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Skip Muck (feat. Malarkey) + text posts (3/?)

I feel like this picture encapsulates everything that is magical about Sam and Cait together. These are two people who didn’t have a big break until they got these parts even though they both worked relentlessly. Both in their mid 30s, both seemingly unattached, both ready to work hard and morph completely into Jamie and Claire. And oh my gosh, have they delivered. I cannot imagine anyone else playing these roles the way they do.

In this picture are two people having the time of their lives doing the thing they love so much. Look at their eyes and their smiles. Those people are HAPPY. And they’re lucky to be doing it together because I truly believe they’re acting soulmates. I’m sure both will go on to get other roles and do wonderful things, but the chemistry they have onscreen with each other will never be replicated again. It’s kismet. It’s lightning in a bottle. And it’s really, really rare.

I have watched the pictures from SDCC this year roll out and I’ve been shocked. The ease, the comfort, the chemistry has been bottled up and put somewhere else because they are being “professional” now. We can speculate that they’re serious because the photographer asked them to be, or because they were tired, or or or.

For me, it comes down to the fandom. I think Sam and Cait, prior to last year, were just being them. The affection and love (in whatever form it is/was) that we all saw between them was genuine. It was natural. This need to hammer home that they aren’t together, that they need time apart and have separate lives is not. But it’s because of all of us. Because this is a fandom overrun by trolls, by women who have never been in an online fandom before and cannot tolerate people who think differently, by book purists who don’t want their favorite story ruined onscreen by the possibility of the actors being together, by men who are predators to female fandoms, by antis who hate shippers and screencap and tattle on them, and yes, by shippers who wouldn’t just accept what we were told and let it go.

We’ve all been a part of it. We all continue to be a part of the erosion of whatever it is between them in public that we used to love because we are all waiting for karma to come and get the people who have wronged us. I know I’ve been a part of it when I’ve bitched and moaned and been angry about the way they’ve denied and deflected and blamed. I react emotionally. Every time something happens, I tell myself to think about it and give it some time, and then 5 minutes later I’m on twitter with my little fingers flying. Sometimes it’s for good reason, other times it’s because I can’t shut up. I own that.

But I don’t want to be part of the problem anymore. Regardless of what I truly think is happening here, Sam and Cait don’t want us to believe they are together. They want space. They want to be taken seriously as actors. They want to excel in their chosen profession. They want us to love them from a far distance, and love them casually.

They don’t want us to push back at every narrative they spin. So I’m not going to. I’m not going to believe or not believe what they’re selling anymore; I’m just going to ignore it. As much as I love the people who are steadfast in their public belief that Sam and Cait are together, I think that is as unhelpful as publicly poking holes in their story.

So I’m going to try and find a way to enjoy them again - what they used to be and hopefully what they will be again. What I saw at SDCC is not what I want for them. I don’t want them to be distant. I don’t want them to be Hollywood. I want them to be who they were before the fighting became too much that we started to ruin them. I don’t know what that’s going to look like…but I’m going to try. I really hope we can ALL, both sides, take an objective look and realize that we are helping bring a fast end to something we all love/used to love - Sam/Cait and the show. We deserve a better fandom online and the change has to start with all of us.

I was asked if I could make a tutorial of how I made the line art in this Castiel graphic. Well, I think it would be good to say that I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make it. But if you don’t have Illustrator, don’t worry, Photoshop will be enough. Even though, I’ll try to explain how to do it on both ;)

Well, let’s go to the tutorial, right?

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Color Palette Meme coloring tutorial

So I’ve been asked how I make my color palette gif sets and wanted to throw together a super quick little tutorial on how I do it! 

(side note: after I put this together I saw that @loveforcaptainswan also put together a color palette meme coloring tutorial, so I wanna link to that as well because she’s fab at doing these, and that way people can see two different ways of going about making them!!)

For this tutorial, I’m going to be going from this

To this

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”Today, I’ll teach you cool poses 1 to 89 that you can use in diplomacy!
Listen up. By assuming cool diplomatic poses, people get charmed by me and then I have the advantage and-”


Making some screencap posts from Season 7 and ran into this moment in Killian’s swordfight with Henry where his face is just PHWOAR-inducing, but the cap on the site I use was all blurry because he’s in motion when he puts this look on, so I went in and manually caught the moment as clearly as I could and here it is, because I know what you sinners like XD


Dialogue when you challenge Yami Malik as Ishizu

Yeah it’s about as heartbreaking as you would expect. I love her determination at the end there. I also missed a screencap somehow but Yami Malik challenges her to use the Millennium Necklace to confirm that he’s telling the truth.

Also I don’t understand why she can’t just log off and find Malik in the real world…

@ that anon who asked why i ship amamatsu

you asked pretty rudely so i’m just gonna put this under read more bc i’m gonna be explaining the stuff (note, anon asked it like they were sending ship hate so uhh yea you get the gist of how i will be talking) to the ppl who like sa///matsu please don’t take what i say too deeply aaa i’m just trying to analyze stuff with my poor skills, also v3 spoiler warning so beware

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anonymous asked:

can you make a tutorial on how you make gifs?

why yes anon i think i will!!!

 now before you decided to read-on just know that i do not do the classic screencap way and you need to have videos of whatever you are giffing already downloaded. 

so read on if you wanna see how i make gifs like this: 

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b4us  asked:

I feel like a lot of people interpret this blog as making fun of animash/editors instead of what it is, frames that look funny out of context. Just like any "relatablepicturesof[x]" blog that takes out of context animation frames and uses them as "relatable" images. I've never submitted anything here for the sake of making fun of a creator, I just find certain frames funny out of context! There's no malice behind it by any means, at least not by me as a submitter!

YES that’s exactly what this blog is, just fyi.

here are some relatable pictures of an animash movie THE LION KING (which we post sometimes too)

Dear ARMYs: For 보고 싶었다.

Just because I’ve been gone for six months, and this is my first graphic in nine, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate kind tags.

  • NOTE: I appreciate all reblogs and likes, regardless of tags or commentary. This post is just to give a bit of extra love to those who “reached out.”
  • CTRL + F (or Command + F) to find your URL quickly!

In case you don’t remember the exact graphic, it’s HERE!

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YA Lit Meme 6/10 (series or books) : Penryn and The End of Days by Susan Ee

“You,“ he says, with a dirty look, “don’t deserve salvation.”

"As if you could give it to me,” I croak. “Why would I want to go to Heaven anyway when it’s crammed full of murderers and kidnappers like you and your buddies?”

“Who says I belong in Heaven?”

*yes I just used screencaps from Dominion so sue me lol

”Which Pines Will Survive?”

I am so excited/terrified for Weirdmageddon Part 2, so I decided to do a few Screen Cap Redraws from Weirdmageddon in a more cute style because why not? Each individual piece and their reference images are below :)

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so we’re back to square 1 (potentially a callout)

so i still dont want to call this a call out a post but use   deathaze/now moved to herweary   is still blantantly copying. i am unable to contact them again because they either blocked me on all of their active blogs, or deleted the ones we were able to work things out on. i would still do so, if there were ways for me to contact her but at the moment, there is no way.   so in the early months of october (october 16th) i had made  THIS  POST  as something to be aware of.    but now as they have moved blogs again (as they seem to do so as this problem is always brought up) i was able to see that they still have not changed. and under the cut are some screenshots of things that ARE STILL WAY TOO SIMILAR to connie and her character.

look, i only keep bringing this up because as someone who has had this character since middle school, who has gone through so much hefty development, so much time and love put into, only to be disregarded or copied off of, it really makes me uncomfortable ! it makes me feel like there is no point of being on here since there is someone else just like mine. and that’s no fun is it? be creative, friends. don’t copy. it isn’t fun to the person you are stealing from. if there’s a problem that keeps coming up to you, dont you think you should fix it ?

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After seeing the screencaps of the leaked gameplay footage of the Jack the Ripper DLC, I’m intrigued and impressed that Ubisoft actually chose to age Evie, rather than just ask us to accept that 40-year-old Evie magically looks EXACTLY the same as 20-year-old Evie, which is what Ubisoft asked of us by not aging up Claudia Auditore’s model, despite a similar passage of time.  It’s jarring at first, yes, but I like to think that Evie doesn’t really age, her badassery just intensifies.