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Leave This Town Pt 1 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, reader’s mother, Maria (mentioned)

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’m so excited about this series, you guys. I’ve been daydreaming about this story for months and every time I hear the song that inspired it I still get butterflies. I started this part 6 months ago and finished it, but I wasn’t ready to let it out into the world. But when @bionic-buckyb mentioned her 5k AU Writing Challenge and “mechanic” was one of the prompts, I knew it was meant to be. This story is close to my heart. I really hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated. <3

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Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse.
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out.

Cause if we don’t leave this town,
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown.
Baby, come on.

Those first few hours of freedom were absolute bliss! Flying down the highway with the windows down, music blasting as you sang at the top of your lungs. It was everything you had dreamed of. You did it. You were out. You had quit your job, cashed out your life savings, bought a cheap but reliable car, and hit the road without looking back.

All was going according to plan. That is, until 4 hours later your car started to smoke and sputter, compelling you to pull to the side of the road for fear of dying in a ball of fire. There wasn’t anything you could do at the moment, what with it being 2am at the time. Thankfully, it was the middle of summer so sleeping in your car wasn’t too uncomfortable, at least at night.  

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xnobelprizes  asked:

What are the red flags that I mistyped myself?

1: Being defensive when others question your type.

If someone questions your type and hits a sore spot, it is a glaring beacon that you know something is not quite ‘right’ about the type you’ve decided you are, but anyone else pointing that out activates your emotional center and makes you defensive. If you absolutely refuse to listen to any rational arguments for another type, resort to name-calling / mockery of the other person, and deny external evidence, you may as well hang out a shingle that screams ‘I’m not this type.’ Real people of a type can explain why they are that type, cognitively, and are not threatened by other people thinking they are a different type, because it does not threaten their ‘insecure’ ego about being that type. They know that their flaws match up with the poor behaviors of their type’s inferior functions.

2: Having to make a ton of excuses to justify yourself as a type.

If you assert that you are a type, and then have to add “but…” followed by a long list of things you do not do which are problems and strengths within that type, there’s a good chance you are not that type, because most of the types have similar problems they struggle with, related to lower functions. Even if you have developed your stack out of order, or are prone to loops / inferior grips, your functions should interact in certain ways and you will have blind spots. Typing yourself demands total honesty about what is hard for you (and what is not), what you can articulate (and cannot), and where your flaws lie. If you assert yourself as a type, and then routinely deny that you think in that way, or say that you are really “much more sensitive/logical than that,” you’re probably not a super-developed person of that type, but a different type.

3: When you have type bias going on and would hate to admit you are a different type.

This is tied to ego, and ego can override actual evidence if you live in denial of who you are, how you internalize information, how you get what you want, and what are the issues you have to overcome in order to mature your type. Either you are a thinker, or you want to be one, so you cling to it as a shield through which to hide behind, so the world cannot touch you; while actually being super sensitive, easily hurt, and fearful when someone slams your logic as not being that ‘great.’ Either you are a feeler, or you want to be one, despite having little understanding of anyone’s emotions (or your own) and feeling very insecure when others target you on an emotional level. Either you are an intuitive, whose sore spot is their inability to be ‘realistic’ or a sensor who must admit that they cannot follow intense abstract concepts for 6 hours straight.

4. You took an online test, read a vague online profile, and assumed it is correct.

You did no research. You did very little intense internal analyzing. You did not think about your core strengths and weaknesses, and learn enough information about cognition to identify negative inferior behaviors in yourself and match them to a type. You took a quick online test, thought what it said sounded good, and now wear it as a banner of pride on the internet, while not knowing how this type reacts under stress or conflict, or where its flaws are, or how the psychology behind these cognitive behaviors explains your behavior.

5. You interact with ‘real people’ of that type and are nothing like them.

Stop thinking this just means you’re special or more cognitively developed than they are; it means you are not the same type. If you cannot relate to common problems, do not think in similar cognitive ways, do not bring up the same sort of evidence they might in an argument, do not struggle with the same problems in regard to your lower functions, or find them ‘weird’ because ‘I don’t think that way’… time to admit you’re not that type.

How to tell you are the right type:

1. Your blind spots match descriptions of the inferior function.

This means you have done enough research and analyzed your own behavior so as to identify your cognitive weaknesses and own up to them. You notice, admit, and can find proof in your daily life of a weak inferior function. It is not a source of pride to you, but an awareness that this area needs work.

2. You don’t have to make excuses to justify your type.

The answer that requires the least amount of excuses is the right one. You have to be honest with yourself about your strengths and flaws.

3. You realize there’s just as much good and bad about your type.

This is where your ego goes to die, when you realize that yeah, I’m this type and here’s what’s awesome about it… and here’s what totally sucks about it, and the areas that I see in my own life need worked on so I can improve them. For example, half the internet claims to be an INTJ. Real ones have no delusion about their type being the greatest thing since sliced cheese, because they are aware of their own extremely poor Se and how it tends to make them way more passive and inactive than their Te would like, and in some cases, sabotages them on a continual basis. It’s fine to be proud of your accomplishments, but there’s no use being prouder of your type as a whole, than someone else’s type, because all the types have tremendous strengths and terrible flaws.

4. You now understand yourself and everything clicks.

I could not find my type until I stopped being dishonest about myself; and once I did that, and came to understand the lower functions, and what loops look like, I understood a lot of my younger years in retrospect, because it all clicked and I understood what motivated my behaviors and decisions. When you find the right type, it will click with you and you will understand yourself much better. But it will not click if all you ever read is superficial descriptions of the functions, or focus only on the positive stuff (which everyone wants to be like), or never deepen your understanding of cognition or of yourself; it can only click when you know enough about functions AND yourself, to be honest in matching them to cognitive behaviors. So, keep studying.

5. You fit the cognitive loops.

I have talked about loops in the past, and also has a loop section, but you cannot be a type if you do not ‘loop’ as that type loops. Read up on all the type loops, look back at a time in your life when you were not functioning properly or ‘as usual’ and see which loop you were in. You must also know enough about loop vs. grip functions, to tell which is which. Inferior Ni grip is different from a Ni/Ti or Ni/Fi loop.

- ENFP Mod


A/N: Request from anon. Oh, I very much enjoyed writing this. It was too perfect. I combined it with some of my own ideas and well… I guess I got a little carried away. So without further ado… Enjoy, everyone! ;-)

Words: 3829 (oops)
Warnings: smut

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why are people being so negative about andromeda tho i mean making jokes is one thing but people saying its 100% shit when its not even out yet/have only played a little of the game sounds more like people unable to let go of the trilogy and comparing the two than actually trying to enjoy a new game. The whole point of this game is that Ryder isnt Shepard. They’re young and stupid and inexperienced and put into a position of extreme responsibility for the first time. Even if they were like Shepard, y’all would just complain that they’re a clone and bioware cant write new characters.

its also kind of unfair to compare a bioware game to something like uncharted or horizon zero dawn. they spend so much more time recording voice lines, writing different conversation/story paths, allowing you to make a custom character, lore writing, building multiple huge areas ect. in nearly every game they make. 

dont kid yourself and say you played DA:O for the groundbreaking combat system and beautiful character models, or loved Mass effect 2 because the animations were amazing. We all played these for the story.

and for people saying they should still improve? yeah, they should, there’s a lot bioware as a company needs to work on. but at the same time, they have improved. very slowly, but they’re getting there. remember that they started working on this game at around the time me3 came out. if they were to start it today, it would probably be very different. probably even better.

Id also like to remind people that mass effect is a video game, not an animated movie. When you actually play and watch the cutscenes in context you will barley notice. Its easy to pick something apart when you're just looking at a gif of it. bioware is also just a company, they cant track and grant everyones wishes, and they aren’t anywhere near being perfect but, what other game is????? is there a game that has all the diversity and representation and amazing gameplay and animations that you want?? link me if it exists 

Im not excusing their mistakes, representation is beyond important in media and we should fight to have it. But listen guys i bought a fucking ps4 for this and dropped $70 on a pre-order i have to be optimistic.

OK.  Now What??

So here I am, long after Season 4, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything and find a way to make this mess work for me.  A few assorted thoughts to start.

First of all, you will never, ever convince me that Moffat and Gatiss are fans of ACD SH.  Their entire goal seems to have been to debunk and demolish the myth and rebuild it as a mockery of the original.  The original legend rests on two pillars, Holmes’s decision to hold himself aloof from emotion in order to better perform The Work, and Holmes and Watson’s relationship, built on mutual admiration and  respect.  After Moftiss’s butchery, we’re left with a lovelorn, pining Sherlock who seems determined to sacrifice himself endlessly for a massively damaged John who is not only quite prepared to let Sherlock die, but actually wants to do the job himself.  The fact that Moffat made comments to the effect that living in Baker Street solving crimes was absurd and ridiculous and no-one could live a life like that seems to me crucial.  Whereas ACD created Sherlock’s lifestyle as an ideal to be respected and even envied, Moftiss (like Ritchie, interestingly) view it as a schoolboyish and irresponsible way of living that can’t sustain itself but must inevitably be abandoned for marriage and family.  I believe that’s why Moftiss chose to change the show in Season 3.. As long as they were presenting Sherlock solving cases, it conferred a value on Sherlock’s talents because we could see people benefiting from and being grateful for those talents.  From Season 3, Sherlock’s talents are deployed in trying to navigate personal issues, reducing The Work for the benefit of others to an addled and incomprehensible ramble through Sherlock’s psyche in search of “being human.”

Way back in the beginning, Moffat was sending out troubling signals.  He said they were “taking the mickey out of SH, in the way that you can only do when you love something.”  But really, if you want to “mock, tease, joke, ridicule, scoff, or deflate” someone, there isn’t much love entering into it. You can’t ridicule someone in a loving way, The implication is that you think someone is too full of themselves without justification, and you want to bring them down a peg. There is always a faint but definite amount of contempt involved.  Moftiss, and by extension John certainly seem to feel this element of contempt in regards to Sherlock, but ACD’s Watson, the one who really is a true friend and a soulmate of his Holmes would be horrified at the thought of belittling his Holmes. 

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Moftiss are trying to strip away all the hero worship and reduce Sherlock and John to their very ground level, basic humanity.  But why?  That’s the central problem that I just don’t understand, why it was so desperately important to Moftiss to ridicule and deflate Sherlock, why they arrogantly thought it needed to be “fixed”, and how they could possibly think that their version was in any way an improvement over the original, or even over Granada, for that matter. 

Yeah, yeah, I know again.  It’s all backstory.  The Sherlock and John of S4 are not the finished version.  Moftiss has deliberately burned them both down to the lowest possible state so that they can from there rebuild themselves in the likeness of Moftiss’s beloved Rathbone Sherlock and Watson.  But in stoking the fires of that particular bonfire, it feels to me as though Moftiss have caused so much damage to John and Sherlock and their relationship that it’s impossible to imagine them ever being able to fight through to the rock-solid affection and trust and RESPECT that ACD;s pair shared from the moment they met.


Annoying guy: “Do you speak German?”

Me: “…Yeah.”

Guy: “No you don’t.”

Me: “Okay, whatever.”

Guy: “Wait, you really speak German? Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

Me: “You don’t have to ask me the same question twice in a row. Don’t you know how to say anything else in German?”

Guy: “Ein Bier, bitte!” *cracks up laughing*

Me: “Seh ich aus wie ne Kellnerin oder was? Wenn du nen Drink willst… hol dir selbst einen runter.”

(ETA: explanation/translation)

He said “One beer, please!” (a classic line for tourists who don’t know how to say anything else in German) and I said “Do I look like a waitress? If you want a drink, go get one yourself.” Except the particular way I said “go get one yourself” also happens to mean the German equivalent of “Go f*** yourself.” (Literally: “go jerk yourself off”)

Girl of Jackals

So I’ve been getting a fair few questions about my obsessions with jackals and ancient Egypt.

Well, for me it’s more than just an interest or obsession, it’s an actual matter of faith. I believe in and practice the faith of the ancient Egyptians in a form known as Kemetic Orthodoxy. (Kemet was how ancient Egyptians refered to their own land/nation/etc.)

I’ve been a member of my faith for more than 12 years now, and finding it in the first place was a years-long journey that started after I rejected the evangelical Christian church of my youth. (I have nothing against most Christians. Jesus was a pretty good dude if you actually look at what he really had to say.)

In my personal spiritual practice, I’m most strongly devoted to the “god” that most people would know as Anubis with reverence also payed to Osiris. (The people of Kemet had different names for them and a different concept of god than people are commonly familiar with.) Looking back on my life, Anubis has basically been with me for almost as long as I can remember, so finally finding a way to honor him was very much like coming home.

My one and only tattoo is a Djed pillar. The Djed pillar represents the spine of Osiris and represents strength, endurance, and stability. I got the tattoo at a time in my life where I really needed to those things and my life started to improve in those areas shortly thereafter.

So yeah, that’s why I’m so into jackals and ancient Egypt and all of that stuff, and a big part of why I’m so excited for Amonkhet and really hope that they can provide a respectful and fun representation of it for the broader Magic community.

For me, it’s not just mythology, it’s not just an interest, it’s deeply personal.

(If anyone has specific questions about my faith, I’m happy to discuss them privately, but this is about as much as I’m comfortable sharing with an unfiltered audience.)

Rafael Barba: Good Neighbors / Part 2

A Part TWO to “Good Neighbors”, a previous request re: living next to Rafael in your 20s & reconnecting. This one’s the re-connection, :).

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It took you at least a few days to finally get the gusto to call his cell;



“How did you know it was me?”

“How couldn’t I?”

“Well, I was wondering if you did want to get together sometime, I’ve missed you so.”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Uh… so soon?”

“It’s been too long already.”

“Right… Right, yes, tomorrow should work.”

“I’ll text you the place, eight sound good?”

“Sure, Rafi.”

You were just on time, apparently minutes after he arrived- and he rose to standing the second he saw you come in through the doors he had been absolutely transfixed on.

When he hugged you, you felt like you were twenty-something all over again; fresh, young, full of life and anticipation. And oh, he hugged you; the moment you were in reach, Rafael nearly tripped over the table in his rush to embrace you. It was kind, gentle, and he wrapped arms over your shoulders to keep you close for just a second too long- not that you minded.

“I’m so glad you called,” he held you out before him, and let out a shameful, hushed wolf whistle of approval. “Look at you; Lovely and all grown up.”

“Oh stop,” you brushed his hands off of you, before wagging your shoulders proudly. “The years have been pretty good to you too,” A pinch to his cheek, you couldn’t tell if the pink hue that came up was from your fingers or his blush, Lord he was handsome. “Bet you have to knock the ladies off of you with a baseball bat at this point.”

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HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY UNDERTALE, thanks for cursing my heart for the past year and making me a way better artist in the process. speaking of, you should probably open that top one in a bigger window because no matter how much i improve, tumblr hates posting art.

anyway, yeah. happy birth, UT. you’re a good game and i met a lot of neat people through you so if you need me i’ll be here. still. in the pit. forever.

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Prompt: Beca and Chloe throughout the process of buying and moving into their first house/apartment together.

“What’re you doing?” Amy asked a frustrated brunette as she sat at the kitchen table months before the Bellas were going to graduate and then take down Worlds.

Beca didn’t look up, instead replying with, “research.”

Amy walked around the kitchen counter with a half empty bag of Cheetos in her possession and sat next to the brunette, looking at her laptop.

“Apartments? I thought it was settled that you had a place set up in LA after we graduate. Don’t you already have a job there, too?” Amy asked as Beca hastily slammed her laptop shut.

“I think I’m going to stay here,” Beca scratched the back of her head before adding, “I think I’m going to ask Chloe to move in with me.”

The Australian cocked a brow before deciding she didn’t care much more. She got up and left the kitchen with a now empty bag of Cheetos.

“Hey babe! I feel like I haven’t seen you all day,” Chloe wrapped her arms around the brunette once she came home from dinner with her visiting parents.

Beca smiled and pressed her forehead against the redhead’s before kissing her girlfriend sweetly.

“I missed you.”

The two made their way to Chloe’s empty bedroom after that and sat on her bed, pulling a TV show up on Netflix from Beca’s laptop.

“So I’ve been thinking,” Beca started halfway through their third episode.

“Have you?” Chloe smiled at her girlfriend.

“I have. I’ve been thinking, Chlo, you and I are dating.”

Chloe bit her lip and looked up at the now sitting Beca.

“Are we?” 

“We are,” Beca nodded, “and we’ve been dating a while, too.”

“Have we?” Chloe giggled lightly.

“Almost three years now,” Beca noted.

Beca turned serious then, the redhead soon noting the change in expression and changing her own to fit the tone.

“I want to buy a place with you, Chloe. Because I love you. And I want to live with you, like, all the time. Forever.”

Chloe didn’t say anything at first, worrying Beca. She just sat there, staring into Beca’s eyes and studying her face. Three years ago, hell, four years ago when they had just met Chloe would have never pictured this happening. Not even in her little fantasies when she saw the two of them together did she see Beca asking her to move in. Asking her to spend their future together in a home.

“I love you,” Chloe’s voice was suddenly hoarse, “I love you and I want a home with you so so much.”

“Bec?” Chloe called out in the empty Bella house, looking for her girlfriend and checking the time.

“Yeah?” Beca called back from somewhere in the house.

“Are you just about ready? Angela said we have to be there by 2 or we won’t have enough time to see both places before the second owners need us out.”

Beca came rushing down the staircase after that, pulling her jacket on and kissing the redhead on the cheek.

“Let’s go.”

“This is it. This is the one,” Beca said, stepping inside a beat up little home that definitely needed improvement.

“What? Bec, no. This is not the one. We aren’t even supposed to be in here. Angela just needed to grab the keys,” Chloe said, stepping in behind her girlfriend as their agent needed to grab something for another client quickly before continuing their house hunt.

“No. This is it. This is the house. I can feel it,” Beca said, arms stretching out to show emphasis.

Chloe was quiet for a moment, looking around the little house before her eyes settled on the brunette.



“No, Beca. No. This is not… this isn’t you, Beca. This house is not you. It’s not something broken down that needs fixing. It is not you,” Chloe said.

Beca sighed and turned her back to the redhead to look around some more before speaking. “I know what I was before college. Before the Bellas. Before you. I know what I was. I was broken. I needed work. I needed love, Chloe. Don’t you think this house does too?”

Chloe was silent for a moment before Beca spoke again. “Can’t you see giving this place love, Chlo? Fixing it up? Making it a place where our kids will grow up? Run around in the backyard? Swim in the pool? Can’t you see this place being the place we love?”

“Damn it you fucker,” Chloe said just as Angela walked back into the room. “Alright, fine. Angela, this is it. This is our home.”

Angela looked at the couple for a moment. “Are you guys sure? This isn’t one of the places we planned on showing.”

“Yeah,” Chloe nodded. “This is it.”

The pair, with the help of their parents, paid for the place right away after graduation plus Worlds and started renovations immediately. Beca started making good money very quickly after starting work at Residual Heat. She worked with Emily immediately as her first signed artist and she quickly climbed up ranks enough to be working with her boss and with real deal artists, like Snoop Dogg again. Chloe also started making decent pay at a private school as a music teacher, adding to the money spent on their house renovations.

Within eleven months after graduating Beca and Chloe stood hand in hand outside their finished first home, smiling larger than they had at the ICCAs or Worlds.

“I love you,” Chloe looked at Beca with the biggest eyes.

“And I love you,” Beca closed the gap between them with a sweet peck on the lips before leading her girlfriend into their home.

“So much,” Beca whispered to herself, “that I’m gonna marry you someday,” she finished as she fiddled with the ring in her pocket.

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Kaye ,i dont know if i should ask this here, but here i am. It's nothing exactly related about the au but about art. You are a animator/illustrator, and i want to ask you about this. Since i want to follow this career you are a big inspiration to me. As a girl who decided it at my 20's (and i wasn't that focused in evolve my art before) i'm full of insecurities and doubts, Do you have any advice for people who want to be illustrators or animators? About practice, evolve your art.

Oh geez I wrote sm I’m so sorry agsjshs but I talked about art in general so it could apply to everyone as well :-) but ofc if u have animation/illustration questions specifically, feel free to ask as well!

Hello!! I totally get where you’re coming from! It’s ok to feel that way, I, myself didn’t take my art seriously until I finally decided to major in it, so I had a lot of insecurities about it as well. Even now I still feel this incessant anxiety and self doubt of my abilities, except the biggest difference is that I’ve learned to not let it cripple me. I think one of the biggest things you have to be comfortable about if you want to pursue being an artist is the thought that you can always be better. But I don’t say this in a self-deprecating way! What I mean is that as an artist, cultivating that hunger for growth and having your ideas manifest really makes a difference because it’s what will keep you going.

The strive for improvement is really intimidating and hard to tackle, I had a particularly big struggle about it last year because my vision didn’t match my skill and that was the most frustrating thing ever and I felt like I was running out of time (since I freshly graduated w no job but big loans to pay, so I was particularly beating myself up over it.) It was hard to get off that mindset because I didn’t take the idea of improving in increments. I thought too hard about improving everything all at once, which in reality isn’t possible because you can only focus on too many things before being burnt out.

So a big takeaway from those years of turmoil is that ultimately, art isn’t a race, it’s about self-discovery. Even if you’re in your 20s it’s fine as long as your heart is in it. Try as many things as you can in school and really know which processes make you excited.

For me, having short term goals and long term goals made a lifetime’s difference because then, I knew what to strive for even if it seems intangible rn. It’s a lot of self-assessment you’d have to do. Like for me, I realized that I actually have no solid knowledge of colors, so I made it a goal to work on that by taking a class on it. Some other shorter goals I have are like: Improve on expressions for today; draws funny face; hMN it could be funnier; pushes self to draw an even funnier face. They don’t have to be all serious and intimidating. If you have a purposeful goal in mind, memes or not, it’s not a waste of time!!

But yeah as I said, it’s a lot of self-discovery so take your time and know what works and doesn’t work for you. It’s especially good to reflect on moments when you have a slump. Like when I was having a slump, I realized that I really really need a mentor to learn and improve. I wasn’t getting anywhere and I wasn’t doing anything because I didn’t have the motivation to learn by myself. I couldn’t trust myself w online teaching and self-learning because being distracted is something I just can not help when I’m alone. And that’s ok! The important part is going through the measure to remedy that. And to me that was being in an actual classroom presence w strict deadlines and a mentor who cared.

As for practicing, I think the best way to practice is creating something you love, but also being hyper aware of what you need to work on technically/artistically. The biggest purpose of why I made this ask blog was to improve on my story-telling and dialogue. I love bts so I wanted to incorporate that in my road to improvement. And it’s crazy because Ive learned so much in these past few months! Before this, Ive never written a full-fledged story or extensive dialogue but I kept working on it, and there’s just so much visible results :’-) 500+ pages of dedication and love and hard work 😭

But yeah the key is consistency but also a lot of self-care. Keep grinding but also take care of yourself. Immerse yourself in other hobbies as well, literally everything you do will contribute to being a better artist so don’t feel bad for “slacking.” Passive media consumption stockpiles creative ideas eventually, and even if it doesn’t, rest is a positive effect for your well-being as an artist. So yeah!!

Art in general isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be hard either! Work hard, with purpose and dedication!! But also w self-care and love in mind :-) I hope this helped even a little!

Late Night Thoughts

I dunno if this is a Ne thing, or a Ne + Fi thing, or an Enneagram thing (I have a lot of 1), or a Me thing, but I see a lot of comments online from other types about how ENFPs are inconsiderate, or flighty, or dismissive of their deeper flaws with an attitude of “this is just who I am, deal with it,” but… I can’t relate.

With me, it’s like I see my own flaws clearly – sometimes in small increments, sometimes all at once, and I want to eradicate them. Sometimes, I become overwhelmed by what, to me, are obvious flaws, and how many of them I have, and where do I even start, in taking these selfish behaviors out of myself? I went out with some friends today, and one of them told me I’m “very judgmental.” And yes, I realize that. I am. It’s a constant battle not to be; yet, I can also be incredibly kind, incredibly agreeable, incredibly compassionate, and go out of my way to do nice things for people… so it’s like there’s this strong Right/Wrong reactor in me, but these strong opinions really have no negative influences on my actions. I may tell you to your face that what you are doing is wrong, and believe it utterly, but if you’re a friend, or someone I care about, I will absolutely be there for you to help when it blows up in your face, or someone else attacks you. And I don’t really like that ‘harsh’ side of myself that comes to strict judgments – but it feels like a lot of it is in ‘the abstract.’ I absolutely believe people are responsible for their own actions; it does not mean I will not have compassion for someone in trouble, because of their actions, nor does it mean I will not help them.

Yet, it feels like the interpretation of others is often ‘you cannot have a strong moral reaction / judgment without being a bad person who would not help that person.’ And that is not the case at all.

I’m aware of when I’m being hypocritical. I’m aware of when I’m accusing others of things I also do myself. I’m aware of inconsistencies in my statements. And these things all bother me, because they’re not who I want to be. The process of becoming that person is hard. Yet, it’s something that continually drives me. If someone comments negatively on an aspect of my personality, I evaluate it to see if they are right, if they have a point, if this is a flaw in my moral fiber, and if so, I try and fix it. It may take five minutes. It may take six months. It may take forever, but I don’t want certain things part of who I am.

Maybe this is the NF perfectionism they talk about; I expect more from a lot of people, but from no one more than myself. I am harder on no one, more than on myself. I want everyone to grow and transcend fixable flaws, but no one more than myself. I exist in this strange … separative state where one part of my mind says, “You cannot be perfect, if you could get rid of all these things, you would no longer be human, because humans make mistakes, humans have flaws, and no one demands perfection from humans all the time – you included!” and another which says, “But wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have that flaw? Not to be totally blunt when caught off guard and unable to prepare a polite response? To not react with emotions when challenged? To keep your cool in the middle of an argument? Or to look at someone who has gotten themselves into a mess, and have your first response be total compassion instead of ‘Yeah… I told you that would happen’?”

But, what do I really want from life, from myself? If I do not expect another to be without flaw, why do I so much want to be without flaw myself? There is not a thing I would change about some of the very flawed people in my life; so why is my own list of things I need to improve on so long?

Is this Ne-dom idealism, the endless quest for ‘how things could be better’ at the cost of ‘this is how human beings work’? (By having totally unrealistic self-expectations?) Is this Fi ‘I want to be the best possible version of myself that I can be,’ before I utterly share myself with others and make myself vulnerable to them? Is this FiTe judging oneself harshly? Is it the Enneagram 1′s need to be above moral reproach? Or all of the above? Or just me? Will I ever know? Does it matter?

Tomorrow, will I even care?

- ENFP Mod

   Arranged (Alec x Reader) Imagine

  “Are we already?” Izzy asked the three people standing in front of her. They were going out on a unofficial mission for Clary and if they got caught they could be in a lot of trouble.“Yup” the three of them answers in sync. They all headed towards the exit but a unknown girl passed by them as they walked. They all stop and stare at her for moment.
“Who is that?” Clary asked to no one in particular. 
“No idea” Jace answer. The girl had her Y/C/H hair up tie up in ponytail but you could tell it was long. She also had on a blue leather jacket with tight black pants and combat boots.
“Come on guys we should get going before we get caught.“Alec said making the rest of them turn away and start to head out.

"Did you guys see the demon face when he saw we had Clary with us.” Izzy said while laughing.
“Who would of thought that I could scared something just by being there” Clay mention also laughing. The two boys walked behind the girls as they enter back into the institute. They couldn’t help but smile at the girls remembering the mission. 

   "ALEC” a voice yelled from the other side of the room. All of their head shot up. That’s it they thought we were caught . 

“Where were you? I needed you for something and couldn’t find you” The person appear in front of them showing it was Mayse. They were for sure caught now. 
“It doesn’t really matter now, Just come on Alec we need you” Mayse said turning on her heel and started to walk out of the room. Alec looked at the others and shrugged then started to follow behind his mother. 
“I thought for sure we’re caught there for a second” Jace said letting out a breath that he didn’t even realized he was holding in. 
“Don’t say anything yet. She probably bringing him into a room right now trying to get him to spell.” Izzy said looking at the spot where her mother and brother just left to. 

Alec followed his mother until they arrived at her office. “Come on in” she said as she open the door walking in herself. There were already two people in the room when they got their. One was Alec’s father Robert standing in the back behind Mayse desk, looking out the window but turning when he hear them come in. The other person was the girl he and others saw earlier when they were leaving for the mission. She sat in the chair still wearing the same clothes she had on earlier. Blue, Alec thought bright blue in fact what a different colour for a shadowhunter. 
“Sit down Alec” Robert said as he and Mayse stood behind the desk.

“We have some news for the both you, but first Alec meet Y/N Blackthorn and Y/N meet my son Alexander Lightwood” Robert announced. Alec and Y/N both look at each but quickly looked away looking back at the parents.

“There no easy way to say this but you guys have been arranged to be married” Mayse told them as she look between the two sitting down. Alec mouth almost hit the floor from the news but Y/N look like she knew that what was coming. 

“Why?” Was all that Alec said he was still in a bit of shock. Robert took a deep breath then look at him. 
“Alec well you know that your mother and I were in the circle. As for the things that been happening since Clary came here. We need to restored our family name and this is the best way to do so.” Roberts said looking at Alec. 

“Okay I’ll do it” you said looking at your soon to be in laws. Mayse and Roberts smile at you then looked at their son. “ So Alec what do you say?” They asked him
Alec was still in shocked about the news and the fact that you said yes without knowing barley  anything about him. 
“Yes I’ll do it, I’ll marry Y/N” Alec said back to his parents. 
“Its final then you two are getting marry” Mayse announced “Alec you know what to do now” He stood up from his seat and walked over to you. He pulled you up by the arm. Damn you thought he was tall you were probably only up to his face. He took off his family ring from his finger and place it on your ring finger. He smile at you then turn to his parents holding your hand showing them it was done.
“Good” Mayse said “You will make announcement tomorrow in front of the institute to let everyone know but until then you will tell no one. We are done here now you two may leave" 

You and Alec both walked out of the room. You looked at him. Wow you thought you were going to marry this man soon. 
“I said yes because I heard about you before” Alec mentions as you two were walking.
“What types of things did you hear about me that made you say yes?” You questions. 
“People said you were the types to do anything for someone if they were in need, plus after what happen with your family they also said that you wanted to start over” Alec said looking down at you. 
“Your right you know about all of that. I love to help others and I did say yes because you need help with improving your family name. While I’m doing that it’s like I’m starting this whole new life. You told him. Marrying him would mean new people to know and a chance to start over from the life you didn’t want to remember much of. 
"So I guess I will see you tomorrow then Alec?” You asked as you guys arrived at his room. 
“Well yeah unless you want me to make the announced all alone” he said.
“I’ll see you then” you smile then started to walk away. 
“Y/N” Alec said and you turn back around.“ You know that your staying in my room right?" 
You blush ” oh I didn’t know that” you said quietly. Alec laugh 
“Don’t worry I don’t bite” he said pulling you into his room.

“Does anyone even know why we’re here?” Clary asked.
“Some sort of announcement that’s all I know” Jace answered. Everyone was gather in the main space waiting for Robert and Mayse to come out to tell them about the announcement.
Izzy came quickly running up to Jace and Clary.
“Have either of you seen Alec? I can’t find him I’ve been looking all morning” Izzy asked half out of breath. “Nope” both them replied. “Guys look” Clary said. 
There walking out was Robert and Mayse and behind them was Alec and the girl they saw yesterday. 
“Everyone listen up” Robert yelled. Making anyone that was talking in the room go completely silent.“ Me and my wife have called you all here for some news” Robert move his hand signalling for Alec and them to move up. Alec grabbed your hand and walked up by his parent.
“Good morning everyone” Alec greeted “ The news for you all is that me and this lovely girl Y/N are engaged.“ 
The room went quite for a couple of seconds but soon erupted in many cheers and congratulated for you too. You looked at Alec but he was already looking back at you. You both smile at one another happily knowing that people accepted it.
Both you guys didn’t see the three faces in back that looked hurt and upset. Wondering why they didn’t know anything about this or you. 

Can I Be Him? - Alternate Ending

*Bold part is the same as the original ‘Can I Be Him?’.

Word Count: 5,899

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“Y/N! You got mail!” Yoongi yelled as he entered your apartment. He set the mail on the kitchen counter and headed towards the fridge, on the search for some food.

“Last time I checked it doesn’t say Min Yoongi on the envelopes.” You nudged him as he was heating up noodles in the microwave with a fork in his mouth. “And, you don’t live here.” You winked at him and grabbed the letters that were on the countertop. You scanned each one, until a blue envelope caught your eye. It was from your younger cousin, you ripped it open to be invited to her quinceanera.

“Oh my gosh she’s old enough already!” You said out loud reading the invite. Yoongi came up behind you and read the invite over your shoulder while slurping up his noodles.

“Who’s old enough?”

“My cousin! She’s having her quince, and I’m in it!” You squealed to Yoongi. “I get to wear a nice dress but not as beautiful as hers of course, and get pictures, and dance.” Yoongi choked on his noodles at the last part. “What?” You asked him, confused.

“Y/N, you dancing?” He had a point there, you were horrible. You had two left feet, and no rhythm. You leaned your back against the countertop and sighed. “I know I suck.” You gave him a sheepish grin before smiling at him.

“What are you smiling at?” He had noodles hanging out of his mouth.

“How about you teach me!” You batted your eyelashes at him as he started to laugh.

“That’s not me Y/N.”

You went up to him and clutched his arm as you looked at him in the eyes. “Please Yoongi, I won’t ask for anything else please with a cherry on top.”

“Y/N if you needed help rapping or writing a song I could help, but dancing isn’t my speciality.” You let go of his arm and groaned.

“I’m gonna look like a fool!” He started laughing and you shot him a glare and he stopped right away. He could tell you were upset and needed an idea and fast.

“Why don’t you ask Jimin?” You looked at him and shook your head. “Oh come on, he’s good at dancing, and he will know what to teach you. You’ll be a pro by the time the party arrives Y/N.”

“I suck Yoongi, I don’t wanna show all of the others!”

“So go to Jimin and let him help you improve your suckiness babe!” Yoongi motioned for you to come to him and you did, and he wrapped his arms around you and placed a kiss on top of your head. “When’s the party?”

“Four months away.” Yoongi set his chin on top of your head.

“Well then you have enough time to get rid of your two left feet.” You slapped his arm and grabbed the invitation off of the counter.

“You are lucky I love you Min Yoongi!” You yelled to him as you walked to your bedroom to grab your cell phone to call Jimin.

“Love you too Y/N!”


Jimin was on the ground stretching, when the door opened up and he looked up to see you. You were wearing black sweatpants, with a loose tank top and baseball hat. You walked to the right and found a chair to set your things on it. You then walked over to Jimin and sat down beside him.

“Thanks for doing this Jimin, it truly means a lot.” Jimin smiled at you as you started to stretch your legs.

“No problem Y/N. It’ll be fun!”

“Fun for you but not for me, I’m horrible so just warning you right now.” Jimin started to laugh as you chuckled yourself.

“Well I’ll fix that.”

“Thank you. I asked Yoongi if he could help but he told me if I needed help with rapping then he would help, apparently dancing isn’t one of his specialities even though he does it all the time.” You scoffed and looked down at floor as you stretched. Jimin nodded his head with a smile on his face.

His heart needs to stop beating so fast, it’s only you. You were nothing special, you were a good friend, a good person, and most importantly you were Yoongi’s girlfriend.


“Well, you weren’t THAT bad.” Jimin panted, taking a drink of his water as you bent down grabbing your own.

“Yeah okay.” You rolled your eyes at him, and gave him a half smile.

“I mean we have what? Four months to improve?” You nodded your head. “We have more than enough time.”

“You believe in me too much Chim.” You nudged his arm, and set your water bottle back down.

“Well, everyone has to start somewhere!” You walked back to the floor, and started practicing the moves again.

“I guess.” You sighed as you couldn’t get a move correct.

“Here let me help.” Jimin came in front of you, and placed his hands on your hips to make you stand still. “Now your right leg needs to be here.” He bent down and grabbed your leg and pushed it back a little. “And your arms need to be here.” He adjusted your arms and he walked around you to be on your backside. “And you head needs to be looking this way.” And when he turned your head to face that way, your eyes locked and Jimin stared at you. Silence fell over the both you. He didn’t know what to say, his heart was beating fast, and he was in a trance.

You coughed and Jimin moved his head and looked at the ground. “Like this?” You asked him. He looked at your stance, and nodded his head.

“Yeah, just like that.” What is going on with him? His heart needs to calm down, his thoughts about you need to stop. He can’t have you.


You had the whole practice room to yourself today as the boys just needed the studio. You were practicing the moves that Jimin told you practice, and you got just a little better. Finally taking a break, you sipped from your water bottle while scrolling through your phone.

MY: How’s dancing going baby?

You giggled at his text, and typed away with a smile on your face.

Y/N: I feel like an idol!

MY: If only you could dance like one ;)

That little shit. You scoffed.

Y/N: Oh trust me I will out dance you after this!

MY: Well we’re done with the studio session so Jimin should be over soon! I’ll be in the studio until you’re done. See you later, practice hard!

Y/N: Yes sir.

You waited for Jimin to walk into the room, and as you waited you were singing quietly to the songs that came on the stereo. And as one of your favorite parts of a song was coming up, you were belting out the lyrics when the door swung open, and your face went beat red.

“Sorry.” You told Jimin as he set his phone down and took off his hoodie. “My singing is also horrible but were not fixing that.” You laughed at the joke, and Jimin laughed as well and walked over to you.

“Keep singing then.” He smiled at you with his hands in his pockets. You shook your head at him. He wanted to hear more of your beautiful voice, he didn’t care if you could sing or not.


As the day came to an end, you and Jimin had accomplished a lot. Even though you were laughing most of the time, Jimin decided to teach you more moves because he thought you were doing better. You thought it was for the benefit of the doubt but he was the teacher so you complied.

You and Jimin were in the middle of the room, screaming out song lyrics to end your day of practice. He was singing horribly, just like you, which made you laugh even more. You both got caught up with each other because you didn’t hear the door open to reveal your boyfriend walking in.

He put an arm around your waist and kissed your smiling face. “How’s my future idol girlfriend?” You rolled your eyes at him and slapped his chest walking away from him to grab your water bottle.

“I think in no time she’ll be a part of a new girl group.” Jimin crossed his arms as he told this to Yoongi, they both chuckled. “She’s REALLY good at singing too.” Yoongi hid his laugh as he brought the back of his hand to his mouth.

“Oh trust me, I hear enough of Y/N’s singing and I’m still questioning on why she hasn’t tried out to become a trainee.” You all laughed as you walked back over to your boyfriend and linked your arm around his and leaned your head against his shoulder. Jimin couldn’t help but go pale at the sight, and feel a tinge of sadness in his heart. “Ready to go?” Yoongi looked down at you and you nodded your head.

“I need a shower, and some food.” You commented as Yoongi kissed your forehead.

“How about I stay over tonight, and cook some dinner.” You patted his chest and grinned.

“Sounds like a plan chef Yoongi.” You winked at Jimin.

“I won’t be in the dorm tonight so tell the guys.” Yoongi told Jimin and he nodded his head. You three walked out of the practice room together, but Jimin lagged behind. He watched you and Yoongi leave hand in hand and he couldn’t help but want to replace Yoongi with himself.


He heard the music faintly, as he walked into the building. Who could possibly be here this early in the morning? He thought he was the first one, but maybe one of the guys beat him here. Yet, it shocked Jimin when he opened the door and saw you laying on the floor with your hood up, sleeping.

He turned on the rest of the lights, and couldn’t help but realize that the song that was playing was the song that you two were singing together a month ago. He walked over to you and bent down and you didn’t even stir. How long have you been here?

“Sleep in a bed next time Y/N.” Jimin whispered to you as you were still sleeping but he got a quiet response.

“We got into a fight.”


“What?” Jimin sat down beside your body.

“We got into a huge fight Jimin.” Couples fight, and get into arguments, it’s healthy. He knew when you and Yoongi fought you would always make up, but by the way you were talking and how you ended up in the practice room, something was off.

“About what?” He rubbed your arm for you, a simple gesture just to try to get you to calm down a little bit.

“I don’t even know! We were both just tired, and hungry, and stressed and we took it out on each other to the point that I left my own house!” Then you sat up and stared Jimin. “Why the fuck would I leave my own house! Why didn’t I just tell him to leave!” Jimin chuckled.

“I couldn’t tell you Y/N.” He licked his lips. “But I do know that Yoongi loves you, a lot.” You nodded your head at Jimin’s words. You needed someone to reassure you about your relationship with Yoongi right now, because you for one, don’t know what’s going to happen. “You both probably didn’t mean anything you said last night, just think about it, and give each other some space and talk about it later today.” He patted your shoulder and he wiped the tears that were falling from your eyes.

“Thanks Min.” You managed to give him a soft smile.

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A Trip To The Museum-Maximoff Twins x Reader One Shot

Summary: The Maximoff twins take (Y/N) for a trip to the Smithsonian, only to end up teasing their friend all day.

Characters: Maixmoff Twins x Reader (platonic), mentions of Bucky Barnes x Reader (platonic) and Steve Rogers x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: JuST exTrEME cUtENESs


Something was shaking me, making me love around on my bed. I wasn’t sure what was happening, this didn’t feel natural. Opening my eyes, I groaned as I worked out what was happening; Pietro was bouncing on my bed at eight o'clock in the morning.

“Ah, you are awake.” He grinned, collapsing next to me.

“Pietro, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I rubbed my eyes.

“Waking you up of course. You are coming on a trip with Wanda and me.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, pulling the covers right up to my chin.“In sorry my Russian pal but I’m going to have to say no. Go bond with your sister.”

“I thought you would say that.”

He threw the bed sheets off of me, scooped me into his arms and ran out of the room. In less than a second we were on the roof of the Avengers Tower, him holding me over the edge.


I heard him laugh as he granted my request. We were now in the kitchen where his twin and Vision were already stood. Vision sent me a genuine smile, not really understanding the whole situation whereas Wanda had a smirk on her face.

“(Y/N), good morning. It is unusual to see you awake this early.” Vision commented.

“Yeah, I know.” I mumbled, getting the cereal out of the cupboard.

“It was so nice of you to come with Pietro and I to the Smithsonian.” Wanda said.

“Oh, so that’s where we’re going. Actually, I’d quite like to go, I haven’t been for a while. Heard they have a new exhibition too.”

“I told you she would be happy to come.” Wanda sneered at her brother.

“Yeah but why did it have to be so early?”

“That was Pietro’s fault, he’s a little excited to get out of the tower.”

About an hour later we were on our way to the Smithsonian museum. As I drove, I couldn’t help but giggle at their excited faces, they were ecstatic about this simple day out. Though I supposed they never had much of these, especially after being experimented on. When they defeated Up from they were brought to the Avengers Tower to be trained and rehabilitated; I helped with the latter, like a big sister would. They needed to not only improve their powers but also adapt to the world around them. They had been so withdrawn at first so seeing them like this made me feel as if I had done a good job.

As I parked up, my phone vibrated, indicating I had a call coming through. The twins were becoming impatient, I had to tell them off like a parent.

“Hi Steve.” I answered.

“Where are you guys? You didn’t have authorised leave.” he rushed.

“Um, first of all, it’s rude not to say hi, secondly, the twins are with me and they’re fine. We’ve just gone out for the day.”

“But they have scheduled training-”

“They’re kids, Steve, let then love a little.” I hung up, laughing with the others.

We paid for our tickets before making our way inside. They were really getting into it, wanting to take in all the history. Although I had seen some of this before, I was patient and listened to any facts that they repeated. It felt good to be out myself, being a S.H.I.E.L.D agent was not an easy job. I couldn’t remember the last time I got out of the tower.

“(Y/N)! Look it’s Steve and Bucky.” Wanda grabbed my hand, pulling me along.

They had updated this part. I remember seeing it for the first time, fascinated by his service; I freaked out when I met him and then Bucky later on. Wanda and Pietro were stood in one spot for a while, making me curious as to what they were so interested in. As I got closer, they were looking at what Steve looked like pre-serum. He was tiny, a puny young man dressed in an army uniform too big for him.

“Can you believe he was this small once?” Pietro gasped.

“He’s almost as small you you (Y/N).” Wanda joked.

Yes, I was quite a small person.“Shut up, I’m bigger than him back then.”

Pietro grabbed my shoulders, moving me so I was stood next to the picture of pre-serum Steve. Looking at him, I could see that I was only reaching his height.

“(Y/N), you’re wearing heels and you’re still smaller than him!” Pietro pointed out.

Wanda held out her phone, and before I could stop her, she snapped a photo.“Steve will love this!”

Steve and I were good friends but both of us were leaders. Sometimes that meant we were rubbing shoulders, disagreeing on certain things which could drive the team insane. It was really just banter between us. Steve saw me as an easy target because of my size, a very stupid thing to think though once he saw that picture I knew that I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

They finally dropped the subject after ten minutes of teasing me. We moved along seeing the part of the exhibition about Bucky. It was strange to see the Winter Soldier like this, like what he used to be. I couldn’t stop looking at a picture of him, though it wasn’t my fault; he was even handsome back then.

Another flash went off in my peripheral vision. Wanda clutched onto her phone, a huge grin slowly appearing on her face. Great, something else the others would use against me.

“And why did you do that?” I sighed.

“You looked at him so longingly, I think someone has got a little crush.” Wanda chuckled, knowing this was getting under my skin.

“You sent it to him, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did.”

Hours later and we were finally finished. Luckily there has been no more teasing from the twins about anything else. Except for that part of the day, everything else was amazing. They were such good people, they didn’t deserve what had happened to them. But these were my friends who had come a long way since the bomb that destroyed their home, the experiments and the age of Ultron; they were my little brother and sister, my family.

anonymous asked:

Ah hello! I've been delving on your art a lot lately and I really REALLY admire your art but if it's too much to ask....I'm a 16 yr old aspiring artist and I really want to pursue art but I really think that I'm falling behind and not qualified. I can only draw in my cartoonic art style, I can't draw hands and feet properly, they look like alien stubs and I can't even draw realistic art. I'm scared that I might fail the track I'm going for. Well anyway, my ask is, is it worth to go for it?

Hi ! Thank you for your message.

Sooo … You know when I was 16 I didn’t know how to draw hands and foot either … I still have difficulties drawings hands. When I was 16 I didn’t know how to draw digitally, cleaning was a horrible challenge for me,  it was demotivating, I seriously started drawing digital illustration only at 17 (now 4 years later I can do full digital illustration … And I continue to work on it, especially on landscapes and  backgrounds…)

The most important thing is to start, you’re 16 and you already draw so it’s great ! I know some people who started at 25 because they realized they wanted to pursue art, and now they draw incredibly well !  It takes time to improve but you can go at your own rythm and just enjoy your art. (Concerning the art style, the fact that you can’t draw in another one now doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to do it, your style will evolve through time,  YEAH I KNOW it’s frustrating to say it but everything is about time ! But the only way is to start drawing and experiment … At the beginning it may be bad or not really what you want but you’ll go through it)

Here a little quote from Betty EdwardsEvery person that has a critical mind can learn to draw, the probability to succeed is the same that to learn to read

(It’s maybe a bad traduction the quote in French is : ”toute personne dotée d’un esprit normalement constitué peut apprendre à dessiner, la probabilité de succès est la même que pour apprendre à lire”)

Anyway the point is that you don’t need me to say  “ if you draw everyday you’ll improve”. You’re scared and it’s normal, everyone goes through this , artists always have doubts about their art, especially when comparing themselves to others. It’s normal, but don’t stress this much, you may think that you need to do better right now because you’re 16 and maybe it’s already too late or you’ll never make it otherwise, but it’s not true … (Yeah)

The only thing i can say is for you to continue and keep doing what you want to do so Yeah! To conclude, GO FOR IT, There’s nothing to worry about, you’re not falling behind, you have plenty of time ahead of you to improve and do great things (either if you start doing a specific training, like improving your skills in hands drawing, or just if you draw illustrations for yourself). If you’re comparing yourself with others person, (and it’s alright, everyone does) There’ll always be people as old as you that are more skilled or who improve faster, (it’s frustrating) but It’s not a question of qualification it’s about passion, time, and effort…

So don’t give up !  And good luck (take care of your health)

Have a nice day


the clamshell bra was going to happen but then i realized he still looked smashing in it and nobody needs that kind of power