and wow this show is hard to color :

TV shows for regressing

I don’t watch anything that isn’t a cartoon or kids show (other than The Strain and animal videos)

I love the colors, art, sounds, and characters so much more in them. Plus, no awkward romance.

So I’ll list TV shows that I love watching!

Age ranges will vary a lot because I love all types.

I will be breaking the list up, just so it’s not one huge continuous list, it makes it hard to read.

Let’s begin!


● Paw Patrol
● Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
● Peg + Cat
● Dinosaur Train
● Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
● Sofia the First
● Elena of Avalor
● The Lion Guard
● JoJo’s Circus
● Let’s Go Pocoyo
● Lilo & Stitch : The Series
● The Backyardigans
● The Wonder Pets
● Hamtaro

● Wow-Wow Wubsy
● Oswald
● Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch
● Little Bill
● Chloé’s Closet
● Clifford the Big Red Dog
● Rolie Polie Olie
● Clifford’s Puppy Days
● Bubble Guppies
● Dragon Tales
● Angelina Ballerina
● Bali

● Zou
● Kipper
● Ni Hao, Kai-lan
● Wallykazam!
● Miles from Tomorrowland
● Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
● Wishenpoof!
●Rainbow Brite!
● Shimmer and Shine
● Berenstain Bears
● Stella and Sam
● The Mighty B

● Max and Ruby
● Baby Looney Toons
● Care Bears
● My Little Pony
● My Friends Tigger & Pooh
● Molang
● Miffy
● Hey Duggee
● Lalaloopsy
● Terrific Trucks
● Robot and Monster
● Tinga Tinga Tales

Non animated:

● Sesame Street
● Lazy Town
● The Chika Show
● Bear in the Big Blue House
● Out of the box
● Mutt and Stuff
● Blue’s Clues
● H20


● Kinmoza!
● Is the Order a Rabbit?
● K-ON
● Himouto Umaru-chan
● Place to Place

So there we go again, the beloved, most talented, hard working @kayaczek did another commission of my two girls. Honestly if anyone of you is thinking about a commission, this lady is so… wow. I can’t find any words for how beautiful the two of them came out, how much I love the subtle gesture she thought of to connect those them, how great the colors are. Again I love how perfectly she had shown their characters just through their face expressions. It is just WOW. And this background *.*

I asked for this picture because I wanted to show how different they are in just using the example of a very simple thing like an outfit they would choose. So I asked for a drawing of them in their “dating clothes”, since I think this actually really shows so much of their characters. Blue, always my serious sweetheart, totally shy and dorky when it comes to anything related to romantic feelings or love. When Thane would ask her out the only outfit she could even think of wearing is her Alliance Officer uniform. I always imagine that she would even marry in this thing. She is the total soldier, not the typical feminine type, not intersted in clothes, make up or anything like that, who kind of forgot how to behave in everyday situations. She has to learn a lot when it comes to social life, and Thane is the best teacher for here in cases of romantic stuff ;) Echo on the contrary loves to be feminine, knows about her body very well and is not to shy to show it. She loves to be a bit glamorous from time to time, to show the world her tattoo and on top she is just the funny little sunshine on every party. It is fine for her to have a beer or two too much (Blue isn’t drinking at all) and she absolutely knows how to dance and party (both not really Blue’s strengths ;)). She still knows her limits though. I love how @kayaczek designed the dress for her after I described it, I love the glitter she came up with and the moon and the perfectly white color, which fits so perfect to the whole “moon theme” I invented for Echo. They are my sweetest OCs. I will never not love them. They kind of belong to me, are parts of me, and I am really, really thankful for Tumblr, because there are so great artists here who are willing to draw commissions for you and bring your characters to so much more life. So thanks to all of you. I really mean it. You mean the world to me.

Tiny Tomcat’s Guide for Sad, Grumpy Littles

●Find Out What is Making You Sad
Sometimes just knowing what is making you sad can help you feel better. Because when you know what’s making you sad, sometimes you can stop it. What’s wrong, Little One? Are you lonely? Are you depressed? Feeling sick? Is there a bad storm outside scaring you? It’s okay, sweetie pie.This list will try to help you feel better.

●Tell Your Bad Feelings to Go Away
It’s not silly or weird to just tell those bad thoughts to just go away. You can imagine them as a fly and shoo them away with your hands. You can turn into huge dinosaur, or big strong bear and give your best scary roar and scare away those sad, bad feelings. Throw a fit. You have my full permission– just this once. Stamp your feet, ball your little fists, jump up and down. Go away, go away, go away! There’s no place for you here! Good feelings only!

●Take a Nice Warm Bath
Sometimes taking baths is like a chore. But if you make it something nice and fun it can make you feel better. Add lots and lots of bubbles, rubber duckies, toy boats and bath crayons, light candles and use your favorite smelling soap. Don’t forget to put on jammies or cozy clothes afterwards. Fuzzy sock or slippers after a bath are the best!

● Cuddle With Your Favorite Plushie
A nice warm hug for 8 seconds raises goodie feelings and helps us feel better. So can you imagine how much better a cuddle puddle with your favorite plushies would make you feel? Maybe tell them what’s wrong. They are always ready and willing to listen to whatever is on your mind

●Play With Your Toys
Pull out the legos and play-doh, get out your dinosaurs, cars, littlest pet shops, dolls, lite-brites, mr. potato head, pegs, all of it! Get out all of your toys and spread them all over the floor! Make a huge giant city out of one, and tiny shops and people with the other. Tell a pretty story about two duckies and a porcupine that live there. Now smash the whole city down! Boom! (save the animals of course)

●Have A Dance Party!
Wag that tail, wiggle those little paws, flap your arms and jump all around in circles, hop up and down, shake it left and right. Whoo-hoo! Look at you go, Little One! Shake out all those bad feelings like you’ve got ants in your pants. Shake it all out my little wiggly squirmy wormy! Show me all your silly fun dance moves!

●Treat Yourself
Alright, okay. Just this once because my precious Little isn’t feeling the best. Grab that extra cookie. You can have one more scoop of ice cream. Yes, precious, you can get another toy at the store, you can stay up past bedtime, you can watch one more show. It’s not a night with no rules, cause rules are there to keep you healthy and safe, but we can bend a few, just for you. An extra coloring book, a suprise plushie, and extra sticker on your star chart for being such a good Little and trying so hard to feel all better. I am very, very proud of you. Yes, muffin. You do deserve an extra treat. What a very good and precious Little you are.

●Make Some Art
Oh! Is that your coloring book? Can I see what coloring you’ve done? Wow! Look at that! You are very very good at coloring inside the lines and those colors are so pretty! Can you color a page for me? I would love to have one of your original works to show off. Wow! Did you make this with play-doh? Is that your macaroni art? Did you make a rain maker all by yourself? It sounds so pretty! My goodness! What an incredibly artistic little bug you are. If you are feeling up to it my tiny Michelangelo, I would absolutely adore one of your original pieces if you please. It would be gift to receive something from such a young talent!

●Watch Something Fun
It’s Disney time! What’s your favorite Little One? Do you wanna sing Hakuna Matata with me? Or maybe we can dance around the house to Be Our Guest. Oho. Ooh. So you’re naughty like Stitch, huh? But also cute and fluffy! Or maybe you like Ghibli? Do you wanna cuddle on a big fat Totoro, too? Or fly around like Kiki? Or are you very small like Arrietty? We can watch cartoons, too! Kipper the Dog, or Miffy the Rabbit, what about Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or Adventure Time? Shall we explore Ooo together? Or save Beach City with Steven and the Gems? Lets go on a great huge adventure, Little One. You choose where!

●Remember You Are Loved
No matter what you’re feeling, you’re still valid. If you’re feeling upset because you think you’re too clingy, or lonely because you’re without a caregiver, if dysphoria of any kind is creeping in, or if you like Little Space but you’re just sort of floating through it without friends or a big.. That’s okay. Please don’t leave, okay? Little Space is magical and good and pure and sweet. If you want to watch a movie, you can message me sometime, and I’ll try to set one up. If you just need to hear some encouraging words, I’ll send you a message. Upset feelings are sad and heavy, which is why we retreat to someplace happy and light. Little Space should be your safe and happy place always. Talk to someone, talk to me if it isn’t. You are valid, accepted for who you are. I promise. I love you, Little One. I do.
I love you, I love you, I love you. So, so very much. Don’t ever forget that.

- Ayru ☆

anonymous asked:

I would love to see your vision board!!!

wow the coloring in this photo is horrendous

  1. I want to get better mentally
  2. maybe one day being a paramedic will put me in a Life Flight helicopter
  3. the man on the left in this photo (it’s kind of hard to see) is my main inspiration to become a paramedic, he is on a TV show called Nightwatch and I loved the way he interacted with his patients. I told him how he effected me and he actually answered me back and told me he was flattered and was willing to help however he could with my studies. 👍
  4. a stethoscope because I’m gonna be a paramedic/EMT
  5. the paramedic symbol
  6. Cleveland EMS vest (fun and sad fact: all Cleveland EMS are now required to wear bullet proof vests)
  7. a medic bag
  8. a quote I found bc I need to get my BPD under control
  9. an IV bag
  10. a quote that a mathematics professor at my college said that really stuck with me bc I don’t feel smart enough to go to school
  11. healthy food bc i need to get my eating and my cholesterol under control
  12. the inside of an ambulance
  13. a photo of Grey’s Anatomy bc the show was also an inspiration to go into the medical field
  14. note to self: you owe yourself the love that you give to other people
  15. Akane, the singer of D.I.D., he saved my life with his vocals. his screams and growls personified how I felt internally and allowed me to express how I was feeling rather than take it out on myself
  16. a photo of math bc it’s my worst subject and I want to excel at it, not just pass it
  17. the paramedic symbol on ambulance glass
  18. Keisuke, the singer of DEVILOOF, he taught me how to be strong and defend myself
  19. “be gentle with yourself”
  20. a Dodge Challenger bc I hope to own one someday
  21. Japan bc I hope to go there someday

-Really? Pest control. -Yeah. You get to work with a partner. You get to help people. You have no idea what’s in some people’s walls. It could eat ‘em alive. -Yeesh. -'Course, that was then. And now… -You’re practically respectable. -Yeah. Wow. I guess so. That’s kind of scary, actually.

Beautiful Disaster (1/2)

Title: Beautiful Disaster
Rating: K+
Genre: Family, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Word Count: 4930
Pairing: Vague hints of Ten/Rose
Summary: After losing her parents, Rose is struggling not to lose custody of her brother – the only family she has left. Thankfully she’s not completely alone in her struggles.

Notes: Based on this prompt posted on @timepetalsprompts​. This was meant to be one a shot but then it ended up being over 8,000 words so I decided to split it up into a two shot. Enjoy!

It was just a temporary basis. A trial period, the social worker said even Rose clung to Tony, holding him tight against her. They’d pry him out her cold, dead hands. But it was clear the social worker – whose name Rose couldn’t even remember but she was tall and stern and obviously looking down at Rose like the young blonde was below her – had no faith in the twenty year old’s ability to responsible for her five-year-old brother.

And maybe she was right not to.

Tony never starved, of course – Rose did sometimes, but that wasn’t important. He never wanted for food, he got new shoes when he needed them, he got to school every day, he always had his homework done, and as far as Rose could tell he was happy – as happy as any little boy could be after suddenly becoming an orphan, anyways.

Sure, Rose’s life was falling apart. But Tony was safe and not bouncing around in probably abusive foster homes. And that was all that matters.

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The signs as relatable cosplay moments
  • Aries: I just bought this wig online and it's not the right color I'm going to SCREAM
  • Taurus: Crap I just stabbed myself with a needle and now there's blood on my costume
  • Cancer: Showing pictures of your cosplay to everyone you know at least 4 times
  • Leo: Wow this wig is amazing. It's super soft and it's like really lightweight. ...Oh wait, that's my actual hair
  • Virgo: Okay but I can't just put on a shirt and a wig like I've got to get the colored contacts and the exact brand of boots and I have to be the best cosplayer there but I have only two days to do it
  • Libra: Startling yourself when you look in the mirror because you didn't recognize yourself
  • Scorpio: This building is way too cold. Like I've got three square inches of clothes on I'm gonna die
  • Sagittarius: This building is way too hot. I'm wearing three different layered sweaters and boots and a wig I'm gonna die
  • Capricorn: ...I've spent three hundred dollars on this costume and it's only half done.
  • Aquarius: What compelled me to cosplay as this character in the first place I can't even remember
  • Pisces: Siri, does Walmart sell vampire fangs, purple sunglasses, a plunger, or a really tall top hat
the daily struggle of a j-pop/k-pop fan

how do you remember all of them? they’re so many!
they all look the same!
isnt that Chinese music? haha ching chong
do you even know what they’re saying?
so they’re put together by companies and not by themselves? that’s lazy
people really audition for these things?
you know you’re never gonna meet them right?
why is no one playing instruments
Korean music? haha yes gangnam style!!! psy!!! gentleman!!
Japanese music? isn’t that the weird thing with the colorful stuff and strange editing?
those guys all look like girls wow are you sure they’re guys
these girls are such sluts look at those outfits
what do you mean they have their own reality shows they’re singers
haha playback that’s so lame they cant even sing live also that dance looks so hard
so you know japanese/korean? say something in it!!
those guys are so gay look at them what do you mean some of them have girlfriends
you wanna go to Korea? but aren’t they at war and don’t they have a communist leader?
what do you mean there’s multiple companies that “train” these people


Get to Know Me Meme  |  [2/5] Favorite Movies
    ↳ The Matrix (1999)

I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

Storytime ya’ll: I’m very glad I finally got this signed today; however, under the circumstances I’m actually a bit heartbroken. Here’s why: Sebastian Stan is one of the nicest people you can possibly meet, I saw it in videos/from afar from yesterday, very good with fans. However, I did not really get to experience that just now. While he was kind as ever, I felt like a cow being herded through that autograph line. We VIPs got to maybe say two words to him today. I don’t know about my fellow VIPs, but I’ve been excited for this for a very long time and was a bit disappointed. I put no blame on Sebastian, he worked with what he was given and I could see he was trying. This was simply very poor planning on the part of Wizard World. They sold way too many passes for the time they had. So to compensate they had to rush those that were meeting him at the end of the day. Very unfair. I feel horrible for being bummed: I know I’m blessed to have gotten what I got and there’s many that would love to be in my place, but when you expect one thing and get another, it’s a bit of a bummer. On the plus side, it only took a couple of seconds for this angel to show his true colors. A kind-hearted individual who tries hard to make his fans happy. Here’s how this meeting went down: I walked up and said hi, he said hi but did not look up. My picture I had him sign (above) is from Chicago 2 years ago and he remembered! He was like “Oh wow this is from Chicago” and he looked up now that he had finished signing. I said “Yeah, two years ago, I’ve been waiting!” I shook his hand and was ushered away. That was all I got to say, but as I was getting walking away he was calling after me saying “Maybe I’ll see you at the Chicago one coming up… (His voice got very small by this point, like a frazzled puppy) if you’re from Chicago.” I’m just realizing how adorable that actually was now and I feel a lot better.

Preference #182 AU: Different Time Period

Requested by anon

Liam- WWII 1939 Liam would be drafted and called in to eliminate the Fascist and Nazi threat. The only way he could have avoided it was by entering university but unfortunately, he wasn’t wealthy so he had to go. When he found out, he had no idea what to tell you because he knew you would burst out crying but he had to tell you. “I’ll be careful and I will try my very best to survive, if not for me, for you. I love you and I will come back.” you were sobbing but understood the situation, “I’ll write you letters every week.” he smiled and kissed your forehead, “I’ll be waiting for them.”

Louis- 1800 Aristocrat Sir Louis was a high class aristocrat in London’s high society. He owned several buildings in London that made him not only loved but notorious. Your cousin happened to be invited at one his social gatherings so she brought you along. It only took one glance of your coquettish smile and attitude to attract Louis. “Pardon me, I’m not sure we’ve met? My name’s Sir Louis Tomlinson, host of this party.” you introduced yourself and started having an animated conversation about the current economy showing off your intellect and beauty simultaneously. “I must say I’m impressed Ms. Surely you’ll come visit me once more?” you gracefully accepted the invite.

Harry- 1960 Hippies Harry had heard of the hippie movement and influenced by The Beatles, he gathered enough money to explore this new way of living in the U.S. where it began. He became in touch with his spirituality and met a lot of people in a short amount of time, you being one of them. He immediately fell in love with your long hair and floral stylistic influences that he never would have encountered in England. Propriety, which was a big deal from where Harry was from, was forgotten and replaced with love in all its shapes and forms accompanied by sweet peaceful music.

Zayn- 1943 Abstract Movement The influences of the newly growing art movement inspired Zayn to expand his perception of the world. He transferred to New York and bought a small studio where he could be left alone to reach new levels of creativity. As he purchased new brushes, canvases and oils, you noticed paint on his forehead, an odd place for it to be. “How’d you get paint on your head?” you asked as he cleaned himself with a shy smile, “Hard to explain, but I can show you.” So you closed the shop, and walked ten flights of stairs to one of the most famous up and coming artists. “Wow, I’ve never seen such vibrant colors or distorted faces like this.” you were truly in awe and examining him immersed in his work made you fall in love with him and vice versa. You were his muse.

Niall- 1919 Prohibition Period The new laws that prohibited use of alcohol made Niall start a little secret business. He was a bootlegger and owned a small bar in town where people used a pass-code and were assured a night of fun and dancing. Although you didn’t know the code word, you were pretty enough to dazzle Niall who made an exception for you. “You can come in darling, but have at least a dance with me?” Of course you would; he was popular, smart and good looking. It wasn’t a typical love story but that’s how you met and that’s how you stayed.

Much Update, Very Wow

I decided to take my two cute The Evil Within pieces from my Art Blog and gave them a major makeover for my RedBubble. The results below show some rather nice changes. Pastel colors and I must not be friends, because the color reworks are an improvement. You can really see a difference with the Joseph one, which gave me a hard time during my first pass, actually.

Both are up and available for prints and a variety of other fun things like mugs, phone cases, stickers, and totes! I’m noting what looks like a compression issue with the shirt version (seriously, wtf), but once I have all that solved count on it being up there too. 

If you don’t watch Orphan Black, you need to start immediately.

Seriously, we have a cast made up almost entirely of women, most of them genetic identicals, all completely different and complex individuals despite their identical DNA.

Women fighting for the rights to own their own bodies, despite governments and religions trying to lay claim to them.

We have a gay man who is flamboyant without being made a stereotype or having his significance reduced to his sexuality: Felix is also incredibly complex and is first and foremost a brother and our beloved jokester.

Same with Cosima, a gay (or, I read somewhere that she was bisexual? Although there is currently no canon proof of it and I’m hoping she and Delphine stay together) woman whose sexuality, as she has stated, “Is not the most interesting thing about [her].”  Cosima is a gay woman, and that is a part of who she is, but in a show like this, the most interesting things about Cosima are what a nerd she is, the fact that she is a scientist (Well, PhD student. Evolutionary Developmental Biology), and, of course, her clone-ness. Her relationship with Delphine is given just as much time as anyone else’s relationship would be, but considering that, aside from married Alison, she is the only person with a stable relationship on the show, she receives much more screen time with her beau than anyone else.

We now even have a trans clone, whom the cast and creators are all immensely excited about and are working really hard to make realistic and complex. I wish I had more to say about Tony, but he’s only just arrived on the scene so all I’ve got is that he’s had his pronouns corrected by other characters already, which is awesome. He seems to have a strong, snarky personality and lots of confidence. He’s also kissed Felix, which I think it really important. (As someone who is not trans I can’t say whether Tony’s sexuality is good or bad as far as representation goes, but I personally thought it was really good to show that sexuality and gender identity are separate things: that you can be a trans man and still be attracted to men. I dunno. That really isn’t my place to determine whether it’s helpful or not because I don’t know enough about it but PERSONALLY I thought it was pretty cool)

We also have the clones dealing with mental illness and addiction while, again, not being reduced to it. These things are a part of who the characters are, but they are so much more than their sexuality, gender, addictions, mental health, level of education, etc. They are all so important and so different and WOW I’M IN LOVE

Bottom line: this show is the most important thing on air right now, and y'all would do well to get in on that!