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Mrs. Chmerkovskiy

This is nothing big but I hope it will somehow lift moods in the fandom! Don’t doubt people we are still ahead of the bright big future I can feel that :D

Val and Maks were chilling at Val’s trailer shortly after the premier of dancing with the stars ended. They just wanted to have a second for each other to talk some things thru.

“So how is it to be back?” Val asked his brother while he was spread on the couch looking at his phone.

“It feels good though the real shit is about to start, I am not sure why they wanted be back I haven’t changed and my voiced opinion about this show at some point neither.” Maks said cooly as he was sitting at the other side of the couch.

“People really wanted you back you know the whole ‘bad boy against the rules’ image goes well for the rantings.” Val looked at his brother and snickered.

Maks rolled his eyes. “You were doing just fine.”

Val laughed shortly. “I am not as rebellious as you are.”

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The Shadow

I was going through my drafts and found this so I decided to finish it. It takes place in the alternate future shown in “The Ultimate Enemy”. Valerie is about 15 here.

Ghost Detected. Power Level 5.

Valerie frowned down at the device in her hand. Level 5? What would a level 5 be doing in an abandoned house outside the ghost shield where Dan Phantom was known to be roaming? That and the fact that she’d only seen two ghosts venture out of the ghost portal in the past year. Both had been destroyed by Phantom.

Sighing, the ghost hunter put the small device back in her backpack and took a hesitant step forward.

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sunnydaysarentgone  asked:

Zendaya and maks are dating and they get into a huge fight and she goes out with her girls and meets Val and sparks fly and they hook up. The next day maks ask her to stop by the studio so he can apologize and make it up to her and Val just so happens to be visiting his bro at the same time. Make it super awkward and filled with sexual tension lol.

This is pretty challenging since I don’t like to write Zendaya with anyone else but oh well…shall I try :)

Also it’s kinda hard to imagine a situation where Val doesn’t know his brother’s girlfriend but it’s all fiction right?

-What’s mine isn’t yours dear brother-

It bothered Val that his brother kept this girl away from him. Like it was some big secret no one could know about.

Things like that never happened and he wasn’t sure what to think of it. Who was that girl? And why it was so important that no one knew they were dating.

Maks usually trusted him with everything, there was no secrets between them but it all changed since his older brother met a girl and Val wasn’t sure he liked the current situation.

He was surprised to get a call from his brother.

“Hey Maks, what’s going on?”

“Can I come in?” Came a ruffled and tired voice of older Chmerkovskiy.

He definitely sounded like something happened, something bad.

“Sure.” Val said quickly and they hung up.

Not even ten minutes later the door to Val’s apartment opened and Maks walked in looking like something that cat dragged in.

“Hey bro what’s up?” Val asked worried about him.

“I had a fight with my girlfriend.” Maks sighed rubbing his face.

“Again?” Val raised his eyebrow.

He didn’t know much about girl, or actually he didn’t know anything but what he knew was the amount of time they fought with each other.

“Don’t you think it’s a lot of fighting? I don’t know maybe you are just not good for each other?” Val said looking at his brother.

“You don’t know her man.” Maks shook his head.

“I am well aware but that’s cause you insist it’s a top secret relationship. If I knew better I would thought she is married or illegal or hell knows what else.” Val let a little bit of anger out of him.

“You just can’t know okay? Trust me.” Maks said sitting next to his brother. “And about us not being good together, you are probably right I already see we are toxic but I care about her.”

Val body relaxed as he saw his brother really struggling. He put his hand on his back and patted him.

“You will work it out man like you always do. Just try to talk to her, apologize if you made a mistake.” 

Maks looked at him and then nodded. “Yeah I will do that tomorrow.”

“So do you want to head out with me and Alex tonight? Take your mind off of things?” Val suggested.

“Nah.” His brother yawned. “But I would be thankful if I could crush here?” 

“Of course, anytime bratishka.” Val smiled at him. “Just be aware I might bring company with me tonight.” He smirked.

Maks just shook his head with a small smile on his face.

Val and Alex hit their friend’s club. The place they often came too when they wanted to chill and have a good time.

When Val walked in his immediately spotted a beautiful brunette dancing in the crowd. She looked amazing in a tight white dress and her legs in that heels they went on for forever.

He closed his jaw tightly afraid that if he kept it open he would start drooling.

“I see you found your victim for tonight.” Alex smirked standing right next to him.

“Shut up Alex, these women are willing and happy to come with me no one is a victim here.” Val said annoyed.

His best friend laughed. “Yeah unless they fall in love but they never hear from you again.”

Val rolled his eyes but Alex ignored him. “Good luck!” He patted his shoulder and walked away.

The young Chmerkovkisy knew there was no time to waste. With the look that girl had she was going to be hit on quickly and many times. He had to make sure to catch her attention.

He took a deep breath and started to move towards the dance floor. He was risking a lot. Seeing this girl from up close he believed to get slapped if he just put his hands on her but he had to risk, she was too beautiful and too captive to let her go.

So he walked up to her from behind and gently put his hands on her hips. He started to move with her without even wasting a second.

He felt her froze for a second. Her movements stopped completely. He knew it was that moment, he would get yelled but then her hips started to move again and she pushed herself back into his chest.

He grinned to himself thinking this was a good start. He let the music lead them as they slowly grind against each other.

Val haven’t seen her face yet from up close but when her hands moved and wrapped around his neck he didn’t even care.

She was so close she could feel his erection of her ass but she didn’t seem to mind at all.

She moved up and down a little bit faster and Val had to bit on his lower lip to not let out a groan.

Maybe he was a player he liked to have a lot of women but he definitely wasn’t up for a sex in public and this girl was driving him crazy.

Before they could go too far as his hands started to wandered up and down and to her ass he leaned and whispered to her.

“Do you want a drink?” 

He couldn’t see her face but when she shifted slightly he saw her profile she had a smile on her face when she nodded.

He grabbed her hand and lead her towards the bar. He glanced at her few times and if she was beautiful from a far she was breathtaking from up close.

Val was with a lot of women but this one had something about her. It wasn’t only about hooking up but getting to know her. Why was she here? Was she single? Was she that kind of girl who would come back home with him? What she did for living? Where was she from.

He slightly shook his head. He never felt like that. Val was strictly physical man but this girl she mad him feel something inside.

He stopped in front of her bar and greeted one of the bartenders who without even asking started to prepare some drinks for them.

When he turned around and he was properly face to face with her, he took his time to trace every bit of her face.

Those big brown eyes looking at him flirty. Those lips he would do anything to kiss and her nose so cute he wanted to smile.

“Hey.” She was the first one to break the silence.

“Hi.” Val said grinning at her. “You have really nice moves.” And hips of course.

“Thanks.” The girl giggled. 

That was when Val noticed she seemed a little bit off. She was drunk. That’s probably why she acted they way she did.

You could see this girl had a class and she normally wouldn’t do such a thing as grinding against some stranger.

Val never tried anything with drunken girls because it wasn’t alright to let them do something he knew normally they wouldn’t. 

He wasn’t a complete jerk he had a respect for women.

He was thinking about letting his girl go and just let her get so drunk she would forget what caused her drinking.

But she looked at him biting her lower lip and smiling at him so innocently he growled inside as he closed his eyes for a second.

The bartender yelled their order and Val picked two glasses. 

“Let’s go sit somewhere.” He told her and she nodded.

So they sat and talked and drunk and by the end of the night they were totally wasted and they knew about each other more than they probably wanted but the thing is they would probably not even remember it the next day.

How they ended up at Val’s apartment. The girl, who refused to tell her name pinned against the wall as Val kissed and nipped her neck.

She moaned a little bit too loudly.

“Shhh…” Val said kissing her lips and as soft the look as good they tasted. “My brother is crashing here, we don’t want to wake him up.” He smiled at her.

She giggled quietly shaking her head. She put her hands around his neck and let him kiss her deeply.

He run his tongue over her lower lip. She opened her mouth and Val slowly slipped his tongue inside.

This girl kissed like no other. She was addicted and Val loved the way she felt under his tongue. He took his time exploring her mouth. Finding out when she wanted to be rougher and then she wanted to slow down.

He sucked on her lower lip and another moan escaped her mouth, fortunately it was muffled by his mouth.

He grabbed her hips and she knew what she had to do. She jumped and wrapped her long legs around his waist.

He was already fully hard. They walked to his bedroom giggling like teenagers as they accidently bumped into a lamp.

“Sh sh…” Val said steadying them. “We need to be quite or it will be over way too soon.” He said into her mouth.

She calmed down and looked serious before she leaned and nipped at his neck scratching the back of his head at the same time.

Val groaned and he knew they had to be inside his room as quickly as possible.

They finally reached his bedroom and Val locked the door behind them.

When they were somewhere they knew no one would disturb them they shattered each other’s close and wasted no time in finding what the other one liked until the early hours of morning.

When Val woke up though he felt like he haven’t been sleeping at all. He groaned at the bright light.

“Someone turn the light off.” He said putting his head over his eyes.

He heard a chuckle and opened one of his eyes to see his brother.

“A good night I assume?” Maks grinned at him.

Val just growled as he moved to lay on his stomach. Everything hurt him and he knew why…the girl.

He looked at brother opening a mouth to say something.

“She was gone before I woke up.” He explained. “She left a note on the fridge. Thanks for coffee and great night.”

“Great?” Val scowled. “It was explosive!”

Maks laughed. “Maybe she saw it differently.” 

Val winced. “Yeah…” 

“You know it’s funny to see this scene as usually it’s you sneaking out from a girl not other way round.”Maks teased his brother.

“Honestly..” Val looked at him and there was some seriousness in his eyes. “After sex like that I can’t even complain.” He smiled and it was a honest smile not his cocky smirk .”But I think she actually had boyfriend. I remember he mentioning some fight and stuff tho maybe it’s my imagination…we drunk a lot.” Val sighed.

“I heard some noises in the middle of the night but didn’t dare to come out. It seemed like you were enjoying each other a lot. She was that good?” Maks raised his eyebrow.

“Mind fucking blowing.” Val said with a smile. “But it happened and that’s done.” He added with a shadow of sadness in his voice.

Maks just nodded. “Well I am heading to the studio there are some things I need to take care of.”

“I will come with you. I have some thing to do as well.” Val said wanting to get up from the bed but he realized he was naked. “Ehhh can you excuse me?” 

Maks chuckled. “Sure man, sure.”

The guys ate breakfast and headed to the studio that Maks owned. 

“Drop by my office when you are done.” Maks told Val and left to do some business.

Val wanted to find Alex who worked in this studio and talked to him about last night and also apologize for just leaving him out there.

When he was done talking to his best friend he didn’t know much more than he did before. The girl was still a mystery for him. Alex said he just saw them talking then kissing and then they left even informing him about it. Well he wasn’t as bad friend as he thought he was.

He made his way to Maks office and without even knocking he opened the door.

“Maks I am ready-”

He was cut off when he saw Maks holding some girls hands as they talked. They both looked pretty sad and the girl she looked ashamed.

When they both lift their heads and looked at him, Val froze.

This was the girl. The mind fucking blowing sex. His one stand, he wish wasn’t, from last night. He slept with his bother’s girlfriend.

“Fuck!” He cursed gaping at them with open mouth.

The girl went red. She turned her eyes and looked down not able to hold his gaze anymore.

His brother looked confused trying to understand what was going on.

Val shook his head, this was bad, very bad. “Fuck, fuck fuck!” He yelled.

“Val what is going on?” Maks asked him.

“Why you didn’t introduce her to me before?” He asked ignoring his brother’s question. “Nothing would have happen then.” He muttered.

“What do you mean nothing would have happened?” Maks asked letting go of the girl’s hands.

Val realized he still didn’t know her name. He didn’t know her at all! If he did then maybe they wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

“Val.” Maks barked.

“We slept together.” This was the first time the girl has spoken up.

She bit her lip and she looked like a beaten puppy and it kinda made Val less angry and more…hurt.

“You what?” Maks took a step away from her as he looked at her. “So this is a guy you cheated on me with?” He looked at her and then turned to Val. “And this is your mind fucking blowing sex?” 

Val opened his mouth wanting to say something but no words came out. He knew he fucked up big time. 

“I can’t believe this.” Maks shook his head.

“If you could only listen…” The girl started.

“No.” Maks shook his head. “I am disgusted with both of you right now I don’t want to listen I don’t want to see you…nothing so get out.” He said harshly.

“Maks…” Val tried again.

“Get the fuck out of my office!” He yelled.

The girl flinched but turned away quickly and headed out.

Val looked at him bother. He looked hurt and betrayed. This was the worst thing Val have ever seen.

He sighed. “What it’s worth I am sorry.” He said and walked out of the office.

When he left the building he saw the girl leaning against the wall.

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to come up to her but somehow he didn’t want to leave her alone.

“Hey.” He said before she would get startled by his presence.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. She had tears in her eyes. “Hi…” She said weakly.

“I am sorry.” Val said quickly. “I know it’s not much but I am.”

She looked at him with a small smile on the corner of her mouth. “It’s not your fault. If I didn’t insist we kept everything a secret nothing would have happened.”

Val took a step closer standing right in front of her. The vivid images of their previous night came to his mind. And he had to take a deep breath to control himself.

His brother’s girlfriend or not she still had and effect on him.

“I think we all messed up here. It’s just a fucked up situation but we will get out of it. You and Maks will be fine.” He tried to assure her.

She quickly shook her head. “I don’t want to be fine with him. I came today to break up with him for good. I am moving out for a few months maybe years and honestly we weren’t even working out. We fought all the time, we would eventually hate each other and I don’t want that in my relationship.”

Val stayed quiet. He wasn’t sure what hurt him more knowing how much they hurt his brother or knowing that she was moving out and he won’t see her again, probably ever.

Before he could come up with something to say the taxi stopped and the girl looked up.

“That’s my ride.” She said walking to it.

“Wait!” Val said.

She turned around to look at him.

He stared at her. He called her but he didn’t know what he wanted to ask her. It just seemed surreal that he won’t see her again and he didn’t even know her name.

“You never told me your name.”

She smiled at him, a honest and beautiful smile.

“Zendaya. I am Zendaya.” She said before she stepped into the taxi.

As she drove away and Val just stood there looking at the empty place it hit him like a bucket of water.

Zendaya, the raising supermodel. The girl all designers, all top fashion magazines talk about.

How could he be so stupid and not recognized her. He felt he an idiot.


It took Maks and Val a month to talk again and then another one to have more than a ‘yeah’ ‘okay’ conversation and another month until Maks let go of what happened and he forgave his brother.

They never talked about Zendaya although they both knew she was doing well in a fashion world. She moved to Spain and since then her name and her picture appeared in every magazine, she’s been on a runway in the biggest and most important fashion shows. She was doing more than well she was doing amazing.

One night Val was sitting on a couch changing programs when an interview came on.

It was her. She was doing an interview and she looked even more beautiful than Val remembered. And even if he knew he shouldn’t have thoughts like that he missed seeing her. Even if it was one night, one drunken night he missed her.

“What’s on bro?” Maks asked stepping into the living room.

Val was quick to change the channel but it didn’t slip Maks’ attention what his brother was watching.

“You got it bad for my girl.” Maks said and somehow he seemed lighted.

“Your ex girl if I may add.” Val said not even looking at him. “I didn’t even know her. It was just sex.”

Maks laughed. “Oh little brother I know you better than anyone and maybe you didn’t know her but you wished you did probably before I met her.”

Val stayed silent. There was no point in lying to him. He truly knew him better than anyone.

“So because I am a good brother I will tell you that she will be in NY for fashion week. She is coming on Saturday.”

Val has never reacted so quickly to something someone told him. It made Maks grin even bigger.

“How do you know?” Val asked.

“She told me.” He shrugged.

“You talk?” Val narrowed his eyebrows.

“Occasionally.” Maks said innocently. “She even asked about you.”

“She did?” Val said and his voice, oh he was so screwed.

Maks grinned. “Don’t be so eager it’s still weird.” He made funny face. “But I am over her so if you want to go for it you have my blessing.” He patted his shoulder.

“Wouldn’t it be awkward.” Val asked.

“Probably.” Maks asked. “But I am already seeing someone new.”

Val groaned. “Please tell me this isn’t secret relationship either.”

The older brother chuckled. “No. Her name is Pete she is a dancer like me. So if you meet any blonde girl named Peta please don’t jump her.” He joked.

Val rolled his eyes. “Ha ha very funny.”

Maks walked up and him and he became serious. “I know you have passes to that show because of Valentin, this is your chance don’t screw it.” 

This wasn’t exactly how Val imagined seeing her again. To be honest he didn’t think he would have a chance to see her ever again so he didn’t have high expectation.

But to see her walk the runway with such confidence and with so much power. She looked absolutely gorgeous and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her even if thousand other models passed him.

He was gazing at her so strongly that suddenly her head turned and they eyes met and he would never expect her to wink at him, but she did. And soon after that she was gone.

It was a mess when the show ended everyone rushing somewhere people trying to find someone. Total mess but Val had eyes only for one person.

He was trying to find her when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Looking for someone?” He heard her voice.

He turned around and there she was standing in more casual clothes.

She took his breath away and apparently his tongue too.

He just stared at her and God she was so real.

“I missed you.” He blurred out before he could stop himself. 

He gave himself a mental slap for it. Way to go and make a totally fool out of yourself.

“I mean…” He wanted to say he didn’t mean it but the problem was he did.

She giggled. “I missed you too.” She said.

His eyes grew bigger like he didn’t believe her.

“So it’a hard to forget your mind fucking blowing sex?” She raised one of her perfect eyebrows.

Val let out a chuckle. “Well I guess I didn’t to very good job since it was just great.”

Zendaya laughed tilting her head. “Honestly it was the best sex I ever had but letting you know and feeding your ego? It wasn’t a possibility.” She teased him.

He grinned at her. “For how long are you staying?”

She bit her lip. “A while.”

That’s good, a while is something he can work with.

“Would you like to join me for dinner tonight?” He asked feeling a little bit nervous.

“It depends.” She said looking at him with those big brown flirty eyes.

“From what?” He asked arching his eyebrow.

“Will I get that mind fucking blowing sex afterwards?” 

Val closed his eyes as he growled. “Fuck yes.”

Her a while turned into months and then into years especially when after half of year of being together she moved in with Val.

And on their weeding Maks didn’t forget to tease them that she was his girlfriend first but he was happy for Mr. and Mrs. Chmerkovkisy.

anonymous asked:

What about Val is stressed and mad about Sway choreography and the fam (minus Z) don't know what to do, so they call Z up while she's working because if anyone knows how to calm Val down it's Zendaya.

“No, no, no!” Val half yelled at his dance partner. “Step to the side, to the back and then spin!” He growled.

Maks, Tony and Alex stand there watching him.

“Something is definitely up with him.” Alex said.

“He is really stressed.” Maks sighed. “He worries he won’t be ready till the shows besides he doesn’t have much time to practice with Zendaya." 

"Yeah but he scaring the poor girl.” Tony said shaking his head.

“Hey Val.” Maks called after him.

His brother turned his head looking at him.

“Maybe take 5?” He asked trying to sound calm.

“I don’t have time for 5 Maks.” Val said frustrated. He turned to the girl. “Again.” He barked. 

The girl who was temporarily dancing with Val looked…scared. She clearly didn’t want to be right there with him.

But she didn’t say anything. She got into position and started the routine again.

Before she got to the second part Val yelled “No!”

He let out a deep roar before he covered his face. “This is not working out.” He was all shaking.

“Okay that’s enough.” Maks said stepping to the. “Take a break.” He told the girl who happily run away.

“Bro this is not you. Yelling at the poor girl. Being rude and disrespectful.” Maks shook his head.

Val took his hands off his face and looked at his brother. He sighed deeply.

“I know.” He said sounding calmer.

“Get your shit together.” Maks told him. 

Without any word he took his phone out.

“What are you doing?” Val asked him confused.

“I am calling the only person able to calm you down.” He dialed the number.

After a few seconds the person picked up.

“Hey Maks whats up?” Zendaya asked.

“Hey I need a favour from you.” Maks turned around to look at still confused face.

“Sure name it.” Zendaya said cheerfully.

“You need to calm your grumpy pants cause he is freaking out his dance partner and he generally is a pain in the ass.” Maks sighed.

“Give him the phone.” Was the only thing she said.

Maks pushed the phone towards Val with a grin on his face.

Val hesitantly took the phone.

“Hey ba-” He started put was cut off.

“What did you do?” Zendaya asked going straight to the point.

“Nothing.” Val said awkwardly.

“Mhm…” Zendaya murmured. “Val you can’t lash out on someone because you are stressed.” She said sounding calmer.

“I know…” Val let out a deep breath. “But nothing is going the way it should. We don’t have much time left and it’s just all a mess and we? We haven’t rehearse more than three days!” Val’s voice raised again.

Zendaya was ready to say something but he quickly interrupted her.

“I am sorry…” He said quietly. “I know it’s not your fault that you can’t be here yet but I am just worried.”

There was a silence before a giggle filled the phone.

“What is so funny?” Val asked feeling his body relax.

“You.” Zendaya said still with smile in her voice. “Val everything is going to be alright, you are stressing for no reason. I am sure things are good as they are but you are a perfectionist and you see it differently. Take few deep breaths before you start to freak out. Close your eyes and stop whatever you doing just focus on breathing. You can’t be out of control." 

"I know, I know.” Val rubbed the back of his neck. “Now I feel embarrassed." 

"Don’t.” Zendaya said. “Just fix whatever you did to that girl.” She gave him her last advice.

“I will, thank you.” Val said smiling lightly.

“Well someone need to straight you up.” She teased him.

Val laughed shaking his head. “Yeah the boys here are useless.” He looked at his friends.

“They don’t have my charm.” She joked. “Val?”

“Yeah?” He asked.

“I’m coming to New York tomorrow.” She said.

“What?” Val almost choked.

“Yeah I was about to text you later but I guess now is the good time.” Zendaya smiled even if he couldn’t see her.

“You were supposed to be here by the end of the week.” Val still couldn’t believe in what she said.

“Yeah but I rescheduled some stuff and I am free starting tomorrow.” She sounded really excited.

“That’s fuckingtastic!” Val was probably even more happy than her.

Zendaya giggled. “Val that’s not even a word.” 

“I am so happy to hear that, best news I got all day.” Val said honestly.

“I am glad.” Zendaya blushed gently. “I will see you tomorrow, just try not to kill anyone by then.”

Val chuckled. “I will try but can’t promise anything though.” He teased.

Zendaya shook her head. “Just loosen up Val, I am there tomorrow and if you need to get mad at someone let it be me cause I can take your grumpy ass.”

Val laughed out loud not able to hold it anymore.

Maks, Tony and Alex looked at him.

“Z’s magic always work.” Alex grinned and the rest laughed.

zainabdavaldayaererer said:  ‘Mum why are we heading towards St.Martin?’

“Mom…mom I think you are not going to the right entrance.”

“It’s the right way.”

“Well it says that this flight is to St.Martin and I am pretty sure we were heading to Vegas.”

“We had a little change of plans.”


“Yeah I mean we go to Vegas all the time, I thought we could check some other places.”

“And you didn’t think of mentioning this to me?”

“Zendaya sweetheart it will be fun don’t worry.”

“I am not worried but you are acting a little bit weird.”

“Let’s just get on the plane.”



“I am sorry could you please take your bag, I believe this seat is mine.”

“Yeah su-…Val? What the heck?”


“Wait a sec…oh own mother?”

“Well to her defense I asked her for this.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know, I figured we haven’t spent any vacation together and since we are both off why not use this time.”

“You two are such a sneaky creatures. But you could have just asked me you know I would love to spend some time with you and the fam.”

“I like surprising you.”

“You are exceptionally good in that.”

“Thanks…so what do you say? St. Martin instead of Vegas?”

“I am already on board, am I not?”

“True, true.”

“And I don’t plan on jumping out of the plane.”

“Good to know.”



“I am happy to be here….with you.”

“I am too.”


Coming soon; The first official ReiHaru week!

Hello everyone! I’m here with some exciting news, oh yeah. Val and I have organized an upcoming event for ReiHaru fans! We are very happy to introduce ReiHaru Week!

→ For those who aren’t sure what this mean, ReiHaru week is a week to celebrate the ship of Ryugazaki Rei and Nanase Haruka. There will be a prompt per day for you to interpret in any way you wish with any way you want to. You are open to doing so through fics, artwork, graphics, videos, etc; anything that helps you showcase the prompt in a way you want to create it.

The week will be held from the 15th to the 21st of June, consisting of seven prompts throughout the week. 

→ The prompts are as follows:

◇ Sunday, June 15: Free 
◇ Monday, June 16: Lost
◇ Tuesday, June 17: Seasons
◇ Wednesday, June 18: Food
◇ Thursday, June 19: Beautiful
◇ Friday, June 20: Insecurity
◇ Saturday, June 21:Only Love

→ The guidelines are as follows:

◇ Please use your own work; all works must be original and not a repost/rec/redo of someone else. 
◇ Original work must be done specifically for the prompt, premade works cannot be used just because they fit the prompt. 
◇ You can fill the prompts as you want, they are up for your own interpretations. 
◇ Post your work for any prompt on the day the prompt is set. (ex: if you wrote a fic for Lost prompt, make sure to post it on the June 16th, the day of the prompt).
◇ Please, no ship bashing. This is a week to celebrate ReiHaru, not for bringing them down. 
◇ Make sure to tag your works with reiharu week. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or Val; please visit here for more information when we have it up! And please follow the fuckyeahreiharu blog for the collection of the prompts for others throughout the week!

Stupid Serge pt. 2

Honestly, I have no idea where I’m going with this fic, I’m kind of just wriitng as I go. It was only meant to be a oneshot but then I felt like I had to continue it. Anyway here it is! It’s still pretty angsty so I apologize, I know the ship is having a great day lol

Part 1

I wake up a few hours later and see that it’s only 8 am. I probably only slept around 2 hours; I ended up drifting off to sleep some time past 5 am. I see that Val is still asleep, but he’s loosened the grip he had on me so I slowly slide off the bed. I look in the mirror before walking out of his room and I see that I looked just as bad as I felt. My eyes are puffy and I have bags under my eyes, I look miserable in general.

I walk to the kitchen to turn on the coffee maker so I have coffee ready for when Val wakes up. Once I turn it on, I go to the living room to sit until Val wakes up. I remember everything Val said to me last night. I still couldn’t believe this all happened. How could he get this drunk? He drank that much just because he was nervous to call me? It’s then that I remember who exactly told him to call me. Serge. Stupid Serge.

I take my phone out of my bag and look for his contact. I still kept in touch with most of the fam. Mostly Maks, Nicole, and Alex. It was awkward at first, the only reason I ever met them was because of Val, but they all insisted that we could stay friends. With the exception of Maks, none of them mentioned Val when we talked which made things less awkward.

I find his number and text him.

“I really hate you, you know?”

He texts me back a few minutes later. “Let me guess, Val?”


“Oh no, did he get drunk?”

“Serge, I’m pretty sure he was well past drunk!”

“I figured that would happen. I called an hour after I left and didn’t even get a dialtone”

“Dropped his phone in the toilet”

“Fucking Val. Sorry Z.”

“I really didn’t see this coming, man”

“Did you guys at least talk?”

“Seriously? You know talking to drunken Val is like talking to a wall”

“Ha, true!”

“Next time just… please don’t leave him alone. It’s going to be so awkward once he wakes up”

“I gotta go; I think I hear him moving about in his room”

“Alright, call or text if you need anything”

Just then, Val comes into the living room looking just as bad as I do.

“H—hey, Val.”

He looks my way with a surprised expression. “Z, I thought you had left.”

“No, I wanted to make sure you woke up okay. I turned on the coffeemaker; it should be ready by now.”

“Yeah, thanks I’m alright. Just hungover.”

It’s awkward. Really awkward. I’m sure he noticed that my eyes are puffy, he saw those same puffy eyes a lot the last month we were together. He doesn’t say anything about them though. He doesn’t say anything at all, just walks to the kitchen to make himself coffee. The fact that he isn’t even trying to make eye contact or conversation angers me.  I can’t help but feel tense around him now that he’s sobered up so I start gathering my bag and coat so I can leave.

“Ummm, so I’m just going to head out now. It was… interesting seeing you again, Val.” I say with a hint of bitterness.

“Yeah…” He says as he barely acknowledges my presence. “I need to head out anyway, need to get myself another phone.”

The fact that he’s still not making eye contact or acting the least bit grateful that I got his ass home last night is really starting to piss me off. “Yeah, well, bye” I start making my way to the door when I decide to turn around. “Oh and Val, next time you decide to pull the same shit you did last night… call someone else.”

That finally gets him to look up and make eye contact with me. Finally I see some emotion. At this point I’m over it so I start walking towards the door again.

“WAIT! Z…I’m sorry. Thank you… for taking care of me last night.”

I’m silent for a bit. I really wasn’t expecting an apology out of him. “You’re welcome… See you around, Val.”

I walk out before things get weird again. And again, the tears start to build up. It’s so much easier when he’s cold and nasty to me. It makes it easier because being angry at him is better than missing him.


“I don’t get it, Z! So I’m the only one in this relationship who makes the sacrifices?”

“Are you kidding me, Val? You think I haven’t made any sacrifices for our relationship? I left Disney for us!”

“Don’t even, Daya!”

“But I did! As soon as rumors started about us Disney made me meet with them and basically interrogated me about us! I could have easily denied us but I didn’t!”

“You were almost done with them anyway…”

“I don’t get you, Val. You used to be so understanding of my schedule.”

“Z, I just want us to get married and start a family.”

“I do too, Val. Just not right at this second!”

“Then WHY? Why did you say yes?”

“Because I do! I do want to get married. I’m just not in a rush. We have time to plan it out.”

“We haven’t even settled on a date.”

“I’ve been busy!”

“You’re always busy, Z! That’s the problem!”

“I don’t know what you want me to do! I’m telling you I’m not ready right at this moment. I’m not ready for marriage and a family yet. So what do you want me to do?”

“Nothing, I’m starting to think I don’t want anything from you.”

“Val…what are you saying?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ar—are you ending things with me?”

“I think so, Z. I—I’m going to spend the night with Maks. I’ll be back tomorrow to get some of my things.”


“Bye, Z. I can’t do this anymore.”


As soon as I leave Val’s apartment, I get into my car I break down in tears again. I really couldn’t handle it anymore so I make my way home in hopes that I can sleep off the sadness.

I slept for about 9 hours straight and when I woke up it was well past 5 pm. I still couldn’t shake everything that had happened so I decide to text the only person that knows Val better than I do, Maks.

“Maks, do you think we could meet for breakfast tomorrow. I need someone to talk to.”

He gets to back to me right away. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, it’s a long story.”

“Is it about Val?’

“How’d you know?”

“I’d been trying to get in contact with the guy since last night. Barely got back to me, told me about last night.”

“Yeah… so can you meet me tomorrow morning for coffee?”

“Sure sis”

“Okay, I’ll text you tomorrow around 8. Thanks Maks.”

After I send out the last text, I go back to sleep. I’m just really trying to sleep this all away.


“Hey sis, what’s up?”

“I don’t even know Maks. What the heck is going on with your brother?”

“I wish I knew, Z. He told me everything that happened. Thanks for going and getting his ass home. I appreciate it.”

“At least one Chmerkovskiy appreciates it.” I say bitterly.

“Serge had told me that Val was in a real mood that day before they went out.”

“Ughhhh, then why did he leave Val there? I’m still not over that.”

“Listen, Z. I’m really sorry for Val. The guy is lost. He’s using work as a shield but anytime he has spare time he turns into that drunken mess you saw.”

“Can you talk to him, Maks? Because I can’t handle that Val. He was actually talking to me when he was drunk. He said he still loved me, but as soon as he woke up he was the same cold Val that I was met with when he came to get his things the day after we broke up.”

“I can try, sis. But he really needs to work out his feelings for you on his own. Don’t completely take my word for this but I think he’s still really in love with you.”


“Oh look Z, it’s Tinkerbell! Want to go take a picture with her?”

“Yeah, let’s go!”

“Hey, Tink! Come here, Val. You can stand on her other side!”

“No, babe. It’s okay. I’ll take the picture.”

“You sure, I’m sure someone else can take the pictu—Val, I don’t think you need to get on your knees to get a good angle. Val. Val… what are you doing?”

“Z, I’ve been trying to find a good time to do this all of today but… now is just as good a time.”

“Val, what are you doing?” I say on the verge of tears. People are starting to gather around to watch us.

“Z.endaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, from the moment I met you I knew my life would forever change for the better. So far, I’ve been right. You’ve been the most important person in my life for years now, you’re the only person who has ever truly had my heart. I’ve been able to call you my girlfriend for the last two years, my best friend for the last six years, and I hope… if you would have me, I would like to be able to call you my wife for the rest of my life. Daya, will you make me the luckiest man on Earth and marry me?”

At this point, we have a crowd watching but I couldn’t care less. It was just me and Val at that moment. It was probably halfway through Val’s speech that I became a blubbering mess.

“Vaaal, are you serious? Are you kidding? Of course I will! Yes!”

As soon as I get the yes out, Val is off of his knee and is kissing me. It probably wasn’t the most attractive kiss since we were both crying but it was the most love I had ever felt.

Two Worlds Collide // chapter twenty six

I know there is not much going on in this chapter but there is a little bit of cuteness and fluff and smut so i hope you will enjoy it <3

Zendaya was woken up by gentle touch on her shoulder. She smiled to herself without opening eyes.

“Good morning.” She said sleeply as she snuggled more into the chest she was laying on.

“Morning beautiful.” Val said whispered into her hair. “How are you feeling?” His hand traveled from her shoulder to her arm.

“Better than before.” She opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at him.

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