and yell at him

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UGH fuck customers that try to tell me what time we "really" close. mentioned to one that he was checking out past time; he waved his phone in my face to show me he Wasn't Really, bc *THISSS* is the real time. another time someome pulled his car up as i was locking doors & when i told him sorry, it's closing time yelled "BE A B*TCH THEN WE HAVE THE SAME TIME AND I HAVE 1 MINUTE.." it's not my fault our system is off?? but i have a time limit for closing procedures and that's what i have to go by

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Please tell dad I finished my laundry if you get a chance. I feel like he needs to know how it went and also I need someone to be proud of me. Thank you <3

I just yelled through to him where he’s falling asleep watching youtube and he yelled back he is indeed proud of you for doing the thing. Well done on tackling the laundry <3

Ok, so you know the post about Vanitas and Noé arguing?

Building off of that, MAYBE, just maybe…

Noé got upset (the first time) because he’s seen that face before.

Noé compares Vanitas’s face when he’s angry at Noé for protecting him in Chapter 15 to the dead-eyed look in Chapter 11. Noé has identified this face, it’s the “i’m angry at Noé for protecting me (probably because I don’t want him to get hurt but not that Noé knows this part)” face.

So then, he sees something similar here.

It takes him a moment to recognize it.

And he yells, at first not in anger but in recognition of “that face”. The “don’t protect me” face. Or the “I’m trying to protect you” face.

Maybe this shows that Noé knows that Vanitas knows that there’s more to this story, and that he’s trying to save face-or protect Noé- by not telling it.

Volton parkour au where keith, lance, allura and shiro are all runners, pidge sets the tracks, hunk commentates.
keith and lance always manage to trip over each other at some point, shiro keeps getting lost because he takes the wrong turns, allura wears sparkly sneakers (which distract her opponents), and coran holds the record for fastest time & is team coach

bonus: every. single. time. lance. jumps. he. yells. ‘PARKOUR!’. everyone tells him to stop but coran finds it amusing so he allows him to continue.

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Aizawa, Bakugou, Midoriya, and Todoroki getting in a fight with their s/o, and this causes them to leave their s/o. Happy or sad outcomes are okay. <3 Thanks!!

I chose a few different endings and I hope I could answer this well enough and do your request justice!


He feels himself growing frustrated as the tries to calm his partner and to bring their fight back to where they can talk things out better.

Instead, they only seem to get angrier and Aizawa realizes it’s not going to work. They absolutely do not want to listen and they do not want to stop arguing, if anything, it seems like they only want to keep going.

“I’m stopping here.” Aizawa cuts in and steps to the side. “We’ll talk again when you have calmed down.”

As he leaves, his partner yells angrily after him and Aizawa feels the frown on his face deepen and darken and his chest feels tighter and his movements are tense. Whenever his partner has calmed down, they have some apologizing to do and then they have to see if they can finally come to an understanding of each other.

If his partner keeps refusing that or makes their fights worse whenever they discuss something problematic…Aizawa refuses to think about that and sucks in a deep breath of air. He hopes they can fix this, he doesn’t want to just give up on them and their relationship.


He feels the burn of frustration and anger in the back of his throat and his hands are in tight fists at his side. Bakugou never expected to fight like this with his partner and it’s also sadly not the first time they’re fighting like this either.

It feels like things are no longer okay and he doesn’t know how to fix it.

“You know what?” He growls, interrupting their tirade. “I’ll just fucking leave. This shit is over, you can do whatever the fuck you want!”

“Fine then, go!” His partner barks back, feeling just as angry and frustrated as he does.

Bakugou slams the door a little harder than he meant when he leaves, his face angry and dark as he stalks away.

He needs a couple of streets, his pace fast as he angrily stomps down the sidewalk and other pedestrians give him a wide berth, until everything sets in. They broke up.

Raking a hand through his hair, Bakugou releases a frustrated and torn shout and stops for a moment. He doesn’t want to go back, he realizes, not to their arguing and their bickering and all the criticizing they have exchanged instead of understanding.

Spotting a park bench just a bit to the side, Bakugou walks over to it and sits down heavily. His eyes sting and he rubs a hand over it, breathing in and out harshly. His chest feels tight and his whole body is tense, torn between staying where he is and thinking about everything and getting up for a run until he finally stops replaying in his mind.

“Shit fucking damn it.” Bakugou rasps out and presses a hand over his face, breathing in deeply as he tries to keep it together.


He feels overwhelmed and like everything is slipping out of his fingers. The argument has started over something silly in his mind and then it escalated too quickly for him to try and calm things down again.

Midoriya doesn’t know what to do, as his partner yells and growls and he finds him defending himself and telling them to just stop.

His partner only grows angrier at that and the air of the room feels suffocating, while Midoriya feels as if he’s standing with his back to the wall.

“I can’t stay.” He rasps out when their words start to bounce around in his head and he realizes that he’s starting to say things he doesn’t want to talk about while he’s this riled up und unsettled.

“I need to go.” Midoriya quickly sidesteps his partner and walks out of the room, his ears ringing and his breaths tight and small in his chest. He barely realizes that his partner has fallen silent as he rushes along the hallway and down the stairs.

He needs to get out. Pushing the front doors open, he feels the cool night air on his skin and starts, when he realizes he forgot his shoes and the path feels icy cold under his feet. It grounds him though and he stops, taking deep breaths, while his heartbeat slows down and his mind finally settles the inner turmoil down a little.

Quiet, slow steps cause him to look over his shoulder and his partner stands in the doorway, looking ashamed, worried and hurt.

“I’m sorry.”  They say. “I don’t know…what’s happening recently with us.”

Midoriya inhales deeply, before he steps towards them. “Let’s talk. I think it’s long overdue we clear some things between us.”


He never thought he could fight like this with his partner. Usually, Todoroki stays calm and listens before he talks things out with them, though in the last couple of months, things have grown progressively tense between them and he just doesn’t know how to fix it.

It feels as if the ground crumbles beneath his feet as he stands before his partner and it feels as if everything has gone out of hand. This fight is the worst they had so far and he realizes he stopped listening to what they say, his whole mind feeling numb and uprooted.

“Stop.” He says, shaking his head and raising his hands. He realizes how tense and tight his shoulders are and his hands have lost all feeling. “I need to go.”

His partner rears back, looking both frustrated and an angry sort of hurt. “Then just leave.” They rasp out and walk past him.

Todoroki stands frozen for a second longer, before he forces his feet to move and he starts to take step after step, until he’s standing outside and closes his eyes.

The outside air feels almost warm in contrast to his suddenly cool skin and Todoroki realizes that he’s breathing in short, tight breaths. Forcing a deeper breath into his lungs, the expanding almost hurts and he tries to loosen the clench of his muscles, his hands in fists at his side.

Exhaling heavily, he lifts a hand and rubs it over his face. Slowly, the tension seeps out of him and Todoroki realizes how tired he is. He is tired of fighting, tired of trying to find a way to fix everything and tired of realizing he can’t even really look at his partner anymore.

Opening his eyes, his vision is blurred and he carefully breathes in deeply, tipping his head back to try and blink away the tears. He doesn’t know what to do; he only knows that he can’t keep going like this.


Connor Murphy x Reader

request: connor murphy x reader where the reader calms him down after he shoves evan and storms away 

“Stay away from my sister!” Connor yelled at Evan as he shoved him and stormed away. You ran after him, careful to give him space and to let him clear his temper.

You didn’t really know why you followed him in times like these, he never seemed to want you there.

It’s not like you were really friends either.

But you did when he was in moods like this. His moods changed fast, and when they rose up it took a while for them to come down.

He left the school building and you followed him to the nearby park, keeping an easy distance between the two of you so that you weren’t bugging him.

He slumped next to a tree and sat there, staring off into space.

You stood a few feet away, waiting for him to acknowledge you.

“I know you’re there,” he said, not looking at you. He turned and glanced at you, his eyes annoyed.

“If you’re going to be here why don’t you come over and sit instead of standing there looking at me like a creep.”

You shook your head and wandered over to where he was sitting, placing yourself on the ground close to him but far enough to give him his own space.

“Why do you even come out here with me?” he asked, turning away from you again.

“I don’t really know,” you confessed, looking at the back of his head. He slouched, like he was hoping that you would tell him something straight out. “But I do know that I am concerned for you, and I want you to take care of yourself.”

Silence fell on the two of you, he didn’t move or make any noise.

“Why do I feel so empty sometimes?” he asked you.

Your eyes widened, you never expected for him to tell you something like this. You thought that he would just brush you off like he always did.

“I… I don’t know Connor. I feel the same way sometimes. But please, know that you aren’t alone. I realize that it’s hard for you, but please, know that I am here to help you in any way that I can.”

He turned to look at you, his eyes read and sad.

“Thank you Y/N.”

“Anytime Connor. I’ll be here anytime.”



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what type of girl would sasuke like or fall in love with?

Thank you for the request :)

Headcannons of the girl Sasuke would be attracted to

  • Sasuke would fall for a girl who was independent and confident. Sasuke gets annoyed easily if he has to constantly reassure his partner that he loves them. He would need someone who is intuitive and can read his body language and actions well.
  • The girl would also have to be fairly okay with a long-distance relationship or be ok with traveling. Sasuke doesn’t like to stay in one place for long and he rather continue travelling the world than stay stuck in the Leaf Village. I don’t think Sasuke ever wants to settle down.
  • I also believe Sasuke would like a girl who can be silent and enjoys the silence. He gets a major headache when people constantly talk loud or are obnoxious. He’ll instantly ignore whatever his s/o is yelling at him about if they’re mad at him. He doesn’t like dealing with irrational people. In his mind, he believes he is right, end of story.
  • Also, Sasuke would be attracted to a girl who stood up for themselves and didn’t care what he thought of them. He doesn’t mind girls who fawn over him but he’s not attracted to ones that do fawn over him. So, the girl could be interested in Sasuke, but as long as she doesn’t idolize him and kept being who she is, that confidence and independence will attract Sasuke.

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I have to seriously question any character's personality not being severely affected over time if they've been through even a fraction of what Zuko went through. Not to mention that people generally lose their childhood innocence as they age, so it would seem weird even without it.

That’s what I liked so much about him. Even after everything he’s been through. He still just had this really endearing innocence about him. I could never see Azula making faces like this. Even in the premiere he was trying to be this tough guy, but he wasn’t. I just liked that.

He really loves Iroh. I like how he was always yelling, but Iroh never took him seriously. He knew that he could go off course without telling Zuko to get a new lotus tile and Zuko just wouldn’t do anything.

And I loved his date. He was so awkward and cute. When Jin tried to get him to juggle and he looked at her, this lovey-dovey music played. Here is the Prince of the Fire Nation trying so hard to impress this poor Earth Kingdom peasant.

And then when he was sweeping the tea shop. He was SO happy for his uncle and it was just the sweetest. I thought it was amazing that he was still able to have this kind of innocence given how he was raised. <3

Lilian /lilington Bio
⁃ Lilian
⁃ Male
⁃ Species: ???
⁃ Bi
⁃ 18
⁃ Single (but crushing on mars)
⁃ Tall
⁃ Skinny
⁃ Shy
⁃ Smart
⁃ Silly and fun
• Talking
• Playing games
• Mars
• Fruit
• Technology
• His friends
• None
• Spiders
• Snakes
• Rude people
• Spicy stuff
• Sports
Lilian grew up in a sorta broken home…his mom and dad where always fighting and yelling day and night. His dad was a asshole to him and Lilian’s mom
His dad is an alcoholic and would earthier come home drunk or just be drunk at home. And he would hit and beat Lilian’s mom and Lilian would try to stop him to protect his mom but that would lead to his dad beating him and making him it’s gotten so bad to the point where Lilian and his mom would go stay at his grandparents house for a long time, eventually his mom divorced his dad and they moved away and ended up moving to a block away from Felix’s house . Lilian was to shy to go meet anyone then he saw Felix walking down the sidewalk past his house and Felix saw him looking through the window and waved at Lilian to come outside and play…Lilian was hesitant but him mom told him to go out and play, Lilian did and they quickly became best friends. When lil went to school he was picked on a lot…but since Felix was there he would stand up for Lilian even to the point of beating up the guys who picked on him. Lilian’s life was slowly getting better and better a the years went by.

agree that yurio is unbearably rude but plz dont write him as someone who will yell “disgusting” or throw a motherfucking cup of hot coffee at viktor and yuuri being all coupley. that is just really lazy (and somewhat homophobic stop)

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the blueprint is just so focused on making the guys on the team appear to be all cool and intimidating which is like cool but also really really boring please just let me see them be goofballs

like matt martin’s episode was really nice i learned a lot about him but also i want to see Naz yell at him for dabbing. or leo and him driving to the rink in the morning and bickering. or mitch getting mad at him because he made fun of his inability to grow facial hair one too many times. 

please @ leafs

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Can you talk a bit about green arrow? He's been a favorite for a long time, but arrow just completely ruined his character, and i want to feel good about him again.

Green Arrow’s pretty great. He’s not someone I actively follow - I’ve never read a run with him aside from O’Neil/Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and I doubt I’ll ever go out of my way to, though never say never - but he’s one of those characters I’m always happy to have around and see pop in now and again; it’s nice knowing that guy has his little corner of the DCU to do his thing in. He’s an almost exactly perfect combination of insufferably smug and genuinely really likable in a way that’s incredibly difficult to pull off, and even acknowledging that they clearly wanted to just do a Batman show (and that it’d be hard to produce 22 40-minute episodes a year of him yelling about corporate greed and social apathy on the CW, though they particularly shot themselves in the foot on the political aspect of his character), it remains insane to me that someone made an entire TV show about a superhero with this much outsized personality and couldn’t think of anything to do with him but turn him into Sadder Green Murder Batman. It’d be like making a show about Ben Grimm where he never tells anyone what time it is.

The thing is, as much as he typically works for me as a funny, fun character above all else whose entertainment value comes in large part from him being an asshole - my favorite Green Arrow stories are Tom Scioli’s “reimagining” of his origin, and Al Ewing’s take on him in the comments section of his old Diary of Ralph Dibny blog - there’s a reason he works for me as a character rather than just as a borderline walking gag. There’s a scene in some retro-style JLA comic I otherwise don’t remember where a businessman’s offering to fund the League, and Ollie’s telling/ordering them not to bite, because the guy must be crooked because of his money; the phrase “fat cats” almost certainly worked its way in, because Ollie. Black Canary I think is the one who smirks and reminds him he used to be a billionaire, and asks if he was a bastard too. Ollie, without missing a beat, snaps back “Aren’t you listening?! Yes!” 

And that to me is the heart of it - that he used to be a bad person, and he knows it. And suddenly all the hilariously over-the-top performative speechifying becomes not (just) a rich white guy trying to look more woke than he really is, but a guy who’s profoundly ashamed of the brat he was and is trying way too hard to convince everyone, himself included, that he’s changed. It lends him some real depth - without getting too maudlin about it, because for all his flaws he really is an immeasurably better man than he was - and makes the hero he’s turned out to be genuinely impressive and meaningful.

Also he shoots boxing gloves at people, and occasionally will hum his own theme song while kicking you in the face. That’s pretty great too. 

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Slav and Pidge at Harvard University


“wow, here it is, harvard university. it’s my first day and i am so ready,” pidge said aloud to herself, she was nervous, but excited to be starting college today.

slav walks up next to her, “maybe in this reality, but there is also a reality where you aren’t and a reality in which you got rejected, and a reality where-”

slav stops talking as pidge slowly turns toward him, squinting in anger, but instead of yelling, she just quietly said five words: “shiro was right about you.”

ask me for terribly written 3 sentence fan fic by leaving two (or more) voltron characters + a location either from voltron or real life in my ask

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AH annual fishing rodeo and jamboree but in fahc, they take a day off from terrorising the city (much to everyone's relief and slight suspicion) and drive down to the pier to fish and tell stories and just generally relax. It doesn't take long for the lads to get restless just fishing and start messing with each other, sooner or later Ryan joins in on stealing people's fish/rods and parkouring around the dock, Jack and Geoff remain calm and relaxed by their stations somehow despite it all

It takes some convincing but everyone eventually packs into one of their SUVs and drives to a pier. Geoff feels relaxed for the first time in months and even Jack starts to doze off with the rod in her hand under the warm sun. Michael likes it, oddly enough, and most of the others tolerate it. Gavin has no interest in it and ends up causing trouble. He bugs Michael enough to get him to yell and soon enough the roughhousing ends up with Michael and Gavin in the water. Ryan watches intently from the pier, an amused smile on his face, and Jeremy is quick to abandon his rod for the water as well. Ray videotaped the shenanigans and Geoff accepts the fact that his fishing trip is ruined. At least he got a few minutes of peace before his little family returned to their usual selves.

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what happened during the apple fight

Ika was in a bad mood after the veto comp and that night her and Dem got in a little fight, it was more just her yelling at him and taking shots at him (she was being pretty mean for like no reason tbh), and then she got up and told him she was going on a walk and he asked if she’d come back and she said i dont know. She comes back a few minutes later with a plate of apples and she was in a bit of a better mood and was laughing a little and then it went

I: Do you want some apples?
D: No
I: Why?
D: I read somewhere that an apple is the equivalent to a cup of coffee

and then she just snapped sfljksdlkfj she was like OH so you weren’t gonna tell me?? and let me eat all these apples??? and stay up all night??? now you have to eat some and then she made him eat some apples too and it was just sljflksdjf it doesn’t sound as funny typed out but it was funny to see her go from yelling at him to forcing him to eat apples

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brendons verse in "All Tall Emo Boys in Rock Bands Do Is Lie" is just him yelling "fuck off ryan im not listening to the young veins on spotify" for a full 30 seconds