and yeah a lot of these will be from season 6

Cold Water. Part 2.

    Summary: Basically, seasons 6 involving the reader, who’ve been in love with Theo since the events of season 5 and who Theo’s been in love with as well.
    Ship: Theo Raeken x Reader/Y/N
    Episode: 6x07
    Words: 1255
    Little note from the author: My blog doesn’t specialise on imagines at all, but when has it been specialised on anything, am I right? So, I am in love with Theo and I had this idea to just rewrite events of season 6, involving the reader in there and making Theo, Y/N and their relationships the centre of these imagines. Btw, the title is horrible - I know - I’ve always been bad with those things. And, sorry for all the mistakes - English is not my first language. But, I’m trying as hard as I can. And, yeah, there are like lots of references to different stuff - from comics to TV series. So, yeah, sorry, if you won’t understand :(

Part 1:

     When we took Theo to Scott’s house and showed everyone our ‘present’, the first thing that happened was Malia. More specifically – Malia, who was beating Theo. She was just punching him in the face and no one stopped her at this point, but when she showed her claws and was preparing to end Theo, me and Scott stopped her. What’s interesting or worrying (I haven’t decided yet), Theo said: ‘It’s ok, you don’t have to stop’, right after Malia showed an attempt to kill him. He told her she doesn’t have to stop. Maybe, hell did change him after all.
     While I was thinking about Theo yet again, Scott and Malia argued with Liam and Hayden. Scott and Malia wanted to send Theo back, Liam was one hundred percent sure that we needed him and Hayden obviously agreed with her boyfriend, though promising to send Theo back immediately, if he does anything stupid. Scott was still convinced that we needed to send Theo back right at that moment. On such a low point, when we were so close to actually sending Theo back to hell, I had to say something. And, I did: ‘We need him, Scott’. He gave me a look full of surprise and so did Malia: ‘I thought you would understand us! How can you defend him?’. I took a deep breath: ‘I fully understand you, but I also understand some other things. We all know I have some experience – a lot of it, actually and I know some things. For example, hell changes people a lot. And also, no one wants to come back to hell. Even demons themselves try everything to run away from there as far as they can. Theo knows some things about the Wild Hunt and he also remembers Stiles. And, he doesn’t remember Stiles like you – you just have memories of him. Theo, on the other hand, remembers Stiles as he was – as a human being. It’s important and it can be very helpful. But, if he does something, we won’t just send him back to hell. I will put as many arrows in him as I can, so he will bleed in pain’ – I touched my bow, convincing everyone I was serious – ‘and then we will send him back to hell. Deal?’ Malia and Scott looked at each other and Scott agreed. Malia, on the other hand, didn’t. She was furious and stormed out of the house, saying she has some kind of a better idea. Well, maybe she does – the only thing I cared about at this point was Theo staying in real world – on Earth. I wouldn’t admit it out loud, but to myself I did – I still loved Theo and there was nothing I could do with it.
     The decision everyone made, though, was that everywhere we take Theo with us he will be in chains. A weird one, but Scott said it was ‘safer’ that way and while Liam and Hayden agreed with him, I just didn’t have any arguments against it. So, when we were taking Theo on a mission to catch a Ghost Rider, he was in chains too. Liam and Hayden were arguing with him about how good the idea was and while Layden were sure about it, Theo said it was horrible. Then somehow a weird cheesy conversation between Liam and Hayden started and they kissed. ‘Just so you know, I am still here!’ – Theo and I said at the same time. I couldn’t help, but smile. We’ve just said something at the same time, like freaking couples do and by some reason, I felt very satisfied because of that.
     When we came to the place, everyone else was already there. Theo was freed from his chains, so he could do his part. Everyone was discussing a plan and everyone’s parts in it. My task was easy – as a human without any special powers rather than perfect archery skills, I was a simple backup.
     Later in the evening, the mission started. We heard lightning and immediately understood – they are here. In couple of seconds, the Ghost Rider appeared and Hayden ran into the cage, as it was planned. The Ghost Rider came after her and when she escaped from the cage, Liam closed the first entrance. Scott started to close the second one, but the gates got stuck. The Ghost Rider came up to Scott and I already wanted to run there and help, but Theo took my hand and stopped me. I felt electricity all over my body, even though he quickly let go, running to help Scott. Now, both of them were trying to close the gates. They almost did it, when the Ghost Rider grabbed Theo’s shoulder and tried to pull him into the cage with himself. I couldn’t just stay like that anymore, so I shot an arrow into the Ghost Rider’s arm. He immediately let Theo go and Scott finally closed the gates. I ran up to Theo, helping him to stand up. ‘Are you ok?’, I asked. ‘Yes, I’m fine’ – he stood up – ‘You actually do care about me, don’t you?’ I smirked: ‘Maybe I do, but you’ll never know’. Theo wanted to say something else, but the Ghost Rider, who was now trying to summon the electricity, distracted us. Thankfully, it didn’t work. Our plan did, though. We trapped the Ghost Rider. Now, there was another problem, two of them, actually – the Ghost Rider called for backup and no matter how hard we tried to speak to him, he wouldn’t answer.
     It turned out that the only person, who can talk to the Ghost Rider is a Hell Hound. And we happened to have just the right one – someone just had to bring Parrish here. So, Scott called him. When Parrish came and tried to communicate with the Ghost Rider, nothing much happened. The ghost Rider just said: ‘We are the Wild Hunt, we hunt forever. Those, who hunt with us, hunt forever’, every time we asked him something. Then, the Ghost Rider did something with Parrish and he went to his ‘Hell Hound mode’ and tried to help the Ghost Rider to escape. Scott and Liam stopped him and then Theo grabbed him by the shoulder. Perrish (or the Hell Hound, I suppose) didn’t like that, so he burned Theo’s hand and threw him to the ground by some weird force. I ran to help Theo. ‘Hey, how are you?’ – I asked, helping Theo to stand up. ‘I am ok, we just… we just need to put mountain ash there again or he’ll come out’, Theo said, putting mountain ash around the entrance of the cage.
      Then, the Ghost Rider smelled something and turned his head right. So did we. And, we saw that teacher that helped us the other day. He looked rather evil though and judging by the look on Theo’s face, he knew him and that guy for sure wasn’t friendly. Theo grabbed my hand and closed me with his back. Hell no – we started this fight together, we’ll continue it together too. I let go of Theo’s hand and grabbed my bow being ready to shoot the arrow in teacher’s direction in any second. But, the guy said: ‘Not so fast’, quickly changed into some kind of werewolf and that’s the last thing I remember. After that – nothing, but blackness. To a certain point, of course.

Part 3:

psychic: ok lets read your mind

me: kira yukimura deserved to be in season 6 more than anyone in the ‘teen wolf 2.0 pack’ and i’m pressed and i’m going to be pressed forever because no one ever said anything about the fans sending racist insults to arden/kira and the fans will still throw themselves at void stiles but will insult void kira and i’m mad because kira wasn’t in every episode of season 4, and she was absent for a lot of episodes of season 5, and then they cut her scenes just so they could add even more of the boring ass white argent family story. she had so much potential for season 6 and we’ll never know if from the depths of the desert she’ll remember stiles because the writers are stupid fucking assholes.

psychic: what……yeah ur right

Cold Water. Part 1.

     Summary: Basically, seasons 6 involving the reader, who’ve been in love with Theo since the events of season 5 and who Theo’s been in love with as well.
     Ship: Theo Raeken x Reader/Y/N
     Episode: 6x06
     Words: 1103
     Little note from the author: My blog doesn’t specialise on imagines at all, but when has it been specialised on anything, am I right? So, I am in love with Theo and I had this idea to just rewrite events of season 6, involving the reader in there and making Theo, Y/N and their relationships the centre of these imagines. Btw, the title is horrible - I know - I’ve always been bad with those things. And, sorry for all the mistakes - English is not my first language. But, I’m trying as hard as I can. And, yeah, there are like lots of references to different stuff - from comics to TV series. So, yeah, sorry, if you won’t understand :(

     While Hayden and Liam were talking about their plan and explaining everything, I was silent. I still tried to understand what’s going on. I still tried to embrace that simple fact – Theo is coming back. Somewhere deep down inside I wanted that as much as a person can possibly want something. And, if Lucifer asked me what do I truly desire, I’d answer: ‘Theo to come back’, in a blink of an eye. Would I admit it, though? Hell no. Until Lucifer himself wasn’t there to ask his iconic question, I hated Theo. At least, I was desperately trying to.
     I remember what I said, when I understood who Theo truly is. It actually happened rather quickly.  Stiles had just started to become suspicious and I already got it all. I stormed into the room, while Stilinski tried to reason with the pack, saying that we can’t trust Theo. And, I spoke up. I told them that Theo was not that Theo they knew in 4th grade. That Theo was somewhere deep inside of the Theo we saw then – Theo that had been created by Dread Doctors. And then I told the phrase each word of which I still remember perfectly and that fully summed up mine and Stiles’s theory: ‘When you love a person, you can see those things easily. But, you know what they say – even if you love Bucky Barnes, you can’t trust the Winter Soldier’.
     While I was thinking about Theo and all that and maybe (just maybe!) even humming the tune of ‘I hate u, I love u’, we met with Kira’s mum. She said something like: ‘I don’t approve this mission’ and – honestly – I should’ve put 50 bucks on it, because I thought that’s something she would say. She left of very quickly afterwards and Liam, who was holding the sword, had been hesitating for a moment. I fully understand him, it’s not the easiest decision to make. But, he did it anyway. Hayden cried out: ‘Liam, wait!’, at the exact same moment Liam put the sword into the ground. It started to break in two halves, but I still couldn’t move. I couldn’t even blink. That moment is coming and only God knows how scared I am. And, if he doesn’t exists, my feelings are a mystery for everyone – even for me.
     The first thing I saw was a hand – not exactly a human one – it had wolf claws, but Gods I would recognize that one, even if it would be ripped in halves and pieces. Then, the whole body started to slowly come out of the hole and just in couple of seconds full Theo in flash and blood came out of there. He had his fangs out and his eyes were beta-yellow. It looked like he was preparing to fight. And, I wasn’t mistaking – he attacked Liam. Hayden tried to reason with him, but he simply asked: ‘Where is my sister?’ Sister? Gods, what have he been through there? I kinda faded away from the real world, thinking about it. Or, maybe (just maybe!) I faded away because I heard his voice again and ah-oh, how I’ve missed it. But, does the reason really matter, though? The point is – I faded away from reality and came back to a very strange point.
     The teacher from school (or, whoever that guy was – not that I paid attention) was doing something with the electricity and Theo was asking if we were sure that’s going to work. That was the first time I looked up at everyone and Theo was looking straight at me. It wasn’t just a glance and he wasn’t asking me either – he was just staring at me and I couldn’t help, but stare back keeping the eye contact. Liam tried to convince Theo to do ‘the thing’ and suddenly Theo gave me a questioning look, asking if he truly has to do this. I nodded and he put his hand on the wire without even thinking about it for a second. He trusted me. And, because of that fact I felt so good. I don’t know why, it’s just that my heart started to beat faster, those butterflies that everyone talks about appeared in my stomach and I wanted to smile as wide as I could. Unfortunately, I couldn’t control my heart and butterflies in my stomach, but thank God I could control my smile – the only thing that someone else could see. So, I kept a straight face.
     Plan itself didn’t work, though. When Theo touched the wire, he got thrown away by the electricity. I almost moved, I almost ran up there to help him to stand up and ask if he’s ok. But, thankfully, I was able not to do that. I stayed still keeping a poker face. As Theo stood up, he said: ‘I’m fine, by the way. Thank you for your concern’, mostly looking at me and addressing the phrase to me as well. And, suddenly I felt so guilty. I was still hiding it behind the mask of ‘I don’t give af’, though, and when Theo looked into my eyes, trying to find at least some support, he became really sad and stopped looking at me for the first time.
     It turned out that Theo’s special powers didn’t work anymore. Which technically meant we didn’t need him. And, Layden immediately decided to bring him back to hell. Hell no, I am not going to let them do such thing. Theo said that he knows a lot about The Wild Hunt from Dread Doctors, but Liam and Hayden still didn’t want to listen to him. Then, it appeared that Theo still remembered Stiles. Layden were still hesitating even after that, so I spoke up: ‘We need him’, I said, making couple of steps in Theo’s direction. He gave me a surprised look, and so did Hayden: ‘Seriously, Y/N? I thought you hated this guy! We all did!’. I answered: ‘And I still do. But, we truly need him right now. And, we can send him back with the sword whenever we want’. Surprisingly, it was enough for two of my friend to believe me and keep Theo in the real world. I glared at him for the last time, catching his thankful look, turned around and said: ‘Let’s go find the other part of a pack… and show them our little surprise’. After that, I walked away – hell yeah I love an epic exit as much as I love a good entrance. I just wish I could see Theo’s smirk, that appeared on his beautiful face because of that epic exit of mine as well.

Part 2:

Do you think Supernatural will ever...

actually acknowledge how many times Castiel’s shit decision making has fucked over the world?  The show in recent seasons has pushed more on the idea that Dean & Sam make the best decision for their brother before they really consider the world at large (despite their general best intentions to ‘save people’) and that maybe this isn’t a good thing but NO ONE on the show seems to talk about Castiel’s monumentally poor judgment from Season 6 on, pretty much straight through.  When’s the last time Castiel made the correct decision about anything?  I see a lot of people in certain segments of the fandom talk about how much they love the character and how he’s so sweet, and innocent, and naive…and I’m like, what the fuck show have you been watching?  He hasn’t been sweet or innocent since the second episode he was in when he threatened to throw Dean back into Hell if he didn’t toe the appropriate line.  Yeah, that’s really so kind, and sensitive, and sweet.  When’s the last time Castiel made a decision based on what was best for Dean or Sam that wasn’t really the idea of the other brother (ie end of last season and the MoC which was really Sam’s pushing)?

I no longer understand the appeal of the character.  He has some decent scenes (I actually liked his speech late last season to Dean about being the one stuck watching Dean be ‘Cain’ for eternity whereas everyone else gets to die) but it seems he’s mostly in the show to make trouble for the Winchesters and has been doing so since Season 6.  He’s the cause of MORE problems than Crowley is, and Crowley is the supposedly-evil King of Hell (he’s not even remotely scary any more, talk about characters being ruined by being seen too much…)  I hope the new lead team at Supernatural comes up with some new ways of using, appropriately, Mark & Misha and their characters because as it is…I’m sick of both.

okay the abusive parts of their relationship all came from Ian. yeah Mickey beat him up before they were dating, but he never touched him violently when they were together. then Ian punched Mickey and Mickey was like wtf. then Ian literally made him fight him. Mickey finally gave a shit about Ian and wanted to take care of him, but Ian made it seem like he wanted it how it used to be, the way he constantly complained about before. seasons 5-6 Ian Gallagher are not the same person as season 1 Ian Gallagher. he tells Caleb all these horrible things about Mickey that aren’t even true about Mickey, yet are true about Ian. I understand that he’s bipolar and he has a lot going on, but he can’t use that as an excuse for everything. at some point he needs to realise that the way he treats Mickey is not okay and he needs help. and then once he gets help they can get married. I love Ian, but he needs to calm down and just think about things and take a breath.

Jon, sansa, daenerys

I am somewhat conflicted over jonsa and jonerys. Since the beginning of this show, i’ve always wanted to see jon and dany get 2gether. But then season 6 came on and jonsa had more romantic chemistry then i ever anticipated. Jonsa sorta came like Wrecking ball.

I also feel like jon and dany personalities would not go well. If this was jon from season 1-4 i would have said fuck yeah jonerys but i feel like the jon from season 5-6 would not mesh well with dany at all. Jon at this point reminds me a lot of Ned. Both whom just wanted to be left alone and live a quiet life.

Ned did not want to be the hand of robert and go the south and i feel like jon would not want to be in the south either. Jon gives no fuck about politics or the iron throne so it would not suit him to be over there. Jon is too much of northern guy at heart as well.

I also think its too late to see jon/dany fall in love with only 13 ep to go. And the writers seems to have set some type of fondation for jonsa instead. If jonerys was to happen then i think the writers should have set that foundation in this season. Got isnt about much romance but i think the writers would at least want to set some type of solid foundation for a romance between jon and someone as his final wife. And i think sansa is much closer to jon’s current ideal rn then dany.

Come At Me

The Richonne fandom is so over dramatic and whiny that it’s affecting the way the show used to work. Season 5 is probably the best season with surprises and character development and most importantly no influences from any fandom of sorts. Now I know a lot of us wanted Ressie to be a forever thing and have been asking amc but the Richonne fandom not only started hating on Jessie for no reason but on Alexandra Breckenridge also got the hate. They’ve also sent death threats to Alex and amc for the way they were writing (Alex didn’t take part in writing it) Rick and Jessie. Season 6 is so predictable, it’s almost like the writing was handed over to the Richonners while amc had little input. People say that Rick and Michonne deserve to be together because of Michonne’s relationship with Carl and Judith. Now yeah those may be his kids but what do they have to do with Rick and Michonne’s romance, NONE. That’s not how romance is started, it’s like a guy telling his pregnant girlfriend that they need to get married because they will have a child, so sorry to burst your bubble but Richonne is nothing but a very good friendship and is also currently sex and not very passionate. Rick and Jessie had more of a natural romance and personal connection with each other physically, internally, and romantically. It all started when Jessie was helping Rick adjust to Alexandria when he first arrived and at Deanna’s party he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her for awhile. They had a deep talk about how life used to be and how they could make it like that again. Rick soon became attracted to her and started following her around. Another way to know how he was attracted to her was when Jessie was walking by with Pete and when they were walking back to their house, the camera panned to Rick putting his hand on his gun, hinting that he has a desire to kill Pete to be with Jessie. Also when Rick and Pete were fighting in the street, Rick pushed Carl away, that shows how much desire he had to kill Pete for hurting Jessie and to be with her. Rick also got even more angrier and defensive when Pete smacked Jessie away from him. Rick and Jessie’s romance was so well built and Jessie’s character changed very quickly and drastically in a few episodes from being afraid to not being afraid of the world anymore, she was prepared for what was next. Now she was still new to the concept but she was able to adapt quickly and was 1 of the only people in Alexandria to step up in just a short amount of time. She also in my opinion has 1 of the best quotes “We have to see it, we have to fight it, if we don’t fight, we die”. Rick and Jessie finally have their first kiss in her garage and people say that there’s no passion when they were talking about their future, hinting that Rick wants Jessie to be involved in his future. That 1 kiss scene had way more passion than all of the Richonne sex scenes combined. Now I know that Jessie did die like the comics but they’ve been tweaking deaths and giving them to other characters which is very clever and unpredictable. Comic Andrea’s story should’ve went to Jessie because she was a character that we were still getting to know and it would’ve been cool to see more of her and Rick plus how she would handle the world now(Say like if she survived but her kids both died). They gave it to Michonne because the non canon fandom (Richonne) wouldn’t stop bugging them and sending death threats so they gave Comic Andrea’s storyline to her even though she was already built up to the limit when they could’ve added it to a less known character like Jessie. Now I’m not a racist because that’s what people assume right away when they find out that you don’t like Richonne. Now to finish off with this, Jessie’s death was very poorly done and left us with no memory of her when she was heavily involved in the second half of S5 and first half of S6. Seriously, Jessie just sat there and let herself get eaten when she could’ve realized that she needed to be there for Ron. They wrote Jessie to be something she would never be and had everyone just sit there and watch her and Sam get eaten when Jessie could’ve been saved and Carl was the only 1 who was saved because the plot called for it. So now that I have that out of my system, COME AT ME RICHONNERS!!!

Ylvis interview. For and on behalf of YOG ( Facebook) Enjoy!


Interviewer: Dawnie
Guests: Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker
Video and co-interview: Meka

Dawnie: As this is the final show of the season, there has been a lot of speculation from fans that a season 6 is NOT going to happen. Could you put some minds at rest, even though it’s early days?

Bård: (British/English accent) Not really put any minds at rest…

Dawnie: You’re speaking with an English accent now!

Bård:’s (laughs)

Meka: I noticed that too

Vegard: That’s the problem with, you know, speaking English for us- because we don’t have an identity.

Bård: Yeah, it’s kinda like it is

Vegard: When I’m in Africa I speak like dis (African dialect)

Bård: (in answer to the question) We don’t know, because since we’ve made this for five years now, we wanted to take a break to decide whether we’re doing more of this- because this is like the best thing ever for us: doing this show, because we get to do whatever we want, and we really like this thing, but we need to kind of just figure out what we want to do.

Dawnie: Do you think there could be something more like a different format of Ylvis TV…?

Bård: Yeah, absolutely.. like?

Dawnie:…like a ‘Whose line is it Anyway’ thing where you two are the Improv ‘regular guys’ - have you ever seen that?

Bård: Probably not..

Vegard: Not that..but some…

Bård: I dunno, we would love to do a lot of improv, but it’s kind of hard, it’s a hard format to master.

Meka: Especially in TV

Bård: yeah there are so many examples of shitty..

Meka: I did it in theater, in college, and its like- crazy

Bård: Yeah, but theater works

Vegard: It works in theater because it’s more charming. in television you’re supposed to be a little more rigid and..

Bård: And there’s like a hundred people sitting in there.. like..

Dawnie: Absolutely, yeah. But you’re good at what you do and it’s natural with you guys

Bård: Well, thanks, yeah..

Vegard: I think you say that because it’s just Norwegians that don’’t understand it…

Dawnie: Well.. (laughs)

Vegard: It just… looks.. nice. (laughs)

Bård: I think definitely. We will make more television- we have to do something, but we just need to like…do nothing for a couple of months.

Dawnie: Well, you deserve a break because you are just .. like.. workaholics

Vegard: Yep

Bård: I think it’s smart wanting to make stuff again

Dawnie: OK.. cut to the chase.. will there ever, between now and the eve of mankind be another version of ‘SexyBack’ with Ylvis? That is from the fans..

Vegard: Ah, yeah..That was fun, that was really fun to do

Dawnie: Yeah, it was!

Bård: We like the joke, we don’t like the sexual aspect of it

Dawnie: We can understand that, absolutely, yeah

Bård: No, because, you know, so,… we thought it was funny to do, but..…

Vegard: I’ve err, I’ve missed it, I have to say-

Bård: Yeah, like…?

Vegard: musically.

Bård: Oh Yeah was fun

Vegard: I think it was fun because, I mean, we start to get like…old

Bård: Yeah yeah, old …

Vegard: And yeah so we can go through with it

Dawnie: ( To Bård) I would say you were more more comfortable with it than you Vegard

Vegard: No, it’s the opposite way around

Bård: (Points to himself) More? I think it’s the other way round

Dawnie: Do you really think?

Vegard: No, Because I don’t think I’m sexy, so then it’s… then it’s funny


Bård: (points to Vegard) He’s knows he’s ugly, so..

Vegard: But, I know I’m not sexy, but he (points to Bård) still thinks he’s like, still…errm

Bård: I’m holding onto it… no

Meka: I thought it was great, your parents at the afterparty in Stockholm, we talked to them for a while, your father was talking about the rehearsal in Drammen. He said HE thought you were going to pull a young lady from the audience, and he thought OK yeah, that’d be funny, the fans’ll like it. He said when you pulled a male up onstage, it took a turn for the weird really fast

Vegard: (laughs) yeah

Bård: But a girl wouldn’t be funny

Dawnie: After you did the performance there was an ‘inside thing’ on the fan groups where- you know the Monty Python part ‘Who threw that rock?’ and they are all men..

Bård and Vegard: Yeah

Vegard: Voiced in low voice as from the movie- “Did YOU do it?”

Dawnie: That’s what all the women were like, they were going to turn up at the next show dressed up as men..

Bård and Vegard: (Laughter)

Dawnie:.. with beards and stuff.

Meka: Oh, and Mike became famous throughout the fandom too. ‘Magic Mike’ is what everybody called him, yeah he got a big head over that. He enjoyed it just as much as everybody else, he was a really good sport about it.

Vegard: Yeah, it was fun.

Dawnie: I’m a musician too, I do the piano covers

Vegard: Yeah, we’ve seen that!

Bård: Yeah, they’re great

Dawnie: Do you ever have major disagreements as to which key a song should be in or how the formula should be, or how a sketch should flow? Who takes the lead?

Bård: I wouldn’t say ‘major’ disagreements but it’s like a process and we are like.. we’re all heading the same way.

Vegard: Yeah

Bård: But because we’re not very different, and that’s like, the two of us, and when it comes to music, the guys we work with musically, and also Christian (Lochstøer)- the guy who writes with us- we’re always heading the same way..

Vegard: We have like- small discussions

Dawnie: You have this ESP between you two, do you agree with that?

Bård: We have what?

Dawnie: ESP.. extra sensory perception- where you both kind of know what each other is thinking?

Vegard: No, I don’t think.. I’m too rational

Bård: It’s more.. spending time together

Vegard: Yeah, we’ve been growing up together

Dawnie: We’re hoping for a new tour

Vegard: Yeah, yeah

Bård: Yeah- so are we!

Dawnie: What are the possibilities of us coming up with a new name for the tour, like ‘Tight Leather Pants tour’ or something like that as opposed to ‘Expensive Jacket tour’?

Vegard: Yeah, I think we have to..

Bård: What, submit your..?


Dawnie: Would you be prepared to choose the winning name?

Bård: Absolutely, we could probably use a change of title.

Vegard: Yeah (nods head) We have to do..

Bård: Because we would have to do new songs and stuff

Vegard: But maybe not garment-based this time

Bård: Not necessarily. Originally it was supposed to be the ‘Big Blue Dome tour’, we had like a big blue..

Vegard: The Big, err..

Bård: Displace.. Displaced Blue dome tour or something like that. The big (uses hands to show) Dome

Vegard: (To Bård) Was it not something with ‘Dysfunctional..?’

Bård: ‘Displaced’ ‘slightly displaced’

Vegard: Blue Dome.. maybe yeah

(Time is up for the interview, we were asked by the producer to wrap it up)

Dawnie: Something we have to ask before we go, the Engine for Gabriel, we were discussing the melody- the first part of the song, is based on Cecilia (Simon and Garfunkel)?

Vegard: Oh yeah, we… (laughs) It’s not, it’s not based on it, we just.. yeah we err..

Dawnie: I played it to my husband and he walked in and went ‘That’s Cecilia’ and started singing along

Vegard: Yeah, there are some notes in the beginning (smiles, nods head)

Bård: I don’t remember any of the songs right now

Vegard: (Sings) ‘Gabriel…’

Dawnie: But the last song was Simon and Garfunkel (esque) with the Old Friends reference

Bård: I’ve never heard of Simon and Garfunkel

Dawnie: Thank you so much

Bård and Vegard: ’You’re welcome’

End of interview

Kyla Kenedy: “So, tell me what is Daryl praying for mostly this season?
Is it;
A. Please don’t let him steal Carol or Rick from me!
B. If I take Jesus out, will I still go to heaven?

Tom Payne: “What was the beginning of that question?”

Kyla Kenedy: “What is Daryl praying for these days?”

Tom Payne: “Oh what is Daryl praying for…Okay! Say that…this again! ”

Kyla Kenedy:
“A. Please don’t let him steal Carol and Rick from me?
B. If I take Jesus out, will I still go to heaven?”

Tom Payne: “Um, B. If I take Jesus out will I still go to heaven?
Because I don’t think he’s my biggest fan right now, you know on the show but…”

Kyla Kenedy: “Or in real life!”

Tom Payne: “Maybe in real life, yeah…I do enjoy messing with him, a lot, on the show…Maybe in real life, as well.”

Walker Stalker Con Nashville 2016 - Fan Fest: Down N’ Dirty w/ Kyla Kenedy

You know one of the things that annoys me about this show? Like really, reeally bugs the hell out of me?

The recent deaths (specifically the ones from about seasons 5-6).

Deaths in the show used to be horrific, yeah, but they were tragic in a way that worked and a lot of them were actually very moving. Characters like Shane, Lori, Dale, Merle… Their deaths weren’t completely fair, no, but they made sense. They happened and the effect they had on the other characters and the audience was strong, but they were done in ways that created actual proper emotion. Kind of in the way that left a hole in your heart after watching.

The show used to explore its characters, craft them with depth after depth, and then take them away. But they did it right.

They don’t do that anymore.

Right around when season five happened, the deaths started becoming less fluid, noticeably with Tyreese, Beth, and Noah. Those weren’t the worst in regards to what I’m talking about, but they were probably the turning point in this growing problem.

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I know a lot of you already watched the new epsiodes (The Tournament Of Elements Season aka Season 5) on youtube but this seems important. They’re starting to show repeats of the Nindriod Season (season 4) on cartoon network this Sunday, febuary 1st, two epsiodes at 9/8c am, another two at 12/11c, another two at 2/1c pm, another two at 4:30/3:30c pm and a final time at 7/6c pm. Plus the new epsiodes up until episode 44 is on demand. SO IM PRETTY FRICKEN SURE THAT THEY’RE GOING TO SHOW SEASON 5 EPISODES PRETTY SOON AND MAYBE EVEN SEASON 6 (if there is one from the assumption that at the end of ep 44 theres this guy and he’s going to be the new villan) SO YEAH GET EXCITED.

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Yes, I’m currently re-watching the last two episodes of season 6 because they were beautiful (and Willow is so powerful) and I wasn’t prepared to go on yet.

But I just have to reiterate how angry I am at Xander for the way he told Dawn about Spike’s attempted rape of Buffy. He is right to be angry at Spike, I fully support his anger, but Dawn is a 15 year old kid. She’s so young. And yeah, she’s been through hell already, losing her mom, her sister, Tara, and all the attempts on her life… But he still ought to want to protect her from some of these harsh parts of the world? I mean, even if he sees her as more mature than her sister does, he says it so callously. There’s no regard for Buffy or Dawn in his statement, too self-absorbed in his own rage.

I don’t hate Xander. I did, but he’s grown and matured and gotten a lot of interesting character development. And he’s done a lot this season that I would expect to hate him for, and I still sympathize. I still like him, faults and all. And yeah, I’m shocked by that. And yeah, it’s partly influenced by his connection with Willow, who I’ve been in love with since her first scene and will continue to love forever (like Xander does). And as angry as I am at him for leaving Anya at the alter, for how terrible of a move that was, for how much he fucked up there, this is the worst thing he’s done. Worse than when he didn’t warn Buffy about Willow’s plan in season 2. (Worse than his use of the r-slur.) Worse than all of that. Dawn is a tiny kid, and that wasn’t his secret to tell anyway. He was never meant to find out, and he had no right to tell Dawn against Buffy’s wishes, when she wasn’t prepared to tell anyone yet.

I know a lot of people question why Stan, Kyle and Kenny hang out with Cartman, or consider him a friend, but I honestly don’t think it’s that hard to understand. I mean, I get why they’d wonder why Kyle hangs out with him, but it’s important to remember their relationship does differ from Cartman’s relationships with Stan and Kenny; that Cartman and Kyle are frenemies, and that frenemy relationships do occur. That aside, I think Cartman’s general relationships with the other boys aren’t that hard to wrap one’s head around.
Yeah, Cartman’s an asshole, but so are Stan, Kyle and Kenny, to varying degrees. They picked on Pip mercilessly, were pretty shitty to Butters in the past (particularly season 6), and are douche bags to Scott Malkinson in general; etc. More importantly, Stan and Kyle were just as big, if not bigger assholes to Cartman in the earliest seasons than Cartman is to them now.
Speaking of which, even in the more recent seasons, he gets along with them more often than not. Not that he doesn’t tend to be a dick to them on certain occasions (and vice versa), or even downright cruel (like having Cthulhu send them to a dark oblivion), but a lot of his negative traits are portrayed through speech and actions that aren’t directed at his friends. While the main four are hanging out together, they’re usually getting along pretty well; with the exception of Kyle and Cartman’s little disputes; but even they get along a decent amount of the time (and they probably enjoying arguing, anyway).
I think it’s even safe to say there are facets of Cartman’s personality that the other boys like, or at least find useful, such as his leadership skills. They follow Cartman’s lead on many occasions. They also rely on his deviance sometimes. He’s good at lying and getting out of trouble (better than anyone, as Stan expresses in “Toilet Paper”). (random thought: He’s a very charismatic character; it’s possible the boys could be just attracted to Cartman’s charisma as we South Parketeers). All the boys provide something for the group—Kyle’s strict moral compass, Kenny’s perverted humor—and Cartman says himself that he’s the smartass of the group in “Professor Chaos.” The boys were considering Token as a replacement for Kenny, but Cartman said he was a smartass (obviously, that’s a plus in the boy’s book). Kyle says, “So? You’re a smartass.” Cartman says, “Yeah. Do we really need another one?” Only then does Kyle say, “Good point." I’d go so far as to say the other boys are friends with Cartman for his general personality; ignorance, racism/prejudice, sociopathy aside. When the main four are just hanging out, Cartman behaves generally like any other boy (in South Park). They play video games, rip on each other, go on wacky adventures. Basically, I think the boys often look past Cartman’s negative traits, because they see that he has positive ones, too; or that they have the potential to get along, or whatever. And vice versa. Cartman looks past the fact that his best friends have certain aspects he can’t relate to or straight up opposes.