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Lana Del Rey - Grazia (France) - July 2017

A rough translation of the Grazia interview, which was originally translated in French so a few things might have been lost in the process.

Interviewer: When did you start working on this new album [Lust For Life]?

Lana Del Rey: The day I finished the last one, Honeymoon. It must have been in August, two years ago. I was happy I had recorded an album which has more rock vibes, Ultraviolence, and then one with more blues, one which is sadder, Honeymoon. I felt like I needed to go back to the 60’s and the 70’s, with more pop inclinations. I thought about the Shangri-Las, their harmonies, their playful spirit. Then, after achieving the three quarters of the record, I also felt like doing something more folk, deeper in my heart. I had Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark in mind. Eventually, I listened to a lot of the Beatles and that’s why I asked Sean Lennon (Yoko and John Lennon’s only son) to sing with me. This is why this album, unlike the others, had more shifts and switches.

Int: You change perspective, points of view?

LDR: Exactly. I grow up with my records, I feel a shift inside and I try to do a chronicle of it. Earlier today, I was listening to one of my tracks, Beautiful People, and words like “blood” or “planet” struck me: I had never used them before. I feel like I’m seeing things with more distance, without completely detaching myself from it. I’m happy about that.

Int: You talk about Joni Mitchell. What do you borrow from her?

LDR: Her way of telling stories. How she expresses her inwardness and the dialogues she has with herself. I like the fact that she was a painter but she couldn’t help but become a musician. And then, I love the region of Laurel Canyon. With my friends, Jonathan Wilson and Father John Misty, we established a true musical community, sort of like the one Joni and her friends had.

Int: Honeymoon was a bit cathartic. It ended with a cover of Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, like the full stop of something. Was there a new beginning after it?

LDR: I liked the idea of doing a Nina Simone cover and more specifically this song and its message; I often hoped not to be misunderstood, while not knowing what to do to avoid it. This last year, I realized that people judge me for the wrong reasons. They prejudge me a lot. It took me seven years to learn how to deal with it. There were frustrating moments, obviously, especially after the first album. Afterwards, it didn’t really matter anymore.

Int: Do you feel lonely? Have you ever felt the need to be guided?

LDR: I have, I didn’t know what it was like to be guided. But during the past two years in LA, I met a lot of good musicians, I felt a sort of familiarity (camaraderie) with them. Suddenly, I had more people around me, people to call, to tell about what I had just done and ask them how their week went as well. I don’t put things in front of the mirror anymore. Half of the songs have something light in them, they’re less reflective and less about the way I see myself. I didn’t really address a particular audience in the previous records. But this year, I wanted to change my point of view, to speak to others, to a younger generation. That’s what must happen when you grow older…

Int: Do you observe the others more?

LDR: I’m more settled in reality. I go out, I blend more with the others. After having been too intellectual, too existentialist… Although, compared to my friends, I’m the most quiet. I don’t have to make myself heard excessively anymore.

Int: Tomorrow Never Came recalls the Beatles. We hear you sing with Sean Lennon. How did you get the idea?

LDR: I sang the chorus to my producer and he added a few chords. I thought about T. Rex, and I was looking for something more relaxed, more live. It led me to a melody resembling the Beatles. I asked someone to get me Sean Lennon’s number; I wanted to have his voice with mine. We facetimed, and it worked right away between us. He was very encouraging.

Int: The song seems to reflect on a rough time, which is behind you now though…

LDR: Yes, absolutely. Without being able to say what it is, though. That’s why I didn’t want to sing it alone. Aesthetically, I wanted this title to have a 60’s sound, completely, without any modern mediation. It really mattered to me because it fully fit in with me, and I wanted to express it that way, directly.

Int: One track, God Bless America, is about the USA. It is political and in relation to the election of Donald Trump. How do this era and politics influence you?

LDR: The song is about America and the women in it. In the studio, where I go every day, I have conversations about the country with my producer and my sound engineers… And it all just sort of came out. I didn’t feel like I had to say something but it would have been weird if I hadn’t. That was my feeling. It was also about me going out more, listening and talking about it. One thing that always came up with my friends was whether or not it was time to move to Paris! It was our favorite brunch conversation after the election. I especially felt the tremor, the fact that American women were mobilizing against everything that was said.

Int: We can see you’re freer in this album, not quite the tormented lover anymore.

LDR: In the previous albums, I felt split into two parts, torn. Then, I took position, chose easier ways, not to be confronted to difficult experiences anymore. I decided to have more friends, more fun.

Int: What sparked that decision?

LDR: All my previous bad experiences came back to me all of a sudden. And I had enough. I decided to change. And there wasn’t a thing this year I wasn’t certain about. It’s new for me. Something in my personal life changed and it led to a musical shift. And it was for the best, in the right artistic direction. To be in a relationship, it’s very energizing at first. But when the end comes near, only the negative energy remains… And I don’t want to go through that again. In this particular case, if I had known before that it would be this way, I would have run right away. I lived the same thing too many times, even with friends and professional relationships: from now on, I’ll never let anyone surreptitiously take control of who I am anymore. I’ll run at the first sign a relationship can become this bad. That said, sometimes, you have to go and reach the end of things, you have to be able to finish a record, a love affair…

Int: Did you ever have to fight for your integrity?

LDR: To take the right decisions, yes, but never to be the person I am. That was established from the start. When I wrote Video Games, I had to be strong and assured, I sang very directly. Now, I feel different. Back then, that’s what made me happy because that’s all I knew. But it wasn’t enough.

Int: Do you still have some tutelary figures?

LDR: I was lucky to read Bob Dylan, to understand his process and his way of doing things. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with him… He’s my hero. And I want to clarify, I am in no way putting myself at his level. He’s all the way up there for me. Like Kurt Cobain, despite his sad passing: his way of capturing melodies which seem to come out of the air around you… It’s the ultimate cool.


It wouldn’t leave me alone so I rewrote this scene from “Alone”

“Hey, don’t forget this. Relax the back. Breathe in, breathe out.”

“How do you know all these things, Mulder?”

“I’m unemployed. I got a lot of time on my hands. Oprah. I watch a lot of Oprah.” There’s sadness in her eyes, or exhaustion; these days it’s hard to tell with a myriad of new expressions and feelings in her repertoire. He’s getting better at it, though. At all of this.

“Actually, I read the books.” Mulder admits with a sheepish smile. He hasn’t mentioned it before, because they have yet to talk about this. This baby thing. He doesn’t know what she expects, and up until he read up on it in the books, he wasn’t sure what he could expect either. For better or worse, another conversation they should maybe have and soon, he is in this now. He’s all in.

“The books, Mulder?” Bless her for shooting him a smile in this mess.

“Yes, the books. All of them. Like I said, I’m unemployed and… and I want to be involved, Scully. I missed so much already. I’m not going to miss anything else. I mean unless you don’t want me… here or there.” He holds his breath afraid she’s going to throw him out or take the pillow from him and hit him with it. Instead she touches his arm, lets her fingers curl around it. Mulder feels the pillow under his shirt slip to the ground where it lands with a soft thud. Neither of them cares.

“I do want you, Mulder. Here, there and everywhere.”

“Scully, did you just quote a Beatles song?” She moves closer to him, her stomach gently bumping against him, and he tightens his arms behind her back. They haven’t been this close in too long and he wishes they could stay like this, in this pure, perfect moment, for a while longer.

“We should get going. I shouldn’t have spent so much time at the office. Leaving was harder than I thought it would be.”

“Don’t feel guilty for leaving, Scully. I’m sure Agent Doggett can take care of himself.”

“He deserves a partner, Mulder. I always had one.” He’s quietly staring into her eyes.

“I know, but right now, you should worry about the little agent in here,” he puts his hand on her stomach carefully without breaking eye contact. The smile on her face tells him this is right, “you don’t owe the FBI or him anything.”

“Thank you, Mulder.”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s go and forget about the FBI for a couple of hours. We don’t want to be late, do we? We need to learn how to breathe after all.” Together, he thinks and grins at her before he puts his hand on her back leading her out the door.

Have a Good Time

Characters: Sami Zayn x Requester’s OFC (Penny)

A/S/F: Fluff

Summary: Birthdays are an utter waste of time. Aren’t they?

Request: Can I put in a request for a birthday fic with Sami Zayn and my OC Penny? Sweet, fluffy, hyper Sami making her realize her birthday isn’t just another day

Requested by: @vixxyvampire

Notes: Title inspired by Birthday (by The Beatles)

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Boyfriend and Beatles (Part One)

Hello darling and lovely followers!!!

So last night, I was rediscovering my love for The Beatles, right?  And I was laying there while each song was playing, I was like “WOW! I COULD TOTALLY SEE MYSELF LAYING HERE WITH HARRY AND PLAYING WITH HIS RINGS WHILE WE SING!” And then another song came on and I was like “Wow, I could totally see myself dancing around the living room with him to this song.”  And then it hit me, WHY NOT WRITE ALL OF THE SCENARIOS OUT?!

And so, my friends, that’s exactly what I did. 

Not only that, I made a playlist that, if you have Spotify, you can listen to as you read! (Or after you read each individual blurb if you’re like me and have a hard time reading while music is playing.)  

The following are little scenarios that came to my head when I heard each song, and hopefully will be easy for you to picture as you listen as well! And then maybe, if you ever hear the songs in the future, you’ll get struck with awful boyfriend Harry feels.

I originally made a 14 song playlist, but there was no way I was going to be able to write 14 little blurbs tonight.  So I separated them into Part One and Part Two.  Part Two should be posted HOPEFULLY tomorrow, but we’ll see!  Hopefully you guys like Part One enough!

ANYWAY. That’s enough rambling from me.  Sit back, relax,  click THIS link, and enjoy! ;)

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prompt by Anonymous: “Can I request a fluffy Destiel prompt? Married!AU. Castiel has an asthma attack in the middle of the night and is absolutely terrified (bonus points for crying!) and Dean helps him through it back singing to him until he calms down? Thank you! B)”

word count: 1523

author’s note: So, I finally did it, dear Anon :) I hope you’ll like the result!

At first Dean doesn’t know what woke him up.

He frowns confused, blinking his eyes open and grumbling like a bear who had been interrupted during its slumber. He even curses quietly, staring into the darkness of the room and tries to remember what day it is. Hell, what year it is!

He glances at the alarm clock on his nightstand that reads 4.07 p.m.

Way too early to even function properly!

So why the hell –??

And then finally Dean registers the noise right next to him and he’s awake in an instant.

“Cas!” he says worriedly, flicking on the small light beside him and turning toward his husband. As expected Castiel’s eyes are wide open, his breathing shallow and quick while he stares at the ceiling with an expression as if he’s not quite sure if this is reality or just a terrible nightmare.

“Cas!” Dean calls again, trying to get his attention. “It’s okay, babe. I’m here. You’ll be fine.”

Castiel focuses his eyes on him and Dean hates to see the fear in them. He hates it every fucking time.

But instead of answering in kind and freaking the fuck out like he did the first few times Castiel had an asthma attack right next to him Dean forces himself to focus. It would do them no good if he’d lose his mind.

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You returned from China today, right? I heard that you are going to appear in the famous Chinese variety show, “Happy Camp”.

I was really worried to appear in a variety show at a place where I don’t understand the language fully but it was fun. Apparently, it is a show that only really famous people in China appear on. I was in a rush asking about a few words to the staff members and practicing them on the day before the recording. I think I did better than I expected. I even received compliments.

WINNER released the new album “EXIT: E” after 1 year and a half. How does it feel to promote a new album in such a long time?

We’re so busy to the point where we barely have time to sleep but we still enjoy it. When we held fan-signing events after releasing our album, I often received very sincere comments from our fans. Every time a fan told me that the songs I made helped them overcome their difficult times, I was very grateful and strengthened.

You appeared in “Show Me The Money 4” during the hiatus. During the whole time it aired, you were at the center of attention. Did you earn as much as the struggles you faced?

Of course. It was a very fulfilling and good experience. At first, I wondered if I could do well and if I only had things to lose and I worried about many different things. Honestly, it was so exhausting. But in hindsight, I think the times I found difficult are now meaningful memories. And I sometimes feel that I’ve matured through those experiences.

Aren’t you “hungry” for stages where you stand as the rapper Song Mino of that time?

It would be a lie to say I’m not greedy for that. I do my best to achieve the group’s harmony when I stand onstage as WINNER, however, I hope that I receive the opportunity to show everything about myself as a solo artist some day. As I work on group songs, I also work on solo songs. If CEO Yang grants me that opportunity, my bullets are ready (laughs).

You are seen as the most “manly man” of the group but there are many times you are “mischievous” behind the scenes.

I joke around a lot. I used to fool around so much but as I grew older, I’ve become sensitive and not as talkative. But whenever I’m in a good mood, I become limitlessly elated and jump around a lot. I’m the type of person to be positive in whatever situation I face. If I fall depressed just because I’m tired, it’ll only make me suffer and I won’t be able to progress.

I heard that you’re very sociable. What kind of people do you enjoy spending time with?

I’m very certain about that: Fun people! When I look at the people I’m close with, they’re all fun. I like people who are funny, witty, and have unique individuality. I love crazy people (laughs).

What about Nam Taehyun, who you had this photoshoot with? Do you two hit it off well?

Yes, I think our “chemistry” is good. Out of the group members, I think he and I have energetic exchanges. We sometimes drink (alcohol) together at the dorm. Taehyun is very curious. He sometimes seems like a little boy. So I watch over him like a parent. Whenever he looks like he’s about to fall while he’s playing, I hold him upright.

“Pricked” is a song that Song Mino composed and wrote the lyrics for and Nam Taehyun sang in it. I felt that this song was the most emotional song in the album.

I made the original song called “Madman” during “WIN”, but while I was working on our album, I opened it, erased all of it, and wrote it again. At the time, I was slightly gloomy so I tried to express that gloominess as deeply as possible and lyrically as well. I even turned off the lights and worked on it to focus on the emotion. After I was done, I made Taehyun listen to it because I thought his voice would suit it and he really liked it. He recorded it right away and his voice did suit the song, as expected.

You even personally drew the album art for “Pricked”. You have lots of interest in art, don’t you?

I love looking at drawings and drawing. When I was young, during the time everyone else was studying, I doodled at my desk and even after I became WINNER I’ve steadfastly continued to draw. Just recently, I saw the artworks by the Korean artist Jang Youngwon at an art exhibition in Kyungi-do and I found them fresh. He usually does collage artworks but he had exhibited installation art.

Do you have any new hobbies or is there anything you recently became interested in?

Up until some time ago, I was able to count how many books I’ve read with one hand but I have fallen into a new world with reading. I went to a bookstore at the start of the year and I bought Higashino Keigo’s “The Murder in Mansion Masquerade”, and I really enjoyed it. After that, I picked up the book called, “The 100-year-old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared”, which was gifted by a fan, and I seriously felt like I experienced a new world. I found that reading [novels] has a charm different from movies and paintings. I found the variety of expressive sentences really refreshing. I’m planning to read more books. I write in my journal every day too. I felt like I let go of things that are important since I have bad memory.

How does it feel to live as a singer signed under YG Entertainment? I think it would feel like being inside a firm fence but also being on a battlefield between talented artists.

It is very competitive. Especially because almost all the artists write their own music, it can’t be helped but to be wary of each other. However, the pride and the sense of belonging in YG is very powerful. When I was in high school, I was a trainee at a small company but now I debuted and I’m promoting as WINNER under YG, so a lot of things have changed in my life.

Even if you say that it is your dream to live a life where you make music and compete through music, do you ever feel burdened?

When I was young, I loved that [idea] so I faced all the music that I looked for as “work” so there are times now when I feel regret. When I was struggling a lot during album preparations and when I appeared on “Show Me The Money 4”, I found myself not listening to the music that was associated with those times. But that didn’t last for long. I love music and I’ll think of music as my work until I die. There are many things I haven’t achieved as a member of WINNER. I want to experience more things from now on and I want to receive more attention and love. I think my members will think the same. All of us are bundles of ambition (laughs).

I heard that WINNER will appear in the upcoming JTBC variety show “Half-moon Friends” that will air its first episode in April. Can you tell us a few more details?

Us WINNER members will become kindergarten teachers to children who usually spend their days alone. I don’t have much experience in spending time with babies and children but I like young children so I think I’ll be able to do anything for them. I want to make memories with them that will be unforgettable for all of us and I think I will receive a lot of things through the children as well.


The album tracklist is filled with the members’ names but your name is written the most. It seems like you worked hard in making music [during the hiatus].

It wasn’t my intention to put as many of my songs in the album. If I like to draw, I’m the type of person to be satisfied only after drawing with my own hand. I like to listen to music so I started to write music and because I enjoyed and had fun making music, I ended up working on many songs. I enjoy sharing the music I make with my family and my friends but having my songs go up and down the music charts and having numerous people listen to them makes me overwhelmed and thankful.

I heard that you made the title track “Sentimental” while playing with Song Mino.

As usual, I was working while playing the guitar and because the other members had gone home, I was alone with Mino-hyung. It was late at night so we were having some beer and talking about this and that. We started talking about being “sentimental”. I often find inspiration within words. I suddenly became interested in that word “sentimental”. I wrote the song with the emotion we felt in that moment as the foundation.

Do you often feel “sentimental”?

Yes, I do. Since I enjoy being alone more than being in loud and noisy places with many people, I think I am often sentimental or often become immersed in emotions.

What do you do when you’re alone?

I usually listen to music. Because I prefer the analog style, I listen to music on LPs often. Recently, a fan gifted me a LP of Kim Kwangsuk-sunbaenim’s album. I know that it is hard to acquire it so I am really thankful. The other day, I was at Dongmyo because of a shoot and I found an audio store on the verge of collapsing in a secluded alley, away from people. The atmosphere I felt was really mystical. I bought a turntable there and because it’s really old, it costed more to fix it. Because the amp and interlocker I had didn’t work, I went shopping for components. I just very recently finished setting it up. Thanks to the all these happenings, I’m really enjoying listening to music.

I saw you take out your portable speaker and playing music during the photoshoot.

I always bring my portable speaker to photoshoots. I found that when music I like is playing during photoshoots, I am more comfortable and I have more fun. Today I played the Beatles, country music, blues music, and songs of that style. I listen to these genres of music a lot these days.

You currently appear in “Actor School”. Isn’t the tiger-like teacher scary?

Are you talking about Teacher Park Shinyang (laughs)? It’s slightly different from scary. He doesn’t yell or shout. He is really a perfectionist. He makes you choose your words very carefully. I like that we don’t have to force ourselves to laugh because it’s a variety show. I’m really bad at forcing myself to laugh.

Because you’ve experienced an acting controversy before, you must have needed special courage to choose to appear on the show.

When I received information about the show, I liked the objectives and I thought that it was an opportunity I needed. When I was swept up in the “controversy”, I was drowning in thoughts but above everything, I was embarrassed that I took part in a drama when I was not prepared. I wanted to learn properly so I am doing “Actor School” with a genuine heart. I am certain that the show will be one of the most significant learning opportunities of my life.

I was surprised that you personally brought color lenses after seeing the draft proposal. I feel like you are a very passionate person.

I like to try things out. Maybe it’s toughness? Courage? When people say, “I don’t think this will work” or “This isn’t safe. I’m not going to do it,” I do everything. Naturally, I get scared but no one knows what will happen in the end. I want to create room as much as I can for possibility. I think that for people like us who do this job, we shouldn’t limit ourselves.  

Where does that mentality of welcoming challenges come from?

I think it’s mostly because of the environment I grew up in. From when I was young, I spent much of my time alone and I liked different things compared to the kids my age. When I was in elementary school, my friends liked mangas and robots but I really liked subways. I liked them because when I go to a different station and a different exit, I see a world different from the one I know. I used to ride the bus alone and go to the last stop. I didn’t trap myself in the usual boundaries, instead I made it a habit to absorb and accept different things. Because of this, I think I have a wider range of feeling happiness compared to other people.

What does the combination of Song Mino and Nam Taehyun entail in WINNER?

When there is darkness, there is light. I think we’re that kind of combination. Mino-hyung and I have very different aspects. If you think of me as being introverted, Mino-hyung is extroverted. Even when you look at our looks, if you see me as having a soft image, Mino-hyung’s face lines are thick. When we sing, hyung’s voice is low while I often use a soft tone. In those ways, I think we complement each other. And even though Mino-hyung looks manly, he’s actually very cute. He’s a person with many reversals.

The teamwork of the five members must have improved as you spent more time together.

Because each of us have such different inclinations, when we first gathered, we creaked and squeaked, but now, we bring each of our charms and become harmonious together. When I take a song I make to them, even if it may be a song that’s lacking, my members immerse themselves in it with passion. I want WINNER to be a group that creates heartfelt music instead of a group that follows the trend. And I hope that people recognise that some day. I wish we become a group that walks slowly and steadily.

What about Nam Taehyun’s personal goal?

Looking in the long term, I hope that I don’t lose the drive and passion I have now. I still find it embarrassing and shameful to say that I’m a singer and an idol with my own mouth. I want to become an artist who is acknowledged and known by others without me having to tell them. I think that’s my goal.

Just like “Empty” and “Sentimental”, how would you express your current state of emotion with one word? 

Tired (laughs)?

When was the last time you said, “I love you”?

It’s been a long time since I said that. I hope that I’m put in a situation where I can say that!

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Till I Fall Asleep

Title: Till I Fall Asleep

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word Count: 3,738

Song Inspiration: Till I Fall Asleep-Jayme Dee

A/N: Anonymous Request for a story where the reader moves in to the bunker, and another where Dean sings “Hey Jude” to the reader. 

Happy reading, homeboys ;) 


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You kicked the covers at your feet, fighting the tangle they were in around your legs with a symphony of  annoyed grunts. You flopped onto your back, spread out like a starfish on your bed, and sighed. This wasn’t working. You sat up with a huff and looked around your dark room. It was silent, peaceful, which only made you more frustrated.

You swung your legs over the side of your bed and grabbed your phone as you crossed the small space and opened the door of your bedroom that lead into the rest of your one-bedroom apartment.

“God damn it,” you cursed, stubbing your toe on one of the many boxes that lay scattered on the floor as you tried to make your way to the kitchen. You curled over, holding your foot in one hand, and hopped over to the kitchen counter and lowered yourself onto the lone barstool that was waiting to be packed up tomorrow. Your toe was bleeding, and you lifted your leg up on the counter and hung your foot into the sink. You turned on the water and waited for it to warm before sticking your toes underneath, hissing as it splashed over the now jagged toenail of your big toe.

You hit the faucet, turning off the water, and wrapped your foot in a paper towel, eyeing your phone as you lowered your leg gingerly back on the floor. With half a thought, you picked it up off the counter and scrolled through your contacts until you landed on Dean’s name. Your eyes flashed across the clock at the top for a second before you raised it to your ear; 2:46 A.M.

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The One With the Walk of Shame

Rating: High T

Word Count: 2,121 

(Alternately titled: The One Where I Find Out How Many Penis Euphemisms I Can Fit Into One Paragraph)

Part II in the Tayvin and Friends series! This one’s a bit less silly, and more inappropriate. Just assume that they’ll be getting more inappropriate. But the silliness will return, along with Taylor’s POV! I’m just sick, so bear with me.

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Hi Guys! Part 9 is a bit shorter but I hope you enjoy! Hoping to have part 10 up by Monday have a great weekend! :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Thanks again for all the likes/comments/reblogs on previous parts! If you would like to be tagged along with these lovelies let me know :) nemo-miracle-grow areyousad8118 curvygirlonabudget luckyemcee jackiewalsh2013 mmfdiaryfan murderyoursoul kristicallahan irish-girl-84 audisodd thisissomefreshbullshit myfinnnelsonpls perfecters darlingdiver fantasticab

Days Like This Part 9 

“…you don’t have to kiss me because you feel sorry for me” she sighed as she leaned back staring down at her lap. 

Finn furrowed his brows his heart breaking for her, he brought his hand up to her face guiding it up so she would look at him “Rae..look at me please” he whispered as his thumb stroked her cheek, she turned her tear filled eyes to him and he smiled softly at her. 

“I’m not kissing you because I feel sorry for you..I’m kissing you because I want to” he gave her a small reassuring smile, a single tear fell from her eye and he gently smoothed it away with his thumb, smiling small at each other Finn leaned in to kiss her once more, it was a short kiss as Rae had pulled away. 

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The Christmas Prodigy

(Note: You can see my other one shots on my Tumblr masterpost or on my Ao3 account. This is a companion story to The Prodigy on Tumblr or on Ao3. It is inspired by Dean playing the piano as a demon this time and takes place after 10x09.)

Dean counted it as a miracle that his piano survived the destruction and evil of being a demon. A vague, darkened memory threaded between his thoughts, however, that recalled touching a piano as that monster. A few notes emerged from his fingertips grazing the keys as if his soul being suffocated by the blackness had clawed for any sense of humanity and brought out those notes so intrinsically linked to his mother.

The rare moment of privacy afforded by Sam taking Claire Novak a Christmas care package let Dean descend low into the bowels of the bunker where he kept his treasure. Sam had developed a soft spot for the Novak girl or maybe he just liked the idea of a younger sibling that didn’t want to see him dead like Adam had. It wasn’t that Dean disliked Claire or anything, but he knew he wasn’t fit to be around people. He was dangerous. He was a risk. So he sent Sam out alone with snacks and odds and ends bought from a Gas ‘n Sip, which was a bit of a Winchester tradition at Christmas. Locking himself in the bunker was safer for everyone.

Security monitors near the utility room showed a good, steady bout of Kansas snow falling outside, making the hillside and woods look like a white glitter bomb exploded. He used to like snow. Even as a grown man on the trail of some monster or ghost, he stopped and beaned his brother on the head with a snowball, which escalated into a fight that allowed them to forget the dark turns their lives took. The raised red scar on Dean’s inner forearm wouldn’t let him forget anymore, not even for a good snowball fight. Knights of Hell didn’t deserve to play. They didn’t deserve to forget.

Keeping the piano deep in the bunker’s basement was for the best. He couldn’t see the snow and the walls weren’t draped in Castiel’s obnoxious silver metallic garland. It was the only home they each had, he’d said, and living in humanity meant enjoying holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

He pulled the bench out enough to sit on it, but he didn’t open the lid over the piano keys right away. With his arm leaning on the piano, he caught a glimpse of the scar peeking through his rolled shirt sleeve. It looked menacing to him. He tugged his sleeve up more and dragged his fingertips over the scar’s raised edges. It controlled his thoughts and impulses, bleeding blackness into his brain and heart no matter how he fought it. Drinking usually numbed whatever he felt, but booze only gave the Mark of Cain more power to make him do disgusting things. He watched himself do much of it even before it happened too. At first the visions felt like nothing more than nightmares, the same sort of nightmares he’d endured for his whole life, but then nightmares became reality. He was having precognitive visions. Once upon a time, Sam had visions like that as well, except he wasn’t the one spilling blood.

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Here’s Everything That Happened Inside One Direction’s Made In The A.M. First Listen Party
Spoiler alert: This may be 1D's best album yet.

Twenty-five minutes before One Direction’s First Listen Party officially began, a scenic shot of the California coastline at dusk appeared on the big screen. The words “Directed by John Urbano” flashed across the lower left side, and theater No. 12 at Century Huntington Beach erupted in screams. Diehard Directioners knew exactly what this was, and sure enough, the opening guitar chords of 1D’s 2011 breakout hit “What Makes You Beautiful” played over the speakers and kicked off an emotional night on the most nostalgic note.

About 400 One Direction fans, including myself, attended the 4 p.m. screening of the band’s First Listen Party on Monday night (Nov. 2) in Huntington Beach, Calif. All across the country, thousands of other 1D fans were about to experience the same treat as us: listening to the band’s fifth album, Made In The A.M., for the first time, 11 days before its official release. Exciting? Yes. Bittersweet? HELL yes.

It’s no secret that this is an important, possibly career-defining album for One Direction. It’s their first since Zayn Malik left the band in March, and it’s their last before their impending hiatus(which they’ve relentlessly promised is NOT a breakup). The anticipation was sky-high and the mood was shrouded with uncertainty, but the second the “What Makes You Beautiful” music video appeared in front of our eyes, that nervous energy was immediately annihilated. It was time to dance.

That kicked off a chronological string of the guys’ most-loved videos from the past five years: “WMYB” was followed by “Live While We’re Young” (yes, everyone in the theater stood up to “row the boat”), “Kiss You,” “Best Song Ever,” “Story Of My Life” and “Steal My Girl.” It was a nice reminder of where the guys started and how far they’ve come, and every fan in the room was united in collective, uninhibited joy. We weren’t allowed to have our cell phones out, so no one was using the time to mug for Snapchat or brag on Twitter — we were just jamming out because that’s what we do when we hear our favorite songs.

At precisely 4 p.m., the room went dark and a girl at the back of the theater shouted, “DO NOT SCREAM DURING THE MUSIC, I’M SERIOUS.” Everyone applauded, and that was that: all 400 of us were in mutual agreement. We wouldn’t be selfish or obnoxious; we’d make sure this rare, collective experience was perfect for everyone. There was a sense of trust and camaraderie in the room, which is why I think everyone felt like it was a safe space to cry and laugh and squeal and scream. And we did all of that and more, because this album was a topsy-turvy roller coaster of emotions.

One Direction’s Final Tour Stop Was ‘Emotional’ In Every Sense Of The Word

Hey Angel: Each song was preceded by a short interview with one or more of the guys, during which they appeared individually and spoke about what the following track meant to them. Harry introduced “Hey Angel” by saying “it felt like the right way to set the tone. It felt very much like this album’s ‘Clouds,’” referring to Four’s final track. And while “Hey Angel” isn’t quite as anthemic, I get the comparison. It’s a lush, strongly-sung tune with a simple but memorable chorus: “I wish I could be more like you, do you wish you could be more like me?” During the song, we saw candid footage of the guys goofing off backstage: Harry (with a man bun; BLESS) fiddling on the guitar, Niall driving a golf cart and doing a little jig. When the guys sang, “I come alive when I hear your voice, it’s a beautiful sound, it’s a beautiful noise,” all I could do was nod in agreement. That’s how the 400 of us felt upon hearing the guys kill it straight out the gate.

Drag Me Down: We all know this one. It’s the very first taste we got of Made In The A.M., and the one that ushered in a new, post-Zayn era of 1D. Its confident and self-assured message was exactly what Directioners needed to hear after months of drama, but Liam admitted it didn’t quite start out so smooth. He said the writers pitched it to them as a mix between Taio Cruz and Maroon 5, which wasn’t so enticing at the time. But after they tweaked it and made it their own, it turned out to be “a nice introduction, especially after what’s gone on this past year,” Liam said. Fittingly, the space-themed vid played during the song and we all jammed the f—k out.

Perfect: Harry introduced this song by calling it “the biggest pop song on the album,” and that’s definitely a fair assessment. “It’s a love song, but it’s not that romantic,” he continued. “It’s not thinking anything through, it’s just, ’Do you want to go do a bunch of fun stuff?’” Fair enough, Hazza. Of course, we saw the dreamy black-and-white vid while singing along — and the collective screams during Harry’s bedtime brooding scene were predictably loud AF.

Infinity: This previously-released power ballad is “one of the best” on the album, according to Harry, but it was far from the night’s most-loved song, mostly because we’d all heard it before and, honestly, there are more memorable ones. We saw candid concert footage while it played, including a couple fleeting shots of Zayn, during which everyone gasped a little.

End of the Day: “Straight away, the chorus just gets you,” Louis said before this song started playing, and MAN, he wasn’t kidding. This is a funny tune because it’s like two songs rolled into one: you have these really melodic verses, a simple but pretty bridge, and then, out of nowhere, a few drum beats kick in before this massive whopper of a chorus. “All I know at the end of the day, is you love who you love, there ain’t no other way,” they sing on the chant-like chorus, which reminded me a bit of Fun’s “We Are Young.”

If I Could Fly: OK, this is where things started to take a brutally emotional turn. “If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you,” sings Harry, who co-wrote this song with Johan Carlsson, the same guy he wrote Ariana Grande’s “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart” with. The two songs actually sound a bit alike; they’re both piano ballads that build up and reach gorgeous heights. This one’s lyrically vulnerable, with Harry promising to show his heart “for your eyes only,” but the thing that made it totally chilling was the vintage 1D footage that played over it. This was the first time I heard sniffles and sobs around me, especially when the guys sang “I hope you don’t run from me” as footage of fans running after their tour bus appeared on the screen. Gut-wrenching, in every way.

“Long Way Down” is a breakup song, but not the wallow-in-your-ice-cream-while-watching-“The Notebook” type. It’s more, as Liam said, about mourning “a relationship that you really wanted to work,” with a midtempo, Robbie Williams vibe. Niall added that he was told in the recording booth to sound grittier, “like Bruce [Springsteen],” and WOW, he really did manage to do that. Our Irishman’s all grown up, y’all!

Never Enough: If “Hey Angel” is Made In The A.M.’s “Clouds,” then “Never Enough” is its “Act My Age.” Niall intro’d this one by saying it’s his favorite song. “We were dancing around like crazy. I don’t even know why I love it, everything is just spot-on for me,” he said. There’s a lot going on here, including some “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”-esque underlying chants and random “HUH” sounds. And then there’s some trombone, trumpet and saxophone thrown in for good measure, as the guys sing about wanting to pull an all-nighter. It’s the type of song where you can sing along to it on the very first listen, and it’d definitely be a fun one to see live.

Olivia: Last week, Liam did us a solid and teased eight seconds of this song on Snapchat. The first time I heard that snippet, I immediately thought it sounded a bit like the Beatles, and the full song only hammers in that similarity. Harry said it’s one of his favorite songs because “it just feels like so much old stuff that I love.” He added that they recorded the strings at the iconic Abbey Road studio, so there you go — the Beatles’ spirit definitely lives on in “Olivia.” And because he knew we’re all wondering, Harry insisted it’s “not necessarily” about a girl. “It doesn’t have to be so literal,” he said, adding that it could be about a place or even a feeling. Hmm… the mystery continues.

What a Feeling: No, this is not a cover of the infamous “Flashdance” song, but it IS influenced by another throwback classic. Louis said it’s “got a little Fleetwood Mac in there,” and that’s an understatement, honestly. The bass line is pretty much exactly like Fleetwood’s “Dreams,” and the way the guys’ voices are layered over one another in the chorus is gorgeous (as are the lyrics: “What a feeling to be right here beside you now, holding you in my arms/ When the air ran out and we both started running wild, the sky fell down”). We saw black-and-white, behind-the-scenes footage from the “You & I” video during this one, which started out feeling a little random but ultimately kind of fit the mood.

Love You Goodbye: When I first read the tracklist for this album, I practically started choking up just by seeing the title of this song. But let’s clear up one thing: there’s no comma after “Love You,” so it’s not like you’re hanging up the phone with someone and telling them, “I love you, goodbye.” The inspiration here, as Louis said, is that “everyone has that moment after a breakup when you have to see your ex again.” So, yes, this song’s about… uh… loving someone right before you break up with them (“If tomorrow you won’t be mine, won’t you give it to me one last time/ Oh baby, let me love you goodbye”). And speaking of Louis, he has a huge, killer high note on this one that’ll make you fall out of your chair. Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t warn ya.

I Want to Write You a Song: Picture yourself alone in a sunny park with your favorite 1D guy. You’re sitting on the grass, he’s strumming softly on his guitar, and you’re listening, feeling blissful and peaceful and loved. That’s what listening to this song feels like. Liam said it was recorded in Chicago at 4 a.m. and his voice “sounded really, really bad,” but it somehow worked. I think that’s because it’s so structurally simple and minimalist, that it really relies on the guys to deliver sincerity and emotion in their voices. Louis, especially, shines during the chorus, sounding gravelly but sweet at the same time. Also, watching throwback footage from the guys’ Take Me Home album cover photoshoot while they sang, “Anytime I’m gone, you can listen to my voice and sing along/ I wanna write you a song” stripped everyone of their chill.

History: Niall introduced this track by explaining that it’s about the guys’ relationship with their fans, which immediately sent out the “code red” to alert everyone that their tear ducts were about to dehydrate. But here’s the thing about 1D and Directioners: At their core, these are people who like to have fun and be happy together. Moping and hating are not their style, so instead of commemorating the past five years with a weepy ballad, 1D made us smile with a fun singalong that’s easily one of the album’s most memorable. Sure, it was super emotional when we watched old footage of them with their fans throughout the years, as they sang “don’t let me go, don’t let me go.” But the chorus inspires such a spirit of invincibility that you can’t help but be optimistic: “You and me got a whole lot of history/ We could be the greatest thing that the world has ever seen/ You and me got a whole lot of history/ So don’t let it go, we could make some more, we can live forever!”

Temporary Fix: Good news, everyone: this album DOES have a “No Control” 2.0, and it’s the rock-fueled “Temporary Fix,” which Niall said was influenced by a “grungy night out.” Which… yes, please, tell us more! This one chronicles the plight of a girl stuck at the bar while an annoying dude talks her ear off. That’s when 1D swoop in and rescue her, vowing to be her “temporary fix.” Yep, this one’s a blast.

Walking in the Wind: Harry said his inspiration for this tune was Paul Simon’s iconic album Graceland, which is a bit of a tough comparison, only because Graceland was eclectic in every sense of the word. But it works here, especially as we see footage from the “Story of My Life” video, a song that had the same kind of vibe (same with “Ready To Run”). “Goodbyes are bittersweet, but it’s not the end, I’ll see your face again,” they sing. And of course we believe them.

Wolves: The “wolves” in question here, Liam explained, are touchy-feely dudes who try to talk to his girlfriend in the club. But you know what? Payne-o “ain’t going down without a fight.” We saw behind-the-scenes footage from the “Midnight Memories” vid over this foot-stomping song, which is especially fun with the “ooooh’s” that kind of sound like a wolf howling. Clever!

A.M. This is One Direction’s “Closing Time” — an end-of-night tribute to good times that’s slightly (but fittingly) lackadaisical and simple. It also gets the award for the most fun lyric that had everyone going bananas the first time it popped up in the chorus: “We’re just swimming ‘round in our glasses, talking out of our asses.” Brilliant.

Seventeen songs later, we’d reached the end of Made In The A.M., and the four guys appeared on screen together to thank us for attending and to promise, “We’ll see you very soon when we’re back in the U.S.” As we filed out, the line for the 6 p.m. showing was already snaking around the hallway, and eager fans begged us to tell them how it was. “IT WAS LITERALLY LIFE-GIVING,” one girl answered, and honestly, no one could argue with her.

When I walked out of the theater, the air felt misty and there were puddles on the ground. It had rained while we were inside — something that, remember, is all too rare in Southern California — and it felt strangely appropriate. The sky had cried while Directioners had cried too, but it cleared up in time for us to get home safe and dry. And the same thing will happen with One Direction: things might be a little stormy for a while, but the sun’ll come out again. And in the mean time, we have a whole album of great new tunes to keep us company.

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YES PLS on radio au sequel

“I hope you haven’t forgotten the sound of my delicious voice,” Clarke murmurs. “It’s five past ten on a Wednesday evening and I apologise to everyone who has been listening to Mr K’s Beatles playlist. I’m late but I come bearing good news. One, I’ve still got my job. Two, I got my soundboard fixed up so I can pretend that everyone is cheering for me. I’m going to use this every time I do anything that’s the least bit mediocre, you’ve been warned.” Clarke presses a button and she grins when a very electronic cheer sounds. “That was great, I’m going to do that again. Oh yes, spectacular.” She plays it one last time. “And that was just for fun. Don’t worry folks, I’m sure that our tech wizard will make an excuse to break this again before my next shift. Now,” she situates herself, focuses. “Okay okay okay, it’s a Wednesday and we all know what that means. If you don’t, you’re new, and I love you crazy kids. Welcome to the party. Wednesday’s mean two things. Wine and women, two of my favourite things.”

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