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Loved By You

Chapter Fifteen Part Two

I saw his throat bob as he swallowed, his darkened eyes boring into mine as his face inched just a bit closer. “Touch ya where?” he asked, his husky voice rumbling out from the center of his chest. My fingers curled over his and I gently nuzzled against his palm, my mouth sliding to press a tiny kiss against the heel of it. I could feel his hot breath pelting out against my skin as I kept my eyes on his and slowly began to ease his hand from my cheek down the span of my body.

My heart was racing wild in my chest, pounding so fast I was sure he could hear it just as my body reacted to the weight of his touch. Letting me guide his hand to wherever I wanted it, he darted his heavy stare with mine, the tip of his tongue peeking out of his parted mouth as the roughness of his fingers dragged down over my lower tummy. I pulled in a breath, holding it tight in my lungs as my knees parted just enough to let his hand fit between my legs, cupping right over my covered heat.

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Shushing (OCs, Elliott, allergies)

Elliott would have liked spring if not for his allergies. Even after discovering the wonders of antihistamines and decongestants, they weren’t enough to keep him from waking in the middle of the night to sneeze.

He hardly got a chance to wake up before the irritating sensation blossomed in his sinuses - the threatening tickle that had him scrunching his nose in a half awake state, a halfhearted and futile attempt at getting rid of it. He sniffled into his blankets. Liam was asleep beside him, and if Elliott sneezed, Liam was sure to wake, too. Liam had been working so many extra shifts lately and God knew the man needed more sleep. Elliott would be damned if he interrupted it.

He rubbed hard at his nose. The tickle backed off, but only momentarily, before it flared even more intensely, and Elliott’s lungs drew a sharp gasp. He hovered on the edge of a sneeze for a mere moment, wavering between his last bit of will to prevent it and the inevitability of it happening anyway.

higk’AEGHyihSHU!” He curled in on himself with a full body flinch, only to have his chest jump with another series of rapid, hitching inhales. “hh-hih’IgJyIHSHU! h-hh-huh–EHGJSsSCH!

He groaned and touched two fingers to the bridge of his nose. The pressure behind his eyes was enormous, and sneezing brought more pain than relief.

“Shhh,” came a soft sound from behind him. It took Elliott a moment to realize that it had been Liam, and he turned over to face his boyfriend.

“Did you just shush mby sdeezi’g?” Elliott asked, incredulous. His eyes burned in the darkness, itchy and irritated and by no means spared any degree of allergic misery. All he could see of Liam was a lump beneath the covers, a silhouette beside him.

“El’,” Liam murmured. “Th’ dragons…”

“What are you–” It suddenly occurred to Elliott, mid-sentence, that Liam was still asleep. He must be exhausted, Elliott thought. Normally he’d wake if Elliott so much as moved, but now, after three of Elliott’s uniquely explosive sneezes, Liam hadn’t even stirred. It was something of a relief to Elliott. He didn’t like being the cause of Liam’s lack of sleep, and if his boyfriend had woken up, he’d be awake until Elliott himself fell asleep, fetching water and rubbing his back or massaging his scalp.

Elliott settled back into the nest that was his bed, content to let Liam stay asleep if he could help it. He closed his eyes, hoping to drift off despite the painful congestion and dryness in his throat. He didn’t dare get up for water now.

He settled in with a yawn. “I’ll watch out for the dragods, Ave.”

Liam only hummed a sigh, and Elliott let the sound of Liam’s even breathing ease him back into sleep.

High School AU: Vax gives Keyleth his varsity jacket in place of the Displacer Cloak, and it’s just a bit too baggy for her but in a cute “boyfriend cut” kinda way, so she wears it anyway.

Better High School AU: Punk ass nerd Vax gives his tiny flower child girlfriend Keyleth his much too big for her patch and pin covered leather jacket and she happily wears it all the time even though it doesn’t fit her or her aesthetic at all.

request: Can u make a Brett Talbot smut image were stiles is my brother and he walks in on us after where done
Okay so this is kinda gonna be similar to the Liam smut so…yeah…
I hope you guys enjoy this imagine! You can request them in the ask box and maybe follow us while you’re visiting the page? Enjoy!

It was hot. Steamy. And SUPER passionate. You and your boyfriend of several months, Brett Talbot, came stumbling into your bedroom passionately making out. The thing you always had loved about Brett was his tendency to… be aggressive, yet completely passionate. You smiled against his mouth as you kicked the door closed with the heel of your boots. “Alright babe, we gotta be, like super quick. Stiles and Scott and the rest of the pack will be here VERY soon.” You couldn’t stress the “very” enough. Brett always wanted to take his time with you, wanting to hear every moan, wanting to taste every inch of your body, wanting to watch you become completely undone beneath his every touch. Sometimes he just didn’t understand how very… upset… Stiles would be had he known the two of you were dating, not to mention having sex! The two of you stood in the center of your room, frantically groping one another through the flimsy fabric before Brett couldn’t take it any longer. He bent down and lifted you into his strong muscular arms, having you secure your legs around his waist. He took off your cardigan and threw it to who knows where without breaking contact. As your hands began to tangle into Brett’s hair, his mouth slowly detached itself from roaming every inch of your skin in between your jaw and the tops of your breasts, his feet slowly but steadily towards your bed and the frilly pink sheets adorning it. When his knees met the mattress, he threw you onto the bed, smirking as he watched the emotions play out on your face. On one hand, you loved the roughness which showed when Brett and you were being intimate, yet on the other, you hated the separation and the feeling his lips no longer being present. You sat up on your knees with your arms out, pouting. Brett just chuckled as he took his shirt off. You started ogling his Adonis like physique, you still couldn’t believe this amazing hunk of a guy was yours! “Baby,” his voice drawing you away. “C’mere” he lifted his arms up and you flew into. He rocked back on his heels but lurched forward, the two of you landing on the bed in a pile of limbs and groans. His mouth traveling down your stomach, still covered in a black tank top. As he reached the small exposed are of your skin in between the hem of your tank top and leggings, he looked up at you and grabbed the edge with his teeth and started pulling up towards your head. As soon as it reached the very bottom of your breasts, he made his way back down. His hands gripped the sides of your leggings pulling down as his mouth followed you soon figured his goal. With your leggings around your knees, his hands began another task, distracting you. His thumb moved aside your red lacy thong so his tongue could gain access to his favorite taste in the world. As his tongue rubbed harder and harder on your clit, your moans increased in volume, music to Brett’s ears. His hands began to fiddle with the hooks of your bra, finally unhooking them. Even before the bra was completely off, his hands began massaging your breasts. You were in this environment of pure bliss for about a moment before it was gone. You sat up and watched as Brett took his pants off in a rush hurrying to get rid of his raging boner. You admired it for a onset actually. It was long and slender, kinda of like him. “Like the view?” He smirked watching your face turn as red as a beet. “Just fuck me already Talbot,” you lurched forward capturing his mouth and grinned as his thrust his hips into yours. You both collapse on top of one another, lining up so both of your crotches met. You liked the fact that he had remembered to bring a condom, no need for a pregnancy scare in the middle of this whole dead pool crap! His thrust were slow and hard at first, yet they began to pick up in pace as he grew used to your tightness, despite the times you two have had sex. It didn’t take very long before the two of you were cumming all over one another. The two of you climbed up to the pillows at the top of the bed and just layer there, cuddling and generally enjoying one another’s presence. You were just about to fall asleep when… your brother walks in. Fuck. “(Y/N) were having a WOAH OKAY NOT COOL. AT LEAST PUT A SOCK ON THE DOOR LIKE MALIA AND I DO.” He backed out of the room, yelling at the top of his lungs, probably letting everyone at the pack meeting what dirty things you have been up to. “Well, I should probably leave shouldn’t i?” Brett said turning towards you. All you could do was groan and fall back against the pillows.

A Pattern

“Liam gets a dog from his parents, to learn responsibility and stuff. Anyway Liam loves the dog and starts smelling like his dog…with the result that Brett is really jealous. Starts thinking that he has another were-friend and like acts really possessive. When it comes out that Liam smells like dog, it doesn’t get better and he and the dog like growl at each other and stuff”- funnyfreckless

Liam doesn’t even notice it at first. When he does, he thinks he’s probably just reading too much into it, looking for something more in things that could be easily brushed off. After a while, though, there’s no denying Brett’s acting a little strange. He’d never been much of a touchy-feely person. Now, though, Liam seems to find him standing just a bit closer than necessary, brushing their shoulders in wide hallways, being right at his side when the two packs meet up. Liam would love for it to be something more, because if he has to be a werewolf he can at least have a hot werewolf boyfriend, right? But no, he has to constantly remind himself that it’s probably nothing, that Brett probably only tolerates him, at best. Still… he’d once heard Stiles say something interesting; once is an incident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern. Liam decides maybe it’s time to look for a pattern.


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#003 Another band member protects you

Harry: The boys were on the WWA tour, and currently they were on the american leg of the tour. They were going to do an interview in a talk show, and you were sitting in your living room couch back in London, watching it. Not long in the interview, the most asked question was asked, ‘Who of you are single?’, and Liam and Niall were the only ones raising their hands. After talking to them for a while, the interviewer turned to Harry and said:

”So, Harry, are you still dating y/n?

”Yeah” Harry said smiling, ”Still going strong. I miss her and I love her so much.”

”Huh, I really don’t understand how you can. With the body and brain she has I’m surprised she’s ever had a friend, let alone a boyfriend.” the interviewer responded with a hint of a smirk on his face. You were so embarrassed for some reason, and slightly shocked, and apparently the others were too, since everyone became quiet. Harry was working on collecting himself to defend you without being too rude to the interviewer, but Louis got there first.

”How dare you? How dare you talk about y/n like that? And especially in front of Harry? Y/n is the perfect girl for Harry, they’ve been together for two years and I’ve never seen Harry this happy. Everybody loves her, I mean what’s it not to like? She has a great body if I get to say so, and she’s probably smarter than the entire band combined. As far as I can tell, they’re staying together for quite some time, so you’d better get used to it, you twat.”

The interviewer was stunned, he obviously did not expect to get a response like that. The guys all nodded their hands, agreeing to Louis’ words, and Harry quickly squeezed Louis’ hand, silently thanking him. The interview continued, but you were too emotional to listen to it, you couldn’t stop the tears. After about twenty minutes, Harry called you:

”Hi babe, did you see the interview?” he asked uncertain. He hoped you didn’t, he didn’t want you to hear hate about you.

”Yeah, I did. Harry, can I please talk to Louis?” You said sniffling.

”Sure, I love you boo.” Harry said before handing his phone to Louis. Before he even had time to greet you, you thanked him, over and over.

”Hey, y/n, calm down. You have nothing to thank me for, you’re like my sister, of course I’ll defend you when your idiot of a boyfriend won’t.”

You hear the other lads laugh in the background and Harry exclaim: ”Hey, I was going to!”

”Yeah yeah, sure you were” Louis teased before addressing you again. ”But seriously y/n, don’t listen to idiots like him, the media does anything to get reactions out of people. And you don’t deserve the hate, you haven’t done anything wrong. Like ever. Okay?”

”Okay, thank you again.” You said and he laughed again, ”Yeah, no problem. See you in a couple of weeks!” The phone call ended and you’d never been more grateful for your boyfriend’s best friends.

Niall: Niall was in the fourth month of touring, and with five more to come, it was decided for you to tag along for a couple of weeks. You were now in Florida, and the boys were doing a meet&greet. You walked around the room, greeting some fans, keeping a small distance from the boys, who were fully occupied with the long line of girls waiting for their turn with their idols. Some fans took pictures of you, some wanted you to sign their stuff, and some would just want to talk to you - while there were others who didn’t like you one bit. You had ”stolen” the single of the band, and that made a big part of the fandom see red. But you didn’t think someone would do something to you in the room amongst all the security, and neither did they, so you were able to walk around without a bodyguard. A group of three girls quite far back in the line started shouting your name, so you decided to walk over to them.

”Hi girls!” You smiled at them as you signed their albums. They were young, probably about sixteen, and this was probably the biggest day of their lives so far.

”Hi y/n! How are you?” The girls asked.

”I’m very good, thank you. How are you?”

”We’re amazing! This is so exciting!” one of the girls said, jumping on the spot.

”Yeah… But it’s such a shame we’re such far back. You couldn’t help us get closer to them, could you?” one of the other girls asked, and you assumed they only wanted to talk to you to get this.

”Yeah… Uhm… We… We’re in a rush!” The last girl tried, obviously lying to convince you.

”Oh, well I’m worry girls, but I really can’t. There’s been so many other girls waiting and I can’t let you pass them, it wouldn’t be fair.” You really didn’t know if you were able to move girls in the line, but you didn’t think it would be fair to the others, so you said no. But you did not prepare for the girl’s next move.

”And why not? Of course you can, and you bloody should. We even got you to sign our freakin’ albums, and now I can’t remove your autograph! Ugh, we don’t even want it, we just want the boys ones. Everybody knows you’re just a beard to cover up Niam anyway. Now please leave, since you’re not doing anything useful around here, why won’t you just fly back to London and leave the guys alone? I mean, it’s obvious they don’t want you here!”

After her little rant, you just stood there, stunned, shocked and a bit teary eyed. Neither of you had realised the boys had taken a break, and that Liam who was approaching you had heard everything.

”Paul! Could you please show these girls out the door? They need to leave, just make sure they get their money back.” He waved Paul over, who raised his eyebrows but did as Liam asked him to. He trusted Liam to not do this unless it was something serious. As the three girls were both ecstatic that Liam noticed them, and horrified that they were sent away, Liam put his arm on your shoulders and lead the way back towards the boys, who looked at the two of you curiously. It had happened before that fans had gotten sent away, but it was always security who decided it, the boys never found it necessary. They all knew something happened between you and the girls.

”Niall hasn’t smiled this big in months. He’s never as happy as when he’s with you, and his happiness is contagious and it makes the rest of us happy too. Well, and the fact that we all love you, but you get the point. We’re all very happy to have you here, we all want you here, and we always will. And that’s what’s important. Don’t listen the insults from the people who doesn’t know you, okay? They have no idea what they’re talking about, and they’re so wrong.” You couldn’t help but to shed a few tears at Liam’s little speech, and you gave him a big hug, silently thanking him. You both joined the rest of the band and Liam explained the situation, who got another hug, this time from Niall, happy to know how much his girlfriend meant to his best mates.

Liam: You had been on tour with the lads for about a week, and now you were longing for some shopping. This is something your boyfriend didn’t enjoy, so you Harry had volunteered to come with you. He claimed he needed to do some shopping too, and he wanted to hang out with you alone, since you were always with Liam. He wanted to get to know you more personal, and you were happy to get to know Harry too - while also gaining a shopping partner! Right now, you were in a fairly small town, and even though you were grateful for the security guards, it very soon became annoying to be stalked, so both of you had thrown on a hoodie and sunglasses as a disguise. Liam hadn’t been too fond of the idea, but agreed to it.

”So, y/n, how’re you enjoying life on the road?” Harry asked while you entered one of the men’s shops.

”Oh yes, it’s so exciting! To meet all the new people and see these different places! It’s so cool!” Touring was more fun than you could’ve ever thought, and you were so grateful that management had allowed you to come.

”I’m assuming you enjoy seeing Liam too?” Harry laughed, as did you.

”Yeah, that’s good too.”

”As good as he is in bed?” Harry smirked at you.

”Harry! Stop saying things like that!” You exclaimed a bit louder than you meant to, but you hoped nobody noticed it was you.

Harry just laughed at your red face, ”Whatever y/n, we all know it’s true, we heard you. I’m going to the fitting rooms.”

You stayed behind a bit, trying to find something for Liam, and just as Harry was on his way back to you, you heard loud voices in the distance. You looked out the windows and saw heaps of girls running towards your shop. Obviously someone in the shop did notice it was you, and the word spread.

”Harry, we need to hide!” you shouted at him, and the staff showed you to the back room of the store. As you waited behind, you heard what the girls said about you.

”Harry where are you!? Please marry me!”

”Please sign my boobs!”

”Where are you y/n, I’ll kill you! Nobody cheats at Liam and gets away with it!”

”How could you cheat with his best friend?!”


Before your could help yourself, you were in tears. You hated to hear these things about you, especially when they weren’t true. Harry, fuming with anger, noticed how sad you were and held you in his arms until Paul opened up the door. The security made a path for you towards the car, but Harry still held you as you walked. When you had reached the car, the taunts from the girls hadn’t stopped and Harry had enough.

”Will you people just shut up? Y/n is not cheating on Liam, and especially not with me. We’d never do that to him, either of us. They are very happy together, and we’re just friends. She’s not a whore and she doesn’t deserve this. They are happy, learn to accept it.” He jumped in after you in the car and you wouldn’t stop thanking him on the way home. As you arrived, you were both greeted by big hugs from Liam, happy to see you both okay.

Zayn: ‘How can @ZaynMalik be with @y/t/n, she’s such a fake bitch. You can tell she’s only in it for the money. #ZiamIsReal’

’I wonder how much money management had to give @ZaynMalik to start dating @y/t/n? With that face, it has to be a lot.’

’@ZaynMalik you’ve changed since you started dating @y/t/n and I don’t like it. We miss the real Zayn. #GiveUsOurZaynBack

You scrolled through the endless hate on your twitter late at night, and by every tweet you felt your heart break more and more. Had you really changed Zayn that much? Would he be better of without you? Do you even deserve to date him?

’No you don’t - of course you don’t. He’s the Zayn Malik. You’re just an ordinary girl, why should Zayn settle for someone like you?’ This is what your mind told you, no matter how much you tried not to think like this. After receiving these tweets days after days since your relationship became public, you simply can’t ignore them after a while. It gets too much. And with your boyfriend rarely checking his twitter, he didn’t notice the hate you got, and therefore he didn’t defend you. You tried to stay calm, but the hate was overwhelming and you completely broke down. You just wanted Zayn to be with you and comfort you, but he was on tour and too far away to come home. ’But maybe that was a good thing, do I really want him to see me like this? No, let him stay wherever he is, I should be able to deal with this on my own’. But the tweets came back to you and the tears just wouldn’t stop. You cried and cried, until there were no more tears to cry, and then you fell asleep from exhaustion.

The next morning you woke up with tons of messages on your phone, and two notifications from twitter telling you someone you follow mentioned you in a tweet. You opened up you twitter and found that Niall had made a twitlonger regarding the hate you receive on a daily basis:

’@NiallOfficial: I’m so tired of seeing all of the hateful tweets @y/t/n gets every day. Don’t think it’s unnoticed, I see a lot more than you think I do. We all do. And I’m not happy with what I see, and I know that if Zayn would actually use his twitter, he’d see red. Y/n is an amazing girl. She’s humble, caring, intelligent, sassy, funny, pretty and a very nice girl through and through. She has done nothing wrong to upset anyone, and even though nobody deserves to be cyber bullied, she is one of those people who deserves it the least. And she won’t tell anybody about this, but I know this affects her, more than she’d ever admit, because she’s like my sister. And knowing how much this hurts her, I’m asking you to stop. I want to see her happy, so does Zayn. If you won’t do it for y/n, do it for Zayn.’

You were in tears halfway through and you were now shaking so hard you could barely see. But you did see the amount of mentions you had, and started crying even harder when there was only positive tweets and apologies. When you had calmed down, you checked the other mention, and saw that Zayn tweeted too, not far after Niall, but a bit shorter:

‘@ZaynMalik. The hate y/t/n receives hurts me too. I love that girl, and seeing what she has to live with online breaks my heart. I love her and I’m planing on keeping her for as long as she wants me, so get used to it.’

You smiled big through the tears and opened up messages on your phone. You sent a text to Niall first saying:

Thank you so much. I owe you a lot. I’ll bake you cookies every day for a week when you get home. Tell the boys I say hi. XX’

After that, you also texted Zayn:

I love you. Do I tell you that enough? I love you. I. Love. You. And I miss you. But everything is worth it if it means that I get to be with you. And don’t worry, I’m planning on staying with you for a long time. XX’

Louis: It was a London-saturday night and you, Louis and the rest of the band were out clubbing, just enjoying yourselves. Now, after about an hour and a half, you all had gotten some drinks, and some were more drunk than others. You and Zayn were the sober ones of the bunch, with Zayn being the assigned driver for the night, and you were just not in the mood for drinking. You would volunteer to be the driver so Zayn could drink too, but you didn’t have a license so you obviously  couldn’t. 

But you were enjoying yourselves anyway, keeping tabs on the not-so-sober boys, who were almost having a bit too fun. Niall and Liam were on the dance floor, not being shy about their moves. Harry was off talking to some girl he found quite early in the night, and Louis were trying to make sure Harry didn’t do something he’d regret. You and Zayn didn’t just sit around though, no you were up dancing too, and taking some breaks now and then. Right now, you were standing by the bar, the only place you could supervise all of the four boys at the same time.

”Are you even enjoying yourself tonight y/n?” Zayn said, sounding unsure. ”You know, you can drink and dance with Niall and Liam if you want to, you don’t have to keep me company just because I won’t drink tonight.”

”I know, but I don’t feel like drinking tonight and I can have fun without alcohol. Besides, it’s quite fun to watch the lads too, and help them remember everything they’ve done tomorrow.” You grinned.

”Ah, do I smell blackmail-material-hunting?” Zayn laughed.

”Maybe, you never know when it might come in handy.” You laughed as you watched Niall shamelessly move all over the dance floor, with Liam doing the same close by.

”Well, I can see your point, but it won’t be as fun in the morning when they’re all assigning us the role as their personal slaves and caretakers…” Zayn sighed, sounding a bit grumpy.

”Yeah, it won’t be too fun, but I get comfort in the fact that they’ll feel ten times worse then I do helping them, and that they know I can stop helping them and leave them to fend for themselves anytime, if they say or do something bad. It’s happened before and it can always happen again.” You stated.

”Yeah, well we’ve all been through that.” Zayn grumbled and you laughed. ”Anyways, I’m going to the restroom, you think you’ll be okay?”

”Yeah, go ahead, I’ll get some water and stay here.” you replied.

You turned around towards the counter as Zayn left, and not even ten seconds later his seat was taken by some other guy.

”Did the boyfriend finally leave? I’ve been waiting to get some private time with you since I first saw you.” He slurred, very drunk and smirking.

”Well that’s too bad because I’m not interested. My boyfriend is here somewhere and we’re very happy together.” you snapped. You hated guys who thinks so highly of themselves that they think they can get everything they want.

”Come on sweet cheeks, you know you want to. He’s obviously not that much into you if he left you all alone here.” the man continued as he slowly guided his hand up your thigh.

”I said, I’m not interested, leave me alone!” you tried again, as you tried to remove his hand, but he had a tight grip on you.

”Hey, you could at least give me a chance!” he snapped back at you, he just would not give up. Why wasn’t anybody helping you? You looked around, but you couldn’t find neither Harry and Louis or Liam and Niall. Why did they all have to leave now? 

”Please, you’re hurting me!” you were growing desperate for someone to help you, you obviously couldn’t do this yourself. He leaned in close to your face and whispered:

”This is nothing compared to how you’re going to feel in the morning…”

Suddenly, the man was pulled back, and you saw Zayn punch him in the face before pushing him over to the guards to throw the man out. He then approached you and gathered you in a hug. You were too shocked to do anything, but your mind came to when you recognised your friends scent.

”What did he do to you? Are your okay? Are you hurt? Should I call a doc-”

”Zayn, calm down. I¨’m fine, just a bit shaken up. But I don’t want to stay here anymore, can we find the others and go home?” you said, voice shaking slightly.

”Yes, of course, I was on my way to tell you, I met the lads in the restroom, they all wanted to go home, they’re waiting on us outside.” he assured you quickly and guided you through the small crowd around you.

As you reached the outside and the rest of the boys, the event had spread through the club and Louis nearly attacked you and Zayn in a hug when he saw you. The apologies to you for not helping you, and the thankful words towards Zayn for actually doing something rolled of his tongue at a fast pace and you just stood there and hugged him, happy to finally have your boyfriend by your side.

Inspired by a pic I found on Pinterest (sorry, losing the link :( ). Rushed but oookay, I guess :) uh, and I really wanna start an art shop (maybe society6 or something like that) but I’m not sure my arts are sell-able . Ah, but…by the way just enjoy them yeah?

You Make Me So Hot: Zainourry fic

Summary: Liam’s too proud to admit that he’s bisexual so the boys decide to help him out.

Warnings: angst i guess, bit of fluff, overstimulation, breath play, fingering, toys, dirty talk, SMUT, GAY SEX

A/N: happy new year everyone! thought i’d end the first day of 2014 with some good old boy sex, so here it be! this was an anon request for liam centric zainourry so yeah, enjoy!

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Over You (Liam Dunbar Week: Day 3)

A/N: Yes, I know this is kind of late, but this prompt is valid for another eight minutes, so it’s okay. :) This was inspired by this song, and subsequently, this beautiful dance. I hope you guys like this one! Please leave me some feedback or a request! xx

“I’m not going,” you said defiantly, crossing your arms.

“Y/N, you have to,” your friend, Mae, pleaded. “It’s the first of the season!”

“He’s going to be there!”

“That’s not a guarantee!”

“He’s on their lacrosse team and this is a lacrosse game. I think that’s all the confirmation I need to not go.”

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Preference #234: You child loses a tooth

Pregnancy/Baby/Child Series 

: Your daughter had already lost many teeth, this one was not her first. She was older now than they 5 year old who’d first came to you upset over her first tooth, and now was less worried about the tooth, and more worried about what would happen after. “So how much money do you think I’ll get for this one? I got twenty pounds last time.” Liam tried not to laugh, as you sent a glare his way. You warned him not to give her that much for one little tooth, but he had not listened; now she expected that every time. “That was for a front tooth,” Liam reminded her, but that did nothing to stop her thoughts. “It doesn’t matter, all my teeth are important Daddy.” You smiled, as you looked at your husband. You were enjoying this completely, “Yeah Liam, the tooth fairy knows how important she is. Maybe she’ll leave even more this time.” Your daughter’s face lit up, as Liam shook his head, “No, I don’t think so.” “I do! Mom’s right! This is worth even more!”

Harry: Most kids are excited about losing their first tooth. It’s a exciting milestone for them to finally be getting rid of their baby teeth, and getting their grown up ones. Your son however, was not one of those kids. “I don’t want to loose my tooth,” he cried, as his hand went to the tooth that was ready to fall, “Why do I have to? Can’t it stay?” Harry bent down so he was eye level with your little boy, “This is a good thing. Once this one is gone, you’ll get big boy teeth.” “Why?” your son wondered, looking from his dad to you. “Well,” you began slowly, “The teeth you have now are little, and when you grow up, you need bigger ones.” “Why?” he asked again, looking once again at Harry. “Because you eat more,” Harry answered, not sure at all what he was saying, but it sounded like the right thing to say to your five year old. “Why?” You laughed, “Just trust us, it’s a good thing.” Your son still looked so confused, and you knew what he was going to say again, before he even opened his mouth. “Why?”

Niall: At the age of 6 years old, when one of the twins did something first, it was always a fight. “Why did you get to lose a tooth before me?! I’m older!” Your son screamed that, after your daughter bragged about losing her first tooth. “So!” Your daughter shot back, holding on tightly to her tooth, “I lost mine first! And now I get money! Right Dad?” Niall knew right away that four little eyes were on him, before he even glanced in the direction of your two fighting children. “Well yeah, you do right now, but later your brother will lose his and he’ll…” “But it’s just me now, right? And I can buy a toy and he can’t.” Your son was now close to tears, and Niall could see that, and it broke his heart. He knew your daughter was not trying to be as mean though, she was just excited to be first. “Well, the tooth fairy leaves money to nice kids. If you’re mean to your brother…” Your daughter’s face crumbled, “I’m sorry! Please, tell her i’ll be nice! I’ll even get a toy we can share!” Your son’s face lit up, and the fight was long over in his mind, “Really?! What can we get?!” Your daughter’s smiled returned, “Maybe a puzzle?”

Louis: “There is nothing cuter than her little smile without her front teeth,” you whispered to Louis, as you watched your daughter talking to Niall about something she was really excited about. Neither of you could hear her, but you could see that missing tooth so clearly. “And her voice with that little lisp,” Louis agreed, “She’s not very happy about it though.” You laughed, remembering the way your daughter had pouted all day long after she lost her second front tooth, and when you’d coo every time she spoke. “She hates that I think it’s so adorable when she talks like that,” you laughed, so glad you and Louis agreed that it was cute, despite your daughter being so upset. She may have hated it, but you two did not. “And her being mad really just makes it cuter.” You nodded at Louis’ comment, “It does. We’re probably being really horrible right now, getting so much enjoyment out of something she hates.” Louis shook his head, “No, doesn’t everyone?”

Zayn: “So she comes into my room and leaves me money?” your son asked, after being informed about the tooth fairy for the first time. He was only six, and had lost his first tooth earlier in the day while at school, and so this was all so new to him. “Yeah, that’s it,” Zayn answered, as you placed his tooth under his pillow, “See where your mum put your tooth? She’ll take it from there, and leave you a few pounds.” “She takes it? I don’t want her to!” You smiled at him, thinking about how it did sound strange to think someone came into your home, and did that, “You don’t want to keep that tooth Baby, and after she gives you money, then you go buy a toy.” Your son liked the sound of that, but still worried about the tooth fairy, “If I leave my tooth in the living room, will she get it there? I don’t want her to come get it under my pillow. She’ll wake me up.” Zayn laughed, and nodded, “Yeah, we can do that. I think she’ll find it. Just make sure me and Mum know where it is.” “Okay!”

As Long as You're Mine
Nikki Davis-Jones and Liam Doyle
As Long as You're Mine

As Long as You’re Mine - Nikki Davis-Jones & Liam Doyle Wicked Tour UK 19/03/14 in Cardiff. (more audios)

These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Four

A/N: Hello everyone! Whew, cutting it rather close with this chapter, aren’t I? I apologize for nearly missing the deadline on this one. School lately has been entirely hectic and crazy, as graduation is only in about six weeks. I put it upon myself to focus on TWAAL as well though, as I really would like to stay on schedule, for both you all and the story itself.

And thankfully, it worked; I managed to post this chapter on Thursday after all! Hooray lol!

This chapter is just a little bundle of sunshine obviously, so I hope you all enjoy it.

I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, sent me reviews, or simply stopped by to offer compliments. You all are my muse, and I hope you know how important every word is to me. Many thanks <3

And of course, a personal thanks to my close friend and essential editor to this story, catching-dandelions. Love you so much for listening to my late night…okay, who am I kidding, all day ramblings of this story lol!

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

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And now, without further adoooo…

I don’t know how long I remain in the bathroom, trapped in the prison of my lie, the hellish product of my mind. Maybe minutes have passed. Maybe hours. I cannot be certain.

All I know is that I have cried until I can almost cry no more, the tears practically painful now.

My vision is blurry and distorted, tears completely overriding my sight. The blood is pounding within my ears, wreaking havoc on my already fragile mind. My chest aches from every heave. My throat grows rawer with every gasp.

And I probably would linger here, locked away both physically and mentally, had it not been for a few knocks on the door.

I crane my head up slowly, sniffling and choking out whimpers. But it’s the sound of a voice that tugs me completely back into reality.

“Jennifer? Are you still in there?”

It’s not Liam this time; it’s someone who immediately brings flutters to my trembling heart.


I open my mouth to reply, but all that rasps out is a feeble croak of a cry, my voice completely lost.

And with no answer, Josh only grows more and more desperate.

“Jen? Jennifer? Let me in.”

I shudder, trying in vain to bring my composure back down to something resembling normalcy. But how can I? Not with the positive pregnancy tests strung across the tile. Not with tears and moisture completely soaking various parts of my face and clothing. Not with my body reduced to a fearful, hollow soul.

Josh’s voice sounds from outside once again, and I focus on it, trying to let it soothe me even with its fraught tone.

“Liam…Holy shit….I thought you said she was okay.”

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Preference: 017 It's Just

yeeeeeeeeeeee guess who’s back? sorry for being gone for so damn long. so read on, and uhhhh apologies for uh shitty writing, yeah? okay. okay. enjoy xx 

Liam: “It’s just for a night.” He said, his mouth trailing your jaw, your mind rushed in different thoughts and ideas, your heart skipping every second of every beat. It was only just for a night, until he woke up the next morning, greeted by your sleeping figure, his eyes tracing your features, his thoughts suddenly jumbled together and nervous by a comatose figure. It was only just for a night, until your eyes fluttered open, the sun gleaming through your eyelids, a brown eyed, bare chested figure, greeting you with a smile and no words, his head propped on a pillow. It was only just for a night, until he offered you breakfast, showing you how to create a simple meal with eggs, milk, and bacon, your laughter never ceasing in any moment. It was only just for a night, until you sat across from this beautiful stranger, the sunlight dancing off of his eyelashes as he looked down at his plate, every second creating another conversation to be started. It was only just for a night, until his smile couldn’t leave his face with you in his presence, his stomach always uneasy with fluttering of butterflies and emotions with each gasp of laughter that echoed through the kitchen. It was only just for a night, until he found himself singing along to the song you were humming while putting away the ingredients. It was only just for a night, until he found himself pouring two mugs of hot tea for you to enjoy the reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bellair. It was only just for night, until he found himself fighting the urge to wrap his arm around you while you absorbed yourself in the television program. It was only just for a night, until you found yourself wishing he’d stay for longer, his company strangely welcoming, something you didn’t want to see walk away. It was only just for a night, until he had to put on his clothes, but found himself dragging his feet as the sun set, slowly trying to put each piece on as slowly as humanly possible. It was only just for a night, until he gave his warmest smile, as you opened your flat door, him waving and turning his back on you, your hand shutting the door, an emptiness filling your flat and being. It was only just for a night, until you found yourself saddened and lonesome, as you preoccupied your mind with more television reruns, your mind wandering to thoughts of him, thoughts of everything that had to do with him. It was only just for a night, until you fell asleep on the sofa, thoughts of him surfacing you into a world where you were like how you were this morning, happy and accompanied. It was only just for a night, until a knock on the door woke you up, your body groggily walking towards the front door, swinging it open with no enthusiasm or happiness. It was only just for a night, until you saw him standing there, a slightly smooshed bouquet of flowers in hand, his clothes still the same as yesterday’s, a look of panic and slight confusion raising on those features that you’ve traced all day. It was only just for a night, until he asked you to dinner, a way to ‘properly’ introduce himself, a night that will lead to more, a night that could lead to more days like today’s. “It’s just for a night.” He said that night, but this time, you woke with no fear in your heart, no regret and worry, just a sleeping boy you’ve learned to call Liam, and a groggy mumble of an inside joke you’ve seemed to pick up: “It’s just for a night.”

Harry: “It’s just better this way.” He said, picking up the boxes, carrying them into the open flat, a grin surfacing his lips as you trailed behind him. “It’s just better this way.” He said, carrying you into the bedroom, careful not to bang your casted foot against any furniture. “It’s just better this way.” He said, slipping into the shower behind you, scaring the daylights out of you, yet a feeling of enjoyment rising within the tiled chamber. “It’s just better this way.” He said, cutting pieces of capicola ham onto your macaroni and cheese, nodding for you to try it. “It’s just better this way.” He said, sitting on you, a cue of victory from a memorable and painful argument of tickling and tackling, you huffing out of disagreement. “It’s just better this way.” He said when you accidentally put too much butter in the cookie recipe, the cookie tasting like complete shit, yet his fingers still grabbing for more. “It’s just better this way.” He said, looking at the eye level football field, instead of the view from the higher seats, the one you thought you had bought. “It’s just better this way.” He said when he accidentally said ‘forever’ too early, yet he didn’t regret it, gladdened that you felt the same emotion in your heart. “It’s just better this way.” He said, seeing you wearing one of his shirts, his liking towards the shirt decreasing towards himself, yet increasing by millions towards you. “It’s just better this way.” He said, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear as you shyly looked away, his fingers gently grabbing your chin, his gaze meeting your before he smiled down at you, knowing you were his, and he was yours. “It’s just better this way.” He said, standing in the rain, waiting for you to pick him up because he was too impatient for you to park the car and go inside of the airport to pick him up properly. “It’s just better this way.” He mumbled as he buried his head into the side of your neck as you both lay by the open balcony door, the breeze too tempting to miss out on, the power outage terminating the air conditioning for the night. “It’s just better this way.” He said, his fingers brushing away the tears that ran down your cheeks, your hand grasping onto his, the surroundings chilling your body, as you prayed that a miracle happen, that your other side of happiness would stay your other side. “It’s just better this way.” He repeated, a forced and painful smile covering his lips as he took another deep breath, the air seeming to disappear from his lungs, the loud plain noise of the flatline filling the room, your life obliterated to pieces as you watched your other half, your better half, disappear into the unknown.

Louis: “It’s just how it is. You’re the best.” He’d say, giving you a gigantic hug, the breath being squeezed out of your living body, your mind would absorb this moment, take it all in, treasure it. “It’s just how it is, you’re amazing.” He’d say, thanking you as you drop off the revamped and refinished version of his favourite comic book series, a smile on your lips as his fingers flipped through the pictures. “It’s just how it is, you know how to win me over.” He’d say as you give him a sample of the macaroons you prepared. “It’s just how it is.” You’d say, helping his pack his luggage as he pouted and asked why you couldn’t come along. “It’s just how it is.” He’d say, answering your question of why he would buy the watch you’d fallen in love with a few months ago, but never bought because it wasn’t in your budget. “It’s just how it is.” He’d say, when you ask him why he was at your house whilst you were bed ridden with the flu. “You’re beautiful, it’s just how it is.” He’d say when you hid your face behind the sleeves of your sweater, your eyes never seeing what his has. “It’s just how it is.” You’d say when he asked you why you were single. “It’s just how it is.” He’d say when you asked him why he was so tired all of the time. “It’s just how it is.” You’d say when he asked you why you were okay with being a second option. “It’s just how it is, we found each other.” He’d say when he was telling you of a girl he’d found, a girl that wasn’t you. “It’s just how it is.” He’d say, his eyes gleaming with hope when you asked how they were doing. “It’s just how it is.” He’d shrug when all of you sat together, his simple phrase cutting your sentence in half, his attention diverted towards her. “It’s just how it is.” You bitterly said to Liam, when he asked you how things were between you and your best friend. “It’s just how it is.” You’d say, your fingers tapping the lip of the glass mug, your eyes casted down as you feel his eyes boring into your presence. “It’s just how it is?” he’d ask angrily, his blue eyes bewildered and raged beyond shock and normal anger. “He found me when you weren’t there, he told me to keep believing in you. He believed more in you than I did. He actually remembered my birthday this year, and he told me to keep moving on. It’s just how it is.” You’d say, exhausted from argument from someone who did the exact same thing to you, yet your scenario seeming ten times worse in his eyes. “It’s just how it is; people move on, just like you did.” You’d say, your argument finishing quickly.

Niall: “It’s just not like it used to be.” He says to his friends, his eyes glimmering with happiness and enjoyment. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He thinks to himself, waking up with you next to him, your deep comatose breaths making him smile, ever so grateful that you’re next to him. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He says to them, smiling at the fact that you are his, he is yours, and you’ve never been better. “It’s just not like it used to be.” You tell him, walking hand in hand down the stone path as the leaves change colors. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He whispers, watching an old movie that used to scare you both, his face buried in your hair. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He says into your hand, your other running through his hair as he lays in bed, watching you read your book, your eyes following each and every word. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He laughs, watching you try to button a shirt he accidentally and cluelessly washed that should’ve been dry-cleaned. “It’s just not like it used to be.” You say, spitting the rest of the burning alcohol up, shaking your head at the fact that you used to be able to down four of those and enjoy the taste of it. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He sighs, feeling his arm muscles with a pout. “It’s just not like it used to be.” he says, his lips almost brushing yours, the closet space a bit smaller than memory’s recall. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He’d say, kissing each and every knuckle on your hand as you lay looking up at the sky, the stars dispersed on the dark blue canvas. “It’s just not like it used to be.” They say, watching as he swirls you around, your laughter mixing in with his as he turns you around and around on the dancefloor. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He says, his arms circling around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder as you stand at the counter, writing a list of things you must buy. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He murmurs, as both of your eyes follow the model that walks down the runway, both of your confused expressions questioning the fashion sense. “It’s just not like it used to be.” He tells you, repainting his recent trip to the place both of you loved so much, so long ago. “It’s just not like it used to be, but I love it so much more.” He says softly, his lips pressed to your temple as you both sit on the couch, watching a movie on low volume, his arms wrapped around your body, as you close your eyes in relaxation, a small smile surfacing on your lips.

Zayn: “It’s just complicated.” He says, trying to hide the smile that surfaces with any thought of you. “It’s just complicated.” He muses, his friends egging on and on, trying to find out who has Zayn Malik going home before midnight. “It’s just complicated.” You say, trying to avoid the fact that your friends have caught you wearing a shirt that isn’t yours. “It’s just complicated.” He laughs, explaining to you that putting pieces of cardboard together to make a bigger picture is too much work. “It’s just complicated.” He sighs, exhausted beyond belief about who knows what, but it doesn’t matter because you don’t want to see him stress. “It’s just complicated.”  He says, handing you a plate of pasta with ‘special sauce’ that he made that is ‘too complicated’ for you. “It’s just complicated.” You smile, not wanting to tell him why you’re so dressed up and happy. “It’s just complicated.” He groans, trying to think of the perfect present to get you, something that would make you happier than happy. “It’s just complicated.” You whisper to your friends, their glances asking you if you have indeed been ‘seeing someone’. “It’s just complicated.” You answer, not exactly sure why he keeps asking you why you can’t go on vacation with him. “It’s just complicated.” He lies on the phone, not wanting his friend to know that the reason he can’t go out tonight is because he’s with you. “It’s just complicated.” He finally says to his friends, not exactly sure how he can spill his emotions to someone who may or may not feel the same way. “It’s just complicated.” He complains to them, his eyes cast down as he remembers the way you laughed at the stranger’s joke, the way you looked so happy. “It’s just complicated.” You say to the stranger, not taking his invitation to dinner, confused on why your friend had left the party. “It’s just complicated.” You tell Zayn, his eyes dilated with some emotion you can’t decipher, his fingers absentmindedly running through his hair. “It’s just complicated.” He says, and you furrow your eyebrows in confusion, your mind not understanding his words. “It’s just complicated, you’re just complicated, but that’s enough for me. You’re enough for me. We are enough for me, that’s what I want. It’s just complicated, but it’s worth it.”

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