and yes he lost an arm

Cas watching a bunch of romantic comedy movies, spending an entire day on Netflix just binging his way through them. Dean coming back to find him practically square-eyed, lost in a world of I do’s and I will’s and I always have’s.

“Why are you watching this crap,” Dean says, amused and folding his arms, as Sandra Bullock dances onscreen. Cas shrugs slightly, awkward. He turns the volume down.

“It’s fun,” he says, a note of caution in his voice. “To watch. I never realised… how easy it could be.”

“Easy?” Dean shifts his weight, a slight frown appearing.

“Yes. I didn’t realise that… things… could be so simple. The movies are less than two hours long. The people say how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking… I didn’t realise it could be like that. I thought it was always…”

A silence rings. Dean’s cheeks are slightly pink. Cas is watching the screen determinedly.

“They’ve got a script,” Dean says. He clears his throat. “We’re better at ripping those up than reading from ‘em.”

“We are,” Cas agrees. Sandra Bullock had stopped dancing.

“Still,” Dean says. “You’d look good dancing like that.” Cas shoots him a soft glare.

“You’d be the one dancing,” he says. “Obviously.”

Dean grins, and rolls his eyes. “Yeah,” he says. “Sure.”

The next time Cas walks past the kitchen, he sees Dean with his headphones in, shaking his hips, whirling a dishcloth around with one hand, dancing a little dirty to a beat that Cas can’t hear. He considers pretending not to have seen, and then takes a step inside.

“Told you,” he says, as Dean comes to a sudden stop. “You look good when you do that.”

Saying what you’re thinking isn’t so hard, Cas thinks as he walks away, leaving Dean bright pink and happily flustered. He’s going to try it again soon.

Tater? Didn’t know he was bi until he met Ransom

just, listen to me. I figured out I was bi when I caught myself staring at my oldest friend’s cleavage. Like, I was 17. Sometimes you don’t figure out you’re bi, because, you know, heteronormativity and all that, you tell yourself, I like the opposite gender and this fascination for my own gender are friendships/admiration/whatever.

So bi Tater who never even thought he was bi until that Haus party where he met Jack’s old team, and, well, he knew how to appreciate beauty in all its forms but, no one was pretty like Ransom. NO ONE. Tater just couldn’t stop staring.

At one point in the evening, he grabs Jack by the arm, eyes lost.

‘Zimmbonni. You made coming out to us last month, yes?’


‘Now is my turn. This is me coming out. To you.’

‘Oh? Oh! It’s great, Tater, thank you for-’

‘I have known for last five minutes.’


‘Yes. Your friend Ransom too pretty. I not straight anymore.’

‘…It doesn’t really work like that-’

‘Too pretty for me to stay straight.’


[Y/N] : “You know they’re following us don’t you? “

Peter : “Yes”

[Y/N] : “So ?”

He tooks you gently in his strong arms

[Y/N] : “Hold me strong princess”

*in the car of our four friends*

Logan : “Dammit! I lost them again stupid kid and his speed !”


“You’ll marry me?” he whispers, incredulous.
I nod nervously, flushing and anxious and not quite believing his reaction—this man whom I thought I’d lost. How could he not understand how much I love him?
“Say it,” he orders softly, his gaze intense and hot.
“Yes, I’ll marry you.”
He inhales sharply and moves suddenly, grabbing me and swinging me round in a most un-Fiftylike manner. He’s laughing, young and carefree, radiating joyful elation. I grab his arms to hold on, feeling his muscles ripple beneath my fingers, and his infectious laughter sweeps me up—dizzy, addled, a girl totally and utterly smitten with her beautiful man. He puts me down and kisses me. Hard. His hands are on either side of my face, his tongue insistent, persuasive … arousing.

Unexpected (But Not Unpleasant)

In which the youngest Goldstein sister is invited to accompany the magizoologist back to Britain.

Watching Newt scurry around the small bedroom that was yours before the misadventure your family had found yourselves in, a twinge of sadness arose in your body as you realised that he was leaving. Actually leaving, and not in the way where you would be able to visit. No, Newt Scamander was returning to the country in which he was born and an entire ocean separated you from the fascinating man that you had been drawn to ever since he had knocked into you and your sister in front of a bank.

“Y/N, everything alright?” You shook yourself as his accented voice met your ears. You were leaning against the doorway, the side of your head resting on the wood and your arms crossed tightly over your chest. You didn’t know how long you had been stood there and it was disconcerting to realise that you had lost all concept of time simply by watching the man.

“Yes, of course! I was just wondering if you needed any help.” You said with a smile, one that was awkwardly returned by Newt, although he averted his eyes as soon as they met your own.

“I’m nearly done, actually. I didn’t exactly bring much, I was not intending on staying long.” He told you and you let out a slight laugh.

“I think quite a few things happened that you did not intend on.” You said. You were of course referring to the madness that ensued when a few of his fantastic creatures escaped the magical suitcase that was stuck to his hand. That was only the start of the craziness as they had all been at risk from an Obscurial and had witnessed the capture of the dark wizard Grindelwald.

“Yes. Quite a few things I was not expecting.” You looked up through your lashes to see Newt’s gaze focused intently on you. It was unnerving to see such a shy and anxiety riddled man with a penchant for avoiding eye contact look at you with such a deep gaze and you couldn’t help the flush that rose to colour your pale cheeks. You averted your gaze but not before you saw Newt do the same, a dark blush covering his face and hiding his freckles within the colour. “Nevertheless, it is time for me to return to Britain.”

Your sadness returned as he said that. You knew that he had to return to his home but that did not mean that you wanted him to. Ever since you had met the man, you had been fascinated and drawn to Newt Scamander. And you knew the feeling was probably mutual; you had felt him watching you when he thought you were not paying attention and your sister Queenie never gave up the opportunity to tease you about Newt and what she had overheard from his mind. You had hoped that whatever it was between you would be enough to keep him here, in New York, with you.

Apparently, it was not.

“You will write though, won’t you?” You asked. “I do hope I have the chance to read that magnificent book of yours when it is finally published.” You finally looked up at him and saw a half smile tilt up his lips. His mouth worked as he struggled to say whatever was in his mind. He met your eyes then and you offered him a soft smile.

“If you wanted, you could always read the first copy.” He finally said, his words coming out fast and rushed and you had to pay attention to what he was actually saying. “I-if you came… you c-could read, I mean if you want to…. There’s al-always… You could come with… me.”

You stared at him as he stuttered, his words faltering and hesitant as his pale cheeks flushed once more. He stared anywhere but at you; the wall behind your shoulder, the floor at your feet, the cuff of his shirt. You felt emotion rise up in you as you realised what he was offering you. The once in a lifetime chance to visit another country and be a part of something life changing for him. He was asking you to go with him.

“I can’t.”

You both froze as you said that. The words had escaped you before you could comprehend what you had said but you realised it was true. You can’t. Your sister needed you, your wonderful sisters who had raised you and given up so much of their lives to ensure that you, the youngest, got the chance to have a proper childhood and live without worrying even though they were all orphans. You couldn’t leave them when they needed you; when Tina was going through a difficult time at MACUSA and Queenie was heartbroken after losing her chance of love with the no maj that had quickly become a part of their lives. She had a duty to be there for her sisters and she could not leave because a pretty man gave her a smile.

“Right. Yes. O-of course… I’m just gonna….” Newt’s hands waved around as he vaguely pointed around him and you tried your hardest to suppress the tears you could feel rising.

“I need t-to go and check with Queenie.” You said and he nodded quickly, his hair falling into his eyes but he made no motion to move it. You wondered if it was to hide the tears in his eyes or if he was just unconcerned about it. Maybe he wasn’t actually upset; who knew if he had offered other girls in the other countries he had visited the same thing. That broke her heart a little and she turned on her heel quickly to leave the room.

“Goodbye, Y/N.” He called after you and you froze. You closed your eyes and your face scrunched up with the emotion that you felt but you did not turn around. If you turned now to look at him you didn’t know how you would react.

“Goodbye, Mr Scamander.” Was all you said in reply, your voice a faint whisper but it carried over to him even as you forced your feet forward and walked away from him. You couldn’t help but feel you were walking away from something that you would never have again.

Dishes weaved through the air as they followed your magical command and made their way to their rightful place after a thorough clean. Ever since your emotional goodbye with Newt you had pushed your attention elsewhere to stave off the heartbreak that was slowly creeping up on you. You knew that it was only a matter of hours before Newt was due to leave for Britain but you could not find it in yourself to go and see him one last time. If you did, you knew you would not be able to say goodbye again.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you clean.” You looked up at the soft whisper of your sister’s voice, a smile coming to your face as you met Queenie’s pretty eyes. She looked better; her makeup and dress were exquisite and you knew that she was pushing her way through the pain of losing Jacob to be her old self again. You wasn’t actually sure if she would ever be herself again.

“I do. You and Tina are just never here when I do so.” You chuckled but Queenie did not. Instead, she simply stared at you and you weren’t sure if she was reading your mind or if her sisterly senses were sensing that something was wrong with you.

“It’s okay to want to do something for yourself, you know.” She told you gently and you turned away from her. It wasn’t okay to want to leave your sisters for a man, it was selfish. Especially when one of them had lost her own chance with a man.

“Newt will not mind the rejection when he returns to London.” You say to her and she shakes her head, her eyes narrowed slightly as though in concentration.

“I think that the distance between you both will only increase his heartache.” You look down at that, feeling guilty at the happiness that rose in you as Queenie said that Newt was also hurting over your rejection. “Y/N…” Her hands touch yours, gently pulling you closer to her as she entwines her slender fingers with your own. “I have known you from the second that you were born and I have never seen you as happy as you have been in the limited time you have spent with the crazy man in the other room. It is not selfish to want to carry on being happy.”

“It is selfish when I leave to be happy and leave my sisters here miserable.” You tell her and she shakes her head but gives you a soft smile. One hand rose to cup your cheek affectionately.

“You will leave your sisters knowing that they are incredibly happy that their youngest will be on the greatest adventure she will ever have. You care for him, Y/N. Do not let that go.”

It was only Newt and Tina that stood before the large ship that was set for Britain and Newt could not help the hurt he felt when he realised that you had not come to see him off. He had thought that he would be able to see your lovely face at least once more before he made his journey back home but it was not to be.

“Do give my well wishes to your sisters.” He told Tina and the woman nods, a smirk on her lips telling him that she knew that he meant one sister in particular. “And thank you for everything you have done during my time here. A-and sorry for all the trouble.”

“It’s been an… interesting time.” Tina chuckled and Newt nods, his laugh joining hers as his gaze moved down to the floor at his feet.

He swallowed nervously as he struggled with his next words but he pushed through the feeling and moved his hand to the inside of his coat where a piece of parchment rested. He pulled it out with a shaking hand and thrust it towards Tina. He looked up through his lashes to meet her confused gaze.

“Could you perhaps, if you could, I mean… Would you p-please give that to…?” He trailed off but Tina nodded as she took the letter from him gently.

“Of course.” She replied and he gave her a smile, tightened his grip on his case and, with one final nod, made his leave to the boat. He was only halfway there when he was called back and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Mr Scamander, I do believe you have forgot something!”

Newt turned on his heel with his coat and scarf flaring around him and his eyes widened as he was met with the most gloriously unexpected sight. You stood before him with your sisters on either side, a small smile on your lips and a case at your feet. Newt let out a breath as he met your eyes and he couldn’t stop the large grin stretching over his lips as he shortened the distance between you with large steps, only to be met in the middle when you ran towards him with your own grin.

Your hands gripped his as you stood before each other and happiness seemed to radiate from you, or perhaps it was him. It did not matter, however, for you stood before him looking as beautiful as you did the day that he met you.

“If your offer is still open, I would love to be the one to read the first copy of your book.” You told him quietly and he couldn’t help but let his hand leave one of yours and instead move up to softly touch the soft skin of your cheek.

“I would be honoured if you would.” He replied and you smiled, just as a yell met their ears to tell them that the ship was leaving.

“One moment. I have to say goodbye.” You said and he nodded quickly, watching you run back to your sisters and hug them before you made your way back to his side where you took his hand and led him to the entrance of the ship, pulling him along and leaving him to trail after you happily.

Many things happened in New York that he did not expect. His feelings for you were one of them, but as he watched you wave with a large grin on your beautiful face as the ship finally began its journey home, he could not find it in himself to find it unpleasant. No, he decided as one of your hands wrapped around his own, this was definitely not unpleasant.

  • Yang: Dad... I have something to tell you before me and Ruby go back to Beacon.
  • Tai: Sure. What's up? *Stops what he is doing toand gives Yang his full attention.*
  • Yang: Well you know Blake? The Girl I lost me arm trying to save?
  • Tai: Yeah. Your Faunus friend You and Ruby Came back with. She seems nice and I'm glad you to patched things up.
  • Yang: Yeah well you're half right about the friend part.
  • Tai: What do you mean?
  • Yang: *shifts nervously* Blake is more then my firend.
  • Tai: Oh I already.
  • Yang: You... You do?
  • Tai: Of course> She is your partner too. I remember you told me.
  • Yang: What? No. Wait. Yes she is but-
  • Blake: *Walks into the kitchen where Yang and Tai are sitting in.* Yang. It's almost time to go. Remember we have to tell Glynda that we'll only need three beds since we're now sharing ooooh... Hello Mr. Xiao-Long... I, uh, didn't see you there.
  • Tai: Heeeey... Yang. What does she mean by sharing a bed?
  • Yang: *Sighed with frustration* This is what I was trying to tell you. Me and Blake are MORE then Partners.
  • Tai: ... I'm not following.
  • Yang: Dad we'r-Huh? Mmh! Yang begin to say not noticing Blake moving closer to her until her Girlfriend cupped her cheeks and pulled her into a kiss.*
  • Blake: *After a few seconds Blake pulled away and said.* Mr. Xiao-Long. I, Blake Belladonna am in love with your daughter who loves me back and we are dating.
  • Tai: *Surprised Tai blinked a few times before letting now a laugh* Ahaha. Okay Yang, Nice try. But you can't fool me. Though nice touch with getting you friend to- *Suddenly Yang Groans and holds out a bit of her hair and gives Blake scissors which her cat eared girlfriend cuts. Tai watches his daughters hair fall to the ground in full shock and fear while instinctively grabbing a fire extinguisher ready to shot and fiery Yang. However when Yang didn't active her semblance but instead took hold of Blake's hand he just at them both before muttering.* ... You're not... going super saiyon?
  • Yang: Nope. And if you still think this is a joke I can always- *Yang started until Blake covered her mouth.*
  • Blake: Never in front of either of our parents. She originally wanted me to grab her boob to prove that we are dating if the kiss didn't work but I thought this what be less awkwaAREP! *Blake started to explain before Tai pulled both her and Yang into a bearhug lifting both of them off the ground*
  • Tai: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! Sniffle, I never thought I would have another daughter! *Tai cheered with tears of enjoy.*
  • Yang: Well that's that. Welcome to the family Blake. *Yang smiled giving a quick kiss on the cheek to her girlfriend*
  • Blake: Th-Thanks. Glad your dad is okay with us... Though we probably shouldn't kiss while your dad is hugging us... and crying.
  • Tai: I DON'T EVEN CARE! I'M TOO HAPPY! *sniffle* Though if you can wait till I'm not holding you both next time I'd appreciate it.
  • Yang/Blake: Gotcha/Right.
Control Your Feelings - Star Wars

“Could you do an Obi Wan imagine where the reader gets in trouble for thinking about him romantically?”

You were sitting cross-legged on a stool, staring across the grassy courtyard at Obi-Wan Kenobi as he instructed a group of younglings in their beginning saber lessons. Obi-Wan’s master, Qui-Gon Jinn, walked amongst the younglings, adjusting their stances or offering little bits of advice. You couldn’t hear what they were saying, but you enjoyed watching Obi-Wan move as he demonstrated various arm movements. You enjoyed it quite a bit.

You mindlessly bit your lower lip and slumped as you continued to stare, completely lost to reality.

“Y/N…..” A voice said in front of you. You seemed to not hear.

“Y/N!” The voice called louder and you snapped your head forward and sat up straight.

“Ye…Yes Master Windu?” You stammered to the man sitting in front of you. He too was sitting cross legged on a stool, hands on his knees, and eyes fixed on you with slight exasperation.

“I said that is NOT meditation.” He said bluntly before standing, motioning you to stand as well.

“I’m sorry Master.” You stood slowly.

Mace Windu began walking toward the temple doors as you stole one last glance across the courtyard. Obi-Wan caught your gaze and smiled at you before returning to his instruction. You held back a grin and felt your skin grow warm as you stepped in beside your Master.

“Your mind is focused Y/N, but not on what it should be focused on.” He stepped through the doors and began down a long hallway.

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The Things She Carries, Part 2

Part 1 is here

He bent to kiss her and it was like the first time all over again — a sweetness, a roughness, a fresh revelation. Lost in the sensation, she was aware only of a sense of falling slowly, of landing utterly safely in softness and then there she was, lying in his arms, his delicious warm weight the only real thing in the world.

Yes, he answered wordlessly, parting her lips with his tongue, so gently. His hands stroked her back, her arms, her sides, sending delicious waves of sensation through her. God, how could something so slow, so soft, cause such a surging, swirling ache inside? Eventually he broke the kiss and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms all the way around her, nudging at her collarbone, burrowing his head between her breasts. “Scully,” he sighed, almost directly into her heart; she nearly wept to hear it. He kissed her again, and she couldn’t bear to open her eyes — if this was a dream, she didn’t want to know.

A thought crossed her mind — your poor knees — at the same time something similar seemed to occur to him. He leaned her backward a bit — so, the couch then, after all — but only to give himself space to stand. As he stood, he pulled her with him, and now her head lay against his chest where she could hear the rapid beat thrumming beneath his ribs. She slid her arms underneath the back of his T-shirt, surprised at the smoothness of his skin, pleased by his sharp intake of breath.

Keeping her anchored with one arm, he ran his other hand through her hair, then rested it at her neck. She felt the rumble of his voice against her ear.

“Scully … are you sure?”

Fuck. Why did he have to ask? Was he actually unwilling?

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anonymous asked:

You know how Harry would moan "Oh yeah" at like every OTRA concert? Imagine him doing that while driving into you, but it comes out as more of a whimper with his lips against your neck, his eyes shut tight, furrowed brows as he feels so close to going over the edge.

“Go ahead, baby… please cum”, you’re not very close to your own orgasm, but you can tell he is because his arms are starting to shake - and lord KNOWS that man is strong as hell. So he must be hanging on, just by a thread, always worried about you. “Baby, please”, you breathe into his ear and he huffs, jolting. “M.. sorry… jus’ so… tight… oh yes….” he hisses, a contrast from his previous yells of pleasure, his head falling back. You tighten yourself one more time for him and he’s gone, lost in his own bliss, gasping and jolting, shaking like a leaf on a tree. You’ll get your orgasm soon enough, and watching him come undone is enough of a turn on for you to cum right on the spot. 

anonymous asked:

"Wee one, it's your father. I cannae wait to meet you." (Jamie, 2x06) This always has me in tears - not only will Jamie never meet Faith, it'll take more than twenty long years until he meets Bree... That wasn't much of a question, sorry - but I love your stories! <3

You’re so right that he does have to wait – but when he *does* finally meet Brianna, this one scene does a lot to help them both make up for lost time:

“I used to think of you, when ye were small,” Jamie was saying to Bree, his voice very soft.

“When I lived in the cave; I would imagine that I held ye in my arms, a wee babe. I would hold ye so, against my heart, and sing to ye there, watching the stars go by overhead.”

“What would you sing?” Brianna’s voice was low, too, barely audible above the crackle of the fire. I could see her hand, resting on his shoulder. Her index finger touched a long, bright strand of his hair, tentatively stroking its softness.

“Old songs. Lullabies I could remember, that my mother sang to me, the same that my sister Jenny would sing to her bairns.”

She sighed, a long, slow sound.

“Sing to me now, please, Da.”

He hesitated, but then tilted his head toward hers and began to chant softly, an odd tuneless song in Gaelic. Jamie was tone-deaf; the song wavered oddly up and down, bearing no resemblance to music, but the rhythm of the words was a comfort to the ear.

I caught most of the words; a fisher’s song, naming the fish of loch and sea, telling the child what he would bring home to her for food. A hunter’s song, naming birds and beasts of prey, feathers for beauty and furs for warmth, meat to last the winter. It was a father’s song—a soft litany of providence and protection.

I moved quietly around the room, taking down the pewter plates and wooden bowls for supper, coming back to cut bread and spread it with butter.

“Do you know something, Da?” Bree asked softly.

“What’s that?” he said, momentarily suspending his song.

“You can’t sing.”

There was a soft exhalation of laughter and the rustle of cloth as he shifted to make them both more comfortable.

“Aye, that’s true. Shall I stop, then?”

“No.” She snuggled closer, tucking her head into the curve of his shoulder.

He resumed his tuneless crooning, only to interrupt himself a few moments later.

“D'ye ken something yourself, a leannan?”

Her eyes were closed, her lashes casting deep shadows on her cheeks, but I saw her lips curve in a smile.

“What’s that, Da?”

“Ye weigh as much as a full-grown deer.”

“Shall I get off, then?” she asked, not moving.

“Of course not.”

She reached up and touched his cheek.

Mi gradhaich a, thu, athair,” she whispered. My love to you, Father.

Never Short of Love

Request: “Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Newt imagine where the reader is really short and it stresses Newt out cause she’s always getting bumped into and lost in crowds? You’re an amazing writer 😊 thank you!”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1819

Warnings: None

“Newt!” You called out, pushing your body up as far as you could, but only receiving a cramp in your arm as a result.

“Yes, darling?” Newt rounded the corner, book in hand. When he saw your predicament, he leant on the doorway, chuckling softly. “Can’t reach the coffee tin again?”

“Why do you always put it on the top shelf?”

“Because,” he came over, grabbing the tin and handing it to you. “I like it when you have to ask me for help.”

You frowned at him. You were quite the independent person, so you absolutely hated it when you had to call upon others to help you with simple tasks. One day, you had in fact attempted to get the coffee tin on your own. Newt had come into the kitchen that day, after hearing a loud thump. You had fallen to the ground and received a broken ankle. After that day, Newt made you promise to him that you’d always ask for assistance when needed. You did, but you still loathed to do so.

“What are you reading?” You asked, continuing to make your coffee.

“How to Live with House Elves.” He replied showing the cover of the small brown book. “Thought it might come in handy, since you know, you’re about as tall as one.”

You opened your mouth in playful shock, grabbing a nearby tea towel and hitting him on the arm with it.

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The Mulders

For @leiascully‘s XF writing challenge: 2017.

On New Year’s Day 2017, at precisely 12.04 a.m., Fox Mulder decides that this is going to be his year. Scully is in his arms, leaning against him, and he feels the smile on her face rather than he sees it. The fireworks blast colors into the sky, popping like popcorn on movie night. This is his life now. For once, he is not dreading the new year. He is not thinking about government conspiracies, little grey men or unmentionable monsters. No, all he thinks about is the woman in his arms, the love of his life, and their miracle standing a few feet away, lost in his own, new world. His mind, for once, is beautifully quiet, merely humming along to someone singing Auld Lang Syne. So yes, this is it, he thinks. This is the year of Fox Mulder.

“You’re awfully quiet.” Scully whispers against his chest, softly kissing him. He can feel her lips even through his clothes and after all this time, it makes him shiver. Mulder chuckles, running his hand over Scully’s back, slowly.

“I remember times you told me to shut up.”

“I never, Mulder.” There’s a smile in her voice. She tightens her arms around him, as if trying to keep them both in this moment forever. Or at least another minute. As they both know, there is no forever. The thought, however, no longer fills him with regret. Not too long ago, he was certain he would never feel the blanket of sadness ever lift off him. He thought he’d lost his son forever. In the end, forever is just another word. A concept, not tangible. Not real.

“Hm, of course not. You love my voice.”

“I do love your voice. So, what are you thinking? Any plans for this brand new year you care to tell me about?” She lifts her head, her chin on his chest, looking up. Her eyes sparkle brightly.

“Hm, no.”


“No. Why does that surprise you so much?” Mulder laughs.

“I guess I’m more used to you spewing off ideas and theories.”

“I’m old, Scully. I leave the crazy ideas to the new generation.” Scully moves against him, stands in front of him now, her back to his chest. She’s warm, soft, and he engulfs her in his arms. Now they’re both watching the boy at the railing, smiling into the sky, watching the fireworks.

“He looks happy, doesn’t he?” She asks Mulder, gently stroking his arm that’s across her stomach. Her fingers tickle his skin, almost distract him, and he lightly tightens his grip.

“He does.” Will, just like the two of them, is not alone. There are other children next to him; kids, whose parents thought spending New Year’s Eve on a ship would be a good idea, too. Will had rolled his eyes when Mulder and Scully informed him about their plan to spend the day on a cruise ship. ‘It’s for old people’, the boy, who had complained. He was no longer the shy, quiet boy they had taken in more than six months ago. Will was a full-fledged teenager, who felt too old to spend New Year’s with his parents – on a ship of all places! Finally, though, he relented.

Looking at him now, Mulder knows their son is enjoying himself; he is drawn to water, the ocean, the love for it embedded in his genetics. His son is gesticulating wildly with his arms, his grin never leaving his face. Mulder knows his son well enough now to know that he’s explaining something to the girl next to him. A girl, he figures, who is around Will’s age. Her long, blond hair is waving around her, almost like a scarf, and she’s hugging herself, probably cold. If only he could tell his son that; tell him to give her his coat.

Instead Mulder, and Scully, can only watch. Just like the girl is watching their son. Her mouth is open slightly, as if to say something and yet not certain how to put it into words. Mulder remembers what this feels like; the newness of feelings you can’t place, that are difficult to understand. His son, bless him, has only eyes for the sky. For the science that is taking place there in the sky. Mulder knows what Will is telling the girl, because he explained it to him only last week. His son’s big blue eyes had barely blinked, too curious, too much in need of knowledge. Eventually he had sent him to Scully, who could fill the few blanks that he didn’t know about. 

“I wish we could have…” Scully starts, reminding Mulder of the present. She breaks off, clears her throat in an attempt not to cry. He knows what she’s thinking; he’s been thinking the same for so long. If only they could have. But that’s in the past now. This is a new year, his year, he reminds himself. There are no regrets. They can’t turn back the time; they’ll never know what it’s like to hear Will’s first words. To help him take his first steps. His first day of school is something Will can tell them about, but they’ll never know. But Mulder doesn’t have regrets now. They’ll be here for this instead. Will falling in love for the first time. His first heartbreak. They’ll teach him to drive a car. Soon, if Will has anything to say about it. He’s been begging Mulder for weeks now. They’ll see him graduate school. They’ll have a future with him.

“Hey, we’re here now. He’s here now. No regrets, Scully. That’s my plan for 2017.”

“No regrets?”

“Yes, it’ll be the year of no regrets. The year of Fox Mulder,” his eyes catch his son, the way he anxiously sweeps his chestnut hair out of his eyes, “the year of the Mulders.” He finishes.

“What?” Scully laughs.

“Yes, the Mulders. This is going to be our year, Scully.”

“I’m not a Mulder, you know. Not officially, anyway.”

“We can always change that.” He mumbles into her hair, kissing her, and reveling in the soft smell. A whiff of strawberry, but mostly her. He feels drunk on her scent.

“Hm, ask me again later.”

“You sound like a Magic 8 Ball, Scully.” Mulder leans down, kissing her neck. In that moment, Will turns to them. Seeing them being this affectionate, he screws up his face, and quickly turns back. Mulder chuckles.

“We’re embarrassing our son.”

“That’s fine with me.”

It’s fine with Mulder, too. He lifts his head, never letting go of Scully, and watches the fireworks. There are so many people they can no longer share this with. His whole family, Scully’s mother, little Emily. The losses are etched in every line on her face, and his, too. But now there’s hope. A lanky teenager, grinning at the sky, full of life.

friendly reminder that:

  • before the serum, steve had horrible asthma, was red-green color blind, and was deaf in one ear, his left if im not mistaken, and had scoliosis
  • bucky lost his left arm*
  • clint is deaf (in the newer comics it was bc someone stabbed both of his ears but in the older comics the dumbass put a sonic arrow in his mouth to counter an attack which sounds like a very clint thing to do. im sorry but i just had to add that)
  • theres a canon au where hes also blind (he was supposed to be at first but they changed it)
  • matt is blind*
  • xaviers paraplegic*
  • deadpool had an accident and now his skin looks p physically mangled and knarly and burnt
  • rogue literally cannot touch anyone*
  • 99% of the marvel characters have ptsd/depression or both, or sometimes other types of anxiety*
  • tony’s arc reactor is the only thing keeping him alive*
  • in he comics tony becomes paralyzed, and basically the suit has o become able to be powered by his thoughts (making the comparison to stephen hawking in the avengers all the more ironic. except. you know. from the legs down i think)
  • odin has one eye

*if you didnt know that youre probably just not paying attention or dont know who that is

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Oh! I thought of another idea for the wisdom tooth headcanon. Since people on anesthesia sometimes cry over ridiculous things can you imagine the reader starting to cry because she thinks Donald lost his arm (unwillingly) XD like she's full blown wailing in the car, apologizing, asking him if he could put his normal hand back on. When he tells her no her she starts to cry even more so he pulls the car over and unbuckles her seatbelt, pulling her into his lap to baby her and tries not to laugh


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

And when he’s craddling her, he lets her see his machine hand, telling her how it doesn’t hurt, and how he’s okay. But she’s just like crying that she hates it when he gets hurt, and as she’s rambling on about how much she’s sorry about his arm he just breaks out laughing because he can’t hold it back anymore-this just makes her cry even more cause now she thinks he’s laughing at her, so then she hides her face in her hands just sobbing uncontrollably and Donald is laughing his ass off trying to calm her down but failing miserably.

Donald sucks at comforting.

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Switching things up a lil bit cause I'm watching Thor; Bucky and Thor become close friends because they're both lost when it comes to modern technology and Thor doesn't judge Bucky or care about who he was in the past. They also haven't been around babies much so I'm imagining Thor having a baby with whomever and he brings the baby over to meet Bucky who's scared to hold it because of his arm, when you walk over and say "Well now's a good time to practice," and hand him your sonogram.

Yes! Thor getting some love!

Daddy Day™

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A continuation of Yan!AP with Corrupted!AT please ~ ọ∆o

Insane laughing cracked through the air as Apostasia’s scythe swung down on the last innocent soul of the El Brats. He had to make sure that NO one, would interfere with him and his Arme. The pesky little brats kept trying to save Arme, so Apostasia took action. He returned to the terrified looking Arme, pulling the cyan haired into his arms.

“You’re mine… Ishmael won’t come for us. So we can be together…. Forever…!” the corrupted cooed into Arme’s ear.

The cyan haired lost it. His mind cracked, losing his old composure to the corruption. “Yes… Apostasia…” He said softly, hugging Apostasia back, laughing.

It wasn’t his old soft chuckle. This was something much more sinister.

Poor Ye Hua, I can’t with his selfless suicidal nature. It was unbearable to watch him going through so much pain. He was literally willing to die in order to wake up the guy he thinks Bai Qian is in love with. This some kind of Wang So’s level of love. Also, he lost his arm and is basically half dead, thanks to Zhe Yan for saving his life and giving Bai Qian hints that this man deserves some recognition for his courage and selflessness.

Another Wang So reminding stuff is the way Dong Hua absolutely “doesn’t care” about his mortal life with Feng Jiu. He was acting like he casually went to the mortal realm and came to the exact place where she was bleeding after taking an arrow for him - yes, Dong Hua, it’s really transparent that you are a man with noo feelings. It’s just like Wang So coming to the SoSoo spot after three years of separation and telling Hae Soo that he came there by mistake. Smooth. At this point, I see o hea for this couple and it upsets me.

Yes, I mentioned Wang So twice in this post which is not MLSHR related. What can I say, just ignore it :D

Shit My Theater Professor Said (Part One):
  • "I'll say Macbeth on stage 50 times, I don't give a shit."
  • "Yes it's a penis."
  • "Did you really watch it expecting deep, emotional shit?"
  • "Because you will be killed."
  • "I don't listen to opera in my spare time."
  • "I don't know that show."
  • "I think I met Naked Dave once."
  • "They're gods and they can do that."
  • "You badmouthed me so now you're dead."
  • "He tortured people, he lost his right to sleep."
  • "Fuck it, we do what we want."
  • "This is Ophelia, right? It is now."
  • "Jesus broke his arm."
  • "Basically as an individual I just wanna punch people."
  • "There is a Spiderman musical. It's awful."
  • "The kid had sex with a pie."
  • "That one doesn't count."
  • "I don't know what the fuck those are."
  • "You wanna get home but you can't. And apparently you aren't wearing shoes."
  • "No one gets my shitty references, so I'll stop. Dicks."
  • "South Park is just South Park."
  • "I won't leave this up because people will giggle."
  • "This is where our $9 million can go."
  • "We're at a university. Kind of."
  • "That's super fucked up."
  • "Everything after here gets pretty depressing."
  • "Shit exploded—sweet—awesome!"
  • "There doesn't have to be mass death."
  • "We'll do a little bit of this and then we'll go away."
  • "I don't watch a lot of depressing shit."
  • "Normally there's more giggling when I say that."
  • "I don't know how I'm doing that, but we're doing it."
  • "I don't care—read it. I don't have to read it."
  • "Oh the LARPers are out."
  • "It's just snow, deal with it."
  • "Domestic violence is not comedy."
  • "You're not gonna send Jesus out in a cast."
  • "That's why he creates blah blah blah."
  • "Everyone gets married and lives happily ever after."
  • "Syfy-something-something."
  • "It's just a guy in a hat who looks like Lincoln."
  • "I'll remind myself. So I remember."
  • "Here's one story."
  • "Because Shia LaBeouf."
  • "The book just starts trashing everybody."
  • "Not everybody agrees that Naked Dave is perfect."
  • "I don't think it's a good musical."
  • "Not like fisticuffs."
  • "Pay them slightly."
  • "You don't sleep if you're saving the world."
  • "This has nothing to do with marijuana."
  • "Well did you find five dollars?"
  • "Or a lego. Those are the worst."
  • "The French like making fun of the Spanish. Apparently."
  • "I'm trying to think of a reference."
  • "They like to fight."
  • "If that ever happens, don't fucking leave."
  • "It's art, it's okay."
  • "Not everybody back in the day looked like that."
  • "Does anyone watch it just because they wanna see Luke and Leia make out?"
  • "The way they do it with puppets on stage is kind of mindblowing."
  • "Marriage or death?"
  • "You can't see unless you set something on fire."
  • "You work in a hospital, for God sake."
  • "It's slowly becoming my castle."
  • "I just started watching it, don't spoil it."
  • "That was after my time."
  • "Hopefully no one gets shot."
  • "It's Satan."
  • "I'm not ready for that level of commitment."
TBS Imagine

You were strolling around London, finding your hotel because your relatives left you in the last tourist spot you went.

 In a hurry, you didn’t mind the people around you were busy finding your hotel when suddenly…

You bumped into someone you didn’t expect to meet but hopefully you would. Tears dripped and cascaded to your cheeks.

 You can’t help yourself stop your tears but you were pulled to a hug.Heat starts to rush up your cheeks and chills down to your spine. You felt his arms wrapped around you. You cried as if there’s no tomorrow

As you release, you face him with moisten eyes enough to see him through your dripping tears. “By any chance, please, are you Thomas Brodie-Sangster?” you asked

“Yes” and he gave you a sweet smile

“Goodness gracious, I am so sorry for bumping. I-I didn’t mean to. I was in a hurry finding my hotel. I’m lost, actually” you reason out as he was developing a bright smile"It’s okay. Hey, stop crying..“ He convinces you as he wipe those dripping tears escaping from its ducts with his thumbs

"Yeah, my hormones traitor me. Ugh. Shuck it.” You groan out of frustrstion

“Here” Thomas said as he hand out his hanky

“Oh no, thank you it’s okay” you said while wiping your tears away with your fingers “Bella might use that, it’s okay” tears escaped once again

“No, I insist.” He said as he holds your hand and place the hanky to your palm

“Thank you, Thomas” you utter as you hug him once again and as you felt his arms around your waist, you felt comfortable with it.

“I gotta go, I’m sorry for bothering you. Thank you for the hug” you whisper before you release

You took a glance before you go in a slow pace. “Bye.” The last thing you said.“Bye” he replies as he waves at you

While walking, you savor the moment you had a while ago, when you look at your hand, the white piece of cloth Thomas gave you. You were preoccupied by your thoughts and situation, so you run your way back to catch up Thomas

“Tom?” you clarify as you catch your breath

“Hey!” “Your hanky, I’m sorry…” you took his hand and place his hanky on it.“For the nth time, thank you” After you speak, you turn your back and go for slow pace, again finding your way back to the hotel. You left your phone. No chance of contacts.

“Wait, Miss!” Thomas shouted as he catches up

You stopped and turn your back seeing Thomas running towards you.“Please, Miss. I want you to have it. A little gift from me.” He smiles, took your hand and place the hanky at the top of it. “Be safe, okay? I’ll see you around” he added

You smiled and gave him a quick hug

“I appreciate it” and you released

“See you around” last thing you say as you parted ways. He smiles and waves and so you did.As you walked on, you see a stain on the hanky, as you opened it.. An address? And a cell number? “Thomas, really?” you whisper to yourself

And by surprise, you already arrived at your hotel.

Orphan//A Prince Caspian Imagine

Anon said: Could you do another prince caspian imagine where y/n somehow landed in narnia and has no idea where she is and he finds her all lost in the woods. He brings her to his castle and due to her being an oprhan she stays in narnia and they fall in love.

yes i can do that


You didn’t know where you were, all you knew was that you were falling, and you were falling fast. You slammed into the ground and screamed as you felt your arm break.

You lay on the ground, tears rolling down your face, clutching your arm.

“What was that?” you heard a voice say. “I’m going to go look.”

“My lord, let one of the guards go. I don’t want to risk you getting injured,” came another voice.

“It sounded like someone is in trouble. I am going to go look, and no one is going to stop me.”

You heard hoofbeats and you were vaguely aware of a rider dismounting their horse and kneeling beside you.

“It’s a girl. I think her arm is broken. We need to get her back to the palace.” It was the person who had wanted to find you in the first place.

You woke up in a bed surrounded by blankets and your arm was in a cast.

“How are feeling?”

You sat up and saw a boy with black hair sitting next to your bed. “Fine. Where am I?”

“You’re in Telmar.”



“Where’s that? I’ve never heard of it before. Who are you?”

“I am Prince Caspian, the tenth. You may call me Caspian. Who are you?”

“(Y/N), the first.”

He laughed at your comment. “Well, (Y/N), you have two breaks in your arm, but the physician managed to patch you up and you should be fine. When you’re healed, riders will take you back to your family.”

You thought for a moment. “I don’t have a family. They’re all dead. I don’t think I have anywhere to go.”

A look of sympathy crossed his face. “Then you will stay here.”

“I don’t want to cause any inconvenience.”

He held up his hand. “Nonsense. You have nowhere to go, so you will stay here. You can sleep in this room.”

You smiled gratefully. “Thank you.”

Over the next few weeks, you familiarized yourself with the layout of the castle and made friends with its inhabitants. There was one person that you particularly enjoyed being with. Caspian. He was so kind and he showed love for all his subjects. Unlike Miraz. That creep only cared about power and money.

You also enjoyed your lessons with Cornelius. You loved learning about Narnian history. Caspian was particularly interested in Aslan, as were you.

The more time you spent with Caspian, the more you could feel yourself falling for him, and it was driving you crazy.

You were wandering down the hall after a lesson with Cornelius, not intending to go anywhere, just wandering.


You turned to see Caspian there. “Oh, hello.”

“May I speak with you?”

You shrugged. “I don’t see why not.”

He took a shaky breath. “Ever since I found you in the forest, I’ve found myself unable to stop thinking about you. It doesn’t help that I see you every day, but the longer you’re here, the more I find myself unable to deny the fact that I’m in love with you.”

You smiled. “I love you too Caspian. I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid you wouldn’t feel the same.”

He grinned and pulled you into a kiss.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for a long time,” he said.

Wow that was trash