and wow its really obvious how much they inspire each other


Sherlock x reader

Summary: If it’s already bad that John teases Sherlock endlessly about (Y/N), it’s even worse when Mycroft joins the game.

Warnings: Flustered Sherlock, mention about drugs.

Request: By @sherlockourhero

A/N: Good read everyone!

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I was wondering about your opinion about these dynamics: Jin and Jungkook; Jimin and V; and J-Hope and Suga. The reason I'm wondering is because to me these seem the closest (although they all seem pretty close), and I love reading your analysis' of the members, so it would be interesting to see how you view them.

As I have a lot of opinion/analysis asks sitting around that I haven’t had time or energy to answer, I think I’ll answer this one right now since it’s one that mentions 3 different ships and i’ll compare them in a casual way. as for the difference between their platonic relationships, i do see why people seem to be drawn or recognize them because these 3 pairs while very different, are very clear.

it’ll be a long post so i’m going to try to keep it somewhat short and concise. (if it’s even possible for me.)

Jin & Jeongguk (jinkook)

Jin and Jeongguk have a very close relationship and have sited multiple times each other being favorites or favored members in the house. Jeongguk has said that, when he first came (once he said Hoseok but most often he says Jin) that it was Jin who raised him well and taught him lots of things. Jeongguk showed up when he was just a preteen, and BTS basically raised him from late middle school into an adult. They are his best friends and he considers his brothers his family, if the song “BEGIN” from the WINGS album doesn’t clarify that, there ya go. Jin and Jeongguk are easy to take notice of because they joke around, a LOT. They have a very very easygoing relationship, a lot like real brothers. they tease each other, man handle and wrestle with each other, protect each other, and seem to have an unspoken level of closeness that isn’t even broken when they’re on opposite sides of the room. 

Aside from openly speaking about their closeness, it’s just really clear in their mannerisms.In my opinion, these two have the most sibling-like relationship in all of BTS. They just scream closeness but also, stay away from me with your dad jokes bro // that brat never ever listens to me what a nerd. :’) it’s WHOLESOME.

Jimin & Taehyung (vmin)

Jimin and Taetae are the CLASSIC example of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. like…it’s…so…sappy. I love it. They understand each other and support each other LITEARLLY endlessly. Unlike Jinkook they’re unlikely to wrestle or tease each other in a brotherly way so much as they’re going to just? idk they ride the same wave length. they count on each other, are each others biggest fans and supports. they’re unafraid to express their love, their support and profound respect for each other. They seem like the kind of best friends that would be godparents to each others kids and be 89 years old still scheduling hang outs. It’s effortless and pure, and they OPENLY explain, many, many, many, many times, that they consider each other their best friend in the house/group. 

They seem to click in ways that seems a little different from the other members. If Taehyung’s new song that Rap Mon confirmed was about Jimin, doesn’t explain that, idk what will. They just have this, inspirational level of belief and comfort in each other. They’re just…everything a friendship should be, honestly. It’s….it’s too much for me.

Yoongi & Hobi (yoonseok)

These two just….GET each other. Yoongi tags Hoseok as his SOUL PARTNER. if that isn’t evidence of the fact that these two have a strong, reliable, deep bond, idk what is. Yoongi and Hoseok have this palpable, warm and radiating aura of trust and adoration around each other. They ALWAYS have each others backs. They understand each others random references and jokes, they can read each others moods and seem to navigate towards each other naturally. They tend to pick the same team or each other as teammates often, and they obviously are able to talk each other into things that others wouldn’t be able to.

for Yoongi, I know he’s said before it’s because Hoseok makes him feel positive, happy and Hoseok is his “battery”. as for Hoseok, Hoseok reassures us interview after interview, that despite what it seems like Yoongi looks after members well, and Yoongi is reliable and safe. They seem to have a very symbiotic relationship, in a very healthy way. Two people who struggle from insecurities, who are very driven and determined when it comes to music, and who are very honest and loyal. Yoonseok are one of the most obvious and powerful bonds in all of BTS, imo, and more and more people seem to be seeing it for themselves, and i’m so glad. They’re…honestly the best. Their dynamic is like…….amazing to watch. if you just “yoonseok” watch so to speak, you’ll see that they have subtle patterns and habits when it comes to each other that’s just heartwarming and it really speaks volumes about how close they are.

Anyways i love all of these dynamics very much, and i have a lot of questions about my opinions on things like this, but unfortunately i can’t answer them all. i hope this helps, and i look forward to hearing opinions in return about this analysis and also other peoples fav dynamics too~. 

Aria is A - Full Theory :)

hey guys, so i tried convincing my friend how aria is A but it was really hard since there isn’t exactly one post joining all clues and theories about why she is A so i did it based on these 2 amazing blogs: aria-is-a-pll & killerariaisa. i know perhaps aria isn’t necessarily the big A, but i think she could be deeply involved in this in some way, because after everything i found, i know she HAS to be involved.

okay onto the point: i’d like to point out the cast and crew have already told us how there are no coincidences in rosewood, therefore every single thing might be a clue. YET i do understand some things are exaggerations which is why i wont mention these super elaborate and minimal details, i’ll be more broad. so i went through all of these blogs, it took me over a week and went through SO many posts and clues and here are my favourites. OKAY SO I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT HOPEFULLY ITS WORTH IT AND ON SPECIFIC SCENES I ADDED A LOT OF PICTURES AND TRIED MAKING THIS INTERESTING.

disclaimer: i came up with quite a few of these on my own but also got many from the blogs i mentioned above and eventually when i was too lazy to go watch the episode, i stole their pictures. anyways onto the actual point-

first of all, possible motifs:

- A’s big motif has NOT YET been shown but we’re supposed to sympathise with him/her/it/bitch but here are some suspicious things that lead me to believe aria might have a reason

- reasons aria might want to hurt the girls, ali kept threatening to expose her dad’s affair, forcing her to tell her mother (even though A got to her first) and aria is known to be really defensive and aggressive when it comes to her family (watch her conversation with ezra in 1x04, she gets really annoyed with him for assuming things about her family SHE LITERALLY STORMS OUT OF HIS HOUSE hating him because she says he called her a child BUT HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT??!??!??!??! aria r u cray cray bc wtf bitch u dont leave some hot guy hanging alone bc u dont know how to handle ur shit)

- other than that, ali and aria had the weakest relationship in between the 5 of them: em and ali had an affair, ali “helped” hanna deal with her eating problems and kept spencer’s drug problems a secret… but aria? we know n o t h i n g on that friendship (other than the affair - which brings bad memories to aria) which again is sketchy af.

- we came to the consensus aria is a hella jealous person, am i right too right?

- also, whoever A is, they definitely have mental issues because they are doing such terrible things. aria was the only one of the girls who already had a mental record when she went to visit dr. sullivan (it is assumed, check this to understand why), she had already seen therapists before. also, we never know what she did in her one year in iceland, maybe she was in a mental clinic for all we know. and we already know mike deals with mental issues/anger problems and has to take medicine, and byron’s brother committed suicide and also had mental illness. i feel like aria might be like her family and have a mental problem, so many people have said she might have a double personality and it does make sense considering her family records. 

- credits to this post. it has come to our attention how the pig aria has is very important in some way??? even marlene king told us to beware of the pig so EH something’s up with lil piggy. it is known that pigs help people with mental disorders, or people going on with a lot of stress and stuff in their lives. if aria is A, she must have a mental disorder, right???

- travels to iceland right when ali disappears. if one of my besties dissapeared i would never flee the country (makes you look guilty to the police – need friend support. also, it dosent seem like she made any friends in iceland either, maybe she spent too much time alone… thinking, planing things like for example, being A)

- often seen texting or writing in her journal and we cannot see who she is texting or what she is writing about (pay attention to this, it happens, A LOT)

- always needs to know all of the girls’ secrets and gets easily freaked out when she realizes they haven’t told her something. (in episode 1, she was the one who brought up A with the other girls in ali’s funeral which made them discover they all got the texts, its almost as if she wanted all of them to find out about A and share it with each other)

- often see time gaps in scenes with aria where suddenly it’s nighttime and we don’t know what’s she’s been up to

- only liar who wasn’t visited by alison (she was only hallucinating — possibly has to do with their friendship that has something sketchy/wrong about it)

- aria regularly just magically shows up at the right time, perfect timing (example, saving spencer in the sauna/shower and to witness hanna eating the pig cupcakes)

- hasn’t always had her “friends” interest at heart (example she turned down jake’s offer to help with finding hanna’s mom an attorney, when she desperately needed one – also didn’t want mike to tell the truth about mona even if it was going to help hanna and ali to not go to jail)

- often very dubious when A is supposed to have done something to the girls (example when they were in rosewood and she didn’t realize that she wasn’t holding hanna’s hand but a statue’s hand)

- very often the one to lead the girls to find A clues in strange place (example, finding wren’s prescription pads in spence’s bag, finding the lipstick in spencer’s dresser or buying that snow globe from santa)

- lucy hale was the first person to be casted in pretty little liars. first person to be casted is THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON since everyone casted after them is basically MADE TO SURROUND THEM and they need to find the right person to match with her.. why around her????? because she’s the main chArActer????? (ye m8)

- not to mention, how would A know absolutely everything going on in the girls life if one of them wasn’t directly linked with him/her/it/bitch? i know they have minions and people working for them and ways to get information but EH this way kinda hAS TO BE ONE OF THE GIRLS *coff coff* aria

- “aria can’t be a she wouldn’t hurt herself” WELL MAYBE SHE ISN’T. like for example in episode A pins aria to the wall and steals mona’s laptop (i cba to find the episode rn im lazy) maybe that didn’t even happen. as marlene said, it all has to do with perspective. maybe she just used that as an excuse to say she lost mona’s laptop so she could have it for herself, it gives her access to the laptop and she can say A attacked her, but was anyone there to see that happening or is this just A, i mean, aria’s imagination? (picture below is not my picture)

- “Everyone will freak out because it’s so clearly in every episode,” he added, while laughing. “When it’s finally revealed, you could literally go back to season 1 and knowing who it is, you can be like, ‘Oh, wow. Whoa. This has been here all along, and I never noticed it,’ which is, I think, brilliant.” - Keegan Allen. THIS MEANS WE KNOW A, so all the theories of A being a character we have not known yet can’t be true, and also the way he speaks leads us to believe it is one of the main characters… ARIA MAYBE?

- lastly, aria is writing a book in which the villain possibly wins, i’ll mention more about this later as well when she talks about the book but perhaps the book is an allusion to what she is doing to the girls???

lets talk about aria’s traits and how they are much like A’s (thanks to THIS post which i changed around a lil):

- artistic (we have seen a painting painted by A as well)

- great liar (been said multiple times, the girls all agreed she is the best liar out of all of them)

- good at sneaking around (like dating ezra)

- again, she is protective/hella defensive when it comes to her family (montgomery family has never been hurt as bad as the other liars’ families – i’ll go more into this later. and, as mentioned before, she seems like the kind of person who would do anything for her family – this could be part of the motif – all the girls suspected their families but aria really didn’t. she accuses melissa and etc but when it comes to the information garret risked his life to tell spencer about byron, she never even directly confronts him. really aria??? #baddaddy)

- violent tendencies and loses control sometimes (like trashing dad’s office after she found out he was having an affair and trashing ezra’s apartment after finding out he was the one having an affair with ali – wow aria someone doesn’t deal well with affairs?)

- mysterious (SO MUCH)

- knows how to hurt people (in 5x11, mona told aria: “you know right where to put the knife and you’re not afraid to twist it. alison underestimated you” bloODY HELL CAN U BE LESS DIRECT MONA??)

- vegetarian (we’ve never seen A eat meat)

- she likes to be in control (A is all about controlling everyone)

- loves music and plays the piano, and so does A

- loves photography much like A

- horror movies and B&W movies (A gets some inspiration from them and A likes black and white films too)

okay now i’m going to be citing some specific examples in chronological order:

1x01 - starting with the obvious, i started suspecting of aria in episode one simply because her name starts with A, which might sound ridiculous but hey what if A stands for aria and not alison. there are no coincidences in PLL, so why would they chose a name with a.. really? also, the liars and we have already come to the conclusion that A is a hell of a narcissist, so what better than sign stuff with your own name (while being discrete?)

1x01 - does this even need any explanations at all??????? they said they chose lucy’s because she is the one who did the SH better but its pretty obvIOUS SHE DIDNT (look at that its totally not centered. she has the worst shh ever, its totally to the right side. SORRY LUCY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH but u have to admit thats a terrible sh) so like why would they use it???? because perhaps aria is SHHHushing people because she has a s(hhhh)ecret? [rhetorical question - the answer is yes]

1x01 - we have been told the pilot is a important to understanding a lot of stuff and this conversation in between the girls might not mean anything but it might as well, i just find really interesting this is the first scene and what spencer says-

spencer: careful aria, take too much and you’ll tell us all your secrets

secrets???? spencer wtf r u talkin about??? i dont keep secrets?!?!??!?!! not like im threatening ali’s life or anything LOLOmskajhjfld

1x05 - aria was feeling down because of her argument with ezra and so she stayed home all day wearing A BLACK HOODIE. hm okay this wouldn’t be as suspicious since its just a black hoodie, but notice how it has a bunch of white paint sprayed all over it. and on the end of that episode it shows A opening a can of white paint to paint rosewood’s sign…. does this mean aria is a??? she was the one painting the sign?? she sure was alone all day, maybe not as home as the girls thought. (picture below is not my picture)

1x06 - we always get creepy A scenes on the end of every episode but in the end of this episode its simply mike and aria watching tv together.. hm.. suspicious? why…? is it showing A in another point of view maybe?

2x02 - in the hallway mona calls aria “hey, big A. wait up!” and aria looks back. wow thats interesting aria, my name is dominique and if someone called me “big D” i would never look back if i never heard that nickname before… right? well then i guess she did, notice how she even rolls her eyes once she hears mona say that. v interesting aria, v interesting.

2x25 - on this episode, they made a huge deal saying A was going to be unmasked but the only person who physically got unmasked was aria, which is very interesting. (not my pictures either)

and also, aria’s dress was SOO similar to the movie black swan, which is a film that deals with a mental disorder. could this have to do with the fact that maybe she was dealing with one? we’ve been told the outfit is important so this could be something really signifying her mental issues.

3x02 - [emily says something about the night she was drugged and woke up by alison’s grave which was dug up and says it to the girls and aria instantly defends herself saying something v interesting]

aria: but honestly i don’t think you remember anything clearly from that night. when we picked you up you kept calling me arlene

WTFFFsdfdasdFHDSjkfaljkfhkAlsdhfksd. A = charles = feminine version of arlene = arlene = aria = A = fuCK

3x04 - when hanna tells aria she’s going to tell caleb about A it was all very sketchy, look at the convo:

hanna: so i decided to do it. my mom’s out, i’m gonna tell caleb tonight. i refuse to let A play this divide and conquer.

aria [with the surprised face above]: what time is he coming over?

hanna [she gets a text]: hey that’s probably him i’ll call you back

and right after it goes to this scene of aria which she looks guilty AF and hanna gets a text threatening her not to tell caleb about A. seriously aria can you make it any more obvious?

3x13 - dressed up as daisy bunchanan from the great gatsby on halloween. she is perceived as very innocent when in fact, under the surface, she is evil and stabs her friends in the back. aria is there a special motif behind your costume???? (picture below is not my picture)

3x17 - A helps aria. aria had been telling the girls how she really wanted to tell ezra that he had a son but she told maggie she wouldn’t. YET the next day spencer gets a text from “aria” saying they broke up because she told him about his son, and because of this provoking text spence confronts ezra and ends up telling him about the kid, assuming, of course, that he already knew. not even maggie is upset at aria since she knows aria didn’t tell him, and neither are the girls annoyed or surprised at her going behind maggie’s back or nothing of the kind. same thing happened when she was going to tell her mom about her father’s affair in season 1, but A told her mom before. these are meant to look like bad things revealing secrets but really its the exact opposite, they are HELPING aria, she didn’t have the courage and writing it anonymously takes the blame of her but still gets it out there, PLUS she can tell the girls she was harassed by A and make it seam like A was a bitch to her. ARIA UR A FUCKING GENIUS.

4x19 - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. in this episode EZRA AND ARIA HAVE A REALLLLL interesting chat in which aria talks about the book she’s writing:

ezra: what are you thinking?

aria: you don’t wanna know

e: try me

a: im thinking that its sunday night and i still have a lot of homework to do

e: creative writing homework?

a: okay you are gonna like this one when i’m done. it started as this one thing and it just turned into something completely different.

e: how did that happen?

a: well i had this hero, but hero’s arent what they used to be anymore, so i got fascinated with the villain

e: does ur villain loose in the end?

a: not sure, sometimes the villains win *shrugs*

ezra: sometimes

WTF DID ARIA JUST TELL US SHE’S WRITING A BOOK IN WHICH A VILLAN WINS???!?!? i have heard this could be an allusion that the reason she is being A is she is writing a book about it n shit, it makes sense because so many times we see her writing things we have no idea what they are about. and look at aria’s face with a small smile when aria asks if the villain wins.

4x22 - also very important, one of the most interesting scenes in all of the show is when aria finds out about ezra’s true identity and how he used to have an affair with alison. aria is THE ONLY ONE who read the book and she BURNED ALL HIS RESEARCH. the liars were so into finding A and ezra was a lot closer than they were, if i were aria i would totally look at the research and see what he knows that we don’t, try and know more about A.. that is, if i wasn’t a.. of course. after she talks to him, in the beginning of 4x22 they all get together so she can explain about the ezra situation and the conversation goes exactly like this:

aria: he has a theory though

emily: and what is it?

aria: he thinks that one of us did it

spencer: you are kidding right

emily: well know we know its a work of fiction

spencer: which one of us is he trying to pin it on?

aria: i didn’t get that far

spencer: you didn’t think to ask?


OK THIS CONVERSATION IS SO SOSOSOSOOS SKETCHY. RIGHT AFTER THIS ARIA COMPLETELY CHANGES THE SUBJECT, they accuse ezra of being A and she immediately defends him and starts talking about how he used them and how she was hurt (notice that like about 1 episode after they’re already together again!! if someone was using me to write a book on my missing best friend WHY WOULD I EVEN WANT TO LOOK THEM IN THE EYE AGAIN?!??!! oh wait. i wouldn’t) liKE WTF can u be less discrete about not wanting to talk about it???? by completely changing subject she NEVER TELLS US WHO EZRA SUSPECTS. which leads us to believe that he suspected of her. ezra found out aria was a, YET since he is in love with her, he joined the A team. now they cover up for each other. #relationshipgoals later they (ezra + aria) just say ezra had a suspicion on ms. dilaurentis but we know that he had a suspicion on one of the girls. perhaps so into his research he found out ms.d was the one who burried ali and so aria and him decided to just pin it on her.

anyways here is a pic to keep u guys entertained and bc hanna is literally me during all of this aria bullshit excuse to not say all ezra knows, because trust me, ezra kNOWS (A lot)

5x04 - marlene king said “key lime pie. that’s a big spoiler, key lime pie!” what i found from this post is that in 2x12 is the first time we hear about pie when mona/toby get that pie in the dinner in which toby is called, pretty eyes. anyways im going to jump this part you can read about it on that blog post, and cut to the point. pie is only mentioned again in 5x06, when aria is checking her email and there is an email from telling her about some upcoming pie promotion. in the next episode (5x05) aria brings ezra some pie from “paula’s π ” shop. and they say:

ezra - you stopped by paula’s?

aria - that’s key lime

ezra - why pie?

aria - why not pie?

hM convo’s about key lime pie after we heard thats a big deal?? looking suspicious dearies. (picture below is not my picture)

5x04 - from this same episode other than the pie email (which you can see on the screenshot) there is something v suspicious, an email from harvey…… fence install?!??!?!?! it says "i would like to go over the material options available for the fence project we have been d[iscussing]” do U MEAN ELECTRIC FENCE??????? do u mean the fence surrounding the girls by the end of the season on A’s dollhouse?? WHAT FENCE PROJECT WOULD ARIA BE WORKING ON?!?!??! btw electric fence would probably be ur best material option aria! but i think u figured that our yourself, right A? i mean.. aria!

(picture below is not my picture)

5x07 - I THINK EDDIE LAMB ALREADY KNEW ARIA GUYS maybe from when she went to radley to visit bethany on the reading program??? they had this convo in 5x07 which again is hella sketchy, look:

eddie: hey there. you are the new volunteer?

[she nods and immediately looks away]

eddie: i mangled it didn’t i?

aria: what

eddie: your name. on the badge.

aria: oh, no you got it right. [looks away again… REALLY ARIA? i thought u were the loving and caring one y u bein such a bitch??? thought y'all needed to GET CLOSE TO E.LAMB???]

eddie: did you volunteer for the reading program last year?

aria: nah no this is my first time here.

eddie: i feel like we met before

aria [looks hella worried]: i dont think so


when she says she didnt volunteer last year this is his face, he arches up his eye brows which is a surprised kind of reaction, as if he didn’t believe her.. look. and then after he leaves aria does a sketchy face, again. aria my dear i love you so much but u rlly gottta stop with ur sketchy faces if u dont want me to suspect of u dearie.

and right after this weird convo eddie disappears. LITERALLY DISAPPEARS. GONE. suspicious timing much? notice that the exact same thing happened to mona. she found out aria was the one who killed shana and BOOM killed/gone too! someone’s trying to cover their tracks and keep people’s mouth shut heh?

5x08 - when aria is trying to find out about bethany when she is working at radley she talks to this one girl who was bethany’s friend and who has her sketchbook, idk the girls name but they had a V WEIRD CONVO.

girl who idk the name: why you so into this sketchbook? was she a friend of yours

aria: no i never met her

NOW THE THING ABOUT THIS SCENE IS ARIA’S RESPONSE. her body language. when she says she never met bethany, she avoids eye contact and looks down, (sign #1 of lying) then TURNS AROUND to avoid even seeing the girl at all (sign #2??) and she even crosses her arms (its said that when people lie they cover vulnerable parts…. her boobs maybe? LOL sign #3 here) so MAYBE SHE DID KNOW BETHANY. why else would she volunteer at radley?? so whatever she found out she could see if she wanted or not to tell the girls perhaps??? i think bethany is a big part of the A mystery and i think aria might actually know her since she looks like she’s lying this scene.

5x09 - hanna is being framed by A to look like she was hitting on zack because A left a note in his pocket flirting pretending to be hanna. since he was living in aria’s house it would have been very easy for her to put it in his pocket. she was already mad at hanna because she told sidney that the girls were in NY when shana was killed, and since aria killed her, she is VERY worried this information will come out. and also again, A is HELPING aria because its making her mom get rid of a cheater, and if it were A.. she’d most likely let the relationship flow and to later see ella, and consequently aria, get hurt… AM I RIGHT?

5x14 - this one is pretty self explanatory again, credits go to (x):

5x21 - we have come to the conclusion A is all-knowing BUT when spence was in london there was no way A sent a minion with her. as soon as spence calls aria and tells her she found the blood, aria gets an a text. how would A know spencer had found the blood on her bag if aria is the only one who knew? as soon as she leaves the phone with aria she gets this text… ERHM how would A know??

5x21 - another sketchy thing happens when they visit cyrus in the hospital and he writes something down, which aria says is “carjack” and hides the note with her barely giving hanna a chance to see it, only later the paper falls of her pocket and hanna actually gets to see it and says its “varjack”and look at aria’s face in the second picture when the paper falls of her pocket.

5x23 - the liars get the brilliant idea (thank god spencer) to text varjak’s number since he/she hasn’t been picking up the calls and instead of replying back, varjak calls aria…. excuse me what???? why t f would u call aria varjack???????? how do u even have her number? perhAPS U HAVE MATTERS TO DISCUSS????? and aria never picked up the phone, probably/maybe because if he/she heard her voice they would start speaking about things she definitely didnt want to get discovered. it makes sense right?????? so she never picks up the phone so varjack understands its not safe to talk and puts on a creepy french song. IT MAKES SENSE RIGHT??? pls tell me im not crazy this makes sense right?

5x23 - got these screenshots from this post but really, why is aria SO WEIRD in 5x23??? aria and ems go to mona’s house but no one picks up the door and aria gives up and suggests they should go shopping?!?!?! excuse me aria ur two best friends are sitting in jail and you wanna go shopping?! YOU DONT EVEN SHOP.. LIKE EVER??


5x24 - aria did not want mike to say the truth about how he knew mona faked her death which would get ali and hanna out of prison and not get them into as much trouble as they were on. it already didnt make some sense because that could have been information that could have gotten ali out of jail, or got the police into digging more instead of believing they found the killer. she said she was protecting him because he could have been charged for not saying this information before BUT aria should totally prioritise the truth, specially because mike would be charged with A LOT less than ali or hanna, and as i read somewhere, it seems like she might be protecting A. right after comes the package with the tongue that she made mike get and open it, its like mike was supposed to see the package (since it creeped him out) but it was meant for her so like its like aria made it on purpose so that he would see everything… also, she probably tipped off the prosecution about this in order to damage jason’s credibility, since she’s the only one who would have benefits in doing so. #sneakysneaky

5x25 - lastly, one of the official pictures promo pictures for season 5 finale you can clearly see how focused the light is in AM…. aria montgomery maybe?? [again, rhetorical question!!!!] and the fact that there is a < and 3 on top of the AM letters actually make me think it stands for aria because aria is known to be the caring one and <3 means heart so… caring… heart….? ARIA again. #allroadsleadtoaria

anyways if you read this u the real MVP, haha. congrats.. really. i have never ever written this much… ever. so yeah, let me know what you guys think and if you found another suspicious thing on aria since i’d love to know! thanks for reading,

- D (more known as domi)

Kagehina Fic Rec List!!!

Hey guys! Bobbie here, also anonymouschupacabra on AO3. I’ve gotten a lot requests for kagehina fanfic recommendations so I’ve decided to make a masterlist of my favorite fics (all completed fics) that I’ve read (and I have read a lot.) these just go in order of longest to shortest, not in order of how much i like them because let’s be honest, if they are here i love them all.

Being Seventeen Sucks (Words: 125,028) This fic was so good and very angsty (which I love). It’s a third year fic and there’s a lot of “oh fuck I think I’m gay for my best friend???” and angsty drama between them. And it has Kageyama and Tsukki as friends which is my weakness. But I’m not joking about the angst. It’s really really good, but angsty.

I like the way your clothes smell: (Words: 74,953) Ok obviously this fic had to be here, I mean it’s like THE kagehina fic that everyone has to read. I feel like I don’t even need to give a bit of description because I think everyone knows about it and if you don’t then OMG READ IT RIGHT NOW IT’S AWESOME there’s a reason that it’s super well known.

The Kids Aren’t Alright:  (Words: 69,496) lmao i’m just putting this here cause i’m annoying ( it is mad good though) 

Thaw: (Words: 40,149) I really like this one. It’s a college AU which I love (obviously) It’s another one where Kageyama is like “oh my god am I gayyyy???? for hinata??? a boy??? gay????” and gosh darn it if I don’t just love those. the cliche I know, but the cliche for a reason

change in pressure: (Words: 36,516) this is a really good trans!Hinata fic and I just love it. I love trans!Hinata in general and this is in combination with empath!Kageyama. also pretty angsty, not as much as other fics but really good

Lay us Down: (Words: 32,538) Ok i’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this fic here before and that’s because its SO AMAZING. honestly i read this fic all in one sitting, like I woke up, had some time before I needed to get out of bed, downloaded it all and read the whole fucking thing in one shot on the train. I was fucking crying on the train, weeping like a baby at the end but it hurt so good. it’s inspired by the movie Seeking A Friend For The End of The World but only share some similarities with the movie. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do, but I really do. I think this is the Kagehina fic I’ve recommended the most. But be ready to fucking cry.

Saffron and Cayenne Pepper: (Words: 30,772) I really like this fic. Something about a sexy chef Kageyama teaching Hinata how to cook is so appealing to me. and they’re neighbors (which obviously I love). It’s just sweet and cute, but they fight so it’s very in character for the both of them. 

where the night goes: (Words: 20,821) this is another fic (by an incredible writer who I am so jealous of their talent) that everyone either knows or should know about. It’s a future fic that takes place where they are both 24 and they haven’t seen each other since they’ve graduated high school. and it’s a m a z i n g. seriously it’s so good, this is another fic that I read in one go because I couldn’t put it down. please read it, it’s so beautifully written it made me want to never write again out of shame and jealousy. 

Not Alone : (Words:13,093) I love this fic, for so many reasons. I love future fics. I love drunk confessions. I love hopelessly in love Kageyama. I love them vowing to work out a long distance relationship. but probably most importantly I love kageyama covered in tattoos (another obvious thing). this fic is short and I needed like 100k more words, but it’s perfect and i love it so much.

ok so that’s my Kagehina Fic Rec list…for now. I know that it seems short and that’s only because I only read completed fics. so although i know there are amazing fics that aren’t on this list, that’s because they are either incomplete or in the process of being completed. this list can be updated as more fics are completed but for now, this are my kagehina fic recs. 

anonymous asked:

I just binged your Iwaizumi x Oikawa x reader fic and just WOW. I am hooked. I live for this drama and you did not disappoint, ever. Thanks so much for writing this and at one point continuing to write when no one had requested it just yet. But if you are so inspired I would like to humbly request Part 7 because your story is AMAZING and I need to know everything. Absolutely everything. Please have a fantastic day, you incredible human being !!!

Really?! Thank you! So much! Srsly, trust me. I havent been able to NOT write this. I promise I’m working on other requests but this one is just… It’s just my baby. And I know I already posted part 7. But here’s part 8 for you if that’s okay, Anon-chan! Sorry it’s not EVERYTHING you need to know, but its getting there ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙ Hope you have a fantastic day, you amazing lovable human! (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)(Part 7)

A month has past since Oikawa has stopped his friendship with you and Iwaizumi. A month until the Spring High Tournament.

Nothing much has changed since your encounter with Oikawa and Sayuraki, not like you expected it too. Whenever you saw Oikawa or he saw you in the hallways, he immediately turned his attention back to whatever girl he was entertaining or telling a funny story to an uninterested Matsukawa. It seemed Sayuraki would still follow around Oikawa and he would let her, despite what had happened. But at least she was still something to Oikawa. You’ve known him before anyone, he was your best friend. And that’s when it was destiny, Oikawa was a part of you that Iwaizumi would never be. That part that Oikawa grew into you was when you knew your existence was created just for him, and vice versa. But feeling that… Made it even more confusing on what to do.

In the beginning, you tried your hardest to fight the urge to talk to Oikawa. You wanted to tell him everything and to fix everything between the two of you. But as you fought those urges with all your might, it became tiring. It became tiring to pretend a situation that just wasn’t real. Oikawa wasn’t going to give you the time of day, let alone come back to you and Iwaizumi. It became tiring to be okay with everything when it wasn’t. You were just tired, and so was your will. Now, you don’t bother to look at Oikawa. His obnoxious laughs could be heard, his empowering presence could be felt a few steps away from you, but it wasn’t enough to make you look at him.

But also, now you were thinking the obvious. Why do you need to look at Oikawa? He was the part of the world that made oceans create tsunami waves for you, made the Earth shake. He was invincible. But this all screamed the obvious to you; You weren’t the sky the Earth needed, you weren’t the winds the oceans needed to move, you weren’t important to Oikawa. Because if you were, he would stop being like this. The obvious had such a heartbreaking way to slap you in the face. And of everything to happen, realizing this felt… Like nothing.

There was nothing fantastic about, there was nothing about the realization that made it horrific to existence. It was just an observation. But it did hurt.

Loving someone with your all just proved that they could break all of you.

And then your mind fell to the boy eating ramen in front of you. You couldn’t help watching him slurp his noodles with that usual angry look on his face, lost in it all. Iwaizumi’s lips were glossed with the soup, making you remember how he tasted. His eyes always focused on he wanted. As he watched the noodles entangle themselves onto the chopsticks, his eyes looked nothing like that night. Every time his hands moved, you missed them on your skin. You missed the way his hands pressed onto your skin with every inch they touched, just as his lips followed after. You remembered that night how you were so lost in his voice calling out your name, feeling his voice vibrate throughout your body with each calling next to your ear. Iwaizumi was so close, you could feel the warmth of his breath behind your ear, and you remembered the way you would bend your back, your body begging to feel his love more and more.

“You know your soup’s going to get cold. Eat,” Iwaizumi said after he finished drinking a bit of his ramen’s soup. Without a response, he returned to eating his own soup.

“Hajime,” it wasn’t a calling or a question.

“Hm?” he wouldn’t look up from the noodles he was eating. Usually you would laugh, comment on how he actually looked hungry after practice. But right now… Right now you just wanted to see. You wanted to see the man you’ve grown up with just be the being you’ve loved. Loved just as much as Oikawa, or… “______, what-” Iwaizumi didn’t expect to see you crying. “Hey, what’s wrong?” No answer and the tears just kept falling. “_____, hey, talk to-You know what let’s go,” Iwaizumi fished through his wallet as he spoke and pulled out a few bills, throwing them into the table. He grabbed your hand and walked you out the door, thanking the workers for his food. You both ignored the way the workers watched with worry eyes when they noticed your tears, ignored the speculations and judgement. “Let’s go home.”

Home. Whose home was that? Yours? Iwaizumi’s? It had always been just natural between the three of you to say home, it didn’t matter with whose house. But lately, whenever Iwaizumi said it, it felt more than just yours or his. It was different now. Especially with Oikawa gone.

Because it’s finally sinking in. The realization that best friends aren’t supposed to be in these situations. Best friends are supposed to go to the ends of the Earth for you if you needed a lung and that was the only place it was. They’re not supposed to ignore each other for days. Especially when those days turn into weeks, and then longing into a month. By then, are they really you best friend? Because Oikawa hadn’t checked on you at all ever since the whole thing. Not a day passed that you didn’t text him.

Are you okay?

Toruu, please just listen to me.

Tell me we’ll be okay.

You can’t ignore me forever.

Hajime is worried about you too, believe it or not.

Toruu, my eyes can’t keep crying over your dumb ass. So hurry up and reply back.

Call me please?

Are we even friends anymore?

And after it all, there was no response. And after the last text, you had gotten the message. Because best friends don’t do this. Not even friends. But Oikawa can do this to you. The first friend you ever made, can stop being your friend all of a sudden. The first best friend you have ever had can all of a sudden not acknowledge your existence or importance. The best friend you had made promises of deep commitment and trust, can all of a sudden forget all of those promises. Promises like if you were ever in jail, I wouldn’t even bail you out, because I would be there with you. We just might need Mom to give us money… And a good beating, or Somehow, if ever it were going to happen, I would be fine second choice. Because I would get it. But you’ll always be my first _______-chan! That’s never going to change! turned out to mean complete shit now. Because Oikawa put you in that jail, and had no intention of taking you out of your misery. Oikawa wasn’t second choice and you definitely aren’t his first anymore.

So really, are you two even friends anymore?

“Hey,” Iwaizumi said, breaking you out of your thoughts. When had you even gone inside your house? Since when did you walk up the stairs into your room together?

His hand was on your cheek, and it felt so welcoming. It felt like home. But it was all coming down, everything was taking a toll on you. And your tears wouldn’t stop, your cries starting to voice. “______, what’s going on? Just-”

“I don’t want to do this anymore,” you replied, your cries making your voice struggle. “I don’t want to love if this is what happens.”

Iwaizumi’s heart shook. “What?”

“This sucks!” Iwaizumi’s heart felt the smack against his hand more than it was supposed to. But when he saw your anger seeping out your eyes, it was a dagger to his heart. Just more and more pain. “If this is what happens when you love someone and they leave, I don’t wanna love anymore!”

“Wait, calm down. ______, Oikawa’s going to get his head out his ass soon, just calm-”

“No!” You didn’t want to feel Iwaizumi’s touch on you. He’ll never want to hold you again. Iwaizumi will just leave too. Again. “I can’t be calm! I can’t keep thinking Toruu’s going to come back when he isn’t! I can’t keep thinking everything is okay when it’s not! I don’t want to do it anymore!”

Iwaizumi grabbed onto your wrist before you even reached the door. But you turned to him, your chest burning. When you pulled back your wrist from his grip, you forced your heart ache away when Iwaizumi flinched.

“Get out!” Iwaizumi opened his mouth, but you allowed no words to escape. “I don’t want to have to know what it feels like to have you break me too!”

“________, I’m not! I told you I’m not leaving you! I’m not going-”

“Shut up! Why do you keep saying all this bull shit, when you’re just going to leave me too!? Toruu’s not going to come back after all! Toruu won’t listen to me and it’s annoying my whole life! Toruu’s mad at me for the most stupidest reason and I’m mad because all of this had to happen! I’m just mad and sick of it and done with all this crap!” You’ve had enough. Your heart had gone through enough this year. It was worse than the feeling right now. Your year was worse than the burning hell your fingers had as they pulled your hair. The year was nothing compared to the tears running down your cheeks. They had no care for your feelings, the tears just kept reminding you over and over again that this was the reality of the world. Hurt is painful. Hurt can break you. And it did. If Oikawa can make your soul break, what could Iwaizumi do to your existence?

“What the hell!?” Iwaizumi couldn’t fathom his heart right now. It was more than breaking. It was running out his chest and stabbing itself. Iwaizumi was breaking down, he didn’t want to lose you. He couldn’t lose you. “You can’t think I’ll walk out on you just because Oikawa did!” Iwaizumi furrowed his eyebrows, annoyed at this whole thing.

“It’s fair to think that, Hajime! Toruu is my first friend! He’s my best friend! And if almost two decades of friendship means nothing to him, if he can just walk out my life so easily with no complaints, whose to say you won’t either!?” This time you turned and grabbed the door knob. You could do it, you could open the door and save yourself. It could all be done, and Iwaizumi could just walk out. If he wanted.

“Why don’t you get it that I’m here because I want to be!? I don’t want you to be this fucked all because of Oikawa! You don’t think this is hard for me too!?” Iwaizumi wasn’t lying. This was hard. Not only is the girl he’s been in love with since time ever existed to him is falling apart, but his best friend won’t even speak to him. Oikawa was the whole reason you were even apart of his life, and Iwaizumi always never knew how to thank Oikawa. Because there was no equivalent presentation of gratitude that could be worthy to give Oikawa, because nothing was more than amazing than you. You were the ground the Iwaizumi stood on to keep his life balanced. Oikawa was the sun that beamed in Iwaizumi’s life to show him the ways of any life, to present more life. A life with Oikawa. A life with you. A life with volleyball. Iwaizumi owed Oikawa so much, and yet he had given his best friend the worst thing ever. If the sun was gone, what will happen to the ground he stood on?

The cracks would begin. And then they would start to deepen, become longer to meet other crevices into itself. Soon, the ground would split, and never hold Iwaizumi up again. You would be the next one to leave Iwaizumi. What would his world be without the sun and ground he’s been so devoted to? Oikawa leaving was hard enough. But you? Iwaizumi couldn’t handle the both of you gone.

Suddenly Iwaizumi wrapped his arms around your waist and torso. He latched onto you so tight, no air between your bodies. You were frozen against the door, but you could feel Iwaizumi’s body yelling at you. His body yelling at him too to tell you everything. Iwaizumi planted his face against the crook of your neck, he felt you flinch from his wet eyes. He didn’t care though, and he didn’t care if you could feel his body shook.

Because this was terrifying. It was terrifying to feel his heart explode just because you could take one step out his life. The reality of your friendship to vanish into the air terrified Iwaizumi’s whole life, because he could never see it without you. This one second he held onto you could turn into him being alone in the room where everything started. It was ironic. Your room was the start of it all, and it could be the end of everything.

“________, Im in love with you,”

The silence continued, but Iwaizumi could hear your heart. He could feel it along his forearm as he held you. Iwaizumi didn’t have to see you to know your eyes widened, afraid and shocked. But Iwaizumi couldn’t see the shock turn into disappointment.

“Liar,” you breathed out. It was a quiet breath, but it echoed in Iwaizumi’s ears.

Iwaizumi stopped shaking. Slowly, he took his head from your neck and looked down to you flabbergasted. This was worse. This was worse than you walking out his life. Because Iwaizumi has only known love because of you. You were the reason Iwaizumi could even fall in love. Accusing him of lying? It hurt him. No, it offended him. Because why would he need to lie?

“I wouldn’t lie about that. ______, I have no reason to lie about that,” his voice was a hiss, but quiet. Slow. You could feel Iwaizumi shake his head with total disbelief and horror. You could almost picture his face. It would be all scrunched, his usual pout. The tears were falling and his eyes blinded with confusion. You knew that face too well, because the first time you saw him look like that was a kid. The whole time, Iwaizumi and Oikawa protected you. Not once did you ever see the two cry or falter. But one day, they got in trouble instead of you, and it was the first time you had seen Iwaizumi cry. At that point, you had seen Oikawa cry so much you could careless if he cried again. But even with those feelings in mind, you still held both of them with a smile, letting them cry on your shoulders. You never asked what happened, all you knew was you never wanted to see such hurt again in the eyes of the ones you love. You love Oikawa. You love Iwaizumi. That was fact and infinite.

Your heart had calmed down. It was easy. Because the memories flooded your mind. Iwaizumi’s words did nothing but trigger the start of it all for you. You love Iwaizumi. But that didn’t stop him from hurting you. Where the start of your heart ache happened.

“Then why?”

Iwaizumi looked at your hair, noticing it had gotten longer. He noticed the few strands you had lighter than the others. They reminded him of your eyes, and he wanted to look at them. But something held him back. Your voice? Your cold touch?

“Then why, Hajime!?”

Your shrieks made Iwaizumi flinch. As you turned in Iwaizumi’s arms, you pushed him away. And now Iwaizumi understood. He understood the question once your eyes of anger were directed to him now.

“If you’re in love with me, why did you have sex with me then leave me the next morning!?”

Why wasn’t Iwaizumi saying anything now? Why did he look away, like he didn’t have an answer? He had to, because there was always a reason Iwaizumi did anything.

“Why are you so mad at Toruu for breaking me when you broke my heart first!?”

Your voice broke as each word came out. You felt your legs give out again, and you fell to your knees. You didn’t care anymore. Iwaizumi’s wordless efforts stood out to you more than ever now.

“How can you say you’re in love with me, if you can just break my heart like that, Hajime? How? When I love you?”

Your throat had gone dry, a lump the size of a volleyball blocking everything. It was like hands around your neck, strangling you with each word you spoke. You held a hand to your neck just to make sure you really weren’t choking. But when you saw Iwaizumi’s eyes widen slowly at your words, it was clear that this was real. All of this. Your neck felt the same, but the choking didn’t stop. The tears kept burning into your eyes and the skin they traveled over. This hurt. It was breaking you. Even worse, it was killing you.

“I’m in love with you, you big idiot. I’ve been in love with you, and you say you’re in love with me. Then why didn’t you stay?”

He’s known. Iwaizumi has known he broke you since he left you the morning after, and did nothing to fix it now. As he stood there and just listened to your cries, Iwaizumi stood, frozen with his guilt. He had nothing to say to you. He couldn’t.

“Why didn’t you stay with me!?”

He was in love with you, there was no doubt. Iwaizumi believed his whole existence was just for you. His love for you was all he’s known.

But he had no excuse for the broken heart he gave you.

Daughter of Odin (Part 8/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 7


“I’m telling you, (Y/N), this is gonna work,” Sam smiled with a clap of his hands, rubbing them together in anticipation as he watched out the front door of the tower.  “It’s pretty much almost completely fool-proof for the most part.”

“Your confidence is inspiring, Sam.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Love your blog! With the whole "adorable personality" comment Dan made to Phil, I've noticed Dan compliments Phil's personality often. Have you noticed that or just me? Also I can't find it but there was a video where he said he thought "Phil's personality was better than anyones" or something? It's so obvious how much he admires him. I think it's really sweet.

I definitely agree. As much as people give Dan a hard time for jokingly messing with or “picking on” Phil, I think he has always 100% been his biggest fan. I’m not even attempting to reference the origin of how they met and the fact that Dan was literally a fan, but rather the way you can so clearly tell he thinks the absolute world of him.

The video you are looking for was “A Chat with Dan Howell” posted on Bertie G’s channel. It is now removed but there is still the copy of it on vimeo that you can watch here  . Note: race is randomly brought up so please watch for context or else this could sound terribly wrong. Bertie is intentionally asking ridiculous questions to make the interview seem uncomfortable. B: “You’re both white…why is that? Why don’t you live with a black person?” D: “Uhh It’s not skin deep…Phil’s personality could be inside any skin case.” B: “Are you saying Phil’s personality is better than any black person’s in the world. Is that what you just said?” D: “Maybe…for me…personally…yes.” While the video was intended to be sort of awkward and a bit of a joke, I did not interpret anything funny or fake about Dan’s answer. “Phil’s personality could be inside any skin case” is really a lovely thing to say. He believes Phil’s personality to suit him best of anyone. Outer appearance makes no difference.

Dan has always seemed to find a way to sneak in little compliments for Phil. Between his subtle sweet comments during the radio show, his tendency to give unprovoked praise of Phil and his work across social media (especially those random twitter replies to fans) and the many statements on younow, it is clear that “your personality is too adorable” does not symbolize even half of it.

Dan seems to place high value on individuality and it is clear that this is something he strongly admires in Phil. I get the sense that he he is very drawn to uniqueness and the qualities that make people “different” and set them apart. He certainly does not view conformity as something to aspire to. One example that first came to mind was in regards to appearance. How many times has he shot down Phil’s comments about thinking of cutting his hair or getting a quiff with “no, you’ll look like everyone else.” While this is just a superficial example, I think it gives insight into his fear of blending in and the appreciation he has for eccentricity. Phil embodies a lot of that ideal. His quirkiness paired with an unabashed “I just am who I am” mentality is truly refreshing. He doesn’t apologize for who he is and instead embraces and owns that part of his personality. I think this is incredibly attractive to Dan. Whether as a friend or something more, I would guess that he finds those traits to be of great appeal. (cont)

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Sans x reader: Magic spell~ part 2

“So, you totally have the hots for that Skeleton”

Your  friend whispers in your ear, making you jump and almost smear your paintbrush across the canvas. You whine and smack him, threateningly waving your brush in his face

“Ill paint you an ugly shade of hurt if you don’t shut up!”

You pout and turn back to your work. Your friend laughs and shakes his head

“Well maybe I can learn a thing from you on how to change colors, you were the prettiest hue of pink this morning when talking to that skelebro”  

You jump up from your seat to face him, putting your hands on your hips.

“I do not have a crush on Sans! He’s a friend, that’s all! Now leave me alone or i’ll beat you with this landscape” You say, waving a finger in your jerky friends face before taking a seat again and focusing on your work. The jerk seemed satisfied for the moment and left you with another laugh, you knew he was only teasing no matter how angry he made you. You stare at the long fields of barley that you were in the middle of painting, the acrylic golds and browns blending perfectly to create a scene of sunset over the countryside. You tried to think about the sky, how beautiful the white puffy clouds were, outlined by an amazing shinning blue. You tried not to, but the sight only made you think of a certain blue coat, lined with fluffy white fur. “ You could almost hear a chuckle in your ear “ aw babe, you sure do tickle my funny bone” you feel your face heat up.

“No! No I don’t, no I don’t!” You said to yourself, shaking your head to try and rid the blush from your cheeks. You had known the stout skeleton and his brother for almost two years now, the two of you were close friends. He and you had hung out with each other and his friends so many times that it felt like you had always known them. All the troubles they had been through, everything that had happened to them underground, you had heard about it all. All the stories, the jokes, the memories, you had heard each of them recall them so many times you now felt as though you lived it all with them.

Each of them had brought something new to your life that you were so thankful for. Undyne had taught you kick boxing, just in case.  Papyrus and Frisk brought you endless puzzle solving that put both your mind and laugh box to the test. Toriel had taught you quite a lot about monster history and even a little about snail pie. Alphys had shown you all the best anime, and even helped you do a couple of cosplays. But Sans had been there as a shoulder to cry on, he was there to talk to and to hang out with when you felt blue.

You had dumped so much on him, and he had helped you through all of it. When you’re parents passed away, when you struggled to keep your inspiration. Sans was there to be someone to talk too, and you appreciated his company so much. Plus, his endless armada of puns always put a smile on your face.

“Now you’re struggling to even convince yourself, come on girl it’s obvious!” Your friend shouted at you from the framing station. You groaned and ignored him, staring down at your canvas and continuing to paint in a flustered ball of feels.

The rest of the day went by slowly. A few customers came and bought some landscapes and one even placed an order for a portrait, but other than that it was quiet. When five o'clock finally rolled around you found yourself relieved.

“Come on dude, I want to get home!” You shouted to your friend as you packed up your things. stuffing paint and brushes into your bag.

“You go on ___, I’ve got a few more frames to put together. Goodnight!” He shouts back. You were going to whine but then the sharp ringing of the saw cut you off before you could. You decided it was just best to let him get his work done.

Walking out of the studio door, you flip the “open” sign around to “closed”, deciding it was best to leave your friend undisturbed.  You looked back at the studio before walking away, taking a deep breath and pulling your scarf snuggly around your neck. It had gotten quite chilly now that it was late, and you thanked your past self for deciding to wear tights under your skirt.

As you crossed the final road into your neighborhood you were greeted by the familiar golden oaks, now outlined by a sunset sky. You looked up as you walked, smiling up at the deep purple clouds, rolling slowly across the pinks and oranges. As your eyes were locked on the beautiful sight above you, you didn’t see the short figure meandering out of the shade of an oak who just so happened to have his eyes glued to the same sky, walking at relatively the same speed and moving towards the same spot.  


“Ow! Oh wow that hurts!” You groan as you tumble back on your butt, your head feeling like it just got smacked with a brick.

“Oh jeeze, ___ hey are you alright? I’m so sorry!” You hear the figure say worriedly, kneeling down to see if you are okay. You blinked a few times and shook your head, wow it hurt. Under normal circumstances, You would stand up and slap the crap out of whoever dare run into you. But when you looked up at your attacker, You were meet with a pair of glowing white lights shining bright inside midnight black sockets. Your heart skipped as you realized who it was you had bumped into.

“Oh, hey Sans, yeah i’m fine. Bit of a headache, but fine” You say, staring up at him with a goofy smile, one hand rubbing your swelling temple while you leaned on the other. Sans smiled and stood

“phew, sorry about that. I’m a bonehead yah know” He said, holding out a hand to help you up. You giggled and took it, pulling yourself to a stand and smiling back at the skeleton.  You didn’t let go of his hand as you smiled at him, which seemed to make him nervous and he rubbed the back of his skull.

“So uh, what are you doing out here so late anyway?” He asked. You giggled again

“My shift is over, i’m headed home” You said. Something seemed off in the was he was acting, he appeared more fidgety than usual. What was even more strange, was that he was still dressed in the jeans and turtleneck he wore earlier this morning. It was then that you spotted the multiple boxes that now littered the ground.

“Sans, are those yours?” You ask, pointing to the colorful packages. Sans broke eyes contact and shook his head, bending over quickly to pick the boxes back up

“Yeah, wow, I must have dropped them” He said. He hurriedly gathered them in his arms, struggling to balance them all on top of each other.  You couldn’t help but smile, seeing him act so silly in his efforts.

“here, let me help” You reached out to take half of the bundles out of his hands and into your own. He stammered as you took them, as if he was about to object, but seeing you smile surely back at him, he simply sighed instead.

“Th..Thanks.” He smiled.

You walked with Sans back to his house, chatting about each other’s days. He explained how he went shopping in the herbal district today, which you found odd. It wasnt like to Sans to go off the beaten path, or even leave his house besides for the hotdog stand he ran at the park. But he said it was for something really important. You tried to get more out of him, but he locked up quickly, and you found yourself having to be satisfied with that.  Eventually you arrived at his house, good thing too because you’re arms were starting to go limp. Just what was in each of these boxes anyway?

“EVENING HUMAN! WHAT A LOVELY SURPRISE TO SEE YOU!” You were greeted at the skelebro’s house by a smiling Papyrus, who bounded over to the door with his usual pep. He was dressed in little bunny PJ’s which looked perfectly adorable on him.You laughed, setting the boxes down on the living room table before returning his greeting

“Hello Pap, nice to see you too!” He smiled and hugged you, to which you returned happily.

“I’m sorry I have to get going though, have to prepare for work tomorrow” You said sadly. Papyrus stuck out his lower lip (magic, don’t question it!) and pouted about how work was unfair and how he would soon vanquish its evil on a mighty quest.

“ An adventure bro? alpaca my bags” Sans chuckled. You let out a snort behind your hand as you tried not to laugh, Papyrus just facepalmed.  Sans watched you laugh with half lidded eyes, a soft blue blush creeping across his face. When you finally came off you’re giggle high, he quickly looked away.

“Okay guys, haha! I’ve really got to get going, goodnight” You said, waving a hand at the brothers before turning back to the door.

“ OH BUT HUMAN, DON’T YOU WANT TO SEE US TUR-*nnhumffmb*” Papyrus started to say before Sans slapped a hand over his jaw

“No pap, she doesn’t want to see you’re new spaghetti recipe. goodnight ___, sweet dreams” Sans said quickly before winking at you. You felt your face heat and you reached for the doorknob behind you. It took two tries but you found it, and you smiled softly to the brothers before slipping out of the house.

Once outside you took a deep breath, letting it out with a goofy smile and stared up to the sky, leaning on the door. You were about to head off but before you took the first step, you heard the brother’s muffled voices behind the door.

“sans, why did you stop me! I thought you wanted her to see!” You heard Papyrus exclaim. pressing closer to the door you felt bad for snooping but your curiosity got the better of you.

“Not yet pap. We’ve still got to make everything perfect, theres a lot of steps to improve on” Sans said, you heard the pop of a ketchup bottle being opened.

“Well, i’m too excited! I can’t wait to show her, she’ll be so surprised!”  Pap said

“I know she will, I just hope it will be enough…if she’ll like it” Sans said so softly you could barely hear it.

“Do you think i’ll be able to..tell her then?” You heard him say almost sadly. Your face flushed, tell you what? Did he mean you? did he have something to say? if so then what? Before you could hear anymore, you pushed off the door and forced yourself down the front steps. You felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement, did you even want to know? You looked back at the house and shook your head, Best to let it come around on it’s own.

after all, you loved surprises!

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Part 3 :

Supernatural 11.10

When it was first suggested that Lucifer may be making a return to Supernatural, I was among the first to express some skepticism. Not only did it strike me as lazy writing, to resurrect a villain defeated five seasons before, I also had no confidence that this writing team could do the character justice. Experience is instructive, and I fully expected that Carver’s version of Lucifer would be as shallow and spiritless as many of his other villains have been. If it seemed that I was more upset by that thought, than I have been by the treatment of other villains, that is because I believe that the Lucifer of Classic Supernatural, and the story told around him, is such a powerful and complete piece of writing. A piece of writing that I did not want to see subjected to Carver’s usual vandalism.

Unexpectedly, however, I was given cause to doubt my gut instinct on the subject. The first half of season 11 aired, and I was pleasantly surprised. Suddenly it wasn’t the plastic, tawdry junk I had been subjected to for the preceding three seasons. There were episodes that I enjoyed; there was compelling writing, and engaging characters, and Sam and Dean looked a little bit more like Sam and Dean than they had in a long time. For a moment, that ridiculously little flame of hope burning deep in my fannish heart, leapt. Perhaps Carver had clued in to just what a disaster he had made of the show, had recovered his soul and had become again the writer that had given us AVSC and Mystery Spot.

Of course, I should have listened to my gut. Whatever goodwill was earned by episodes 1-9 of season 11, it was disintegrated by the contrived garbage I watched last night.

The only redeeming feature of “The Devil in the Details”, was the acting. With one notable exception, everyone was on their A-game. Pelegrino and Padaelcki were mesmerizing together, and Jensen Ackles was as much Dean as I have ever seen. Even the ridiculous Pantomime Dames of Supernatural, Crowley and his mother, earn a mention for their solid performance (the nonsensical pre-credit sequence notwithstanding). And, I suppose, I should also credit the “broments”. Dean’s “have you met me” line was perfect, and Sam’s strong statement of faith in his brother was a particularly satisfying moment, following as it did four seasons where one might have been forgiven for thinking the brothers really didn’t like each other. If I hesitate to laud those gems of fraternal devotion, it’s because the totality of the episode had the effect of making those moments feel like obligations. They were added because that’s the “Supernatural formula”, and it’s what the fans’ expect. In other words, poor currency that didn’t purchase nearly enough goodwill to endure the remainder of the episode.

I’m not even sure where to begin with my substantive criticism, because there was so much that disappointed, or straight-out offended me. I suppose Lucifer is the obvious jumping point. My principal concern when I heard the Devil was returning for a major part in season 11, was a conviction (not disproved) that Carver would not be able to do that character justice, but worse would completely negate everything that had gone before. The Winchester’s war with the Morningstar was a complete, and powerful story; “Swan Song” the perfect denouement to the drama and pathos of season 5. That fight needed no further elaboration, it needed no further examination. It was perfect: Sam and Dean defeated the Devil, and they did it with brotherly love. Perfection doesn’t require elaboration. Resurrecting the Devil after that would be like Sauron climbing out of the rubble of Mount Doom, or the Emperor clawing his way back up the Death Star’s reactor shaft, or Voldemort appearing on the back of Lucius Malfoy’s head; in other words, a piece of poor quality fanfic, that rendered the trauma and sacrifice of the heroes completely nugatory.

That is, of course, exactly what I think happened last night. In one episode, Jeremy Carver and his team have succeeded in completely invalidating everything that Sam and Dean fought and died for. And for what benefit? The totality of the dialogue in 11.10 was a redux of themes in season 5; almost verbatim in some places. That doesn’t even deserve the title of elaboration; it’s naked, lazy plagiarism. Even more offensive than that, was the opportunity the writers took to make their voices heard through the dialogue. The whole sequence of Lucifer’s play, to the backdrop of Sam and Amelia, was overwhelmingly redolent of Jeremy Carver’s known, and particular, opinion on the brothers and their relationship. I didn’t hear Lucifer speaking in that sequence, I heard Jeremy Carver via Andrew Dabb. Writing 101 teaches that the writer’s voice should never be heard, not even in the narrative; it’s for your characters to communicate your argument, if you have one to make, and communicate it subtly. Not as a piece of anvil-dropping that amounted to nothing so much as a rebuttal to criticism. This is what I heard in that dialogue; not an expression of Lucifer’s character, but an argument directed at the fandom, or at best, a piece of very thin apologia for the character’s resurrection.

Invalidating Sam’s 140 years in hell, and enduring Carver’s lecture, are of course, not the only reasons why resurrecting Lucifer is a bad idea. The other obvious problem is the appalling creative laziness it implies. Apparently, this writing team is completely bereft of ideas for antagonists, themes and characterization. It is an appalling thing to acknowledge, that since Carver took over, the only original villain of the Supernatural universe, is its most irritating, Metatron. Almost all of the female villains – Eve, Abaddon, Rowena, Amara – are near carbon copies of each other, because again apparently the writing team can’t contemplate any female roles that aren’t a version of “sassy hot bad ass, usually with a thing for Dean”. Not a single one of those villains, comes even remotely close to the delicious menace of Meg, or Yellow Eyes, or Lilith or Alistair. Devoid of the skills, or the inclination, to give us an original, powerful antagonists, the season 11 writing team resurrects Lucifer, and rehashes season 5 for us. I’m not inclined to be grateful. If they were going to bring an old villain back, they could at least have given us Alistair or Meg. Certainly, we need another female character now that they’ve killed off Rowena. I was no fan of the Pantomime Witch, but again her death served no purpose other than to show how awful the Devil was (we know, he’s the Devil, we saw him a lot in season 5, remember?), and has successfully reduced female representation on Supernatural to a bit-part reaper, and the cameos of Sheriff Mills and Donna.

Of course, Lucifer wasn’t the only angel to suffer at the hands of the writer’s lack of inspiration. There was Castiel, too. Castiel. What on Earth, is the fucking point? If Castiel is so boring, so irrelevant, that the only way you can make him interesting, is by making him into Lucifer, then you have to start wondering whether it’s worth keeping him. Does he contribute anything, anything at all, to the story, now? Because, it seems that the only time Castiel is relevant, is when he’s not Castiel. Is that meant to be irony? Perhaps his motivation is meant to be ironic; after all he’s making the exact same mistake he made in season 6. More redux from the inspired creative team at Supernatural. It would be funny if it wasn’t so infuriating.

What wasn’t funny was the pre-credit sequence I mentioned earlier. Other than a brief piece of exposition, that could have been disposed of in a line, this added nothing. All I got from it was an excruciating feeling of second hand embarrassment, and an inclination of how the rest of the episode was going to go.

In summary, then, and speaking plainly, the episode was awful. I hesitate to describe it as contrived garbage, because I seem to use that phrase often in relation to this show, and I don’t want to be guilty of a lack of imagination. But contrived it was, and I think that’s Supernatural’s enduring and apparently insurmountable problem. It absolutely is a flaw in the writing, but more specifically a flaw in how the writing is approached. Episodes of Supernatural are no longer flowing, organic pieces of storytelling. They’re Lego Kit writing: a preconceived piece of shallow spectacle, built from little perfectly formed bricks of wow. The ambition here is not to tell a story; it’s to amaze, it’s to impress with the next piece of Dramatic Dialogue, to scintillate with the next piece of awesome SFX; to show how cool-awesome the next Big Bad is. The same gaudy pieces stuck together repeatedly, following a check-list, and packaged to impress us with its style.

The problem is, there is no story beyond the formula it’s built from. The Emperor really does have no clothes.

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I don't know if you have already answered this before but can I ask why do you adore mino so much? I'm too a trash for him but I can't seem to put my adoration for him into words!?!

wow this ask is packed i’m actually speechless. um, i think we all have different reasons why we ‘adore’ people and i don’t think i’m any different from you because i’m literally blanking right now i don’t know what to write and how to answer this question but

i think my ‘adoration’ for him grew into what it is now when i started seeing him as more than just an idol, a rapper. more than just the amazing artist that he is, and i started seeing him as a real human person who can very well be one of my friends. that it’s so easy to be fazed by the mistakes that you make or to give up but he doesn’t. and that’s only the tip of the iceberg if we’re talking about stuff that you should appreciate song minho for.

mino is hardworking, passionate (even non-fans admire this about him) and very inspiring. his story literally breaks my heart everytime i think about it. he trained to be part of block b but, because of personal reasons, had to leave before he could debut with them (which is one of the only two times that zico ever cried ever ever). he debuts with b.o.m soon after but the group had to eventually disband because of ‘lack of popularity’, then he had to be part of a survival show before he gets into yg to be part of (you guessed it) ANOTHER SURVIVAL SHOW. he was the last member to join winner but was made to be the leader of the group (as if it’s not hard enough to try to fit in an already established group of people, yg just has to put him in charge of these four kids as well) just for that position be taken away from him because of an injury. ultimately, team a wins the competition and all his hard work finally pays off, proven by the group’s successful debut.

HE IS SO TALENTED. and this is evident in all the tracks that he had put out before and after debuting with winner. he was part of an underground hiphop crew called royal class and has been writing his own lyrics ever since he was young. his dad used to be a dj which is why he was inspired to do music. with winner’s debut album, mino puts out his solo song ‘i’m him’ which literally has way too many references and punchlines for a normal human to understand in just one listen. it’s great though, and even better with the mv.

then enters smtm4 which literally gave him the good, the bad, and the ugly all in one. but more than all the amazing tracks that he’s released (bless u zico), the witty lyrics he wrote, the collaborations he did in the course of his participation on the show, i think what smtm4 really showed us is how headstrong and brave mino was. that amidst all the controversies, the issues, and the criticisms thrown at him, he remained standing and continued fighting until the end. there were times when i worried about his well-being and all i wanted was to protect him from everything but every time he would come out with a smile on his face and he would give nothing less than his best in everything that he does.

mino loves his family. like, it literally makes me sob thinking of his love for his family and the fact that he’s not afraid to show that to them and to everyone. he’s used to showing affection to his mom and is not ashamed to do that even if ‘he’s already 22’ lmao. he dedicated his smtm4 semi finals song to his dad and even sent a heart to his mom during his stage. he’s loves his younger sister danah so much and took care of her ever since they were young. mino has a close relationship with his family which i really admire because those are the values that you would want in guy.

he’s a great friend and i say this in a sense that he literally can make friends in a newly discovered territory even if he’s just been there for two seconds because he has that glow about him and that charm that just sucks people in. his bestfriends (who are also great guys, btw) are legit his ride or dies he calls them ‘his shoulders’ because they’ve always been there for each other from the very start and i can only hope i had the same ability to maintain friendships like he does tbh he needs to do a seminar on this or smth bc i’m here for all that

and have i talked about his sense of humour? this guy literally couldn’t give two fucks about how he looks like as long as he could make people laugh. everytime, on interviews, when the members are asked about mino’s role in the group, they never fail to mention how funny he is and how he’s the mood-maker of winner. seungyoon once said that when the members are tired, mino will be there to cheer them up and recharge them. he also says the most random shit that will just have you ?????? and make you question if you’re the stupid one for not getting what he means. to top it all off, he’s there to laugh at himself with you. with his most beautiful smile that’s brighter than a thousand suns @minhosducks​ will back me up on this

lastly, though i think this is already pretty obvious, mino is so damn handsome he literally could model for banana republic and he’d fit right in with them other gorgeous males. AND THAT MELANIN THO god bless his dad for giving him such beautiful sun-kissed tanned skin <3 #StopWhiteWashingSongMinho2k15 and can we talk about his shoulders though like i’m pretty sure that’s got its own zip code or smth it’s so damn wide a plane could land on it tbh AND HE’S TALL TOO GOOD GOD IM A GONER

now to wrap this up (i have to stop at some point but tbh i can go on forever talking about this) song minho is an amazing artist, a good son and brother, a great friend, and just an overall amazing person. there’s so many things to love about him and i hope more people see that.

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What's your point about french comics limits? I used to think japanese mangas and mostly anime were more bound to traditional techniques and "moe" stories for most of them if they want to be popular. But as a french drawer, what kind of problems do you encounter?

hmmm, it’s complicated, I’ll try to explain it with my bad english :).

I don’t know how it is in other countries.

I will tackle only about mainstream comics here.

So far when I talk about comics with people what I notice is two thing:

-when we talk about french comics, we always comment about how beautiful the art is. We never talked about the story. When I try to push the conversation in this direction most of the times I got : “mahhhh I don’t understand the story” , “we don’t care the drawing is good”, “not so bad…”, “I don’t remember”, “it’s like that comics with a little different twist”, “ho it is just like this Tv show, very very very inspired from this and that….”

-when we talk about manga its much more like : wow that story is so cool. (yep nothing more to say).

And that’s create a huge gap between french comics and manga.

In France you’ll notice that people read manga in the bookstore to see if it’s good or not. And for french comics the reader just open the book and look if it’s well draw or not.

I remember when I was a teenager I read a lot of mangas and I wanted to become a comic artist. So, I try to give some interrest to french comics as I’m french.

The first impression I got when I try to read it was :
-the art is special, it’s hard to read. I think I don’t understand.
- 15euros for only 46pages? I will buy a DVD instead or buy 3 mangas I will have 600pages.
- why backgrounds are so badly draw ?
- why this book is so huge I can’t hold it properly ?-why the paper is so shiny I can’t see anything at light.
-why, why, why, why, why?

few years later I finally found the answer. It was because I had the eyes of an ordinary guy.

My mind have too much to handle to get something from french comics.

french comics is 90% artsy and manga is 50% or 60%.

Yes manga have characters with big eyes and very stylised hair cut, so it’s kind of very artsy too. But the japanese are very clever, If you open any manga you’ll notice that 95% of the time background will be perfect and realistic.

A normal people needs to rely on something he can recognize easely if it’s too graphic he won’t understand. With french comics each background from each artist are differents. characters + background= too much to handle. Moreover Each comics have its own way of reading you’ll have to adapt almost everytime.

With manga, the readers will only focus on the character design. And some drawing style are very very special and ugly. but because the characters travel in a realistic world it’s believable.

the best example for me is One Piece, I remember when I bought it, I couldn’t think anything else than “urrrghhhhhhhhh the art is so awfull” but It didn’t stop me reading it because the story was entertaining. The magic with manga is that you have 180pages to get use to the character (for one piece It took me around 15volumes to get use to it in fact).

And now I think, Eiichiro Oda (author of One piece) is a genious, and his drawing is the most beautiful thing to me. One piece couldn’t be drew any other way than that.
It’s an alchemy he develop with TIME, because readers with no art sensibility NEED time to get use to a drawing style.

In France Oda would be probably seen as a independant or underground artist (hmm I’m going too far I think :D). French editors won’t give him a chance as a mainstream comic artist.

What I learn with manga is that almost any drawing style can be beautiful and mainstream as long as you can give the time to the reader to get use to it.

That’s where the limit is between french comics and manga. (yes we finally get to the point)

French comics doesn’t give enough space and time to someone who’s not use to art to get into it. The whole book is think to be a beautiful book and artsy.

Manga is very industrial, as the background are very cold and not personal. Publishers will do everything to get the readers addicted to it.
It’s a choice that japaneses make and it works for them. As far as I am concern, I don’t like it. For the simple reason that I am french. I know it’s very paradoxal with all I said before and all my admiration for manga. But I grew up in France with a french life, I can’t think like a japanese, I can’t work like a japanese, the publisher won’t push me up like a japanese. When I try to draw comics I instinctively draw flat/rectangulars panels, because it’s obvious to me. a long time ago, my cousins (who reads manga too) looked at my art and told me : “hmmm it’s not very manga. are you sure you want to be a manga artist?”
At that time I was thinking “ok noob, let’s go back to Counterstrike, you don’t know what you are talking about :D”. But few years later I understand why he said that. I was only drawing this way because my way of living push me to draw like that, even though what motivates me are mostly manga I can’t have this japanese drawing style as I couldn’t live like them. When I understand this, I made a huge improvement in my drawing style.

And Now, with years, I develop a great love for “art” and appreciate french comics artworks and understand it.

And my struggle right now is that my love for art will push me too far into something too graphic. In my mind there are three “me” fighting against each other. One want to be honest with his drawing skill and seek something that it is really him, and the other one want his art to be readable by everybody ‘cause he wants to be notice. And third one will make the balance of everything, as he thinks that only story matters.

Comics is a medium born from INDUSTRY. I try to never forget that: it is an industrial art.

French forget the “industrial” part and only use the “art” part. And manga is too “industrial”.

One of my quest as a comic artist is to try to find the right balance between these two words .

hope my english wasn’t too bad.