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Ravi having the time of his life and Kkomae third wheeling (?). Ken just wants to do Q&A already.

cr:  @Hotbody1110 II 170518 SinChon fansign


[HD] 170218 BTS The WINGS Tour in Seoul (Day 1)
©Merry White

Maknae line comparing their pinkies….
Does Jimin’s pinky even reach half of Tae & Kook’s? *-*


texan keith and the rest is, well, everything turned stereotypical texan cowboy western wtv, this is a collection of shit i drew in the last weeks. CLICK IMAGES FOR BETTER QUALITY woo

here we have mullet gone wild, lance mclame mcbroody, mcoutofcharacter mcveryimportant mcsharpshooter mcclain, also thought about priest shiro, so like ahhah father shiro, cuz shiro’s the space dad.. but i didnt draw him yet and i have 0 ideas for hunk and pidge :c feel free to suggest something