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Entering the house owned by a friend working in the private sector, the grad student anxiously reassesses many of his life choices.

One of the huge over-arching themes of Harry Potter was that nothing is black and white. The world is not split into good people and death eaters. Why is it so hard for fans to accept that the majority of characters were well written representations of just normal people getting by, and whether they’re good or bad they all have tangible flaws and positive qualities? Exactly like the people defending or bitching about them?

Mezase Pokémon Master -20th anniversary- CD

  1. Mezase Pokémon Master -20th Anniversary-
  2. Oyasumi, Boku no Pikachu -2017 ver.-
  3. Mezase Pokémon Master -20th Anniversary Ballad ver.-
  4. Alola!!
  5. XY&Z
  6. Getta Banban -Satoshi with Pikachu ver.-
  7. Mezase Pokémon Master -20th Anniversary- (Instrumental)
  8. Oyasumi, Boku no Pikachu -2017 ver.- (Instrumental)
  9. Mezase Pokémon Master -20th Anniversary Ballad ver.- (Instrumental)

(Release date: Nov 29 2017)

Genuine fans do not go looking for excuses to spread hate and discourse. A genuine fan seeks to build and maintain a fandom, not to destroy it.

And by the same token a genuine fan does not have to put their idol on a pedestal to support them.

These are real people with real lives who can be damaged both professionally and personally when campaigns are mounted against them.

Anyone involved in such actions are despicable people who don’t deserve to be heard.

That is all I have to say.

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Can you find some quotes by Jimin? I've been trying so hard to find them along with the picture..but failed so bad 😭 Help!

“My ideal love story that will love only one person for the rest of my life.” - JIMIN


“Life is worth living.” - JIMIN


“A man has to be like a tree! With a stable root and a lot of leaves to protect the one they love.” - JIMIN


“As people recieve compliments they become kinder, gentler, and more beautiful.” - JIMIN


“Happiness is when I’m standing on stage.” - JIMIN


These are quotes that Jimin has said in interviews, articles, and DVDs. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for haha, but If you need more, or if you need some Jimin quotes from BTS songs, then I’ll be happy to help. (:

I’m seeing a lot of posts floating around that are questioning how much craig cares about tweek and is invested in their relationship and I might pose it to you to eliminate some of your expectations. Their subplot is about expecting what your partner does to fit your narrative about what love is. Both Craig and Tweek make speculations on why the other left Coon & Co. or chose to stay without actually communicating about their feelings. Both of them feel justified in saying they are the victim of the other’s percieved wrongdoing (abandonment/lack of support) and they both felt the burden was on the other to apologize. They both had expectations of their partners that were built on fantasies of how a partner *should* act or what a partner *should* do- instead of dealing with the reality of what their partner actually did. Healthy, long lasting relationships are built on trust, understanding, & compromise. You can’t expect that everything in a relationship is going to play out the way you imagine it. Thus, you need communicate about your expectations and compromise on them, so your relationship can be built on a sustainable reality rather than fantasy. The player must also dismantle their expectations and look at the reality. You believe that Craig not responding exactly the way you (and Tweek) wish he would means that he must not love Tweek, but you need to trust that Craig reciprocates Tweek’s feelings and the reality is that he just expresses those feelings in a different way. You expect that he, and any partner, *should* show their love in one outwardly verbally affectionate way, like Tweek. But Craig can’t do that- and Tweek no longer *expects* him to. Craig needs you to look beneath the surface and recognize his more subtle, more physical brand of love to be just as valid as Tweek’s, and not expect him to be verbal in a way he’s not comfortable with or ready for- even if it doesn’t quite fit your fantasy of what love should be.

Sometimes, despite trying denying, you know it’s bad all along.
But oftentimes, it’s not till the end that you realize it’s wrong
—  Either way, sweep up the shards of your shattered heart and move on