and wub is the sound dubstep makes

We skipped the dungeon... sorry bro...

(this is a shorter one) New player and I ended up diving into a DnD 3.5 “just any info you can find we’ll work with” campaign. My character is a Monk/DragonfireAdept Tree/Slug Hybrid (basically the closest thing to piccolo from DBZ possible) and the DM told me that my race usually works in mines where we use our fists to dig out ore, which is where i’ve been before the campaign started. Other characters are a Warlock/Paladin Human, and a Warmage/Bard Man-o-War Jellyfish (gravity didn’t apply to.) 
Setting: We’re at an observatory, with a large single story building in front of a tower, we’re pretty sure there is a necromancer inside.

Warlock/Paladin: “I feel like this is a trap.”
Me: “I bet it’ll be a fun trap.“ 
Jelly-bard-mage: "Why don’t we just skip it?”
*after multiple rolls later, the jelly bard flys some rope up to the roof, that i have climbed onto. we pull the warlock/paladin up, and sneak across the roof to a window*
DM: “No one is inside the window. *to Jelly-bard-mage* since you’re a floor above, you see there is a lizard-man in robes, reading out of a book and gesturing towards a skeleton that isn't moving *to me and the warlock/paladin* you notice that inside the room there is a platinum piece inside of the mouth of a skull”  
Jelly-Bard-mage: “I cast enthrall on the dude in robes while floating out the second story window” (DM describes this as the jelly-bard-mage altering reality to create WUB sounds)
Me: *OOC* “ITS A DUBSTEP MISSION IMPOSSIBLE THEME! I’m going to jump through the window, grab the platinum piece, and throw the skull out the window” *DM makes me roll a bunch of dice. it ends up being successful* 
DM: “the skull starts sounding an alarm while in the air above the roof, but it’s now shattered as it lands because it’s a skull”
(combat rounds start, we end up killing a single skeleton and taking the necromancer alive after he surrenders. we escort him making it clear the warlock paladin will kill him with a stabbity-stab, or i will fire blast his face if he double crosses us. we make it into the building attached to the tower)
DM: “you see a great hall with about 20 skeletons that might have been a really cool battle, but instead, they’re all just, doing normal great hall things like pretending to eat and drink, their armor and weapons still on racks on either side. the necromancer is acting like this is all normal, like if you had come in the front door you would’ve been able to walk right through because I am not giving you the satisfaction of feeling like you skipped over most of the dungeon." 

how do people listen to dubstep… it hurts my ears so bad… like my ears aren’t even sensitive but just the sound when the base drops that goes like… wub wub wub… makes me so uncomfortable? bye