and yeah i know she's trying to maintain the book events as much as possible


Because I’ve become addicted to Harry Potter and needed to reflect that in the love nerds somehow …

They fight constantly now.

It’s so much different from the constant bickering they used to share. That action - hell, that life - is no more. It’s the ending of quiet muttering over who took the better pair of goggles, which Doctor was better, who was quicker at repeating the digits of pi.

That’s over. Those days are left in the sullen darkness of the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Just like those times, FitzSimmons are no more.

He stutters; she cries. He shakes; she hides. He thunders; she stops.

She stops helping. She stops following him. She just … Ceases.

They’re volatile. Deep within her aching chest, she knows this. She’s toxic. He’s damaged. They’re no longer a “they.”

She looks at him and sees a best friend that’s no longer there - and if he is, he’s too far buried under the sediment of a broken friendship, the words at the bottom of the sea, the days spent silent in the infirmary. She can’t dig him out any more than she could swim those ninety feet faster.

So she watches as he rides the waves, risingrisingrising before the inevitable crush of salt against the rocks. And then she’s there to pull him up, clean the glass out of his hands, before he’s back at the crest.

Her distance is maintained. She watches and watches and watches and feels like screaming because if he would only let her help he wouldn’t be hurting. She wouldn’t be laboring under this burden of responsibility.

For six weeks this continues. Forty-two days filled with waves and tears as salty as the sea. But like all, the darkness ends. Even if for but a spark of light, the darkness must cease.

He seemed well enough last week to hold tea cups with sloshing too much, so that’s what she brings him. The set is old, but nonetheless it represents them as much as the lab. The sugar dish is a Dalek, the pot the TARDIS, and the cups covered in various quotes. And though she can’t see it as she rests the pot on the tray, she almost smiles at the fact a “Love, Fitz” is scribbled on the bottom. Almost.

His door is left open, so she doesn’t bother knocking. He’s not asleep, and he avoids showers as long as possible due to his trauma, so she has good reason that she won’t interrupt.

Sure enough, he’s on the bed, a well worn book open against his knees. He doesn’t notice her come in, too engrossed in the pages. A smile ticks at the corner of her lips; he looks near exactly like the Fitz from years before. Curled up, reading.

It’s only as she draws nearer that she realizes he’s mouthing the words, squinting harshly at the pages. Her heart plummets.

“Knock knock,” Jemma whispers, offering a plastic smile.

His head jerks up, hand shaking against the book’s back, eyes wide with surprise.

“I brought tea,” she holds the tray up just a bit higher, his eyes following the trail of steam. “English, just the way you like it.”

He nods, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. When she makes no move, his hand twitches to his side.

She shakes her head, as if in a trance, and softly pads over, hesitating a second more before taking a seat next to him. The tray is placed between them.

It’s silent, and that hurts. Less than two months before they would have banter between them, perhaps even laughing.

But the airwaves are as still as the ocean depths, the only echoes being the clink of tea spoons on china.

She doesn’t have to ask him what he takes; she already knows, and so does he. It’s not until their fingers are both being warmed that she hesitates, eyes glued to the way his hand shakes.

He catches her looking, gaze hardening, as he slips the offending ligament behind his back.

“So what were you reading?” Her voice carries a faux light note, and they both know it. But she’s trying to bridge this gap between them, and again they both know it, so he lets her, even if just for a little bit.

“Ch-Chamber ‘f S-Secrets,” he mumbled, watching the tea swirl in his cup.

“Really?” Jemma can’t help the crease in her eyebrows. “But you always said that was your least favorite,”

“’S,” he nodded, managing the single syllable. “B-But it re-remi-nds m’ of y-you. When you we-re ha-happy,”

Her fingers ghost the bicep of his injured arm, but she pulls back at his flinch. “But you - we hadn’t even met back then. The only books we ever read together were the Half-Blood Prince and The-”

“- Ha-Hallows, yeah,” he nodded. “B-But you 'ways re-reminded me of Her … Herm … ” his fists clench at his inability to get the name out, but Jemma gently placed her palm on his tense shoulder.

“Hermione, yes …” She smiles, perhaps for real this time, but even that’s not enough to stave off the misting of her eyes. “And you always did remind me of Ron. Perhaps not the strongest, but you were definitely the bravest,”

Even Fitz has to grin at that, half-hearted as it is. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Jemma sighed, fondness overtaking her.

They lapse into silence yet again, and it’s only a few moments later that she realizes what she’s just admitted. A flush creeps up her cheeks at the realization, but regardless, she can’t help but think that it’s true. He’s the Ronald Weasley to her Hermione Granger. No matter what, they would always find each other.

“Perhaps,” Jemma whispered, a realization creeping over her. “Perhaps this is our Horcrux, Fitz,”


“This is our Horcrux,” she stated again, sitting up. “This is what tore them apart, us apart.”

He doesn’t try to speak, perhaps too turned by the past few minute’s events, but nonetheless he gives her a quizzical look.

“The Horcrux, Fitz - the locket. It’s what made them fight, and then Ron left, and it hurt both of them.” Her eyes were beginning to glisten, and the fact it was over a book series didn’t escape her. “That’s - That’s what happened to us. The pod - it pulled us apart. Made us forget what we were. You changed.”

He jerks as if he’d been burned, and it’s only that Jemma takes his shaking hands gently that he stays seated. Her palms softly take his tea cup so she can fully grasp both of his hands, eyes wide.

“But it was temporary - this is temporary. They found their way back to each other - so why not us?”

She’s torn between laughing and crying all at once. If someone had told her just four months ago that the way she would honestly open herself up to Fitz after he sustained brain damage was through a TARDIS tea set and Harry Potter references, she’d have laughed in their faces. But here she was now, looking up into his hurt but hopeful blue eyes, and it all felt right.

“They - they, ah, they en-end up to-to-together,” he stumbles out, hands and voice quivering. She knows what’s flitting through his - both of their minds, really - right now. Those few words shared on the ocean floor.

“Yes,” Jemma murmurs. “But that’s the thing - they were friends first, Fitz. And then they decided that they would like to spend the rest of their lives with their best friend. And, really,” she added, growing bashful. “I’ve had to experience life without you, and quite frankly, I’m not sure if that’s a life worth living.

"Maybe we don’t make it like they do. Maybe we really are just friends. But I know you wouldn’t mind trying for … for something more. And truthfully, neither would I,”

When her eyes dare to meet his again, it’s with such an intensity that she’s never seen. He’s open, and for the first time in weeks, his eyes aren’t clouded with worry or stress.

“Want t-to kiss you,” he mumbled softly, the thumb of his injured hand carefully moving to run over her knuckles. It’s shaking, but they can’t bring themselves to care. They’ve made it.

She laughs lightly in the air between them. “Then why don’t you?”

Her head ducks in, but just before their lips meet, he gently pulls her back by her shoulder.

“No-Not y-yet,” he managed, sheepish. “I want to b-be bet-better. Able to, ah, h-hold you,”

The ice that had momentarily forked in her heart dissolves in a flurry as she gives him an understanding smile. Instead, she pulls him into a tight embrace, planting a warm, light kiss on the shell of his ear.

“Whatever happens,” she whispered. “I just want you to remember that you’re my best friend before anything else. No matter what happens, if this doesn’t work out, or if we don’t get our fairytale ending, that will never change.”

He pulls back, his lips finding her hairline, before he pulls her tighter into the crook of his neck. “Always,”

Beth's 'Journey'

Hello boys and girls. Today, I’d like to talk to you about a little thing called The Heroine’s Journey. This is actually a response to THIS awesome post and if you haven’t, you should read it, like it, reblog it, all those wonderful things. But mostly read it because I’m not going to repeat everything she already said. And then come back and read my response. I didn’t want to reblog that essay just to add an essay of my own when she’s clearly not on team delusional so I’m trying to be as respectful as possible. With that said, let’s get on with it.

According to her, Beth completed every stage of The Heroine’s Journey up until Stage 6. I vehemently disagree after reading that post. In fact, my faith is renewed even more after reading it. 

Stage 6 ‘The Death, or All is Lost’ is still what is happening right now. It is the fake death or seeming death. This death is a fake out for the audience and Team Family. It is a seemingly real death because it had to be. They are taking this stage very literally because hello, Walking Dead. All hope appears to be gone for good. It ends with a dark moment where all seems lost. Judging from the impact on Team Family, this coincides perfectly with Stage 6. I looked up the 45 Master Characters book to read up further on it and the text is so very interesting. The word choice is oddly familiar. “She may face a literal death experience." Yeah, I’d say this is pretty literal.

"She tasted success during the eye of the storm, and it felt good. Now she wants it all.”
During her interview with IGN, Emily made a point to state that Beth wanted it all which led to her being shot. Interesting, huh?

“If survival is an issue for her she’ll lose her means of support so she can support herself later on." This is mentioned in the Stage 4 ‘The Descent’ text. Since stage 4 and 5 can be repeated multiple times, this happened quite a bit with Beth. First, with losing the prison and her sister Maggie. Then again with being taken away from Daryl. 

"This hero must give up the path of resistance, the path that fights against the flow of things, and instead move into the path of allowance, going with the flow of events." Beth did just this when she adapted to her environment at Grady and wisely went along with the system while quietly plotting against it.

Stage 5 'The Eye of the Storm’
"After facing her fears and possibly the villain as well, the hero comes to terms with what just happened, and she feels she handled everything well. She gains a false sense of security. Somehow she stuck things out." This also happened at Grady with Beth’s first escape attempt that allowed Noah to escape. Afterwards, she had a face to face conflict with Dawn and challenged her ideals. Dawn then proceeded to beat Beth and Beth took it in stride. After that occurred, she was more confident and felt she had nothing to lose. Then, comes Carol, the small sliver of hope.
"She gets a small taste of success, however false, that will later fuel her motive to succeed again." In the final confrontation, Beth stood up to Dawn once more with a motive to succeed again.

Now let’s talk about Stage 7 'Support’. I think this is going to also run concurrently with Stage 8 'Rebirth’. "In some cases, like mysteries and horror stories, the hero finds herself totally alone as everyone else has died or disappeared. In this case another character has already set up the tools or set out the information she’ll need to find her way out. She’s still being helped." This sounds more like what we saw and will be seeing with Beth. Noah was her support during her time at Grady for the beginning portion. Thinking her dead, all of Team Family will have disappeared (left). Beth will find herself completely alone. Another character (or two) will end up helping her though by providing her with what she needs. This could be Morgan with the map later on. This could also be Dr. Edwards with the medical care. We don’t know yet, but it’s set up for either one or both at this point. "The hero can allow them to make amends through helping her.” I would say the Doc definitely has some amends to make. And I could also argue that Dawn could also fit in here a little bit, since she provided Beth the key to the medicine cabinet and continued to leave the elevator key in the same spot she always did.

Stage 8, to quote swiftsnowmane’s post, “the Heroine rises up from the ashes, stronger than ever before.” She takes the final steps to show her transformation. And I think, again, they’re going to use this very literally. After her brush with death, she will be 'reborn’ a new woman. Different but still maintaining the signature traits we know and love.

Stage 9 'Return to a Perfect World’. This is quite obviously Beth making it to Alexandria, or Hilltop. I don’t think this journey is over, not by a long shot. Judging from this, we’re still very much on Stage 6. What do you guys think?

blackpanthersdick  asked:

Alright, i'm bugging your ask box again. What do you think about Peeta's idealization in the fandom? I personally dislike it people seem to have this katniss is a cold-hearted bitch mentality while Peeta is perfect puppy angel and i just don't get it. What makes Peeta so much holier than Katniss? Cause he's white? cause he's merchant? Cause he doesn't kill as many people? help me out here

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