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Anger Issues

“Anti! Calm the fuck down!” Chase had gone red in the face. “NO! FUCK YOU CHASE!” Anti glitched around. “A-Anti… P-please calm down…” Marvin looked terrifed. Everyone else was huddled in a corner. “It was one time Anti! Sorry you got so worked up over such small thing!!” Anti growled, his vision fogging over for a second. “Oh now you’ve done it Chase…” Shneeplestein shook his head. “ONE TIME!? ONE FUCKING TIME!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME CHASE?!” Antis eyes glazed over in black. He glitched in front of Chase with a loud growl. “Anti! Don’t!” Marvin ran in front of him. “Stop!” He suddenly felt a sharp sting across his face. Anti stepped back and cupped his hand over his mouth. “I… I… I’ve got to go…” He ran off. “Hey Marv… A-are you okay?” Marvin sighed and rubbed his cheek. “I… I’m fine”

Hours went by with not word from either Anti or Marvin. Marvin opened the door to the balcony and sat down. “Anti…?” He looked over at Anti and noticed he was crying. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Anti wiped his eyes with a sigh. “Leave me alone Marvin…” Marvin moved closer to him and shook his head. “What’s wrong?” He looked over and furrowed his brows. “I… I can’t believe I did that…” Anti sobbed. “It’s alright…” Marvin wrapped an arm around Anti, hugging him. “I’m not meant to love anyone… Everyone who I get close with gets hurt…” Anti buried his head in Marvins shoulder. “I’m just a stupid glitch. I’ll never be more than a glitch… Just some dumb corrupted coding…” Marvin sighed. “That’s not true. You’re not a stupid glitch.” Anti glitched away and sobbed. “I’ll never be like you guys! Shneeplestein saves lives. Jackieboy man is a superhero. Chase is an amazing dad… And you… You’re an amazing magician… Even Robbie is better then me… I’m just a stupid glitch. I’ll never be like you guys…” Anti wiped his eyes and sighed. “You’re not just a glitch. You… You’re a friend. A really good friend… You’re really nice and funny. And you may have anger issues but you’re a great friend…” Anti frowned. “No… All I am is a glitch. That’s the only thing people know me for… I was accused of killing Shneep! I… I’ll only be a glitch… F-fuck…” Marvin closed his eyes and sighed. “Anti. You’re you. You’re perfect the way you are. People make things up all the time. It’s a fact of life. You don’t have to change.” Anti smiled and turned to face him. “Thanks Marv.” Marvin chuckled. “You’re welcome. Though, and I don’t want to sound rude, you should learn how to control your anger.” Anti nodded, leaning against Marvin. “Listen I… I never meant to slap you… I was mad and acted like a moron…” Marvin looked at him and smiled. “It’s alright… There’s no need to worry…” Anti looked so happy. It made Marvins heart flutter. “I really should learn to control my anger… I… I could have seriously hurt you… I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if I did that…”


Top o’ the mornin to ya laddies! A new fic! Yay! I swear to god, insecure Anti and comforting Marvin is my religion. I also may or may not be hinting at a new ship I’m obsessed with… Heh… Alright. Bye bye!

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hello! Can you do a reaction for how EXO would shower with their s/o? Like how they would act in the shower. thank you!

Xiumin: *to be quite honest, Xiumin may seem like he’d be one of those guys who’d be fun to take a shower with *dirty thought intended* but, in reality, even with his significant other, Xiumin would feel awkward taking a shower together, especially if the shower isn’t that big. The more he took a shower with them the less awkward it’d be for him but that self-consciousness of him being naked AND wet in front of anyone would always be there*

Luhan: “you can shampoo you’re hair first if you want and I’ll scrub your back clean while you do” *thoughtful and caring, he would want his significant other to enjoy their shower time with each other* “but please don’t use my shampoo or conditioner”

*don’t let him fool you completely though, he may be nice and considerate while showering with you but he’ll definitely sneak some pervy looks at your body whenever your eyes are closed while he’s waiting for his turn to get clean. He’ll definitely enjoy the view of your head as it’s tilted back so that the shampoo or conditioner can get out of your hair and he’ll also love the sight of your drenched body as the water runs down it* *who knows, he might get horny enough to want some shower sex*

Kris: *you’ll know when it’s time to take a shower or bath with Kris, he’ll walk into the room that you’re in with a towel draped across his shoulders and he’ll have a look on his face that would seem to be asking you:* “why aren’t you getting ready? You know it’s important for both of us to stay clean right? If you’re not ready within the next 2 minutes I’ll drag you into the shower regardless of if you still have your clothes on so get ready”

*however, once Kris is in the shower with you, that cold and intimidating front that he puts on would immediately disappear and he’d turn into a big softy that will only be able to smile and laugh at the situation*

Suho: “well, we’re both in here… now what?” *he’d hope that his significant other would have some sort of plan thought out because he’d have no idea what to do once they were both in the shower together*

Lay: “are you sure you want to shower with me? It’ll be really crowded in there and you’ll have a hard time reaching the shampoo if we do” *hesitantly strips while he’s asking the questions*

Baekhyun: “can I shampoo your hair? can I scrub your body? Can I put the conditioner in your hair? woah, your butt is really big and so is your ……..” *very touchy, very pervy*

Chen: “that’s fine, just take your time and waste all the warm water for yourself, it’s not like I wanted to take a warm shower to”

“I’m just kidding, really I don’t mind, just as long as you don’t get out once you’re done” *winks*

Chanyeol: “I can’t believe we’re actually taking a shower together” *excited puppy when you first get in*

*excited puppy soon turns into giant perv* “hey y/n, while we’re in here would you like to, you know, do something other than just showering?”

Kyungsoo: *he’d be like Xiumin, extremely awkward at first, maybe even more awkward than Xiumin because he’d barely be able to look up at you as he waits for his turn, but once he’d done it a couple times he’d feel more comfortable with it*


Kai version: “water isn’t the only thing that you’re going to be drenched in”

kim jongin version: *the type of shower partner who wouldn’t know what to do but stare at his significant other so they’d have to do mostly everything*

y/n: “Kai, your hair is right in your eyes, if you don’t move it you’ll get shampoo in your eyes”

Kai: “………………….”

y/n: “here let me move it for you”

Kai: *laughs when you move his hair away*

Sehun: “why does your shampoo smell so gross? You’re getting new shampoo once we’re done”


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