and wow this show is hard to color :

TV shows for regressing

I don’t watch anything that isn’t a cartoon or kids show (other than The Strain and animal videos)

I love the colors, art, sounds, and characters so much more in them. Plus, no awkward romance.

So I’ll list TV shows that I love watching!

Age ranges will vary a lot because I love all types.

I will be breaking the list up, just so it’s not one huge continuous list, it makes it hard to read.

Let’s begin!


● Paw Patrol
● Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
● Peg + Cat
● Dinosaur Train
● Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
● Sofia the First
● Elena of Avalor
● The Lion Guard
● JoJo’s Circus
● Let’s Go Pocoyo
● Lilo & Stitch : The Series
● The Backyardigans
● The Wonder Pets
● Hamtaro

● Wow-Wow Wubsy
● Oswald
● Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch
● Little Bill
● Chloé’s Closet
● Clifford the Big Red Dog
● Rolie Polie Olie
● Clifford’s Puppy Days
● Bubble Guppies
● Dragon Tales
● Angelina Ballerina
● Bali

● Zou
● Kipper
● Ni Hao, Kai-lan
● Wallykazam!
● Miles from Tomorrowland
● Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
● Wishenpoof!
●Rainbow Brite!
● Shimmer and Shine
● Berenstain Bears
● Stella and Sam
● The Mighty B

● Max and Ruby
● Baby Looney Toons
● Care Bears
● My Little Pony
● My Friends Tigger & Pooh
● Molang
● Miffy
● Hey Duggee
● Lalaloopsy
● Terrific Trucks
● Robot and Monster
● Tinga Tinga Tales

Non animated:

● Sesame Street
● Lazy Town
● The Chika Show
● Bear in the Big Blue House
● Out of the box
● Mutt and Stuff
● Blue’s Clues
● H20


● Kinmoza!
● Is the Order a Rabbit?
● K-ON
● Himouto Umaru-chan
● Place to Place

Practice is Essential

You can only perform what you practice.

In anything you do, animation, art, film, sports, writing, you can only show the world what you can do from what you practice.

So practice hard, train up - study anatomy, study film cuts and acting…understand lighting and color in your alone time. So that when it is time for you to get on stage, you can keep wowing others, including yourself.

Never neglect practice. It will boost your talents to new heights, and greater opportunities to show out. Sounds good? :)

Good Riddance

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, others

Word Count: 2200

Warnings: Language, teasing, fluff, sass, AU

A/N: Here’s my Coffee Shop AU with Barista!Sam for @luci-in-trenchcoats Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge. This was fun, but I don’t know how to summarize without giving too much away. Enjoy some tattooed Sam and Tattoo Artist Dean with plenty of coffee. Many thanks to my pal @idreamofhazel for the beta read on this one. I hope you enjoy it! 

*Don’t forget, I love feedback and constructive criticism!!

Originally posted by torteen

Walking into the coffee shop, you take a deep breath when the scent of freshly roasted coffee hits you. A quick glance behind the counter confirms that he’s there, and your mouths curves against your best efforts into a restrained smile.

“Good morning, Sam,” your voice turns into a shy drawl.

“Morning!” he calls from behind the espresso machine. “I’ve got a good one for you today.”

“Oh really?”

“Yup,” he flashes you a teasing smirk before going back to watching his work. His hair hangs loose around his jaw, the ends curling just a bit. Your eyes are drawn, as always, to the vivid designs that creep up his shirtsleeves and out of his low collar.

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@seikotorolexaxtogymnastics  made an addition to my post but since i don’t want this ugly version to spread, here is my answer:
All we can do is to support BTS in all ways we can, but it’s impossible to do that without also supporting BigHit
consider this: you can support bighit, buy bts albums and other merchandise without blindly following them, they’re not a cult leader. bighit is a company made up of people and people make mistakes too. you act like bighit is a small child that needs to be protected. it is not. 
These things are unfortunately part of the sacrifice that one makes being in BTS
now this is bullshit. the fact that there are bad things happening to other members too doesn’t mean that we have to justify them and keep quiet. in fact we should talk about every thing that’s happening. i haven’t talked about them because my post was about jin, not other boys.
Line distribution doesn’t mean jackshit.“
this is only your opinion and i can guarantee that most of the fans don’t share it
jin still have the least lines, did you even looked at the sources i linked?? and funny thing that you mentioned lost, the song that he got the least lines again….  and also bringing  bulletproof 2… really? this song was made years ago and jin improved so fucking much since then, there’s no point in talking about it in regards to what’s happening right now.
So yes, it is hard to match his voice to the song
wow did you even read my post? i don’t think so. if you did, then you should read it again because i doubt you understood what i was saying.
Without Rap Monster, Perfect Man was a much better performance because Rap Monster messes up the choreography. Jin too, but he blends in with everyone else
now you’re showing your true colors :) i’ll tell you what being a fan means: you love and support all members. the choreography is not better without any of the members. even if for one of them it’s harder to keep up, people are still happy to see them. because most of the fans aren’t here to judge, they’re not professionals or jury in a content. they see a member of the group and they’re happy he’s performing with everyone else!! they’re just genuinely happy that he’s there!!! what a wild concept.

you see, i have one problem with this. you added this shit to my post. and yet you’re whining in the tags that you might get negative asks for this?? learn how to deal with consequences of your actions. advice for the future: if you really want to just share your opinion with your followers,  make your own goddamn post. as for now, almost 6k of people reblogged and liked my post, 4k more did it on twitter. how many people reblogged your addidion? one person. makes you think, huh. instead of trying to get some attention, better focus your energy on supporting the boys, it will be better for everyone.


-Really? Pest control. -Yeah. You get to work with a partner. You get to help people. You have no idea what’s in some people’s walls. It could eat ‘em alive. -Yeesh. -'Course, that was then. And now… -You’re practically respectable. -Yeah. Wow. I guess so. That’s kind of scary, actually.

S: Oh, her eyes are different colors, too!  It’s hard to tell with the middle one but it looks like… red, blue and purple?  That’s… wait… The fifth branch of the temple door was blue.  And when Garnet went in she lit up red and blue.  I feel like that’s significant somehow but I’m really drawing a blank as to what it could mean.  [she sits and thinks about it for a few minutes and refuses to let me restart the show]

Oh wow, so I have an idea but it’s really sad…

L: Oh?

S: Well… Steven has Rose Quartz’s gem, right?  So… what if another Gem died, somebody important to Garnet, and Garnet got their gem in addition to her own?  Like… that would explain why she’s stronger than the other two, because she’s carrying the power of a dead friend or spouse or something.  So I’m guessing the blue person died and turned their power over to her?  Poor Garnet…

Of tails and love

Midoriya surfaced above the water, watching with wide eyes as he saw those boys again. Diving back under he decided to swim a little closer. 

Peeking from behind the rocks he smiled as he saw the boy with red and white hair collecting shells again.

He gasped as he saw the blonde boy that his best friend took an interest in, letting himself sink into the water he swam back to where he left his friend.

Todoroki looked towards the rocks with a shocked expression.

“Katsuki, did you see that?” Turning around Todoroki looked at his friend who was just kicking the sand away, his face set in his usual scowl.

“What the fuck am I supposed to see here? All I see is water and sand” Bakugou rolled his eyes, why he decided to come with Todoroki he still didn’t know.

“Eiji!! They’re back!” Midoriya swam towards his friend with a big smile on his face. “Those two from last time, he was colle-" 

Midoriya got pushed aside as Eijirou swam past him in a hurry, his bright yellow tail almost hitting Midoriya in the face.

Puffing his cheeks, Midoriya followed Kirishima but not before grabbing some of the prettiest shells he could find.

"I tell you! I saw a tail!” Todoroki kept staring at the rocks. “I’m not crazy, this is the second time I saw it, Katuski." 

"Might’ve been a fish? Honestly, you’re spending too much fucking time on the beach” Bakugou turned to look at the water, narrowing his eyes he stepped closer. 

“Eiji! You’re too fast!” Midoriya grabbed onto Kirishima’s arm “Atleast hide behind those rocks" 

"You go there first,” Kirishima was just inches away from the shore and he could see the blonde boy walking closer to the water. “I have to see him.” He was smiling widely.

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Chapter 29

A/N: Here is the next chapter! Please note that this will be the last one for about 2 weeks, hopefully sooner! I will be taking a mini break but will be back with more Harry and Addy very soon!

“Without further adieu, please welcome our spectacular curator who designed this exhibit. Miss Adalyn Mackenzie everyone!” Michael, the director of the museum clapped his hands together angling his body towards Addy welcoming her to the podium.

With a smile Adalyn stepped carefully to the stage ensuring she would not slip in her heels in front of all the people gathered at the museum. Today was the opening of her new exhibit at the Imperial War Museum she had worked so hard on the past few weeks. It was indeed a miracle Addy had completed it by the deadline. Beaming with pride she lifted her head up to see nearly a hundred people gathered. Gently grasping the edges of the wooden podium she began her speech.

“Thank you Michael for the warm welcoming. It is a pleasure to be here with you all today to be part of this wonderful new exhibit opening. Myself and many others who have dedicated numerous hours to make this display possible for all of you to see today are very excited to share it all with you.” Inhaling a quick breath her eyes scanned the crowd noticing the cameras clicking away. The same cameramen that hounded her outside the doors of the museum this morning before work. Breath Addy you are at work. You can’t runaway now. Don’t let them take this from you too.

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ive-been-gone-for-so-long  asked:

Have you ever thought about how important colors are in shows/movies? I haven't been able to sit and analyze Andi Mack completely yet. But with the lookback scene. Andi is wearing red, Cyrus is wearing blue and... Jonah is wearing red and blue with the blue being over the red!. Idk I have high hopes for jryus and possibly just looking into things too hard. I hope this made sense. Also thank you for sparking my interest into this show! (:

Wow!  That is really interesting.  It’s not something I’ve ever looked at before but now that you pointed it out it seems intentional.  I have no idea what it could mean though.  Jonah’s being bi has been a common hope for his character so could the fact he’s wearing both colors mean that he does in fact like both of them?  Or is the placement the more important factor? With the red being closer to him or the blue being more prominently shown?  I’m definitely hoping for Jyrus too and I can’t wait for next season!  What do you think the colors could mean?

So there we go again, the beloved, most talented, hard working @kayaczek did another commission of my two girls. Honestly if anyone of you is thinking about a commission, this lady is so… wow. I can’t find any words for how beautiful the two of them came out, how much I love the subtle gesture she thought of to connect those them, how great the colors are. Again I love how perfectly she had shown their characters just through their face expressions. It is just WOW. And this background *.*

I asked for this picture because I wanted to show how different they are in just using the example of a very simple thing like an outfit they would choose. So I asked for a drawing of them in their “dating clothes”, since I think this actually really shows so much of their characters. Blue, always my serious sweetheart, totally shy and dorky when it comes to anything related to romantic feelings or love. When Thane would ask her out the only outfit she could even think of wearing is her Alliance Officer uniform. I always imagine that she would even marry in this thing. She is the total soldier, not the typical feminine type, not intersted in clothes, make up or anything like that, who kind of forgot how to behave in everyday situations. She has to learn a lot when it comes to social life, and Thane is the best teacher for here in cases of romantic stuff ;) Echo on the contrary loves to be feminine, knows about her body very well and is not to shy to show it. She loves to be a bit glamorous from time to time, to show the world her tattoo and on top she is just the funny little sunshine on every party. It is fine for her to have a beer or two too much (Blue isn’t drinking at all) and she absolutely knows how to dance and party (both not really Blue’s strengths ;)). She still knows her limits though. I love how @kayaczek designed the dress for her after I described it, I love the glitter she came up with and the moon and the perfectly white color, which fits so perfect to the whole “moon theme” I invented for Echo. They are my sweetest OCs. I will never not love them. They kind of belong to me, are parts of me, and I am really, really thankful for Tumblr, because there are so great artists here who are willing to draw commissions for you and bring your characters to so much more life. So thanks to all of you. I really mean it. You mean the world to me.

Tiny Tomcat’s Guide for Sad, Grumpy Littles

●Find Out What is Making You Sad
Sometimes just knowing what is making you sad can help you feel better. Because when you know what’s making you sad, sometimes you can stop it. What’s wrong, Little One? Are you lonely? Are you depressed? Feeling sick? Is there a bad storm outside scaring you? It’s okay, sweetie pie.This list will try to help you feel better.

●Tell Your Bad Feelings to Go Away
It’s not silly or weird to just tell those bad thoughts to just go away. You can imagine them as a fly and shoo them away with your hands. You can turn into huge dinosaur, or big strong bear and give your best scary roar and scare away those sad, bad feelings. Throw a fit. You have my full permission– just this once. Stamp your feet, ball your little fists, jump up and down. Go away, go away, go away! There’s no place for you here! Good feelings only!

●Take a Nice Warm Bath
Sometimes taking baths is like a chore. But if you make it something nice and fun it can make you feel better. Add lots and lots of bubbles, rubber duckies, toy boats and bath crayons, light candles and use your favorite smelling soap. Don’t forget to put on jammies or cozy clothes afterwards. Fuzzy sock or slippers after a bath are the best!

● Cuddle With Your Favorite Plushie
A nice warm hug for 8 seconds raises goodie feelings and helps us feel better. So can you imagine how much better a cuddle puddle with your favorite plushies would make you feel? Maybe tell them what’s wrong. They are always ready and willing to listen to whatever is on your mind

●Play With Your Toys
Pull out the legos and play-doh, get out your dinosaurs, cars, littlest pet shops, dolls, lite-brites, mr. potato head, pegs, all of it! Get out all of your toys and spread them all over the floor! Make a huge giant city out of one, and tiny shops and people with the other. Tell a pretty story about two duckies and a porcupine that live there. Now smash the whole city down! Boom! (save the animals of course)

●Have A Dance Party!
Wag that tail, wiggle those little paws, flap your arms and jump all around in circles, hop up and down, shake it left and right. Whoo-hoo! Look at you go, Little One! Shake out all those bad feelings like you’ve got ants in your pants. Shake it all out my little wiggly squirmy wormy! Show me all your silly fun dance moves!

●Treat Yourself
Alright, okay. Just this once because my precious Little isn’t feeling the best. Grab that extra cookie. You can have one more scoop of ice cream. Yes, precious, you can get another toy at the store, you can stay up past bedtime, you can watch one more show. It’s not a night with no rules, cause rules are there to keep you healthy and safe, but we can bend a few, just for you. An extra coloring book, a suprise plushie, and extra sticker on your star chart for being such a good Little and trying so hard to feel all better. I am very, very proud of you. Yes, muffin. You do deserve an extra treat. What a very good and precious Little you are.

●Make Some Art
Oh! Is that your coloring book? Can I see what coloring you’ve done? Wow! Look at that! You are very very good at coloring inside the lines and those colors are so pretty! Can you color a page for me? I would love to have one of your original works to show off. Wow! Did you make this with play-doh? Is that your macaroni art? Did you make a rain maker all by yourself? It sounds so pretty! My goodness! What an incredibly artistic little bug you are. If you are feeling up to it my tiny Michelangelo, I would absolutely adore one of your original pieces if you please. It would be gift to receive something from such a young talent!

●Watch Something Fun
It’s Disney time! What’s your favorite Little One? Do you wanna sing Hakuna Matata with me? Or maybe we can dance around the house to Be Our Guest. Oho. Ooh. So you’re naughty like Stitch, huh? But also cute and fluffy! Or maybe you like Ghibli? Do you wanna cuddle on a big fat Totoro, too? Or fly around like Kiki? Or are you very small like Arrietty? We can watch cartoons, too! Kipper the Dog, or Miffy the Rabbit, what about Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or Adventure Time? Shall we explore Ooo together? Or save Beach City with Steven and the Gems? Lets go on a great huge adventure, Little One. You choose where!

●Remember You Are Loved
No matter what you’re feeling, you’re still valid. If you’re feeling upset because you think you’re too clingy, or lonely because you’re without a caregiver, if dysphoria of any kind is creeping in, or if you like Little Space but you’re just sort of floating through it without friends or a big.. That’s okay. Please don’t leave, okay? Little Space is magical and good and pure and sweet. If you want to watch a movie, you can message me sometime, and I’ll try to set one up. If you just need to hear some encouraging words, I’ll send you a message. Upset feelings are sad and heavy, which is why we retreat to someplace happy and light. Little Space should be your safe and happy place always. Talk to someone, talk to me if it isn’t. You are valid, accepted for who you are. I promise. I love you, Little One. I do.
I love you, I love you, I love you. So, so very much. Don’t ever forget that.

- Ayru ☆


Wow ok Gene’s body is super hard to draw and finding his pallet colors were going to be impossible thank metallicartist you gave the colors. I pushed on  purely to show I love Gene and stone heart. Sorry I really love this comic and the other character Manic I swear that I made him before I saw stone heart I just laugh how similar they are. and they are talking how they got in this mess. Manic doesn’t look like this normally.

Look at this cute little guy! He’s adorable!!!!!! Gene loves to talk with new people.

anonymous asked:

Blegh/Rich says 'hewwo' and Jake screams into a pillow or their hands/Brooke melted chocolate and peanut butter and poured it over apples(best snack EVER) and gave it to Jeremy when he was on his period and now whenever Jeremy asks Michael for apples, chocolate, and peanut butter its also a silent ask for period supplies/Chloe once got sent a dick pic on her social media and just criticized it('he wasn't even hard,,,so disappointing')/Rich once dyed his streak bi colors for Pride - Rich🔥

rich: [in the hallway at school] HEWWO?

jake: i hate this

michael: [in the distance, responding to rich’s call] H-HEWWO?!

jeremy: I HATE THIS


brooke is the queen of sharing recipes for comforting food and michael is the king of being a good boyfriend and bringing his suffering boyfriend nice food when he’s on his period so Good Headcanon


chloe: [showing the dick pic to the squad] it’s not even hard? like wow? am i not hot enough for you? see it’s like so average and also-

christine: chloe!! we’re in the middle of the cafeteria! stop!

rich: Let Her Speak,



they all go to a pride parade together

rich 100% dyes a bi streak in his hair

michael wears rainbow high socks and heelys 

jeremy: [waving the bi and trans flags happily] i get two flags!!

jake: you are like a little baby, watch this [pulls out the trans, pan, and non binary flags] 

christine sees an ace flag in real life for the first time and she yELLS

jenna ties it around christine like a cape 

michael does the same with his rainbow flag so it flies in the wind when he glides around on his heelys

brooke and chloe walk off on their own for a while specifically to find homophobic protestors and make out in front of them

i need to stop now before i get carried away but aaaaa!!! good content!!!