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Riverdale Photo Crackcap Preview 114 - Shotgun I Mean Handgun Wedding!! Part Deux/2.0/BTS Edition

Real talk, so many more pics that a second one is needed!!!

The most beeeyootiful girl in the world…..

And boyyyyyy…..

(seriously, just sayin’…)

Okay, yeahhhh….dude, real talk, Cole and Lili have this idea they’re “in love” and “a couple“ and for some reason, I keep getting my ass kicked over it….which, you’d think a bro would be okay with…..but like this just happened:

Pretty sure I’ve told you what Cole would do with his Caterpillar work boots and your neck if you didn’t stop hitting on me, you jackass…

See?? This….kick his ass, babe..I’ll absolutely show my appreciation….though you don’t see to need much encouragement…..are those veins popping out of your neck??

Yeah… can you babes believe THAT???? He was pissed when I hit on his woman!!! Whaddya mean I’m a fuckboi and a loser?? How can you resist me??

DW, Komplete Jerk, I’ll help you out….we all KNOW I’m still obsessed with starfucking Cole—it’s second only to attention whoring among my hobbies…Might you have any Starbucks??? Ever read @ficmuse Long Live Rock??

Dude, I’m the hottest person here, in the ugliest dress and I barely speak to you, because you’re so fucking easy to resist. Also, I’m Lili’s real friend and ship them big time. Speaking of which…..

Your dress is the worst?? Girl have you looked at me?? Fucking Kohls, man, that’s what I’m reduced to….while being escorted by the Official Show Beard who plays Gossip Ghey… think YOU have problems??

Another fucking pap, huh?? So goddamn annoying!!

How am I supposed to grope Lili and maybe get a quick handsie (cause kilts, ya know, dudes, meant to be the best part of this day, amirite??) if you guys are constantly stalking me? I mean, it get it, I look amazing…but back off long enough so I can get some action. Are you seriously unaware of my constant state of massive erection around her???

Here’s the part where we pretend to be friends and you’re a basic, man snaking, bitch, Crabmeat….BTW, your cheap dress doesn’t fucking fit and I remain nine billion times hotter…(even in hideous royal blue)

IDGAF, I’m such a total star fucker/dedicated to making everything about myself that….Collllleeee looooookkkkk at meeee!!! Aren’t I beeeyoooteeeousss??? Why won’t you dump Lili for meeeee??? Why don’t you remember meeee at NYUUUUU???

Jesus Christ, Cambot, isn’t it enough I already have a loony, stalky ex?? I actively dislike and avoid you—you embody everything I despise AND you can’t act…and take my picture down from your dressing room, you fucking freak!

Soooooo haven’t hit on you yet, Nathalie…..soooo this “sticky maple” the kids are doin’..amirte???

Bagpipes?? Of course!!! Can this just end so I can fuck Lili in my trailer finally?? It’s been two hours since we did it, my kilt’s like a flag now…..

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I have decided, in 2020, to run for president ~Kanye West

svt: //most not really understanding what it means// YeAHHHH WOoohOOOo!!!

joshua: as a american citizen im not really sure how i feel about this

vernon: //in english// oh yeahhhhh, my man KanYE WESt

wonwoo: //tries to talk// presidency is serio-

seungkwan: //imitating vernon// OOOH YEAHHH MYeu MEN



joshua: //face palms// yall need jesus jisoos 

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ryan reynolds: i want deadpool to have a boyfriend and i want spider man i want andrew garfield

marvel headquarters: yeahhhh we’ll think about it

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters:

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters: hoe dont do it

ryan reynolds: *kisses andrew garfield in front of dozens of cameras at the biggest ceremony of the year*

marvel headquarters: god dammit


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In case anyone confused, the one is square bubble is MC’s inner thoughts.
And here she is afraid to move on to Seven’s route after she did Jumin’s because she knew what would happen to V and Jumin after Seven’s route. Also because I think in Jumin’s route is a better true ending– idk maybe I am just bias aaa but poor my bbu seven but butttt //falls into despair

Unable to take the risk, she just keep on living like that, leaving the game incomplete. The hearts on their heads represent the amount of lives they had left. And we all know what happen to V in the end.

I’ll leave the rest of the headcanon to you guys, www
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Hope you guys still bear with me aaaa


this is what happens when you stay up too late reading atlantis fics and spotify playlist memes at the same time. 


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Laura was prepared for every question he might ask and is fully prepared to dominate this conversation the way she’s familiar with dominating every conversation with him. She expects her puppy to come to heel. And Emily [Browning]’s performance in the scene is very sly and very sharp in that she is slowly and patiently dismissing his concerns about her death and her infidelity so that she can just start again.

Michael Green for Entertainment Weekly on American Gods episode, “Lemon Scented You.”


This is what I mean. My feelings of discomfort for that scene doesn’t just come from me hating Laura for being a flawed woman (because I still see you guys throwing those accusations around). My assumptions about Laura’s motivations and intentions when she showed up at Shadow’s hotel room were correct - she just wants to move on without ever having to answer for the things she’s done.

She’s an awful person, so I’m really curious to know why some people are going so hard on those who don’t like Laura. I’m really confused as to why this is even a thing.