and yayoi lived!

If Kagari was part of S2

Please imagine the following;

- The interactions between Kagari and Mika. I don’t even need to elaborate on this; he would drive her up the wall :D

- “Gino-san, can I touch your arm?”

- He’d scare the life out of Hinakawa. Honestly. Hinakawa would not have the first clue what to do with Kagari. 

- Although in time they’d become closer, Kagari looking out for him like some kind of older brother. Plus they share games and candy!

- Yayoi/Kagari brotp lives on f o r e v e r 

- Kagari continues to lowkey crush on Shion even though he pretends she grosses him out. Everyone knows he’s crushing in secret. 

- There’s a lot of respect for Akane, but that doesn’t mean he can’t tease her from time to time. 

- He also hides her cigarettes in various places because he hates her smoking. 

- He despises Tougane. 

- Therefore he drives the man insane in every possible way; playing his games just a bit ~too~ loudly (this annoys Tougane and Mika but everybody else is used to it), hiding his things, accidentally loosening a few screws on the man’s desk/ chair/ monitor. The pettiest, most childish and irritating pranks because those are the ones which get under Tougane’s skin most.