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My arm is getting bigger, or something?

Ever since Gravity Falls first became popular, I’ve noticed this increasing trend across all major cartoon fandom’s (SU, Voltron, SVTFOE, etc) that I like to call “Gravity Falls paranoia.”

Basically meaning that the fandom will latch onto some seemingly itty bitty thing (Keith’s hand turning purple for two seconds, for example) and turn it into a WILD conspiracy theory (yes I know him being Galra turned out to be true; so did the Stan twin theory)

I just think its utterly hilarious that after ONE SHOW became a literal airing conspiracy, everyone from that fandom has since spread out and unleashed their pent up Gravity Falls paranoia on their other fandom’s.

Maybe it was around before GF; in fact, I’m certain it probably was. But I didn’t see it show up nearly this much until after Gravity Falls was over.

If Jamie and Claire (and Murtagh) could text: 1x02 Edition (after arriving @ Leoch)
  • Murtagh: jamie lad ?
  • Murtagh: whr in gds name are ye ?
  • Murtagh: been lookin all over
  • Murtagh: Its been over a day!!
  • Murtagh: Where are ye??
  • Jamie: nothing not been up to anything at all
  • Murtagh: ....
  • Jamie: i mean
  • Jamie: STABLES!
  • Jamie: how are you?
  • Jamie: Tell me in detail how your day's been?
  • Murtagh: no
  • Murtagh: you
  • Murtagh: tell me *now*
  • Jamie: tell what?
  • Murtagh: whatever yev been doin that's got ye squirmin like a bairn thts shat his pants
  • Jamie: buggershitebleeding
  • Murtagh: what have ye been doin jamie???
  • Jamie: NOTHING, aye?
  • Murtagh: Let me guess:
  • Murtagh: went against myorders to ///steer clear/// of the wee ssnch lassie??
  • Jamie: no
  • Jamie: *definitely* not
  • Murtagh: lad.
  • Murtagh: cmon
  • Murtagh: you're terribl @ this
  • Jamie: Lorna the scullerymarm was JUST telling me how fine and oily your beard is looking today.
  • Jamie: you should pay her a calL!
  • Jamie: *now* would be a GREAT time!
  • Jamie: oh jesus
  • Jamie: i dinna think ye've ever said my entire name to me
  • Jamie: and fck ye used all caps!! 😳
  • Murtagh: WEEL
  • Murtagh: HOW TO TURN OFF?
  • Jamie: hehe
  • Jamie: double tap the lil arrow on the left
  • Murtagh: got it
  • Jamie: k, have a good time wi' Lorna , see you at week end !!
  • Murtagh: No no no no not that easy lad
  • Murtagh: tell me what **exactly*** ye did to the lass
  • Murtagh: even tho i told ye not to have anything to do wi' her
  • Jamie: it was nothing at all
  • Murtagh: waiting
  • Jamie: fine, twas naught but a wee chat
  • Jamie: but omg guess what??
  • Jamie: she's NOT MARRIED!!
  • Jamie: She's WIDOWED!!!!
  • Jamie: ISNA THAT THE BEST NEWS???????
  • Murtagh: nevr takin ye to a funeral *ever*
  • Jamie: I mean
  • Jamie: of course its verra sad for the lass
  • Jamie: 😔 god rest his soul etc etc
  • Jamie: ....but its good to know, aye?
  • Jamie: verra good
  • Jamie: verra verra verra verra good
  • Murtagh: so that's it? ye talked about her dead husband?
  • Murtagh: that's all that happened?
  • Jamie: .... uh huh
  • Murtagh: jamie.
  • Murtagh: I've got a vrra stern face on right now
  • Murtagh: TALK FFS.
  • Jamie: dinna wanna say
  • Murtagh: NOW
  • Murtagh: WHT DID YE DO
  • Jamie: lethertakeoffmyshirt
  • Jamie: and also touchmymuscles
  • Jamie: i mean *bandage me
  • Jamie: and then i
  • Jamie: um
  • Jamie: comforted her
  • Murtagh: ye **whatt**
  • Jamie: just snuggled her a little while she snugglecried intomyshoulder
  • Jamie: andthen
  • Jamie: there was
  • Jamie: a long lingering *oh haiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIii*** kind of gaze between us
  • Jamie: so....IN SHORT, nothing at all really
  • Murtagh: oh aye? Half-naked cuddling is nothing at all????
  • Jamie: just...
  • Jamie: _the single best hour of my life_
  • Jamie: stillcryingboutitcausehappy
  • Murtagh: oh for gods blessed fucking sake
  • Murtagh: oh jesus
  • Murtagh: am i going to be a great-godfather soon?
  • Jamie: NOT LIKE THAT
  • Jamie: well....I mean....
  • Jamie: Yes. yes precisely like that
  • Jamie: ((i mean have you SEEn her???))
  • Jamie: but not until i've plowed her HEART-FIELD too
  • Murtagh: YIKES x infinity
  • Jamie: after we're wed of course
  • Jamie: and then I can plow her heart-field AND her field-field
  • Jamie: OOOO! _in an ACTUAL field_
  • Jamie: preferably the one @ LLB
  • Jamie: up by the broch
  • Jamie: dye think that's the bst one?
  • Jamie: tell me
  • Jamie: is there a better field?
  • Jamie: come on tell me which field
  • Jamie: this is important
  • Jamie: whyve ye gone all quiet?
  • Murtagh: talkin to the blacksmith about fashioning somethin to chain yer foot to the stable
  • Jamie: oh thats fine
  • Jamie: she's walking up the hill to the stable as we speak, so i dinna mind being tied up here 🙂🙃😍🙂🙃😍🙂🙃😍🙂🙃😍
  • Murtagh: for fucks sake
  • Jamie: ok putting phone away, gotta act like i dinna see her coming
  • Jamie: Wish me luck!!!!!!!!

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do you know what IS and what IS NOT okay to specifically write for fic?

i mean, i guess the basics of

1. no like,, graphic r*pe or sexual assault (nothing abt r*pe or assault with mitjo At All)

2. writing mitjo as an abusive relationship

3. glorifying mental illness, eating disorders, etc

4. don’t make mitjo,,, straight (aka making one of them a girl, yes jonas is bisexual but like,,, its weird and gross)

those are the main things i believe

Buddhism in Saiyuki, Part I: Doctrine

Source I’m using for these: Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh

I struggled to decide how to organize it, and my notes are scattered with no cohesive order. I’m going to try to follow my confusing tangle of ideas. The problem is, lots of ideas and themes link, especially when applying it to a story. I will try my best to keep these cohesive and pithy. Do not expect regular updates. Also, I (and as far as I can tell, Thich Nhat Hanh) am focuing on the branches of Buddhism that are based on all of the sutras. Also, with a focus on Zen Buddhism, which developed in Japan.

Jesus Christ’s words were not necessarily meant for Christians today. He was a political activist, responding to the social injustices and needs of his day. Buddha is the same. He reacted to corruption among Vedic priests and the caste system. Thus, neither of them “present an absolute doctrine (54).”

“For a Buddhist to be attached to any doctrine, even a Buddhist one, is to betray the Buddha. It is not words or concepts that are important. What is important is our insight into the nature of reality and our way of responding to reality.”

We see Minekura display this in Saiyuki. Again and again, we are shown temples who are unprepared for the youkai and violence that come ripping through their walls and illusion of safety and peace. Koumyou’s temple, Chang ‘an, the temple where they stay near the beginning of the series… . These monks are slaughtered, and judge those who save them (our protags) as something vile. Something unholy and evil. Even Sanzo who is a SANZO.

And the Buddhists that have had an effect on the world? Who have influenced reality? Koumyou, Jikaku, and Ukoku are the three that jump to my mind first. Koumyou who skips out on his duties to fly paper planes and who watches Ukoku become a Buddha. Ukoku who never gets the chakra, who works against the goals of Sharak Sanzo and Genjo Sanzo and the Aspects and helps create the Minus Wave. Of course, Ukoku influences reality, and yet he also is caught up in practicing one single doctrine: everything is nothing. 

(And I have an hc about this being one of the reasons Koumyou had to die. Koumyou winning the wager and changing Ukoku had to involve Koumyou’s death.)

Anyway, and there’s Jikaku who smokes and accepts Sanzo, who none of the other monks can understand. “Whenever there is understanding, compassion is born.”

When Sanzo first comes to Chang ‘an, he is traumatized as all hell. He does not receive understanding or compassion from the other monks who are scared of him. He might not even recognize compassion for what it is. (As I’ve read some very good meta on.) Or would he?

Sanzo, despite how traumatized he is, bonds with Jikaku—the only monk we see (or that I really noticed) who offers Sanzo compassion and understanding.

Jikaku knows what it’s like to be in the outside world, away from the illusion of security the temple monks live in. He knows violence and evil.

Koumyou, Ukoku, and Jikaku: all of them knew the darkness in the nature of the world, even before the Minus Wave. They knew that many Buddhist practices and doctrines do not hold up in such a world.

The doctrine of nonviolence, is one that Koumyou appears to have found a way to practice. And Sanzo too, though that will be another post. However, Sharak and Sanzo must kill. The sutras hold the power to create or destroy worlds and there are enemies everywhere trying to take the sutras. They have to do what they can to protect the world, including kill and destroy.

Most of you reading this probably live in a first world country. I could be wrong. But I’d say a lot of you at least. 

Think of Batman for a bit. He saw his parents die. Ok. As Selena Kyle, bless her, points out again and again to him throughout canon, he’s rich. He doesn’t really know what it’s like growing up like she has (meaning the canon where she had to steal to live or keep others alive, etc.). Sanzo? Would honestly laugh at Batman and Superman and their ideas of justice and good, I think anyway. Batman and Superman for all their power would be unable to carry the burden the Sanzos do. 

Honestly, Saiyuki’s world is NOT a first world country. Yes, there’s credit cards and jeeps. But there’s also a disease/madness no one can stop and violence destroying cities everywhere they go, and chaos with every city or area following its own leader. There is no cohesive central force of law and order.

How many of you, readers, know what it’s like to live in such conditions? I certainly don’t.

Our nice doctrine practices in first world countries, can they really hold up to a reality of such chaos and violence?

Minekura takes on that challenge. She exposes the flaws and the strengths of Buddhism by placing her characters in such a world of discord and gore. It’s not just shounen ai, it’s a challenge.

Sanzo, I believe, is still developing his own doctrine and practices. We see it when Ukoku beats him, physically and mentally and philosophically. But the Sanzo in Blast is calmer and more confident. I believe he may have at least the beginning of an answer.

But the doctrines of the temples? Do not hold up. 

What has held up are the individual doctrines of Koumyou, Ukoku, Jikaku, Genjo, and Sharak. These are the doctrines that have influenced are still shaping the world of Saiyuki.

Fucking stop

Ok I want to say my opinion about all of this that is happening to sleepykinq (I know I’m like bothering but I want to say my opinion)
There is many people that are offending him only because he post drawings really…um kinky- (me too hahahahaHAHAHA) But there no fucking excuse to fucking insult him only for a little fucking bulshit/mistake
Let me say this. It can happend to don’t put the classic warning sometime, its human at the last makes LITTLE and big mistakes (this mistake its little let me say this.) And some people are saying that he like rapes? I mean I don’t know how to explain it but only because he make a story with a character that rapes dosn’t mean that he likes it. Let’s talking about gore, I draw gore, he draw gore btu we don’t fucking like to our legs and body in general to be hurt like that (THAT IS SO OBVIOUS) Only because some one draw it/write it dosn’t mean he like it in real life
dude: eeeh then why he draw it???
HE SIMPLY LIKE TO DRAW IT the end. But he don’t fucking support or like raping (DA) there is the fucking simply answer in all of this
he simple like to draw it
the end
Talking about his fandom of kids…what the fuck he suppost to do???? is not his fault if there is kids (but the fault is by the fucking parents) he can’t stop drawing what he wants only for them
he is really REALLY voulgare some time (not always) and he is attacked for this with people saying “BUT THERE IS KIDS!! YOU DICK xddd” what the fUCK he can’t just don’t say “fuck” FOR KIDS THAT ARE IN INTERNET AND NOT FOR  HIS FAULT??? the real dicks here are the people that are going to the things that THEY don’t like. Why don’t you just fucking watch what YOU like and not what you don’t like! I mean I don’t like favij (is a youtuber that I really hate) but I DON’T GO TO HIM SAYING THAT HE IS A STUPID AND ETC ??????? I’m not idiot.
Talking about drawing
In a fucking drawing can be ANYTHING no matter what, only because someone draws something really violent and etc. it dosn’t mean THAT HE/SHE LIKE IT TO DO IT IN REAL FUCKING LIFE
I mean who is the stupid drawing gore and then say “YE I LIKE GORE SO I DREW IT AND I DO IT IN REAL LIFE” I mean its so obvious that people are not so stupid??? (not all??) and no skrill don’t diserve all of this
One day I call my brothers “asholes” and “son of bitches” because I was angry. It was obvious a mistake but they don’t say “AAAH YOU ARE A BITCH!! FUCK YOU” because they know that I don’t diserve it and that people can do fucking mistakes EVERYTIME no matter what, NO ONE is perfect
so skrill you don’t fucking diserve all of this, stop saying that you hate yourself and stuff like that, because be popoular it means love but at the same time fuckoing hate for NO reason. I don’t saying that hate its right its REALLY fucking bad. But you know people are fucking idiots.
Skrill we love you don’t listen to this people, some of them are trolls too
fuck them
and please stop saying horrible stuff to you for this dicks, because you a beautiful person, not perfect, thats what makes EVERYONE perfect (not the dicks)

PSA: I know that Tumblr hasn’t exactly been the safest of spaces for the past while (the past month especially). I know a lot of muns could easily feel like they’re unwelcomed, disrespected, and a myriad of similar emotions – you know what, that is completely valid. I want to let people know that I’ll respect your identities (to the best of my abilities, I’m only human so I mess up sometimes, I try not to) – regardless if its your gender, the pronouns you use, your race, etc. I don’t like aggression as a means to approach problems but given what has happened in the past month or so, I’d say the anger is completely justified. Anyways, I just want to let my followers know that I’ll respect your identities and you as a person. Tumblr is where people come to unwind and yes, people have the right to speak their minds but people also have the right to be respected. Respect shouldn’t be earned, it should be the default – respect can be lost but if we really want to make Tumblr like it was the ‘2012 paradise’ as y’all like to call it then give everyone the same amount of respect unless they do something for you to revoke it. Period. 

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Hello there ! Long time fan, love your art and you'll forever by my inspiration, I have a question-- so i'm doing a concept art design course which is a lot of fun but it feels like Photoshop is very forced, it feels as if i want to be a good artist I have to use photoshop! But my problem is I'm so used to sai because my Photoshop has a mix of terrible pen pressure and doesn't seem to work for my tablet- do you have any advice on how to combat this and stick to photoshop?

Hello! Thank you so so much❤❤, I truly appreciate your support. And apologies for the late reply, it took me a while to think and type up the answer(〃´∀`) ( Also recently FFXV, the game that I waited for ten years came out and I just….(cover face and run away)

The answer is quite long so I will pop it under read more :) 

Keep reading

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the term cishet is literally like such a ridiculous way for just saying someone is normal. and yes I mean that being anything else is abnormal, by definition of not being the norm thats exactly what gay, trans etc are. Why do normal people need to be labelled? The lgbt(etc.) lot are obsessive with labelling, defining and boxing people into little categories more so than any straight, born gender identifying person ever has? Its frankly so ridiculous being on this site sometimes

i know you sent this on anon but you’re like really physically ugly. that’s why no one will date you. not bc your personality, your job, your current life situation, or anything like that. you’re single and alone bc you’re just fuck ugly.

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its funny because 99% of the bashers of Yui do not know what reverse harems are for hence why i see a lot of people namecalling her as "slut" etc. They're fooled by the pretty boys that they did not even bother researching the origins of the anime. I mean, heck, i myself hate regular harem animes and can only tolerate reverse ones. Non-game adaptations of otome games are the worse, trust me and they should never be the basis since they scrap the potential of the MC.

Yes, it’s partially that too which is funny because there are plenty of other animes out there that can please them, as you have stated. I wish Yui wasn’t even branded as those awful names. She’s not a “slut”. Almost everything the boys do to her is without her consent anyway. It’s always against her will unless she specifically makes it known that she is okay with what they’re about to do to her. 

The anime was good, but with only 12 minutes per episode, of course everything is going to be rushed and crappy. The anime’s purpose was to only promote the series even further, as well. There’s not much you can do with that except give fans and potential fans a gist of it.

-Admin Yuuzuki

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HI IT'S ME AGAIN! just want to take this opportunity to say that your fantasy au is such a TREASURE your world building is so amazing! it's so detailed it's amazing how you were able to come up with terms, traditions, etc! I JUST WANT TO KNOW ALLL ABOUT IT speaking of which, i saw your tag abt wanting to talk to jimin! i want to know more but idk what to ask that isnt a spoiler! so please! by all means! use this ask to talk more about angel!jimin! <3

Hello, yes, let’s talk about Jiminnie

So if you don’t know him, he seems really quiet and reserved, but Yoongi KNOWS. Jimin’s actually really energetic, it’s just kind of hart to be jumping around when you get tired as fast as he does and tbh that really depressed Jimin, so, instead, he got used to being less active when he has nothing to do and instead be his more excited self when he’s got alone time with Yoongi <3

When Yoongi brought Jungkook for the very first time, Jimin didn’t really know what to do? As a kindhearted soul, he wanted to immediately take the small child into his arms and pamper him with love and affection, but on the other hand, his heritage prevented him from it. 

Jimin still doesn’t get how his own brain and heart work, because Yoongi is still the only ‘lesser being’ he ever got so close to so quickly. He never felt suspicious of him, though he had reason, he never felt like he needed to keep his guard up, he felt like he could trust him completely. And he kind of got scared of himself for it! This was going against everything he had learned his entire life (which is QUITE A FEW YEARS ayyyyy)

Yoongi complained about lack of money and everything and Jimin, without even thinking, just blurred out “Do you want a feather?” because Angel feathers are worth $$$$ ya feel. But he just??? Why?? He was internally freaking out the second he realized what he had just asked. And Yoongi was just gaping at him like “I’m sorry WHAT?” but Jimin really did want him to be OK and have money and a nice life, so he didn’t take his words back, but Yoongi flat out refused him in the most adorable way, muttering something along the lines of “I’m not hurting you, you idiot” and Jimin then and there had a revelation: he’s in love. fuck.

And Yoongi knew he was in love for like weeks, but like hell he’s saying anything.

But he didn’t have to because Jimin did it instead just a few days later because he looked at Yoongi and felt like he was worth breaking every law ever. He didn’t understand why, because, really, who understands how love works, but it was true and he said as much and Yoongi maybe cried a little bit.

And it was all fine and dandy for a few months until Jimin didn’t show up for a few days, and when he did he looked really tired. Obviously Yoongi was worried, but Jimin didn’t want to talk about it and he just snuggled with him for like the whole day. Then the bombshell dropped. Jimin was found out and HOLY SHIT Yoongi was terrified for him, he begged him to not go back because Gentri knew what they were going to do to him.

And Jimin, sweet, gentle, blessing of a person Jimin just smiled and reassured him that it’ll all be fine and made Yoongi promise to look for him. Yoongi was like ‘huh?’ and before he knew it he was asleep.

Yoongi figured out it was Jimin’s doing when he woke up but he was, again, scared shitless. So he went to his tiny cabin and waited and waited and waited what felt like days, until it happened. The skies grew increasingly darker, the earth shook repeatedly every now and then, a storm started raging outside and then one massive earthquake hit before it all started to slowly calm down. And Yoongi was running before he even realized it.

And it took Yoongi way too damn long to find Jimin (way too long in his frantic mind that is) and when he did, he felt the earth crumble beneath him and he cried and begged that Jimin would be fine and he apologized over and over because he knew this was his fault. 

And Jimin, weak and cold and barely able to stay conscious more than 2 minutes at a time, the second he woke up and saw Yoongi, just smiled one of the brightest smiles he had ever mustered and held Yoongi’s hand and fucking giggled “now I can stay with you forever” and fucking hell Yoongi never cried so much in his life


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could you possible write a review of the field school?? Like what you learned? Did you get a chance to explore Romania (either as a group or on free time, if the second was it easy to get around etc) If its too much trouble don't worry about it. I hope you had fun.

Yes! I literally just got home yesterday, but I’ve been meaning to/am going to do a post. I have a ton of stuff to catch up on so I’m not sure when that post will happen. If anyone has any specific questions about the field school before I do the post, feel free to send them my way! There’s so much to write about so if you have specific things you want to know, please ask, that will help me to know what info you’re looking for!

To answer your question, most weekends we had scheduled trips, but once we got to a town we could choose to be part of the group or to do our own thing. On those trips we went to various small towns with fortified churches (which are unique to Transylvania) as well as Bran, Brasov and a few other towns. We had one free weekend with nothing scheduled, so I took a train to Sighisoara and that was my favorite city I visited. During the week we finished up at the lab around 4:30 and dinner was at 7 so we could walk to town and do stuff in town. In short, if you wanted to be a homebody or stick with the group, you could, or if you wanted to go out and explore you could as well. Getting around wasn’t too bad, there’s trains and taxis and it’s safe to walk on the streets.

Its 2 a.m. in my place and I need to get it out of my head. Yes, its about Klance. I read the “why Klance will be canon” and all and I love it, but at the same time it broke my heart since there’re gonna be 6 seasons more and we still dont know how every characters development from each of them. Like maybe later they will make this chara close to those chara and etc. Its make my heart wrecking… Yeah, my heart is wrecking it self now, Im crying. Dude… Im crying over a fictional character’s relationship!!! Thats mean I already drowning too deep. And like I said, I’m so affraid about klance relationship since we all know lgbt for child’s show is too much. They even hide the fact about Princess bubblegum and her favorite vampire’s relationship even though they are ex'es. And there’s a fact that in original voltron Keith ended up with Allura, sorry to K // lura shipper, I dont hate them, I respect other shipper. There’s no way in a show we only have one ship. Take example Yuri On Ice where there still other who ship Yuuri with Pichit or Yuri etc.
I just… Well, I love Klance but I love my self who loves them. And because I love myself who love them, I need to take cares of my own heart. If… IF, klance wont bw canon, lets not getting bitter and throwing tantrum at other ships or the creators. Lets just enjoy the show, or if ur heart can not take it anymore, stop. You can stop watch it like me. I intend to stop watch it for awhile IF some significant development which leading us into more clearer relationship from other shipper and slowly blurring Klance moment, until my heart can accept that and I already prepared my heart to watch it again. I know it sound absurb, but dont wrecked ur heart, dont hurt ur self just because ur ship isnt canon and dont hurt others too. They still canon inside our heart. Sorry, just me being Langst in the middle of the night thinking the future of Klance… Still hoping its canon though but not as hard as I watch season 1 :’)

Two things that are weird pet peeves of mine about ToG that really don’t actually matter

1. Aelin’s eyes are not blue with gold circles
They are turquise. I mean she flat out says that at first look people think they are green. They are hues of blue, grey, and green, with the gold around the pupil. I always see bright blue pictures with gold. I love the green part, don’t leave out the green!

2. Casting Chris Hemsworth or another actor for Rowan simply because they have blonde hair/have had long blonde hair 
I know I know, this is completely an opinion thing. Its just that other than the fact that he has light hair and is in shape, there isn’t a lot of similarities between the types of characters he plays and the way Rowan acts. Chris always, at least to me, gives off this like, more brute strength thing. Rowan is suppose to be intimidatingly strong yes, but also has delicate fae features, cunning, sassy, smug, sarcastic, witty, subtle, and etc. I mean…idk, Chris is an amazing actor but when i picture Rowan i don’t see Chris at all. I mean, his features look 0% fae. He has a very brutish, gruff, course kinda look to him that Rowan isn’t really described as having. I mean i could maybe see him being more similar to Aedion, but he looks too old and honestly his characters don’t remind me of either of them. Theres just…something
It really doesn’t matter what color hair the actor has because they will have to wear a silver wig no matter what. I just think there are a lot more actors with more of a Rowan look and who play characters more similar to him in personality. 

Idk…what are you guys pet peeves about the fandom?

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I have to stay on your blog because all the other blogs seem to be showing the wedding, which was beautiful but my heart just isn't there, if you know what I mean. At least its over now and maybe things will move on. I miss them too

Well I tend to keep my blog filled with things I enjoy and like etc, and others will do the same:) but yes I do understand what you mean.. I miss them too:))❤️ Thanks!!

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How do you go from story idea to finished script? I ask partly cause I write short stories, and that's often taking an idea and running with it and then editing it down later, but it seems like that would be harder to do with a script (writing straight into script form for later editing, that is).

I’ve been thinking about this ask for a while. I even talked to C about it at length when walking in Paris recently. It’s a big one, and probably deserves an essay. Let’s see how this turns out.

In short, it’s complicated. You’re right that there’s a fundamental difference there between comics and prose.

(Most of that is based on writing a comic script is not designed to be a work of art in and of itself. Prose is finished prose. A Script is a guideline. It’s the difference between a blueprint and a building.)

Now, it’s possible you could work like prose, especially prose without a specified work-count. You just churn out panels until you’re done. You’ll probably write without specific panel numbers so you could do some editing of moment, and it’ll only work if you were working in something akin to a graphic novel.

I also think it’s most likely to turn out pretty shit. Generally speaking, writing comics is writing to a form and writing to space. 

That “generally speaking” is important. What comics generally is and what it could be are very different things. Always be aware of your assumptions - when people say “Fave comic book movie” when they mean “fave superhero movie” is fairly common one.

In most cases, there’s two specific forms you’re writing to. 

One is the page. One is the length of the whole story.

The page is a fundamental narrative unit in almost all print comics. That page turn is a “thing” that will always impact your work. When writing comics, most writers write to the page - what Ellis describes as the Page-as-Stanza approach. This isn’t the only unit - go look at the Hernandez Brothers - but it’s always a pressure. “How will these images look on this single unit of paper” is fundamentally what comics are about. Working out how much information can fit in a page and still have the effect you’re looking for.

This varies in many ways, not least with the artist you’re writing for. Some can be reverse engineered from artist’s previous work. Some can’t - artists surprise you all the time.

The length of the whole story is the other element - in many forms of comics, this is set. I primarily write 20 page American comics, which is an economic construct. I often try and break it in various ways, but that’s me - most people don’t. There’s other forms - the five page future shock for 2000AD, for example. Generally speaking, working in a commercial venue, this is set, and will only bend under extremely rare situations. Even as a pure underground indie writer, there can be an agreement of how long the story will be before starting writing it.

(Not least that you know if you make it too long, the artist will never finish drawing it. The chance of an artist not completing a real b&w indie work increases exponentially for every page you add. I’m only being semi-hyperbolic with that “exponentially”)

That means a story - or a component chapter in a larger story - basically consists of 20 larger narrative units which are subdivided into smaller narrative units.

(My intro to writing comics was Ellis’ 2000-era essays on the topic. He insists you read Dickens to understand serial chapter-based writing. He’s not wrong. That we think of 19th century novels as novels when many were published in serial is a very good analogy to thinking about comics. I think of most of my work as serial novels.)

Notice I say “Narrative units.” I go through periods where I count the number of panel transitions in a comic, when trying to work out how various effects are made.

Okay - that’s a bunch of theory, which I lay out, as it’s the fundamentals of thinking about this shit. As you may note, I lean analytic. Let’s move onto practice.

Basically, reading between the lines, your fear is that the hard limits of mainstream comic storytelling would lead to dead, lifeless work. If you have to plan a story so tightly to make sure it fits into the above form, the actual process is just typing, 

I understand that fear, and various writers take different approaches around it. Frankly, the “just typing” approach works for some writers. As I said above, a script isn’t like a story - a script is a blueprint. Maybe it’s okay to be cold. You can do all the creative work in the synopsis, and then “translate” it into comics.

Personally, I’m with you. That sounds really boring. The question becomes how to create improvisational and exploratory energies inside this larger structure.

First step is normally a synopsis, which depending on your instincts can be extremely detailed (akin to a short story) or hyper rough. I lean hyper-rough, for reasons you’ll see shortly. This is where you run with the idea, and explore what would happen.

(I suspect for a short story writer, the “synopsis that may even read like a short story” wouldn’t be a bad way in. You write the story, and then work out how to adapt it to comics.)

You then proceed to take the synopsis and break it into narrative units. How much space does this scene need? I normally go through and write a number by each of the scenes, which is my estimate of how many pages it’ll take.

You then add up the numbers, see how many pages the story is. If all is well in the world, you’ve hit 20. More likely, the number is 28 and you have a little swear for a while, then grab a cup of tea, and then work out how you can cram all this crap in.

(This is where the first part of the improvisational creativity comes in. Comics are a visual medium. As such, you’re trying to work out how you can compress visual information, and work out what’s important. What do you really need in here? If there’s just too much, can you edit it in a way which moves scenes to a future episode? This is why you read widely in comics to be aware of every single short-cut and trick you can, as you’re going to rip them all off as and when you need. Generally speaking, my books are at their most experimental-looking when I’m panicking trying to find something that works. I exaggerate, but only slightly.) 

After all that, I’ve got a scene list, with an amount of space in the story assigned to them.

I then write the scenes. Frankly, being me, I write them in almost any order. Brubaker tells me he always writes from beginning to end. I jump around, according to my whims. I see the whole story in my head at once, so it’s almost like painting by numbers on the aforementioned issue plan.

So it sounds like I’m just typing, right, as I’m filling this shit in? Well, yes and no. Sometimes when I’m writing the outline, I’ve hammered out a bunch of dialogue or visual data, and it’s a question of editing that to space (i.e. working out whether the dialogue can work in the space, whether important dialogue can be “acted” correctly by a character in the panel count, etc). Which is a fun creative job in its own way, but also very much the editor.

But remember me saying the outline can be really rough? I mean it’s really rough. It can be…


I know more about the beats than that, but often have no idea how the fight is going to go down, what are the hooks, the exact nature of the sacrifice, etc. I know the purpose of the scene, but not always beat for beat. I leave space in the hyper-tight planning to write and have fun.

(And then, due to me writing bits of the issue at once, going and editing things later or earlier to it all lines up. A good idea earlier needs to change later things… but with the structure in place, it all holds together.

Occasionally something does come up which entirely breaks the structure, in which case you just have to rewrite and hack things. Equally, your plan may be wrong - you realise you want 5 pages instead of 4 for that fight sequence to sell the spectacle or emotion or whatever, in which case you work out how you can edit another sequence to get back the page space.

Worth stressing, I used an action sequence as an example. This is also true for more verbal drama scenes. CHARACTER X DISCOVERS CHARACTER Y CHEATED ON THEM. CHARACTER X STORMS OFF. can be the outline, and then I get those two characters talking to each other and see what they have to say.

(You may recognise that one - it’s from WicDiv 16. I knew the bit with the bin as a visual element, but the rest I worked out on the page. After the whole thing was done, I saw the element of the pit running through and brought that out throughout. Edit, edit, edit.)

In short, I try to create places where I can play and discover within a specific space and form. The first place is in the synopsis itself. The second place is within the sub-element of the page. 

And I’m going to post this without re-reading, as otherwise I’ll be here all day.

EDIT: One more thing - Antony Johnson talks about a Zero Draft. I don’t always do it, but there’s certainly times when my rough synopsis looks a lot like it, especially when I’ve gone deep on the dialogue.

I can’t be the only one, right? And it’s not just the Air Strike, It just feels like that if you do something a tiny bit different then “the best way” on getting through a certain level, you’re gonna get some backlash; and by backlash, I mean a kick.

Other Examples: Quick-Fix Medic, Back Burner Pyro, Dispenser a few feet away from its usual spot, Pyro in 2 Cities (yes, one that knows what it’s doing can get the highest DPS of all classes), Scout on Tank, missing $5, Shotgun Heavy, Spy (yes, just Spy), B.A.S.E Jumper Demoman, etc.

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so basically you're out for the money?? doesn't give off a good impression if you're not posting it on souncloud because, you don't get paid for it.. soundcloud is your go to for music?? I just think it's a bit weird but hey ho

There’s a massive difference between what I have on SoundCloud and what I have coming out on my EP. Shitty house recordings vs legitimate recording studios, myself & my guitar vs. myself, my guitar, and two other musicians playing drums & bass, and mixing & mastering tracks myself vs. a trained professional mixing & mastering. There’s an incredible difference, and that difference unfortunately comes with a price. I had to pay for studio time, and in order to make profit from it and reach a breakeven point, I do have to make money. My EP is an investment. My current home recordings on SoundCloud don’t live up to my upcoming EP, and that’s why those are on SoundCloud for free and my EP is out for sale and streaming. SoundCloud was my go to for music because I wasn’t making quality enough content for sale, but now I am. If my songs were available for free on SoundCloud, then some people wouldn’t even know that its on iTunes, Spotify, etc., and yes, unfortunately that means less revenue. But money isn’t the end goal. Sharing my love, passion, and soul through my music is the end goal. I just want to share my music and touch peoples’ hearts. Trust me when I say this, my EP is on a whole other level and is worth more than a free track on SoundCloud. I am so proud of it.

I’m not in it for the money, money is a side thing that comes along with putting in work and passion and heart into something. My music is my passion. Period. I’ve finally found something that I can be incredibly happy doing while at the same time making revenue. More revenue means I can create more faster, from merch to just more music and better videos. This is my job. And I fucking love it. 

On the overly liberal usage of the term “weeaboo”...

One mark of a weeaboo: using Japanese terms without fully understanding what the word means, indicates, and the situational background associated with such words.

Yes, there are people who indiscriminately fetishize the Japanese language and unironically throw in random words in romaji in their English sentences when the word has an accurate English equivalent, which is both dumb and annoying. Many people fail to also realize or acknowledge that Japanese do the same thing with English, though. (Neither are amusing.) “Bitch” in Japanese doesn’t even mean the same thing that it does in English. They call all nail polish “manicures”. Sail boats with single masts “yachts” (yotto). Big apartments, even if said room is tiny and single-room “mansions”. Wasei-eigo is horrifying–or of any other language. The Japanese pretty much, in general, have little respect for foreign languages and won’t even spend 5 seconds to google something before publishing their work in Engrish, from what I’ve witnessed. That doesn’t justify weebs fetishizing the Japanese language, of course. But people like to pretend that it’s only a one-sided thing.

However, this thing that people seem to think is cool: namely putting down everyone who uses the terms “otaku”, or even “fujoshi” to describe oneself and labeling them all as weeaboos, even if the people who call themselves by those terms thoroughly understand the stigma associated to them… it’s ridiculous.
If the mark of a trait of a weeaboo includes using Japanese terms without actually knowing what they mean, it’s kinda hypocritical.
Because essentially, you are mocking someone for using terms without understanding the terms fully, when you yourself don’t understand what the term means, and are just going by the twisted definition of the word.
Honestly, of the many times I have witnessed people throw the term “weeaboo” around overly-liberally, most of the time they don’t seem to even understand the correct meaning of the word “otaku”. They aren’t much better than actual weeaboos themselves.
It’s as embarassing as the people who think they know what “moe” means when they don’t (i.e. thinking that it only refers to the cutesy ecchi anime girls and things limited to moe culture).

The term “otaku” doesn’t refer exclusively to its negative stereotype. Otaku also doesn’t just refer to obsessive fans of anime/manga. It can be used for gamers, idol fans, audiophiles, etc. Yes, the word has a lot of negative stigma attached to it, but the negative stigma is not necessarily inclusive to the meaning.

(Stigma such as:
- People who claim to have committed crimes because of anime/manga, which is utter bullshit. If someone commits a crime out of an inability to differentiate between fiction and reality, they’re an idiot and the fault is entirely theirs. The Japanese have very outdated ways of thinking, and the older generations especially always jump to blaming the material said crimes were “based on”.
- “Sweaty, fat, gross, perverted lolicon/siscon” stereotype <–though yes, they are abundant, judging people just because they fit the visual stereotype is dumb.
- Peoples’ definition of this word vary–some insist that otaku refers to people who are so obsessed with something it becomes detrimental to their social skills, while there are also many uses of the word in Japan where only obsession is the requirement. Passion is not a crime, if it’s not hurting anybody in real life.)

Referring to yourself as “weeaboo trash” is also rather annoying. You don’t need to “beat them to the punch”. It’s just often an inaccurate description that twists the meaning of the word that makes more people think that it’s okay to call all of us that. Please understand that there are many of us who dislike being unjustfully called a weeaboo.
People who refer to themselves as “otaku” are not necessarily (though possibly) calling themselves that for the sake of being “cool” or “edgy” or w/e. Mocking them based on that assumption is also obnoxious and doesn’t make you any better. It’s self-pejorative. If they understand the meaning fully, let them call themselves that–and if you don’t know if they understand, don’t assume they don’t.

Understand that it’s insulting to some people to be called a weeaboo since the term also suggests that said weeb glorifies what they think is Japanese culture without actually knowing anything about Japanese culture. By extension of calling someone a weeaboo, you are also calling them ignorant.
There are lots of problematic things in Japan and in their culture that I, for example, acknowledge, criticize, and wish would change. From blackfacing to vast heteronormativity to honne/tatemae to misogyny to rape culture/huge amounts of rape porn… to still not apologizing for all the rape in WW2, to their government
not teaching their citizens about their country’s war crimes, etc, etc.
By calling someone a weeaboo, sometimes the person being called that will feel that you are assuming they are white (what the w stands for, pretty sure).
By calling someone a weeaboo, you are suggesting they want to be Japanese. I don’t want to become Japanese, I just want to have regular access to my favourite stores and merchandise. I have no desire to naturalize into a country where same-sex marriage is illegal and people still do blackface.
If they actually spent a lot of time doing research on such matters and know what they’re talking about, they don’t deserve that bullshit from you. If they understand most of everything and still think that the terms “otaku” or “fujoshi” or “kifujin” or etc. suit them, get off your fucking high horse and let them call themselves that.

It’s as dumb as condemning all feminists just because you’re not going by the proper definition of feminism (the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes). Just because a group twists the meaning of the word into something strictly condemnable, does not give you the right to insult people who use the word with full understanding of its actual meaning.

Throwing around your loose (and often wrong) definition of weeaboo is not appreciated.

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!!! so does this mean we're gonna learn more about your oc's? What about theo and his boyfriend tristan? do they have a story? do all your oc's interact? i know tristan is zeigenkind's oc so are there other characters your oc's interact with? SORRY im just so interested in your babies. like what about their pasts are they as messed up as the characters from tfc? i need stories.. anyway thankyou and as always your art is GORGEOUS it never ceases to take my breath away <33

HI YEAH it means im gonna be drawing them regularly and letting you guys know more about all of them!!! i have lots……LOTSSSSSS of ocs… IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANY OF THEM ID LOVE TO ANSWER :^))))

and yes they all have stories and fleshed out headcanons etc (not as tragic as tfc hahahahahahahah but i can totally make AUs for all of them to be sad and beaten up)!!! its my favourite thing to do TTOT not all of them interact with each other depending on their respective universes…

for example, tristan and theo are still alive and goin strong SARAH (@ziegenkind​) AND I HAVE LOTS OF PLANS FOR THEM ^__T ill be drawing more of them in the future hehe!! they belong in their own university setting with their own cast + two roommates still in the making, their own families, and whatnot. 


As for pan and xu and (many) others are all part of a whole different universe (still slice of life and university student setting) that i have developed with @alktomycin​ !!! theyve never interacted with theo or tristan but it is fun on my part to speculate how it would happen!! there are several friendships and relationships going on between these 12 and theyre still growing in number LMAO THEIR STORIES ARE ALL SO BIG AND INTERWOVEN ITS A LITTLE CRAZY