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quaint → 1/? phil ft. words 

strange, peculiar, or unusual in an interesting,                                                                             pleasing, or amusing way; or rather known as phil lester's personality.

man some of the job quests in FFXI were some anti-player bullshit

like blue mage, which consisted of “talk to this NPC, answer a series of questions, and if you’re lucky you’ll start the blue mage quest. if not, fuck you, pay me, come back tomorrow”

or dark knight, which entailed using a shitty sword with 666 delay (wow!) to autoattack 100 enemies to death. weapon skills don’t count, fuck you

what about dragoon?

widowmaker's call signal should be 'scapegoat'
  • my team: loses, due to a myriad of things including not working together, dps trickling in like a leaky tap, tanks not pushing, enemy flankers not being snuffed, etc
  • my team: WOW SUCH A BAD WIDOW
  • me, with gold elims and silver damage, killed enemy widow multiple times, killed enemy healer multiple times, kept enemy pharah out of play, waits for tanks to arrive before pushing, tried to work with team, but unfortunately got stunned by mccree en route to triggering an overtime which would not actually have changed the course of the game other than delay our loss by about 5 seconds: .............okay
Delicate Touch

Prompt: You’re a backstage interviewer (thanks to your bestie Renee) who has a flirty friendship with Karl Anderson and a love/hate friendship with a protective Sheamus. You and Sheamus both have feelings for each other. Karl asks you to go to the bar and Sheamus tags along but he doesn’t like Karl’s pick up lines and his hands on you. Some romantic Sheamus - @that-lolachick ​

Sorry for the delay guys. I’m trying to get my brain back in the swing of things after a rough couple of days, so I hope you like this. Sheamus smut can’t ever be all bad right?

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Greetings from Zeno and Kaya~ 

Today I watched the Zeno oad Part 2! And look! Wow! My eyes swollen again due too much crying TT A TT Kaya is so damn cute and she even take care for Zeno… Im so blown again with the fact that Zeno waited for Kaya and hold her hands until she dies and even becoming corpse! TT TT its just too sad TT TT


For the keychains I’m still trying to activate my paypal account orz. Since this is the first time for me to have paypal, I apologies for the delay TT TT

Dear @justcuzfandoms, now is the time you get to yell at me for being incredibly late.

I hope this (little) present makes you happy, even a month after the festive season ! But even more, I hope you treated yourself right during that time (ate a lot, slept all day) and, oh wow I’m so bad with delays, happy Hanuka !

At first, I wanted to write a little something, but I changed my mind and drew this stunningly aro-ace Piper ! (Hence the questions about baseball, I’d really like to know more about it thought) 

Oh, all thanks to @pjosecretsanta2016​ for pushing me again and again (it was needed) I made your job so much harder, you deserve all the praise for holding this project together ! 

(ps : this is actually the first time I ever post my art on this website, thanks to both of you for giving me enough courage to do so)

(UB)BTS Bias - Taehyung

WOW so it’s been a long time since I’ve done a bias post, but what better way to get back into it then with the Ultimate Bias?!? :D

Kim Taehyung is a multi talented individual, but as almost always I’m gonna start listing the reason I love him. So without further delay, in no particular order…

1) As per always, Look how darn tootin cute he is

I’m weak for pink/purple hair in general but Tae pulls it off so well <3

2) The way he pulls off hats (this is pure jealousy on my end, I look terrible in all forms of head gear)

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He looks great in red hats in particular (Jiminie look fine af in his too)

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lol and he still looks great…

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(Now it’s Yoongi looking fine af  in his hat too)

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And just because it’s too cute (his tongue is making it not so cute but more…you know…)

3) Him with Kids…I mean anyone with kids make me weak but seriously look at them <3

He just always seems to be happy with them

4) Tongue - Just gunna put it out there, it’s not fair

this one was funny, but still..

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pretty sure Big Hit added these in because of the ruckus we made in WOH MV. We brought this upon ourselves

5) He’s so goofy. Like Dork Maximus. All my biases are major dorks, but I suppose since all of BTS are dorks this is almost a moot point…

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5) Alright not gonna lie I had up to 7 written and my screen refreshed :( again.. So from memory - His Stareee

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6) Hi Smiless - It’s so open and happy that it makes my heart fill with happiness too

7) His voice! OMG I’m in love with ALL of his covers and am so glad he got (and everyone else) got a chance to shine in the solo songs. His is honestly one of my most played tracks (Gosh I tried to insert his song but tumblr wont let me :(, oh well just go listen to it while you look at the rest :P)

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Here’s just some of my fav gifs <3

This Photo shoot is still one of my all time favorites, he just looks so soft

Love him in Gray!

OTP - I’m a die hard TaeKook/VKook shipper, cause like come on, look at them:

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I’ve found that I am also unfortunately a Tae shipping hoe, cause like Vmin man :

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and Taegi….

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Sorry Tae Tae. my shipper brain refuses to be silenced :(

If any wants me to upload another Bias list for another group just let me know! :) (Lowkey wants to do another one but not sure which yet!)

New Collection and a look back on the year

Every year has its bumps, but this year has been bumpier than most. Our expansion has been rocky and we have struggled. For anyone who has been following us this year, I am sure this is not news.

When we first plotted out 2016, we planned for a slightly different trajectory. A little more successful, maybe a little less stressful [ lol - ofc ofc ]. Originally, this year was to contain approximately 4 collections; 12 books (titles with spines); maybe 8 zines; and an odd number of events.

I wouldn’t say we had major misses on meeting those targets. Some titles were simply delayed and some events were maybe more disorganized than even I could imagine, which is quite a feat.

It’s certainly been fun, if not emotionally and financially exhausting. But wow, what we accomplished this year — for all this year’s hardships and struggles — it’s pretty amazing:

  • Hooked up with major distribution partner, Consortium. 
  • Organized approximately 9 Altcomics events across 5 cities; released 3 issues of our magazine; attended 11 Festivals; published 2 mini’s, 10 books with spines.
  • We did our first book with Buenos Aires based artist, Powerpaola, flying her out to Toronto to attend TCAF, where we debuted her book Virus Tropical alongside 8 other books!!
  • MariNaomi, went on something like a 20 stop tour (!!!CRAZY!!!) with her new book Turning Japanese — she is constantly touring, just an incredible working artist.
  • Gulag Casual artist, Austin English had an extensive residency via The Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program at DUMBO and curated Blackboard a gallery show at LAND.
  • Maggie Umber was included in a group show at zeitraumexit called “…and other stories”. It included work by Alyssa Berg, Julia Gfrörer, Aidan Koch, Laila Milevski. In addition, Maggie & Raighne lead 2 workshops in Mannheim Germany.
  • Richard McGuire, Maggie Umber, Raighne and moderator Jakob Hoffmann discuss ‘Comics as Job’ at Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt for a panel in support of Richards TimeSpace: After Here exhibition. This was amazingly Maggie’s first panel!
  • Andrew Burkholder had a solo gallery show for his new book ITDN at Hidden Dog Gallery.
  • Gina Wynbrandt was in a group gallery show called Maybe She’s Born With It in Belfast Ireland with Sarah Maple and Nicky Minus at The Naughton Gallery.
  • Gina’s book Someone Please Have Sex With Me SOLD OUT of its first print run! Which is incredible! We did a second printing and just last month the book is back in shops.
  • We had 2 successful Kickstarters with our Winter & Spring Collections.

Additionally, we have received some of the best press and praise. All which has been extremely validating. So, while it’s certainly been a tough year with a lot of hardships, financial troubles and tears – there was also a lot of success, happiness, and laughter. And we could not have done all of this without you, without YOUR support and belief. Thank you so much! You have all made this worth it. Sending you all our love and gratitude! :’) xoxo

Now, as usual, we are running late. We are closing out the year with our latest collection, our Fall 2016 books. They’re gorgeous, genuine and real — produced by some of the most exciting young artists from creative pockets all over the world. Sab Meynert in Toronto; Tommi Parrish formerly in Melbourne, now in Montreal; Jake Terrell in Brooklyn; Carta Monir in Michigan; Simon Hanselmann originally from Tasmania, now in Seattle; and a new full color issue of Altcomics Magazine featuring interviews with Maggie Umber, Juliacks, Christopher L. G. Hill, Tracy Auch, Wiley Guillot and part 1 of a larger look at the rise of feminism in Korea as a counter to the growing “Alt-Right” movement by Kim Jooha.

— Sprawling Heart by Sab Meynert
— Perfect Hair by Tommi Parrish
— Extended Play by Jake Terrell

— Secure Connect by Carta Monir
— DRONE by Simon Hanselmann*
— Altcomics Magazine 4
*DRONE is only available at the 50$ level, and limited to 200 copies.

For an introduction to Sab Meynert, Tommi Parrish, and Carta Monir, they are together on a sleepover episode of the podcast We Should Be Friends. It is an absolutely lovely episode, I stopped everything I was doing just to listen.

We are 43% towards our goal and have 24 days left yet to get there. If you have enjoyed our previous collections, I think you will love this one as well. And if you value the type of comics we’ve been publishing, please consider supporting us once again and letting people know about what we are doing on social media.

Your belief and support is what keeps us running.
Thank you so much <3<3 !!
raighne & everyone at 2dcloud

anonymous asked:

Wow I really adore your art! You must be really busy already but can I request Freed x Laxus both flexing for the camera? :D Or working out together *-* Or just anything cool or fluffy really! Thank you for taking the time to read this o3o

Fist: awww thank u anon! ;/////;

Second: I’m so sorry for the delay ;^; Also is so simple :,D idk how but I used again my sort of old style and I don’t like this D:

But hope u like it! <3

Add a chibi Freed because this request was so old and I’m so sorry ;-;

BTS Reaction to you getting really drunk and shouting things at your neighbors off your balcony

Wow wow wow it has been a really long while since I’ve last wrote. I am terribly sorry for the huge delay; school was demanding when I instantly went back. Hopefully now I can be on track and work hard to deliver some good work here :D

-Admin Gray

I do not own any of the following gifs.

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Jin: His mouth would fall open as he registered your shouting voice distantly. He knew you were drunk, yes, because you guys had spent the night chatting over a bottle of wine. Since he was worried of the hangover you would have to nurse, he had sent you to the bedroom in order for him to get you a glass of water. Only to now hear your screams. Rushing to the room, his eyes would widen with shock as he vaguely interpreted your slurred shouting, you waving your arms animatedly in the air. “Don’t shout at me, mister! It’s your stupid cat that always hangs around on my balcony. Keep him on a leash!” Afraid you were going to get in trouble, he yelled in shock and rushed to wrap his arms around you, dragging you inside and calling out apologies to the neighbors who didn’t looked amused. “It’s time for bed.”

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Suga: He stood back, watching in mild curiosity as your drunken self stood on the balcony. He was close enough if you dared to try anything stupid, but far enough for you not to question his why he was hanging around when he said he was going to clean up the mess you had made. Hearing the neighbors vaguely fill the night air, his body froze when you blatantly started yelling at them. “Hey! Yeah, you! You think it’s cute to blast your music at all hours of the morning all week? Yeah, I’m talking to you. Your music taste is absolute shit-” “Alright, that’s enough for tonight. Show’s over, folks,” Yoongi calmly called out as you yelped in protest, him pulling you inside. Tsking under his breath, he only smirked at you and said, “Well aren’t you a bundle of sunshine when you’re drunk…”

Originally posted by jimentos

J-Hope: You guys had started an innocent little drinking game, eventually leading Hoseok to passing out on the couch. Waking up to your aggravated yelling, he shot up, disoriented and confused as he rushed to the slightly opened balcony doors. Stepping outside, he took in the situation before him: you leaning over the railing and yelling down at the neighbors who were staring at you with a mixture of annoyance and amusement. Shaking your finger at them, you shouted, “You guys have no respect! Don’t you have any regard for the people around you? All we hear from you guys is constant shouting matches!” Hoseok flushed, feeling second hand embarrassment as he quickly stepped forward and wrapped his arms around you. Coaxing you inside, he yelled out a squeaky apology before following you inside.

Originally posted by bwiyomi

Rap Monster: He would sit back for a moment, soaking in the irony of the situation. Here you were, having a shouting match with your neighbors while drunk out of your mind, when earlier you had been talking about just how much of a mess Namjoon could be on a daily mess. He would never let you live this down,especially since he had video proof, and he soon stepped in before you said something that would cause the cops to get called. Angrily tugging away from his grip, he would watch on with a amused smile as you stormed back into the house, shaking his head as he realized how embarrassed you actually were going to be in the morning.

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

Jimin: Jimin would be the embodiment of second hand embarrassment. He would be cringing as he listened to you fumbling with your words, half of what you were saying making no sense as you continued shouting at the perplexed neighbors. Not hesitating to get a hold of you, he yelled down at them to forget your nonsense and that they could expect an apology in the morning, but they only laughed in response. Watching your pouting form sitting on the bed, Jimin could only shake his head in disappointment. What am I going to do with you?

Originally posted by cmtae

Taehyung: Taehyung would let you have your fun, but only for a moment and before things got too aggressive. Secretly, he enjoyed not being the one who needed to be looked after for once, and he soon realized that you would not be thrilled to find out about your antics of screaming at innocent bystanders due to your drunkenness. So, he would then proceed to gently persuade you to come inside, offering up snacks and cuddles which led you to falling asleep before he knew it. Sighing, he would call his neighbors and apologize profusely, hating the idea of someone looking down on you, but they reassured him that they understood some people have their nights. Holding you close, he didn’t look forward to your reaction in the morning, nonetheless he would be there to help you through the trauma.

Originally posted by jibeom

Jungkook: Jungkook would be frozen, unsure of how to react as he took in the situation before him. You were dangerously leaning over the balcony edge, egging on the hotheaded neighbor and insulting him because he failed to throw out his trash consistently. Jungkook knew for sure that you could practically get under anyone’s skin quickly, and his point was proven when the neighbor grew red in the face. “Come on,” he tried tugging on your arms, and you only slightly put up a fight before you gave in and let him lead you inside. “You are one strange person when you’re drunk,” he uttered, sighing when he noticed your unfocused gaze, “And let’s hope the neighbors can forgive you for your stupidity.” “Hey!”

i made this img in like five minutes and i don’t have any of my nice fonts on this computer pls have mercy i know a lot of y’all don’t want this garbage edit on your blogs i’m so sorry

reload; wow, guys!  i never imagined that this would escalate this quickly.  apologies for the delay on this but tbh y’all know i’ve been buried under school projects so here it is.  this list is the people who have made my welcome back so much more enjoyable than my last visit to tumblr.  i hope this day finds you all well. <3

L I M I T   B R E A K S:
         those people who have connected with me & reached beneath the cloak–

                  you’ve always been here since my last blog, and you’ve kept in frequent touch with me.  i cannot believe that after four years we’ve finally decided to ship.  you’ve been a lovely friend ever since the beginnings (did i really flirt with you in that public chat for that one rp group?) of our blogs, and i hope this new adventure takes us to grand places.

@kaledvoul / @hypnocular
                  you’ve been with me since the last blog, too (plus a lot of personal stuff), and i’m glad we’re still in contact.  we haven’t played much since my return (like me not knowing you’d moved blogs oops) but i’m always down for your memelords.  i love how detail is on the new blog–it’s so beautiful.

                   let me just–mum, you’re amazing.  i like how you and i both have an extreme love for our characters, and like i mentioned yesterday your writing is beautiful.  you’ve let me explode about vincent/lucrecia and not a lot of people do that ship so to have someone to agree with me is beyond words

                  i cannot believe that you’re the first url who pops up when i @ someone jfc.  you’re the first person i added on skype, and our conversations are hilarious.  tbh i think half of my happy tag is full of your garbage lols.  i’m really happy i’ve found a friend like you here, even if all we do on tumblr are the memez.

A V A L A N C H E:
those people who have wonderful threads with me–

all of the above +

@accvrsed | @accursed-immortal | @adventurouswind | @badassbarmaid (well, not yet, but soon) | @bestialmade | @boundwithindarkness | @churchflower (thank you; my first inside joke mention in a drabble) | @dcntgiveup | @forlust | @glacianastral | @gvntk | @jjillekkot | @libertum | @lockedfighter | @lucislined (i live for our mob au like you have no idea) | @merkriste (i love elia okay she deserved better) | @nilnox (you are also mentioned below) | @oraclevowed | @rose-of-shadows | @sanctiichor | @swcrdlily (i’ve only replied to an open but it was beautiful) | @telumscintilla | @thatdamnreno | @viera-blessed | @yaseinokaze (i have a fierce love of inu-yasha you don’t know what you’ve gotten into)

T U R K S:
those people on the dash who brighten the day by their very existences–

        jen, we haven’t kept in touch very much while i was gone, but it’s nice to see that you’re still active.  your writing is still as gorgeous as ever, and honestly your queue is, too.

        you’re one of the first people i spoke to on my return to tumblr, and i’m so glad that i did.  seeing you on the dash is lovely and i enjoy reading your posts.

        your ardyn is amazing, and i enjoy seeing your posts on the dash when you’re online.  you aren’t afraid to hone in on ardyn’s antagonism, and that’s something to be said on tumblr.​

@ascendantly (you’re mentioned again below, too) & @fatedefined
         these two also need to be mentioned together because of the gorgeous way they write the luna/noctis ship.  the way you two pen this is lovely beyond words and a joy to read.

@ofbraver & @adventson
        you two absolutely need to be mentioned together because of the whacky partnership you have going on.  i adore seeing your crack plays–they often make my night.

        i still remember our crackthread.  we need to have an eventual actual thread at some point because your noctis is amazing.​

         i always see you nightblogging and it’s hilarious. (i’m still eXTREMELY CONFUSED BC OF THAT ONE TIME OMFG)  thank you for putting a smile on my lips. fingerGUNS.

        we’ve never spoken (apologies if this catches you out of the blue), but i do so enjoy seeing your sanae on the dash.  twewy is one of my favorite games, and you do him so much justice.​

        we haven’t interacted ic, but we always see each other on the dash.  you are also one of the first people i spoke to on my return, so thank you for chatting.

         you need to jump on a meme!  seeing your delita on the dash is lovely, and i really should get around to playing the original tactics eventually.

@nilnox(again, oops) & @ascendantly
        these two need to be mentioned together because of their outrageous shitposting that never ceases to make me laugh.

         genie, your writing is so poetic.  i could read your writing for days and never tire.  like with jen, it’s nice to see a familiar face who’s been around a long time.​

        honestly, we don’t talk much, but seeing your posts of your thoughts on prompto make my day.  they’re so heartfelt and sweet and i can tell how much you love him.

        all hail the majesty?  teehee.  i enjoy all of your posts, both ic and ooc.  they’re so entertaining to read.

Delayed (Christmas AU)

Originally posted by ewjacksonwang

Here’s a late Christmas present: another Christmasy scenario from this post! 

Summary: It’s Christmas Eve and you and your friend/coworker Namjoon are trying to catch your flight home for the holidays, but your flight got delayed. Now you’re stuck in this small airport, and unfortunately the elderly couple across from you has for some reason decided you and Namjoon are meant for each other. It’s going to be a long night. 

Genre: Fluff  Word Count: 2,445 (wow this got long) Pairing: ReaderXNamjoon

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So I've been absent again

Isn’t it silly that it’s taken me so long to write again because I’ve been nervous about what to write. Will people be annoyed I’ve been gone, is the content going to be WOW enough for a big entrance back to tumblr.

Yes. It is.

Silly that is.

I have to remind myself that there aren’t that many people that read this and really, they’re not waiting for a huge come back.

So anyway. I’m back. Sorry for the delay.

I’m going to link Tumblr to my Insta as I’m forever posting photos on there too. And I’ll post a lovely little update about Tiny Dot tomorrow as it’s her 5month birthday!!

For now,

Xoxo Gossi-

Pahaha. I don’t even know…

Omo #8

{anon request: one or both of them are a doctor maybe a surgeon and they’re working so they don’t get a chance to go to the bathroom and they’re struggling and either they wet themselves eventually or the other one helps them relieve themselves maybe in a bottle or bedpan

Amyplier for this one- WOW SOMETHING NOT TOTALLY GAY HOLY SHIT. Also im really sorry this is so delayed lol oops}

Amy and Mark were in the break room, making small talk and drinking their morning coffee. The couple had an appointment in 30 minutes and were sorting out files too, trying to decide which ones to take on and which ones to reject.

“I’ll be right back Mark, this coffee’s getting to me.” Amy said with a laugh as she got up. Mark nodded.

“Don’t take too long, we don’t have much time before we have to operate.” He told her, and took another sip of his coffee. He hadn’t even thought about using the bathroom, but didn’t feel the need to.

30 minutes and two cups of coffee later, Amy and Mark were in the operating room, slicing open someone’s shoulder to get to a tumor. Mark was doing the work while Amy handed him his tools and held the skin apart, things like that. It was a difficult operation, considering the tumor was barely attached and needed to be removed, but it was on the muscle, which was difficult to work with without breaking any nerves or muscle strands.

After cutting through all the skin and getting to where he could see the tumor, Mark felt a strong pressure on his bladder, catching him off guard and making him gasp, pressing his legs together. He always went to the bathroom before an operation, especially ones that would take at least an hour, such as this one.

It had completely slipped his mind somehow, and now he had to perform an articulate procedure with a rapidly filling bladder.

“Baby, you okay?” Amy’s voice broke Mark’s thoughts. He nodded silently, going in and cutting off most of the tumor to make things easier. He then started to cut directly next to the muscle, his hands shaking a little. His hand jumped, cutting off part of the tumor cleanly as his bladder pressed against him. He was getting pretty desperate already, and there was still a little while to go. It had already been 30 minutes, and Mark was really starting to regret those 3 cups of coffee.

“You sure you’re alright?” Amy asked, holding the skin still. Mark nodded.

“I-I’m fine,” he muttered, crossing his legs and attempting to focus on the operation, but the only thing going through his mind was how badly he needed to use the bathroom. The more he thought about it, the worse it got, and it was kind of turning him on.

Amy watched him squirm, and instantly knew what was up. She found it hot and smirked to herself, closing the blinds on the windows and turning off the camera so no one could see them.

“Amy? What are you-” Mark was cut off as his bladder pushed on him again, and he whimpered as he felt himself starting to leak. Amy took the knife from Mark’s hand and set it down, pushing him into a chair and unzipping his jeans.

“Baby, I- oh my fuck…!” Mark moaned as she started stroking him, relaxing and knowing how wrong this was, which made it better. She stroked him to full hardness, and now Mark wasn’t sure whether he needed to piss or cum first.

He closed his eyes and panted softly, not ready when Amy pulled her shorts down and lowered herself onto him. He arched his back and moaned loudly, panting harder and thrusting his hips into her. He stopped as his bladder contracted again, gasping and pushing her off gently.

“A-Amy, I really gotta piss!” He moaned, grabbing himself and squeezing tightly. Amy kicked her shorts away and quickly grabbed the bedpan from underneath the patient on the table, setting it next to Mark. Mark quickly stood up, gasping and moaning as he pissed full-throttle into it. He quickly filled it most of the way, relaxing as his stream slowed to a stop after a minute or two.

“M-maybe we should finish our operation first…?” Mark mumbled, panting as he looked at Amy. Amy giggled and nodded, tucking his now fully hard cock into his jeans and helping him up.

“I’ll definitely be finishing you off afterwards.” Amy smiled, pulling the skin on the should back again so Mark could start the operation again. She’d make sure his wait was worth it later.