and wtf is wrong with tumblr

just borderline things™:

  • deleting your social media accounts to punish ppl with a lack of your presence but then remaking two days later because the lack of attention drives you crazy
  • checking your fps’ accounts and feeling threatened when you see them talking to literally anyone else
  • some tumblr post: “platonic feelings are just as important as romantic/sexual ones!” (bpd voice) sounds fake but okay
  • being too exhausted/upset to fortify your mental filters and letting something petty/mean slip out, expecting punishment immediately
  • feel a mixture of relief and annoyance when the punishment never comes/reassurance is given in its place because wtf i did something wrong why aren’t you telling me i’m horrible tell me i’m horrible
  • losing spoons to harmless interactions that rubbed you the wrong way for reasons you can’t tell anyone
  • feeling ashamed for Literally Everything because you do everything too much
  • “what if words inflicted physical pain would the world be kinder” words do inflict physical pain because i have bpd dingus
  • splitting on your fps and then splitting on yourself right after
I’ll Be Good - Part 1

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Summary: You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op.

Warnings: swearing (honestly shocked I haven’t sworn already), mild violence

Word count: 1700 (is it lucky that my first post is 1700 even?!)

Author’s Note: I have had a spectacularly awful day and have decided that I might as well let my b.barnes tumblr go down with the ship. So I’m posting my first ever attempt at a fic. I have written 3 parts and stared at them with trepidation for a week. Pt 3 is my fav., so I’ll post at least that much unless you all tell me there are enough self-indulgent non-writers out there and I need to stop now.

Tags: is this a joke? why the hell do I even have a tags section? I can’t believe I’m doing this…
@marvelatmytrash because you’re a lovely human being an Imma need your encouragement (or to gently put me out of my misery)
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Here goes…

This was a pretty simple mission. The interrogation last week had been fruitful and the small team were now en route to the drop off site. It was an illegal weapons trade, their goal was to stop it and capture the leaders. They had the most adept team available and it should have been simple – Clint was pilot and as usual the tactical eyes in the field. Bucky and Nat would take out the security, clearing a path for Steve to apprehend the organizers. Routine.

They landed in a heavily wooded area a mile from the site of the deal. The four of them left the jet and started making their way in when a long-range shot skimmed a nearby tree. As the team ducked for cover, Natasha examined the fresh wound on her left arm just inches above a very similar scar she had obtained a few years earlier. “Shit,” she mumbled thinking If that was Y/N, that was a warning shot, and Y/N won’t be so generous with the rest of my team.

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"Thrawn lost" WTF r u even serious

Am gonna finally rant.
Why. The Fuck. Does nearly the whole Tumblr. Say. That Thrawn. Lost.
What the hell is wrong, people.
He has destroyed the biggest bloody rebel cell. That would be Dodonna’s Massassi.
He has destroyed nearly the whole Sato’s squad.
He has made the rebels leave behind all the gear and supplies.
He has literally blasted a good dozen of their capital ships out of the space.
The only spacecraft that have left, have been the Ghost, the Nightbrother, two Corvettes and kinda bunch of A-wings (maybe?).
Thrawn has lost like several TIEs, five AT-ST (with the pilots being fine except for the last one) one AT-AT and one death trooper (maybe?). Two Interdictors, sadly, with neither being his fault.
The rebels have lost dozens of people, dozens of fighters like A-/Y-wings, all the supplies, all the gear, and escaped with NOTHING but the ships they were on.
Excuse me, has Thrawn still lost in your mind?

If not for Tarkin’s orders about prisoners, Season 4 would be about the rebels rotting on Kessel.

Gosh, “Thrawn lost”, it’s unbelievable, ебаный нахуй пиздец просто блядь господи.


What if instead of fingers you had 5 tiny penises on your hands and they functioned like regular penises and to be able to pick stuff up they had to be erect and sometimes if you got mad at someone you could jack off your finger and ejaculate into their eye

This one time I tried a fanfic

*Destiel, lol all aboard that ship

*fan fiction? Okay let me see what thats all about 

*google: Destiel fanfic

*starts reading twist and shout

*next chapter

*finishes Twist and Shout

*whoa okay, I have boarded the wrong ship

*my feelings about fanfic


Why do people continue to question Somalis blackness? Why do they keep othering us? Like we Black, We African, and we come in all shades, features and hair textures. Wtf is this? This why people keep referring to us as allies at BLM rallies and in black spaces. Ignorance like this about Somalis is what pisses me off. What’s good to the tv show on Netflix Chewing Gum?
Who wrote this bs dialogue?
“Something went wrong.“
"Somalis look a bit mix race.”


“I’m so tired of falling for guys that don’t fall back. It hurts.”

To the idiots of tumblr

“Can share contact”, “wanna trade contacts”, “got anymore info on her”, “got any social media link”???

Seriously, wtf is wrong with you guys? Please stop pulling down the standards of men on Tumblr and online in general.

Do you really think me or anyone else would share our contact with some random dude online? Like even though its a fuckbuddy with limited feelings involved, which man would throw her to the next dude online? I know you boys are horny but come on, im sure you have enough blood to be shared between your boner and your brain at the same time.

Just creating some tumblr account with a random picture of your dick or whatever and stating your stats on your bio with a “feel free to contact me ladies for some fun” really isn’t gonna cut it! Its pathetic

And even if contacts were shared with you, are you seriously just gonna message a girl randomly with a “hey saw you online you look hot wanna chat?”. Wake up the idea please, stop embarrassing yourself!