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Mountain Strong - A Sasil Fic

A/N: I’m so disappointed that this awesome show that brought us this amazing couple has been canceled. Kyle and Christina were absolutely amazing and I’ll miss watching them act together dearly. I look forward to following both of their careers and I wish them the best. I started writing this fic after the finale while we were all sharing the petition and crossing our fingers that the show would get picked up by another network or streaming service, unfortunately I had to finish it a bit brokenhearted. Still, #ShayMustStay … only it’ll have to live on in fanfics, fanart, fanvids etc. Here’s my contribution to keeping the mountain magic alive… and especially Hasil and Sally Ann. I’ve loved chatting with you all about these two! 🖤

Summary: It’s been seventeen years since Hasil was almost killed in a shoot-out with the coal company security team. Sally Ann shares the story with her curious teenager.

Mountain Strong

“Y'all c'mon! Dinner’s ready!” I shouted to my family, not exactly sure where any of them were. Amos came runnin’ in from the back porch, wood shavings stuck in his sweater and hair. “Hey baby, slow your roll… and go wash those hands.”

“Yes, Mama.”

“Where’s your fa?” I called after him, but there was no need. Two strong arms snaked their way around my waist.

“I’m right here, Darlin’.” Hasil gave my earlobe a nibble and my butt a pat. “How was your day? Smells good in here!” He walked over to the stove and peeked inside of the various pots and pans while Amos scrambled back into the kitchen like a little tornado, ready to show off his latest carving.

“Look daddy.” He passed the wooden figure off to Hasil. “I did the wings better this time. Look.”

Hasil sat in a chair and grinned at me before takin’ the carving from his boy. He inspected it closely. “Mighty fine. You done a real nice job, but did you mind your mother and wash those hands?”

Amos wiped his wet, but still clearly dirty, hands across his pants. “Yes sir.”

“That so? It don’t look like it.” He gave a nod toward the bathroom. “Go try again, with soap this time. And where’s your sister?”

Amos gave an evil little grin. “Cryin’ in her room.”

Hasil looked to me, confused, but all I did was return his expression. “Well what’s wrong with her?” he asked.

“She got d-u-m-p dumped!” He shrugged and ran off.

Hasil looked at me again, but this time I avoided his eyes. He stood up. “Sally Ann.”

I busied myself over the food, even though it was all done and ready to be served. “Hmm?”

“I got an inklin’, but maybe you could clarify for me what exactly he means by ‘she got dumped.’”

I laughed to try to ease his worries. “It’s nothin’ babe. There’s this guy… you remember Justin?”

He put his hand on his hip and stared at me. “No. No I don’t remember no Justin.”

“Hasil you met ‘im like three different times.”

He raised his eyebrows, at a loss.

I sighed. “Well they had a lil crush, you know?”

Hasil held up his hand and nodded. “Yeah. Yeah I got it. So what’s Amos mean she got dumped?”

I looked at him out the corner of my eye. “Hasil babe, you know what it means.”

“Nah, I must not cuz if she got dumped, that means she had herself a boyfriend and that ain’t quite the same as a lil crush—”

“Hasil she’s sixteen years old, c'mon now. We’ve talked about this.”

He ignored me and continued. “Also, what kind of foolish idiot does this Jared kid gotta be to dump my baby girl?”

I laughed and gave him a peck on the lips. “It’s Justin babe, and he’s obviously the extra foolish kind.”

“I’m serious.”

“I know you are.”

“I’m gonna go talk to her,” he said.

“No, let me. Teenage girls don’t wanna talk to their fa’s about boys. Wrangle Amos and y'all go ahead and eat. I’ll take some up for Starla.”

I knocked on the door to my daughter’s room before peekin’ my head inside. “Starla baby you okay?” I asked the lump in the middle of her mattress.

I only received sniffles in response, so I opened the door wider and held her plate of food out in front of me. It only took a few seconds for the scent of my roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans to reach her nose. Her pretty lil head popped out from beneath the blankets like a turtle from its shell. “I thought that might do the trick.” I put her plate down on her desk and watched as she rolled from her bed and sat in her chair, takin’ her whole comforter with her as she did.

“Thanks, Mama.”

I smiled at my girl. Treasurin’ the way she still called me Mama. The way it took me back to when she was just a lil girl playin’ dress up in her daddy’s kilt. She started in on her dinner while I sat on her bed and thumbed through one of the many ancient magazines she loved to collect.

“Take the quiz in there,” she said.

“Which one?”

“'Does he really love you?’ Page sixteen.”

I turned to the page. “Sweetheart I don’t think a flow chart that starts with the question 'How fast does he text you back?’ is gonna give the fairest picture of me and your fa’s relationship.” She didn’t say anything back, so I humored her and took the quiz. I sighed when I finished a few minutes later.

She wiped her mouth on a paper towel and crawled in bed next to me. “What it’d say?” she asked, snugglin’ up.

“Well. It says 'This guy hates your guts. Run away. Now. As fast as you can. Save yourself the embarrassment.’” I looked down to find a smilin’ face staring up at me behind a tangled mass of curls. “You look pleased. Am I missin’ somethin’?”

“You and daddy always beat the odds. Even on stupid quizzes.”

I gave her a squeeze and kissed the top of her head. “Do you wanna talk about what happened with Justin?”

She shook her head. “No. He’s stupid. I shoulda known better when daddy couldn’t ever remember his name.”

“Careful with that. There’s a good chance your daddy won’t remember the name of any boy you bring around.”

She laughed into the blankets. “He will Mama. There’ll be one, one day, and then I’ll know.”

“Know what?”

“That he’s a good one.”

Starla was cuddled up with me, but there was no denyin’ that she was a daddy’s girl through and through. I wouldn’t’ve wanted it any other way. I was thankful every day that my babies got to have a mom and dad, somethin’ neither Hasil nor I ever got to experience.

Starla adjusted herself on the bed, getting comfortable. “Will you tell me a story?”

“Sure baby. What do you wanna hear?”

“Tell me about the time daddy almost died.”

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Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrators Russ bus.

Author’s note: Not requested. Also, not romantic. But if y'all like it, I can write a part two with some forbidden romance ;) so comment on this post if I should continue it.

Update: So the lovely Alyssa, aka @imyourliquor-youremypoison, rewrote my story, fixing the errors and making it less cringy to my beautiful readers. It’s the same story, but with beautiful words, I promise! Hahaha and go check Alyssa’s fics too, she has two about Chris and they’re incredible.

Part 2.

Masterlist ❁


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Summary: Dean and Sam fight and Sam leaves for California. Dean doesn’t let Jess go with him so she remains silent all the way to Idaho. You and Dean end up in a tight situation with seemingly no way out (actual episode plot this time omg)

Words: 1,716

Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess

Warnings: none

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here

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I Need Your Help (End)

Summary: Bucky gets an invitation to a family friends wedding and it turns out that his ex girlfriend will be attending as well. Panicked at the thought of seeing her, he asks you, his best friend to attend the wedding with him as his girlfriend in attempts to show his ex that he’s moved on.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 40s Bucky, swearing, angst

A/N: I think this will be the end.

“Thanks for the milkshake, Steve.” you smile as you both walk back up to your apartments.

“No problem, I had fun hanging out with you.” he replies. The both of you stand in the middle of the hallway as you talked.

“Me too.” you reply. “Well I guess I should get going. Talk to you tomorrow?”

Steve smiles. “Definitely.”

You both hug then part ways, Steve going to his apartment and you going to yours. Before you unlock your door, you turn back to Steve.

“Hey Steve.” you call, grabbing his attention.

“Yeah?” he says just as he pushed his door open. Steve turns to face you with a questioning look.

“If you ever need a place to crash, I’m just across the hall.” you tell him and a smile breaks out on his face.

“Thanks.” he nods his head. You turn back to your door, unlocking it and stepping in with a sigh. As you focused on unzipping your jacket, another voice startles you.

“Did you have fun?” he speaks and you jump, hitting the door.

“Bucky.” you breathe, placing your hand over your beating heart. “You scared the shit out of me, what are you doing here? How did you get in?”

Bucky shifts from his spot on your couch into a more comfortable position before pulling out a pair of keys from his pocket.

“We gave each other a spare key to our apartments in case of an emergency, remember?” he responds and you nod, remembering the day. “Did you have fun?” he repeats, taking you away from your thoughts.

“What?” you were confused about this whole situation.

“With Steve.” he clarifies and you notice how his eyes got a bit darker as he spoke his friends name. Was he jealous?

“How did you know I was with Steve?” you question as you made your way over to him.

“I got back a couple of hours ago and decided to take a stroll around here and ended up in front of the little diner around the corner and saw you two laughing and talking and having a grand ol’ time.” he says calmly. Almost too calm. It scared you. “Didn’t know you had a thing for scrawny men.”

You glared at him. “And I didn’t know you had a thing for ex girlfriends who cheat on you.” Bucky’s eyes widen at your words before acting like he wasn’t fazed by them.

“Okay, I deserved that.” he nods, looking anywhere but you.

“What are you doing here, Buck?” you sigh as you run your fingers through your hair.

You turn around, heading into your room to put your things down. Bucky follows you.

“I came to make things right with you but it looks as though you’ve already moved on.” he says and you know he’s referring to Steve.

“You’re unbelievable, James.” you scoff, rolling your eyes at the tall idiot in front of you.

“Me? Unbelievable?”  he repeats. “No. The unbelievable one is Steve. He knew just how I felt about you but here he is sweeping you off your god damn feet like I don’t exist. Like I didn’t spend the last year talking about how much I liked you.”

“Steve didn’t do anything wrong.” you tell him.

“Bullshit, he’s trying to take you away from me.” Bucky snaps.

“No he’s not.” you sigh.

“Then what exactly happened? Because to everyone else it probably seemed like you two were on a date.” he crosses his arms over his chest and you let out a laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“You.” you giggle at the man who was pouting at you. “Nothing happened with Steve, Bucky.”

“Then what did happen.” he says and you sit down on your bed.

“Steve came by looking for you but I told him you must have stayed at your parents house then he asked me if I wanted to go get something to drink and I said yes.” Bucky’s hard look stayed on his face as you continued to explain everything. “While we were there he told me that it was just a friend thing because he could never hurt you like that and I agreed because I like you and not Steve.”

Bucky lets out a sigh of relief. “He was just keeping me company.” you add.

“You still like me?” he questions and you roll your eyes again.

“Is that all you got from that whole thing?” you question him and he just smiles. “Yes, I still like you. I shouldn’t because you’re an asshole but I do.”

“This is great.” Bucky takes a deep breath before joining you on your bed. “I want to explain everything to you. Will you please let me?”

You think for a moment. “Go ahead.”

“Okay.” Bucky breathes. “Where do I start?” he asks himself but you answer for him.

“Start with Carolyn and your feelings for her.” you say and he nods, folding his hands in his lap.

“I don’t like Carolyn anymore. I don’t love her, I have no feelings for her what so ever. She was just using me for a quick fuck while I was back in Brooklyn because she knew I’d be up for it. I’ll admit, when we first got there I still had feelings for her I mean she was my first love. I thought we’d still be together to this day.” he says. “I wasn’t thinking when I was with Carolyn. But when I saw you the night of the wedding, crying, I knew I fucked up. I knew I had to make things right with you.”

“After you left the party I sat outside on the bench trying to figure my shit out and then Carolyn came out and sat next to me. We talked - well, more like argued about things and I had come to the realization that she’s no good for me. Never has been. I don’t know why I was still stuck on her. I don’t even know why I thought she’d still have feelings for me after all those years.” Bucky shakes his head and you scoot next to him, hugging him.

“You thought you were in love, Bucky.” you simply say and you can hear him sob softly.

“She was using me, Y/N. She was gonna lead me to believe she still had feelings for me then drop me right before I had to come back home.” he cries and you hug him tighter.

“Can I tell you something?” you look up at him and he nods. “You’re stupid.”

Bucky lets out a chuckle. “I know.”

You bring your hand up and wipe away his tears that had fallen from his eyes.

“Why didn’t you come home right away?” you ask him, still holding him close to you.

“I wanted to give you space.” he replied and you nod your head. “I’m so sorry for hurting you Y/N. That was never my intentions. I just thought Carolyn was what I needed but you,” he looks at you in a loving way, “you are what I want.”

You blush, pushing him away. “Stop being cheesy, Bucky. It doesn’t suit you.”

Bucky laughs and gathers you back in his arms. He leans back, allowing you two to fall back on your bed and he smiles at you.

“I guess I can forgive you.” you sigh dramatically. “On one condition.”

“And what’s that?” he questions.

“No more seeing Carolyn.” you say and he nods.

“Done. Already told her I want nothing to do with her. According to my sister she’s been whoring around. Her words, not mine.” Bucky tells you.

“Good thing for you, I don’t whore around.” you smile and he pulls you closer to him.

“You can whore around with me.” he chuckles and you playfully roll your eyes.

“I’m not the whore in this relationship, you are.” you respond and his smile gets bigger.

“Relationship, eh?” he smirks.

“I meant friendship relationship, Bucky, Jeez don’t get your hopes up.” you tell him and he frowns, causing you to laugh.

“Don’t play like that.” he pokes your side and you cup his face in your hands.

“Sorry Buck.” you smile. He looks into your eyes for a moment before they flicker down to your lips.

“I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you if it means I get to hold you in my arms forever.” he murmurs softly as his nose touches yours.

Bucky began to lean in for a kiss but you quickly back away. “One more thing, stop kicking Steve out of the apartment every time you bring a girl over because I will kick your ass.”

Bucky laughs. “Oh baby I won’t have to bring girls over for the night because you’re right across from me. I’ll just come to you.” he says, trailing his index finger down your neck, stopping at the top of your shirt. His eyes go back up to yours and his left arm pulls you to him. “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to kiss my girlfriend properly.”

“Girlfriend eh?” you smirk and Bucky playfully rolls his eyes at you.

“Shut up and kiss me.” he says and you nod, closing the gap between the two of you.

A/N: This was shit, my bad, I’m just really tired. Welp it’s over! If you have any ideas/requests send ‘em in and I’ll try my best.


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Klangst week day 6 - Voltron

Or: The true meaning of Voltron

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 

Keith, Hunk and Pidge each took a seat on the blank floor of Keith’s bedroom, forming a triangle in the center of the room. Keith stared at the ceiling, while Pidge stared at Keith, while Hunk stared at the floor. For several beats no one spoke. Then Pidge heaved a sigh.

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Begin Again - iv || TBS

Originally posted by zarb

A/N: Would you like updates on my imagines? Follow me on Twitter!

DISCLAIMER: There are mild mentions of attempts of rape and drugging drinks in this chapter. I do not support them in any shape or form. I don’t wish to romanticize any of them.

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It was a silent, breezy night for the remainder of the meal. Hope was mingling with one of Thomas’ neighbor’s kids, leaving you and Thomas in an awkward air after his oath to you.

“This is delicious, Thomas, thank you for taking us here.” You smiled shyly in an attempt to make the tension dissolve. The waiter, whom he thanked silently, had then brought the bill he’d asked for to him. He opened the book, keeping a straight face as he reached for his wallet.

“It’s expensive, isn’t it?” You attempted to reach for the leather book that held the bill, but he took it away from your reach.

“Ah ah ah,” he pursed his lips then smiled with his eyes. “I told you I’ll take care of you. Let me take care of you. Both of you.”

You raised your hands up in mock surrender. “Okay.”

Thomas sighed as he slipped the money in the book, putting it away. “Listen, Y/N… as much as I want to pick up from where we started, I think it’s best if we go slow.”

You nodded. “Yeah. Me, too. We’re different people – I get it. We have to get to know each other again.”

He nodded. “How’s work?”

“It’s alright. My boss is looking to promote me to chief editor within the next few months.”

He smiled. “I’m so proud of you, love.” Then he knit his brows in confusion. “What was wrong with your old job? Last time we… spoke, you were getting pretty good raises.”

Your head began spinning.

One name dominating your thoughts.


He was a good friend, and your partner in almost everything. You presented the best article ideas together, been each others’ dates when necessary, and he even watched over Hope while you caught some extra hours of sleep. Matt, your older brother, wanted him for you.

But one night, at his best friend Jacob’s party, he persuaded you to try a few nice drinks he likes. It tasted sweet, mostly, so you downed a lot of it, but you gradually felt the room getting hazier and hazier – and all you remembered was almost being pulled into a room, someone pulling you away from the firm grip that pulled you in, and shouting. Lots of it.

Matt and Jacob were high school friends – and to say the least, Matt didn’t like what Jacob turned into. He didn’t trust him, or the party. He trusted Paul, though, but he tailed just in case anything dodgy happens.

And that it did.

You knew you’d never hear the end of this as Matt carried you to his car and drove you to his place. “Hope…” you slurred, feeling nauseated.

“She’s with Ava,” he said through his teeth, infuriated with you still.

“You left her with my ex’s sister?”

“Just because her brother’s a jerk doesn’t mean she’s not trustworthy. In fact, she very much is trustworthy. Give her time with her niece. Thomas doesn’t know anything about this anyway. And stop talking to me. I’m still mad at you.”

You sighed. “I didn’t know, Matthew. Why are you blaming me?”

“Because I knew, Y/N! And you didn’t listen to me!”

“You trusted Paul!”

“So you trust him more than you trust me? I’m all the family you’ve got, Y/N.”


Thomas. He was staring at you curiously.

“You’ve gone pale, love.” He reached out for your hand to comfort you, but realizing what he’s doing and withdrew his hand.

“I don’t really wanna talk about it.” You took a deep breath.

“Okay…” he looked torn between forcing it out of me and taking it slow. “Who else knows about it?”

“Matthew, obviously. Probaby Ava, too, I don’t know.”

His jaw hung low in shock. “My sister probably knows about it.”


“And you can’t tell me?”


He sighed. “Y/N… if you want this to work, you have to tell me how you feel…”

Silence. Again.

“Love… I don’t know what’s stopping you from telling me, but I won’t let you get hurt over it. One way or another. Whatever hurts you, I’ll surely take away.”

“You can’t take it away,” you whispered, burying your face in your hands tiredly. “it’s in the past now.”

“But it’s still haunting you.” He pointed out. “What happened?”

“Promise me you won’t get mad.”

Thomas looked around him, licking his bottom lip handsomely. “I can’t promise that. But please, continue.”

You sighed. “Tom…”

“Y/N. Tell me.”

“I had a friend. Paul. From work. We went to a party, and he m…” you trailed off, the rage already visible in Thomas’ expression. It was undeniably attractive, but immensely frightening.

Realizing what could be running through his thoughts, you clarified. “He didn’t do anything.”

“Because Matt saved you.” He guessed. “That’s why he knows.”

You sighed, nodding. He always had his way of connecting the dots – something that unnerved you constantly. He could be drawing countless conclusions from the way you talk to him to how you dress.

“Please don’t let it ruin this night,” you pleaded with a small voice, almost sure he would flip the table over.

Surprisingly, he calmed down, his eyes still in deep thought. It was unusual, and you knew something was up. “Of course. I’m sorry.”


Thomas immediately went on Daddy mode, his smile as wide as ever. “Hey, princess.”

“Caleb’s mom wants me to come roast marshmallows at the beach,” she bounced excitedly. “Can I?”

Thomas looked up to Caleb’s mother – a good friend of his, and he smiled at her before turning back to Hope. “Sure, sweetheart. Mum and I will go take a walk.”

“Okay. Bye!” She planted a huge, wet kiss on his cheek before running off, sensing the tension in your posture and deciding it wasn’t best to talk to you. It was something you hated about yourself – Hope should never be afraid to approach you.

You and Thomas exited the restaurant. You were bold enough to hold his arm as his free hand carried your beach bag full of necessities for you and Hope.

“How about you?” you asked suddenly. “How’s work?

He looked at you curiously, as if to make sure you really wanted to talk about what you despised most in your marriage – his job.

You nodded for him to continue.

“It’s alright. I’m mostly doing small projects now with big screen ones from time to time. I decided to lay low for a short while. After all, my publicist did say I would look the same when I make a comeback.”

You laughed softly. To the public eye, Thomas never looked different than when he was on Love, Actually. For you, though, you saw every little thing that changed. His face is rougher but just as soft, his laugh lines more prominent making him all the more handsome. He grew a few inches taller, and his muscles more evident.

“Right. What are you working on at the moment?”

“I just finished a short film for Wes, voiced a sequel episode for Phineas and Ferb, and in a few weeks, I’ll be working on a new big screen film with Dyl’s girlfriend.”

You were about to ask a question, but he answered it for you.

“Not as her love interest, sweetheart. As her brother.”

You breathed out through your nose in acknowledgement.

“How’s Matt?”

“He’s okay. Despite his fan club, no girlfriend. Pretty dedicated to his music.”

He hummed.

“Have you forgiven me?” he asked suddenly. “For leaving you? Choosing my career over you?”

“You didn’t-“

“But I did, Y/N.”

“I brought the idea of a divorce up in the first place.” He pulled you down with him to the sand to sit down. It was dark, not even the flickers of the bonfire Hope was at reached you.

Silence. He didn’t respond.

“I wanted you to fight for us, you know. That’s why I did it.” You confessed.

Thomas’ head snapped to you.

“It was stupid, I know.” You laughed humorlessly.

“That changes a lot of things,” Thomas sighed, laying back on the sand. “I’m sorry I didn’t fight for us. I thought you didn’t want us anymore.”

“The past is then, let’s focus on now.” You suggested. “Starting by open communication starting tonight.”

He nodded, propping himself up on his elbow. You were facing his legs, so you can see him and the water. He eyed you up and down.

“You still look as beautiful as when we got married,” he looked at the moon after saying it, avoiding your gaze. “How’s that?”

You were probably beet red, but you sighed. “I suppose that’s an okay start.” You took the time to assess your feelings, playing with the sand. Thomas stared at you patiently.

“I like it when you interact with our daughter,” you spoke slowly. You heard him chuckle as you continued. “and… I missed you.”

Thomas’ tongue swept over his bottom lip. Torture. “I always wonder if you’re safe where you are.”

You rolled your eyes. When you were still married, he always teased you about being the clumsiest person he knows, attracting trouble everywhere you went.

“I’m serious, Y/N. You may have gone on with your life without me independently…” Ouch. “…but you’ve always been mine in my eyes no matter how many bloody years went by. One scratch on you and I might just go crazy.”

Your thoughts drifted to Paul. You instantly regretted telling him about it now that you knew how precious you were to him, but you decided not to remind him about it.

“I still get butterflies,” you immediately kicked yourself mentally for the confession, turning deep red when Thomas smiled.

“Do you?” he laid back down on the sand, his hands on his head.


“I don’t like it when you stop me from buying you things when we go out.”

“It’s stupid, that’s why I stop you.”

“It’s not,” he scoffed. “I enjoy spoiling you. Plus, you’re worth every penny. You’re a killjoy.”

You held back the irresistible urge to crawl in and snuggle to his side. “You can spoil our daughter.”

He smiled at our daughter. “I can spoil you both. And I’ve never had a wife before, lovely, don’t spoil my fun as I spoil you.”

You both realized he referred to you as his wife at the same time, and he sighed when he did. “Sorry.”


“I will propose to you. And give you a better wedding and house.”

“Let’s just take life as we go,” you suggested calmly – you were bursting inside, though.

He nodded. “It’s your turn.”

“Ah.” Your fingers toyed with the sand again, and you idly threw sand at Thomas’ legs in front of you. He didn’t seem to mind. “I feel guilty for doing this to Hope.”

He closed his eyes as his Adam’s apple bobbed. “Me, too.”

“She deserves a normal life, you know?”

Thomas nodded. “Then we’ll give her one. Seven years late.”

You smiled, humming in agreement.

Thomas cleared his throat at his turn, sitting up. You laughed at the amount of sand caught in his hair, and you followed the urge to brush it off of his hair.

He spoke suddenly as you continued brushing, taking you by surprise. “Y/N, I’m still in love with you.”

He’d made it obvious the past few days, but having the words come out his lips was different. You felt it, you felt that he wanted to start over with the feelings you’ve held back for so long.

You dropped your gaze from his hair to his eyes, yet continued to pick grains of sand from his locks. His eyes were pleading, waiting for you to say the words back.

Trembling, your fingers knit in his hair as you slowly leaned forward. Fire ignited once again as he his hands held your waist and your noses touched.

How you’ve missed this.

Seven years was worth the wait to kiss him again. But you weren’t quite sure if you were willing to do it again.

His lips were softer than you remembered. He smelled of his soap and salt, and your heart was finally at home as your lips fit together perfectly, dancing in sync.

The Musician Next Door - A SwissAus fanfiction



Vash bolts upright in bed, jerked awake by the harsh ringing of the fire alarm. He growls angrily under his breath as he throws his blankets aside and stumbles out of bed, doing his best not to kick anything on his way out of his apartment like he did during yesterday’s alarm.

“There’s probably not even a fucking fire…” he grumbles as he makes his way to the door. He fumbles near-blind in the dark in search of his coat, knowing full well it was likely raining outside. Again. The prospect of going out into the cold rain at – he glances over at the clock – three am (fuck that) only serves to make him angrier. “Fuck this, fuck everything, just, fuck.”

He storms out of his apartment and down the stairs doing his best to ignore everyone around him. He is rarely in the mood to socialize to begin with, but especially not at three (fucking three!) in the morning. Once outside, Vash is content to stew in his anger, not even pausing to notice that it’s actually rather warm and pleasant out instead of rainy and miserable as he first imagined. In fact, he probably would have preferred rain – his irritation would have been all the more justified in that case. As it is he still glares angrily around him, daring anyone to comment to him that it certainly isn’t the worst weather for a fire drill. If you ask Vash, any weather is terrible weather for a fucking three am fire drill.

Vash’s eyes narrow slightly as his eyes fall on a man who is standing not very far off. He is clearly not irritated by the weather, standing out on the sidewalk with nothing but a pair of purple boxers (do they seriously have a fucking patch in them? How cheap can you be?). His arms are crossed slightly against the chill of the early morning but otherwise unperturbed by the early morning disturbance. The man seems like a perfect target for his ire, so Vash locks his gaze on him and silently curses him out with as many insults and expressions of rage his tired brain can come up with. However, his anger quickly fades the longer he stares at the other man and he comes to a very unwelcome conclusion. The man, with his disheveled hair, bright violet eyes and translucent white skin (which Vash vaguely registers as kind of unhealthy looking but cannot bring himself to care), is kind of beautiful. In a fucking weird kind of way.

Vash scowls and stares harder, trying to find something wrong with the man. He is in dire need of sleep or coffee or something with dark circles heavy under his eyes, but he seems perfectly alert nonetheless. Hesitantly Vash moves his eyes down and takes in the rest of him, noting the smoothness of his skin (how the fuck does he have no body hair? Vash wonders in irritation. He secretly hopes it’s not because the other shaves, because he shudders to think of someone putting that much time into their appearance) and the softness of his body. There is not an ounce of definition to the man’s muscles, and there is a slightest bit of pudge to his stomach that would probably be ticklish if stroked the right way.

Wait, what?

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Secret Love

Requested by: @calumjinglemybells Request:Can you do an imagine on secret love song part 2 by little mix where the lost boys hate you but you and peter are secretly dating and one day Felix found out and they start to be meaner to you? You can decide how it ends.

We were woken up way too early today by a nagging Peter saying today was ‘chore day’. He always wanted everything in the camp in order and neat as if we were going to have company, not that he cared to impress any trespassers.

I was not having this today. I rolled over in my cot, shoving my face into my pillow as I listened to the boys outside. He was going to know I was missing.

“We’re tidying up camp today, boys, so..” His voice trailed off and I crossed my fingers in hope he wouldn’t say it.

“Where’s Y/N?” The dreaded words fell from his lips.

“Probably still in her tent whining that it’s too early.” One said, his tone clearly annoyed.

I heard footsteps approaching my tent, but they stopped when another lost boy spoke up.

“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you Pan, she only sleeps in when she’s on her period so she’s probably PMSing.” He snickered, the other boys laughing along with him.

I rolled my eyes. Idiots. There are no periods on Neverland.

I heard the familiar sound of a fist colliding against a face.

“You will not disrespect your sister just because of her sex, do you understand me?” Peter growled.

“Yes, Pan.” The boy mumbled.

I smirked.

The footsteps began again to my tent, and moments later Peter walked in.

“Rise and shine, Princess,” he said sarcastically as he ripped the blanket off of me. “It’s cleaning day.”

I groaned, turning over to glare at him.

He laughed, leaning down to kiss my forehead.

“Come on, get up.” He said and began walking back out. “Don’t make me come back in there!”

I hated him sometimes.

• • • • • •

As he said, we spent the whole day fixing up the camp.

Me and three other lost boy, Gavin, Hunter, and Jacob, were sent off to bring buckets of water to the camp from the stream nearby.

I balanced the bucket on my shoulder with one hand, the other carrying yet another bucket.

My back started to cramp from the weight of them, but I continued walking.

“Y/N, what the hell is that?” The boys screamed from behind, pointing wildly at a tree beside us.

Stupidly, I made the decision to look over.

“There’s nothing there-” I halted my speaking when I was pushed to the ground, the muddy ground, I should clarify. I cursed as the two buckets I had been carrying toppled to the ground also.

I stood up to yell at them, but they were already halfway to the camp, laughing their immature little asses off.

My fists clenched at my side, tears threatening to spill out of frustration.

I had mud everywhere.

I huffed, angrily picking up the now empty buckets and stomping back to the stream.

These boys were absolute nightmares to me. They hated me. Why? Because didn’t want a girl on the island, the sexist bastards.

They also didn’t like the fact that Peter took my side if they were caught bullying me.

I put the buckets down once I reached the stream and began stripping down to my underwear. I was careful to put my clothes in a secluded area so that the boys wouldn’t come steal them. That happened too often for me not to be cautious.

I stepped into the cold water, hoping the soothing stream would clear my mind.

Sometimes I thought if they knew about me and Peter that they would be smarter than to screw around with me, but I wanted them to accept me because of me, not because they were scared of Peter.

I heard footsteps coming toward the stream and quickly hid behind a large rock in the water.

“I swear to God, boys, if you come any closer I will kick your-”

“Woah, calm down, it’s just me.” I heard Peter call.

I sighed in relief, coming out from behind the rock, making sure my bare body was kept underwater.

“What happened to you? Your face is all cut up and muddy.” He asked and bent down next to the stream.

“The stupid-” I stopped myself. Telling Peter would only make the boys dislike me more. “Nothing, it’s nothing.” I sighed.

He frowned, wetting his hands and beginning to wipe my dirty face.

“Doesn’t sound like nothing.” He murmured.

“I just fell over in the mud, don’t worry about it.” I said, laughing it off so he’d drop it.

He nodded slowly, still not fully buying it. Shaking his head, he leaned to kiss me, his hands on my face.

I smiled against his lips.

We didn’t have enough of these moments, just me and him. He didn’t want the boys to know about us.

My hands found his hair and I began twirling it through my fingers. He hummed at the feeling.

He’d stopped paying attention to anything else a while ago, his main focus on me, which he immediately regretted at he fell into the water.

I laughed as he resurfaced, spitting the water from his mouth.

“Got a little distracted there, Peter?” I continued to howl.

He rolled his eyes, an amused smirk on his face as he watched me.

He swam toward me to continue what we had started earlier, his hands finding my waist.

We stayed there for a while, our lips locked together as we cherished the moment.

“Y/N?” Gavin called from the woods.

Peter cursed, quickly dragging me over to the rock I had been hiding behind before.

“Did she leave?” Jacob questioned.

“She was covered in mud, I figured she would be here cleaning up.” Hunter said.

Peter looked confused for a moment.

“Why are the boys looking for you?” He asked quietly, his possessive personality showing.

“I don’t know.” I whisper. I hated lying to him like that.

Once we were sure they were gone, I looked up at Peter with sad eyes.

“Peter, why can’t we just tell them? I hate having to sneak around like this. We hardly ever get a moment to ourselves.” I asked.

He sighed, hugging me tightly to his chest.

“You know why. If they knew you were my weakness that’d be putting you and me in danger. I’d like to think these boys are loyal, but I don’t know how good they are at keeping secrets when they’ve got swords against their throats.” He explained for what seemed like the thousandth time.

“I hate all of this. I want to be able to hold you when we’re sitting by the fire, and kiss you when I want to,” I rambled, my voice choking up a bit. “And just be yours.” I whispered.

His lips immediately pressed against mine in comfort.

“You are mine,” he whispered reassuringly. “And I’m yours. No circumstances can change that. I love you, Y/N.”


They stayed in the water for a bit longer, wrapped up in each other, unaware of Felix’s prying eyes watching them.


After the long day of work, we had a bonfire and played a game of truth or dare. It wasn’t something we played often cause it usually ended in one of us getting hurt, or too embarrassed to come out of our tents for a couple day.

We all sat around the fire as mostly dares were dished out. I only watched though. Since the boys didn’t like me that much, they never really called on me, and if they did it was such a dangerous dare that Peter would have to put his foot down and decline for me.

“Y/N,” I heard Felix’s menacing voice say.

I looked up, surprised to hear my name. The mischievous look on his face scared me a bit.

“Truth or dare?” He said.

“Truth.” I said immediately. I definitely was not about to take a dare from one of these boys.

A dark smirk grew on his face as if he was hoping I’d say just that.

“Are you in love?”

His question shocked me. Why would he care about something like that?

I looked straight across from me over to Peter, whose eyes were already boring into me.

I stammered a bit, opening and closing my mouth like a fish. I sighed.

“No.” I finally answered.

Though he knew why I’d said it, I could see the hurt flash in Peter’s eyes as he cast his gaze to the floor.

Felix watched Peter’s reaction, being the only one to pick up on it.

“I’m going to bed now.” I mumbled as they continued the game, knowing none of them would really care if I stayed to play or not.

I walked to my tent, Peter watching my every step.

• • • • •

The next day I woke up before the sun had even come up.

Neverland was beautiful at this time. The sun just barely coming out from hiding, dew freshly set on the grass, and the silence that rang through the island.

This was the only time I could walk by Mermaid Lagoon safely, the mermaids not having come out yet. It was such a beautiful place, the lagoon, it was too bad it was infested with such ugly creatures.

I sat on a large rock that laid just along the shore, my feet dangling down into the calm water.

I thought about everything here.

The boys, the island, but mostly, I thought about Peter. It scared me how much space that boy took up in my mind.

When I first came to the island, I thought my infatuation with him was solely because he’d saved me from the life I lived before Neverland, but the longer I stayed, the more I realized it was much more than that.

It was the way his eyes sparkled as he watched his boys dance around the fire. It was the way his cheeks puffed out when he was angry. It was the way he looked at me.

I found myself smiling as I thought of him.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Felix asked from behind me.

I turned around quickly, finding him standing on the sand, his face twisted in fear. Was he worried for me?

“You have to get out of here, it’s dangerous.” He urged, holding his hand out to help me off of the rock.

I slowly reached out to grab it, but my hand slipped out of his grip when a strong hand gripped onto my ankle, pulling me down into the water. I screamed and my head bashed against the rock as I was pulled under.


“Peter!” Felix screamed, his voice shaking in fear. “Peter! Help!”

The boy shot out of his cot, never before hearing Felix this scared let alone this loud. He ran out of his tent, his feet pounding harshly against the dirt as he pushed past all the lost boys that were also rushing to the lagoon.

He finally got there and saw Felix’s shaking for standing on the shore of Mermaid Lagoon.

“Y/N, they got her- she- she’s under there!” He stumbled over his words.

Fear shot through Peter’s veins and immediately, he jumped into the lagoon, frantically swimming around in search of his love.

He finally found the cursed mermaid dragging her farther down. He swam quickly toward her, his hand gripping tightly onto the tail of the monster and he nearly ripped it off he was so angry.

He snarled at the mermaid and she immediately fled away, dropping Y/N’s limp body.

Pan pulled her to his chest and swam to the surface as fast as he could.

He dropped her carefully onto the sand and hovered over her unconscious body.

The boys crowded around as he pushed onto her chest roughly and dropped down, pinching her nose, holding her mouth open and breathing into her.

“Come on!” He growled, pushing onto her chest once again. This went on for a while.

“Come on! Please, Y/N!” He shouted.

His hands fell from her chest. He bit his lip harshly, determined not to cry in front of the boys. He hugged her close to him desperately.

“Please, I love you.” He murmured, pressing his lips to hers.

The boys all gasped in shock at the sudden exchange, all but Felix, who watched in despair.

Suddenly, she coughed, water sputtering from her lips and he pulled away immediately. He patted her back in attempt to help her lungs of the water.

She jumped as all the boys cheered.

She shook, her cold, wet clothes still clinging to her body. A cloak dropped by her side and she looked up, seeing Felix standing above her, a look of relief in his eyes.

“Thank you, Felix.” Peter said as he wrapped her in the cloak.

“I don’t get it.” She mumbled, looking around at all the boys. “You all would love to see me dead.”

They all stared at her incredulously.

“We may pick on you,” Hunter began.

“And make fun of you,” Gavin spoke up.

“But you’re still our sister.” Felix finished. “And we don’t want to see you gone.”

They all nodded in agreement.

I smiled, my eyes tearing up a bit.

“Plus, we don’t want to see how grumpy Pan would get if his girlfriend died.” Jacob said.

My eyes widened as I looked over to Peter who was shaking his head, a smile on his lips.

“How’d you guys know?” I questioned.

“Felix told us.” They all accused.

We glanced over to the guilty looking boy, who was annoyed they all ratted him out so quickly.

“Oh come on, you’d have to be blind not to see that. I mean, have you seen how he looks at you?” He argued.

“Pan’s in love.“

Anonymous asked: Cas going out to a fancy restaurant with his family and outrageouslyflirting with the waiter, Dean. They end up making out in one of the back roomsof the restaurant.

Author’s note: I couldn’t resist writing this one. :’) 

Castiel loved his family, he did, truly. He loved them in that oh so familiar can’t-live-with-them but can’t-live-without-them way. Which obviously meant that he had thoughts of punching all of them in the face at times. Times like right now.

Castiel hadn’t objected when his father had suggested they’d all go out to have dinner to celebrate his 53rd birthday, but he was starting to regret that decision deeply.

They had barely ordered their starters, or Castiel’s oldest brother Michael was already grilling him, bringing up the dreaded subject that never failed to make Castiel feel like a complete failure, despite him having a decent job as an English teacher and a more than nice apartment.

“Isn’t it about time you brought a plus one, Castiel? You’re nearly twenty-eight, don’t you think it’s time to find a significant other?” Michael asked, lifting an eyebrow at Castiel in that ‘I am judging you’ manner.

Michael’s fiancée, Ava, was looking at Castiel intently as if she expected him to spontaneously pull a date out of one of the pockets of his dress pants.

Lovely. Another year, another disappointment. Castiel groaned inwardly.

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in which y/n is allergic to flowers and harry is curious… 

Harry was mildly alarmed at the girl who seemed to be in charge of this flower shop. He’d been in there for at least five minutes and he doesn’t think she’s stopped sneezing. It was cute but quite distracting, if he’s being honest. He wasn’t going to be a jerk, though, and say anything to someone who sounded like they were on the brink of death. Instead, he walked toward the front of the shop, to make sure her brain didn’t actually fly out during one her sneezing fits. “Are you okay?” he asked as she came into view. 

She looked up from the plant she was taking weeds out of and mustered a small smile. “I’m fine, thanks.” She barely finished the sentence before she sneezed again. 

Harry should’ve took that as his cue to turn around and go back to browsing through the flowers (he was surprising a sick fan in the hospital in a few hours and thought it’d be nice), but he stayed put and asked, “Are you allergic to flowers?” He was genuinely concerned. Why would someone put themselves through this sort of torture? No job was worth your health. 

She was surprised that he was still there, but didn’t let it deter her from answering for too long. “A bit, yeah. Pollen really does me in.“ 

"Naturally, you decide to become a florist,” he joked, and mentally fist pumped when she laughed at his quick wit. 

“I ran out of my medicine a couple weeks ago, but the pollen levels have been low, so I haven’t had much problems. They’ve shot back up again, though, so…” she trailed off picking up all the weeds and dead leaves she’d just collected and tossing them into a bin. “Could I help you with anything?” she asked, switching the subject. 

He almost forgot the reason he was there, but figured he’d better get back to it if he wanted to catch a quick meal before the visit. London traffic was horrid and he didn’t want to cut it super close. “No, I’m fine." 

She nodded and added with a smile, "Well, I’m here if you need me." 

In hindsight, he probably should’ve taken her up on her assistance because a) he didn’t have a clue what kind of flowers girls liked and b) it would’ve given him an excuse to talk to her longer. She was refreshingly reserved. 

He browsed around for a few more minutes before just grabbing a bouquet that he assumed was nice enough and brought them to the register. She wasn’t facing him when he got there, but flashed a bright smile when she turned around. "Did you find everything alright?” she inquired before looking down at the flowers and losing a bit of her smile. 

“I did, but… is something wrong with these?" 

"No, they’re beautiful. It’s just… are these your bird’s favourite flower?” she asked hesitantly, which put Harry a bit on guard. He didn’t know which angle she was working at, but decided to play along. 


“Well, it’s just flowers are very occasional. They’re just like outfits and can make very different statements,” she began cautiously but could see her face begin to light up. She must really be into flowers. “And, if these are your bird’s favourite then that’s fine and really nice, but if anyone handed me a bouquet of dahlias I’d think they were about to escort me down the aisle." 

He sighed out a laugh in relief at her intentions. "Guess I need a bit more help then I thought, huh?" 

She pinched her index finger and thumb together. "Just a little.”

“They’re not for my bird.” He furrowed his eyebrows, thinking about what he said. “I don’t have a bird,” he clarified. “I’m actually, uh,” he cleaned his throat, “I’m going to visit a fan in the hospital." 

"I know just the ones!" 

She led him to the side and passed him a bouquet of daffodils. "These are perfect because they don’t have a strong fragrance, not that the dahlias did either they just weren’t appropriate, and they’re this bright, vibrant yellow which is a happy colour. Also, she’ll probably be absolutely floored that you’re there in the first place and you buying her flowers will be the icing on the cake, so it’s like happiness all around,” she babbled as she rang him up. 

He couldn’t stop the wide smile that spread across his face even if he wanted to. “You really like flowers, don’t you?" 

"Yeah,” she sneezed again and smiled sheepishly, “and happiness.” His heart squeezed. She was so freaking cute. She told him his total and began to wrap the flowers up. 

“Wait. Is there like a vase or something I can put these in?" 

"Yes, but it’s an additional charge." 

"That’s fine,” he said passively. 

“Well, there’s a wall full of them in the back for you to choose from." 

"Would you help me?” Was Harry more than capable of picking out a vase? Yes, but he was oddly fond of this woman who he’d yet to learn the name of.

“Of course.” Once again, she led them to the back and perused the collection they had on stock. She picked out a white polka dotted one (well she pointed to it and Harry got it from one of the higher shelves), and asked “Is this okay?”

“It’s perfect,” he agreed and inserted his debit card into the terminal once they returned to the register. “Thank you so much for all your help…” he trailed off finally copping a look at her name tag, “Y/N.” Pretty name for a pretty girl

“No problem, Mr. Styles." 

"Harry,” he corrected. 

“Harry. Please give my love to your fan, and I hope you have a lovely day.” Her smile was so bright it just about lit up his life. 

‘You’ve already made my day lovely,’ he thought. “I will. Take care,” he responded, finally leaving the shop. He was already thinking of a plausible reason for him to return.


Harry waited a week, but he couldn’t think of another reason why he would legitimately need flowers. So, he figured he would just ask for her help again, then give the flowers to his sister or mum or something. He felt stupid when he walked into the shop, though. She wasn’t at the register like she was last time. In her place was some bloke who didn’t look a fraction as interested in his job as she was. He should’ve known that she obviously wasn’t the only one working there. He was about to exit when he heard a familiar sneeze. His dimples popped into his cheeks as he walked in the direction of the sound. He didn’t realise how big this place actually was until he found himself farther back than he was previously, in a greenhouse where he presumed customers could pick their own flowers. “Still haven’t gotten that medicine?" 

She jumped, spilling dirt outside of the pot she was filling. "Mr. Styles! I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Harry,” he corrected again. 

“Right. Sorry. How may I help you?" 

"Oh, I’m just browsing. But, I heard you sneezing and thought I’d say hello.” She shot him a wide smile. “What are you working on?" 

"There’s a wedding, and I’m arranging their bouquets." 

"Oh, I didn’t know you did that." 

She blew a raspberry into the air. "Yeah, I arrange all the flowers here." 

"That’s impressive. They’re all beautiful.” Like you, he wanted to add. 

“Thank you.” She tilted her head toward the ground in order to conceal both her grin and the blush creeping up her cheek. “You sure I can’t help you with anything?” she questioned, trying to regain some composure. 

He knew he should’ve left her alone. If she was arranging flowers for a wedding, he knew it meant that it was coming up real soon. She’s probably got a deadline or something, but he hasn’t had his full fix yet. “What’s your favourite flower?” he replied instead of answering he’d question. She gasped and turned her head, dropping everything she had. 

“You ask me, a florist, what’s my favourite flower? That’s like asking which child do I love the most.” Harry didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know that was an offensive question. “That being said, I’m not saying they’re my favourite, but I have a fondness for cherry blossoms, and there’s this one bouquet we have and it’s mixed with peonies and pink roses and cherry blossoms, and it makes me want to die." 

"You must have a lot of flowers at home." 

"Not as many as you’d think.” Harry raised his eyebrow in question, to which she giggled awkwardly. “This place is really expensive, but they have the best flowers and floral arrangements—I know this because I order and arrange them for the store—and though I’d like to have more, I just stick with a few house plants." 

"No one’s ever given you one?" 

Y/N shrugged. "No one thinks to give someone who works with flowers all day flowers. I mean, it does sound a bit redundant saying it out loud." 

The cogs in Harry’s brain started turning. He couldn’t have this. She deserves nice things, and if she wanted flowers, flowers she would get. 

"If you don’t mind me asking, what time does your shift end?”



"Why?” she asked, but before she could finish the word, he was walking away.


When Y/N was walking toward her car at the end of her shift, she noticed something on her windshield wiper. As she approached, she noticed it was a cherry blossom, pink rose, and a peony with a note attached to it. 

There’s more where this comes from. Meet me at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen at 8. All the love, H. x

Dirty Little Secret - Part 2

summary: Calum is the most popular guy in school and you are an unpopular loser. You have been hooking up in secret for weeks, but it’s just sex, right?

Word Count: 1.7k

(Part 1)

You could tell that Daphne was in a worse mood at lunch than usual that day because, instead of complaining just about the cafeteria food like always, she complained about the food, the people, and the uncomfortable seats in under five minutes.

“Okay, what’s going on?” you sighed. “You look like you are two seconds away from killing someone with your fork.”

“It’s because of the fucking Valentine’s day dance. It’s so stupid.”

“Valentine’s dance?” you asked frowning. “I didn’t even remember. What’s the problem? Nobody is forcing you to go.”

“Yeah but I have to hear everyone talking about it and see the damn posters everywhere…” she huffed. “Today in Chemistry one of the girls in charge of the dance came to our class to remind us about it. And there’s still more than a month left!”

You hadn’t seen or heard anything about the valentine’s dance until now but you kept it to yourself. Daphne wasn’t exactly the most rational person when she was in one of her angry rants and contradicting her wasn’t a good life choice.

Fortunately, your cousin Jill, who sometimes joined you for lunch, arrived at that moment, saving you from a very long and boring monologue. “Hey, girls!”

Jill wasn’t an outcast like you and Daphne, on the contrary, somehow she seemed to be friends with everyone. She was just so nice and happy all the time that it was impossible to not like her, even Daphne liked her!

“Hi, Jill, how’s it going?” you asked, grateful to be able to change the subject.

“Great!” Jill smiled. “Have you heard about the dance? I can’t wait!”

So much for changing the subject. You groaned out loud while Daphne started her speech about why she hated high school dances again.


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Requested: A random woman shows up at every fight the avengers have just before Pietro does something stupid and saves his life before vanishing again and he notices this so he tries to get into as much trouble as possible just so he can see her again

holy shit this was 9.1k words, I am sorry. I don’t even know how well it was written bc I did not read over it and I’m not even sure if it matches the requests but it kinda just did it’s own thing and I couldn’t stop writing! Hope you guys like it x

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Pretend (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: No, but my ask is open if you wanna

WC: 1540

Summary: You pretend to be Luke’s girlfriend 

This has been in my drafts for like  month I’m so sorry

Masterlist / Request

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The Truth that Came with the Rain

I’ve made another. Daiya no Ace has conquered my life, lol. This one’s a MiyuSawa, inspired heavily by the chapter of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi where the two main characters talk underneath an awning while it’s raining. But I went in a different direction– so no smut in here. Just fluff. :D

I hope you guys like it!


“I love you, Sawamura Eijun.”

It seemed to be Miyuki Kazuya’s favorite phrase in the world now. He would say it at every possible opportunity. Whether it was breathing it into Eijun’s ear as Miyuki stood up to wash his plate after eating, or saying it behind his glove after Eijun had made a fairly spectacular play during a game, Miyuki seemed to have absolutely no problem saying those words.

Eijun glanced over at Miyuki, who was talking,to Furuya about controlling his monster pitches, not even bothering to look at Eijun.

That was probably the most frustrating thing of all about this. Despite being so ridiculously lovey-dovey whenever they were alone, Miyuki always returned to his snarky, jeering tanuki self as soon as there was anyone looking. He never gave any indication at all to anyone else that he had special feelings for Eijun. And he took his job as catcher, captain and cleanup very seriously, even though whenever he told Eijun “I love you”, it just seemed like Miyuki was playing with him.

Eijun picked at his food, trying not to look at Miyuki, sitting right across from him. Because sometimes he’d look at the captain, and he’d be laughing at something Kuramochi had said. And sometimes he’d look at him and Miyuki would be looking right back at him. And Miyuki would immediately grin his fox-like smile, and Eijun would feel his face heat up, just from the memory of Miyuki’s words.

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Wow, 943 readers ! Thank you all ! Part 2 of “Pregnant” coming soon !

Request : Hey! Can you do an imagine where the reader works in the lab in the new Avengers base and have an accident and does not remember who Pietro is and it’s difficult bc she does not trust him at all? Kinda like the movie “The Vow”? thnx xx


You were working on Stark’s project but there was a problem. You didn’t know what was going on but when you realized that a special gas was escaping, you fell on the ground, it was too late. The only thing you could hear was your name yelled by Tony.
When you woke up, you were in a hospital bed. Your throat was litteraly burning and a guy was sitting next to you on a chair. You blinked and frowned, trying to remember the past events. Nothing came in your mind.
“Who … Who are you ?” You stuttered clumsily.
The man’s eyes narrowed as he stared at you. He looked so worried and tired.
“What ?… (Y/N) it’s me.” He replied softly.
You swallowed and all of a sudden, your headache got worst.
You couldn’t remember anything and you didn’t know this guy at all.
At that moment, Tony walked in the room and you frowned as you looked at him. You knew him, but you didn’t know his name.
“Pietro I need to talk to you …” Tony whispered in his ear.
“What ?” The silver haired guy asked.
“She … She has lost her memory.” He declared.
Pietro’s eyes widened and he shook his head.
“You mean, she doesn’t remember what happened ?” He asked.
“She doesn’t remember anything …” Tony whispered.
The speedster’s eyes filled with tears and in a gush of wind he had disappeared. You blinked, surprised by his speed, but you weren’t afraid. Tony sat next to you.
“You’ll never change …” He smirked.
You rubbed the back of your head.
“Who are you ?… Who was that guy ? I can’t remember what happened …” You groaned.
Tony shook his head and patted your hand gently.
“Don’t worry. It’s gonna be okay. We’re your family, and we’ll take care of you.” He declared.

When you came back to the base, you looked around you and Steve led you to your bedroom.
“Is it my bedroom ?” you asked.
“Yes it is.” He smiled softly.
“Thanks …” You smiled back and put your stuff on the bed.
Steve was about to leave when you stopped him.
“Steve … Who was that guy with me at the hospital ?” You asked.
“Who ? Pietro ?” He frowned.
You shrugged but this name seemed familiar.
“Maybe … He left so quickly …” You sighed.
“Oh … He’s a good man. I think you’ll see him tomorrow. Good night (Y/N), sleep well.” Steve smiled and he walked away.
You sat on your bed and something caught your eyes on the wall.
There were little pictures everywhere. Tony with makeup, Clint, his kids and Natasha. You frowned when you saw another photography which was away from the others, closer to your bed. It was you and Pietro. You were on his back, kissing his cheek and you both seemed so happy.
A knock at your door made you startle and you turned when it opened. He was here, standing next to the door.
“Hey … I just wanted to tell you that I’m here if you need anything.” Pietro said quietly.
You nodded and felt something strange in your stomach. It was a mix of fear and anxiety. This sensation was so weird, your heart started to beat faster and you swallowed.
“Thank you, but I think I’ll call Steve if I got a problem.” You said without thinking.
His mouth opened and you saw his facial expression changing. He looked so sad right now. You sighed and realized your hands were trembling. His presence was disturbing you.
“Well … Anything else ?” You asked, embarrassed.
“No … I … I just hope you’re doing fine.” He said, looking down.
You were about to ask him to leave but your eyes blinked when you noticed he was already gone. That man acted so strange with you and you wondered why.

When you went to the kitchen at 7pm, you heard a familiar voice.
“(Y/N) ?” The girl shouted through the corridor.
You frowned, trying to remember once again.
“Spider monkey ?” The voice called as a young woman walked in the kitchen.
You turned and a huge smile crossed your lips.
“Wanda …” You whispered.
Wanda was smiling and she opened her arms to hug you. You ran to her and snuggled in her arms crying like a baby.
“Gosh … I remember you …“ You sniffled.
“It’s gonna be okay, we gonna take care of you …” She sighed, rocking you in her arms.
You knew you could trust her, she was like a sister to you.

Later in the week, as you were on Wanda’s bed, talking about the team, you told her you remembered Tony, Clint and Natasha.
Everything was coming back slowly to your mind.
“And … What about Pietro ?” Wanda asked softly.
“I don’t remember him … He acts so strange with me you know …” You shook your head.
Wanda smiled sadly and you frowned.
“What ?” You asked.
“You don’t remember anything about Pietro …” She said.
You shrugged and made a face.
“No. The only thing I know is he makes me feel strange and almost sick. I’m sorry, I know it’s your brother but when he’s here I can’t think, I can’t do anything I just … stare at him and … I know it’s mean but …” You whispered.
She raised her head to look at you and smirked.
“But you feel like you have butterflies in your tummy and your heart beats too fast ?” She asked.
“That’s exactly what I feel !” You exclaimed.
She giggled and she was about to talk when the door opened.
“Wanda where did you …” Pietro started but he stopped when he saw you.
You instantly blushed, even if there was no reason to, and he took a step back.
“What ?” Wanda asked.
“I’ll come back later.” He said before rushing away.
You looked at Wanda and she bit her bottom lip.
“He’s sad you know. He misses you. You both were really close to each other.” She stated.
“Really ? How ?” You asked, surprised.
Wanda shrugged and shook her head.
“I think you should discover it by yourself.” She declared.
“What do you suggest ?” You chuckled.
“Hang out with him ?” She shrugged.
Your eyes widened and you laughed.
“What ? But … This sensation is so disturbing …” You moaned.
Pietro’s twin screwed up her eyes and she groaned.
“Everyone feels that way one day or another (Y/N).” She reassured you.

As you had finished your work, you noticed Pietro’s door was open and you pushed it slightly.
He was shirtless and you gasped when you saw his body but you didn’t look away. At that moment, you noticed how beautiful he was. However, beauty didn’t mean anything for you.
“Yes ?…” He asked.
He was gazing at you and that awkward situation made you blush.
“I … I was wondering why I don’t remember you and … You avoid me.” You mumbled.
He frowned and he shrugged.
“No, you avoid me.” He stated.
You bit your bottom lip and lowered your head.
“I’m sorry. I feel strange when I’m with you.” You whispered.
His eyes became suddenly sweeter as he stared at you.
“You do ?” He asked softly.
“Yes … I’m sorry I can’t help it and … This is embarrassing.” You admitted.
He chuckled and rushed out to be by your side.
“Where do you wanna go ?” He asked.
All of a sudden, he wasn’t the same. His eyes were sparkling and he was everything but frightening.
“I don’t know … Maybe we could go for a walk ?” You suggested.
“I’m not used to walk …” He groaned.
“Oh …” You shrugged.
“But I think I can make an effort.” He added.
“Great.” You smiled.

You were walking along an empty street, talking about everything. Pietro was such a funny man, you couldn’t stop from laughing.
You suddenly remembered he was sitting next to you at the hospital, like if he was a member of your family.
“Why were you the first to be in my room at the hospital ?” You frowned.
He shrugged.
“I was worried.” He declared simply.
You screwed up your eyes and shook your head.
“Everybody was worried.” You said.
“I’m faster.” He smirked.
You nodded.
“But you were sitting just next to me, before everybody.” You clarified.
He stopped to walk to look at you and you gazed at him. His eyes reflected sadness and despair but you couldn’t say why.
“Then what ?” He asked.
“Why don’t you help me remember ?” You moaned.
He looked down and sighed. His attitude was pissing you off. You were about to leave when he spoke again.
“I … I don’t know what to do. Tony told me to let you rest, Wanda asked me to talk to you, Steve said I should leave you alone and wait … I …” When he raised his head, his eyes were wet and he seemed so lost, something clenched in your chest and you made a face. That was painful, and he apparently noticed it because he put his hand on your arm.
“You’re okay ?” He asked, worried.
His voice had changed from the moment he had seen your facial expression and you blinked.
“Yes … I’m fine …” You nodded and sighed.
He didn’t say a word and you bit your bottom lip.
“What would you do if you wanted me to remember ?” You asked softly.
His eyes narrowed and he smiled.
“I don’t know. I’d take you to the places we liked to go, I’d make you pan cakes or … I’d just wake you up in the morning …” He said.
You giggled and heat flooded your cheeks.
“We could do that tomorrow …” You said with a smile.

Pietro and you were walking through the corridor, still talking when he reached his bedroom.
“But thank god you don’t remember me singing that stupid song to make you sleep when there was a thunderstorm outside.” He laughed.
He opened his door and hearing these words made you feel dizzy. You stumbled but he wrapped his arms around your waist.
“Are you okay ?” He asked, totally worried as he gazed at you.
His face was so close, his breath caressing your face made you shiver. The warmth of his body against yours was calming you down, then you nodded. Instinctively, you grabbed his shirt between your fingers and you swallowed. You accidentally took a breath of his smell and your heart melted. Tears filled your eyes as you looked at him. He took your face in his hands carefully and he looked you in the eyes.
“(Y/N) what’s going on ?” He asked again with a husky voice.
The touch of his fingers on your skin was so soft and that voice, his voice, its tenderness was flowing in your ears like a lovesong …
“Pietro …” You whispered as a tear rolled down your cheek.
“What ? Do you want me to call a doctor ?” He asked with apprehension.
But you shook your head and snuggled in his arms. You didn’t know why you were crying, but you heart was so heavy you couldn’t bear it. He tightened his embrace and rocked you slowly against him. A violent pain spread in your head and you gasped.
“Calm down …” He sighed as his hand rubbed your back slightly.
The cramp faded away in a few seconds and you opened your eyes. You remembered everything. Every night with Pietro comforting you when you were afraid, Pietro and you chilling all day long, Pietro and you swimming in the sea … And this side of him, so careful and protective towards you.
“I remember now … You’re the love of my life …” You sighed through your tears.

Stay // Michael Clifford Imagine pt. 2

Synopsis: loosely based off stay by mayday parade

Word Count: 1,545


part 1 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7

I walk towards the living room, Ashton’s obnoxious laugh and the sounds of the PS3 echoing in my ears. There was something else laced in with the all-too familiar noises, something that I haven’t heard in months. She was here. 

My heart was beating so loud I was pretty sure the neighbors could hear it. I was nervous. What would I say to her? Would she even want to speak to me? Will she leave when she sees me? I took a deep breath and walked into the room, the laughter immediately stopping. Her cold eyes locked with mine, her lips in a tight line. She looked as if she wasn’t laughing a minute ago.

“Why didn’t you tell me he was coming?” She mumbles to Ashton and he smiles.

“Uh, hi Y/N.”

“Hi, Michael.” She replies quietly, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Do you mind if I sit?” I ask, gesturing to the empty seat beside her and Ashton.

“Uh, sure. I was just leaving actually.”

“What? I thought you were going to sleepover?” Ashton interjects. She squints her eyes at Ashton, giving him her all too familiar glare. He holds his hands up in defense. “I have to leave.”

“Don’t leave because of Michael. You can’t keep avoiding him, he’s our friend as much as you are and it doesn’t work if you refuse to be in the same room as him.”

“I’m not leaving because of Michael. I just forgot that I had to do some things.” She mutters, her voice trailing off. I know she’s lying, not because it’s pretty obvious that she hates every fiber of my being, but because she tends to pull at the hem of her shirt when she lies or when she’s nervous. It’s a habit I’ve caught on to. Her tiny hands are fiddling with her shirt, running the fabric in between her delicate fingers.

“Please stay? You promised we’d make pancakes for breakfast. Please, Y/N?”

She stares at Ashton with almost no emotion on her face. She was either debating what to do or resisting the urge to strangle him. She’s always been pretty feisty. She was never one to just take things hands down, she would always stand up for herself and if she wasn’t happy with something she would make sure it was known.

“Fine.” She sighs, leaning in to Ashton slightly. He presses a kiss to her temple and pulls her closer to him. Ashton and Y/N have always been close. I met her through him after all. They’ve been friends for ages and now that we’re broken up, I’m wondering if there is something more to their relationship. I guess if she is happy with Ashton fine, but dating your best friend's ex is low, really low. I don’t really want Y/N to have a boyfriend.

“So, uh, what movie are we watching?” Luke speaks, notifying me of his presence. Not gonna lie but when I first walked into the room, I did not notice the 6 foot singer whom is currently sitting cross legged on the spare loveseat.

“Uh, Avengers, I think.” Ashton replies. “Calum chose the movie so I don’t really know.”

“It’s Avengers.” Calum verifies as he walks into the room, throwing himself onto the empty seat.

“Again, Calum?” Y/N whines, giggling ever so slightly. God, I’ve missed her laugh.

“You can never watch Avengers too many times, missy.” He retorts.

“We’ve watched it every week for the past month!”

“Would you like to pick a movie Ms. I’m too good for Avengers?”

“As a matter of fact, I would.”

“Go for it but if you choose some stupid chick flick you will be forced to leave.”

“Don’t worry; I’m not into those cheesy, sap stories.”  She stands up, dusting off her pants as she turns to face Ash. “Where are the movies?”

“Up in my room, first shelf to the right of my bed.  You know where my room is, right?” He winks cheekily. She simply shakes her head at his childish remark but a smile is evident on her face. “I’ll be back, boys.”

As soon as she leaves, all eyes turn on me. “What?”

“You okay?” Luke asks and I shrug. 

“Why didn’t you tell me she was here?”

“You can’t avoid her forever!”

“She’s avoiding me, Cal! She hates me, remember?”

“She doesn’t hate you, mate.” Ashton adds and I turn towards him.

“Why would you think that?”

“I’m not thinking anything; I’m telling you that she doesn’t hate you. She still loves you.”

“Did she tell you that?” Ashton nods his head. 

“Go talk to her while she’s alone. Get your girl back." 

"Before I go, is there anything going on between you two?”

“Us?” Ash asks, his mouth forming an ‘o’. “Y/N’s like my sister, man. That’s gross.”

“Just wanted to clarify.”

I run towards Ash’s bedroom, almost colliding into her on the way. “Whoa there, Clifford. Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“I wanted to speak to you.”

“There’s nothing to speak about." 

"Y/N, please. You’re acting childish, you can’t keep avoiding me. This isn't kindergarten, we have to talk.”

“What’s there to talk about? You cheated on me!”

“Do you think I don’t know that? I cheated on you, yes but I feel like shit about it! I have spent the last three months waiting for you to walk through that door! I fucked up, I fucked up big time! If I could turn back time and erase that night then I would, but I can’t! What’s done is done. We can’t change the past but we can fix the future.”

“For Christ’s sake, Mikey. Stop trying to put the blame on me! If I cheated on you I’m pretty sure you would not take me back so fucking easily!”

“I would at least talk to you about it! I wouldn’t leave you all alone in pure misery! You cannot possibly understand how lonely I have been these past few months!”

“You’ve been lonely? I’ve been sitting at home all by myself thinking about why the fuck would my boyfriend sleep with another woman? Was I not good enough for him? Does he no longer love me? What did I do to deserve this? These thoughts have been haunting me every single fucking day! I haven’t slept in weeks! I always used to tell myself that I would never let a boy get to me this much! So, congratulations Michael, you broke me! You were the first boy to ever make me feel so happy and the first boy to ever crush me!” Tears welled up in her eyes, every once in a while one would fall down her cheeks, leaving a trail of wetness down her face.

I was stunned. I didn’t think of how she felt. I just thought about how felt, I didn’t once consider how she was feeling. “Y/N, I-”

“You what, Michael?” She interrupts, tears freely falling down her face, staining her soft skin.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I’m an ass, a douchebag, a fucktard, an idiot, a fucking moron, okay?”

“You are all those things, that is correct.” She sniffles, wiping away a few tears. She was never one to hide her feelings; she always expressed her emotions and thoughts, usually using some rather colorful language.

“I am all those things, I truly am. But please forgive me, baby? I can’t continue living like this. I miss waking up to your beautiful face every morning and cradling you in my arms late at night. I miss the look of triumph on your face when you beat me in fifa. I miss your laughter and seeing you smile, I miss hearing you sing along at one of my concerts. I miss every single thing about you. I love you so much.”

“You should’ve thought of that before you slept with someone else.”

“I regret it so much. She meant nothing to me. I should’ve called you instead, I was an idiot.”

“You still are an idiot.” She retorts, folding her arms across her chest.

“Yes, I am. I am a huge idiot. I don’t deserve you. I truly don’t. I’m not asking you to take me back; all I’m asking is for your forgiveness.”

“Mikey,” She sighs, taking a step towards me. “I do forgive you, I honestly do but I can’t get back together with you. Believe me when I say that I have missed you so fucking much and that I do still love you, I just can’t trust you as much as I used too.”

“That’s fine. All I want is you back in my life. I can’t live without you.” I notice a small smile creeps up on her face.

“Consider us friends, Clifford.” She pulls me in for a tight yet brief hug. “We should probably go, the boys are waiting.” I give her a nod and she skips off to the living room.

I will do anything to earn her trust, no matter what I have to do, she will trust me again. I don’t care how long it takes. She’s my everything.

I do not like this one bit okay it’s so cheesy and crappy and cliché and ugh it sucks im sorry.

My experience at Fairytale Con II in Paris.

EDIT: okay it’s been more than a month and I feel absolutely terrible because I promised a couple of people I would write this before my Interrail trip. But please try to understand me, I’m a 18 year old girl with her best friends traveling all over Europe, I didn’t have even a second to fangirl! So my apologies! But you know what they say: better late than never ;)

Hi Oncers! So, I know it’s been a week and a half since the Convention ((wow it literally feels like it was yesterday)) but I’m just writing my article now because I literally had no time with all the trips planning and the whole college thing and I don’t know, there are so many things going on with my life right now!

But since it was literally, a magical experience, I feel like I have to share it with you because so many Oncers couldn’t go and I really want them to know that someday they will meet this amazing and beautiful cast.

A couple of notes before I start: 

-For the ones who know me, you know how much I adore the angel Emilie de Ravin. She’s literally my everything and the reason I became a fangirl. I can’t describe with words what she means to me and what it meant for me to meet her. So please don’t be disappointed if I basically talk about her the most, I mean, the rest of the cast was AMAZING and I had lots of lovely interactions with them, but I was there for Emilie and only Emilie. So I will talk about her a lot. And about Lana too.

-I’m a 18 girl from Spain, and I went there without my parents knowing. I just told them I was spending the weekend at a friend´s house but instead I took a plane to Paris, hahaha. My whole school knew about it and my best friends ((i literally ADORE these girls) helped me with the money and everything to go there.

-It’s been a month, so even if I’ll try my hardest at being sincere and write everything, I will probably forget some things.

So here we go!

1) Obviously, I’ll start talking about my experience with Emilie. When the Con started, the first Q&A was with her and Sean. I was in the 4th or 5th row so I was very close to the stage. When she and Sean came, I was so shocked because she was standing only a few feet away from me, and God, she really is even more beautiful in person! So when the host said: “You have to raise your hands and wait for us to called you so you can ask a question”, I just couldn’t help myself, and I ran to ask my question. I asked both Emilie and Sean: "you both play characters that are in love with the villains of the show. Do you think there’s a darker side of your character that we haven’t seen yet?“ and while the both of them were thinking the answer, I just couldn’t help myself and said: "Oh and one more thing. Emilie?" She looked at me with curious eyes and said: "Yes?" And yes this was cheesy but like I said, I couldn’t help myself and said: "I love you" The whole auditorium said: "Awwwwwwwwww!" And Emilie laughed and said: "Awwwww I love you too!”. As you can imagine, I just couldn’t be happier. My idol just told me she loved me! 

Anyways, after the Q&A, I had my photo with Emilie. I was so so so nervous! So I looked at her and said: “Hi beautiful” And she said “Hi honey how are you?” I looked at her and she smiled at me and I hugged her. She was so tiny! We hugged for like a minute and then the security guard said to me in french to stop the hug. I sadly did and I said to Emilie: “I’m sorry Em" ((you know, as saying, "I’m sorry for hugging you for so long”)) and what happened next showed me why I love Emilie so so so much: she looked at the security guard with an annoyed face and said to me in my hear: “Don’t be sorry, he’s just being a dick!” and then she hugged me for the picture. I was so surprised and amused at her reply, I couldn’t stop laughing! Like seriously, this girl is the best.

Here is my picture with her:

Then, I had my photo with her and Lana. I’m a huge huge Parravin fan ((Lana and Emilie)) so I just couldn’t miss this chance of having a picture with the both of them! I arrived to the studio and Lana was there but Emilie wasn’t. And while we were waiting for her, Lana started yelling: “Emilieeeeee. EMILIE!!!" It was really funny. And then she started talking about Emilie and said: "God, I love Emilie. I’ve known her for 14 years.”       I was very surprised with this cause I always thought they met at the OUAT filming. So I told myself to ask Emilie about how she met Lana later. So I asked her: “really? wow that’s a long time!” And she smiled at me and said yes. Then Lana sat on a chair and said her feet were hurting because she was wearing really high heels but then she smiled and said: “Hey! Since Emilie is very small I can take my shoes off! And she threw her high heels away lol. But then, Emilie came ((we all cheered for her)) and look at Lana and said: "Hey! Why aren’t you wearing high heels?” Lana replied: “Because I thought that since you are very small I shouldn’t wear them so we look the same size! And Emilie said: "Haha very funny… Put your shoes on!” Lana replied: Em, are you really gonna make me wear them?!“ And Emilie nodded with her head. I just couldn’t stop laughing, because honestly these two were so funny, fighting like sisters!                        So I finally when to take my picture with them, and from the sudden Lana said: "Love you Em.” And Em replied: “Love you too” And I was just there in the middle, between them, like gjlhakjdahfglkjhdfgklj OMG OMG PARRAVIN JUST SAID THEY LOVE EACH OTHER IN FRONT OF ME OMG OMG!

And here is the picture with Parravin:

((let’s all take a moment to appreciate Emilie’s face please))

Before I talk about anything else I wanna clarify something:                     there was a lot of talking about Emilie and some poor ignorants said that she was drunk and that it was very unprofessional and lots of more stupid things. Well, trust me when I say this: she WASN’T. Like I said, I’m 18 and I’ve been drinking in parties since I was 14 and I have seen all the possible drunk reactions and trust me when I tell you this: EMILIE WASN’T DRUNK. Not in the Con anyways. What happened was that the day before she went out for dinner with the cast and the VIP Oncers, and there yes, she had a couple of drinks. And with that, the Jet Lag and the little hours of sleep she had, that’s why she was a little bit sick on saturday. But that didn’t stop her from being incredibly sweet to all of her fans as you can see for my experience. So please, don’t believe the bad things that some “Oncers” said about her okay? Now let’s keep going :)

Anyways, the next time I saw her was on Sunday for the Meet and Greet. This was without a doubt one of the BEST things of the Con. I went into the room and she was there in a chair, with her traducer next to her. I sat next to the traducer, who was really cool by the way, and I smiled at her. She smiled back and waved her hand at me. The M&G lasted for 30 minuets and I was really lucky because we were only 10 persons so we really had the chance of talking to her for a long time. So the first thing I told her was that we wanted to thank her because thanks to Rumbelle we had meet an amazing friend ((THE LOVELY SOPHIEEEEEEEE WHO WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME)) and she looked at us really confused and said: “What do you mean? How did you guys meet?” And we told her the whole twitter/fandom/fangirls things and how Twitter brings a lot of people together because of the show and she was really amazed and surprised. Sophie remembers that at some point in the meet&greet we hugged and Emilie looked at us smiling and said: “Awwww”. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it lol.

Then I said: “We Rumbellers get really frustrated because you guys are always separated. Since you and Robert love Rumbelle so much, isn’t frustrating for you guys as well?” She laughed and said: “Oh God yes! But thankfully, Bobby and I are best friends on set so we are always together even if we don’t have scenes to film.” She paused and when she saw how my face lighted up with the mention of Bobby she kept talking. “Bobby is amazing. I love him. I have some sort of chemistry that I don’t have with anyone else.” I ABSOLUTELY FREAKED OUT HERE BECAUSE I ADORE WITH MY WHOLE HEART RUMBELLE/REMILIE AND HAVING MY IDOL NEXT TO ME TALKING ABOUT MY OTP WAS UNREAL AS YOU CAN IMAGINE. 

After this, Sophie asked her about when she was a ballerina and she told us a lot of things about her life ((it was really funny because I already knew everything she said but I pretended like I didn’t because I thought it would be really creepy to be like: HEHEHEHE I ALREADY KNOW THAT EMILIE I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN HIDE FROM ME MUAHAHAHAHA. anyways, sorry!)) She told us about how she didn’t go to a normal High School and went to a Ballet school instead, and how she loved dancing and that it was a shame she didn’t do it anymore. Then she said that when she was 17 she realized she wanted to be an actress so she went to Los Angeles at 18 when she got the role of Tess, and her Mum helped her pick up a place and stuff. When she said that she was only 18, I suddenly remembered what Lana said before that she and Emilie knew each other from 14 years, so I said: “Em, Lana told us yesterday that you guys meet 14 years ago! That’s a really long time! I always thought you meet at the OUAT set!” And she said: “Oh yes! We actually met at the Bahamas filming something like a celebrity reportage” ((or something like that I don’t quite remember)) and we hadn’t seen each other in years when suddenly “I saw her in the OUAT set and we both were like: OMG NO WAY! You are the girl from the Bahamas! We have been really good friends ever since”. After this, other girls asked a few questions about Roswell and if she was still in contact with the Roswell cast, which she said no. Her traducer was always traducing what she said in french because not everyone spoke english, and at some point she was talking, and both Emilie and I were looking at her and we suddenly looked at each other and start laughing without a reason and everyone was like: “what’s going on?! why are these two laughing?!” It was really funny and magical lol.

Then I told her the whole story about how I was there without my parents knowing, and how my friends helped me buy the ticket and everything and everyone in the room started laughing and saying that was crazy and incredible! And Emilie said: “No way. Wait, so you’re from Spain and your parents don’t know you are here? So where do they think you are? I replied: "I just told them I was spending the weekend at my friends house and if they call, my friend will just say an excuse haha.” She looked at me with her mouth opened ((She was really surprised and even shocked. Sometimes I think Emilie doesn’t realize how much her fans love her to be honest.)) Then she said: “Oh my God,that’s amazing! You are crazy! And wow you had amazing friends, you are a really lucky girl.” I smiled and said: “I am” and she smiled back. That was the first time I had tears on my eyes but I didn’t cry. Then a guy came and said we had one more minute so I quickly said: “Em, are you going to comic con this year?” And she replied: “I’m not sure yet because we haven’t received the information but I hope so!” A girl looked at me and said: “You can also go to San Diego without telling your parents! Follow Emilie!” We all laughed and Emilie said: “Oh my God do that!” And I said: “Lol, I would love to but San Diego is a little too far, and besides I will be traveling in Italy when Comic Con happens. But maybe next year!”

And then the Meet&Greet ended and we took a picture all together. I hugged Emilie and told her I would see her after in the autographs session. I left really happy because I just spent 30 minutes with the person that inspired me the most in the world. It meant so much I don’t even have words to describe it! Here is the picture:

Then in the afternoon I had the autograph with her. I was with Sophie, and the queue was really long because Emilie was taking a lot of time to sigh the autographs and talk to everyone ((angel glhadfjkghldfkajghkadfjg)). So went it was almost my turn it was the first time during the weekend that I became very very emotional and with tears on my eyes, I realized this would be the last time I would see Emilie. Thankfully, I have always been really good at controlling my emotions so when it finally was my turn, I smiled happily. Then Emilie looked at me and said to Eric, who was sitting next to her: “OMG, check this out, this is amazing! She is from Spain but her parents have no idea she’s here. She came with the help of her friends and her whole school know about it! Oh, this is Eric” Eric said: “Are you kidding me? That’s amazing. Wow, you are a really badass!” I laughed and pointed at Emilie and said: “She’s that amazing. She’s the only person in the world that can make me do that.” Eric laughed and looked at Em and said: “We have a wild one here.” Then I said to Emilie: “If my parents ever find out I did this I will be grounded for ever but just know that it would be worth it.” Emilie said: “Oh honey, I have already called them they know.” We all laughed and then Emilie said: “So now you are gonna go back home, and put on some pijamas and just be like "whats up I did nothing interesting this week” I laughed and said: “Hahaha exactly… or you know I can always say that I casually ran into you! Nahhh… my parents wouldn’t buy it”. We kept talking and laughing until the security guard said we needed to hurry since we’ve been talking for 10 minutes already and she hadn’t even signed my autograph. Emilie looked at him kinda annoyed and took my photo to sign. Then I said: “Hey Em, do you mind writing down my favorite Belle quote?” She said: “And what would that be?” Me: “No one decides my fate but me” She laughed and said: “Oh yes, it suits you perfectly you rebel” Then she signed and it was really funny because she took kinda long time to write every single letter perfectly and I kinda had the feeling she did it to annoy the guard, you know like saying, “let my fans and I talk calmly thank you” When she was done, she handed it to me and said: “Here you go sweetie. I hope it was worth it.” I said: “It really was. Thank you so much for coming Em. It meant the world. And she said: "No, thank you.” And then we said bye and Eric said again: “Bye badass”. They were really sweet together. Well, so I left the room and I started sobbing because I just couldn’t believe what I just had lived with Emilie, and I remembered I felt really stupid because I couldn’t stop crying and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry for this. But I just couldn’t help it, it was too much lol.

Here’s the autograph:

Anyways, I’m done with Emilie! I’m sorry it was that long but I wanted to write everything down so I would never forget it!

2) Now, ladies and gentlemen, the beautiful and amazing Lana Parrilla. Wow. Just wow. I can see why she’s the most loved one in the cast, this woman is seriously INCREDIBLE!

The first time I saw her was like I said, in the photoshoot with her and Emilie, and then in the Q&A. I got up and asked her: “One of my favorite scenes this season, was Regina apologizing to Belle. So, my question is: since you and Emilie are such good friends, do you think we can see more of them together in season 4?” And she answered: “Yes, I think so, I hope so, I love Emilie!” Which I said: “You guys are awesome together!” She laughed and said: “Thank you! She’s hilarious! Really really funny. You know, when we did that scene, I remember feeling as Regina: Oh God I have to apologize to her, so it became kinda comic moment, but then I looked at Emilie and saw that she was really hurt as Belle and she really wanted me to apologize as Regina, so I really did, and I think their dynamic is going to change after that.” I said: “Gracias!” ((Lana has said multiple times how much she loves Spain because she used to live there)) and she answered: “De nada!” ((I’m a huge huge Parravin fan I just think these two have the most adorable friendship ever like really galkjdfhgkjafhdgkjhdflkjgh))

Then I saw her during the autograph. I have bought her from Spain local products I thought she would like ((Jamon serrano, etc)) so I said: “You know how you are always saying how much you love Spain and everything? Well then you have to like this! Jamon Serrano!” and when she saw them, she laughed loudly and said: “Wow that’s awesome thank you so much!” Then we start talking about Spain, she told me she lived in Granada ((Again I pretended I didn’t know, when of course I did lol)) and I told her she needed to come back to Spain to visit and she said she would love to, but she worked a lot. I said: “I know that. Don’t worry, your Spanish fans know how hard you work. So we forgive you for not visiting us. But still, te echamos de menos ((we miss you in Spanish)) she looked at me and with a sad/a little bit nostalgic smile she said: "Yo tambien os echo de menos” ((I miss you guys too)). It was such a beautiful moment. She truly cares about her fans and she’s so so so selfless. If only all the celebrities could be like her. Anyways.

Next time I saw her was on the dinner we had on Saturday. There was an special evening for 50 Oncers and the guests, and basically, we were all sat in tables, and the actors would come and sit and chat with us for like 10 minutes and then go to another table. I was a little bit down because I just found out that Emilie wasn’t coming because she wasn’t feeling good so she headed to the hotel. But Lana, Robbie, Bex, Jared and Sean were so so so amazing they instantly cheered me up. Seriously, where do all these people come from?

So Lana came and sit with us, I was with a group of friends, and when I saw her I thought: “Oh she’s wearing the dress she wore for Comic Con a couple of years ago.” Then that’s exactly what she said, she told us she was wearing the same dress she wore for Comic Con but in CC she absolutely hated how her hair looked. Then I asked her if she knew if Emilie was coming, and she said she was sure because she was sick, but she really hoped so! Then she said once again how much she loved Emilie and how sweet and wonderful she was, and when I told her she was my idol she said “I understand. Let’s cross fingers for Emilie! Did you guys see the tag I put yesterday on Twitter?” And Sophie and I screamed: “YES! REGAL BELLE!” And the 3 of us started “TEAM REGAL BELLE WOHOOOOO” She also said how lucky they all were to be here and how grateful they were ((them??? grateful?? YEAH RIGHT WE ARE THE GRATEFUL ONES OKAY))

Like I said, after Emilie, Lana has always been my favorite but seriously she was even better than how I imagined her.

Here’s a picture of her ((it was strictly forgiven to take pictures so I had to do it really fast)) 

3) NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT OUR EVIL PETER PAN. ROBBIE KAY. Okay I have the biggest crush on this boy. Like you have no idea. So when we took our photo together I said “Hi handsome” and he answered “Hi beautiful” ((jdgahljkdfghkldfjhglkdjfhglkdjfgh)) and I don’t know, he hugged me and he was a little bit shy and he was adorable and his accent and everything was perfect. I WILL MARRY THIS GUY MARK MY WORDS DOWN.

Here’s the picture: 

Then we had a Q&A with him and Sean and I got up and asked the following question to him: “How much has being in OUAT changed your life? Like do you have now guess coming at you or…? Everyone laughed and Robbie himself laughed and he pointed to the public and said: "Oh well, you see?” We all loved him so much, he was so dynamic and funny.

Then I saw him again at the party. I asked him if he liked French girls and he said they were great and I said “Spanish girls are better” and he laughed and said: “I take it as your Spanish? I have never been there, but it seems like an amazing place, I would love to go”. Then I told him I missed his character on OUAT so so much and this was very funny because he said “I miss myself too” and I said: “Oh you miss yourself? Nice!” And he got really nervous and cute because he didn’t want to look arrogant, and he started: “Well no, you know what I mean, I miss Peter Pan, I miss playing on the show and…” I couldn’t stop laughing!

But the best thing comes now! I was in the autograph with him and he recognized me from yesterday and said: “Hi you” and I said: “Okay Robbie, so… in Spain we have a tradition. Do you know how we greet someone when we just meet them?” And he smiled and said :“With a kiss I guess?” I nodded and he said “I’m really really sorry but I’m not allowed to do that…” I realized then that he thought I was asking him for a kiss on the lips so I said “Dude! You have a dirty mind! I meant a kiss on the cheek! Can you imagine if we really had to kiss on the lips everyone we just met? That would be awkward!” Robbie started laughing a lot and said “Okay okay you are right I’m very sorry!” And before I knew what was happening, he got up and he kissed me twice on the cheeks!!! I almost died! 

4)) NOW IT’S THE TURN OF THE WICKED AND BEAUTIFUL BEX MADDER. Okay let me just say that before this, I wasn’t really a fan of Bex. I didn’t like her character at all ((dude she keeps messing around with my couples)) and I just didn’t feel anything towards Bex. That instantly changed when I met her. She’s seriously one of the most amazing persons I have ever seen. You can’t stop laughing with everything she says and she’s so enthusiastic and amazing and it’s really impossible not to love her. And let me just tell you that her interactions with Emilie were adorable. These two are one of my new BROTPS. Bexilie <3 <3 <3

The first time I saw her was during the autograph session. I told her I was from Spain and she said that she was going to Barcelona next week. I said “Okay Barcelona is very beautiful but you have to come to Madrid! We have better weather, more parties…” And she laughed and said that next time she would absolutely go to Madrid because I sold it really good to her! Then  while she was signing the picture I said: “Oh by the way, Julia from Twitter says Hi” ((for those who doesn’t know, Julia is @loljmo on twitter and she loves Bex as much as I love Emilie and she’s really lucky because Bex noticed her on twitter so she knew who I was talking about!) she laughed and said: “Oh I love Julia! She’s so sweet!” and I said “she really loves you” and she laughed again and said “give her a kiss from me” and she blew me a kiss. ((YOUR WELCOME JULIA ;))

What else… Oh yes the panel! There was a Q&A of Bex and Emilie so I asked them if they could do for us their favorite line their character has said this season.  And Bex said “Oooops” and we all laughed and Emilie said “Not bad but I have a better one… Yes” and everyone went “awwwwwww”

And finally, at the dinner again. She told us about how she used to be a model and she was in Milan with really stupid and superficial models. She also said that she loved Robert and sometimes they would have cups of tea on set and then I asked her about Emilie and she said that Em was her girl and that she was one the funniest persons she knew. *__*

I didn’t buy a picture with Bex but now I completely regret it!

5)) NOW IT’S SEAN’S TURN. Can I just say that he’s the most charming person ever? No, but seriously, what a gentleman! Funny, classy, appropriate, nice… I could go on all day long!

I talked to him a couple of times and he told me his brother lives in Spain and that he will probably visit him soon. He also said that he was grateful to be in a show like this and that we were the best fans in the world. And forgive me but I don’t remember what else he said! I think it was something about how much he enjoyed working with Lana?

Here’s my picture with him!

6)) And finally Jared! Sadly, he’s the one I had the less interactions with because I didn’t have photo or autograph. I did talk to him during the dinner. I remember I asked him for a Selfie but he said he wasn’t allowed to take pictures so I said: “You break my heart” and he said:“Oh no… please don’t say that! I don’t wanna break your heart! I’m a nice guy I promise! Is there any way I can make it up to you?” And I laughed and I said it was fine, just him being there fixed everything.

He was very very sweet. And funny. And oh God, he’s growing up so so so fast! I can’t believe that’s little Henry from season 1.

One more thing I wanna talk about!

During the Con I had the PLEASURE of meeting some AMAZING Oncers. I love you guys so so so much! It was amazing meeting you and I really hope we cross paths again!

So this is for you!

First of, one of my best friends from Twitter, Sophie! (@RumbelleBelguim) I laughed a lot with you, and dude we freaking met Emilie and talked to her about Bobby! All of our dreams came true! I love you and miss you lots. 

Second of, the beautiful Louise! (@louisedeguyenro) When I first met you and you told me you were there alone, I knew I was gonna like you! I find in you a best friend, and seriously I had the best time ever with you, playing games and crying over Robbie and playing scenes of the show in the stage. I really hope that I see you some time soon! JE T'AIME BEAUCOUP.

NOW MY DEAR TIMMY! THE LOST BOY. (@LERMAHONE) okay people this boy is amazing. seriously. i felt truly blessed i met him. I had the best time and he was an amazing partner in crime for all of the crazy things I did this weekend. And his love for Robbie is beautiful. You are a beautiful person Timmy. I’m so proud of you. I love you and miss you lots!

Now, it’s Victoria’s ((@VictoriasWorlds)) and Alex’s ((Madonnalex)) turn! You two are by far my favorite Lana fans ever. Seriously your love for Lana inspires me a lot. And I don’t know you both are so funny and hilarious. Everyone should be like you okay? I miss you girls.

-Maria ((MariaPan_)) and France ((@lunacave)) you two were the sweetest persons ever. Seriously, I just wanted to hug you both all the time! You are great and I miss you so much. Please let’s meet soon? Okay? Okay.

-Amy ((@amylauramcgrath)) it really sucked that I met you at the end of the Con. You are a BEAUTIFUL and a STRONG person. Everything you said to me amazed me. I’m really happy I met you and I wish to you all the happiness in the world. Come soon to Spain please.

-the amazing  Estelle (@Gaga_Kay_lover)) and her sister ((UGH I CANT FIND HER TWITTER AND I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY ESTELLE TELL HER TO CONTACT ME PLEASE)): you two were amazing and I had lots of fun fangerling with you over Robbie and Emilie and asking them questions. You are great and I love you.

-Siham ((@sihamck)): even if I didn’t see you much during the Con it was great to finally meet you with our two idols Emilie and Lana! You are really sweet and nice and I miss you already. Love you!

Okay this is the longest shit I have ever written. But it was worth it. This was without a doubt the best weekend of my life. OUAT and Oncers are the best. And even if it was really hard and I had to fight a lot to meet Emilie, it was absolutely worth it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about anything you want!

All my love.


Beauty and Mr Charming: Chapter 9 [LAST CHAPTER]

TITLE: Beauty and Mr Charming


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / fluff 

FIC SUMMARY: After being let go of her temp job, Stella finds herself in a sticky situation when her flatmate, a bearded and poorly dressed man named Tom, leans in for a kiss and only finds cheek. Staying friends and not lovers, Stella is in complete shock when Tom completely transforms from looking like a slob to suddenly someone…hot.  Can she sort out her emotions for Tom in time before it’s too late?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: It’s been two weeks…I’m super duper tired but I felt like I needed to write today even after some pretty awful news. I thought it would make me feel better but it just left me more confused. I hope this is the ending everyone wanted and i’m glad I finished this short multiple chapter story. Thank you for the messages, the likes, and the reblogs. I would have never finished this story without you guys. Please tell me how you think! Also, sorry for making this chapter short…Best to not drag on things.

Chapter 1 \ Chapter 2Chapter 3 \ Chapter 4 \ chapter 5 \ Chapter 6 \ Chapter 7  \ Chapter 8 

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