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Honestly I'm too bi for Wonder Woman? Like I look at Chris Pine and I'm like "Wow he is super handsome" and then I look at Gal Gadot and I go "Man she is so attractive" and then I'm just sitting there screaming because I feel so conflicted?

Omg, yes! I totally feel you!! Also, fun fact, did you know that the original comic book writer of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston, was in a polyamorous triad with two bisexual women, Olive Byrne and Elizabeth Holloway Marston? His partners played a role in the creation of Wonder Woman.

Bottom line is Wonder Woman is bi, sorry I don’t make the rules 

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Wait so..i thought there was already a fic for the train au? Is that something else?

Yes the fic by @vulpes–vulpes was a blessing

but is totally their’s, they just wanted to write about the train au !

A couple others have asked to make fanfics and fanart for this and I told them to message me if they did so I could reblog them!

But I will be making a couple of one shots of my own design. 

( I am just in love with vulpes–vulpes fic and will reference it whenever I can because it’s exactly how I imagined the beginning of this AU to go down.)

So yes my fics will be different, but I encourage anyone to write whatever they want to!

Hope this answers your question Anon!

25. 100 Ways to Say I Love You

“Look both ways.” - Simon D || 1,073 words

“Alright so today we’re going to learn how to cross the road.” Kiseok turned to look at his twin daughters standing behind him wide-eyed— one of them had drools running down the side of her mouth. He snapped his fingers to gain their attention and it seemed to bring out life back into her eyes making him sighed out simultaneously. “Are you guys even listening to anything I said.” He kneeled down because you’ve always told him the importance of eye contacts when you’re trying to get them to do something you want. 

“What did I say?”

“We’re crossing the road.”


“Why?” the younger of the two asked, distinguishing any hope that older one had lit inside of Kiseok. He sighed out turning to look at his youngest daughter patting down the front of her hair and pushing her front hair to the side, showing off her adorably wide forehead. He smiled at the sight knowing how much it reminded you of him. “I’m teaching you guys how to cross the road because you told me you guys are big girls now.”

“But mummy never—“

“It’s alright mummy’s not here.” he responded and the way both of their eyes fell on him made him known how well trained they both were. They were both mummy’s girls and if anything Kiseok couldn’t wait to get you pregnant again— hopefully a boy. “But mummy said—“

“I know mummy said you can’t cross roads on your own. I’m not telling you to cross roads on your own but we’ve got to practice alright?” he placed each of his palm on the side of their cheeks trying to gain their trust and attention.

“Okay daddy.”


He never understood how different the two girls could be but you had multiple times reminded him to always refer to them as two different girls and not generalise them as one— a mistake most adults have done when you were younger. “Alright no more talks about mummy. Do you guys want ice cream?”

“Mummy said,” he couldn’t help but rolled his eyes as he stood up brushing off the imaginary dust on his jeans. “It’s alright. I won’t tell mummy if you won’t.”

“Okay.” they both cheered simultaneously, making him smile. The only thing they would let him get away with was always something they would benefit from. How are these bastards five years old?

“Alright hold my hands.” they quickly moved to his sides, one on each hand. That was your argument everytime he asked you for another baby. ‘But it’s perfect now. I only have two hands. I can’t manage three when you’re on tour.’ He couldn’t really say anything. He was always busy especially on weekends and whenever he had shows. You would sometimes bring the twins from home on your own and they would look so adorable with their pigtails holding onto your hands— looking like they’re going on an adventure with the pink bag packs Sunghwa had bought for them. “Alright…first thing to remember,” he looked at his side and two pair of eyes were focused on him, tugging a smile on his lips. “You have to cross here where there’s a zebra crossing line.”

“Where’s the zebra?”


“You said zebra?”

“Oh…,” he chuckled softly at the bright eyes of his five year old. “Look at the lines they’re like zebra’s stripes right?”

“But there’s no zebra?”

“No pumpkin. There’s no zebra. Anyway…” he quickly tried to change the subject trying to distract the little girl from asking more questions. “Do you see that light? We have to wait until it’s green before we cross the road.”

“So what does red means?” he asked moving his hand which was clamped around his daughter’s hand to point at the traffic light.


“Clever.” he cheered gaining giggles and shouts of victory from the girls. They had always responded well to compliments. “Now we wait for the man to turn green, since now it’s green for the cars to go…” he went into full details of how traffic lights work and you always laughed at him because he always took the girls questions too seriously but he just wanted to be the best father for them both.

It had taken a while for it to turn green—and between trying to keep the both of them focused and having to answer all of their curious questions about random things, Kiseok was tired. That was in between them tugging his hands to go run after some puppy at the end of the road and ‘Oh daddy look birds.’. He never quite understand how you handle the two of them alone.

“Daddy! Green!” one of them shouted, and making a run for it, luckily Kiseok’s hand was tightly clasped around both of their hands as he tugged her back before she could crossed the road. “Whoah, calm down baby.” he sighed out softly relieve that she didn’t get away. “You have to be extra careful and look both ways.” he walked slowly hands sweaty as he held onto the twins. “Just to make sure there’s no coming cars… then you cross.”

“But green means go.”

“Yes but there are bad guys sometimes who doesn’t follow the rules and when they see red. They don’t stop.”

“Uncle Jaebum didn’t stop when the lights turn red when we went to get ice cream with Uncle Hyuk Woo the other day.” the youngest one tattled on her uncles, her words running fast out of her lips and Kiseok tried to suppress his laughter at the furrowed eyebrows of his child. “Yes… well they’re both very bad people.”

“Bad people get punished.” his eldest daughter said determined to punish the two men.

“Yes. We’ll punish them when we see them later okay… now ice cream.” he could practically feel the tension on his shoulder relieving at the sight of seeing Jaebum and the rest. They might not be you but they were definitely good distractions for his children. Hyuk Woo noticed Kiseok with the twins as he grinned and helped him to open the door of his shop. “Uncle Hyuk Woo daddy wants to punish you.” the youngest girl shouted upon seeing the man and he looked at Kiseok, amusement painted on his expression.

“Yes why don’t you girls go punish him.” Kiseok just shook his head and released their hands as they ran towards the others shouting for milkshakes as if they owned the shop.

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Did you know there are petitions to keep tmnt going for another season one even has over a thousand

Yes, the same petition like that one to make a season 5 of Kim Possible since 2007, and 10 years later, did you see if that change something? Nope.

I’m sorry but I am of those people who don’t believe a fans’ petition can have any kind of power to bring back a dead TV show. At most, they could give us in the future a special movie or a special spin-off episode about certain character, but that’s all. 

The show ended, the story ended, Nick is now focused on writing the first season of tmnt 2018. And to be honest, I prefer the 2k12 show to end now than have a TV show like SpongeBob Squarepants or Fairy Oddparents, with 200 seasons going nowhere.  

As the saying goes: A retreat on time is a victory. (and forget the future arc, too)

Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote: 

‘Ellenya wanted a cockatoo. I got her one. Now she says she wants another one. “Bruce, I meant a cockatoo or two.” “OK, Elle, but let’s make the two do.” Now she’s saying, “Bruce, you can never have too many cockatoo.” “Oh yes, you CAN, Elle - and we DO!”’

What if we accrue another cockatoo unintentionally, out of the blue? What would we do if a third cockatoo just flew in through the window, Bru? It’s true, you’ve thought it through, and come to the view that buying more than two is a taboo, but would you review that choice if it did ensue we exceeded two without meaning to? Would that be a cockatoo breakthrough? And if a forth or fifth should do just like the third, might we be wooed to start a zoo? Then we could add some gnu, perhaps an emu too!

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yES omg please do the piano for light and daffodils at some point! i am in love with that song and it would be so cool to play it on piano. you're awesome, thank you!!

I’ll put it on my to-do list, anon! I did fiddle around with it earlier when I was trying to figure out what song I wanted to do next, and I don’t think it’ll be too complicated, either. It doesn’t have a natural key signature though, unlike Ray and V’s themes, haha~

Anyway, they do take me a while to make, so you’ll have to be patient. But I hope to have another arrangement out sometime soon!

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did you hear about how the owner of the patriots released a statement supporting athletes' rights to peaceful protest and now all of the trump supporting pats fans (which is a good chunk of the fanbase) are PISSED and tbh being from the new england area, I'm so here for this lmao like yes get pissed henny your precious tom brady still wears his maga hat so idk what else you want girl


It doesn’t make up for him being a Trump Stan in the past but I want them to implode.


Darius: You know, I’m curious, how did you find me back then? 

Bristol: I used a locator spell. Placed it on your wallet and the thing basically turned into a compass - took me right here. Isn’t that what you’d do?

Darius: And you got the locator spell to work on the first try?

Bristol: Yes. I did my best to perform it correctly.

Darius: Impressive.

Bristol blushes. It makes him pleased to have impressed someone like Darius.

Darius considers the facts: his grandson has a lot of raw talent. With that at hand… oh the possibilities!!!

Bristol: I have to go now. It’s almost eleven and I’m supposed to help out at home.

Darius: Of course. How do they feel about you coming here to see me?

Bristol lies.

- They’re cool with it, as long as I don’t neglect my school studies.

Darius knows the boy lies. Which is for the best - he doesn’t want his daughter snooping.

Guilt // Henry Bowers

Word Count: 1127

Summary- Being apart of the loser’s club makes you a prime target for the one and only, Henry Bowers. 

Warnings; Swears, angst 

A/n; I couldn’t find any inspiration to write my homework which is due tomorrow, so I did this instead. (Priorities, right?)

Requested; Yes, by @phangirlkelsey

req; Could you do a Henry Bowers x reader where he bullies her and she’s afraid of him but it ends kinda happy with him figuring out he actually likes her and had been in denial of it? I like angst


“Hey, slut! Get your fucking ass back over here! I’m not finished with you!” He called, running after you. “I’m talking to you, bitch!” He said, grabbing your arm and spinning you around. He held a tight grip on your wrist, and you tensed. Henry Bowers; the town bully. You were apart of the infamous ‘Loser’s Club’, hence you were one of Bower’s favorite targets.

For a reason unbeknownst to you, you were easily picked on the most out of the group, Henry’s favorite punch bag. You knew the things he could do; You’d seen the scars on Ben’s stomach, and the many times he’d throw around Richie, Eddie, Stan and Bill. Oh, and the fact that he’d done most of those things to you, as well, didn’t help the fear.

“Leave me alone, Bowers.” You said, trying not to pull a Bill and stutter continuously. “What did you just say to me?” He asked, his voice dangerously low. Your eyes widened, and you opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out. “That’s right, be quiet you little bitch.” He spoke, pulling out his knife. You looked at it in horror, and Henry smirked. “You like it? It’s nice, isn’t it? Though, I think it might look better, piercing your skin.” He said, and you immediately pulled your arm away, bolting down the street.

You didn’t get very far, however, because two of his little ‘goons’ grabbed you, pulling you back to Henry. You kicked your legs, desperately trying to escape, but you were ultimately screwed over. “Stop moving, bitch.” One of them said, you didn’t bother paying attention to which. “Let me go, assholes!” You screamed, unwilling to give in, though you knew it was inevitable at this point.

“I don’t like people who run away, Y/N.” Henry said, walking up to you, twirling his knife between his fingers. You stayed quiet, and finally, stopping fighting the boys holding you up. There was nothing you could do. “Finally, you’ve done something smart.” The same goon spoke, earning a glare from Henry. “Shut up.” He warned, and both of your captor’s shut their mouths.

“I’m going to have fun with you.” Henry said, holding his knife tightly and grabbed your arm. He began to cut, you letting out a scream of pain. “Shush, Y/N. The louder you are, the deeper the blade goes.” Henry said, emotionless, and you nodded. You bit your lip as he began to cut again. He began carving letters, but you were so busy trying to block out the pain, eyes squeezed shut and teeth biting hard on your lip, that you payed no attention to what was being engraved on your skin.

“Hey! Leave her alone, asshole!” Richie called, and Henry only laughed. “It’s alright, I’m finished with the bitch, anyways.” He said, motioning for your captors to drop you. They did, you slamming into the ground with a loud thump. Henry gave you one last kick to the stomach, you letting out another cry of pain, you were sure it would leave a bruise. He and his friends ran off, the Loser’s Club running towards you.

Your eyes were blurry, and you felt like you’d pass out at any given moment. You managed to make out few of the things happening around you. Ben calling your name, “Y/N!”, Beverly gasping, Bill shaking you, begging you to stay awake and Eddie having to get out his inhaler. You slowly fell unconscious, but before you did, you heard Richie yell “Fuck!”, and everything went black.

You woke up in an alley, confused. “What the fuck?” You whispered, rubbing your head. A wave of pain shot through your arm, and you let out a little squeal of pain and surprise. Bill, Bev, and Eddie all ran over worriedly. The others were nowhere to be seen. “Y/N, oh my god! Try not to black out on us again, okay? We sent the others to get more supplies!” Eddie said, panicking. “Then why didn’t you go?” You asked, confused. Eddie pondered this, before his eyes widened. “Shit! They’ll get the wrong stuff!” He yelled, taking off. You blinked, and felt something trickle down your arm. Looking down, you gasped. Through the dripping blood, you could very clearly see engraved into your arm, was written in big, messy scarred letters. ‘SLUT.’


“Nice one, Henry!” Vic said, clapping the boy on the back. Henry only grunted, feeling odd. “You alright?” Belch asked, halfheartedly. “Fine.” Henry muttered, the feeling in his stomach growing more. He couldn’t get that loser out of his head. He couldn’t even remember her name, he only knew her as ‘Bitch’ or ‘Slut.’

“What’s that losers name?” Henry asked, out of the blue. Vic and Belch exchanged a confused look, turning back to their leader. “Which one?” Vic asked, cautiously. “The slut.” Henry replied, vaguely. “Y/N L/N?” Vic questioned, and it was as if a lightbulb went off in Henry’s head. “Right.” He grunted, twirling the now red-stained knife in his fingers.

“Is there a reason you wanted to know?” Belch asked, earning a warning look from Vic. They never questioned Henry’s actions. It never ended well. “Yes, and it’s none of your fucking business.” Henry replied, glaring at his so-called friends. “Now get lost. I’m sick of the both of you.” They did so, leaving immediately.

Henry stayed where he was, and thought over everything he’d done to you in the past few years. He’d never really cared much about the pathetic loser’s club, except that they were amazing targets to take out his anger on. Whenever he thought of anything he’d done to you, specifically, that same feeling in his stomach returned. He now understood what it was, and hated it. Guilt.

He thought about how scared you looked when he approached you, and realized how much he hated it. He knew he picked on you more than the others, but it never really occurred to him why. Looking back, he knew. He liked you. How could he not? You were smart, beautiful, and you didn’t take shit from anyone, even himself, when he didn’t have a weapon.

You were perfect, and he didn’t want to believe he liked a loser. He thought of a quick plan, that could go terribly wrong, but he didn’t care. Henry always thought you never truly fit in with the loser’s club, you only hung out with them because they accepted you. He figured he would allow you in his gang, and you wouldn’t be a loser anymore. It would rid him of his guilt, and possibly get himself a girlfriend in the process. His mind was made. He was going to make it up to you, no matter what.

To anyone who’s upset about how I responded to the original pedophile question, I would like to remind you all that I am a csa survivor. There are not words to describe how angry and scared pedophiles make me. Did I respond emotionally before properly analyzing the situation? Yes. Did I have good reason? Yes.

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But ya no almost half of the chicks who arrived at NSP tonight left without breast support like 76% at least, myself included

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when the fuck did Joseph get in a fight

ok so joseph and i were at the bar and there was this guy making this girl really uncomfortable, saying really gross things to her and she obviously didn’t want to hear it
joseph walked away from me like “oh excuse me for a moment” then walked over to them and said “excuse me, is this man making you uncomfortable?” and after she said yes he fucking reels back and swings and fucking knocks the dude down


The full progress of this drawing :D If you have some time and want to see the process in timelapse: enjoy! :D

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@ previous anon okay imo hamilton would definitely be a fire bender (impulsive with a tendency to destroy stuff)(but earth would fit his aesthetic more) and burr would be a water bender

Oooh my god you’re so right burr is steadfast like a rock how did I not see that?? But yes Hamilton is a hothead who would totally be a firebender herc would be earth and laffy I wanna say water but maybe that would be more Lauren’s 🤔ahhh now I’m imagining a scene where alex is upset and john tries to help but ends up getting burned I wanna make this into something

B.A.P Reaction

♡❤~When they get denied a hug from their S/O~ ❤♡

Oh hello! Yes I know I was starting to feel instant regret after deleting it because I really loved reading your guy’s request and making the reactions for you guy’s >< But it’s nice hearing from you! 


     For Yongguk he would be left confused and simply ask if he did anything wrong, or if there was anything wrong in general going on in your life so far. He would ask you those two simple questions because you wouldn’t just say no to his hug offer just for no reason. Although Yongguk himself, he wouldn’t force you to do anything you didn’t want to do.


   After Himchan reached his arms out for you to give him a hug and you just looked at him and walked right past him, he would just stare at you and stand there in the same place all pouty and depressed. Then later if you came back wanting a hug from him he would have that same pouty and sad face and walk right past you like you did to him. “That’s what you get for dissing my hug earlier” *Walks dramatically into the bedroom* 


   Okay let’s all admit, Daehyun would not leave you alone until you gave him that hug. What Daehyun wants is what Daehyun gets, his way or no way. “I’m not giving up until I get that hug y/n!” *Chases you and tackles you for the hug*


    Youngjae would pretend that he was cool with it, but on the inside he would be really sad since he loves to be affectionate with you. He came home from practicing with the boys and he wanted to give you his ‘I’m home hug’ until you moved his arms down and said “I don’t want a hug from you”. Right then he just nodded and respected your wish. What really made him sad was the tone you used with him, you sounded like you lost feelings with him and that you were annoyed. (Let’s just say) 


    To be honest, I don’t think Jongup would have much of a reaction to this situation. I believe he would just simply have this look on his face like “Why?.” He wouldn’t take it to seriously because he would just have the attitude like “Well you’re missing out so…”


       Last but not least Zelo, this maknae would be like Yongguk. He wouldn’t force you to hug him, he would just spill a bunch of questions on you. “Did I do something wrong? Are you okay? Did something happen?”

*Credit to the owners of these gifs*

Hope you enjoyed it! ♡

So uh, I totally didn’t make a custom shirt so I can match Rocky in trainee funk… That would be ridiculous.

*cough* yes I did. *cough*

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i was looking at the tags of your post i was like "what if they were playmates? What if Natsu's bad a making friends so she accidentally says 'so my brother beat you uncle.' and takeru's just like 'uhm ok, what does that have to do with us playing volleyball?'. And then Natsu's reaction would be like 'why did i say that?' " i made myself laugh. They're too young to be a ship, but they're old enough to be a FRIENDSHIP! (haha get it, the friend...i'm bad at making jokes)

Whoops this is late but YES a FRIENDSHIP would be good. (I think Takeru and Natsu are a few years apart though so it might not make sense… but whatevs.)