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Lay Me Down [M]

Jimin x Reader
Word Count: 7,600
{Requests Filled}

I combined these two requests since they were SO similar. Sorry for the wait, thank you for being understanding. I hope you like it!

Jimin is so cute in this gif why? like, can you NOT kill me with your smile?

“Park Fucking Jimin, open your door!” I yelled, while continuously knocking on the door to their dorm.

The door opened a second later and I barged in to see a particularly naked from the waist up Jin standing in the doorway, only a pink apron slung haphazardly around his neck and loosely tied behind him.

“Well hello there, (Y/N), how are you doing—“

“Not now Jin, where is Jimin?” I asked, shoving his face away as he tried for the hundredth time to flirt with me, pretty face and broad shoulders looming in my vision.

He swatted at my hand but I had already dropped it looking around the living area for the familiar boy I had been best friends with for years.

“Ugh, fine. He’s in his room probably still sleeping.” Jin pointed with his spatula, the aroma of food cooking finally tickling my nose.

“But if you find he’s not what you really want, then I’m always here…” he continued with a suggestive smirk and eyebrow twitch.

“Good to know, don’t take it personally if that never happens.” I said with a sweet smile that leaked artificial venom.

To anyone else, this would look like an exchange between a fuck boy and the girl that hated him, but this was just our dynamic.I didn’t hate Jin actually. When he wasn’t being a flirty jerk, he was very nice and caring, and his unique laugh always made me break into a fit of giggles. Not to mention I could always count on him to cook for me.

“Thanks Jin oppa!” I said as I rushed to where I knew him, Taehyung, and Hoseok shared a large room.

“Anytime.” He responded as he walked back to his position at the stove, muscles flexing under the smooth skin of his wide back.

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Pairing: Punk!Cas x Reader

Prompt: High School AU: Castiel is failing trigonometry and gets stuck with Y/N as a tutor. 

Includes: mentions of bullying

Words: 2013

Note: Mary Jane= marijuana New series? Let me know please! xoxo

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Neighbors: Part Two - Night Out, Or In?

word count: ~1600

Summary: You move in to a new apartment and find out quickly (and awkwardly) how thin the walls are…

warnings: sexy sounds, female masturbation

AU Sam x Reader - Enjoy!

The 4th Friday happy hour you attended found you sitting with Chrissy, Megan, and Alice from your office, the guys in the group having gone up to the bar to get more drinks. You got along with the large group fine, but had always bonded easier with guys, so you were staying quiet during this “girl talk” time.

One of your coworkers, Chrissy, was commenting on the clientele of the bar that evening.  “This week is a total dud.  There are no cute guys in here!”

The other the girls laughed, which made you remember to chuckle as well.  These ladies were all very pretty, some of them single, some not (Alice was a bit older and married with a 4 year old at home), but they all liked to use happy hour as a time to let go a bit and have fun.  It didn’t help that your idea of fun was reading a book by yourself, but you tried your best to enjoy yourself and get along with them.

“I don’t know, Chrissy, I think a real catch just came in.”  Everyone in your group turned to see what Megan was talking about.  In walked a group of four guys, including Sam. You smiled as you saw him, and your heart beat a little faster than normal.

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It’s January 1st, the first morning of the new year, and Harry can’t imagine being more hungover than he currently is, right now, in this moment. His head is pounding, the Denver sun too bright even through the closed shades in the living room, and Louis will not stop fucking whining that he needs coffee, needs a sweatshirt, needs to unpeel his contacts from his eyeballs, needs something to throw up into.

“Lou, baby, for the love of God, shut the hell up,” Harry groans from his position behind the kitchen counter, wincing as the refrigerator door slams behind him.

“No, it’s your fault I feel so shitty. You forced me to drink.”

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I Never Stopped - Requested (Luke)

Anon asked: Can you do one of Luke where you used to date and he still loves you and you’re a reporter and you interview then and he tells a story about you and you walk out crying…

Note: I hope you enjoy it. I’ve had a bit of a writers block, so it might now be the best, just wanted to post something so I could move on. Sorry for the wait! And cool request, anon! It was fun to write. I didn’t edit it as much as I usually would do, so I hope it doesn’t suck. Do tell me if you hate/love it. All feedback is appreciated.

Your hands were running down the soft material of your clothes yet again. You couldn’t keep your hands calm and they were flying around, everywhere. You had been growing more and more frantic every day the interview was getting closer.
You had been assigned to interview the band 5 Seconds of Summer about a week ago, and it was all that was on your mind. You had tried to get a co-worker to take care of it, but it was already pressed and final, and there was nothing you could do about it. It was last minute in the first place, and therefore they had to make some drastic decisions. They didn’t have the time to take into account that Luke, the lead singer, was your ex boyfriend.

You kept questioning why: Why you? Why him? Why us? Why did we stop?
You couldn’t find, or remember, the answer, your mind being everywhere and nowhere all at once. A migraine was lurking in the shadows of your mind. Just out of reach; but ready to attack and suffocate you any second.
You contemplated turning in sick, as you applied your burgundy eyeshadow.

As you stepped over the doorstep to work, a place you had been countless times, not really taking notice of any of it, you found your breath hitch. You could feel his presence everywhere on your body. The fine hairs on your arms raised as you walked towards your desk.

You read the little yellow note on your desk that told you, what you had to do for the day at the office. You had a few tasks, but the only really big thing was preparing the last questions and executing the interview with 5 Seconds of Summer.


Your eyes skimmed the papers in your hands once again, without really reading anything. You fixed your hair and clothes, before taking a deep breath and opening the door, to the place you used to do your interviews.

The walls were a mahogony-like colour. There was a big couch and stool across from it. There was a few big plants and a little table with a few bottles of water and decorative apples on it. As you made your way to the couch, you wondered if anybody had ever eaten one. You felt irrationally sad at the thought, that no one probably had. You didn’t know why.

You sat down on the stool. The boys would be here any minute. You tried to stay calm, but it was hard. Would the other boys remember you? They probably would, of course they would, it was only about a year since Luke and you broke up.
But you and Luke were only together for half a year.
It was crazy to think, how much damage half a year could cause.

You bend down to gather your papers and pick up a bottle of water in the process.
As you did this, you could hear 4 lads stumbling into the little, dark room.
One, you immediatly identified as Luke, was finishing a story, and was followed by a snort from Calum or Michael and Ashton giggling like only he can do.
You quickly got back up and turned around facing the boys behind you.
Luke and Michael were talking and Calum and Ashton were ready to greet you.
You made eyecontact with Ashton and you saw a light turn off in his eyes. The hand he had held out for you, fell for a second, before he regained himself and put on a smile and pulled you in for an awkward sidehug. “(Y/N), my god, it’s been so long. I didn’t know you would be interviewing. None of us did…” He sent you a knowing look with the last sentence.
You had never talked since the horrible break-up. None of you wanted to break up, both so deeply in love with one another, but you had agreed, that it was the only right thing to do. So you both could live on.
You swallowed and nodded, turning your head to Calum, giving him a small hug. He didn’t say anything, he just whispered; “Oh, (Y/N). Oh, no no. (Y/N).” Like a mantra and as he repeated those words, you felt your heart sink in your chest. This would not be pleasant, and you’d known all along. You’d just denied the best you could.

But there was no denying…

As your eyes met Luke’s, you felt something inside of you catch fire. You felt the flames in your lungs and the smoke in your veins. The ashes on your tongue, reminding you of him in every way. ‘Half a year’, you thought, as you smiled at him sadly.

Luke turned around as you took a step closer to him, to greet him. You were professional, and had promised yourself to stay that way during the interview.

Michael reached out and held Luke back. He whispered something in his ear repeatedly. Your arms hang limply down your sides. You felt yourself crumble; the ashes spreading in the wind. Oh, (Y/N), Oh, no no. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

Luke turned back around and shot you a weak smile. You nodded at him, almost as defeated. You slowly withdrew to your stool, but Luke walked over to you, silently, and pulled you in for a tight embrace.

One of his hands was in your hair and you could hear him whisper your name over and over.

You pulled away, and straightened your clothes, gesturing for them to take a seat in the couch across from you.

The interview went rather smoothly, even though Luke didn’t really participate. All he did, was staring at you, burning marks on your already burned up skin. This was the effect he had on you, and you hated it. You hated being this attached.

After interviewing for around 20 minutes, you were about to start the segment with twitter questions from fans. They send questions to your work account on Twitter. You do this every interview, usually something good comes out of it.

As you announced this, the boys shifted in their seats, half of excitement and half of fright. You chuckled at their reaction.

You whipped out your phone. You had always just read the questions aloud as they came in. It was kind of a policy.

“Alright, first question is from @hemmolemmo: What is Michael’s next haircolour gonna be? Does he know?” You smiled and looked up at MIchael who was smirking at the ground.

He looked up, straight at the camera and whispered dramatically: “I’m gonna shave it all off.” The boys gasped in mock shock. He chuckled a bit and continued: “no, but really. I’m thinking maybe like a dark green, olive-y colour? Don’t think, I’ve tried that one yet.” He smiled hopefully at you.
“Yep, I bet that’ll look hot. And it’ll match your eyes!” You exclaimed.
It was a part of the job. Being flirty and quirky. You never knew what reactions you’d get, and it was fun.
Michael chuckled and you whipped your head towards the camera: “Olive green. You heard it here first.”

“Alright, next question. @1directionfivesos asks: who here has got the…” you paused. You didn’t want to carry on, but you knew you had to. You coughed to cover the awkward pause: “uhm. who has got the most tragic love story?” you finished.
You didn’t look up at the boys, as you could feel tears forming in your eyes. This was all it took to break you. The walls you’d tried to build up around you, broke down. It felt like your spine was snapped in two and your skin ripped up, and everything that was holding you up and together had disappeared; like ashes in the wind.

Somebody cleared their throat and started speaking; the voice deep and raw and to you, it felt just like home.
“Well. There was this girl once. She was our best friend and biggest fan. And I was so very lucky, that I got to call her my girlfriend. She was so beautiful, yet so unaware of it.. Just before our fame, - or whatever this is - took off, and we went on tour with One Direction, we broke it off. We were both completely in love with eachother, I’m sure. I’ve never loved someone so much and quite frankly, I never stopped.”

With every word he spoke, you felt more exposed, more vulnerable. The tears rolling down your cheeks slowly, as you stared at your fingers clutching on to one another in your lap. Every word pierced your soul; ‘and quite frankly, I never stopped.’

You quickly got up and headed for the door; you couldn’t bare sitting in the same room as them. You were ‘their best friend and biggest fan’, and now you were nothing but mere acquintances. And then there was Luke. You couldn’t even start to think about Luke.


The cold surface of the glass your forehead rested on, reminded you, that this wasn’t just one big, horrible dream. You thought you’d got away, finished with that part of your life, but Luke just pulled you right back in with only a few words. You hated the reaction Luke had on your body and person. You hated not having any control.

“(Y/N)?” His voice bore into your soul, like it was nothing. “Baby, I’m so fucking sorry—” you cut him off: “yeah, Luke, I’m fucking sorry too, alright? I hate this and I freaking hate being so far away from you. I hate that we stopped trying, but it’s too late now. I’m trying so freaking hard to move on, and see where it got me. Right back in your arms. You, you..” You spat the words out like they were acidic. And the acid corroded the words away. You ran out of words, and were left here in front of him, burning ashes and raw.

His blue eyes met yours as he spoke: “i hate that we stopped trying too. I hate it every single day and I’ve never stopped. (Y/N), why did we ever stop?” Before you got to fit an answer together he continued: “or more importantly: why don’t we just start again?”

He grabbed ahold of your elbows and slowly pulled you closer. Your eyes locked as he connected your lips. The only thing you could ask yourself was “why did we ever stop trying?” You couldn’t think of an answer. So you didn’t.

- Tess x

imusuallyobsessed  asked:

"Sportsmanlike Conduct" Christmas party with all of Oliver's little hockey students and Felicity is either super pregnant or about to tell Oliver later that night that they're gonna be parents. Or both!

If you haven’t read Sportsmanlike Conduct, my Hockey AU, you can check it out here (there’s super major spoilers for the story in this little one-shot, so just a heads up if you do want to read the whole story, I would do it before clicking the read more on this). For some context, this scene is set in between the original epilogue and the extended epilogue :) 

“For the last time, we’re not cancelling the holiday party and you’re not skipping out on it. The kids have been looking forward to this for weeks now. My due date is not for another four days and she’s going to be late anyway, I can tell.”

Felicity tugged her sweater down over her full, round belly and frowned at her reflection in the mirror.

Hopefully not too late though… I can’t take too many more days of being this huge.

“Oh you can tell?” Oliver echoed teasingly, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her to rest his hands on her stomach and eliciting a kick from their daughter. “She seems pretty impatient to me.”

“Laurel said she could tell that Rebecca was going to be late, and she was,” Felicity pointed out. “Besides, my mom isn’t getting here for another two days so she needs to at least wait until then to make her arrival.”

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Love at the End of the Leash

The AU in which Oliver Queen owns a giant dog who takes an instant liking to one Felicity Smoak.

Also on ao3!

They’ve run this path every morning for the past 4 months. Start at the corner, turn left onto Elm, cut past the closed bars and just opened coffee shops, and head into the park for a quick 4 mile loop. Some days they do it once, some days they take a few laps, but always this path. And every morning Arsenal clears the path of all people that might be tempted to try and stop Oliver Queen for a quick chat. Until the day he doesn’t.

She’s been working out of this coffee shop for the past six weeks. Her roommate has been too obnoxious to deal with, so after giving the place’s wifi a boost for her own personal needs, she’d claimed a table as her own where she could work in peace. Some days she orders a drink (or several, until her veins are more caffeine than blood) and other days just one of the delicious scones they make from scratch, but she always sits at this one table, her table. Until the day it’s taken.

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Guess what I just finished?! :3

Title: Rub Me the Right Way (Part 2!)

Pairing: Reigisa

Rating: M (This part has the smut!)

Word Count: 10,942 (I think I may have gone a bit overboard ^^’ )

Summary: Nagisa is a model who has gotten very tense shoulder and back pain from recent photoshoots, so Gou, his manager, calls in for a massage therapist to relieve his pain. This massage therapist just so happens to be the very handsome Rei, who has no idea what he’s getting himself into with this new client. (Rated M for sex, lewd situations, and masturbation).

Available on (which I recommend since it’s so long ^^’ )

Also, Cazz, I tried to include the dialogue you put in your illustration as best as I could :3

Link to part 1 here

Now also available on AO3

Part 2

Rei was panting heavily and he felt a faint pain from fingernails digging into his back. He gazed down at the blond underneath him and took note of how lustful his eyes were and the small trail of saliva that was trickling out of the corner of his mouth from having had it open and moaning for so long. He lowered his head to kiss Nagisa’s neck and nipped at it and swirled his tongue around before Nagisa could protest that leaving love-bites would not be good because people at work would surely notice.

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anonymous asked:

i’m scared to walk home in the dark and its really late so i called a random number and got you au - i honestly don't know why anyone would do that, but please write it for klaine

Strange …

I changed it a little, I hope you’ll agree :)


That’s the question going in circles around Blaine’s mind as he walks away from the library.

Why did he stay so late.

Why didn’t he work on his essay earlier.

Why in the seven rings of Hell did he think that it was a good idea to walk home after spending so long in the library working on European myths and their translation into musicals in the States.


Now he has all these myths, monsters and legends running over his mind, and the wind is howling in the trees, and oh my God is that a – no Blaine that’s just a pidgeon.

Needless to say, Blaine is freaking out.

That, and at that time of the night, you never know how people are going to behave.

Maybe if he pretends to be on the phone, whatever is lurking in the shadows will leave him alone.

Yeah, good plan.

Except that he feels very small, all of a sudden, and he kind of needs someone to tell him that it’s going to be okay.

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