and yeah i love this coloring so much


        What’s in a name? A thousand songs. Hundreds of photographs. A million stories.  
                                           Everything.  Everything is in a name.

                                           Everything is in your name. (insp)


And sometimes those two things are the same [insp]

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YOUR ART IS SO AMAZING I am in love with your style and how well your colours work together? And your lines are so soft and beautiful ahhhhhhhhhhhh <3 <3 <3 if you're willing to do ships at all could I ask for a sugakookie? Anything you like xxx thank you so much for all your hard work!

I imagine Suga’s wallet being sad and empty after spoiling the kid


video: x 

Demon AU verse in which Bill has a permanent claim over Dipper’s body, and demon!Dipper is forced to share with Mabel. Sin ensues.



first of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100 FOLLOWERS!!!, I’m glad you are enjoying my posts! here’s my latest weekly spread. I love the mood board for this one and yeah, nothing to do on friday so that is why it is empty. this spread isn’t the color of my current theme but i hope you won’t mind. i just love the color purple. :) hope your week was fantastic!

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What do u think Wills favorite movie would be? Favorite book? Favorite pastime? I feel like I don't know my own son. I just wanna know his favorite color in the next season pls suffer bros

oh anon, same same same!!! but here, have some of my completely baseless assumptions about Will, because you so kindly asked. ;)

  • Will’s favorite movie is An American Werewolf in London. He sees it one weekend when Lonnie is supposed to pick him up to take him to a baseball game. Will sits on the front porch with his baseball cap - one of the only gifts his dad has ever gotten him - pulled low over his eyes and his hands tearing idly at the overgrown grass tickling at his shins. Inside he can hear his mom yelling expletives over the phone, but he tunes it out. An hour later, Joyce, a bit red in the face with angry eyes that turn soft as she looks toward Will, herds Jonathan and Will into the car and drives them to the video store, saying they can pick out whatever film they’d like.

    “It’s family movie night,” she declares as they walk up to the store, pulling them both into a hug that ends in a tickle war and odd stares from passersby on the sidewalk. When they do finally go inside, Will chooses An American Werewolf in London because he’s been wanting to see it since it came out in theaters the year prior, and he loves it - the soundtrack is awesome and the special effects are amazing! And despite Joyce’s worries, he doesn’t have any nightmares related to the brutal transformation scene. Well, okay…he doesn’t have too many nightmares.

    But then Ghostbusters comes out and Will sees it with all of his friends on its opening weekend and honestly, what could be more iconic than the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man towering above the city? So Ghostbusters is tied with An American Werewolf in London for a year, but then…then! Back To The Future comes out and Marty McFly is so cool (and cute as heck) and he travels through time and shreds on the guitar and manages to save his own existence and so yeah, Back To The Future is officially his Favorite Film Of All Time, and that one sticks. (Will definitely dresses up as Marty that Halloween and it’s just as adorable you’d imagine it would be.)

  • Will’s favorite book is The Book of Three even though he’d never say that in front of Dustin because he doesn’t need a rehash of every way that The Fellowship of the Ring is superior in the realm of high fantasy (Will holds his tongue, though he wants to remind Dustin that the term “high fantasy” was coined by Lloyd Alexander himself).

  • His favorite pastime is drawing in Castle Byers on sticky-hot summer days - drawing elves and wizards and fairies, of course, but also drawing all the things he wants. A bigger house for his mom. A new camera for Jonathan. A car that doesn’t break down every few miles, and can fly and time travel and has a flux capacitor tucked up behind the two front seats (but it’s not a DeLorean because that’s all just a little too flashy for Will’s tastes). He also likes to climb trees and trail behind Jonathan as he takes pictures out in the woods, if those count as favorite pastimes.

  • Will’s favorite color is yellow - like sunshine, like Joyce’s favorite mug that she sips her coffee from every morning, like dandelions that the adults around him tell him are just weeds, but he still plucks them from the ground and presses them between the pages of his sketchbook with the rest of the beautiful flowers he collects.

trc probably has the Worst poc representation ever i hate it so much. i love henry cheng but like why did she have to make him hate himself and literally be racist to himself that’s so fucking shitty of her. like yeah there def r poc who hate themselves for being not white but like ,,,, if we actually had poc rep w characters who love themselves and their culture & ethnicity then maybe we wouldn’t hate ourselves so much ?????? bc we’d see that we shouldn’t hate ourselves for being ppl of color like idk ????

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Would you mind doing a name aesthetic for my gf Paula? She's absolutely beautiful. She had deep blue eyes the color of the ocean and she's one of the kindest people I've met. She's great at art and reminds me of flowers or the sky. Her favorite color is pink and she's pan(sexual). Oh yeah, she loves dogs btw. Thanks so much!

She just sounds the cutest! Enjoy, lovelies!

Paula. She is powder blue denim, kissed with the marks of masterpieces. She is those little Valentine’s Day heart candies and the alluring scent of vanilla. She is French braids tied in pink satin ribbons and groves of lemon trees. She is warm tingle of crystal blue, ocean waters. She is a tight hug beneath the setting of the sun. She is Paula- the kiss of Venus. 


Pandora Hearts Positivity Month | Day 4 | Love

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.”
Lisa Weedn


make me chooseTsukki or Kuroo? asked by @tsukki-chaan

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hi I love the haken set you just made! do you have favorite gif-makers here?

Hello anon~ sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me when people say that they enjoy my gifs. ♡ 

Noooow it’s time for me to compliment other fellow gif-makers
-this might be a long post-

I’ll start off with my main favorites also some of the people I consider close friends on tumblr;;

@saltykong - Goodness gracious, god bless Riri’s beautiful gifs. ♡ Her coloring is always 10/10, her text is unique, and overall her gifs are super duper smooth!! I always look forward to see hers on my dash, especially when it comes to her beloved Binnie ones! [x]

@tranquies - MY BABABABABABABY RICA ♡ I seriously wish she was more confident in her gif making, because she’s so good at it and she hasn’t even been doing it for that long! I’m always looking forward to seeing the occasional Hakyeon gifs from her always want to be the first to reblog them too. Give her a round of applause for making beautiful gifs, even with only one hand LOL [x]

@smilange - ahh yes..Celine. That one meme friend I never thought I would need. ♡ Okay, first of all, her coloring IS SO BEAUTIFUL like…it’s like the good kind of dark coloring? & her sharpening on the gifs…even better!! She knows how to color everything so well?? Like??? & I don’t get to see her gifs as often as others, so they’re a good surprise to see once in a while ;D (You know I had to use a gif from my fav gifset from you :3c ) [x]

♡ NOW…Let’s get on to my fav soft gif-makers. (In other words, their colorings) ♡

@ottokaji-vixx - ONE OF THE SOFTEST PEOPLE I’VE EVER MET MAKING THE SOFTEST GIFS! ♡ Seriously wow, your gifs are such a blessing, I hope you know that!! Always picking the cutest clips to gif too~ [x]

@chyogi - I s2g SO FREAKING SOFT AND SMOOTH AND HD KCBBKVCL ♡ Your gifs always have such a pastel and aesthetically pleasing look to them. ALSO, not only does she make VIXX gifs, but BTS ones too! Always refreshing to see a diff group with the same beautiful PSDs on them! [x]

@royalbins - Oh my gosh… I love this girl’s gifs so much. SERIOUSLY LOOK AT HOW SMOOTH THIS IS?? & ofc her coloring always on point. ♡ Not even sure what else to say other than an amazing gif-maker like the rest on this list!! (I absolutely adore this gifset just letting you know ;D) [x]

@kenbinnie - I just recently started following this person because of a certain beautiful Jaehwan gifset they made….IT’S SO PRETTY AND…ofc soft haha ;D & their text is adorable as well~ ♡ [x]

@kongsook - ANOTHER SOFTIE~ ♡ Similar to in the gif, I could just eat their gifsets up! They’re always extremely pretty;; pastel but at the same time…vibrant? Idek how to describe, I just love them!! [x]

♡ Now I’ll talk about the fast gif-makers (the ones that end up giffing new VIXX content the quickest) ♡

@nxnight - I’M NOT SURE HOW BERNICE DOES IT, BUT SHE’S ALWAYS FIRST TO HAKYEON GIF MAKING & HAKYEON POSTS IN GENERAL. She writes the cutest captions too ♡ Even though she’s fast, her gifs turn out perfect 100% of the time!! I hope everyone can appreciate her gifs as much as I do ;D (had to use this gif, it’s so hilarious HAHA) [x]

@hansanghyuked - if I’m not seeing Bernice’s gifs first, It’s Annie’s is that the first time I’ve called you by your name? LOL. She’s very speedy when it comes to gif-making the newest VIXX videos, but ofc she does it very well! She always adds a nice sharpened effect to her gifs!! But seriously, I see her beautiful gifs EVERYWHERE. No wonder, since they’re so good~ ♡ She also has so many different blogs, idk how she’s able to make gifs and keep them all active ;w; (P.S. your haken blog is a blessing dear <3) [x]

@shit-vixx-say / achahakyeon: Angel’s gifs = amazing ♡ She’s always up to date with the newest VIXX content and like the others, is very fast when it comes to making gifs of them. Her coloring is so pretty too?? She has that coloring that is darker, but not a bad kind of dark? Kinda like what I said about Celine’s. She also does so many omg…She’s currently doing daily gifs as a countdown for #happyKENday, so good luck to her~ can’t wait to see all those pretty gifs on my dash! [x]

I’m getting wayy too lazy now, so I’ll just mention a few other blogs here that I like as well: @chained-up-taekwoon (making gifs almost daily omg..I salute you for that) , @hongbins-wife (daily hongbin god bless), @ch-y , (soft, smooth, shiny gifs ckcvlckbvcl),  @sprouthyuk (one of the best vixx shitposters, but still amazing at gifs like wow get you a blog that can do both)


Sorry if I didn’t add you ;w; I tried my best to mention my favorites, no hard feelings!