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You’re in Charge

Request: can you do a luke or calum smut where he wants y/n to be dominant and tie him up but when she does she teases him a lot and he regrets it but she refuses to untie him. can you make it where she rides his face and teases him A LOT. and she makes him cum a lot thank you:) i love your blog btw. (oh! and can you make it detailed)

tysm! someone else told me that they wanted to see more calum smut from me, so I have to keep my promise :) hope this is what you were thinking! Requests are still open, I need something to do on these long car rides anyway :) happy reading! x -h

Warning: Rated R for dom and lots of teasing

– – –

Even while you ate, Calum was teasing you. He had been running a foot up and down your leg since you’d sat down for dinner, and you could hardly concentrate. “Please, Y/N.” Calum whined. He had been dropping hints all day long. At first it was just little teases, but as the night wore on, he was close to begging.

“You beg me pretty much every night.” You rolled your eyes jokingly as you washed the last plate from dinner. He wrapped his arms around your waist and gave a couple sensual kisses down your neck. You let out a sigh, turning around and wrapping your arms around his neck. “What’s special about this time?”

“I have an idea.” He cocked an eyebrow as his hands traveled down your back.

“What could that be?” You kissed his jawline, and he quickly led you to the bedroom. He sat you down on the edge of the bed and started rummaging through a drawer. He pulled out a couple ties, and you felt the familiar heat run through your body like every other time. You held out your hands, ready for him to tie them together, but he shook his head.

“Let’s switch it up.” He handed them to you, and you didn’t quite know what to do with them. He sat on the bed, pulled off him shirt, and laid back.

“I don’t…. what?” You asked.

“It’s your turn to do whatever you want to me. Same safe word. You’re in charge.” He said seductively, and you instantly felt yourself get wet. You smiled and crawled your way up, carefully tying Calum’s arms above his head to be the headboard. He pulled against them, and you gave him a devilish grin.

“Are you ready?” You whispered as you kissed down his jaw to his neck. He nodded, and you started sucking on his neck the way he did. It always drove you crazy, and it was having a smilier effect on him. You sat up, throwing a leg over him to straddle him. His eyes were filled with lust as you slowly undid your shirt, taking your time on each single button. You slid it off your shoulders, and Calum pulled against the ties. You slowly pulled down your bra straps, only giving him little peeks before finally tossing it aside.

“I need to touch you.” He whined. You leaned down to check the ties, your breasts teasingly out of reach of Calum’s lips. “Y/N, this is weird not touching you.”

“We’re just getting started, give me a minute.” You stood up, one leg on either side of him, and rolled your hips as you pulled down your shorts and panties. You turned around to face the other way, bending all the way over as you pulled them down your calves. Calum groaned, and you knew he was pulling against the ties again. Tossing the shorts aside, you positioned yourself in between his knees, spreading his legs apart and palming his hard on through his jeans. You grasped the button and undid them, pulling down the zipper painfully slow. You never broke eye contact with Calum, and his eyes were pleading you to hurry up.

“Shit, Y/N, enough teasing. Just untie me, I need you so bad.” He pulled again against the ties, and you sat back.

“Now Calum, what would be the fun in uniting you? Unless you say the safe word, you’re mine.” You ran your hands up his legs and massaged his length through his boxers. He gave a sigh of relief. You let go, and he huffed.

“Fuck, Y/N.” He mumbled. You leaned up and placed a finger over his lips, like he had done to you countless times before.

“Say another word, and you won’t get what you want.” You said seductively. His eyes grew wide at your assertiveness, but you knew by the way he was rolling his hips to try and get your attention that it turned him on. You repositioned yourself in between his knees and hooked your fingers in the hem of his boxers. You pulled them down, gently dragging your nails down his skin as you did so. It sprang free as you tossed aside the boxers, and you gently kissed the tip. You looked up, and Calum was biting hard on his lip. You smirked, and slowly lowered down into his member. He let out a throaty groan, but decided to let it slide.

You started off slow, taking your time as you worked every inch of his member. Usually you’d pump what you couldn’t fit in your mouth, but this time you teased lightly with your fingers, every once in a while wrapping your hand around for a single pump. Each time you did, Calum’s hips would buck. You hollowed your cheeks and let go with a loud pop. Calum sighed in frustration, and gave you a look. You just shrugged innocently, flicking the tip with your tongue. He pulled against the ties, moving his hips to try and get you to hurry up. You licked slowly from base to tip, looking him in the eye while you did it. You gave him a sly grin as you took a hand and pumped it slowly, rubbing your breasts while you did. His hands were clenched in frustration, watching you touch yourself while he couldn’t. You took his length in your mouth again, giving a sensual moan as you swirled you tongue around it. Every time you’d feel a twitch, you’d stop, and Calum would turned into a squirming mess.

“Just let me come, dammit. When I get out of these, you’re in for it.” He growled, and you crawled up towards him.

“Really? Show me.” You traced his bottom lip with your tongue before placing a knee on either side of his face and lowering yourself down. He blew gently, and you squirmed. He didn’t tease you for long, eagerly lapping up your wetness with his tongue before plunging into your heat. You moaned as he worked his magic, tickling your g-spot while his nose rubbed against your clit. You started to roll your hips, riding his face. It didn’t take very long for your legs to clench together, and you gripped the headboard for support. Calum could tell that you were close, and buried his face further into you, making you squeal. He started to moan, knowing the vibrations against your clit would send you over the edge. You let out a moan, falling against the headboard as your orgasm washed through you. Your toes curled, Calum’s tongue still working your entrance. After you rode out your high, You carefully flipped around, gripping Calum’s length with your hand and pumping quickly.

“Since you did such a good job,” You lapped up the precut on the tip of his red length with your tongue. “You deserve this.” You wrapped your mouth around his head, and he bucked his hips. Once again, your core was not close enough to his face for him to do anything, and he whimpered as you brought him to his own high. You felt him twitch in your mouth, and he shot a load into your mouth. You lapped it up, while he moaned in relief. You flipped back around, kissing him roughly. His tongue searched your mouth, and you couldn’t help but let some moans slip from your lips. You started grinding your hips against his, noticing that he was still rock hard.

“Is my baby still hard for me?” You sang in his ear, nibbling his ear lobe and sucking behind his ear. He nodded, remembering your rule. “What is it? Just tell me what you want.”

“Fuck.” He groaned, like he’d been holding his breath. “Ride me.” You stopped grinding him and sat up with your hands his his chest. His eyes were begging you, and he was biting his bottom lip hard. You kissed him and pulled his lip in between your own teeth, dragging a moan from his mouth.

“How bad?” You continued to pepper his face with kisses.

“I need you to ride me Y/N, please. I want to fuck you so bad.” He pleaded, trying to kiss your neck. You sat up and moved your hips in circles.

“Like this?” He nodded frantically, and you lined up his member with your entrance, sliding down slowly, getting moans of pleasure from both of you. You started to bounce, slowly at first, but picking up speed as you felt the tingling starting to build in the pit of your stomach. You dug your nails into his chest, moaning his name while he moved his hips in sync with yours. His eyes were screwed shut with pleasure as you rode him. The sound of your name on his lips got you closer to your high.

“Shit, I can’t last much longer.” Calum was straining against the ties.

“I can’t either.” You mumbled. You leaned forward, kissing Calum, who moaned into our mouth. Your walls started to clench, and in no time you felt the familiar release. Just as you did, you felt Calum release inside you with a groan, and you both rode out your waves of pleasure together. After you caught your breath, you carefully untied Calum’s wrists, and he sat up instantly, his hands around your waist, kissing you all down your neck. You giggled as Calum let out sighs of relief as he finally felt up and down your body. You eventually managed to wiggle out of his grasp, lying down next to him on the bed.

“Why didn’t you think of that sooner?” You asked as Calum wrapped his arms around you tight.

“I didn’t know if you’d really be up for it. But now that I know, we could maybe…” He trailed off, kissing your hair a couple times.

“Maybe what? Tell me.” You whined.

“Maybe, try other stuff.” He asked, moving his lips from your hair to your shoulder.

“Have anything in mind?”

“Oh, baby, I have a whole list in mind.” He growled in your ear. You sighed at the anticipation of what Calum could possibly have in store for you next.

Time jump?

Marlene said there’s a time jump in 6B, right? Soooo, that leaves us a whole season and a half left of PLL. What could they possibly be making the story about besides them a little older, maybe a pregnancy or a wedding? That could be wrapped up in the 6B season. What’s the whole 20 episode, 7th season going to be about? A season of them playing housewife or working? Why not just do the time jump in 6B and give them a happy ending and be done with it? Has anyone heard what season 7 is going to be about? I’m really dying to know! Once A is revealed where can they go from there for a whole season and a half? Any ideas?

(My wish would be a season of answers! Seeing things from A’s point of view and the planning and see where Ali really was and what she was doing those 2 years and how the hell she knew every move the girls were making and how she know when they were in danger?