and yes he does smell like cigarettes


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Artist/Person : Kim Jiwon

Group/Crew : iKon

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 2170

Requested : No

A/N: I’m sorry it’s short and that it took so long, but I was extremely busy. I hope you enjoy~~

He stared at me, eyeing me through the jail cell bars with that goddamn smirk on his face. His hair was messy, nose bridge cut and the corner of his mouth had a little smeared blood from his lip being busted. His eyes were dark as he looked at me, waiting for me to say the words he was waiting for. “This is him, Officer.”

As we walked out of the police station, side by side, I thought about my situation. Stuck living with the campuses main bad boy, who just so happens to be my big fat crush and friend with benefits, that just keeps pulling me into all his mess. Not only does he always bring his troublemaker friends over, but whenever something goes down, like he gets arrested or in a serious fight, I end up taking care of his mess. The smell if cigarettes pulled me from my thoughts. Looking over, I roll my eyes, watching as he smoked. “Hey, Y/N?” A sigh rolled from between my lips at his voice. “Yes, Bobby?” “You look cute.” My eyebrows furrowed as I looked to him. His eyes were looking straight ahead, but a smirk played on his lips. “Thanks.”

Getting into our shared apartment, I went straight to the bathroom to get the first aid before going back into the living where he was seated. I immediately started cleaning his cuts, focusing solely on making sure that the wounds didn’t get infected. “Y/N…” I glanced up to his eyes, our faces a couple of inches apart. “Look…I’ve been thinking…about that night.” I stood, shaking my head before smiling softly. “Done. I’m going to bed.” I turned to start walking away, only for his hand to wrap around my wrist to stop me. “Y/N- “, I shook my head as I stared straight ahead. “I don’t want to talk about it, Jiwon.” “We have to. You’ve been distancing yourself more than usual.” I sighed, easily pulling my wrist from his loose grasp before turning and looking to him with soft eyes. “You were right. I shouldn’t get involved with you. It was just some fun.” I smiled gently before making my way to my room, holding the tears just until I got inside and closed the door. Then I broke down. Silently sobbing until the wee hours of the morning when I finally fell asleep. Little did I know, Jiwon was still awake too. Thinking of what he had done.

Days of not talking to each other turned into weeks, then months, until it somehow ended up being nearly six months of no communication between us. We’d leave out without telling the other, and come back without telling the other. It was a bit sad, though. Every time we ran into each other, whether it be on campus, in the apartment, in a store, it’d be awkward. But then, we’d act like it never happened. Go back to being nonexistent to each other. That was until one Friday night at exactly 3am. The knocking on my bedroom door was just loud enough for me to notice if I was awake, but not even hear if I was asleep. But, I was awake. Doing homework that due the upcoming Monday. I stood from my desk and slowly made my way over to the door, opening it just enough for me look up at the male that I shared an apartment with. “Jiwon… what’s up?” I asked, eyebrow raised in confusion as he stared down at his feet. He’d just gotten back from the party he’d went to during the evening. His cap was facing forward and his head was hanging low, but he didn’t speak. “Jiwon…I don’t have to for your games. I have homework that I need to get do-What the hell happened to you?!” I gasped, taking his bloody face in my small hands. Inspecting his face, I could already tell that what every wounds were under all the blood, were going to bruise and swell up. “Come in, come in.” I ushered him in, sitting him on my bed before pulling a small first aid kit from my bedside drawer.

As I cleaned him up, we both stayed quiet. He let my clean him up, and I focused on his wounds. Wiping away blood, dabbing ointment, and bandaging up the cuts. When I was done, I pulled away from his body. Not even realizing that I ended up straddling his thighs as I cleaned his face. “I’m done now.” He merely nodded and went to get up and leave. “No. Tell me what happened. I haven’t seen you that beaten up since we first moved in together.” “Y/N, it doesn’t matter. Just get back to work. Thanks for your help, really, but I don’t want you involved.” Shaking my head, I forced him back onto my bed by pushing his stomach. At his hiss of pain, my eyes widened in worry before realization set in. “Pull off your shirt.” “Y/N I really don’t think that that’s a goo- “. “Take off the goddamn shirt, Jiwon!” At that, he silently pulled off his hoodie and t-shirt that hid underneath. And that’s when I saw all the bruises. Some were purple and blue, while others were red. I held my hand to my mouth as I scanned his body. “Jiwon…what the hell happened?” I look up, finding him with his head low. His jaw was set in a tight clench, his hands gripping my bed. I stood in front of him, placing my hand on his cheek before lifting his face to look up at me. As we made eye contact, my face softened. His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me between his parted legs as he rested his cheek against my bare stomach. His hold was tight, fingers digging into my sides. My fingers automatically went to his hair, playing in the soft, blond strands.

We were like that for a while, sitting in silence as he held me in a steady grip and I played with his hair. That was, until he moved his head. At first I ignored it, thinking that he was just adjusting for his neck. Then, he started placing soft kisses on my exposed stomach. “Jiwon… what are you doing?” I asked softly, looking down at him. “I’m showing you sorry I am. I hurt my princess and I didn’t mean to…” He muttered, his hands moving down to my thighs and pulling me onto his lap. Attaching his lips to my neck, he rubbed his hands up and down my sides. I couldn’t help the way that my head fell back and moans slipped from my lips so effortlessly. My hips started moving on their own, grinding against him and pulling moans from him. “Princess…fuck…I missed you…so much…” He groaned, nipping at my neck as he pushed me against him harder. I nodded, eyes shut as I moaned out softly, gripping his shoulders. “Baby…” I whimpered, clenching in need around nothing. “I need you.” And then, everything stopped. A whine left my parted lips as I opened my eyes and looked to him. His eyes were set on me, dark with lust, as he bit his bottom lip. Then, my back was on the bed and he was kneeling on the floor between my legs, yanking down my cotton shorts and panties. We stared into each other’s eyes as he leaned forward and gave my lower lips a small peck. Slowly he slipped his tongue from between his lips and licked a small strip up my womanhood, causing a small moan to slip from me. At that, he found some encouragement and dove in. He ate me out like it was the first time he’d eaten for months. Twisting and turning his tongue in different ways, nipping and sucking at anything he could. I was a squirming, moaning mess. Head moving back and forth in pleasure as I called his name repeatedly, hands buried in his hair as I tugged on it. I clenched around his tongue, subconsciously pushing his face closer to my core. “I’m close…so close.” I whimpered, only for the feeling of him humming into me. “Cum for me, princess.” He muttered, making my eyes go crossed as the familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach snapped. My back arched off the bed, mouth open in a silent moan, and my toes curled. He held my hips down, lapping at my core. When my orgasm passed, he pulled away and stood, looking down at me with a smirk playing on his lips.

Our clothes were shed in a matter of a few minutes, a condom slipped onto his length. He was hovering over me, both his arms resting on either side of my head, his lips brushing against mine gently. “I’m sorry for hurting you.” He muttered, pecking my lips softly and looking into my eyes. “Show me how sorry you are…” I breathed, my hand making its way from where it rested on his shoulder to his neck as I pulled him down for a kiss. As our lips moved together slowly, I felt him slip into me. I pulled away, my lips parting in a silent moan. He pushed into me until our hips connected, using all of his self-control and staying still. “Move.” I spoke in a hushed voice after a few seconds, pushing my hips towards his a little. He slowly started to thrust in and out of me, his forehead resting on mine. “Jiwon…” I whimpered, gripping his biceps. “Don’t hold back.” I breathed, looking him in the eyes. His eyes darkened at my words, his pupils getting slightly bigger as he gave a stiff nod. I felt him pull out until only his tip was left, then he snapped his hips back roughly. I let out a squeak, feeling him do it over and over again. Then he gripped my thigh with one of his hands and pulled it onto his hip. His thrusts were fast and hard, grunts coming from his as he gripped the sheets. Feeling myself clench around him, I didn’t even have time to warn him, before I came. “Fuck!” I cried out, my nails dragging down his back. His face scrunched at the pain that shot through his body, but that only made him thrust harder. Then, he pulled out completely. “Get on all fours.” He growled, his eyes almost animalistic. I nodded, scurrying on my hands and knees, ass facing him as I arched my back.

The sound reached my ears before I felt the sharp sting from him slapping my ass. I whimpered, my head dropping at the pain. The bed dipped behind me, then his hands gripped my ass and parted it as he slipped into me. My eyes rolled back at the angle, my arms almost giving out. His hand tangled itself into my hair before he tugged my head back, making my back arch more, before he started thrusting into me mercilessly. Our moans and groans were bouncing off the walls, adding to the loud sound of the headboard hitting the wall. I was clenching around him tightly, pushing myself back onto him. “Are you close, princess?” He grunted, rolling his hips into me harder. I nodded, letting out a soft ‘yes’, that sound more like a squeak. He nodded before slipping his hand to my front, pressing quick figure eights onto my clit roughly. I let out a low moan, my arms giving out just as he let go of my hair to grab my hips. My face fell into the mattress, as another orgasm ripped through me. He stilled, his grip on my hips tightening as his orgasm hit him. Waves of pleasure coursed through him, before it all slowly came to a stop. Pulling away from me, he rolled off the condom and disposed of it. Laying down next to me, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled my sweaty body to his.

When I woke up the next morning, he was still next to me. His face buried in my chest and his arms wrapped around my waist tightly as he slept peacefully. Soft snores leaving him, and anytime I moved even the slightest his hold would tighten before loosening back up slightly after a few moments. When he finally did wake up, two hours after me, he looked up at me with a smile. “Good morning, princess.” Looking away from the small screen of my phone, I made eye contact with him and smiled back. “Good morning, baby.” That only made his smile bigger as he held me closer, if that was possible. Placing a small kiss on my collarbone, he rested his head back on my chest and let out soft sigh. “Y/N…I think I love you.” He muttered softly. My eyes snapped to him and I smiled before giggling softly at his reddened ears. “I think I love you, too, Jiwon.”

Jason Todd/Red Hood- The Docks

The first time you see the Red Hood, you call him a cosplayer and things don’t exactly go your way.


As you run, stumbling over your sneakers and slamming into just about every car on the street, you could say that you’re in deep trouble.

Deep trouble.

Why, you may ask?

Because you, of all people who just had to come across the Red Hood, spouted some line about him being a cosplayer and his head immediately turned to you.

So you’re running from the Red Hood because you had pissed him off and he threatened to dump you in the bay if he caught you.

But he does catch you eventually and does dump you in the bay, which you don’t take lightly and shriek at him as he stares down at you from the docks.

“You smell like cigarettes, you know!” You shout, splashing in the water and trying to locate the ladder in the dark. “And you’re really handsy!”

He snorts. “It’s called charm, miss.”

“Charm?” You squint at the boats around you. “You are not charming, mister. You are crazy.”

“Why, cause I threw you in the docks?”

“No, cause you wear a leather jacket. Yes because you threw me in the docks!”

There’s a hiss of air and you look up to find him tossing his helmet aside. The outline of his face is hard to see, but his lips curl into a smirk as he sits down and leans against the railing.

“You’re not very nice, miss.”

You fume quietly as you swim to the wall, running your hands along the surface for the ladder. “You’re not very same, mister. Throwing a girl in the docks at night? Tch. I could get shredded by a boat or something.”

“Yeah, right. No one would dock a boat at this time of-”

A blinding light shines in Jason’s eyes and he flinches, grabbing for his helmet and pops it on. He blinks, vision adjusting until he sees it.

A boat docking where he had thrown the girl.

“Oh shit.”

“Oh shit is right, asshole!” You finally find the ladder, panicking as the boat draws closer as you hurry up the bars. “You’re so going to buy me ice cream if I make it out of this ali-ah!”

Your hand slips and your foot does too, merely inches from the last bar when a hand shoots out from above and latches onto your wrist.

It pulls you up and onto the ground right as the boat stops where you had just been.

And then you’re on Jason, slapping his chest and landing a good punch to his helmet which you regret immediately as your knuckles split and you roll onto the floor with a groan.

“Great,” He huffs. “Real smart, genius.”

“Your sarcasm is not appreciated, Mister Hood.”

“Just call me Red,” Jason sits up and holds out his hand. You take it angrily, shaking it until he winces and retracts it. “And you would be, miss?”

“Ice cream first. Then maybe I’ll talk.”

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24 ererijean?


“What are you doing?” Jean’s voice floated in from the doorway, echoing quietly off the bathroom tiles and settling low in Levi’s gut. He knew without looking that Jean had his arms crossed over his chest. Good.

There wasn’t anything that brightened Levi’s day more than getting under Jean’s skin and making him bleed a little.

“I’m having a party,” Levi shrugged his shoulders, ignoring Jean’s apparent annoyance at finding him lounging fully clothed in an empty bathtub during the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

“I can see that,” Jean deadpanned. Levi slowly turned his head to catch Jean’s tawny eyes flashing. “What’s the occasion?

Levi flicked Eren’s lighter and liked the little snick it made as it flared to life. He lit the end of the cigarette hanging between his lips and rested his head on the back of the tub. “An end of the world party.”

“You don’t smoke.” Levi could imagine the tension gathering at the pointy corners of the other man’s body as he took a drag. In their time together, Levi had come to learn that Jean was always a sharp edge, and Eren was deep water, easily enveloping them in his pitless warmth.

“I don’t smoke cigarettes,” Levi corrected calmly. And he was like the curling grey plumes of his cigarette, thick and suffocating.

Jean’s sigh was loud in the quiet room. “Why is it the end of the world?” he grumbled recluctantly, lowering his voice so that Levi almost didn’t catch him say this time.

“Eren isn’t here and I miss him,” Levi peered at Jean through his lashes. “You’re not cutting it, sweet.”

Jean’s knuckles whited against the dark material of his shirtsleeve. “Eren just texted me. His plane landed half an hour ago, and he’s on his way back.”

“Hmmm,” Levi said, taking another drag and letting his gaze linger down the length of Jean’s body.

“Where did you get that?”

“Found it in Eren’s closet.” Levi held out his arms to study the faux fur coat hanging open over his bare chest, the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. “It smells like him.”

He knew Jean could hear the taunt in his voice, and he caught the other man’s eyes flutter shut out of the corner of his eye. “Does it?”

“Oh yes, most deliciously.” Levi brought the collar up to his lips and stared at Jean while he buried his nose in the fur.

Levi watched silently as Jean’s body trembled across the room. Sensing where this was going, he snubbed out his cigarette on the tile and spread his legs wider at the base of the tub.

After only a moment, Jean seemed to make a decision and then crossed the short distance from the door to stand in front of Levi at the base of the tub.

“Well?” Levi asked, letting his hands skim over his bare chest.

“It’s not a party if you’re by yourself,” Jean said, unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off his shoulders before climbing into the tub with Levi.

Jean sat facing the other man, their legs twined awkwardly, but it only took him a second before he was leaning toward Levi and running his hands up the fur jacket between his ribs.

“You’re the devil,” he murmured as he buried his face in the fur gathered at Levi’s shoulder. Levi felt him breath in deep and then gasp as Eren’s scent enveloped them both.

His breath heated Levi’s skin, and when he threw his head back to give Jean more access, the other man’s hot lips pressed hard into the skin of his throat.

Now Jean was pulling the coat away from Levi’s body, so he could touch their bare chests together as he continued to leave marks up his chest and neck.

“The devil used to be god’s favorite, you know,” Levi breathed, running his hands up and down Jean’s back.

But Jean wasn’t listening anymore, his hands busy trying to work the button at the front of Levi’s narrow jeans. 

When Eren found them half and hour later, the fur coat was pooled on the bathroom floor along with the rest of their clothes.

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I was driving a town in Oregon and looked out my window, an seen The Gerard Way! I was supper excited to meet him, even though we had an awkward conversation. It was all worth it, an as many want to know yes he does smell like hazelnut  coffee, with a cigarette smell…