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“You lead me to strange places, Hawke.”
“I’ll take you to stranger places than this, just watch!”


| Power {Kim x Robin & Beast Boy x Terra} |

hey y'all. happy spring. caught the editing bug lately so made a lil’ something. ♥♥


heart attack vcr I kyungsoo

a/n: hello everyone! i’m sorry for including such an irrelevant gif but i love his smile so deal with it. this was an idea of a very lovely person and i loved it so i decided to make it public, so yeah. hope y'all like. xoxo

warnings: drunk!reader
summary: reader is drunk, dan takes care of them

edit: ok i know dan doesn’t drive but this is what you get

-you texting your boyfriend Dan to come pick you up from RandomClub™ as you’re drunk and can’t drive

-Dan sighing at the message which interrupted him from practicing the piano, but getting up immediately to come get you

-him trying to convince you to get in the car, as you suddenly don’t feel like doing anything else than kissing his entire face

-“come on baby, let me help you in the car.”

-you talking about random shit happening at the party the entire ride home, having Dan listen to it

-him having you say random shit like“I love your hair Dan. It’s so soft.” and answering you with “Thank you.”

-reaching to pet his hair, making him laugh

-Dan helping you out of the car when you’re home, carrying you to the bed, going to the kitchen and getting you a glass of water

-you trying to hide in behind the see-through glass door to scare him

-Dan rolling his eyes but still being kinda amused by this whole situation you got yourself into

-you going back to bed, being annoyed ‘cause you don’t feel sleepy at all

-him listening to your hiccups untill you fall asleep on his lap

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Hullo! Saw you were asking for reqs! Can I req some cute jordeva art? It can be inspired of my fanfics if you feel like it :) (can't send asks as perlenart for some reason but yeah...) xoxo!! <3

This is probably not what you wanted, but I was laughing too much when I was drawing it.

I’ll have to read your fanfics some time.

SKYWALKER. can you believe that anakin skywalker tortured his own daughter by making her believe her body was on fire

*calls you bro while we’re cuddling*

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Your writing is absolutely amazing, and watching how you interact with fellow writers and fans always makes me smile. You are a bright spot in an already fun and creative fandom. As a fellow bi, it's made me start to develop an intellectual crush on you. Saying this to make you blush but also because it's absolutely true. xoxo

Okay, yeah, this is how to do it, I’m def blushing. You’re too sweet anon! In honor of your sweetness I tracked down probably the only picture in existance of me smiling, just for you. This is from the way back when machine (college), before I took out all my piercings and before I learned how to draw my eyebrows on properly.

        {{ open // like to be messaged for plotting

It’d been too long since he’d last seen the ghosts. False sense of security. That’s what this was. A car revved to screech off past a traffic light turned green and the ghosts were back, clamouring for his attention as he upped the pace, Shadow trotting along next to him as she looked up, ears back and knowing something was up. He wasn’t sure if the people he was pushing past were real or memories, had no way of knowing; it was all he could do to keep going, so keep going he did, until Shadow stopped walking, and the leash yanked on his arm, and he startled. What?

The dog was wagging her tail and sniffing at someone. Something. Maybe. He didn’t know. But it made him stop, all of his attention on Shadow.

EXO's Iconic Rap Lines

• “Shawty Imma party ‘til the sundown” (Sehun in “Love Me Right”)

• “Every night you know you always look so fine. You’re just like a rock star. You know how fine you are. Yeah! Imma take you to a secret place, Drop the shades and crank the bass. Hey girl, you know how to play” (Kris in “The Star”)

• “Shake your body, oh my” (Sehun in “Dancing King”)

• “Chogiwa~ huh” (Chanyeol in “Wolf”)

• “I will put you in my mouth like cheese” (Chanyeol in “Wolf”)

• “Roar/Roll like a buffalo” (Kris in “Two Moons”)

• “Yes, babe. My queen” (Sehun in “EXODUS”)

• “Uh, never don’t mind about a thing” (Sehun in “Call Me Baby”)

• “E-X-O” (Sehun in “Overdose” and “Growl”)

• “The evil that’s hiding under a mask of good, I’ll use its ruins as a sacrifice on a big rock, I’ll break down everything today. You will never ever bring me down” (Chanyeol in “Can’t Bring Me Down”)

• “Different look but created the same, crimes committed because our worth is different” (Sehun in “Can’t Bring Me Down”)

• “XOXO XOXO XOXO yeah” (Chanyeol in “XOXO”)

• “Hey, playboy~” (Kai in “Playboy”)

• “No pain No gain” (Chanyeol and Sehun in “El Dorado”)

• “She don’t love me” (Sehun in “Artificial Love”)

• “We are ONE!” (Chanyeol in “El Dorado”)

*not quite 32* my birthday is next week.

I kept procrastinating when it came to my own health. “By 25 I’ll be…” “By 30 I’ll be…” Something always got in the way. I used tiny humans popping out of me as an excuse way too many times.

Reflecting back now, babies are not an excuse not to take care of yourself. You’re not a martyr. They’re going to need you for a long fucking time so you better get your ass in gear.

I’d also like to point out that my calves aren’t super weird in the 1st photo… the pants have a grey stripe that’s blending with the rocks, haha!

By 30 I decided to take legit action. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN and with my GP and asked them to test all the things. GP results came in first… borderline prediabetic with high Testosterone and tragicly low Vitamin D. My OB/GYN is amazing. He heard those results and immediately tested me for PCOS. The Insulin Resistance, Testosterone, and malabsorption of Vitamin D (despite living in Arizona) were all red flags. Ultrasound and additional blood tests confirmed his hunch. 

Started a treatment plan ASAP, and immediately went on a gluten free low GI diet with calorie restriction. Didn’t lose a damn thing after 3 months.

Then I found keto and never looked back.

I’ve lost 94lbs and gone from a size 18 to a size 4. My PCOS symptoms are gone. I have a normal cycle. My chronic depression is gone. I rarely go into full on rage mode. Migraines are few and far between. Hair is growing back. Acne is manageable. Body has energy and life. And there’s so much more.


xoxo Danielle

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Ok but would you actually cuddle with a random dude if someone on here started talking to you and you liked talking to them??? xoxo

Yeah, I definitely would :) xoxo