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Feral. (Joshua x Mingyu x Reader Smut)

HELLO GUYS SO HI, IT’S ME. :) SORRY WE HAVEN’T BEEN UPDATING AND POSTING, GUYS WE ARE SO BUSY LIKE AND I FEEL TERRIBLY SORRY FOR THAT. I wrote this because a lovely anon had requested and joshuaxmingyuxreader! and it has now arrived! but ya know, it’s really unrealistic in ways. ;) i hope you guys enjoy this! i am so sorry if it is does not reach your expectations but omg i did my best, everyone, enjoy!! we love you, as for the requests and the asks and such, please be a bit more patient! we want to be sure that you’ll be satisfied with our work, thank you. :) :* sorry if you don’t like this type of concept but i’m sorry. sabdfjkabflajdnasdlfnalskdfnasdffd

-admin kate x 

warning: there will be subtle rape scenes, and it may be triggering to some. if you’re not into that, then you can stop reading now. :) but we do have other stories you might enjoy ;) (self promoting, no shame)

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Can’t help | l.h

Originally posted by 5sospicturesque

Prompt: Loosely based on the song Can’t help falling in love

Word count: 1,829

A/N: So much fluff you might die

I walked in to see her in nothing but my worn out t-shirt and panties. She was jamming out to some weird remix playing on the radio, shouting her made up lyrics off-key. I couldn’t keep in my chuckle as she excitedly rocked her air guitar and whipped her hair like she was a rockstar from the 70s. I made my way to the kitchen and wrapped my arms around her energetic body, making her jump a little.

“Luke. You scared me to death dude.” She breathed, getting tired from her previous “rock show”.

“When will you stop calling your boyfriend dude?” I chuckled, pressing my lips to her sweaty forehead.

“Never.” She poked her tongue out teasingly while running away from my grasp. I shook my head at her childlikeness before rushing towards her, scooping her up and throwing her down onto the couch.

“Alright Titch. I still need to work on some stuff, but I’ll come down soon and help you with dinner okay?” I pecked her pouty lips before walking to my office.

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anonymous asked:

Hey. First off, you are incredibly talented and amazing. Second, I don't know if you've done this or one like this, but how would the Skeleguys react to S/O accidentally seeing them shirtless? (Like they walked in on him changing or something)

*Here’s the link to Red’s crush walking in on him shirtless


Sans isn’t downstairs, and he isn’t responding when you call him, so you decide to check his room and see if he’s there.  You’ve never actually been in his room, but the fabricated magical flames licking from beneath the door has always made you so damn curious.  So.. instead of knocking, you decide to try the doorknob.  One peek couldn’t hurt, right?

Inside, the room is not a roaring inferno, much to your disappointment.  Instead, it’s a simple room: a small mattress in the corner, a desk along the wall, a skeleton changing shirts, a treadmill with some sort of note taped to it, and a self-sustaining tra–

Wait.  Back up.

Sans is standing in the middle of the room, his white T-shirt stretched across his forearms.  He was in the middle of taking it off, so his torso is completely bare.  You do what any normal person would do in this situation.

You silently stare, rooted to the spot.  You forgot how to move.

Luckily, Sans doesn’t make this awkward.  "uh, hey. welcome to my room. sorry if it’s a little bare bones.“  He wags his bony brows, and you start to snap back into reality.  "should i put on some music or something?” Sans starts to move his hips back and forth, and then he takes his arms fully out of his shirt and gives it a languid twirl around his head.  Your face slowly starts to become hot.  You’re gawking.  

“I, I just.. um.. I called, and you didn’t–”

He chuckles, waving a dismissive hand as he drops the dirty shirt unceremoniously on the floor and begins digging for a new one.  "s'no problem.“

As much as you wish Sans would pretend it never happened, he’s going to make stripper puns the rest of the day.


You walk in on Papyrus changing in his room, and he immediately gasps and covers his ribs with his arms. He’s still wearing his gloves for some reason.  "H-HUMAN, I’M NOT DECENT!”

You’re so startled that you stammer an apology and practically slam the door closed.  Your heart is racing, and you find yourself standing with your back against the door, your face hot.  You can’t get the mental image of him standing there, completely shirtless–even without the tight black material he usually covered his bones with–yet still wearing his gloves.  Does that mean he put the gloves back on? Or did he just not wear the black material today??

You have too many unanswered questions, but when Papyrus emerges later on, you both act awkward and avoid eye contact.  


The first time you see him shirtless is when he’s gotten in a fight, and you want to look at his ribs.


You can see marrow on his shirt.  You insist that he takes it off, and when he stubbornly looks away, you just grab the hem and start to lift it up.  He struggles a little, his cheekbones a bright red, but if he really didn’t want you to take it off, you know he would stop you.  Instead, it doesn’t take long before you have the shirt up over his head, and he’s shirtless.

His ribs are a patchwork of scars and ossifications from old fractures.  You lightly trace a finger over an old mark, and he sucks in a sharp breath through his teeth.  Now, he’s looking directly at you, his eyelights small and laser-focused.  You touch another scar.  "Does it hurt?“ you can’t help but ask, your voice coming out much smaller than anticipated.

”…NO.“  His voice sounds rough, but thicker than usual, as if he’s speaking around a lump in his throat.  

You nod a little and start bandaging the new wounds.  Every time your fingers scrape against one of his uninjured ribs, you hear him breath in deep through his nasal cavity.  The entire time, he watches you carefully, his cheekbones dusted red, and his fingers clenching and unfurling against his thighs.  When you’re finished, he seems.. disappointed.. and just sits there, still staring.

“You..uh, you can put your shirt back on,” you mutter, which seems to snap him out of his trance.  He grunts, and then finally tears his gaze away to stand and go to his room to retrieve a clean shirt.


You walk in on Blueberry changing, and he immediately blushes a bright blue.  However, he doesn’t cover up his bones; instead, he plants his hands on his hips and tries to look you directly in the eye.  It’s more difficult than he expected.


Hoo boy.  You’re blushing like crazy.  As soon as you saw him, you tried to back out the door, but now, you’re frozen to the spot.






Suddenly, the door slams shut, and you’re staring up at Stretch, who’s grin looks a little scary.  "knock from now on, will ya? it’s just plain rude to walk in on someone like that.“

You can only nod and back away from the door, while you hear Blueberry’s outrage shout of “PAPY!” from the other side.  


It’s laundry day when you see him shirtless.  You’re sitting on the couch, watching NTT with Stretch when you hear Blueberry remind him from upstairs.  "ok,“ Stretch calls back, and he leans forward to shed his hoodie right then and there.  You were expecting him to have a black muscle tank on beneath it–you’ve caught glimpses of it on the rare moments when he reached for something high and the hem of his hoodie rode up his frame.  But.. apparently, laundry day means that his tanks are dirty because he’s completely shirtless now, his rib cage fully exposed.

You’re trying not to stare, but you can’t help it.  You’ve always wondered what he would look like without the hoodie, so seeing him without it and the tank is like Christmas in April.  

Of course, he notices you staring.

His lazy grin lifts into a smirk. "sorry. without the hoodie, i’m just skin and bones. minus the skin.”  You blush; it’s obvious he’s watching you from the corner of his eyesocket. “does it bother you?”

“No, no, not at all,” you practically trip over the words in your haste to get him to remain shirtless.  "I-it’s just.. interesting.“  Yeah, you’re real smooth, aren’t you?

Stretch chuckles and leans over, slipping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you against his side.  Your face turns even hotter, and you lean into his touch, resting your cheek against his shoulder.  You can feel his ribs scraping against your arm, and honestly, you shift positions not because you’re uncomfortable but because you want to feel his bones.  "i’m not too pokey, am i?” he asks in response to your shifting; he thinks you’re uncomfortable.

“Not at all,” you assure him quickly, and he relaxes.  The two of you continue watching TV like that, but honestly, you’re not paying attention to the show in the slightest. Napstaton could go on a killing spree on-stage, and you wouldn’t bat an eye right now.

five stages of grief

Title: Grief Has Many Names
Fandom: Servamp
Characters: Kuro and his siblings (including Tsubaki), Sakuya, Koyuki, and Mahiru.
Summary: Moving on takes time and patience, and some gentle nudging in the right direction.
Warnings: Major Character Death, suicide mention, alcohol mention.
Notes: I was going to have this up earlier, but something came up ;; My apologies for the delay and here’s the full-length story. Also, warning - it’s a long one. By the way, this was heavily inspired by P.S. I Love You, thanks to some devious minxes that put this idea in my head. (And kudos to anyone who recognizes the new contract item at the end.)

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Happy Birthday uniquepizzacollectionblog!

Originally posted by asdarknessfell

Posting this possibly early for you @uniquepizzacollectionblog (it’s May 16 in Australia), but we at @everlarkbirthdaygifts wish you a happy birthday :) We present you with a lovely fic by @booksrockmyface that she has written especially for you! Enjoy!

Title: Let the Light Illuminate these Hopeless Places

Rating: M

Author’s note: Happy birthday!! I hope it’s the best day ever and that this meets your wishes. The title comes from a line in the Paramore song Idle Worship.

Katniss was always early to everything. Even dragging her feet she still arrived at the high school gym a couple minutes after seven.

Delly, their class president, was sitting at the entrance with a table full of nametags. “Oh, Katniss!” Her smile was as bright as ever. “I’m so glad you came.”

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A Long Time Coming // Cisco x Reader

Request: Could you do a Cisco smut where him and the reader have been best friends since childhood and they’re maybe like having their weekly movie night or some other cute shit and they’re like sitting on the floor with a fuck ton of pillows and blankets and they like kiss or something and it turns into something more?

Warnings: cuddles and movie references and long awaited smut

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Request: “something cute with Kylo please?!? Maybe a Ben Solo AU if he didn’t turn dark side?”

Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: None

Originally posted by mirkokosmos

Hanna City buzzed below your high-rise tower apartment, preparations being made in celebration of the Summer Solstice tomorrow. Along with the other newly initiated Jedi, you were expected to provide security to the event, protecting the most important political figures in the Galaxy as they flocked towards the capital city of the newly formed Galactic Republic. It was a new hope for all, and your insides had fallen to giddiness during the days leading up to it. Even if this inter-war period did not last, at least people were happy. People had hope.

But after relentlessly going through practice emergency drills, you had fallen into bed last night, welcoming the bouncy mattress to your rosy cheeks. They had threatened to burst yesterday, when Ben continuously made obscene jokes and flirtatious remarks. You were always flustered around that cocky boy. And now, since he had woken to find you absent from final preparations, he had taken your fill of the work and completed it, afterwards finding you still sleeping in your quarters.

“Wake up sleepy head.” He whispered into your ear, a feather dangling from his fingertips. The white quill ran the length of your cheekbone, Ben gently placing a kiss where it had traced before you had the chance to wake up. You were stirring now, but only batted away the ticklish thing. Ben smirked, trailing the feather down your arm, where the Chandrilan sun was scattering gracefully upon your skin, through the flowing curtains of your large windows.

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“(B)romance” You/Xiumin

happy birthday to my love minnie queen-chan for beta-ing this fic for me (thanks also to the sister wives who mentioned f-ckboy minseok and gave me the idea in the first place)

vague college/summer au

the guy who always comes in during your shift is kind of an asshole. But also really, really hot. 

rating: nc-17 don’t say i didn’t warn you, save yourself

“Don’t ruin your pretty little figure with all that booze.”

Minseok works his jaw like it’s a miracle of God he hasn’t leapt over the counter to duct tape your mouth shut. He’s cute® when he’s angry.

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A Gerudo Story: Tebanem and Klinge.

Klinge toured the castle halls. He enjoyed the small walks he could have on his own around the castle interior, taking in the grandness of it all. So much history over the generations, personal included as well, in every inch. His concentration, however, was broken by two young men running around the corner, one of them smashing into him and falling into the floor.

Keeping his balance from the crash and looking down Klinge saw Prince Tebanam on the floor, and a son of a court member if Klinge recalled, panicking from the collision.

“Ow, that really hurt.”

“Tebanam, are you alright?!”

Klinge screamed internally from potentially harming the prince but kept steady. Tebanam was such a care free lad, and Klinge enjoyed how the prince took great interest in Gerudo history. If he unintentionally hurt him he would never forgive himself.

“Prince Tebanam, you are not hurt are you sir?”

“I’m fine Commander. Sorry for running into you.”

“You can address me as just Klinge Prince Tebanam. No need for ‘Commander’.”

“Then in return how about we just leave it at Tebanam if you don’t want formalities.”

Tebanam gave the commander a smile. Klinge reached down and yanked Tebanam up to his feet.

“I’d recommend getting checked out for head wounds. Running straight into a heavy suit of armour can’t be good for you.”

“Coming from the guy whose personal training gets me and my brothers and sisters rocked around like ragdolls. I think we’ll be fine.”

The boy with the prince dusted him off with deep concern in his eyes.

“You sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah, he’s intentionally given me worse. I’ll be fine.”

“Alright, good. I need you in peak condition.”

Tebanam gave him a smile beaming with joy.

“Let’s go. And sorry for once again running into you Klinge.”

“Think nothing of it.”

Klinge watched as the two boys ran off. They had a sparkle in their eyes that brought Klinge back to a younger time in his life. Ah, the joys of youth. Klinge continued his stroll down the castle, noticing the rainbow shining through the window. Looked like the storm outside had just finished.

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hockeybut  asked:

Sorry friend but I'm gonna need a happier follow up to the sprace meds story pls (when you have the time of course)

I think this was the fic you’re referring to? At least I hope so, because that’s what I did…

Thanks for the prompt, hope you enjoy!

Race had put Spot in his own bed. He didn’t have his key to Spot’s apartment anymore so he’d taken him back to his, close to putting Spot on the sofa. But Spot was ill – it wasn’t fair to leave him on the uncomfortable couch with just a blanket and a spare pillow. So he half dragged, half carried Spot to the bed and pulled the duvet over him, unable to stop himself from brushing Spot’s hair off his forehead.

Seeing Spot in his bed brought back too many memories. Lazy afternoons and hot nights and cold early mornings when getting up was torture. He instantly wanted to climb into bed beside him and curl up against his chest, but he wasn’t allowed. They didn’t do that anymore. And Spot was ill and barely conscious – hardly in the right frame of mind to consent to anything. So he left his ex-boyfriend alone in his bed and sat on the sofa by himself and aimlessly watched Netflix, the irony of the situation not lost on him.


When Spot woke up he was still muggy and ill, but not high on medication anymore. He stretched out, enjoying the familiar comfort of Race’s sheets. Until he realised that this was Race’s bed he was in, and he knew he’d lost that privilege months ago. He was quick to leave the room, not liking how he didn’t feel like he belonged there anymore, and head out into the rest of the apartment. Race was sat on the sofa, his head in his hands. When he heard Spot’s cough he started and climbed nervously to his feet.

Neither of them wanted to speak first, not knowing what they were allowed to say. Eventually Spot broke the silence.

“I don’t remember a lot of what happened,” he admitted, rubbing his arms with the palms of his hands to have something to focus on, “but I’m sorry they called you. I never changed my emergency contacts and… yeah.”

It wasn’t what he wanted to say. It wasn’t I still love you and I’m sorry it ended and changing that contact would feel too much like losing you forever and I don’t want that.

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anonymous asked:

I love this blog, so here's an angsty ask with a (hopefully) fluffy ending. Mukkun's s/o is usually the one taking care of everything in their shared life and apartment; one day, they get home from work, finding a mess and finally breaking down in a nervous cry due to tiredness and frustration: "I want a partner to rely on, not a child to look after, I'm tired of this!". Hopefully, that'd slap some good sense in the purple giant and let him realise how worn out his s/o is. Thank you so much! <3

Hello to you, dear Anon! (。^‿^。)/ Aww, thank you so much, it made me so happy to hear! Oh boy, Atsushi and his mess… I wish good luck to his s.o. All the good luck. He’s my favourite character, but I probably would drop dead (or he would, because I’d murder him). This took me more time than usual because a) it’s longer (4000 words wtf) and b) I’m also working on another chapter of my Suga fic that I’m posting on Ao3. Here we go!

This was not a good day.

You overslept and were late to work, got a nasty comment from boss on it, one of the clients was a real obnoxious pest to deal with, your brand new outfit got splashed by a car passing over a huge muddy puddle, the bus was packed and someone in your proximity there smelled like they hadn’t had a shower in a month, you typed in the wrong PIN twice when buying groceries and was stared at by all the people in the queue behind you, and you forgot your umbrella and the keys in the morning.

That was how you were stuck at your own doorsteps in the dark (since the light bulb in the lamp above you must have burned out), waiting for Murasakibara to let you in.

In rain pouring down at you like a tsunami.

For ten minutes now.

Yeah, this really was not a good day.

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Fakiru Week Day 5: Illusion

Fakiru Week 2016

“Hey, hey, slow down!”

Fakir grumbled, pushing through the mass of people while struggling to keep a close watch on the tiny girl weaving in and out between strangers’ legs.  

When he agreed to babysit his little cousin for the day, he didn’t know it entailed trailing after her for hours on end in a crowded aquarium full of screaming children and (understandably) grumpy parents.  And he’d forgotten just how fast Uzura was despite her stubby legs.

Granted, the exhibits were impressive, and he’d heard good things about the treatment of this aquarium’s marine life.  Uzura was particularly enraptured by the sights of iridescent jellyfish, petting the stingrays, and making silly faces at grinning eels.  And maybe he found it a little pleasant, seeing the ever-curious girl in wide-eyed astonishment and delight.  He even snapped a few pictures on his phone to show to her mother later.

But the hours wore on, he was getting hungry and cranky, and she ate way too many Swedish fish to slow down now.

“Hurry up, Fakir, hurry up!” she giggled, sprinting even faster.

He grit his teeth.  "‘Scuse me,“ he grunted, weaving (or shoving, whatever) past an equally-displeased gentleman with a pamphlet in his hands, "Sorry, just have to—dammit.  Uzura, hold on!  Don’t get yourself lost!”

“But we’ll be late for the show!”

What, there was a show, now?  What about food?!

It was evident that she wouldn’t listen, so he focused entirely on just catching up through the crowds, ignoring the first strings of mystifying music that signaled the start of whatever “show” Uzura was so intent on seeing.  

She must’ve darted and crawled her way through, because reaching the end of the room was a nightmare for his tall stature.  He might’ve taken the time to appreciate the large wall of glass in front of him (a vast tank full of a whole spectrum of colors in the form of fish, coral, and other marine life, and hey, he might’ve spotted a few stingrays in the corners of his eyes), if not for the fact that he’d almost completely lost sight of Uzura.

When he finally found her at the very front of the crowd, her little face was all but pressed against the glass.

Fakir forgot how to breathe when he looked up and saw her.

A mermaid.

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Our baby

Happy B-day, Colie!!! I’m giving you a very special gift - my first ever mpreg fic with pregnant Tony, because I know you like it ♥ ♥ ♥  hope you will enjoy it, surprisingly, I had fun writing it ;D mpreg still kinda terrifies me, but when I think about it, giving birth generally terrifies me.. but taking care of your partner during that time - nope ♥ 


Our baby

Tony felt awful. More than awful. He felt horrible. And he felt like a beached whale. No, take that back - he was a beached whale. He sighed heavily, looking at the white ceiling of his and Steve’s bedroom. Bored. So bored. What would he give to go down to his workshop and get dirty in car grease and drunk with caffeine. He tenderly stroked his round belly. It was getting so big that he could barely see his feet and that’s why Bruce sternly forbid him to force himself and stay on his and Steve’s floor, putting bed rest on him.

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The Next Adventure

Request: If you’re not busy could I possibly get an imagine? I’m a hufflepuff gal and obsessed with Bill Weasley recently ;v; Maybe something to do with them reuniting a few years after their graduation - either with the family or something to do with the Order? Thank you so much for the opportunity! <3

It’d been four years since Y/N Y/L/N had been home.

As soon as she had graduated from Hogwarts, she had left home, planning to never return. Disappointingly enough, that had backfired.

Her home was anticipating a war. Lord Voldemort, the leader of a genocide against muggles and muggleborns, had returned and the wizarding world of Britain was teetering on the edge of a version of hell that was thought to never be experienced again.

And, because of her stunning luck, Y/N had managed to get herself wrapped up in it.

Both of her parents had been involved in the First Wizarding War. They had been some of the best Aurors in the world and were in the Order of the Phoenix from the very beginning. The couple had launched themselves straight to the front lines, and had no regrets.

As Y/N had been growing up, her parents, Eli and Marie Y/L/N, had taught her to be open-minded and to not only protect herself, but others as well. Her first year at Hogwarts, and she was already fighting back against the bullies, even if they were seventh year Slytherins, who she was positive were eight feet tall. Y/N had always been braver than thought smart for how small she was. If she saw somebody in trouble, she never stopped to think and instantly jumped into the fray.

Years later, and nothing had changed.

After graduating from Hogwarts in 1987, Y/N had moved on to become an Auror. She’d always loved adventures, but she had considered other options due to a very close friend of hers. However, both of them knew she cared too much about helping others to give that up. Besides, it would be a way to pay tribute to her parents who had died in her sixth year due to one of their missions.

Y/N had passed her Auror training with flying colors, quickly becoming one of the best. She had studied under Mad-Eye Moody, that is, until he had retired four years after she had joined the force. After that she had started going undercover, and was constantly sent abroad to catch Death Eaters who had originally escaped during the First Wizarding War.

She had been in Russia, Moscow specifically, when she had gotten the letter.

Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody had owled her, writing about a resurrected Order of the Phoenix organized by Albus Dumbledore, Y/N’s old headmaster. With Lord Voldemort at large once again and a war brewing in Britain, the secret society needed all possible hands on deck.

Moody had not only signed himself up, but suggested Y/N Y/L/N to be a member, which, honestly, hadn’t been surprising in the slightest. Her mentor had a bad habit of deciding things for others, not caring if they agreed or not. In fact, the last line of his letter to her had read:

See you tomorrow.

And that was it. She packed up her things, and took a Portkey back home.


Y/N grunted as a body collided into hers, bubble-gum pink hair obstructing her view. The Auror laughed, hugging her friend back eagerly.

“Tonks!” she squealed. “I’m so happy to see you.”

“Same here! I can’t believe you came.”

If Y/N was being honest, neither could she. Russia had been amazing- well, not exactly. It had been extremely dangerous, and she had nearly blown her cover more times than she would have liked. However, for Y/N Y/L/N, that just made it even more of an adventure and even more amazing.

And yet…

There she was, at Diagon Alley, sitting at a table in Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor as the lazy summer sun streamed inside. She was enjoying her malt when one of her closest friends, Nymphadora Tonks, arrived to meet with her.

“How was… where ever you were?” Tonks asked, taking the seat across from her dark-haired friend.

“Moscow,” Y/N grinned. “And it was amazing.”

“Meaning you had three near-death experiences- minimum.”

Y/N laughed. The metamorphmagus wasn’t wrong.

Tonks rolled her momentarily teal-colored eyes. “Whatever, we’ll be discussing your mission later. I’m supposed to be filling you in.”

“Right,” Y/N sat back in her seat, running her finger along the edge of her glass. “Lord Voldemort is back. How’d that happen?”

Tonks sighed, and spent the next thirty minutes explaining to her friend just what she had missed in the past four years.

Y/N let out a low whistle. “Wow… that’s… quite the story.”

Tonks snorted. “Isn’t it though?”

The duo enjoyed a comfortable silence, glad to be reunited.

Well. Y/N did. Tonks was nervously biting her lip, wondering how to approach the subject. Y/N’s eyes met her younger friend’s, and she smiled lightly.

“You’re wondering if I’m going to join the Order or not, aren’t you?”

“You’ve gotten good,” Tonks chuckled.

Her companion scoffed. “What do you mean ‘gotten’?”

Tonks stuck out her tongue and both the girls laughed. “But, um,” the metamorphmagus bit her lip once again. “What’s your answer?”

That really was the question of the day, wasn’t it?

Y/N was back home in London after not being there for ages. She had been pulled out of a mission that had been step-by-step excitement, all of which she had either been risking her life, or saving others. It had been exhilarating and action-packed and she had loved every minute. That was why she had become an Auror. She not only saved lives, but every moment was invigorating.

However… Y/N had left it behind. Well, not completely. She was still an Auror, but she wouldn’t be undercover, she wouldn’t be traveling, she wouldn’t be experiencing the thrill that she loved every single second.

“It’s barely been a day, and you already miss it, don’t you?” Tonks shook her head.

Y/N blushed, but her friend wasn’t wrong. “Can you blame me? I don’t really have anyone or anything to hold me here. Nothing to fight for. But when I’m abroad and undercover, I’m fighting to protect innocent people.”

Tonks laughed so loud she attracted the attention of a few of the surrounding tables. “Come on, Y/N! If you join the Order of the Phoenix, you’ll be joining a war and will be protecting the world.”

Y/N blinked. “You’ve become more manipulative. I’m proud.”

“Is that a yes or a no?”

Y/N didn’t hesitate with her answer.

Nymphadora Tonks and Y/N Y/L/N stood outside of Number 12 Grimmauld Place, the wind blowing their hair about as the sun set, causing colors to be cast across the sky.

“Ready?” Tonks asked, grinning at her companion.

Y/N grinned back. “Definitely.”

The metamorphmagus handed her friend a note with words scrawled on it in perfect cursive. She smiled lightly as Y/N read the note.

“Got it?” Tonks asked. Y/N nodded returning the note to Tonks, allowing her to burn it so nobody else could read it. “Let’s go then.”

Together, the duo passed the threshold into the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black.

“Is it weird?” Y/N asked, holding the gate open for her friend. “Being here, I mean. Your mother was disowned by them, not to mention this house is meant to be filled by pureblood elitists.”

“Not really. Sirius has been extremely focused on erasing all of that kind of stuff.”

“You know, that’s weird too. I mean. People thought he was mass murderer for years. Hell, so did I.”

“I never did. Mum always said that it was bull. No way could her favorite cousin be a killer. Always said he was lighthearted. Now that I’ve met him, I’ve got to agree. He’s a good man.”

Y/N let that sink in. It was strange to think that one of Britain’s largest criminals, wasn’t really a criminal at all. Not to mention… her parents had helped to put him away.

The duo had reached the front steps, and Tonks turned to face her before opening the door, being sure to meet her friend’s eyes. “Be quiet as possible, yeah?”


“You’ll find out eventually.”

The Auror’s brow furrowed as she stepped inside.

Y/N Y/L/N had been many terrible places. She understood when people described a place as ‘eerie’ or ‘sinister’. Out of all those types of places she had been, Number 12 Grimmauld Place most certainly fit those characteristics best.

The entry hall was dark and lined with creepy portraits of Black Ancestors that sneered at her and Tonks. At the end of the hall, on the left side, there were steps framed with an iron wrought banister. On the other side, there was a closed grimy, dark wood door. In between the two entry way exits hung a dark colored curtain that covered the entire wall.

Y/N gasped as Tonks whispered into her ear. “Welcome to the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. Enjoy your stay!”

Y/N snorted.


The curtains flew open to reveal a large portrait of an annoyingly gorgeous woman. Her dark hair was pulled into a tight bun that showed off her aristocratic bone structure. She wore a high collared emerald gown, and sat in a velvet cushioned chair. Her dark eyes glinted as her beautiful face scrunched into an ugly grimace as she screamed at the duo.

“The hell is that?” Y/N asked, covering her ears as she faced her friend.

“That would be Mrs. Walburga Black, my great aunt.”

“Great family you’ve got.”

“Isn’t it, though?”


Another voice had joined the fray as the door at the end of the hall, allowing for two men to come running into the hall. Five tense minutes passed as the two strangers struggled to close the curtains. Finally, with a giant heave, they managed it before turning to face the girls.

“Of course it was you two.”

Y/N grinned. There in the door frame, in all of his angry glory, stood Alastor Moody.

“Nobody else would manage to wake her up in such record time.”

“I missed you too, Mad-Eye.”

And she had. After her parents died and she became an Auror, Mad-Eye had been her mentor. He had taught her practically everything she knew.

Mad-Eye grunted in response. The man besides him laughed, brushing his long, black hair out of his face.

“Aw, calm down Mad-Eye. It will never be a normal day without this hag hollering at someone.”

The man turned to face his newest guests, giving them a bright smile. He was handsome. Or, he had been, a long time ago. He couldn’t have been that old, somewhere near his mid-thirties, but the wrinkles on his forehead and the shadows behind his silver eyes said otherwise. As Y/N studied him, she realized his grin was familiar.

“You must be Y/N Y/L/N, one of Mad-Eye’s old protégés, am I right?”

“That’s me.”

“Heard you were a prodigy.”

“I wouldn’t disagree with you.”

Mad-Eye snorted. “I would.”

The stranger’s grin grew, if that was possible. “Nice to meet you, kid. The name’s Sirius Black. I assume you’ve heard of me.”

“Yeah,” Y/N’s eyes didn’t waver from his. “I have.”

“Come on down to the kitchen, and we’ll talk. Tonks and Moody can come too.”

Tonks had opened her mouth, stepping forward and ready to come along, when Moody’s hand landed on her shoulder. “That’s all right, Sirius. We’ll see you both later tonight, during the meeting.”

Y/N was about to comment, not particularly wanting to be left alone with a criminal that her parents had helped to arrest… even though he wasn’t really a criminal. However, Tonks’ loud voice cut her off.

“Right! Yep. We’ll see-”

“Quiet,” Moody growled. “Do you want to wake her?”

Tonks’ eyes widened. Sorry, she mouthed.

Moody rolled his good eye. “See you in a couple of hours.”

Sirius chuckled as the door quietly swung closed behind the Auror mentor and mentee. He watched as Y/N nervously shuffled back and forth on her feet. “Oh, calm down. I’m not an actually a mass murderer. Thought that was part of the briefing.”

Y/N blushed. “It was.”

“Then let’s go have some tea, yeah?”


Y/N was tracing a mark on the kitchen table, eyes focused on her task. Although it startled her, the Auror didn’t flinch as the dark-haired man slammed down her mug in front of her. Sirius sighed deeply as he sunk into his seat across her, tossing his feet up onto the table.




“So! This is awkward.”

Y/N laughed. She felt tense, but Sirius was very good at making her feel comfortable. “Definitely.”

“Y/L/N, right? Yeah, I knew your parents.”

Y/N blushed once again, ducking her head. “I know. They, um, they helped to arrest you.”

Sirius let out a bark of laughter, drawing the young Auror’s attention back up to him. “Not what I meant, but yeah. They did. Don’t worry though. I’m not going to hold it against you. They were doing what they thought was best.”

“Wait, if that wasn’t what you meant… how did you know them?”

“I was part of the original Order as well,” SIrius explained. “They were good people, always wanting to help others. If I’m being honest… I looked up to Eli and Marie.”

“You did?” Y/N hadn’t expected that.

“Oh, yeah.” Sirius folded his hands behind his head, casually leaning back in his chair so that he caused it to only rest on the back two legs. “They were Gryffindors as well, a couple of years above my mates and I. Even then, I looked up to them.”

“Yeah. They were pretty great, weren’t they?”

“Definitely. I was sorry to hear about what happened to them.”

Y/N’s gaze fell back to the mark she was tracing. “Mm, me too.”

Sirius frowned. It was obvious that even after nine years, the girl was still hurting from her loss. Although, who could blame her? Her parents had lost their lives when she was only sixteen. That takes a toll on a person.

“Eli ever tell you about the time he and Kingsley Shacklebolt, another friend of ours (you know, part of the original Order and in Eli’s year), started a food fight during the Closing Feast?”

Y/N eyes widened. Her father joked around, sure. He’d pull the occasional prank on her mum. It was half the reason she believed in true love. Her parents could go from arguing to teasing each other to cuddling in a matter of minutes. She had had that once.

But… Kingsley Shacklebolt? It was difficult to believe that the mad she had always known as ‘professional’ and ‘composed’ used to pull pranks.

“No way.”

Sirius grinned. It was always fun to see people’s reactions to Kingsley’s ‘dark’ past.

“Yes way.”

The next hour and a half was spent filled with laughter as Sirius told Y/N story after story about his past with Eli and Marie. He was in the middle of a thrilling tale about how he, her father, and James Potter had pulled a prank on Kingsley.

“Oi, Sirius!” A familiar voice echoed down the steps into the kitchen. “You here, mate?”

“Yeah! We’ve got a guest as well.”

“Really? Who?”

Y/N’s jaw dropped as her gaze landed on Bill Weasley, her closest friend since she was eleven years old.



The two were hugging in what had to have been less than five seconds. Sirius raised his eyebrow as he watched the old friends reunite. Y/N had her head buried into the oldest Weasley’s neck, and he was holding her so tightly that he had lifted her just enough that her toes brushed the ground.

He cleared his throat, perhaps relishing a little bit too much in making the moment awkward. “I’ll be upstairs. Keep in mind that the meeting should be starting in about thirty minutes, you two.”

For the umpteenth time that night, Y/N blushed, stepping back from her embrace with her friend as Sirius walked back them and up the stairs. Bill, however, simply rolled his eyes. He could hear the older Order member laughing from upstairs.

A calm moment passed as Bill held his friend’s elbows, staring into her eyes. “Heya, Y/N.”

“Hi, Bill.”

The duo laughed, happy to just be in each other’s company again.

“How have you been?” the redheaded man asked, curious to how his best friend had been doing since the last time he had seen her.

“I’ve been… great,” Y/N grinned. “Had the time of my life in Russia.”


“Oh, yeah. Moscow specifically.”

“What were you doing there?” His hand had trailed down her arm, interlacing his fingers with hers and tugging her along behind him over to the table.

“Tracking down Antonin Dolohov. Quite a chase, that one. What about you though? Last time I heard you were a Curse Breaker in Egypt. What are you doing back in London?”

Bill sighed, running his hand up and down Y/N’s arm. They had always been rather touchy with one another. Practically all of Hogwarts had thought they were a couple because of it. Of course, they weren’t. They were just good friends, that was all, even though nobody ever believed them. Y/N and Bill had just never really seen each other… at least, they hadn’t until their seventh year.

They had given each other a shot that year, and it had probably been the happiest year of Y/N’s life. Bill’s too, even though he had never told her. That year had been spent cuddling and talking and having adventures with one another. Honestly, it wasn’t that different from previous years. This one just involved things that were much more intimate, like conversations and… other pass times.

Sadly, they had break it off. Bill was planning to become a Curse Breaker meaning that he would need to travel to places like Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Y/N knew from a very young age that she was going to be an Auror. Although, after a year that was practically spent in heaven, she had reconsidered.

For a millisecond.

Bill had refused for her to give up on her dream. Y/N had been ranting about becoming an Auror since the very first day of their first year. There was no way that he was about to let her give that up.

“Guess I’m back here for the same reason you are,” Bill responded. “The Order of the Phoenix and Lord Voldemort.”

“Yeah,” Y/N laughed without humor. “Sounds about right.”

A comfortable silence passed, Bill playing with Y/N’s fingers as she gazed up at him.

“How long will you be here?” she asked.

“I was actually thinking about staying. For, uh… for good.”


“Yeah.” He stilled his hand and raised his gaze to meet hers. “As long as I’ve got a reason to stay.”

Y/N’s breath caught in her throat. “I was thinking the exact same thing.”

Their stares didn’t waver from one another. Y/N nervously licked her lips as Bill leaned forward, raising a calloused hand to cup her soft cheek. His lips were a hair’s breadth away from her own, when he whispered, “I’ve missed you, Y/N.”

She was about to reply, when their lips touched and she was suddenly thrown back in time to her seventh year at Hogwarts and light pecks and heavy kisses and laughter and teasing and arguing and cuddling in the common room late into the night.

Y/N let out a ragged gasp as Bill pulled away. The kiss had barely lasted five seconds, and yet there was so much passion and past behind it.

“I’ve missed you too, Bill.”

His thumb softly stroked her cheek, intently studying her face as if her were once again trying to commit every part of her to memory. “Is there any chance you have something to stay for?”

“As long as you do.”

Bill grinned and Y/N had to admit that she felt as though she had found the thing she had been looking for during her years undercover.

“I do,” he replied. “I definitely do.”

Y/N laughed, and practically launched herself into Bill’s arms and she felt like she had finally returned home after eight years.

“Oi, you two done reuniting, yet? I mean, is it safe?”

Bill laughed, standing and pulling Y/N along with him, refusing to release her from his grip after having to go so long without her. Their one year together had been the best year of his life. Sure, he had agreed to break it off and move on. It wasn’t exactly what he had wanted. If Bill had to give up his hopes and dreams to be with Y/N he’d do in a heartbeat, but he’d never ask that of her. He had let her go, wishing her the best and hoping that she’d be happy, because if he was being perfectly honest, as long as she was happy, he’d be okay.

But he hadn’t been. He had missed her every second of every minute of every day for the past eight years. It had hurt to let her go, and it still hurt him to this day to even think about it.

Now, though… well, now she was back and everything that his life had been aiming towards in the past eight years had finally fallen into place. Everything felt… right.

“Sod off, Sirius. It’s safe.”

The grin that Sirius wore was a bit too big for Y/N’s tastes. “Sorry, mate. Couldn’t resist.”

“Of course, you couldn’t,” she laughed.

The dark-haired man rolled his eyes, once again taking the seat across from the young Auror and tossing his feet onto the old table. “The meeting is about to start. Tonks and Mad-Eye just got back, and Kingsley Shacklebolt’s here as well.”

“Thanks for the heads up.”

“No problem, mate.”

Y/N was stuck between wanting to laugh as Sirius’ teasing of her and Bill, which was obviously grating on the redhead’s nerves, and also being annoyed by it.

The newly refreshed couple once again sat down, clutching each other’s hands beneath the table and whispering to one another as people filled the kitchen. It had been strange for Y/N to see people she had either never met or hadn’t seen in ages united for a common cause. As she looked around at the calm and cheerful crowd, the Auror had to grin. Her home was on the brink of war, and she knew that these people were ready to give up their lives to not only protect each other, but all of the innocent people who might lose their lives due to a genocide.

Kingsley Shacklebolt, an old family friend was there, arguing with Alastor Moody, her mentor. Tonks and Sirius exchanged stories, laughing so hard that their eyes watered. Minerva McGonagall, the Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, sat scowling at Mundungus Fletcher as he slept. Arthur and Molly Weasley weren’t there, but Y/N had been informed that they and the youngest four Weasley children would soon be moving into Number 12 Grimmauld Place in order to be a bigger part of the Order. Remus Lupin was smiling as he listened to the conversations around him.

“It’s good to be home,” Bill whispered into her ear. “Isn’t it?”

If she was being honest, Y/N didn’t really care all that much. In fact, she was already missing the adventure and thrill that came along with being undercover.

Then again, Bill was there. Bill was home. The person she knew she had been in love with since she was seventeen years old. She wouldn’t necessarily say that she regretted leaving him behind in order to further her career. She loved doing undercover work as an Auror. It had been an amazing adventure.

However, as she looked at Bill, it occurred to her that maybe it was time to… settle down. To move past endless adventures, and if she did that, Bill would be the perfect person to do that with. He’d been a part of some of her best adventures. He was the one who knew her best.

He was home.

Wow, that took a long time to get to Bill. Sorry, this imagine had a mind of it’s own. I’m not even sure it totally makes sense.

Oh, well! I hope you enjoyed!

-Admin Nox

The First Night Is Always The Hardest

or the one where you’re just really nervous and harry really wants you to let him hold you. tumblr: harryforvogue

It’s not like the whole idea was awkward. Couples cuddles, couples kissed, couples talked about their feelings. It wasn’t rocket science and it definitely wasn’t a new concept. However, nobody really understood how nerve wracking it actually was be when you found yourself in a particular situation, especially if you’re dating the hottest man in the world.

Harry had been at the studio all day, working on his masterpiece of an album. He had promised you the night before that he’d be at your doorstep within a couple hours. The last time you had heard from him was around 11 am and at about 10 pm, you figured he wasn’t coming around.

You hadn’t been dating for long. a little over a month, and now that you think about it, how many times had you actually seen him since he took you on your first date. You were well aware of the conditions you had signed up for when you agreed to be his girlfriend, and it’s not like he was proud of leaving you alone for several days.

In fact, the next time he would see you, however long the duration of his absence was, he always showered you with apologies, and who were you to deny them. They sounded raw and hurtful every time, so you accepted them graciously.

You sadly glanced over your living room. You had set a couple movies on the floor and blankets messily folded for when Harry arrived. You decided to tidy up the place once the clock struck 10:30.

As soon as you tucked the blankets back into their respective homes in the cabinet adjacent to your room, you heard a heavy knock at your door.

Your heart immediately began pounding my your chest, blood rushing to your face and ears and your glided your way to the wooden door, taking a brief moment to collect yourself. Dating Harry also meant looking,,,somewhat acceptable at most times, mainly because of gorgeous Harry’s previous partners were.

You opened the door to reveal a weary boyfriend, sagging against the door frame, looking up at you with sleepy, fatigue engulfed eyes. A lazy smile etched on his red lips as you breathed, “Hey.”

“Hi love. I made it.”

“You didn’t have you,” you gushed, a wave of guilt hitting you as you realize you never told him it was okay to just go home, “it’s really late.”

He nodded and stood upright, nudging his toe against the door you held tightly in your hands, knuckled turning white with strain. “Haven’t seen yeh in…a week right? Yea, a week,” he paused then, glancing around you, peering into your flat, “am I allowed inside?”

Your eyes widened as you feverishly nodded, moving back anything but swiftly, hitting your heel against the shoe rack. Embarrassed, you muttered an, “ow”, to which Harry briefly chuckled.

“Thank you, love,” he said softly, dropping a quick kiss to the top of your head, proceeding to enter your living room.

“Yeah,” you whispered in reply, locking the door, then following his footsteps.

He sat with his legs uncomfortably cross, damn those tight jeans, and hands crossed in his lap. “I really am sorry about being late.”

You shook your head and sat next to him, a smile on your face to reassure him that it was completely fine he had sweat with anxiety and pace with hopefulness for the past couple hours. “I kind of figured you weren’t coming, you know, since you probably have work tomorrow too.”

Damn, how were you supposed to get used to those large, drowsy eyes and bitten lips?

“I do,” Harry sighed, running a hand over his eyes. “Quite early too. Everybody just wants the studio and I have to book it as early as possible.”

Or you could take a couple days off, you thought to yourself but realized that the idea is too selfish. Instead, you nodded and jutted your chin towards your small kitchen. “Do you want some tea?”

Harry took a moment to ponder before shaking his head, turning towards you. He looked so sleepy and gone, your heart physically hurt. “Tomorrow maybe.”

He didn’t let you reply as he took your face between his palms and pressed himself closer to you. Your eyes closed before his did. Harry connected your lips together, softly and slightly hesitant, as if he were still wary about your limits. He didn’t know you exceptionally well, although he intended to in the near future, so his hands were always a little shaky, a little slow when it came to touching you. His delicious scent engulfed your senses and suddenly, you were putty in his hands.

You imagined how you guys looked in your head. The lights in your flat were dimmed, a single candle lit in the corner of the room right by the large television, Harry’s eyes scrunched closed, yours fluttering constantly, lips locked in a kiss.

Harry’s thumbs ran across your cheekbones gingerly as if you were going to break, as if he would even let that happen. He released your lips, only drawing you closer for another kiss; a low hum of approval emitted from deep within his chest. He tasted faintly of spearmint.

As quick as Harry’s warmth filled your body, it left as he opened his eyes and pressed a final kiss right below your lips, a breathless laugh falling from his own redder mouth. Your eyes were glazed as you opened them. “Missed you,” the words tumbled from you before you could stop them.

Harry’s shoulders sagged as he wrapped his strong arms around your waist, a sad expression on his face, connecting his forehead with yours. “I know, love. I’m here right now. I’m staying.”

You stayed like that for a while, your head on his chest, his hand rubbing your back slowly.

It was anything but relaxing. Your heart only beat faster than ever and you quickly had to pull away before he could comment on it. “You sure you don’t want tea? It’ll wake you up. Your flat a bit far from here.”

Harry’s face contorted into hesitation again as he opened his mouth. “Actually,” he began, “I was goin’ ask yeh if it’s alright for me the crash here?”

He vigilantly watched you.

An entire night with Harry alone sounded appealing but what if he tried to make conversation with you and realized how boring you were? It was a miracle he even asked you to be his girlfriend, and you were well aware with the fact that his relationships usually didn’t last longer than a couple weeks.

Truth was, Harry had met you by accident while visiting a close friend. There was quite a long line of friends before your name was listed, however sure enough, you had found Harry at a party. It had been difficult talking to him then, and it was still pretty impossible now. You had told Harry everything he wanted to know about you, (your interests, choice of men, favorite color…etc), as if in a dream. You knew it would take a while for you to get used to having such a beautifully complex human in your life intimately.

“Yeah,” you breathed, “that’s fine.”

He relaxed and and pecked your lips softly. “Thank you, love!”

He stood up and stretched, (you definitely didn’t let your eyes linger at his exposed skin and mouth watering tattoos).

“I’m going to sleep now since I have to get up early. Will my girlfriend be joining me?” He teased, watching you stand up as well. You nodded almost shyly and clumsily circled around him, leading him upstairs.

You pointed at the bathroom and mumbled something about an extra toothbrush being in the cabinet. He thanked you and left you alone after that.

You quickly changed into your night attire, which consisted of sweatpants and a tight tee shirt. It hadn’t occurred to you what Harry would wear to bed until he trudged into your room, a confusion look plastered on his face. “I haven’t got any clothes with me.”

You blinked. “I don’t have anything for you either.”

You saw his jaw clench, a shiver running through your spine. He nodded and retreated back into the bathroom. “I’ll improvise.”

Harry didn’t take long in the bathroom and he wasted no time getting into bed. You stomach growled suddenly, low enough to only be heard by you and you bit your lip wondering if sacrificing your own hunger was really worth providing Harry with a peaceful night. You were already in bed, heavy blankets draped over your shivering body, and far too lazy to get up. You resolved the issue with the decision to eat a fairly large breakfast tomorrow and closed your eyes, back facing Harry.

Silently, you heard his jeans drop to the floor with a clang which almost made you turn around.

“Did you just-”

“I have no other option!” Harry protested, a grin probably growing on his stupid, adorable face.

He climbed into bed then, groaning once he straightened his back, cracking his knuckles, from heaven knows what part of his body, a couple times. He yawned almost inaudibly and finally went still. “Goodnight, beautiful,” he rasped sleepily.

“Goodnight Harry,” you whispered.

The silence didn’t last long. A couple seconds later, the tall boy huffed abruptly and you felt his voice at your ear. “Babe,” he whined lowly.

He forced an arm under your stomach, wrapping his long limb around your waist, thrusting your against his chest, legs holding yours hostage between his, lips at your neck. “Face me,” he pouted.

Who were you to deny him of a perfect night? So, you turned around quickly and let him guide you into a position suitable for both. You rest your head in the crook of his neck, breathing him in. It felt right. The way Harry took your waist, rubbing the clothed skin, and the way Harry’s chest rose and fell with every breath. You felt at home, calm, and above all, happy.

Surprisingly, you realized there was no reason to be worried about being in such close proximity with this beautiful man. There was no reason to be scared.

You found it exceptionally easy to fall asleep that night.

As prompted by sherlock-yer:

Prompt: Thor is introduced to a pet shop by tony. He very soon is coming home each night with a new pet - including a large parrot and a golden retriever, despite the complaints from the other avengers.

One-Shot: Pet Shop Boys

Steve, Tony and Thor slowly walked down the street. Between the three of them, they took up the entire width of the pathway. They had taken the opportunity of a day off from crime-fighting to walk about the city. Clint and Banner had declined the invitation but stuck around to watch Cap and Tony try to squeeze Thor into a disguise comprised of a hoodie and jeans.
Since then they had been to an ice-cream shop, a bar (at Tony’s request) and a park so that Steve could feed the ducks.  They were heading back to Stark Tower when Thor stopped in his tracks. It took a few seconds for his companions to notice his absence.
“Where’d the walking L'Oréal commercial go?” Tony eventually said.
“I’m not sure I understand that reference.”
“Thor, I’m talking about Thor. Where is he?”
Steve’s head whirled around a couple of times before he spotted the familiar mane of golden hair. Thor’s face was pressed against the glass of a shop that they had just passed. Upon reaching his side, the pair saw that it was a pet shop. After Tony and Steve had finally joined him, Thor spoke, his booming voice bouncing off of the window against which his face was pressed.
“What are these tiny mortals?” With a sigh, Tony responded.
“Puppies, Thor. They’re like… baby dogs.” He gestured with his hands as he spoke – not used to explaining something that seemed so normal to someone so… not.
A golden retriever pup had woken up and approached the glass upon seeing the gathered crowd. Standing on its hind legs, it rested its front paws on the glass and licked where Thor’s nose was positioned on the other side. Cap smiled.
“How does one attain a…‘puppy’?”
“You don’t.” Tony stated bluntly before folding his arms.
“Not while you’re living under my roof.”
“Don’t be such a drag, Stark.” Steve said rolling his eyes.
“He’s not having a puppy – that’s the final word on the subject.” Tony said. Despite being a mighty thunder God that was 70% muscle and 30% everything else, it was surprisingly easy for Tony to grab his arm and drag him away from the store.

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Fight for What’s Yours - Isaac Lahey/Brett Talbot imagine

Request:  Can you do an imagine where Isaac comes back and him and Brett fight over y/n, and they’re both super protective over her and eventually Brett gets the girl???

[A/n]: Besides me being too lazy to proofread, I think this is actually somewhat cute, and I’m sorry for the long wait. I hope that little dialogue, in the end, goes well with the title. I don’t know. I hope you enjoy! :))))

Status: Edited

Word count: 731

“Go away, Isaac,” you mumbled under your breath, hearing the front door slam shut behind him and his heavy shoes step out onto your front porch. “Don’t think that now is the time that you can just waltz over to me and talk me into dating you. I’m angry not vulnerable.”

You felt a warm jacket rest over your shoulders and you thought to push it off, but you decided against it since it was pretty chilly outside and you were only dressed in a thin dress and booties. 

“It’s Brett’s; he told me to give it to you because he knew you’d be cold.” He took a seat beside you on the top step. “I knew that too, of course.” You turned to look at him with emotionless, unimpressed eyes. He sighed, “I’m sorry.” You rolled your eyes, focusing back out on the many cars scattered across your front lawn.

Tonight was the night of your annual Christmas. Usually, your parents hosted, but after a few hours of convincing them, they decided on you being the hostess. 

You couldn’t even begin to explain how nervous you were and how perfect you wanted everything to go. You’d put so much effort into it, and everyone around you knew it, even Isaac–your ex-boyfriend. He had randomly returned to America from France only five weeks, claiming that he still loved and would do anything to ‘win you back’. This was what sparked immediate tension between him and your current boyfriend (Brett). The two argued nonstop about who was going to date you .

It wasn’t really a problem at first seeing as the idea of two guys fighting for your attention was adorable until they literally started fighting. Eventually, they both started acting like immature five-year-olds. Both of them wanted to prove they knew you better and that they could protect you more and that they were overall the better choice for you, yet little did they know that they were both driving you insane. 

“You really love him don’t you?” Isaac’s voice interrupted your thoughts.

You looked over at him before looking down at your hands, “Yeah, I do.”

“Alright then,” Isaac nodded, “I’ll lay off.”

You head snapped in his direction, “Really? That’s all it took?” He didn’t respond, just continued to look out at everything before him. “Why couldn’t you have realized that earlier?”

He shrugged, “When I was a kid, my dad—when he wasn’t beating the crap out of me and locking me in freezers—” he paused to look over at you with a slightly amused face, “he–he always taught me to fight for what’s mine. When I came back I thought I was doing us both a favor by fighting for you and your attention…guess I just forgot that you weren’t mine anymore.”

You watched as he turned to look back at the street before you spoke. “Wow, Isaac that was—”

“Deep? I know,” he smirked playfully.

“I was gonna say cliche, but—yeah—that works too.”

The two of you shared a small laugh which Isaac was the first to break. “Well, I’m gonna head back inside. I’m pretty sure Brett wants to talk to you.”

“Did he tell you that?”

“No, but I can feel him staring at us through the window,” he said in a softer voice. You and Isaac simultaneously turned around to see Brett moving the curtain to cover his face.

You giggled at your boyfriend, not understanding why he thought he could mysteriously make his 6′2″ frame disappear behind a window curtain.

“Send him on out.”

You waited patiently as Isaac went inside and Brett walked out in his place. He sat down next to you, and you instantly leaned over to peck his cheek.

“I love you.”

He looked down at you as you leaned your head on his shoulder. “I love you, too.” He paused. “So you’re not mad?”

You looked at him through your eyelashes, “Oh I’m pissed; you guys got lemonade all over me and my new dress…but I guess it was for the right reasons.”

He smiled at you, bending down to kiss your forehead.

“Brett, do me a favor.” He raised an eyebrow at you, “Next time one of my exes come into town, please don’t think they can take me away from you. I love you, Brett, and only you.”

“Wait, there’s more than Lahey?”

Blind Date

Cafe!Au Series

Word Count: 2211

Genre: Fluff

It was a lazy day for you. The midday sun hung high in the sky, as you strolled leisurely through town. A familiar-looking cafe caught your eye, so you decided to go in and have some coffee.

Upon entering, an even more familiar-looking face greeted you at the cash register.

“(Y/N)! You finally came!” Exclaimed Jeonghan, his hair sloppily pinned back and his brown apron covered in mystery stains.

“I didn’t know you worked here, Jeonghan. It looks nicer in person than in the photos you showed me.” You explained.

You liked to consider Jeonghan a close friend, though he was always very aloof and reserved. It was hard to get to know him. He possessed this mysterious charm, that was very alluring at first, but quickly became frustrating for you. No matter how close to him you got, it would always seem as if someone else was closer. No matter many of his secrets you thought you knew, it would always seem as if someone else knew more. And no matter how much it felt like Jeonghan flirted with you, it would always seem as if his heart belonged to someone else.

You grew tired of trying to play push and pull, as it became draining to constantly get let down by the feeling that Jeonghan wasn’t actually as attainable as he seemed. So, you gave up. Though you still liked Jeonghan, you decided it wouldn’t be healthy to keep your hopes up if it didn’t seem like he would make a move any time soon. And it didn’t.

So, instead of wasting anymore time on Jeonghan, you enlisted the help of another friend to set you up on a blind date. It was true that you barely had any information about the guy you would be going out with, but in your mind, a first date couldn’t hurt. And, there was a possibility that the date would go well. It could serve as a fresh start, a new beginning, or a distraction from Jeonghan.

“So, what’s up with you these days? I know it’s been a couple weeks since we last talked.” Said Jeonghan as you approached the counter.

“I’m doing pretty well. You?” You responded.

“I’ve been better, but, haven’t we all?”

“Tell me about it. What’s good here?”

“Anything I make.”

“Wow, you really never change, huh?”

“Well, you love me just the way I am.”

“That, I do. And I would also love an iced americano.”

“Coming right up.”

You gave Jeonghan your money for the drink, and he somehow managed to look more handsome than ever as he made it for you. Trying not to get caught up in his good looks again, you took the coffee as soon as it was handed to you, and attempted to walk straight out of the cafe.

“Wait,” Jeonghan called after you, “Are you busy right now?”

“Ah, no, actually. But, you look like you are. I don’t want to be a bother.” You replied.

“Well, my shift is over now. If you’ve got time, we could hang out for a bit.” He said, a sincere tone to his voice.

With a reluctant nod of your head, Jeonghan raced to the break room to clock out, his position at the cash register being filled by yet another young, handsome barista. When he returned, Jeonghan looked like a whole new person. The bobby pins were out of his hair, so it fell naturally, perfectly framing his face. And instead of that dusty brown apron, a grey pinstriped blazer covered his white dress shirt. Jeonghan always managed to look stunning, no matter what he wore.

He walked to you gracefully, leading you to a table for two in the corner of the cafe. As you sat and talked to Jeonghan, you found yourself falling back into a pit of affection for him. The two of you caught up with one another, acting as if you hadn’t seen each other in years, but talking casually, like you lived in the same house.

“So, you’re still single, right? No boys I need to beat up?” Jeonghan asked playfully.

“Well, there definitely aren’t any boys to be beaten. But, my friend is setting my up on a blind date. The only problem is, we can’t figure out where to have the date.” You explained.

“I see. Well, you could always have it here. Seungcheol, the manager, has these Monday night live performances called Music Monday. If your date is interested, that could be really fun.” He suggested.

“You know, that sounds like a good idea. I’ll have my friend arrange it.” You decided.

You pulled out your phone, texting your friend the newly determined details of the date. As you looked at the phone screen, you couldn’t help but feel that there was someone looking at you. You refused to get your hopes up again, though. Even if you allowed yourself the victory of knowing Jeonghan was looking at you, it couldn’t be as simple as that. The next day you, would surely catch him staring at dozens of attractive cafe customers.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Asked Jeonghan, snapping you out of the deep thought that engulfed you.

“Oh, yeah. I was just thinking about…” You trailed off, unsure of whether or not to confront him about your suspicions.

“About what?”

“About how to phrase this sentence. I don’t want to come off as needy.” You lied.

“Ah, (Y/N), you always have lacked a bit of confidence. Just say what you mean. Not everyone has this secret side of them, where they’re completely different than how they act around you. Your friend likes you for you.”

Jeonghan’s words echoed through your head for a while. It felt like there was a deeper meaning to the message he was trying to send. Could it be, that he was talking about himself? But if it was true, if Jeonghan really did like you the way you thought he did, why didn’t he say anything about it?

As you pondered these thoughts, Jeonghan unfortunately notified you that he had to be on his way. You decided to leave the cafe too, and after bidding your goodbyes, the two of you parted ways at the door.

A sinking feeling made its way to your stomach, as you realized that scheduling a date at Jeonghan’s workplace most likely was not the best idea. And going about the date would probably present itself as a challenge, since Jeonghan might prove to be very distracting. Though, from what you could remember, Jeonghan’s shift seemed to end in the early afternoon. So, you figured that he’d be long gone by the time Music Monday even started.

Thus, as your second bad idea, you arrived at the cafe completely unprepared to see Jeonghan’s shining figure standing on the makeshift stage as the other employees tested the spotlight.

As the spotlight went off, Jeonghan turned in the direction of the door, his face lighting up to almost the same extent as the spotlight when he saw you.

“(Y/N), hey! The show is going to start in five minutes. Is your date here yet?” He inquired.

“I still don’t know what he looks like, but, my friend should be sending a picture of him any minute.” You answered.

Just as you finished speaking, the cell phone in your hand vibrated. It was none other than the picture of your date. Jeonghan tilted his head so he could see, but there wasn’t really anything to see. He was just an average-looking guy, nowhere near as handsome as Jeonghan.

“I haven’t seen anyone like that come in yet. I’ll keep my eye out for him, so you can get a coffee or something if you want.” Jeonghan offered.

You took Jeonghan up on his proffer and ordered a cappuccino from the sweet-looking cashier, whose name tag read “Minghao~”.

“Since there’s a performance tonight,” Minghao began, “The coffee will be delivered to your table.”

“Oh, thank you.” You replied, walking back to sit at the table for two in the corner.

The show started swiftly, at the exact time of 8:30, with an announcement from a young, innocent-looking MC.

Taking the microphone from its stand, he said, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another fabulous Music Monday! Boy, do we have a good show planned for tonight. The first act is going to be our very own… Lee Jihoon!”

A small-statured boy holding a guitar walked onto the stage. He seemed to be in quite a rush, as he simply began playing after setting up his equipment, without introducing himself or his song.

Somewhere within the first song Jihoon played, a tall boy with tan skin came out from behind the counter. He appeared to be holding your cappuccino. His eyes were more focused on the drink than where he was walking, though. A bus boy stepped in front of him, causing the tall boy to trip and spill the cappuccino on your table. Luckily, none of it got on you, though the tall boy kept apologizing as if it did.

“I’m so sorry.” He repeated, over and over again as he cleaned up the mess with napkins.

“It’s fine, really. None of it spilled on me.” You tried to reassure him.

“But I really am sorry, (Y/N).”

“Wait, how do you know my name?”

“Oh, sorry, I guess that is a bit strange. Jeonghan hyung likes to talk about you a lot, so I learned your name from him.”

Before you even had time to think about the significance of Jeonghan talking about you to his coworkers, a boy with broad shoulders who appeared to be the manager came over to talk to you.

“I’m so sorry about this mess. Mingyu here is usually in the kitchen, baking pastries, so he’s a bit clumsy when it comes to serving drinks.” He explained.

“It’s not a problem, I get it.” You said.

“Thank you so much for your understanding. To make amends, I’ll personally make you a new cappuccino and Mingyu will make you a cheesecake. It’s on me.”

“Oh no, that’s really not necessary.”

“But, I insist. I’m Seungcheol, the manager, by the way.”

The charming manager hurried off to make your drink, and Mingyu led you to a new table. Though, you preferred the previous one, as it didn’t have a direct view of Jeonghan. As the performance lagged on, your cappuccino and your cheesecake both came to you quickly, but your date didn’t. There was still no sign of him, even when Jihoon finished his part of the show. The MC took to the stage again to announce some other musician, but you weren’t really paying attention. It seemed like the only two things you could keep your eyes fixed on were the door, and Jeonghan.

Soon enough, Music Monday was entirely over, meaning an hour and a half had flown by. The huge crowd that Jihoon had managed to rake in, got up and left simultaneously. You were left to sit at your table in desolate silence, not even realizing the show ended, until your shoulder suddenly felt a warm hand at its surface.

“I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long.” Said the boy, whose hand still rested on your shoulder.

“It’s okay, Jeonghan. I should’ve known this whole blind date thing was going to end badly.” You responded, obviously weary but doing your best to sound understanding.

“Don’t blame yourself, (Y/N). That guy just doesn’t know what he missed.”

“No, I should’ve known better. This kind of thing always happens to me with guys.”

“Who did this to you before?”

Taking the most nerve-wracking pause of your life, you sighed audibly before giving in, and telling the truth.


“Me? I’ve never treated you this poorly.”

“I know, but, sometimes it’s just frustrating.”

“What is? Having a friend that cares about you?”

“No, Jeonghan. I know you care, but, I just always feel like you care about other people more. You’re just so ideal that, no matter how close we get, I always feel like there’s someone better you’d rather get closer to.”

Cupping your face in his hands, Jeonghan looked you dead in the eyes. The intensity of the moment created a blazing warmth that flushed through your body.

“(Y/N),” He said slowly, for emphasis, “You are, in no way, inadequate. Be it for me or anyone else. You’re smart, funny, cute, and there’s no one on this earth I’d rather spend my time with. So, how’d you like to forget about that blind date guy and go on a real date… With me?”

You did your best to send him a sincere smile an affirmative, though his hands still gripped your face, so your cheeks were smushed together.

“Ah, you’re so cute.” He cooed, returning your smile.

Jeonghan’s hands shifted themselves from your face to your hands, his thumb gently rubbing the back of your hand.

“Feel better now?” He asked.

“Yeah, thanks for that.” You answered.

“No problem. And remember, no one should ever make you feel like you need to change.” He added.

“Well, you love me just the way I am.”

-Written by Admin Cali

The Couch

set in @dexondefense​‘s monster au, this is a little fic about bitty and the couch. 

It was a Friday. Bitty had somehow managed to finagle his classes this semester so that it gave him Friday off. Living in the Haus, though, meant that he was rarely ever alone on these glorious Friday vacations. Usually it was Shitty who joined him. “It’s just Statistics,” he’d shrug over Bitty’s waffles (warm contentment mixed with a tad ambition to get him to work).

“Why are you taking Statistics?”

“I wish I knew, man.”

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Blow the Candles Out

Kurt and Blaine are celebrating their one-month anniversary - but dinner and a movie do not quite go as planned. Featuring early!Klaine fumbling and blind!Blaine. :)

A/N: Thank you, @a-simple-rainbow, for being my amazing beta reader as always! :)

3215 words, PG-13 (ish? I never know with these ratings)

Also read on: AO3

Kurt has the best boyfriend ever.

Blaine invited him over for dinner and a movie, both of which they are going to take to Blaine’s bedroom, which Kurt is almost certain means that there will be some kissing. Making out, even. The kind that requires you to be horizontal, the kind that Kurt is getting quite addicted to.

It feels like yesterday that he kissed Blaine for the first time, and yet, Kurt can’t remember what it felt like not knowing how Blaine’s lips feel against his own. Realistically, though, it’s only been a month. Or, well, three weeks, six days, sixteen hours and approximately thirty minutes, to be exact. And no, he’s not embarrassed to be keeping such close track because Blaine, being absolutely amazing as always, didn’t invite him over just for a date.

He remembered their one-month anniversary as well. How cute is that?!

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