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For @raendown and one of her amazing soulmate fics! This is the one where the chest glow when you look into the eyes of your soulmate 💕 Click for better resolution

(I’ve been working on this for like a week! I do love the result even if i still think there’s some details D. )

roskiiuniverse  asked:

What does Percy do for a living? Does he like humans?

He catches fish for a living
And yes, he loves human, he enjoys seeing how they react to his small catch

  • Normal person: I like that character.
  • *moves on with life*
  • Me: I like that character.
  • *looks up fan art of character*
  • *blogs about character*
  • *cries eternally over character*
  • *buys merch of character*
  • *listens to songs thinking of character*
  • *goes to the gym to make character proud*

Dancing Classes (aka:When there’s a ball coming and the King himself has invited you to participated but you don’t now how to dance and so the person who you are supposed to be guarding offers to help you out but you are nervous because he’s the prince and you two shouldn’t be so close and what are those butterflies doing in his stomach!)


They didn’t exactly enjoy the ball…