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quaint → 1/? phil ft. words 

strange, peculiar, or unusual in an interesting,                                                                             pleasing, or amusing way; or rather known as phil lester's personality.

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voltron- lance with a cold but doesn't want anyone to know?

(Omg my first voltron prompt..also lowkey nervous bc I’m new to it and everyone already has a million amazing voltron fics and I have nothing new to add to the table :“D on the shorter side so I get used to writing voltron :”) )

Amongst the total debacle of space, discovering alien life, realising that the world was so vast and bigger than the human mind could comprehend, Lance had found another family through his friends. It wouldn’t quite fill the void left by the loss of his family back at earth, but they were loving,  a little ignorant and harsh at times during high drake situations, very rarely at that but Lance understood, given the clusterfuck that was their situation.

The universe had been so much larger and diverse than Lance had could have possibly imagined, so many things he did not know. Among all this, topped with insecurities he had struggled with beforehand, he struggled to find his place in all of this.

His friends were kind to him, never telling him he was useless of any sort, but he couldn’t help but feel it. Watching them, with all their own niches and spectacular talent, he grew a little envious, and wishing he could be that. Wishing he could be a little bit more than this.

So when his body began to break down, he had to ignore it, not wanting to seem any weaker than he already was.

“Paladins! Report to the bridge in 60 ticks!”

Lance groaned, not wanting to leave his comfortable, warm position on his bed. He tightened his sheets around his frame as he regained his senses. As he did, he wished he hadn’t because he became aware of a powerful headache, a stuffy nose and a fevered body.

As soon as he realised what was up with him, he widened his eyes, taking his ailment as a challenge. No way would he be taken down by something as simple as a cold.

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  • you only dream twice before meeting the one
  • once between the ages 10 and 15 with vague images of the person you are to spend the rest of your life with
  • and the second time is on the night before you meet your soulmate
  • at least that was the myth
  • no one every talks about dreaming so no one actually knows
  • but for you, your first and only dream occurred when you were 12 and you barely remember it now
  • it’s been 8 years since that first dream and it became a long, distant memory
  • not dreaming became a norm and it didn’t really matter whether one dreamed or not; all that mattered nowadays was to finish school and get a job that can support you financially
  • all the soulmate mumbo-jumbo can happen later
  • you’re way into university now studying media and communications
  • you’ve recently gotten an internship for a radio company
  • the night before your first day, a dream finally made its way into your head
  • flashes of a man’s roughly side-swept dark hair; soft eyes; sharp jaws; slim physique.
  • three small dots formed a constellation on his left cheek; a very charming image
  • he had on a long tan coat over a black turtleneck
  • his voice was deep and and clear
  • an ID hung around his neck and you barely managed to read the name on it before your alarm woke you up
  • confused at what you saw, you groggily rolled out of bed with the image of his ID rolling in your mind
  • “Ong?” you pondered. “That’s a weird name…”
  • The curiosity over his name left like lightning. All that was left was the anxiety of this day
  • It was the first day of your internship and the first time you’ve dreamed in nearly a decade.
  • you didn’t know what to make out of it: would this mean you’ll meet your soulmate soon?
  • when? how soon will you see him?
  • it was too much thinking for the morning; you tried to distract yourself by getting ready only to realize that it barely helped
  • just the mere thought of his name struck you–the family name “Ong” is not common at all, so how will you even find this person?
  • you let the day roll trying to make it as normal of a first day ever
  • you listened to all the instructions of your boss and made copies of paperwork; you shadowed other employees and fetched coffee; you let the day pass until it was finally time for you to take off
  • the dream quickly became a buried memory after all the work you did today
  • the sun was setting early in this winter afternoon as you and the rest of the interns packed up their things to go home
  • just to take it all in about finally getting this internship, you sat back and looked out the window
  • you caught the a sight of rush hour in the street below and people rushing in and out of the bus that just stopped
  • the sun created a orangey hue that blended into the purple sky
  • a end of this first chapter
  • your eyes slowly shut to let it all simmer in when–
  • “excuse me?”
  • the familiarity in the voice rung in your ears as you jumped up from your seat
  • behind you stood a tall man with a long tan jacket on top of a black turtleneck
  • around his neck dangled an ID–from a glimpse of it, you read the name “Ong Seongwoo”
  • his eyes were sharp but stared at you softly as a small curve formed on the corner of his mouth
  • “Hi…” he mumbled awkwardly, letting his hand scratch the nape of his neck
  • “Hello.”
Road Trip


A/N: Ahhhhh, this is a marvellous idea and lmaoooo I’m actually writing this on the plane ride home. I was only delayed for two hours sitting on the tarmac and then a nine hour flight home!!! Let’s just say, it’s been a long day. And tbh I literally would never write this on a plane (usually) but I got lucky and there’s nobody sitting on either side of me or behind me WOW so here I am, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean (actually I’m probably over France rn) writing about you guys and fucking Peter Parker.

I also decided to try and do this a different way, its one of those Headcanon posts instead

Word Count: 2K

Warnings: nada


  • The lovely Peter Parker and yourself had been best friends for quite sometime and boy were you both pining over each other. Extremely pining.
  • It was a lot of almost but not completely’s. Which annoyed the hell out of you. But I mean, Peter also annoyed the hell out of you.
  • You loved the boy, but he was needy. (Lol you love it).
  • You had just finished your third year of high school when you and Peter decided that you needed to go on a road trip.
  • Meaning that Peter begged you to take a road trip with him. By then, he had passed his driver’s test and was ready to go on the road.
  • In the middle of July, you and Peter climbed into May’s car and began making your way to Niagara Falls.
  • It was seven in the morning and Peter had pulled up in front of your building in May’s car.
  • Peter jumped out and grabbed your bag and threw it into the trunk, rushing back around to open the car door for you. “Good morning, Y/N,” 
  • “Well it looks like someone is in a good mood,” 
  • “Of course I’m in a good mood, i’m excited! Aren’t you excited? We’re finally going on the road trip!” 
  • “Yes, Peter, I’m very excited,” you laughed. 
  • “Ive never been Niagara Falls, what do you think it’s like? And how long until we get there? You know I’m not good on long drives,” 
  • “Oh my god, Peter. Okay, Niagara Falls is very nice, you’ll love it. It’s about six and a half hours but because we’ll get caught in rush hour it’ll probably be closer to eight,” you answered.
  • “Then let’s go,” Peter smiled, putting the car into drive, heading towards the highway.
  • You were not at all surprised how simultaneously prepared and unprepared Peter was for this trip.
  • The boy had multiple road trip playlists and a few sugary treats but that was it. You of course were the one who thought to bring water, healthier snacks, tissues, etc.
  • Ten minutes into the trip he started diving into his snacks
  • “PeTeR ItS sEvEn In ThE mOrNiNg you don’t need a fruit roll up!” 
  • “But Y/N, Spiderman needs his nutrients,” 
  • “A fRuIt RoLl Up Is NoT nUtRiCiOuS,”
  • Peter just looked you right in the eye and took another bite of the fruit roll up causing you to lose your fucking marbles
  • THis boy was going to drive you insane for the next eight hours you just knew it
  • “Peter why don’t you just put on one of the CD’s you made instead of just singing?” 
  • “Are you trying to tell me you don’t like my singing?” 
  • “Peter Parker but put your CD on and sing along to that,”
  • “Will you sing with me?” 
  • “I don’t know? Is ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on this playlist of yours?” 
  • “OH NO!”
  • “Peter did you actually forget the ultimate road trip song?” 
  • “Yes. But I can sing it for you,”
  • You acted annoyed with Peter but less than a minute later you were both singing at the top of your lungs
  • You pretended to be annoyed with Peter but you really loved him and you were actually having the time of your life
  • Eventually Peter turned on that playlist of his 
  • Turns out Don’t Stop Believing was on it
  • “Oh my god PEter you idiot,” 
  • “I FoRgOt,”
  • You and Peter were both idiots who were helplessly in love with each other but didn’t know
  • You would spend so much time just staring at the boy while he tried to focus on driving
  • Plot twist he knew you were looking at him
  • You thought it was the cutest  
  • You were still singing along loudly to the music.
  • You would record it and send snaps to Ned saying you missed him  
  • Ned would always respond with “Bullshit you two need this time to figure everything out,”  
  • You tried to ask PEter what Ned meant but before Peter could answer he got distracted by a sign that said ‘Niagara Falls 350 miles’
  • “Peter, that’s still like five hours” 
  • “Whatever you say, hon”
  • You wanting to pull over on the side of the highway to take pictures of all the scenery
  • “Y/N, we’re never going to make it in time if we don’t keep driving,” 
  • “In time for what?” 
  • “But Peter I want to take a picture of you next to that tree,” 
  • “Y/N,” 
  • “Peter Parker If you don’t go stand next to that tree so I can take your picture, no more fruit roll ups,” 
  • “But how will I survive and not starve?” 
  • “I have apples,” 
  • Peter still didn’t move
  • “Peter Benjamin Parker,” 
  • “Fine!” 
  • “Thank you! I love you!” 
  • “Yeah yeah, love you too,” he would mumble,
  • The picture of Peter turned out with him standing next to the tree with his arms crossed and huge pout on his face
  • “Peter can you please smile for me?” 
  • “Why would I smile after you threatened to take away my fruit roll ups?” 
  • “Because I want to remember this trip! Please, can you just smile for me?”
  • You know how Peter’s puppy dog eyes are irresistible? Anything you do is irresistible to him.
  • And boy you knew it too
  • So you frown and Peter loosens his shoulders and lets his arms fall
  • You got another picture of Peter with a big smile on his face, pointing at the tree.
  • “Can we get going now WE HAVE A SCHEDULE” 
  • “Why is this the first I’m hearing about this schedule?” 
  • “BEcuase it’s a surprise now get in the car,”
  • You both climb back In the car and set off again
  • “Peter that still three and a half hours,” 
  • At one point you pull off the highway into a small town to get gas
  • The windows were rolled down and you began sneezing like crazy
  • “Thank you,” 
  • “What?” You asked Peter in between sneezes 
  • You were hunched over in the passenger seat, laughing your ass off in between your wild sneezes
  • “Can you please roll up the window Peter clearly I’m allergic to something” 
  • When you stopped for gas you wanted to get out and take pictures but you knew you would just sneeze and not get any good pictures so you stayed in the car and took pictures of Peter pumping the gas without him noticing
  • This boy is so fucking gorgeous and the pictures turned out rather amazing despite how dirty the windows were
  • When Peter got back in the car you were just staring at him
  • “What?” Peter eventually asked, confused by your staring
  • “Nothing. You’re just pretty is all,”
  • But of course this loser gained some confidence after he received your compliment
  • “Well if we’re talking about who’s pretty, then there’s no contest, hands down you’re the most beautiful,” 
  • “Peterr!” 
  • “I only speak the truth,” 
  • “Well you’re sweet spider-boy but it could just be from all the fruit roll up’s you’ve been eating,”
  • “Also,”
  • “Also?” 
  • “You should pump gas more often,” 
  • “Why….” 
  • “Cause you kinda looked really hot,” 
  • “I mean it is July the temperature are rather warm,” 
  • “Peter Parker you know that’s not what I meant,” 
  • “I know, I just like teasing you,” 
  • Not nice,” 
  • “I mean, I guess my so called hotness while pumping gas would explain why that hot blond was staring at me the entire time,” 
  • “wHOOO?”
  • Peter just laughed and didn’t answer you
  • This fuking boy
  • When you finally made it to Niagara Falls Peter was flipping excited.
  • You checked into your motel and then decided to go exploring
  • “So when do I get to find out what this surprise is?” 
  • “SOON” 
  • “Should I be worried?” 
  • “Shhhh Y/N, it’s a surprise I’m not going to throw you over the falls or anything,”
  • YOU were extremely suspicious as to what the surprise was
  • YOu and Peter went to the falls and you spent so long just taking pictures of Peter’s face when he first saw them
  • He was in absolute awe
  • You were so fucking in love with this boy
  • You kindly asked another Person to take a few pictures of you and Peter in front of the falls
  • They smiled and said you two made a cute couple and they snapped a few photos and gave you back your camera
  • “About that…” 
  • “About what?” 
  • “I also think we make a cute couple,” 
  • You were so confused
  • Did Peter just tell you to stop revealing your feeling cause IT WOUDL ‘RUIN HIS SURPRISE’
  • What was this boy up to  
  • After you spent some more time at the falls Peter dragged you down to the bottom of the falls 
  • “Peter what are we doing here?” 
  • “You did not,” 
  • “I did,” you smiled and gave Peter a hug.
  • You had been to Niagara Falls before but you had never gotten the chance to do a boat tour and Peter knew it was always something you wanted to do since you saw the episode of The Office where Jim and Pam got married on one of the boats
  • You were both given ponchos and you climbed on to the boat
  • You were kinda sad you couldn’t take your camera out cause you didn’t want to get it wet.
  • “So this was only half of the surprise,” Peter said 
  • “What? There’s more?”
  • Peter turned to you and just
  • “I’m in love with you,”
  • “Are you serious Peter cause If you’re just fucking with me thats not very nice and you know I love you so I really hope you’re not messing with me cau-
  • Peter cut you off with a kiss
  • Usually you’d be mad if someone did that but Peter Parker was kissing you on fucking Maid of the Mist of all places and it didn’t seem to matter in that moment
  • “I love you too, you nerd,”
  • Peter had this big goofy grin on his face and you just smiled and went to kiss him again.
  • It was a long ass eight hour drive to Niagara Falls but it was totally worth it.
Bad Match - Part 13.

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words Count: 2.8k+

Warnings: angst, tough love from friends, kind of fluffy, self-loathing, swearing, bad english.  

A/N: Friends give some tough love to both Bucky and Reader. Sorry for the huge delay on posting this. I promise (fingers crossed) that part 14 won’t take that long to be posted.  

Feedback? Please!!!!

Part 1Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 (coming soon)


“Tony…” you cried out tightening the embrace. Between sobs, you proclaimed the reason you had gone to him. “I can’t be here anymore. I’m sorry… but I can’t be an Avenger.”

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jd week day 6 - Jonathan in SDC

you’ve tried DILF Jonathan, now try ‘really really hecking old and god i’m starting to get concerned for you’ Jonathan.

tl;dr jonathan didn’t die and is a ripple master that can tell the future and dio keeps bothering him about it. more details on the au under the cut

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Tutor // Shawn Blurb

Shawn isn’t what you expected when your mom said she hired a tutor for you. You expected a thirty or forty something year old man with glasses and a sweater vest, not a twenty something year old with glasses and a sweater vest who was gorgeous and almost as tall as your doorway. You let Shawn in and the two of you get seated in the living room on the floor on opposite sides of the coffee table. He’s got a backpack full of books and you can’t help but wonder why. It wasn’t like he was here to teach you, he was just supposed to be homework help.

“So, um, does my mom know you’re not an old guy?” you ask as you pull your math homework out of your backpack.

“No,” he laughs, “The program I work with doesn’t tell people our ages. She selected me based on my strength profiles. I’m good at math, english and history,” Shawn smiles and pushes his glasses up. “You’re not so good at math, right?”

“Yeah. She didn’t want me to fail Algebra 7-8 and have to take summer courses, delaying my graduation…again.”

Shawn raises his eyebrows at you and you duck your head, embarrassed you were actually that bad at math. “So you’re a senior in highschool?”

You nod. “I should have graduated last year but…my grades were just awful and we couldn’t afford a tutor then. So I ended up repeating 12th grade. I swear I’m the only 19 year old in highschool still.”

“Wow, well that’s alright. Is it just math you have a hard time with? Or is there another subject?”

You tuck your hair behind your ear and look down at your hands. Looking at him was hard. But it was even harder to explain how you had a hard time focusing on school work when you were too interested in other things like writing and art and music. Math and english and science were boring. “I just hate boring stuff. It’s like the information goes in and then doesn’t stick because I’m busy thinking about other things.”

Shawn leans forward, elbows on the coffee table and says, “Maybe I can help you find the things you don’t like more fun by mixing it with the things you do like.” He looks cute the way he’s propped his chin up on his hand and he’s staring at you expectantly. You just laugh nervously and shake your head, as if that was going to happen.

Shawn is torturous. His hand brushes yours every so often as he grabs your paper to show you how to do a formula correctly. He chews on the end of his pencil, stares at you for far longer than you’re sure is absolutely necessary and you stare at his mouth when he is reading through your Algebra book to make sure he’s showed you the right formulas. He’s more of a distraction than he was a tutor and you were starting to get butterflies in your stomach as time progressed.

About an hour into your homework Shawn leans back from the table and pulls his sweater vest off, complaining that he was too warm. His shirt rides up a bit as he takes it off and you can see the cut of his lower stomach muscles and the lower part of his abs. His abs. This guy was ripped, the evidence was there and you hadn’t even seen him shirtless, didn’t need to. He rolls up the sleeves of his button down and pulls your homework across the table toward him. You’re so gone. He’s so hot like this and you know this session was going to be waste because you were not absorbing any information at this point.

“H-how’s it look?” you ask, voice cracking because you were still stunned by his unexpected peep show.

Shawn looks at you over his glasses that have slipped down the bridge of his nose a bit.. “Not looking great,” You can’t help but stare at his mouth when he talks, it’s so soft and pink looking. Oh the things he could do. “But I can show you how to fix it…again. Have you been paying attention at all? Are you still distracted?”

“Y-yeah! I mean, yeah I’m paying attention!” you flush and Shawn smiles, no, grins at you. It’s finally clicked for him it seems. He’s the one distracting you now, not your thoughts about your next art project.

He sets his pencil down and takes his glasses off. “Am I distracting you?”

You look down, too embarrassed to admit it to his face that you were just thinking about his mouth on your neck, your chest, your stomach, your…..You slide your homework over and try the formula he showed you again. Your hand is shaking a little as you write down the equation and you hear Shawn chuckle. At least someone was having a good time, what a jerk, you were going to request a different tu- Shawn’s fingertips tilt your chin up as he leans across the table and presses his lips to yours gently. Your eyes widen and you drop your pencil, hands going still on the table top. “W-what…”

“That’s what you wanted right?” he smiles against your lips “You kept staring at my mouth.”


“Yes you were,” he says and kisses you again. Your eyes fall closed and he slides his hand up to cup your cheek. “I don’t think I’ll be a very good tutor for you,” he whispers and you shake your head a little. He smiles against your lips again, you can feel this teeth against your lower lip. “But I can still teach you a thing or two if you like.”


“Don’t play coy, Rey.” She felt his breath on the back of her neck. “You will be my wife. Whether it’s today, or tomorrow, or next week. So why delay the inevitable?”

Chapter 2 has posted. Wow, all of the positive comments really inspired me to write more. Thank you everyone. 

Thank you to my beta and wifey @shwtlee4reylo for being amazing as always. 

BTS Reaction: When They Shift to Their Human Form in Front of Their S/O and are Naked

Jin- He would laugh and crack jokes to lighten the mood.
“Jagi, what did the quarter say to the penny?”
"Jin I swear to-”
"You make no cents!“

Yoongi- He would have a delayed reaction to it. He wouldn’t see why you were freaked out until he realized he was naked.
“Jagi why did you-”
"What do you mean- Oh..”

Namjoon- He wouldn’t make a move to put clothes on. He would just have a casual conversation as if he’s not completely nude.
"Wow this is actually the first time you told me this..”
"PUT THEM ON OR NO SEX FOR A MONTH!” He put them on immediately.

Hoseok- He would freak out and be a little embarrassed about it, but would totally tease you about it.
"Jagi..How would you rate me?”
"Why the hell would I answer that?”
"Well, you did look at my maker body for a while before yelling at me to, and I quote, "Put some goddamn clothes on or I can sleep in the floor”. So, am I a ten?“

Jimin- Squishy Mochi would be so embarrassed. Like, he won’t even be able to look you in the eyes after.
"I’m sorry Jagi-”
"Jimin this is the tenth time you apologized. It’s fine.”
"Why didn’t I shift before I came home, then this wouldn’t have happened. Why did I-”
"I will slap you if you say you’re sorry one more time.”
"Okay, I’m done.”

Taehyung- Completely confident and you’d have to beg him to put his clothes on. Teases the hell out of you.
"Tae, please put clothes on..”
"Wow Jagi, you’re begging me to put them on. But I actually prefer being nude. I know you like it.”
"Nah, I don’t wanna.”

Jungkook- Did someone say Jungshook? ‘Cause I did. Poor Bunny would be sooooooo embarrassed. Like, he won’t talk to you for weeks.
"Jungkook answer me.”
"If this is about me seeing you naked, just get over it.”

Hello! It’s Admin Amanda and here is my first submission! I hope you like it!

Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 1.

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale) | Bonus: The Letter

A/N: Hi everyone ~ Work has been crazy –_–’ it’s been pretty tough so it’s been hard to find time to really sit down and write, but a little bit everyday goes a long way and here it is! :D I hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by lostinbangtan

          No one quite understood the hatred between you and Yoongi, but the tension was noticeable from the moment you two came face-to-face. Even walking off the platform, it was evident your mood had done a 180 from being ecstatically touched to quietly and dangerously fuming.

           The rest of the graduation was a blur as you two were whisked away to a room to “get to know each other”, and wait for your team to be completed.

           As was custom, every special agent pair was assigned a team from the same graduating class. The teams usually consisted of the Inventor, the Brain, and the 3 Supporters. The Inventor usually handled the creation of new gadgets and technology that could aid in different adventures, such as water proof suits on underwater missions or adhesive gloves for scaling mountains and walls. The Brain of the group was the liaison between the Director and the team, attending SA meetings, briefing the squad on upcoming assignments, coordinating roles, and finding the best course of action to complete the mission. While it is up to the agents themselves during the mission on how to handle situations as they come, the Brain creates an overall plan and helps adjust it as factors and variable change. They are the outside eyes, constantly calculating, constantly deciphering, and constantly weighing losses and gains. The Supporters, usually comprised of 3 agents that had great potential to become SA’s themselves but didn’t make the cut, aided the SA’s on the field, albeit as snipers, decoys, or fulfilling a secondary mission simultaneously.

           "Didn’t think you were the type to do this sort of thing.“ Yoongi commented as you took a seat as far as possible from him.

           You kept your eyes glued to the monitor, mindlessly staring at the graduation unfold without really attending to what was happening. Your head was reeling, heart beating rapidly. You couldn’t wrap your head around why or how Min Yoongi was across the room, his legs smugly crossed, staring at you intently.

           "I could say the same for you.” You replied bitterly.

           "Don’t like your partner?“ he snorted.

           "We both know this won’t work out, Yoongi.”

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a-very-angry-harmonica  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you had any tips for getting neater/smoother line art? It's the biggest thing I don't like about my attempts to do digital art. Also, and sorry, but do you guys ever do nsfw art? Because wow, those thumbnails are something else xD you both are amazing, and keep being great <3

First of all thank you! :) 
secondly! First piece of advice is practice,  practice,  practice! A good exercise to do is just go back to the basics, draw hundreds of circles, and straight lines. just doodle them. Doing a dozen or so is a great way to warm up! Its especially good when you have art block and just wanna practice. 

Also there are tools that can help you. If you use paint tool sai, you can turn on the stabilizer. It gives a slight delay to your brush, and creates smoother curves to your lines. 

If you don’t use sai. Try out Lazy Nezumi. It has a TON more options than the stabilizer in sai. The program is independant, so it’s extremely compatible with art programs. As far as i know, literally every art program can use it.

hope this helps!

Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 10 FINALE

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale) | Bonus: The Letter

A/N: FINALLY THE FINALE! Wow, this has been one of my longest series…I honestly didn’t think it would grow to be this long, but thank you so much for giving my first mystery fic so much love <3 and for waiting so patiently for each update through tough work weeks and vacations that delayed them. I appreciate each and every one of you! I LOVE YOU! I hope you enjoy ~

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           “Yoonji. Y/N’s disappeared.”

           Prez’s call had turned Yoongi’s entire being icy, despite being drenched in sweat from basketball practice. Without another word, he had rushed to the library where he currently had Prez’s neck in a death grip, fuming despite his insides churning at the feeling of being so damn close, only to have you slip out of his fingertips once again.

           "Why is it that you’re always around when these things happen?“ he growled dangerously, ready to dig his fingers into the very pressure points that could immobilize the man in front of him.

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