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Falling Slowly

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

A/N: This took so long to write because I was considering writing it as a series but here you go and I really hope y’all enjoy it.

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Watching the person you love falling in love with someone else right in front of your eyes, was hard. It hurt you emotionally and drained you physically, you watched as he absentmindedly placed his hand on her bare knee, he’d rub small love hearts against her skin, he’d whisper an inside joke into her ear and her giggles would fill the room. He’d glance at you, gulp nervously and shift awkwardly, removing the hand you were eying up and get back to what he was doing before.

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Goodnight HC anon here, I do it with my girlfriend and sometimes it drives her bananas. I imagine it would go: "Goodnight Daddy" "Good night my little one" "Goodnight pokey" "Goodnight Papi" ~Alex is already half asleep "GOodnight Papi" ~Alex grumbles something "GOODnight Papi!" Alex sigh "John-" "GOODNIGHT PAPI" "GOODNIGHT JOHN" ~silence "I love you daddy" "I love you little one" "I love you pokey" "I love you Papi" ~grumbles "I LOVE YOU PAPI!" "I LOVE TOO JOHN! NOW BE QUIET PLEASE"

Yes yes yes a thousand times yes

*slams fist*

I’m using this in future fic if that’s ok???

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the monotonefair guy you're kinds supporting isn't really a good person. I'm not gonna say why here in case it may trigger/upset you(bc it is bad), but there's a fee accounts that have spoken about him!

I already know. And I’m honestly annoyed by the drama. I knew I was gonna get anon telling me this once I complimented their art.
I just complimented their work, not worshiped the ground they walked on.
Are these accusations rough and shocking yes they are and I’m not going to push them away.
There’s a difference between complimenting someone’s work and supporting the actions that were made by them.
If people want to unfollow me because I complimented someone’s art, something I do ALL THE TIME. Regardless the person. Then oops.
Sorry for that ramble you were just letting me know.
I’ve been keeping these feelings bottled up
I’m on neither side of the little drama that happened.
And I haven’t heard anything since I was told the few people who caused it block Mono.
I honestly would like to move on from this.
Because the drama that came up from that situation was disgusting on both sides.


I’ve finally managed to draw something that isn’t absolute shit!!! I’m so excited so have both things I’ve drawn!!

First is my OC Eleftheria :3 nymph, really cool, very edgy. I’m not going to talk about her here since I reblog so much OC development memes lol (OC interested Anon(s), if you’re out there, I drew her for you)

And then Lazar and Pallas with that meme, you know this meme, everyone knows this meme. And yes, I still suffer from falling in love with minor characters oops

Hm funny how all my Captive Prince content that doesn’t include Laurent and Damen gets even less notes than my content that does include them. Fandom?

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You're back 😭 bless ! I'm glad you answered a request about Baba, because voltage is like 🙈 when it comes to him... May I request more ? B - I - M - P - S - V thank you ~

Yes sweet anon, I have returned! I’m so glad you waited for me. Of course you may have more Baba. Here you go!

A to Z NSFW Headcanon: Mitsunari Baba

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) Baba’s favorite body part is his… um… little thief (if you know what I mean). Mostly because it is not very little and he knows how much you like it. His favorite part of you are your eyes. He loves how he feels like he can look right into your soul. He thinks it’s adorable how he can tell exactly how you’re feeling by looking in your eyes. (And he loves the way your eyes melt when he makes love to you.)

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) Can be very romantic and Casanova-like, showering you with sweet nothings and ‘I love yous’, but can also be kinda silly and bubbly if he thinks you look too stressed or tense.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) Doesn’t take much to get him going. Baba loves sex, so if you’re down he is. Sometimes he takes his time to seduce you, other times he just straight up asks you. But if you really want to turn him on wear his hat and start taking off clothes.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.) Slow and sensual most of the time. He doesn’t like to be rough because he’s afraid to hurt you, and that would be ungentlemanly. That isn’t to say that if you ask him to be rough he would say no. He just prefers making love to fucking.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…) Usually only lasts or round, but it’s a good twenty to thirty minutes. There’s always a lot of foreplay involved as well. He wants you to be satisfied.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make) Loud, but not in the way you think. He does breath hard the closer he gets to his release, but most of the noise he makes is him talkig and making jokes.

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Have you seen my suneater son. He looks adorable. Also Deku made me cry.. WHY

!!!!! I’ll be really honest here anon I currently have a lot of feelings and 90% of them are about Amajiki picking Kirishima it’s everything I didn’t know I needed in my life thank you Horikoshi I owe you


I forgot to finish the holes in the corset. I’m so sorry anon TwT

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Hello yes spacemom I finished all ur oneshot recommendations and they were SO GOOD. Got any more for a child in desperate need? :>

oh man alright here we go round two!!!!!

(also some of these are MUCH longer but i hiiighhhlyyy recommend and i legit can’t handle fics that don’t end happily so no worries there!!)

never saw you coming - dimpleforyourthoughts (sooo much pining and SOOOO GOOD OMG)

all we have to do - aknightley  (hurt/comfort and PINING BOIIII)

rainfall - sassifras  (tiiiinyyy bit of smut but SO FUCKIGN GOOD)

your claws in me - burlesquecomposer  (reading this one literally feels like WATCHING A MOVIE IT’S AMAZING PLS READ ASAP)

jealous much? - vulpesvulpes713   (THE INFAMOUS JEALOUS!LANCE TROPE YESSS)

and this one is fuckin hilarious i highly recommend:

sweet quiznak by checkeredcloth (literally if you don’t want to read it after this line i can’t help you: “just make sure that if I die Keith knows I totally would’ve mowed his ass like grass.” LMFAO)

EDIT: all of these fics are klance because honestly who would i be if they weren’t 😂😂
nygmobblepositivity (god knows which part this is)

Yes. I am doing another one of these in light of recent revelations from multiple sources over the past couple months. And also because

Apparently there is still negativity and possibly still some very thorough doubt. I’m hear to ease as many tensions as possible by request of this anon. So here we go. I’m going to show you all, Nnygmobblepot can still happen. More than ever, stronger than ever, and forever of course.

  1. The Robin Lord Taylor Q&A at the Lexting Convention

This was a very wonderful interview and especially for Nygmobblepot fans. A fan tries to ask questions concerning Nygmobblepot. Robin says he can’t say much, but Riddler has “a guilty conscience” and then he gives the most suspicious look as if he knows precisely what he’s hiding from shippers. There were also mentions of Oswald’s sexuality which proved very interesting. 

     2. The Dancing/Singing Video from Maggie Geha’s Instagram

This was an instagram video that showed Erin, Drew, and Robin on set singing and Cory dancing just a couple feet away. This sort of proved they have already been filming scenes together, in what looks like Ivy’s house/place.

    3. Chris Chalk’s Nygmobblepot Response

When DM’d on Instagram about if Nygmobblepot had a chance, our wondeful Lucius Fox ‘Chris Chalk’ said “Anything could happen with time.”

    4. Hallucination Oswald

This leaked image gave us insight on 3x15, the next coming episode. This obviously personifies Edward’s confirmed “guilt” towards his actions upon Oswald, the possible love of his life. This confirmed Ed will in fact be haunted by Oswald’s image, because does in fact feel terrible. This is fact.


This finally gave us a picture with real oswald and edward and ed looks happier than he has IN SUCH A LONG TIME. You can think what you want, but I know how to read faces. That is a face of pure love, adoration, relief. He’s on the verge of tears, and he looks so goddamn grounded. Let me demonstrate what love looks like.

Ed has finally realized his own feelings. You can tell. I’m so glad it took so long, because now they have seen the best and worst in one another and will try their hardest never to lose the other again.

If you can’t see that, I feel for you. These two are soul mates, and we should be more hopeful and optimistic than ever. Because Cory’s expression alone already confirms so much.

-Additional Positive Bits-

  • Cory Michael Smith using purple and green fonts during an instagram story
  • Selina Kyle in the background of the latest picture, signaling to me that she helped Ed find Oswald through the help of her good friend, Ivy.
  • Structurally, the plot narrative is going to be switched over to Ed’s POV since it was stuck in Oswald’s for so long, so we’re going to watch this man fall in love, just like we did with Penguin.
  • The most recent photo ^^ being the only new spoiler/promo picture where Edward is smiling genuinely. 
College Headcanons

-Dorms being separated by dynamic. Alphas are always roomed with a Beta whereas an Omega could be roomed with a Beta or another Omega

-Unlike in high school, Alphas and Omegas are allowed to take whatever classes they want and make plans to pursue whatever career they want without anybody correcting them and trying to convince them to stick to things more suited to their dynamic

-A lot of Omegas are greatly criticized for attending college instead of finding an Alpha and starting a family

-If an Alpha is unmated and in college they are highly sought after, an unmated Beta in college is also pretty common, but if you are an unmated Omega in college people will wonder what is wrong with you to where no Alpha has wanted to claim you yet

-Family housing for mated couples or single parents. An unmated Alpha trying to get through college with a kid is seen as the Alpha being a responsible and hardworking parent, whereas being an unmated Omega trying to get through college with a kid is seen as the Omega being selfish and a bad mother

-College is generally when people start feeling more free to get into same dynamic relationships or relationships with more than two people. Its not uncommon to see two Omegas making out or an Omega walking around holding the hands of two Alphas instead of one

-Omegas very dedicated to their education tend to over use heat suppressants to avoid missing classes and tests or losing time that could be spent studying

-An Alpha/Omega couple that have been together since high school and the Alpha relentlessly trying to convince the Omega that they should finally spend a heat together and officially become mates and eventually the Omega is just, “Okay fine, but if you get me pregnant before I graduate I swear to god I will spend the first three months vomiting on everything you love”

-An Alpha and Omega attending colleges really far away from each other so they send little gifts and long letters to each other. Before the Omega’s heats if they are unable to be together, the Alpha will thoroughly scent a couple blankets and send them to the Omega for their nest. The Omega keeping the Alpha on the phone or on a video call so the Alpha can help them through their heats despite not being there. When the Alpha is in class or otherwise unavailable, the Omega will spend their time sending naughty pictures and videos in an attempt to lure their mate back faster, and the Alpha doesn’t mind at all…until they accidentally open a video in middle of class at full volume…

-An Alpha and Omega reminiscing on how they first met in college and the Alpha being all, “I remember seeing you for the first time and being completely blown away by your beauty.” and the Omega is just, “I was wearing coffee stained pokemon pajamas, going on three days of no sleep, screaming at a wall in the library at 4 AM because I accidentally deleted the paper I was working on and I ran out of gummi bears.” and the Alpha just grins, “Yes, simply breath taking…”

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I just wanted to say thank you for what you do :) Your gifs are really appreciated. There is so much negativity towards the show and actors and now many are boycotting them, so I hope you won't join and keep gifting us with your talent. Thank you :)

Hey Anon! YOU ARE WELCOME! Thank ye kindly and I’m so verra glad you enjoy <3 I’m sticking around and posting what I can and I still love the show. I can separate the actors from the characters. I can still watch a scene and forget about the bullshit on Social Media.

Now, I ken you didna ask for this, but here I go… *bats down the hatches*

I fully admit to being negative about the show. I’ve had friends stop talking to me, probably partly because of that. It’s sad but I am who I am.  I won’t rehash what’s happened this past week. I’m sure everyone knows what’s been going on. But I will say this—I won’t stop ranting about the following on Twitter:

  • how it’s bullshit that their September premiere will, on a number of occasions, force me to choose between Outlander and getting day drunk and cheering for my Minnesota Vikings
  • how terrible Starz is at promoting the show
  • how ridiculous it is that they—the cast, the crew, the producers—can’t even show the minimum amount of unforced enthusiasm for their upcoming season
  • how I think if Cait has the time to post a pic of her costar’s girlfriend, she damn well has the time to post a pic from set
  • how I’m so sick and tired of reading about someone who IS NOT A CAST MEMBER
  • how I don’t need to see another damn picture of ships, because I watch Black Sails and I’ve seen plenty, and that’s also not what Season 3 is about (and I hope to God they know what it *is* about)
  • how it’s ridiculous that Poldark will have aired TWO seasons before Outlander even airs ONE
  • how, while I don’t think any of the cast owes me anything, I do think they all need to stop fucking with their fans and show more appreciation
  • how I will not stand for any complaining from ANY member of production when they’re basically on a vacation with some night shoots and filming thrown in there
  • how it’s ill-advised to spurn a portion of your fanbase, but, hey, it’s their ratings funeral
  • how I give zero fucks about what kind of moon appears in South Africa and/or the weather they’re experiencing
  • how I think they’re all such amateurs and don’t have a clue how fandoms work and how to harness that passion toward something positive
  • how it’s ridiculous they have a gag order on sharing BTS pics
  • how I think everyone involved in that production needs to take a fucking Social Media course

But on my blog (with the exception of this post), I’m going to continue posting gifs/videos. It’s a reminder of why I love this show, why I even bother. Why I’ve invested time and money into things that allow me to create what I share. But those investments were my choice and I’ll own them. I once told someone that I’m a creative person—I’m lucky to work in a creative field (I help design/create children’s books)—and this is my creative outlet.

If there are lapses in posts, it’s not because I’ve given up. It’s because it’s getting nicer out, which means this Minnesota Bear has begun to emerge from her winter hibernation. I kick and scream and threaten to not watch the show, but I know I’ll be there. Hopefully with some retained enthusiasm. I’ve weathered many shitstorms in this fandom, so why not this one? Over time, I’ve developed a healthy detachment. I’m like Claire, I’m not the woman I once was. With each one I’ve taken a step back, reassessed, returned with a different/new perspective.

BUT I’m still here for this, first and foremost:

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Yes, Dee, you really should be working. Bet your horses and their owners miss you when you spend all day on here. Why don't you be a regular fan & stop spreading lies & conspiracy theories about Sam & Cait. Wonder what the uni would think of Professor McD's wife being such an obsessed out of touch with reality fanatic. And it would really be embarrassing for K to know that her mother is considered an Outlander tinhatter. Light shipping with no conspiracy theories spread is the way to go, Dee.

Awww, anon, am I spending too much time on Tumblr for your tastes? Debunking too many of your sacred, but not very well supported opinions? Sorry about that- but what I choose to do with the publicly available information that is available to me is my prerogative, as also is how I spend my free time. That’s the time when I am not working. My tag line is a bit of humour, anon, not to be taken seriously. All the work gets done and then some, anon, never worry about that!
And speaking of publicly available information, I see that you have also availed yourself of some and done some poking about as to me and my family. No problem as far as I am concerned, or my family either. It is, after all, publicly available information and you are quite welcome to it. But you leave me at something of a social disadvantage, anon, in that you presume to address me on a first name basis- but, as you have chosen to remain anonymous-I don’t yet have your name to reciprocate properly with our first name basis communications. Oh, well, I suppose there is nothing for it but to just go on addressing you as “anon” until you see fit to introduce yourself.
But I suppose I should now get down to answering your questions. Since you have troubled yourself to learn so much about me it’s the least I can do to reciprocate your interest!

First, my clients are all quite aware of my blog, and of its direction. In fact we often laugh about the absurdities of social media, and the proclivities of certain of its users to take it upon themselves to tell others how they should think. ( that’s a polite way to say “NSTer, anon)

And then there is my husband, who as you point out, anon, is indeed a professor. He was a little miffed to learn about your interest in him, anon, but only because your research seems to have failed to turn up, and refer to him by, his actual job title. He is actually a Distinguished Professor- which means he holds an endowed chair, anon, which means he is a very important part of his department, he teaches the advanced courses, sits on important committees, oh, and he also has tenure. Which means that it doesn’t really matter to him, or to his uni, what sort of things his wife might choose to do with her spare time. Even if that thing is to be an “obsessed out of touch with reality fanatic” lol! He is also well aware of my blog, and it’s content. In fact we both get a really good laugh together most mornings when he shares with me the latest political news a la Trump and friends, and I fill him in on the latest fandom happenings (that’s also a polite way to say “NSTer happenings, anon)

And then there is my lovely daughter, anon. I am so glad you didn’t leave her out of this as I am always happy to talk about her- that’s what parents love to do! She’s also well aware of my blog, and it’s content as well, anon. In fact she was the one who got me started in Tumblr. She ran a fandom blog in another fandom for several years and is also well aware of ships and shipping- and how the term "tinhatter” is applied to any ship that an individual disagrees with (which is a polite way of saying “NSTer”, anon)

So now that the pleasantries are sorted, anon, let’s get down to your real reason for writing. The conspiracy thing. You advocate “light shipping” for me, but there is no such thing. Not in the dictionary, not in the Urban Dictionary, and not even on Google. It doesn’t exist as a word, or a concept. It is only a “thing” in the minds of certain bloggers. The truth is, anon, you either ship it or you don’t. No heavy or light to it.
And as to any “conspiracies” that is also a thing that comes with the territory in this fandom. The position of both sides requires there to be a “conspiracy” for their position to exist. The Sam Cait ship requires the “official” narrative of Sam and other girls to be a put on. And the Samzie ship requires the whole of the matter between Sam and Cait, as displayed by them their own selves, to be a put on. Either way someone is doing a put on, anon, it’s just a difference of opinion as to who.

When I add it up I get sam and Cait, as do my family and friends. Others get a different answer. So be it. Live and let live, and it is all public information after all. It’s not illegal, or even immoral to form opinions about it. Or to print those opinions or discussions.

And that brings me to your last point, anon. The implication that I am putting my family at risk by looking at publicly available information, and printing my opinions about it. Or that I am doing something wrong that I, or they, would not want known about.
It’s obvious that is not the case. If I was doing wrong, and if you were actually someone with the power to do something about that, then we would be having this communication via letterhead, and not via an anonymous submission to my Tumblr blog.

And maybe you should ask yourself what it is that you are really saying when you resort to threats to try to silence the words what you claim to be nothing more than an “obsessed, out of touch with reality fanatic”. If I was truly just a “tinhatter” shouldn’t it be easy to simply ignore me the same way that everyone ignores the homeless guy who stands on the busy intersection preaching loudly, every day, about the end of he world which according to him is directly upon us?
Instead you take the time out of your life to research my family and compose implicit threats- and no one likes to waste time. That tells me that my words are not meaningless. That tells me that my words are believable- and that they are believable enough to cause a threat to your worldview. And that you had no facts at hand, or even a good argument to make to refute them. No reason to need me silenced otherwise that I can see. There really isn’t a higher compliment

So thanks, anon, for taking the time out of your day so send me such a gracious compliment. My family and I send you our regards. Sorry we can’t thank you personally at this time since you are still anonymous, but perhaps in time you will feel comfortable introducing yourself. Or maybe not, since your choice to remain anonymous rather confirms the view that revealing your true identity would also be a reveal that you are in fact nobody whose opinion actually matters- or you would be using your real name and revealing that your opinion DOES matter after all. But this all is making even my eyes roll, anon, so take care of yourself, anon, whoever you are!
Until then- Cheers!

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hello i know you said you wouldnt make a tutorial on the hidden figures gifset bc it was too many things but i was wondering i you could make a tutorial specifically on the 5th gifset?

heres the orginal gifset anon is talking about 

hi! yes i would love to make a tutorial for you. here’s how i go from this:

to this:

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Leggings L.H

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

warning: smut ;) ;)

word count: 1800+

summary: y/n wears super tight leggings out and Luke can’t help but get horny and drag her home to fuck.

requested?: yes, I hope you like it Anon! I actually loved writing this so much, I got it done in a day which is a lot quicker than some of my other smuts. I can be working on one for a week sometimes but I loved this concept so much, and I promised that it would be up today so here you go :) Don’t forget requests are open and I respond to all !

- Find my Masterlist here -


“Luke you’ve been staring at my ass since we left the house, can you stop?” I asked, looking up at Luke with a hint of a smile. He smirked and placed his hands on my waist, pulling me into him.

“but you look so hot in those leggings, mmh your ass” he hummed, creeping his hands down to squeeze my bum. I squealed and slapped his hands away before grabbing the shopping trolley and walking in front of Luke. My cheeks flushed as I passed an old lady who had seen the whole encounter, averting eye contact.

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silveramoebasquid said: I was going to ask that on anon but you know whatever that works too thanks tumblr

i;m laughing why are you like this also yes

Back and Forth

Pairing: Lin x Reader
Warnings: hypnosis, verbal degredation, swearing, subsapce
Word count: 3939
A/N: This was a request!! Anon: Hi! Would you ever write a hypnosis kink fic?? 

 Oh, Anon, yes I would. Here it is! I hope you all like it!! This is definitely a little different than what I ususually write but I LOVE it. 

Tags: @hamil-lins @gonnamurderyou @itsjaynebird @aceplaysbass

You and Lin felt no inhibitions when it came to suggesting new kinks to explore together.

You had, to say the least, an insatiable apatite for submission; specifically, for submitting to him. Though, yes, you loved when he submitted to you. Watching him squirm and writhe beneath you, his eloquence being stripped away as he begged desperately was all wonderful to be sure, But, sometimes, you craved to just let go and really submit to him.

Despite the fact that you were normally open about new things you wanted to try, you found yourself struggling to bring this up. You doubted that he would judge you or think any less of you for it. After all, the two of you had tried some interesting things, many of them at his suggestion. But something about this just felt a bit dicey to you.

The this you were thinking of, fantasizing of, was being hypnotized. You had come across it only a while ago, but the idea of being so deep in subspace, so brainless and obedient to Lin, had been running through your mind non-stop. So, after taking weeks to gather the confidence to bring it up, you finally did.

“Hey,” you said a bit awkwardly, walking into the living room where he was comfortably settled on the couch, lazily typing on his laptop.

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constant rambling + kageyama tobio ???

AYYYYYYYY here you go anon!

Also shout out to @spaceprincelance, yes, I am, in fact, trying to murder you with my art.

Other Color Palette works:

 Kageyama/Cherry Soda | Yusuke/Cool Sunsets | Klance/Constant Rambling  | Allura/Sylveon | Killua/I’m Not Alone(Yet) | Keith/Without a Heart | Kageyama/What I gain I lose | Todoroki/Cherry Soda | Ryuji from P5/Tuesdays