest in peace once more, Leelah, and rest in peace Zander, of which I knew little of both of them before their passings and wish I could have gotten to have known. You both are missed so dearly, by everyone. I hope that one day society will change, and be accepting, and although it may take ten years, twenty, a hundred even; it will happen eventually.

An Opinion on ‘Chivalry’:

I’m the OP who posted the ‘guide to feminism post’ (it’s relevant), and I was scrolling through some of the comments a few days later and this one caught my eye:

“This is why chivalry is dead” – it was part of a slightly longer reblog.

Yes. Yes, chivalry is dead. Do you know what chivalry is (I’m referring to the word as it’s used between genders, not the Knights Code by the way)? You know it as pretty much ‘buy her flowers, hold the car door open, and splurge on her’, essentially the things the men are expected to do in a relationship that women ‘need not’ reciprocate.

This used to be the remuneration women received from society back when they were ostracized for their gender. Women were weak creatures and to justify seeing them as weak, men thought to at least treat them with ‘proper care’. Why did they pay for dinners? Because women didn’t work, and most didn’t have ways to make money of their own. Why did they hold doors open for them? Because they were too delicate to hold them open for themselves. Why did they buy them gifts? Because they wanted to keep them happy and satisfied. It was a kind gesture in that sort of society, where a women’s inherent weakness was an established fact. Chivalry was a good thing.

However, the sexism was not a good thing. We rightly got rid of that, and in all fairness to men, most of the chivalry should have gone with it. But for some reason, some women want equality, and still expect men to be chivalrous. You can’t have both!

Imagine if you were a girl, and were taught from childhood that you had to find a man and provide for him and buy him flowers when he’s upset and chocolate when he’s sad. And you had to take care of him and take him out for dates (paying for all of them) because otherwise he would find some other girl. You also had to walk him home and give him your umbrella when it rained, and be the caretaker of the relationship. Why? Because clearly he was born with a penis and therefore deserves to be provided for. How ridiculous does this sound?

My opinion here is that you cannot have equality and chivalry at the same time. Because what do you want remuneration for? We’re striving for equality, and aside from those backward party-poopers who still want men to buy them jewelry and chocolate and love them forever for no particular reason other than how attractive they are (and if you are: you are halting the motion of an entire movement! Re-evaluate your life girl!), women should be ok with losing their compensation for ‘being weak’.

(As a side note, this also applies to women who still expect to be able to stay at home while their husbands work. What are you even doing at home? Taking care of kids? OK, if you’ve got three kids then please, stay at home because you’re going to have your hands full, but if you’ve only got one kid that’s going to go to school for most of the day anyway, that’s nowhere near the amount of effort needed in a career. I feel like these kinds of ‘housewives’ that hang out with their friends all day while their husbands work are deserving of their derogatory reputation. In this generation, every woman should at least know how to be self-sustaining. That shouldn’t be too much to ask!)

And then there are those who will say ‘but a little chivalry now and then is really nice’. Well sure, it is. If it’s my birthday, then yes, I like it when my boyfriend splurges on me. But it’s not really called ‘chivalry’ because I like treating him on his special days too. Our system is that whoever decides on the dinner date pays for it (because we come from a culture where requesting separate bills is considered discourteous), and I think that’s pretty fair. So we could either redefine the term or abandon it completely, and it wouldn’t make too much difference, right? Because in the way it’s used now, “I like chivalrous men” means “I like men who will do things for me simply because I am female and therefore inherently deserve it”, and I don’t think that’s fair. 

(There was also another comment that said I wasn’t a feminist but an ‘egalitarian’. OK well that’s a very pretty word but the truth is that it’s called ‘feminism’ until we reach complete equality. I mean, if it were the other way around, it would be called ‘masculism’ or something.  Egalitarianism ignores any existing disadvantage faced by one side, and that doesn’t apply in terms of gender, where we consistently see a dominant side. The reason feminists are different from egalitarians is that genders are still not completely equal (although here in Canada, at least, we’re getting there and that’s a happy thought to have).)           

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Two things I gotta point out: 1. There's no point in censoring the word faggot if everyone knows what you're saying; besides, it's reclaimed if you're queer in general. 2. Dumb isn't a slur. Like, this isn't preschool you know. Unlike the words faggot, tranny and nigger (pardon the racial slur, it's used in context) which are used in a derogative manner for minorities, the word dumb, and yes, even the word stupid, don't have a derogatory origin behind them for minorities. Please read up on this.

A. You’re disgusting, fuck you.
B. No really, fuck you.
C. Dumb, stupid, etc have been literally used all the fucking time against a minority: mentally ill, neurodivergent, and otherwise not mentally typical people. So… Shut the fuck up?
~ Harper
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