and yes i am aware that they have another brother who's also an actor
Bob Weinstein Gets Emotional on "Depraved" Harvey, Saving the Company and His "Waking Nightmare" (Exclusive)
The Weinstein Co. exec insists he had no idea about "the type of predator that he was" and is sickened by Harvey’s seeming lack of remorse. "I want him to get the justice that he deserves."

The Weinstein Co. exec insists he had no idea about “the type of predator that he was” and is sickened by Harvey’s seeming lack of remorse. “I want him to get the justice that he deserves.”

For nearly 30 years, Bob Weinstein has lived in the shadow of his older brother Harvey Weinstein. While Harvey, 65, was the very public face of Miramax and then The Weinstein Company from Sundance to Cannes to Hollywood, palling around with stars and schmoozing Oscar voters, Bob, 62, has served on TWC’s board and tended to Dimension, their genre label, turning out movies like the Scream and Scary Movie franchises, that routinely made more money than all but Harvey’s biggest hits.

Now, in the wake of the dozens of allegations charging Harvey with three decades of sexual harassment, abuse and even rape, Harvey is out, fired from the company he co-founded with Bob in 2005. And Bob, thrust into an unaccustomed limelight, is forced to try to pick up the pieces amid the growing chaos. He insists that the company — which is expected to undergo a name change — can survive. But four of his fellow board members have resigned, and his COO David Glasser and other key members of his 150-employee staff have yet to commit to stay with the company. Amid widespread predictions that the Weinstein Co. will be forced to shut down or sell all or parts, he maintains, “There is a plan to come out on the other side.”

But right now, even as he struggles to right the company (of which he and Harvey both own about 20 percent each), he’s also coping with his own sense of shame and betrayal, expressing sympathy for Harvey’s victims while also questioning whether he should have done more in the face of Harvey’s alleged abusive behavior. Bob, who worked mostly in Los Angeles while Harvey presided over TWC’s New York offices, says he’s barely spoken to his brother over the past five years. “I could not take his cheating, his lying and also his attitude toward everyone,” he says. While he says he knew his brother was unfaithful to wife Georgina Chapman, Bob insists he had no idea about “the type of predator that he was” and is sickened by Harvey’s seeming lack of remorse. “I have a brother that’s indefensible and crazy,” says Bob, adding, “I want him to get the justice that he deserves.”

Amid the chaos and uncertain future at TWC, Bob agreed to a 45 minute phone interview with The Hollywood Reporter. During the talk, he often became emotional when discussing his brother and the company they co-founded. He refused to discuss certain specifics, such as the claim in The New York Times that he and the board were aware of Harvey’s settlements with women during Harvey’s most recent contract negotiation, or the fate of certain TWC movies, such as the year-end title The Current War. But he opened up on the personal aspect of the scandal and said he believed the motion picture Academy should expel his “sick and depraved” brother.

How do you assess what has happened?

I find myself in a waking nightmare. My brother has caused unconscionable suffering. As a father of three girls I say this with every bone in my body — I am heartbroken for the women that he has harmed. I’m a fighter. For my entire adult life, I fought for the films I want to see the light of day. I have fought for my employees, who have dedicated their lives to achieving the vision of this company that me and my brother founded. But I cannot fight what is indefensible.

The members of the board, including myself, did not know the extent of my brother’s actions. I know him on a personal level better than anyone. It’s hard to describe how I feel that he took out the emptiness inside of him in so many sick and depraved ways. It’s a sickness but not a sickness that is excusable. It’s a sickness that’s inexcusable. And I, as a brother, understood and was aware as a family member, that my brother needed help and that something was wrong.

I was also the object of a lot of his verbal abuse — at one time physical abuse. And I am not looking for one bit of sympathy from anyone. I do not put myself in the category at all of those women that he hurt. But it’s a complicated situation when it’s your brother doing the abusing to you as well. I saw it and I asked him to get help for many years. And that’s the truth. He avoided getting the help. We begged him.

This hurts, but I don’t feel an ounce of remorse coming from him, and that kills me too. When I heard his written, lame excuse… Not an excuse. When I heard his admission of feeling remorse for the victims and then him cavalierly, almost crazily saying he was going to go out and take on the NRA, it was so disturbing to me. It was utter insanity. My daughters all felt sick hearing this because we understood he felt nothing. I don’t feel he feels anything to this day. I don’t.

One question that is on everybody’s mind: He is your brother, how in the world did you not know this was going on?

First of all, let me tell you something that people don’t know. For the last five years, I’ve probably talked to my brother ten times on any personal level. That’s the fracture that’s gone on. Since Dimension started, we ran two separate companies. So many of the people that he does business with — actors, actresses — I’ve never even met and they know it. I wanted to lead a separate existence. So we were leading two separate divisions.

I actually was quite aware that Harvey was philandering with every woman he could meet. I was sick and disgusted by his actions. But that’s the extent of what [I knew]. I said, “Harvey, you’re just cheating. Why do you constantly cheat?” I could see it. But I wasn’t in the room with him.

For me, I thought he was literally just going out there cheating in a pervasive way. It wasn’t like he even had a mistress. It was one after another and that I was aware of. But as far as being in a room and hearing the description in The New York Times? No way. No F-in way was I aware that that was the type of predator that he was. And the way he convinced people to do things? I thought they were all consensual situations.

I’ll tell you what I did know. Harvey was a bully, Harvey was arrogant, he treated people like shit all the time. That I knew. And I had to clean up for so many of his employee messes. People that came in crying to my office: “Your brother said this, that and the other.” And I’d feel sick about it.

Why did you tolerate his behavior?

Because it didn’t rise to a certain level. I would often counsel people and say, “You know what, you have a choice here. Leave. Leave, please leave.” I don’t know why some of them stayed. So I would just try to mend a broken fence. There is no mending this. This is not a broken fence. [But] I will not quit and leave the business that I built, rightfully so, and leave the films and filmmakers that I was involved in.

When you guys were negotiating Harvey’s 2015 employment contract…

That I’m not gonna [discuss]. I’m sorry, I’m not gonna be litigated in this article. There is an investigation going on, let that investigation take its course.

Do you think Harvey should be kicked out of the Academy?

Yes, I do. I was gonna actually write [to the Academy]. And I will do it. I am gonna write a note to them saying he definitely should be kicked out of the Academy.

You issued a statement earlier today saying that the company is not for sale despite reports that it could be shut down or its parts sold off. If it’s not for sale, what is the plan to salvage this company?

We are thinking about how to do that. We had an employee meeting the other day, all 180 of the employees. And me and [COO] David Glasser addressed them all. Talk about emotions cascading. These innocent people are hurt, so many of them not knowing anything about my brother’s behavior.

But I was touched because — and I did not know this was coming — they said, “We don’t want Harvey to have the last word on this company. We want to stay. We believe in the films, we believe in you, Bob, David Glasser, we believe in ourselves. And we definitely don’t want to let him win.” And that’s a part of the human story that nobody is hearing.

I know they’re saying “Shut this company down.” Well, they didn’t shut Fox News down, they didn’t shut NBC down. My brother is the one that should pay with everything. And I mean literally — whether it’s criminal or otherwise — I will be supportive of all of that. But I don’t think the people that are the employees of this company or the company itself should pay.

Harvey was the face of the company. That’s what he loves. It’s actually part of his whole thing, being famous. This brother is not that brother. This brother made just as much money, ran a successful division, more successful financially than Harvey’s. But I’m a different guy and I run it differently and people know it and they know I can be successful and we don’t need to do any of the Harvey stuff. And there is a plan. All I’m trying to do right now is go forward, figure out a plan, me and David Glasser and the board members have an idea of what we’d like to do, that we think would be the responsible thing to do for all the critics, rightfully so, with regards to the TWC side and yet for people to keep their jobs. And the pieces of the business that still can be resurrected and continue, we think that they should.

Do you have a new name for the company?

We’re coming up with one. And it won’t be familial, I promise you that.

Any effort to keep the company going will depend on financial backing. Aren’t the finances of this company in trouble?

We have good enough finances, the banks gave us their support today.

What does that mean?

With scandal, sometimes people can just say “We don’t want to be associated.” They’re supporting us. And in terms of surviving, we have enough good product and things on our slate. We are moving quickly, and there are people interested in participating financially on the condition, rightfully so, that Harvey Weinstein is out for good.

But you have people like Lin-Manuel Miranda trying to get In the Heights extricated from the company. You have Disney dropping you guys from producing Artemis Fowl. Apple and Amazon have scrapped big TV projects. Collaborators are turning their backs on you. How do you survive that?

We will, is my answer, and there are a lot of things in process with regards to a lot of those kinds of things that will get resolved in an amicable way and a good financial way. I really don’t want to get into the particulars of any one situation. All I can say is that there is a plan to come out on the other side. And also the other side that makes the public rightfully feel happy that what Harvey stood for exists no longer. The public deserves that. The victims deserve that. Everybody deserves that.

Those bankers, they look at my slate and they know that I’ve made them money for many, many years. And lately I have had a cold hand, there is no two ways about it, on the Dimension side, but I have a fuckin’ great slate coming up and they’re aware of it. And this is a business where all the sudden you walk into Stephen King’s It one day. And things change. It is that kind of business. I have Six Billion Dollar Man, I’m closing a deal on it. I have Paddington 2, Paddington 3 is coming two years later. I’m back in the wheelhouse of what I’ve done.

And when I’m back on, there is money to be made, there’s jobs to be had. Harvey knew how to take credit, win his awards. But for me, there are no Academy Awards. Bob’s not going to the Golden Globes or the Oscars unless somebody invites me.

There have been reports that Jay-Z might buy Harvey’s stake in the company…

I’d love nothing more than that, but as far as I know, that is not a fact.

There are predictions for a raft of civil litigation against the company and against Harvey personally. How can the company withstand that?

That’s for lawyers and people like that to go deal with. That’s what they do. And things end up getting resolved, they do. My hope is that the community will allow us the time to get it right for those that deserve to continue on. That’s all I can say and that’s what I’m trying to do. But it’s going take time. I cannot do it in a week.

Has anyone in Hollywood reached out to you with support?

Yes, they have. David Glasser had a meeting with David Hutkin, who is the CFO, and the banks have been supportive. They want to see us succeed and they see that there is a product line of many movies on my side. TV shows that have been done. That they say this company can still be viable. And there have been other people that have been supportive, other companies that are doing business with us, that are sticking by us.

What about the talent agencies? They are going to be key to any company going forward. Have they expressed support?

There have men and women, actresses, actors, directors, but especially women I would say, who are so properly disgusted with my brother’s actions. Their attitude is when there is finally the entire divorce, when there’s the plan in place, when there is the separation in place…

I have a reputation that’s different than Harvey, obviously, and I work differently than him. And David Glasser is his own man. We have our own status in the industry. And they’re saying we will give the two of you a chance. You have to make the separation. [With] my brother having contractual financial rights in this company, the divorce is going to be as speedy as we can make it. It’s in process.

But Harvey’s going to fight his firing.

Anybody can do what they want to do. I cannot control other people’s actions. But he was fired by the board, okay? I was on that board. I fired him. He can fight. It will be a losing fight.

He may be fired but he still maintains his ownership interest in the company, correct?

That is correct and we are going to seek to sever that. It can’t be done that quickly. But I am on it 24/7 and so is David Glasser and so is the board of directors that remain and so are the shareholders. This is being dealt with.

Given your relationship with Harvey, there is a contingent out there who believe that you were responsible for the leak of this information, especially the internal HR memo that made it to The New York Times. Is that true?

That’s totally untrue. I could take a lie detector test on that. I didn’t and, you know, Harvey is suspicious of everybody. People that are liars — lying to his wife, to his children, to everyone — well, they have to turn around and say, “Who stabbed me?” It’s unbelievable that even to this moment he is more concerned with who sold him out. I don’t hear concern or contrition for the victims. And I want them to hear that. Harvey has no remorse whatsoever. I have spoken to him two times [since news broke], hoping to hear “Oh my God, what have I done?” I didn’t hear that.

What did you hear?

I heard a guy who still was fighting to get back and I was disgusted by it. Do you know how disgusted I am? I divorced my brother five years ago. Literally. And those that know me personally in this company understood how I could not take being around him on any level. And certainly my daughters and my family knew it. I could not take his cheating, his lying and also his attitude toward everyone. I had to divorce myself to survive. Nobody is perfect. I’m not perfect. If I made mistakes, I apologize to everyone for not standing up stronger and sooner. But if you want to take my head and the company’s and everybody else's…. If I lose at the end of the day, then I lose it. But I’ll fight for what I believe is right. And I’ll apologize for my own lack of strength at times.

Do you believe that the 2015 incident with model Ambra Battilana and the NYPD investigation derailed the deal for ITV to acquire the company’s TV division?

Again, this is where I draw the line in terms of getting into a specific. I don’t want to comment on that kind of specific.

I’ll ask a general question then: do you believe that Harvey’s antics hurt the business in the past?

I’m being honest. I don’t know what hurt or didn’t. I haven’t had a relationship with him as a brother for many, many years. But I’m ashamed that he is my brother, to be honest, and I am ashamed that these are his actions. I’m not thinking at this moment about dissecting what may or may not have affected any past situation. I’m so in the here and now and feel sick.

Mira Sorvino came out and told her story [in The New Yorker]. I have been a personal friend of Mira for the last several years. We reconnected when I rented a house in Malibu. Mira, her husband and her kids have come over and spent many hours together with us. [But] she never told me. And now I literally was texting with her, and she said, “Are you mad at me?” And I said,
“Mad at you? I’m so proud of you, but I feel sick that you had to hold that kind of thing in.”

[Harvey] should never be allowed back, ever. Ever. He lost his rights. He didn’t lose his rights to be rehabilitated as a human being. But as far as being in this town again? I mean, give me a break.

What do you think Harvey will do with the rest of his life?

He lived for this business and he lived for the outside [persona]. There were no insides to this, as far as I can see. So unless there becomes an inner person inside there, I have no idea what he’ll do.

Will you cooperate with any police investigation?

A hundred percent if it came to that. If I had anything to offer, I would. A hundred percent.

There have been stories that once, when Harvey got physical with you, he broke your nose?

He didn’t break my nose but he got physical and there were several people there, and he assaulted me. And I should’ve done something then.

Why did you not?

All I can tell you is it’s like asking any other victim why they didn’t stand up. I regret that beyond all measure. I live with that. That was a defining moment for me of cowardice on my own part. Not easy to live with. It doesn’t absolve me of my own cowardice, but this is the thing that happens, this is the nature of that whole syndrome. And it’s disgusting on every level. But hopefully, the more it’s talked about — I was happy when people started to come out. It made other people braver.

Well, you’ve had some anger issues in the past as well…

Yes, but I’ve done my work. Without getting into details, I’ve done enough work, and I’ve faced my own self. There are those that do the work and those that don’t. I did it. I’m not that guy and that’s not the way I operate.

Any last thing you’d like the entertainment community to hear from you with regard to this situation?

I’m mortified and disgusted by my brother’s actions. And I am sick for the victims. And I feel for them. I feel for them.

Let’s talk madness...

 [Alright well by now everyone has either seen madness or has heard of it and wants to continue to scream despite the fact that we haven’t gotten all the manga scans out yet - or rather properly translate yet.

PLEASE be aware I am not doing this to be an asshole - I fucking ship Otayuri like its my life blood but I am also very realistic as I humanly can because I want to make sure anyone who DOESN’T ship my ship doesn’t come telling me “Oh you are just being bias because you love the ship!” like bitch please - calm your titties down first of all. Second sit down, both otayuri fan and anti alike.

 Shit about to get LONG AS FUCK - So undercut for now.

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So, here’s the translation of the interview! Hopefully everything’s comprehensible :)

Mads Mikkelsen sits in a room of his production company of his current movie in Copenhagen. On the table are bowls with wine gum, on the window board many movie awards – also including two Oscar’s.

Are the Oscar’s real?

MM: Yes. The production company got them for two short films. Careful, don’t touch them!

Too late…

MM: Do you know that you won’t win an Oscar anymore when you touched one before?


MM: Unfortunately I already touched them as well. The only good thing about it: Now the pressure is gone.

Mr. Mikkelsen, you grew up in Nørrebro, a harsh working class neighborhood. What of this neighborhood is still part of you?

MM: Much. I often have to call to my mind that it’s courtesy to hold the door open for others. I think I am polite but I don’t have good manners.

How were you as a little boy?

MM: Super-energetic. Maybe I would get the diagnosis of “hyperactive” today, but back then this didn’t exist. I couldn’t sit still, I did everything twice as fast as others. And I was curious: When there was a wall somewhere, I needed to climb it and see what’s on the other side.

You once said that you were a small and slimly built child. How did you assert yourself on the schoolyard?

MM: I only grew at the age of seventeen, before then I was small. But I was a gymnast, I exercised a lot and I had a sharp mind, a loose tongue and fast legs. Physically I was chanceless against the others but I still provoked one or two fights.

Which movies did you watch?

MM: The ones from Buster Keaton. And Martial-Arts-Movies, my worthy hero Bruce Lee.

Did you have a poster of him on the wall?

MM: I still have it today!


MM: Yes. I love Bruce Lee. I even dressed myself like him when I was a child: I wore these Chinese shoes and loose trousers, the socks then had to be pulled over the seam.

What do you admire about him?

MM: He simply was a charismatic person. He could allow himself to do only little as an actor. One could see in his face what was going on in the mind of his role. I think that’s great. And his movies were a rare mixture of Bollywood and Buster Keaton.

Sounds like you would like to do a Martial-Arts-Movie yourself.

MM: I’d love to! Sadly I probably would be the annoying idiot in the movie who always gets a proper ticking-off. But preferably I’d simply like to be Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee was a master of martial arts. Did you emulate him?

MM: At the age of nine or ten I practiced kung fu movements with nunchaku’s, Bruce Lee also used them in his movies. So I rose every morning at 6.30am and exercised for one hour. Absolutely crazy. I don’t know what I wanted to achieve with it, maybe I wanted to be Bruce Lee. Anyway I knew back then: When you want to be as good as him, you better get up early.

And? Were you as good as him?

MM: Not particularly, the things hurtled through the air and constantly hit me somewhere. But I tried it after all. Sports were my whole life as a child. During the breaks we played soccer, after school I did athletics, gymnastics, handball or basketball.

Before your career as an actor you studied Modern Dance and worked as a dancer for eight years, including musicals. Dance training is really tough. Are you good in torturing yourself?

MM: Very good. Back then we all constantly had pains, 24 hours a day. Sprained ankles, bruises, bloody feet… Injuries with which football pros intermit for two weeks but we still went onstage, nonstop, without rest periods. Our bodies could never rest. For us it was off the cards. Okay, it wasn’t as tough as the Tour de France but the cyclists there have an adrenaline rush which transforms them into beasts. They possibly might ride with a broken collarbone and wouldn’t notice it. It wasn’t so bad with us. But almost.

How can one block out the pain?

MM: The show must go on. There’s only rarely a substitute for you. There’s a stage and you have to go up. Otherwise the show will be cancelled. So you put ice on your ankle and then dance. Some  even gain energy from this, they get high.

You too?

MM: I don’t enjoy pain but it’s part of it.

You said once “I always fight, when I do sports.” Do you fight against your opponent or yourself?

MM: I’d love to say: Against myself – but that’s not true. I always want to defeat the other guy. It’s that simple and banal. There’s just nothing better than winning. Immediately afterwards follows the second best: To talk about how superior one has won. Certainly I expect the same from the opponent when I lose.

Are you a good loser?

MM: I am a terrible loser. And I am an even worse winner. I call people in the middle of the night and remind them that I’ve defeated them. 

And by the time you played ping-pong with your children when they were young?

MM: I’ve let them win. But now and then I showed them what I’m really capable of and restored the order. However those days are gone. My son doesn’t even let me score once.

But it can be really humiliating when one realize that the other let one win.

MM: Exactly. I also don’t want that my son does this. And if he does, then he should do it in a way I won’t notice. But he wouldn’t do that anyway. He is just so much better than me. And I don’t understand why!

So in your opinion sports aren’t there for defeating oneself or in order to cross physical limits?

MM: On the contrary, I always could do sports just for myself as well: Running, running, running, only in order to see how far I can come.

This can be like a drug.

MM: Yes. I never wanted to become a professional athlete. I was just curious to figure out what’s possible, whether I can do more, whether I can climb the whole tree.

Do you feel sympathetic towards sportsman who dope in order to break through their own confines?

MM: Yes, absolutely. I don’t have a problem with it at all. Everybody always act like they are totally shocked when it’s discovered that someone had doped: “O no, he was my hero!” What a bullshit. From the very first day, since hundred years, nobody rode clean the Tour de France. Nobody. In the past the cyclists even showed openly what they used, they had cocaine and the journalists have filmed how they set the injections. Certainly it’s quite another matter when you encourage a sixteen year old to dope. But to ask the sheer moral question is odd: We surely want these guys to do mad performances for three weeks and that’s what actually nobody’s capable of. But the cyclists still preserve till the end. So you only need to put one and one together.

Nevertheless you have fun to watch?

MM: Certainly it would be fantastic when doping would just disappear and everybody would compete on the same level. But doping exists and still everybody competes on the same level. I think every athlete actually would like to accomplish it by his/her own efforts because cheating leaves no good feeling. I don’t cheat when I play cards or do sports or I confess it immediately because the victory don’t feel good when you wasn’t honest. But it’s different with professional athletes, they don’t feel like they’re cheating because everybody else does it all the same. I would find it terrible when it would be discovered that Usain Bolt dopes. But he would still be a hero for me.

Why did you actually shift from dance to drama?

MM: For me the most interesting about dancing always was something that wasn’t only aesthetic, but also dramatic. When I felt: There is a strong aggression, emotion or beauty in our dance. But sometimes we only stood there and did rather gymnastic exercises. I was more in love with drama. And then I thought: Maybe it’s better when I do drama full time!

Did your dance training help you with acting?

MM: I’m not sure whether it’s due to dancing – but I have a sort of awareness for my physicality and always a precise idea how my characters move, whether they go fast or slow for example.

Your current movie is called “Men and Chicken”. When you watch it, one ask oneself: Do Danes love to break taboos?

MM: We Danes have a lot in common with the Scottish and the Irish: We have a knife-sharp, rough humor. When nobody addresses the elephant who stands in the room, we do it. This can lead to conflicts of course, but sometimes it also eases the atmosphere.

In the movie you play one of five brothers, your character has a permanent erection, another brother constantly has to throw up, the brothers fight against each other with stuffed animals and search for sex partners in the nursing home…

MM: Do not say too much!

Then how would you describe the movie?

MM: One of the five brothers has a mission, he wants to search for his origins. The others do whatever they want to, they’re like children who are caught in an adult body. They indeed can express themselves in a well-chosen way but emotional they’re like five-year-old. Therefore they constantly have conflicts with each other which are crazy, interesting and funny.

And it’s about taboos: Like the question whether it’s legit to mix human and animal genes.

MM: Breaking taboos is an important instrument in the movies of Anders Thomas Jensen. In his personal life too. He grew up in Denmark, surrounded by people like me who don’t fit into the drawer of “politically correct people”. If there is something you’re not allowed to talk about, he addresses it. And hopefully in a way that makes one laugh. Jokes are only funny when they’re full of taboos.

Should it be the job of jokes and art to break taboos? Or should we also do it in our personal life?

MM: I think that’s different from society to society. For example there’s a huge difference between Denmark and Sweden.

Which is?

MM: Well, I think, there’s a reason that we in Denmark only have three neo-Nazis while Sweden has thousands. You can’t talk straightforwardly in Sweden and as a result one makes a problem into a monster. I think that you should address everything. And when this doesn’t work, you should address it again!

This can be very painful.

MM: But also funny. And eventually this is how the freedom of speech works: You have the right to say something horrible, then somebody can argue against it and maybe it evolves into an intelligent conversation from which you can learn.

Anders Thomas Jensen’s movies are known for their black humor. You were part of all of his films. Is your humor as black as his?

MM: We share the talent to say something in the right or completely wrong moment so that you think: O no, please not this now! He is also notorious for quickly realizing when something’s up  and addressing it. In a western he would be the one who always draws his gun first. Sometimes this can be incredibly provoking and sometimes incredibly funny.

So a conversation between the two of you is more a sort of a duel?

MM: We can also talk seriously about life. But often, how shall I put this… often we search for the limit.

In Germany one is slightly jealous of the radical movies from Denmark. Here, they say, it’s not possible to film such movies.

MM: But it would be possible, wouldn’t it? It’s not forbidden at the end.

Only difficult to finance.

MM: Good point. We also have not the slightest idea why our movie was financed this time…! Seriously, I think we have a tradition for such movies in Denmark. But certainly here is also a good deal of conventional stuff.

It’s really conspicuous how many good movies and series are from your little country.

MM: But many things who were praised abroad are really so politically correct that you can hardly stand it! Especially the television series. “Borgen” for example…

… the series about a Danish prime minister …

MM: … or the crime series “Kommissarin Lund” are both full of politically correct clishès. The strong lonely woman who walks through the darkness with a gun, the gay politician, the prime minister who goes to work on a bike, the nice foreigner who helps her. And the people love the imagination that’s it’s really like this and think: Oh, look, in Denmark the prime minister goes to work on a bike! The quality is good, the actors as well but I could take the script and say: This is going to happen on the next page, this on the next and I would always be a hundred percent right. This is not radical. Luckily it’s different with movies. In Denmark movies are always the movies of the director. Nobody else has a say in this matter. If the movie is shit, it’s alone his fault but if it’s good, then it’s his fault too.

You like to choose radical roles: You play the cannibalistic Hannibal Lecter in the series “Hannibal”, you were a human slaughtering butcher in “De grønne slagtere” and you tortured James Bond in “Casino Royale”…

MM: Radical projects attract me. Because I think that there’s the drama. Not simply: Man meets woman, man can’t get the woman and then he still gets the woman – that’s not dramatic. And also not interesting.

As a lover of the radical you actually should have filmed with Lars von Trier by now, the most famous Danish director. There’s a rumour: That you would only shoot with him when he bested you in tennis before.

MM: For my part: I am ready, the bet’s on! But I haven’t heard from Lars in a long time.

Maybe he still must practice before he starts a fight with you?

MM: I am certain of it, he practices for it. Everyday! 


it runs in the family: Chris and Liam Hemsworth
“Liam and I are shocked that we’re even in this position and to be a part of films of this size is just crazy. It’s not generally something we get competitive about because we can’t control it, but in any sporting activities we definitely were competitive. He’ll tell you he won, but I think I did mostly.”

Article from Sassy Magazine - October 1989.

You saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Running on Empty or Stand By Me. You’ve read that River Phoenix doesn’t wear leather or eat any kind of animal products. You know the 19-year-old actor lives on an organic farm in Florida with his four strangely named brothers and sisters. You’re wondering: Did River Phoenix spit out his Gerber strained beef in the high chair?  Agonize no more, Sassmasters. For after River finished filming his latest movie, a black comedy called I Love You to Death, he got in touch with our Christina and offered to answer all your burning questions on his favorite subject. Because he thinks it’s really important for you to know about all this. And yes, it was his idea.

Q. What got you involved in animal rights?

A. I was very young, about seven years old, when I first became aware of cruelty to animals. I was traveling by boat from Venezuela with my family. We’d made friends with the crew, whom we liked a lot. Then one day I watched them fishing off the side of the boat.  Every time they caught a fish, they’d hurl it against a board that had nails sticking out of it. I couldn’t believe it. These weren’t bad people, but they’d become totally desensitized to the pain they were causing. My brother and I started asking my parents why we had to take animal lives to eat, and what exactly was in our hamburgers andhot dogs. Pretty soon my whole family decided it wasn’t our place to block another creature’s right of way, so we became vegetarians. But it took us kids to start asking the questions.

Q. Do you think kids are naturally closer to animals?

A. Sure they are. Every child starts out loving animals, identifying with them. But early on, adults start sending them contradictory messages. They’ll give a kid a stuffed animal to hug and love and sleep with. But at the same time, they’re serving them animals for dinner every night. It’s crazy, if you think about it. But when you’re young, you just accept what grown-ups tell you as the truth.

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. I have two dogs back home, Justice and Jupiter. And since they’re part of the family, they’re both vegetarians. They’re very active and healthy.

QBut it must be a hassle being a strict vegetarian. Is it worth the trouble?

A.  If you don’t believe it, if it’s not a true conviction, then sure, it seems like a pain in the butt. It’s not exactly in the mainstream. But is it worth it? Of course it is. If you love someone, it’s worth walking a million miles to see them. If you love animals, then it follows that you’ll watch out for them.

Q. How do your social concerns carry over into your movie work?

A. If affects the core of who I am. I don’t have to wear it on my sleeve for it to show through. It’s just part of me. But naturally when I learn something, I like to share it. And I hope that others would do the same with me. So whenever I can, I try to bring my ethical beliefs to my work. Before I begin shooting a movie, I work with the wardrobe department to make sure my costumes aren’t made from fur or leather. I also ask the makeup people to use makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals. Most of the time people respect my beliefs and work to accommodate them.

Q. There are so many problems in the world- why animal rights?

A. Animal rights aren’t separate from other social, environmental or political issues. What do art and science mean if the Earth is falling apart, if we feel no responsibility to give it space to breathe? We’re very selfish with this planet, and the way we use animals is one of the symptoms of our selfishness. But when you love animals, you feel at one with the little bit of nature that’s left on Earth.

Q. Can loving animals really save the planet?

A. Sometimes we have to start on the smaller things before we can conquer the larger problems. If you notice one homeless person on the streets and see his plight and understand him, from then on you see all homeless people in a different way. It’s the same with animals. Once you become conscious, you can’t stand by and watch them be exploited. And it’s rewarding to protect a defenseless being.

Q. How can teenagers help animals?

A. You start off by educating yourself and by asking questions. That’s when things start happening, when you ask the tough questions. When Columbus thought to ask, “What if the world isn’t flat?” the whole world changed. Nowadays we still need change. Personally, I think biology class is a good place to start asking questions. And for me, dissection is something worth speaking out against.

I think it’s important for students to take responsibility for their education. We accept too much of what we’re taught without question. The idea behind the Students Against Dissection Hotline is to give students a choice about the way they study biology. If someone has ethical objections to dissection, they can call the Hotline about humane alternatives.

Q. What’s wrong with dissecting a few frogs in biology classes?

A. The point is, there are lots of better ways to study biology. You can use models or films or computer simulations. By cutting up animals we just become desensitized to animal pain. We feel very powerful because we’re taking this life in our hands. And because it takes place in a biology lab, dissection seems official and “scientific.” But if you think about it, dissection is really the most barbaric form of mutilation. I just read about a high school student in California who won a prize for cutting out a frog’s brain and timing how long it could swim around before dying. What does that have to do with science?

Q. Do you think animals experience pain the same as human beings do?

A. It’s all relative.  Some small animals have less sensitive nerve endings, while lobsters are some of the most pain-sensitive creatures on Earth.  Pain isn’t so much the point, as the value of all life.  We shouldn’t be killing other creatures when it’s not necessary.  We’re at war with nature if we continue exploiting animals when we don’t need to for survival.

Q. What would you tell a student who doesn’t want to dissect animals, but is afraid of flunking biology class?

A. That’s why the Dissection Hotline is there, to advise you about your rights and to help you find alternatives to dissection. The Hotline can also put you in touch with a lawyer if you need one. If enough students start to challenge dissection, then teachers will look for other ways to teach Biology. That’s how change begins.

Q. Is that why you wanted to do this interview, to help make a change?

A. When I found out about the Dissection Hotline, I wanted to get the word out to students. This issue is more important than jive talk about my career or personal life. I think students deserve to have access to information that can help them become conscious and active world citizens. As my sister Rain always says: “Live on, love all and let live.”


In defense of Fosterson/Jane and Thor

’Boring’: Well, if you think loving, caring, gentle and mutual are ‘boring’ then fine. That’s your bag, but in my opinion- it’s so rare to see such a cautious approach to a relationship, especially when there is SO much at stake for both of them. How often to you see a hero like Thor- the quintessential warrior- get to be portrayed as a starry-eyed romantic, who gently touches and strokes and smiles? Very rarely. I am SO glad they didn’t go down the Conan the Barbarian route, this portrayal is so much better and part of the reason I love Thor as a character so much.

No chemistry: Subjective much? Both actors (Hemsworth and Portman) are talented actors- we know this and they have a great rapport in interviews. No, they aren’t all over each other, but since when has that stopped people shipping two people together? LOTS of people ship Hawkeye and Coulson, despite the fact they converse ONCE and they aren’t even on screen together! Steve and Tony are in two movies (counting AoU) and they constantly bicker and fight- doesn’t stop Stony being popular. Some people like that sort of thing. Me personally? I don’t think anger and disagreement is a good basis for a relationship (angry sex yes, but a long term loving twosome? Nah mate), but I’m boring. So there you go. Jane and Thor’s chemistry is that of two people who are thrown together and are sure there’s something there, but neither wants to rush in- if their story called for lots of snogging, then it would. Again, they are cautious and well aware of what they stand to lose, but the end of the TDW they are free to pursue the relationship and share a super passionate kiss (they’ve clocked up the most kisses so far BTW).
Now I know what you’re about to say- that post-credit scene wasn’t Natalie Portman, that was Elsa Pataky (Chris Hemsworth’s wife) as Jane Foster, so yes the kiss was more passionate because they are being played by a married couple. Different actress, but it’s still the same character. If the problem is with Natalie Portman, I could understand, but I would bet a million dollars that no matter WHO played Jane, fandom would have a problem with it. Proof? THEY DID SHARE A PASSIONATE KISS IN THE TRAILER FOR TDW THAT WAS CUT FROM THE FINAL MOVIE. For reasons that remain a mystery (due to a rather suspicious rumour about them breaking up in an ‘original ending’- a rumour so stupid that even Latino Review won’t touch it. Funny that.). I doubt people would start magically start shipping them if they recast her.

Happens way too fast/haven’t known each other long enough: You’re willing to buy magical space Vikings, hammers made in the heart of a sun, a metal suit powered by an arc reactor and Steve Rogers becoming super strong after being baked in a science microwave but… your suspension of disbelief stops at an astrophysicist falling for a god-like alien with access to technology thousands of years beyond Earth (and an interstellar bridge) after a few days? THAT’S where you draw the line? Okay. Right-o. Why does Thor fall so fast? Perhaps he loves Jane’s passion, kindness, brilliance, beauty and fascination with his world in a way he never stopped to appreciate? Again, my opinion. Kenneth Brannagh, in the director’s commentary for Thor said they aren’t in love, but they develop a mutual crush that they both want to explore but can’t. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Gets in the way of Thorki: Hate to break it to you- Thorki will never. Ever. Ever. Happen. Except in fandom- so why throw Jane under a bus to make it happen? Is the studio (owned by DISNEY) who run a multi-million dollar franchise likely to turn round and go ‘You know what’ll make this franchise really popular? Two men raised as brothers dicking each other. Genius.’

Thor is better off with Sif: Depends how you define ‘Better off’. Yeah, they’ll have longer together, have shared experience- but… Thor doesn’t feel that way about her. At least not yet. He has no obligation to reciprocate her feelings. It might happen one day, who knows, but for now he clearly loves Jane and wants to give them a chance. But what about Norse mythology?! I hear you cry- well, what about it? Since when has the MCU cared about being true to the the Poetic Edda? I’ve read it (I would recommend it!) and Thor has three children- only one of them is by Sif. Two are by a Jotun and an unknown woman. Also, Sif has a son (Ullr) by another man who is also not known. Loki is not Thor’s adopted brother- nor has there been any horse-related shenanigans. If Sif is the ‘endgame’ for the MCU, fine, but give Thor and Jane a chance to have a healthy end to their relationship and not treat Sif as a potential rebound. Gross.

But in the comics…: Which ones? 616? Currently, he’s not with Sif any more, he’s (SPOILERS) probably with a human SHIELD agent (and environmental scientist) named Roz Solomon. I’ve seen him in relationships with random tavern wenches, a dark elf, Amora, Lorelei and… Jane Foster. And that’s just 616- what about Lord of Asgard when he’s with Amora and has a son with her? Or the Ultimates when his one night stand with Hela results in Modi (it’s a spoiler, but I’ve just saved you having to read that piece of shit so consider yourself lucky). And at one point he’s with Jane Foster in The Ultimates to. And in Thor the Mighty Avenger he’s also with Jane Foster. She’s a different Jane Foster in the various continuities- a nurse, a doctor, a historian- so why can’t you accept her as an astrophysicist?
Could it be you don’t buy Jane as a scientist because a conventionally attractive female scientist is ‘unrealistic? Despite the fact that Natalie Portman herself has a science degree and has researched several chemistry papers- yet magic hammers are still more credible? If you can buy space-vikings, but you can’t buy pretty female scientists- you’re probably as sexist as hell. Sorry.

Jane’s too whiney/not badass enough/etc: Whiney? Are you HIGH? It’s a super problematic term anyway. She only ‘whines’ when her stuff is stolen by SHIELD. When she is possessed by an Infinity Stone, she is so brave- she faints to the ground and when Thor calls for her she tells him she’s okay- weakly, but bravely. It’s implied she is broken hearted by Thor’s disappearance, but wouldn’t you be? In the span of two movies she drives into a tornado (laughing like a maniac), rescues Thor from a SHIELD facility, helps evacuate a town, builds her own equipment from scratch, in a lab set up in an old garage, bodily defends Thor, holds an Infinity Stone in her body without dying (even Loki seems impressed with how well she’s surviving) slaps two gods in the face, sasses Odin and defeats Malakeith armed with stuff she has put together with duct tape. Nope. No bad-assery there. No sir.
To quote Thor: ‘She is strong in ways you can’t imagine.’ She’s no warrior- she’s a scientist. Why is that good enough for Leo Fitz and not Jane Foster? Why is it okay for Tony Stark to be a credible hero using his technological know how and not Jane? Why is Loki given SO much sympathy for being being a magic user instead of a warrior, yet Jane is dismissed for the same thing? Hint- probably sexism.

Lifespan difference/Mayfly December: Depressing thing- we will all be separated from our loved ones one day- by death or circumstance. For some it’s sooner than others. Jane and Thor may not have long together, but they clearly want to try. Both of them. It’s implied that Thor would have made Jane his Queen if he wanted to take the throne- but he wanted the chance at a normal life. She would have been part of his life regardless. Will it break his heart to see her die so soon? Absolutely- but he’s doing it anyway. Jane studies stars- she’s used to being a mayfly compared to the rest of the universe, why would her romantic entanglements be any different?

About Yuri Plisetsky, and how I feel

I just want to get this off my chest because every time I see it on a Tumblr post, it pisses me off.

First, let me start with the names

Yuri “Yurio” Plisetsky is NOT BEING MISHANDLED by the Yuri!!! on Ice producers. Relax. As you are already aware, there are two Yuris in this series, a Japanese one and Russian one. “Yurio” is a nickname given to him simply because when they both are in the SAME environment together. As, Yuuri’s sister said, “It’ll just be confusing.” So of course it makes it easier to give at least one of them a nickname. It makes it easier not only for the characters, but the audience, the voice actors, and the writers.

But, why does Yuri need to be called “Yurio,” you say?

  1. He was the one to arrive in Japan from Russia. If the situation was flipped, and Yuuri was to arrive in Russia, then Yuuri would have been the one to have the nickname.
  2. He is the youngest. Now, I don’t know if any of you have brothers or sisters or if you are the youngest in the family (like myself), but the youngest is always the one to be at the mercy of many nicknames and situations. Many families still call the youngest the “baby” of the family even if they are grown up adults. It’s just how it is.
  3. He says he didn’t want to be called that. That’s not his name. YES. Everyone knows that is not his name. Again, it just makes it easier for everyone to give one of them a nickname when both are present in the same setting. For example, say you have two friends with the same name in real life. Let’s call them “Tiffany.” When they are in the same environment as you and you need to talk to just one, I am 98% sure that many of you would create a system and would call one of them a nickname, like “Tiff” of “Tiffa.” The other 2% is calling them both Tiffany, but making direct eye contact to the one you need to talk to. In real life this would work, but in an animation not so much. Yurio over time stopped complaining about it because I’m sure he caught onto why there had to be a distinction.

Bonus: If you go back to episode 4, when Yuuko sent him pictures and a text, she says “Yuri-kun.” See? once the two yuris are separated it’s easier for characters to directly call them Yuri. Yurio is not being disrespected, neglected, or mistreated by the YoI producers. So many of you who are/were mad at them for reasons like this need to chill out.

But, you used “Yuuri” for the Japanese one and “Yuri” for the Russian one! So why do we need to call him “Yurio,” you say?

Yeah, because I am writing it out. Even “Yuuri” and “Yuri” makes me pause and think about which one it is because the episode subtitles use “Yuri” for both. Also, it’s too troublesome to say/type their full names or say “Yuri P.” “Yuuri. K.”

Writing and speaking are two different things. You’ll be able to get away with writing “Yuuri” and “Yuri,” but when it comes to pronouncing it the two names sound too similar; and that’s even if you could hear the extra “u” sound. I guarantee you the if they just called both of them “Yuri” in the series, you would be frustrated and say, “Which one are they referring to, darn it?” Again, animation can’t successfully portray direct eye contact all the time since certain shots need to look a certain way.

Let’s talk more about Yurio the Character. =‘)

Now, I don’t hate Yurio as a character. He is actually quite intriguing. I’m happy to see an anime handle two main characters with the same name successfully. I think I’m starting to understand why they wrote it with two Yuris, however this post is long enough already, so I’ll make another one sometime soon.

But this photo…When Bronze looks happier than Silver, you know something is wrong. I think the environment Yurio is in doesn’t align with what he wants to “really” achieve. He is missing what continues to drive him to skate with passion and love doing it without feeling greed. I don’t think he would have found it with Viktor though. Although, Viktor was kind enough to give him a tip in ep. 3 to “feel” it, instead of thinking about it. Yurio is envious that Viktor and Yuri skate with a common passion they both acknowledge and made their own, and forming happiness because they understand each other on a deeper level.

Yurio’s job now is to find what truly motivates him to skate like that. He was on the right track in ep. 3, but then abandoned it. He needs to retrace his steps if he wants happiness too. Yes, he is a teenager, but he isn’t a baby that needs to be spoiled or get his way all the time. He is growing up. He doesn’t need protection. He needs support and needs to learn to depend on people instead of fighting alone. He is an athlete. Of course, he’ll fail. But, as a character he will re-evaluate the problem, get back up, find a solution, and keep going forward. That is what the YoI producers want us to connect to with Yurio.

“Greed gets you nowhere and it won’t ever make you happy. Don’t brag or be blinded by your over-confidence in your talents just to be the best. Find whatever it is that burns you with so much loving desires to keep going amidst the pain. And with that, it’ll motivate you to create a new art from it.”

That, ladies and gents, is what Yurio is meant to teach us after he learns it himself.

So, please stop feeling pity for Yurio because that is actually disrespecting a character and please stop hating on Viktor for throwing out the bait, and waiting for it to be caught. Yurio will find it soon, so relax and enjoy his development.

Song Based - As Long As You Love Me

(Incase ya’ll don’t know, The actor who plays the father in the music video is Michael Madsen, so i’m just gonna write him as ‘Michael’ ok cool)

No one’s point of view:

“Is that damn kid here again?!” Michael growled clearly annoyed.

“His name is Justin.” You say, defensively. 

Your father looks over at you, not impressed.

“Go to your room.”

“But i haven’t eve-”

“Right.Now.” He emphasizes.

You get up from your seat and start walking up the long flight of fancy stairs.

“God dammit Justin.” You think to yourself. “How many times do i have to tell you? Let it go. Don’t get yourself hurt.” Tears threatening to spill from your eyes.

Justin’s Point of view:

I sat there waiting on the hood of my car, looking up at Y/N’s bedroom window over and over again.

I need to see her. 

Instead i saw her father, Michael, making his way out of his house and towards the giant gates where i was waiting for my girl.

He looked me up and down, a clear look of disgust on his face

“Listen kid,” He started “My daughter is um, everything. She needs me, as much as i need her. That means someday i have to let her go, and when i do she needs to be with a man. Not a boy, which is what you are.”

I looked him straight in the eyes, my teeth sinking into my bottom lip.

“I love her.” I cut straight to the point, i don’t need this guy’s bullshit right now, I just need to see my baby.

“Yeah, sure you do.” He grumbled sarcastically. “I know what type of a guy you are, once upon a time i used to be the same thing. You know what that means? That means one day you’ll leave her, for somebody else and break her heart. That can’t happen.”

“You don’t know us.” I said as calmly as possible.

“ I don’t want too. I don’t wanna know you, so you can get in your car and leave, and don’t come back. Cus’ if you do, it’s not gonna be good for ya.” He smiled slyly. 

“What would you do?” I challenged.

“I’d hit the road.” He warned, pushing on his sun glasses. He looked at me one more time before walking back into his house.

I will do anything to have my girl in my arms again.

No one’s point of view:

Justin drove up towards the house of the only person he could think of that could help him right now.

To: Casey

I’m outside. I need to talk, NOW.

He pulled up harshly outside her house and climbed out the car, slamming the door shut due to all the anger built up inside him right now.

Casey walked out,

“Look Justin, I’m busy an-”

“I need you to give this to her, tonight.” He said cutting her off, and getting straight to the point. At this point he would beg if he had too. He reached inside his pocket and pulled out a note.

Casey sighed and took it from him. Debating on whether to read it or not. She chose not too as she stretched her arm out, ready to return the note to him.

“Justin, you know i can’t do that. She is my best friend. I don’t know what this note says, but i know its something that her father will not like. Look, you’re like a brother to me. But i will always be with Y/N on this. She doesn’t want you to stay away, but she doesn’t want you getting hurt either, and neither do i. If i help, we both will be taken away from her and i can’t let that happen.”

Justin shook his head desperately.

“Casey,” He almost whimpered, “I fucking beg you, please, PLEASE do this for me. At least just let her read the note and i’ll be done.” Justin gulped, lying.

“You’ll be done?” Casey said, shocked. Now she really started to wonder what the note said.

“Yes.” Justin said, lying once again.

She sighed.

“Okay, i’ll give it to her.”

“Before 9.” He said quickly.

“Okay..” She trailed off, confused.

Justin smiled appreciatively. 

“Thanks Cas. I appreciate it, but promise me one thing?”


You won’t read that note.


A/N: HEYYYY. ok i have some things to say. firstly this will have more parts, this is not really an imagine its like a short short story so yeah obviously this is not the end of it so i shall be writing moreee. And sorry its so shitty and long (if thats a bad thing idk) also i am aware that Justin and the girl aren’t even talking or anything in this one but you have to be patient bc theres alot of that in the other parts. ALSO I KNOW I ADDED ANOTHER CHARACTER BUT I REALLY WANTED TO BE ORIGINAL AND CHANGE IT UP ABIT SO I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND I’LL TRY NOT TO KEEP YA’LL WAITING FOR TOO LONG FOR  ANOTHER PART JUST KEEP CHECKING AND HOPEFULLY IT’LL BE UP SOON. AND THE OTHER PARTS WILL BE BASED ON THE ACTUAL SONG I JUST STARTED OFF WITH A LIL TWIST OF MY OWN.  Imma shut up now.

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161026 Brother live press conference transcript

MC: Please introduce yourselves! This will be Brother’s first greeting.

Kyungsoo: Hello, I’m Do Kyungsoo. Thank you so much for being here. We had a really fun, happy, healthy time filming Brother, so please give it lots of love.

MC: Ah, that ending (laughs). “We filmed happily.” Very nice.

Jo Jungseok: Yes, I had a happy time too. The turnout here for our movie, all the flashing shutters - thank you very much. Let’s have a good time.

Park Shinhye: Hello, I’m Park Shinhye who will play Soohyun, nice to meet you. It was really interesting and fun on set, to be filming with such nice and warm actors. I think you’ll be able to feel that while watching the movie, so please anticipate it.

MC: So many people are already anticipating it! Please introduce your characters, starting with Kyungsoo.

KS: In the movie, I’m the younger brother who is a successful national-level judoka, Dooyoung. Dooyoung is proud and strong on the outside, but inside he has a pure and tender heart.

MC: Someone like you!

KS: I think we’re a little alike (laughs).

MC: And how about Jo Jungseok?

JS: As for me, I got the role of the older brother, Go Dooshik. If you’ve watched the trailer, you might have gotten the idea that he’s a conman and a fraudster. A real lowlife. Dooshik and Dooyoung have a bit of an age gap. They’re not one or two years apart, more seven to ten. Around ten. So that kind of older brother. A character who sells off his younger brother, tries hard to prey [on the situation] but might not get what he wants. I had a lot of fun filming, and in the second half - this isn’t something I should say, I’ll pass the question on.

MC: We got quite a bit on the movie. Please introduce your character, Shinhye.

SH: I got the role of Lee Soohyun, Go Dooyoung’s judo coach. She’s a varied character, a meddler and a judo coach. To get Dooyoung back on his feet as an athlete, she visits to clean around and feed him when all of a sudden this lowlife shows up, his brother. Soohyun bickers with him a lot as she stays by to take care of Dooyoung.

MC: Even though these were just introductions, the characters really feel like they’re alive and breathing.

JS: Yes, although honestly filming was hard. (MC: Why?) Because [my character and I] just didn’t match.

MC: I thought you owned the character. Nobody else but Jo Jungseok could have been him. Now, the reason why I asked for these introductions was because we have prepared a character trailer for Brother. Let’s watch.

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anonymous asked:

Can you explain why it would be necessary for Harry and Louis to leave Nick Styne and get their own agents? Does Nick only do band booking and not individual projects? Also, would Nick have been closely aligned with Modest or Syco which would be another reason to leave him as they try to get different acting or music projects? Thank you!

Ok, so.  First let me preface this by saying that i don’t work in the music industry, I work in the acting side of things so all of my knowledge comes from there.  I’ll be the first to admit that it gets a bit complicated and I’m still attempting to figure out the details myself.  

From what I’ve gathered, Nick Styne handled the band as a whole for their on-camera appearances such as when they were on iCarly.  He reps the band as a whole.  He is listed as the band’s Theatrical Agent (and yes, specifically theatrical, not music). Nick DOES have individual theatrical clients such as Lily Collins, Bella Thorne, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, etc.  So it’s POSSIBLE he could do individual projects, but as far as I am aware, he only books the band as a whole.  

Each agent within CAA handles different things.  As I mentioned before, Harry’s agent specifically handles actors and not musicians.  Louis’s new agent handles those who seemingly do both (and also randomly the host of Property Brothers which doesn’t exactly fit but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).  To me that implies he’s looking to do things as an individual apart from the band.  Now I also want to clearly say I’m NOT saying that the band is breaking up, it just means he’s actively pursuing other interests.  

As for whether or not Nick has been aligned with Modest/Syco?  not any more so than the rest of CAA.  Again, he’s a theatrical agent and not on the music side of things.  

Hope this helps! 

So, episodes 4 and 5. There’s a lot of rambling below. I have a lot to say and I know I’ve probably forgotten a few (or a lot of) things as well. It feels like I’ll never run out of things to say for this show. Also, I do have a bit to say about Queen Yoo and Yeon Hwa but I think I’ll keep that for episodes 6 and 7.

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