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Lovesick Boys
Conan Gray
Lovesick Boys

And that’s how it goes in the films
Tears of honeysuckle welling up in your eyes
A boy meet a girl, they go off the beat the world
And they both are left unsatisfied

Man sometimes I just think about how mad it is that Buffy delivers one of the most painful, dramatic episodes/reveals in song form. Like wtf Joss get it together. WHY IS THIS EPISODE SO GOOD. IT HAS NO RIGHT.

reasons you should watch the get down:

  • great music (!!)
  • awesome character writing and a really compelling and complex cast of characters
  • NICE cinematography
  • ra ra’s love of star wars
  • myleke a.k.a. the best straight love story you’ll ever cry about
  • mylene’s beautiful voice
  • shaolin’s cheekbones
  • papa fuerte’s love for his family
  • stellar acting and dialogue (!!!)
  • grandmaster flash
  • mylene, yolanda, and regina just being the most amazing girls ever whom i love and care for
  • jaden smith in the role of dizzee
  • mylene’s mom lydia, zeke’s aunt, and the kipling parents
  • all the funny jackets because it’s set in the late ‘70s
Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 4)

Part 3

Who is Harry Styles Trying to Kid? by Y/N

As most of you already know, Harry Styles from One Direction came out with his first solo single and performed it for the first time in America on Saturday Night Live. I was lucky enough to interview him and hear the single a few weeks ago. 

Here is my opinion on both Harry Styles and his music. 

While the interview went okay, Harry was very rude and couldn’t wait to get out of there. Going solo as turned him into a bit of a dick of a pop star. 

And his new single isn’t anything special and outside of his vocal range, as shown on during his SNL performance when Styles couldn’t hold a note to save his life. 

The fact of the matter is Harry Styles the solo artist will not see the amount of success as Harry styles from One Direction.  


You had just gotten out of the shower to get ready for work. You were picking out your outfit for the day when you got a phone call. You smiled when you saw Harry’s name flash across the screen of your phone. Your article came out that day, so you were wondering if he had read it yet. 

“Morning, Harry,” you smiled. 

“What the fuck Y/N?” He shouted from the other side of the phone. 

“Woah, what’s up with you?” You asked confused. 

“Me? What about you? I can’t believe I trusted you,” he said. “You played me and I let you. So, our time together was just a game to you, right? Now, you’re going to put all the shit we’ve done and talked about in another article right? I can’t believe I fell for that bullshit about how you were worried about your job.” 

“Okay, I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about? And what other articles? The only article that I’ve written about you is the one that came out today,” you said. 

“Exactly. Did you think I wouldn’t read it?” He asked. “That I wouldn’t what you really think about me or my music?” 

“Everything I said in that article is the same thing I’ve told you,” you said confused. 

“Yeah, don’t exactly remember you saying there wasn’t anything special about my single or that the notes were out of my vocal range. Or that I was fucking dick either,” he said. 

“Woah, woah, woah, I don’t think that and I never said those things in my article. Are you sure this is my article?” You said. 

“It’s in the magazine that you work for and it has your name in the fucking byline Y/N,” he said. “My Mum and sister were right, I never should have considered seeing you because you were just going to use me and you did. But not anymore. We’re done.”

The other line went dead and you just stared at the phone with furrowed eyebrows. You quickly went to the website of your magazine and saw the publication. You clicked on it and searched for your article, but as soon as you started reading it, it was not your article. 

You threw your phone down and quickly got dressed. You knew this was Madison’s doing and her way of getting back at you. 

When you got to your office, everyone was staring at you as you angrily walked towards Madison’s office. 

“What the hell is your problem Madison?” You asked pushing her office door opened. 

“I take you read the article?” She smirked. 

“What did you do it? I never said anything like that and I can’t believe that you still put me in the byline when I didn’t even write it,” you said. 

“Look, it’s nothing against you. Your article was good, but that article wouldn’t have sold any magazines. My changes to the article create drama and bring readers to the magazine. Any magazine can write about how nice he is or how great his music is, but by us having an article calling him out for shit, makes us stand out on the newsstands,” she said. 

“That’s such bullshit, you and I both know you wanted me to look bad because it was your article first,” you said. “And Harry is nothing like what you pegged him out to be.” 

“You know, you’re quite upset about this,” she said. “There wouldn’t be some other reason for you to be angry about this would there?” 

“Other than the fact that you’re messing with my career as a journalist, no,” you said. 

She laughed. “You’re not a journalist, sweetie. None of us our journalists. We work for a gossip magazine and that is what my article provided gossip. Now, run along and work on something else, unless you’d rather be on intern status again.” 

Your fists clenched and you glared at her before walking out of her office and into your own. 


Harry was furious, so he decided to get some of his anger out at the gym. He didn’t know what pissed him off more, what you had written in your article or the fact that you played him and he really liked you. 

He punched the punching bag as hard as could. His arms were burning and sweat was dripping all over him. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped and grabbed the bag, putting his forehead on it. He tried catching his breath, but all he could think about was you. 

He had been at the gym for an hour by the time he decided to call it quits. He grabbed his bag and headed to the car. He drove home and went up to take a shower. When he got out and redressed, he signed when he saw the magazine laying on his bed. 

He picked it up and started ripping it apart. His initial anger was now turning into hurt because he finally thought he found someone to be in his life, but once again he got screwed over. 

His phone had been going off all day, mostly from his mom and sister and a few from Nick. He knew they knew who had written the article and he didn’t need his family to say they were right. 

He went downstairs to make himself some lunch, trying to get his mind off of everything. 


You sat in your office for over an hour trying to work, but you couldn’t. You were so upset. Not only did this hurt you as a journalist, but it obviously screwed up any chance you had with Harry. 

You really needed to talk to him and explain the situation, but with the way he sounded on the phone this morning, you weren’t sure he would hear you out. 

You emailed your boss and told her you were taking a half day and would just work from home for the rest of the week. You grabbed your things and headed home. 

As you made yourself some lunch, you kept looking at your phone. You bit your lip as you contemplated on calling Harry or not. You thought it might be better to give him space. 

You were eating lunch and you jumped when your phone started to ring. Deep down you hoped it was Harry, but it was your best friend instead. 

You sighed answering the phone. “Hey,” 

“What are you doing tonight?” She asked. 

“Um, sitting at home eating ice cream while watching Netflix,” you said. 

“I take it things are over with mystery guy?” She asked. 

“Pretty much,” you sighed. 

“Girl, that’s sucks, but drowning yourself in ice cream in Netflix isn’t going to help,” she said. “Come out with me tonight.” 

“You know I don’t do clubs,” you said. 

“No, but you do drinking and dancing,” she pointed. “Plus, you might meet a new mysterious guy to have a secret love affair with.” 

You rolled your eyes. “You’re not going to drop this until I agree to go are you?” you asked. 

“Nope,” she smirked. 

“Ugh, fine, pick me up around 7,” you said. 

“Perfect,” she said. “See you then.” 

You sighed hanging up the phone, you did not feel like going out tonight, but she was right, ice cream and Netflix wasn’t going to help.


Harry was searching through Netflix trying to find something watch. Everything that was popping up was either something he had already seen or some rom-com movie. Usually, he always loved watching a nice romantic movie, but not today. He wanted to stay far, far away from it. 

There was a knock on the door and he groaned. He got up and went to answer it, seeing the one and only Nick Grimshaw standing there. 

“I see you’re still alive,” he said. 

“Yep,” Harry nodded. 

“Well, had you been answering your phone, I wouldn’t have had to make this trip,” he said. 

“You didn’t have too,” Harry pointed out. 

“No, I didn’t, but when you’re not even answering your Mum’s calls, I know you’re going through some shit,” he said. 

“I just didn’t want to talk to anyone,” he shrugged. 

“Look, sulking in your house isn’t going to help the situation, so why don’t you come out with me tonight,” Nick said. 

“Yeah, not exactly in the mood,” he said. 

“Too bad, not get changed and we leave in 10,” Nick said. 

Harry rolled his eyes and let out a few choice words before making his way to his bedroom. He threw on some clothes and went back down to the door. 

“Happy?” Harry asked holding his arms out. 

“Ecstatic, now let’s go,” he said. 


Once you arrived at the club, you felt really uncomfortable. You hated being around that many people, but you made your way through the crowd following your friend. 

“Isn’t this place great?” She shouted. “I mean look at all these hot guys.” 

“Is that all you think about?” You shouted over the music. 

“Yes and no,” she shrugged. 

You laughed shaking your head. You both finally found a spot to be at and you sat down at the booth. You looked over the menu to see what drinks they had, when you heard your friend scream. 

“What the hell?” You said. 

“HARRY STYLES IS HERE!” She shouted. 

You felt yourself go numb and your face flush. 

“Didn’t you interview him?” She asked. 

“Yeah,” you nodded. 

“Well, I would ask you to introduce me, but after seeing your article about him, I don’t think that’d be a good idea,” she said. 

“So, you read that?” You asked. 

“Of course I did,” she said. “But is he really a jerk? And I can’t believe you didn’t like the song or his performance. You were pretty harsh on him.” 

“I didn’t write any of that. What was published wasn’t the article I wrote. Madison changed everything and it was her article that was published under my name,” you sighed. 

“Wait? Seriously?” she asked. 

“Yep. She claimed it was for the benefit of the magazine, to sell more and create drama, but I really think it was to get back at me for being the one to interview him in the first place,” you said. 

“What a bitch,” she said. 

“Yep,” you sighed. “Anyway, let’s get some drinks.” 

Harry and Nick arrived at the club and went right in. The place was packed, which annoyed him a little bit. He wasn’t in the mood to be around a shit ton of people. He just wanted to go home. 

“So, do you want to talk about it?” Nick asked. 

“Talk about what?” Harry said taking a sip of his drink. 

“I think you know,” he said. 

“There’s nothing to say,” Harry said. 

“The article was brutal. I never would have pegged Y/N for that. You two seemed to really hit it off,” he said. 

“Yeah, we’ll I guess we didn’t really know her,” he said. “And whatever was going on with us is over now, so can we drop it? I thought this was supposed to be a fun night out?”

“And it is,” he said. 

Harry sighed downing the rest of his drink. “I’m gonna go get a refill,” he mumbled getting up and walking to the bar.

Of course, the bar was completely crowded. Everyone was pushing their way through to get drinks and you were stuck in the middle of it. You felt your palms getting sweaty and your heart starting to beat faster. You felt a tight knot in your throat and you were looking for a way out of the crowd. 

That was when you noticed Harry making his way towards the bar. While you wanted to see him and talk to him about everything, you knew this wasn’t the time or place. 

You breathing started to quicken and you were beginning to feel dizzy. You called for you friend, but she wasn’t able to hear because of the noise from the crowd and the music. 

Your chest began to tighten and you grabbed it as you tried to push your way through the crowd. 

“Excuse me,” you said in between gasps, but no one was paying attention. 

You felt tears forming in your eyes until you felt someone take your hand. You looked up and saw that it was Harry. He pushed through the crowd, holding your hand as he pulled you through. He found an exit door to the back of the club and you felt the cool air hit your face. 

“Hey, it’s okay,” he said rubbing your arms. “Just breathe. Take deep breaths. In and out.”

You gripped onto his arms and tried taking the deep breaths. You closed your eyes and after a bit, you felt it going back to normal. When you finally were over your spell, you opened your eyes and looked at him. 

“T-Thank you,” you said shivering as the cold London air hit your shoulders. You had left your jacket at the booth. 

“Here,” he said taking off his jacket and wrapping it around you. “Are you okay?” 

“Sort of,” you said. 

“What happened back there?” he asked. 

“I uh, I get like that sometimes in big crowds,” you admitted. “It just got to be too much.” 

He nodded. “Well, I’m glad you’re okay,” 

“Thanks,” you said. “Um, can we talk?” 

“I should probably get back inside,” he said. 

“Oh,” you whispered. “Okay.” You took his jacket back off and handed it to him. 

He took it back and put it back on. “Well, uh, are you sure you’re okay?” 

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you said. 

He nodded and went to go inside, but noticed you weren’t following him. “Aren’t you going to go back inside?” 

You shook your head. “I’m just gonna go home,” 

“What about your friend?” He asked. 

“I’ll call her and let her know,” you shrugged. “I’ll be fine,” you said wiping your eyes. 

You turned around and started walking towards the front of the club through the alleyway. 

Harry sighed. “Y/N, wait!” he said running up to you. “Let me take home.” 

“You don’t have to do that. I don’t want your pity,” you sighed. 

“I’m not pitying you. I just, I want to make sure you get home safe,” he sighed. 

“Okay, so you won’t talk to me, but you feel sorry enough for me to make sure I get home safe?” You asked annoyed. 

“Look, I’m just trying to be nice. If anyone should be upset, it’s me,” he said. “That shit that you wrote about me…” 

“I DIDN’T FUCKING WRITE IT,” you screamed. “And if you would have given me the chance to explain what the fuck happened you would know that.” 

“It had your name on it, Y/N and you interviewed me, so if you didn’t write it, who did?” he asked. 

“My editor! She hates me and it didn’t help that she was the one who was supposed to interview you that day, but she got fucking hungover and couldn’t make it. So, she wrote that shit about you making it look like I was the one who wrote it just so I could look bad. But she claimed it was for the magazine or some shit because it would create drama, but whatever,” you said. “So, please spare me the nice guy routine about making sure I get home okay when you obviously don’t really care.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, I do care,” he said. “And that’s reading that article hurt me, Y/N. God, I was pissed and hurt because I care about you and I thought you…” he sighed. 

“I don’t think of you like that and I don’t hate your song. God, none of what was in that article is true. And I get why you were so upset because I’m upset about it too. If I had known Madison was going to pull that shit, I would have tried to stop it or at least warn you,” you sighed. 

“I really like you Harry and these past few weeks have meant a lot to me and I’m sorry that I ruined it,” you sniffled. 

Harry sighed walking closer to you. “You didn’t ruin it. I did. When I called you this morning, I should have asked you about it, instead of acting like I did. And I really like you too. More than anyone I’ve ever been with in the past. These past few weeks, I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been,” he smiled. 

You looked up at him. “Me too,” you smiled. “But I guess, they’re over now.” 

“They don’t have to be,” he whispered taking your hand. 

“Are you sure?” you whispered. 

“Yes, I’m sure. I know what I said this morning, but now that I know the truth…” he whispered. “I know I was a jerk and shouldn’t have said what I said, but if you’re willing to give us another shot…” 

“Only if we both promise to talk about things first before jumping to conclusions,” you said. 

“I agree,” he smiled. “So, what do you say?” 

You smiled leaning up to kiss him. Harry smiled into the kiss and pulled you closer to him. After a bit, you pulled away, “Wanna go back to my place? I can let you read my real article?” you asked. 

“I’d love too,” he smiled. 

Harry called for his car to pick you two up around back. He helped you inside and gave the driver your address. On the way to your house, you wrapped your arms around Harry’s and he kissed your forehead. 

That day had been a whirlwind of emotions, but you couldn’t be happier with the way it had ended. 


Okay but here me out. I need someone to write this as a fanfic. Imagine this. You and Thomas have been dating since you met in France, so you came back to America, to live in Monticello with him. Thomas allows you to come to the first cabinet battle with him, despite him wanting you to stay home to “keep you away from Alexander.” You take you’re seat as the cabinet battle commences. You’re starting to get bored, but then you hear Alexander say to Thomas, “Would you like to join us, or stay mellow, doing whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello.” You immediately start laughing, and Alexander starts glaring at you, he asks what’s so funny, and you just reply with, “I’m whatever the hell it is.”

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I wrote a song . Its called “i might”. It was raining it was late and i found this leaf. There are lyrics (that i mostly wrote years ago) but I’m afraid to sing. here are the words:

would eat
a thousand

to find

Oh i guess
I might
oh i guess
i just might

It is sweet arsenic
Let it in
Reading choleric
Breathe it in

Oh I guess
I might
oh I guess
it’s alright

Spread like
island nations

scattered like

Oh i guess
I might
oh i guess
i just might

It is sweet arsenic
Let it in
Reading choleric
Breathe it in

Oh I guess
I might
oh I guess
it’s alright

“Live now at Sayazagi Academy! We at SDS News have recieved a tip that a group of students here are planning to open up not only an idol group but a host club as well!! A daunting task indeed~ Look I believe here’s one of their member’s now!!

“Hello there! You’re a member of the new idol hostclub group here correct? Could you tell us what your name is?”

My name is Euphony Stellar Score…  uh but just calling me Euphony for short is fine…

“Wonderful! So why exactly did you want to join the club?”

It seemed like fun and a great way to exercise my music writing skills! 

“Is there something special you personally hope to accomplish in the group this year?”

I want to write songs that’ll bring ponies together and make my parents proud! 

“I see. So final question, what would you like to tell your fans?”

Fans? Hehehe well I don’t think we have any since its a new club and all but let’s make this year a memorable one!


DAY 3248

Sun Sand Palm, Goa              Feb 18,  2017               Sat 23:39 pm

Ef Madhvi Birthday ….. Sun, February 19 .. wishing you many birthday greetings for the day and many more to come in the years ahead .. love from us all ..

The credibility to the young for having a connect with tradition and the music of classical taste .. in these times of the modern generation, when language and habits and thought veers closer to other parts of the universe than your own back yard, it is so comforting and exciting to learn that there are some young among us that still value the importance of the classical … in music !!

A friend’s young was inculcated to the arts at a very young age, and since then has developed a love and practice for the music that binds the ‘atma’ with the ‘parmatma’ .. to me that is my belief .. the classical is the one kind of the sound that binds us all with that invisible cord .. a link between the soul and the creator .. 

And for me that is a moment of envy, for, elements like mine, shall get that connect with the ‘parmatma’, just once in our entire life, when it comes to an end .. but for these exponents of music in classical form, the connect happens at will, at any time they choose .. they merely have to pull that string that ‘taal’ and they are in connection with the Almighty’s soul .. not so for the ordinary mortals like me .. a pity and an envy ..

So a young man writes a book commemorating the greats of the musical classic in the country and I attend to lend support to this cause, and to the young man for his gallant effort ..

There are the greats of music present - Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and several others - to give blessings to the book to the effort to the furtherance of the music of the soul ..

There has been a long association with these greats both in a professional capacity and a personal .. Shiv Kumar ji has composed music for SILSILA and we have spent such wonderful times together in its construct and its informal sessions held at home .. this is true for Zakir Bhai too .. I can never forget the musical nite we organised for Shweta’s wedding .. when the great Birju Maharaj, the legendary Kathak exponent, gave a performance with Zakir Hussain on the tabla .. it was at Jalsa .. and it was magical .. !!

hahaha ..

Abhishek pays a surprise visit to the event and a surprise embrace .. 

so how many greats of the classical music world can you spot .. ?

My love and more ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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Teacher!au + Seokmin seventeen

  • Lee Seokmin; the teacher every student and teacher loves
  • he teaches history and math, and even though most students find these subjects boring, they literally never sleep in Mr Lee’s classes
  • it’s because they would feel bad for sleeping in his class; they don’t want to hurt his feelings
  • also because he’s just so interesting and he teaches in ways that the principal disapproves of
  • the principal can’t say shit because Seokmin’s students are all top ranking
  • how does he teach history?
  • cosplay and re-enactments, plus tonnes of movies
  • how does he teach math?
  • he buys 38 watermelons to prove a point
  • afterwards the class just has a watermelon party to celebrate finishing a chapter
  • his students usually get their perfectly written and typed assignments back within a day
  • but there are 17000 doodles and words of encouragement on them
  • “okay this is wrong, but you tried, a for effort :)”
  • “you remember the watermelon formula? use that here!! :)))”
  • “first off, good job on the re-enactment! secondly, yes Hamilton the musical is great but please don’t write a rap”
  • you’ve been friends with Seokmin for a while and it’s a strange relationship the 2 of you have
  • you’re both highly competitive so during sports day, your students and his students are always fighting against one another
  • and Seokmin’s on the side with his co-leader, Drama teacher Seungkwan, cheering his kids on with pom poms
  • but he glares at you if your kids get a point
  • you, of course, do the same
  • however, once the game’s over, you 2 are no longer competitive
  • Seokmin spends breaks marking his kids’ works while eating cup noodles
  • Biology teacher and cubicle neighbour Soonyoung always tells him to eat something healthier before his body deteriorates but he never really listens
  • unless you buy him something like actual rice and vegetables
  • only then he thanks you and eats the food you bought him
  • some days you would drag him out to eat with the rest of the guys
  • but apparently he would go out only if you asked
  • when you’re staying back to mark worksheets, Seokmin would stop by with coffee before returning to his cubicle
  • there was this one time you, Seokmin and a few other teachers were staying overnight in the school because of a camp
  • you had fallen asleep with your head on your desk
  • Seokmin just finished showering so as he made his way back to his cubicle, he realized you were just sleeping there, looking really uncomfortable
  • he decides to lend you his sleeping bag, pillow and blanket and sets it up in your cubicle
  • he tries not to wake you up as he carries you bridal style to put you on the floor
  • music teacher Jihoon who’s drying his hair as he walks past pauses to look at the scene
  • “look at those love birds” he mutters before walking away
  • once you were settled down, Seokmin made sure you were covered by the blanket before leaving for his cubicle
  • he slept in his chair that night
  • when you woke up you were confused because how the hell did you get on the floor
  • and where the hell did this come from
  • you noticed a name written on the sleeping bag and saw that it was Seokmin’s
  • your heart couldn’t help but flutter
  • after packing up the things, you carried it over to his cubicle
  • only to see him sitting on his chair with his legs elevated on his desk
  • you left his things there and wrote him a thank you note
  • it was just how the 2 of you took care of each other
  • unbeknownst to the 2 of you, all your students hardcore ship you two
  • of course Chan, the youngest ‘hip’ teacher in school who teaches physical education with Seungcheol, knows all about this and he tells his colleagues
  • “did you know the kids are shipping Seokmin and Y/N?”
  • everyone stares at Chan like ‘no shit sherlock’
  • “yeah, we do. it’s pretty obvious”
  • anyways, the guys tell Seokmin about it and he laughs about it
  • “what do you mean, we’re just really good friends”
  • “uh… you guys always eat lunch together, alone, at a different table from us”
  • “you guys could have just sat with us!”
  • “true, but, we felt like we would be interrupting something”
  • Seokmin still can’t believe it, but he didn’t really try to dispel the rumours or the shipping because
  • maybe
  • secretly
  • they were true
  • Valentine’s Day rolls around and the school is going crazy
  • this year, Art teacher Jeonghan and Home economics teacher Mingyu have teamed up to carry out a special event for the school
  • (they really just wanted to do something to get Seokmin and you together)
  • Jeonghan had prepared tons of cards and roses while Mingyu baked a ton of heart shaped cookies (with the help of literature teacher Wonwoo)
  • students and teachers could order and get the gifts delivered to anyone they wanted
  • of course, the students were all super hyped about this because, you know, teenagers
  • but the teachers were all doing it as a joke
  • ‘if you were a booger, I’d pick you first - jun…’ “JUNHUI GET OVER HERE”
  • you weren’t gonna do anything, but everyone was doing it as a joke so you decided to send one to Seokmin
  • (as, not really, a joke)
  • Jeonghan, Mingyu, and everyone else just watched as you scribbled down your note and passed it to Jeonghan to make an order.
  • Seokmin on the other hand, already sent gifts to all the guys, so he thought of sending you one too
  • (for real, to confess)
  • Jeonghan and Mingyu laughed evilly as they read the messages the 2 of you wrote to one another
  • you wondered when Seokmin would receive his gift, and Seokmin wondered the same thing
  • the delivery happened right smack in the middle of your class
  • Mingyu walked in with a bouquet of roses and a pack of cookies, smirking
  • “Ming- Mr Kim what?”
  • Mingyu clears his throat and literally announces to the whole class
  • “Oh, it’s from Mr Lee. The history and math teacher, not the physical ed one.”
  • you start blushing because what the hell is this
  • your students are all going “oooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”
  • and you hear someone shout “Get some”
  • you leave the bouquet and cookies on the table and resume lessons
  • although you’re pretty damn distracted
  • Seokmin also receives his in the middle of his math class
  • and his students reacted the same way
  • Seokmin blushed too
  • Jeonghan left that classroom feeling accomplished
  • once lessons ended, you took a look at the note he wrote you
  • “I’m sorry I wasn’t part of your history, can I make it up by being in your future?”
  • you can’t help but laugh at how cheesy his pickup line is
  • but then you realize yours is no better
  • “are you a 45 degree angle? because you’re acute-y”
  • Seokmin literally smiles the largest smile he can muster as he walks back to the staff room
  • he sits at his cubicle and stares at note while munching on the cookies
  • once you get back, he stands up and goes over to you
  • “so did my pick up line work?”
  • you laugh and tell him yes
  • “wanna go for lunch?”
  • you agree and get up, saying that you would get the boys
  • but Seokmin stops you
  • “I was thinking just the 2 of us?”
  • you could hear cheering from all around you
  • the boys ruined the moment
  • but it was still cute

(this was so cute i gave myself feels)

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Musical request please! Race saves reader (girlsie) from getting beaten up. (And can they love each other please?) Many thanks!

race is my favorite newsie in the musical. great choice. loved writing this—Nails




Running was something a newsie was used to. Running from the refuge, the scabs… That list was quite a long list. Today, it was unfortunately Morris and Oscar Delancey. Apparently, girl or not, you made an insult too heavy-handedly, and you end up here. The worn soles of your shoes loudly hit the pavement. That was the sound you focused on, in an attempt to block out the harsh screams of the idiot brothers. They shouted everything from idle threats to slurs that hit close to home.

Your body was starting to give out. How many blocks you had run… No clue. Slowly, you moved to the other side of the street, itching to slide into the alley, while the brothers slid by, leaving you alone. Part one went off smoothly, part two, not as much. Morris and Oscar quickly backpedaled when they noticed you were out of their sights, and stormed in to the alleyway, trapping you. Not so smart now, huh? “Well, there, (Name)… Learned not to give us shit no more, yet?” Morris choked out, breathing heavily. Oscar wiped the back of his hand against his nose, and menaced a bit. It shouldn’t have been frightening, but the setting leant itself to your fear.

You took another breath and shook your head. “Tireda giving you shit? Never.” Why you said it escaped you, as soon as one of the brothers reached his hand back, balled into a fist. His, Oscar’s, knuckles hit you hard in the stomach, lifting you up, and pressing you back into the wall. The bag of papers on your back offered little padding.

As soon as you raised a fist to give him a good one back, your wrist was stifled by one of their hands. Everything was a flurry of limbs, but your eyes zeroed in on a raised fist, that seemed to move towards your face in slow motion.

But the blow didn’t come.

At some point, you’d screwed your eyes shut tight, without realizing it. You opened your them to the sounds of shouting. Race. The familiar boy was raging. He had a temper, yes, but it took a lot to get him there. He was there. Race was beyond there. “And that’s what jerks like you get,” the blonde shouted, pushing Oscar to the ground, knocking his new boy cap off his head in the process. “For laying a hand. On my girl!” Race had gotten a half a dozen good hits in before the Delancey brothers pulled each other out and bailed.

Race let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. He whipped around and crawled over to you. “(Name), golly, they gotcha, didn’t they?” He asked softly, when he noticed you clutching your abdomen. Race placed a hand over yours and shook his head.

“They got you better.” You said. Race had a busted lip, and a light bruise forming under his right eye. You didn’t want to say it suited him, but he always seemed to be covered in bruises and blood. Couldn’t keep his hands to himself. You put a hand on the side of his face. “I could’ve taken ‘em, ya know.”

The boy couldn’t stop the smile that graced his features. “I know, I know. I'se just wanting to help.” Race mumbled. His face crept closer, and closer to yours, until your noses ghosted over each other. “Can’t stand you bein’ hurt, doll.”

“Yeah, I heard ya, sap.”

Neither of you could wait another second, and your lips met. Race had gone in for a hard kiss, you for a softer one, as not to hurt his mouth. He didn’t seem to care. After a brief minute, you pulled away for a breath. “Race?”


“You wearin’ aftershave?”

Race smiled again, his lip bleeding a bit more. “I was hopin’ you’d notice.” His smile faded when you coughed sorely. “Hey, let’s get you back to the lodging house, ‘kay?” Race turned around to pick up his forgotten cap and papers. Then, he threw and arm around your shoulder to support you. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Can we go to Jacobi’s later?”

“Anything for you.”

It’s Joy Time for Bruno Mars

WE’RE JUST CAVEMEN, hitting on rocks,” says Bruno Mars. “It’s no different—you’re a caveman and you got a rock in front of you, you hit it with a stick to get everybody dancing. This is our time to forget about everything, it’s joy time. So who’s the best at hitting that rock? Who’s going to make the village dance the hardest?” 

At a casual glance, you might not know that Mars is one of our superstar cavemen. Pulling up to an upscale Italian restaurant on an anonymous street in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, alone in a relatively modest Cadillac, he parks in back by the dumpsters to slip in quietly. In contrast to the flashy outfits he wears onstage, he’s dressed in a simple collarless bomber jacket, a white Gucci logo T-shirt and camouflage pants. A small crucifix on a thin chain hangs around his neck. 

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(*) Hi, I'm back with more question if wouldn't mind. Its another long ask and again you dont have to answer. So First, I always wondered how artists- especially singer like/do/choose music genre, was it influenced by their voice? Like zayn for example, he said 1d music didn't go along with his musical taste. Was it because he knows RnB suits his vocal and he could sing it better? Which comes first, do you think?? Also, maybe the same could applied to songwriting. For their solo stuff (**)

(**) I’d think there will be some limitation in term of the ability to sing it, where before they have 3 other guys with all type of voice and range. Second, about music industry. I don’t have a good grasp of music history, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how nowadays we see that music wasn’t the only thing that artists have to do/promote, its this elaborate strategy to make them seemed open to public and closer to the fans. Was it always like that/since when? Would it happen in the 60-70’s

(***) if it weren’t for the lack of media outlets then. Or maybe just less documentation on it. Information access is so available, worldwide and free though not necessarily accurate. It’ll be easy to lose focus, to care more about the echoes and not the sound. Because why not? Its there. Last, would you mind maybe recommend other blogs that talk about 1D music or just music in general. I dont have musical background so its always interesting to read and compare from different perception/mindset

(****) Music is what interest me the most about 1D, and I hope they create more music in any kind (solo or otherwise). I think we became fans for various reasons, not one more valid than others, and its important to remember that. I’m trying not to lose focus. Thankyou for your time, friend. Also, IS there anyway to send long post without breaking it to parts?? tumblr is a new thing for me :)

Dear anon,

I will hope to answer you as completely as possible. I’m sorry that it’s been so busy for me and I can’t promise you’ll see this. These are all y own opinions, based on a little bit of research. Please feel free to comment. 

The music genre question is a good one. I think there are a few major reasons artists gravitate to certain genres. Some are personality-based, and others are pragmatic. 

1. Popularity. Obviously, most musicians want as many people to like their music as possible, for creative as well as financial reasons. This is why Taylor Swift crossed over from country to pop, and why Beyoncé crossed over to pop, and why The Weeknd morphed from a dark R&B artist to pop. Pop is where the huge listenership, and the $$, is. It doesn’t matter how many Grammys The Weeknd has won, he doesn’t have nearly the fanbase that One Direction has. I’m sorry if this sounds so simplistic. The reason that so many pop and rock artists want to try EDM right now, and vice versa, is because everyone wants to expand their fanbase– and music distribution has completely changed since streaming became popularized. Traditional radio stations are still influential, but no longer control popularity. The instant availability of music on the internet, through streaming platforms, iTunes, Youtube, etc., means that artists like Chance the Rapper and Stormzy can build their own audience without label help. This is very relevant to established artists like One Direction, who are no longer dependent on a big label for promotion. Promotion can be faster, cleaner, more efficient. 

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