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THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously I am so happy, you’re completely amazing, I’m beaming. Agh wow. Thank you. I can’t gush enough I’m just so excited that you made it magical, @otterandterrier you rock my socks off. (If anyone is new here, this rad person made my drawing MAGICALLY MOVE. I LOVE THE INTERNET). 

quaint → 1/? phil ft. words 

strange, peculiar, or unusual in an interesting,                                                                             pleasing, or amusing way; or rather known as phil lester's personality.

BTS Reaction: When They Shift to Their Human Form in Front of Their S/O and are Naked

Jin- He would laugh and crack jokes to lighten the mood.
“Jagi, what did the quarter say to the penny?”
"Jin I swear to-”
"You make no cents!“

Yoongi- He would have a delayed reaction to it. He wouldn’t see why you were freaked out until he realized he was naked.
“Jagi why did you-”
"What do you mean- Oh..”

Namjoon- He wouldn’t make a move to put clothes on. He would just have a casual conversation as if he’s not completely nude.
"Wow this is actually the first time you told me this..”
"PUT THEM ON OR NO SEX FOR A MONTH!” He put them on immediately.

Hoseok- He would freak out and be a little embarrassed about it, but would totally tease you about it.
"Jagi..How would you rate me?”
"Why the hell would I answer that?”
"Well, you did look at my maker body for a while before yelling at me to, and I quote, "Put some goddamn clothes on or I can sleep in the floor”. So, am I a ten?“

Jimin- Squishy Mochi would be so embarrassed. Like, he won’t even be able to look you in the eyes after.
"I’m sorry Jagi-”
"Jimin this is the tenth time you apologized. It’s fine.”
"Why didn’t I shift before I came home, then this wouldn’t have happened. Why did I-”
"I will slap you if you say you’re sorry one more time.”
"Okay, I’m done.”

Taehyung- Completely confident and you’d have to beg him to put his clothes on. Teases the hell out of you.
"Tae, please put clothes on..”
"Wow Jagi, you’re begging me to put them on. But I actually prefer being nude. I know you like it.”
"Nah, I don’t wanna.”

Jungkook- Did someone say Jungshook? ‘Cause I did. Poor Bunny would be sooooooo embarrassed. Like, he won’t talk to you for weeks.
"Jungkook answer me.”
"If this is about me seeing you naked, just get over it.”

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Nolan Patrick - Lazy Saturday

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Wow…this took me way longer than it should’ve! Sorry for the delay, I didn’t have a lot of time to write this weekend since it was my birthday! I really hope you love this one :)

Request from @a-kate3 :  Could you do a fluffy/cute Nolan Patrick one?

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The Beginning

Hannah and Baker’s first full day as girlfriends. HNITS verse. 7k. 

On that sunny June morning, when Hannah wakes up, she remembers everything is new.

It’s been less than 12 hours since Baker showed up at her house and told her she loved her. Less than 12 hours since Baker kissed her on the street, promising she’d come back first thing in the morning so they could keep talking. And it’s been less than 12 hours since Baker texted her goodnight for the first time in weeks and weeks.

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Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 1.

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3

A/N: Hi everyone ~ Work has been crazy –_–’ it’s been pretty tough so it’s been hard to find time to really sit down and write, but a little bit everyday goes a long way and here it is! :D I hope you all enjoy!

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          No one quite understood the hatred between you and Yoongi, but the tension was noticeable from the moment you two came face-to-face. Even walking off the platform, it was evident your mood had done a 180 from being ecstatically touched to quietly and dangerously fuming.

           The rest of the graduation was a blur as you two were whisked away to a room to “get to know each other”, and wait for your team to be completed.

           As was custom, every special agent pair was assigned a team from the same graduating class. The teams usually consisted of the Inventor, the Brain, and the 3 Supporters. The Inventor usually handled the creation of new gadgets and technology that could aid in different adventures, such as water proof suits on underwater missions or adhesive gloves for scaling mountains and walls. The Brain of the group was the liaison between the Director and the team, attending SA meetings, briefing the squad on upcoming assignments, coordinating roles, and finding the best course of action to complete the mission. While it is up to the agents themselves during the mission on how to handle situations as they come, the Brain creates an overall plan and helps adjust it as factors and variable change. They are the outside eyes, constantly calculating, constantly deciphering, and constantly weighing losses and gains. The Supporters, usually comprised of 3 agents that had great potential to become SA’s themselves but didn’t make the cut, aided the SA’s on the field, albeit as snipers, decoys, or fulfilling a secondary mission simultaneously.

           "Didn’t think you were the type to do this sort of thing.“ Yoongi commented as you took a seat as far as possible from him.

           You kept your eyes glued to the monitor, mindlessly staring at the graduation unfold without really attending to what was happening. Your head was reeling, heart beating rapidly. You couldn’t wrap your head around why or how Min Yoongi was across the room, his legs smugly crossed, staring at you intently.

           "I could say the same for you.” You replied bitterly.

           "Don’t like your partner?“ he snorted.

           "We both know this won’t work out, Yoongi.”

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Ship, did you know that the act of embalming bodies was popularized by Abraham lincoln, because he died and was embalmed, and then was carted around the country on a train so everyone could see him. THey couldn't help but think "wow, he looks fresh. I want that for my loved ones when they die" and thus embalming became a thing. (it's not even necessary refrigeration does just as well to preserve bodies before a funeral)

Yeah! It’s ridiculous. We think of modern embalming as “traditional” when it’s really only a few lifetimes old. It was convenient for transporting fallen soldiers during the Civil War, but before that, embalming really wasn’t a western practice, and cultures that did embalm did so with natural materials.

And like… embalming doesn’t prevent decomposition, it just delays it significantly and makes it less efficient.

the one where impatience is a good thing

so remember when like a couple months ago, I got this wild hair up my ass and I was like “wow I’m going to write oneshots and imagines all the time, it’s going to be so great!!1!” and then I wrote only one. And stopped. Now that feeling is back so here’s another one :)

bff!Sami Zayn x Reader

“I’m your phone background? That’s so cute.”

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So Close (part 1 of 5)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: This started as a 4+1 setup on Lin asking you to marry him. It devolved into a study of a year plus some in a relationship, and how you can be so close to the end and yet so far in the blink of an eye.

Word Count: 6580 (oh god I’m so sorry)

Warnings: Medical speak (nothing too graphic), badly translated Spanish, some swears.

Notes:  I am not a medical professional, nor do I speak Spanish, nor have I ever been on Broadway. I put a lot of research into this stuff to make it seem as realistic as possible, but if you can tell me how to fix a situation or change a translation to make it better, please let me know, I’m happy to listen.

I took a lot of inspiration from random things, but I want to point out some of my sources, because they are important.

  • Favorite Human comes from “When You Come Home” by @teamgtnw Take the time to go read that, please, for me.
  • The Hamiltome gave me most of the original cast/crew names and timelines for when things happened (transfer to Broadway, opening night, etc.) I also heavily relied on the timeline on the Hamilton Wiki page.
  • One of the recurring quotes throughout this work comes from Peter Pan. Kudos if you know it.
  • Spanish translations are courtesy of Reverso Contexto. Better than Google, but I’m sure, not infallible. Let me know if I’m way off the mark.
  • Title comes from the Jon McLaughlin song of the same name. It is the over arcing theme song for this fic. Link

This is the first thing I’ve written in at least 5 years, and it’s the first thing I’ve written for a Broadway fandom in 10+ years. Please be kind.

Tags: @musicalmoriarty (my beautiful Goddess, thank you for being my cheerleader!) //// If you want to be tagged, just ask ☺

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Bliss | Jimin, You

I am currently watching Yuri on Ice. And this is what came out of it

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Nothing else has ever made my heart beat before you came along

Jimin took in a deep breath before opening his eyes to the flashing lights and the loud cheers, but most of all, the music he was all too familiar with.

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Un-Thinkable (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader and Roman have a secret and it’s beginning to rip a hole in their hearts. Will they ever act on it?

**A/N: ** This is the trilogy to “Mercy”. The song for this is “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” by Alicia Keys. This should be the final part of the entire miniseries. I hope y’all like it.

**S/B: ** I know I said Valentine’s Day but the suspense of releasing this last part was killing me.

Read Part 1: Mercy  Read Part 2: This Woman’s Work

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“Moment of honesty

Someones gotta take the lead tonight

Who’s it gonna be?

I’m gonna sit right here

And tell you all that comes to me

If you have something to say

You should say it right now….”

     8:06 a.m., 8:07 a.m., 8:08 a.m. The time kept ticking as Roman laid up on his couch in the early hours of the morning. He was ready to leave for New York over an hour earlier but Seth had told him to wait. The banging on the door startled him up from the slumber, he began to drift off to.

      “I’m comin’. Hang on.” He got up, fighting between being awake and being asleep. Seth made his way inside with Dean following slowly behind him, pulling out a chair at the dining room table.

       “What’s the delay?” Roman asked. “I had to reschedule the flight heading to New York to ten.”

       Seth stared at Dean, who quietly shifted in his seat. “Tell him, Dean.”

       “I shouldn’t. I already told you too much.”

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00Q Illust Fanbook #1: ~Seachronicity~ Travelogue - Cruise Vacation

  • Roughly 14 x 20cm (5.5 x 8") Slightly smaller than A5.
  • Saddle Stitch
  • 30 pages of full colour pure 00Q fluff
  • Flip through preview here
  • Price: 22USD, not including shipping

Pre-orders date: 1 July (00:00hr) to 15 July(23:59hr), GMT +8.

So this is a thing that’s happening. Several people have expressed interest in buying the book so I’ll be taking pre-orders for Seachronicity! I’m still sorting out the store at the moment so link to the shop will be updated right before pre-orders open.

Expected shipment date is around the last week of July, bar any unexpected delays. 007 Fest would be at full steam by then too wow hahaha July’s gonna be another busy month. But yup,  thank you for all your support! The response to this project has been phenomenal and I’m really looking forward to doing more!

As Time Ticks Away

Summary: All Lin could do was watch as she healed and as time ticked away.

Author’s Note: Hey All! Sorry for the delay on this new story. This was meant as the beginning of part five of Finding You. However nothing worked well. I started something completely different. I hope you all enjoy it!

Warning: Some cursing.

Fact: I know nothing of the medical field. I am just going off of what I know from TV medical dramas! OK not all: some of it is acquired knowledge.

Requests are open! 

Please let me know what you think! :)

Word Count: 4234 (wow….)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

Tagged: @itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot , @gratitudejoyandsorrow

The white tiled walls seemed to go on forever. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed since he entered, but all he wanted to know about was if his wife was going to be all right. All he knew was that Sarah had called and left a voicemail on his phone of her sobbing the only words that he could make out were “Y/N….hospital…and don’t know….”

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A bit delayed, but just saw this beautiful video from @flipperbrain to Colin….Wow!!! I hope he has seen it already.

BTS Reaction to a Solo Idol Crush

Wow! Thank you for the request and sorry for the small delay! I have finally turned in term paper and finished my physics project so I can finally resurrect myself on here 

At first, Namjoon would try to hide his crush for the pure fact that he knows the boys would tease him endlessly. He had seen the idol perform plenty of times, and each time he found himself falling harder for the Solo Idol. They seemed so perfect to him it was almost surreal, and when the boys finally realize why Namjoon has been acting so strange lately they would tease him to no end. Playful jokes here and there as they made him get flustered and threaten them to knock it off - even though his demands would come out squeaky due to his embarrassment. I see the boys doing something like dropping subtle hints to the Solo Idol about their leader as a first attempt to warm them up. 

Seokjin would fall HARD for the solo artist. He wouldn’t be ashamed in any means, but he would get flustered when his members find out about his little crush. Of course, his defenses were not that great as he knew he was in deep. I can see him coming forth with it to you at a music bank or that type of event. He would admire you while you were on stage and watch your every single move.When the performance ends, his cheers would be the loudest which in return would catch your eye. He would give you a small smile and let his eyes crinkle ever so slightly before he would address you off stage. 

Yoongi would be the best at keeping his secret low-key and on the down-low. The way to express these feelings and truly sort them out would go to a favorite outlet of his - music. Sheets would be scattered around his room as he tries to figure out where you are in and even where he is in term so placement and likeableness. After a couple of hours or maybe even days of frustration and sorting, he would have a place figured on where the two of you stand. His next objective is to just get you as his. A few slips along the way might hint to the other boys how he feels for you, but for the most part he will keep it to himself until the two of you are an official thing. 

Taehyung would have no problem showing is affection. He can be shy but for the most part, I see him being fairly open about his crush-especially if the boys already know. He would drop subtle hints every now and then before he would start getting bolder. His hints would become outright flirts and soon, he hopes, dates. The next time he would see you after dropping the load of his crush n you, he would hope his feelings be requited. If his feelings were returned, then this kid would be over the moon. 

Hoseok would also be more open that the other members with his feelings towards you. He had admired you ever since you debuted and found it even more attractive that you were doing it all on your own. As you rose in the charts to be beside them in top hits, you also rose higher and higher in his heart. His opinions would be nothing BUT highly of you as he found it hard to cope much longer without expressing how he truly felt. I could see him confessing some cliche but cute way like flowers with a small note or a sign with a pun about how great you and he would be together. 

Jimin could honestly go either way because he is sometimes different in certain situations. At first he would start out like the shy bean he sometimes is and would admire from a far. He would first take notice of you when you dropped an MV on one of your new songs and as his affections slowly grew for you, he would become more confident if he got positive feedback from you. However, as time passed and he felt like things were still oblivious between you two he would try to establish a more dominant relationship where you two would actually start dating instead of laying back and forth.

Jungkook would probably be one of the shyest out of them all if not the shyest. Putting on a different facade in stage, he would be much different around someone he had interest in. This kid would be all for subtle hints until it might get to the point where it is too subtle, then he would have to step up his game. Once he felt more secure in his feelings, Jungkook would try to address himself more in the relationship. If his feelings would be returned, Jungkook would give you that genuine bunny smile and he would instantly ask you if he could take you on a date the following day. 


A much overdue reaction that has been pending for at least a week or two. School seems to be getting busier as ceremony gets closer so I am going to try and be more active. Expext a summer full of writing and reactions though! Please continue to send in requests and give the blog love! Thank you so much for what you have done already -Admin Bunni

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Wow I really adore your art! You must be really busy already but can I request Freed x Laxus both flexing for the camera? :D Or working out together *-* Or just anything cool or fluffy really! Thank you for taking the time to read this o3o

Fist: awww thank u anon! ;/////;

Second: I’m so sorry for the delay ;^; Also is so simple :,D idk how but I used again my sort of old style and I don’t like this D:

But hope u like it! <3

Add a chibi Freed because this request was so old and I’m so sorry ;-;