and yea

there’s this very specific aesthetic that I adore, but can’t really put a name to

it’s a jester in rich fabrics juggling fire, fog clinging to the last chill of night as a red sun rises, that feeling of immortal melancholy you get in a gust of wind, well worn tarot cards edged with gold, burning crimson embers drifting up into an inky sky

SnK 93 (spoilers)

Interesting facts we’ve learnt from the recent chapter:

- Zeke transforms people into mindless titans by injecting his spinal fluid and hearing his roar. This is unique to him as the Beast Titan, probably because of his royal blood. Marley presumably does not know about his royal blood (from this comment on reddit)

- If a shifter dies and is not subsequently eaten to make a new shifter, a baby would inherit it, so the power is never lost.

- Marley is in a sense behind technologically compared to other countries. Even the island developed weapons against titans while they just relied on the titan’s strength, which means they’re reaching their limit.

- The Ackermans are terrifying. Like I thought Mikasa’s strength was just used for humour at first but they are actually terrifying.

- The cart titan’s a female and spent some time walking on all fours after changing back (probably)

- Ymir is 100% ded lol

Translation was a bit iffy so some parts that will need clarifying

- The armoured titan “being lost” which definitely didn’t happen since he wakes up in a few pages, so maybe they just mean he was incapacitated for a while

- Zeke has a son?? (though people are saying contrary)

so ive hit 1000 followers and

Im honestly really thankful for the support!! n for the fact that you actually think my content is any good. Getting my art noticed has been v helpful for me! 

But I rlly feel like I should stop being as..into it. The fandom, I mean. I guess its a difference between being a fan and being in a fandom, if that makes sense. I still love Bangtan a lot dont get me wrong. But all Ive been drawing for a whole year has been bts and I kinda need to get away from that for a while. Ill still draw them sometimes bc tbh when will I ever get over them. But yk, not as much,,

Basically what Im saying is that I might not post anymore ..? I wont delete the blog if, for some reason, u still wanna see it or smth ? Srry for not posting much in the first place too.

aa i dont know how to end this post so uh

ly guys n all that

another thingg. you know how pretty taehyung is right. like he literally invented visual and pretty boy honestly?? but last night he just looked beyond pretty- his eyes were sparkling, his eyelashes were long, and his lips were this pretty shade of pink & the guy beside me literally gasped 😂 he ended up staring at tae the entire time with his mouth hanging open ajdkelwn


The whole smiling thing is weird because I actually smile a lot. I literally want to be like, ‘Dude, you would think I was cool if you got to know me!’ But so many people make so much money off these character traits that they have assigned me, and so many articles are written every single day about them, if they change my character, it wouldn’t make sense.

Happy 27th birthday, Kristen Jaymes Stewart! (April 9, 1990)