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[translations] 2017.07.11 NCT 127 Cherry Bomb fan sign at Yongsan (Haechan‘s fan accounts)

1. OP: What did Haechan receive from Jeno and Jisung for your birthday?
HC: What did I get… Ah, I got cash.
OP: From Jisung?
HC: Both of them. Jisung always gifts money, but Jeno gave money to me only this time round.
OP: And, what about that 1000 piece puzzle?
HC: Puzzle? *looks at Mark on purpose for him to listen* Not yet! I didn’t even touch it!
Mark: Ha…………….. [musicstar1l22]

2. Haechan entered the venue after Johnny, a lot of focus went to him so he started walking really slowly it was so cute kekekeke

Initially HC couldn’t open the cap of the bottle, after some struggles he passed it to Mark for help. After that he spilled the water on the table, so he used tissue to wipe it.

Throughout the fansign he and Mark kept interacting with each other. When Mark used his clothes to wipe his glasses, HC judged him. When it was time for their ment, the sequence was Mark -> Donghyuck -> Taeyong. While Mark was holding the mike, the 2 of them (HC and MK) started conversing among themselves, Donghyuck used his shoulders to touch Mark’s.

Haechan placed 3 pens (used for signing) in between his fingers, and used that hand to hit Mark’s thigh.

OP showed the Polaroid she got of Haechan. Haechan is amazed because it’s his first time seeing the actual thing. He added that they really took 100 photos [soldhc]

3. Haechan: Hello~
OP: I’m noona!
HC: Noona~~
OP: Yeah! Any type of drinks you like?
HC: Nothing in particular, but recently I have cravings for barley tea
OP: Oh barley tea! Any fragrance you like?
HC: Fragrance? I only think of perfume.. Cl.. Clean…
OP: Clean warm cotton!
HC: Thank you! *OP says he kept the eye contact with her until she walked away* [990802_MarkLeee]

4. OP asked Haechan which color would represent him the best. He said he has no color. OP asked why. He said,”Because I can fit any color so it’s LIMITLESS colors!” [soldhc]

5. OP asked Donghyuck if he changed his signature, and the reason for that change. Haechan says just before Firetruck he fixed his signature in a rush, so he decided to change it this time! [962O1]

6. Haechan has been listening to DPR LIVE recently [moonandwin]

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i really want Izuku to see a picture of Nana and for this to happen:

Izuku: Wow, she looks just like my mom when she was younger!!

Toshi: what

Izuku: Yeah, she even has the same hairstyle and everything!!

Toshi: what

Izuku: *pulls out a pic of Inko when she was younger* see?? that’s so weird, haha

Toshi: what

Izuku: …. uhh, All Might, are you okay??

Toshi: *having an existential crisis*

Something that’s always bugged me about Alya

Let me preface this by saying I like Alya. She’s spunky, confident, inquisitive, and kind-hearted. She’s a pretty enjoyable character but sometimes the show wants to have its cake and eat it too, wants to really push at my suspension of disbelief for reasons that just feel lazy.

So lets talk about Alya trying to dox Ladybug.

The show wants me to believe Alya is a superhero fan on top of being an overall intelligent and considerate person. Alright, it’s usually convincing. She showed some trope knowledge in Origins by insisting superheroes always show up where supervillains go, and even played a part in inspiring Marinette by repeating a comic heroine’s motto of evil trumping when good people do nothing.

Alya should know the purpose of secret identities. She should know it protects the hero and their loved ones, she should know it’s something deeply personal that’s often kept from those closest to them. I can understand getting swept in the mystery but why is she constantly making her findings public?

Alya apparently blogs any clues she finds regarding Ladybug’s identity. She livestreamed Ladybug dropping a 9th/10th grade history book, showed it to the camera, and quickly discovered it’s only used by their school. So she just livestreamed something that can be traced back to Ladybug’s school. Nice. That might not seem like much but how often does she find stuff like that and is it really necessary to publish that information? She apparently thinks so.

Yet what really bothers me isn’t just publicly announcing possible clues to someone’s private identity. Do you remember Lady Wifi? What’s the first thing Alya did after “finding out” Ladybug’s identity?

She told her friends.

Alya wasn’t even questioning whether or not Chloe was Ladybug which is stupid but it’s partly just a weird ML universe rule we’re supposed to accept even though Alya is specifically stated to be observant and Jagged Stone proved it’s at least possible to recognize different hairstyles like wow way to contradict your own canon and really she doesn’t even question- She genuinely thought Chloe was Ladybug and it was just a matter of getting solid evidence. So she tried calling Marinette and dragged Nino into helping her get proof. What did Nino do almost immediately after being told of Ladybug’s “identity?”

He told his friend!

I know he wasn’t a believer but this goes against the very purpose of secret identities. Alya thought she’d discovered Ladybug’s identity and she told others. What if Chloe had been Ladybug? What if the rumor spread to someone willing to take the tip? It’s not whether or not it happened in a one-off episode, it’s that secrecy is supposed to minimize the risk.

I know theories likely spread in-universe but Alya knowingly blurted someone’s private identity without their consent. That’s… a genuinely awful thing to do? The writers clearly weren’t taking it seriously but it bothers me because this doesn’t seem right for her character. She reads comics and she’s a good person, she should know better than to just throw people’s secrets out like that.

I don’t even know if this can be rationalized like Marinette keeping collages and schedules for her celebrity crush. Fans say, well it’s her first love and she’s 14 and it’s played to eleven for laughs. Okay, I’ll grant that. I’ll even grant that Alya is also 14 and maybe doesn’t fully realize that Ladybug is more than a comic book figure. I just think this is actually harmful behavior that should be called out. Just because you admire someone doesn’t mean you can track down private details about their personal life to share with others.

Even this happening in other superhero media doesn’t make it right. The creators of ML tote it as something unique that teaches good morals to young viewers. Thomas Astruc has publicly expressed his distaste in Chloe’s misbehavior, has asked fans not to portray Adrien as aggressive towards girls, even asked fans not to whitewash their fan-casts and aspects of these values make their way into the show.

Therefore it would be nice if Alya, a character portrayed as thoughtful and good-natured, could maybe not spread others private information without their consent? If maybe she could realize, even if it’s not intended to be malicious, she shouldn’t actually do this? At the very least I think it be cool and subversive if she’s an intrepid journalist who shows her respect by staying out Ladybug’s private life. Alya isn’t professionally motivated to publish anything, she does it out of love so it would make sense to be a little more mindful.

Points like this don’t ruin the story or even Alya’s character. It’s just incredibly distracting, like the inability to distinguish Ladybug from cosplayers. They’re both writing decisions that don’t make sense outside of plot convenience and the story would be stronger without it. Alya would be stronger without it.

Cassandra (Tangled: The Series)

Hello everybody! Here I come again with my humble art to share :D. Lately I’ve been working a lot in a personal project, writing the most part of the time (scripts are tough but fun!) and haven’t drawed more than horrible doodles.

But yesterday I watched Tangled: The Series, and maybe most of you don’t know that I’m a Rapunzel’s big fan, but now you know. I love her ♥. And now I like the new series too. It’s so fun!! I didn’t expect anything amazing, but I must say that it’s really well done, the 2D style fits it very good, and the new adventures and characters respect the soul of the original idea.

So, in the middle of the hype, I started to think “wow, Cassandra’s design is cool, and she’s strong but grumpy, loyal and a great adventure partner. And her hairstyle calls me to draw it!”. So I did.

I hope you like it, and give a chance to the series. See you!!

¡Hola a todos! He vuelto con un poquito de arte humilde que ofrecer :D. Últimamente he estado trabajando a piñón en un proyecto personal, escribiendo casi todo el tiempo (hacer guiones es “jodío” pero demasiado divertido) y apenas he dibujado nada más que garabatos que no se pueden enseñar.

Pero ayer me puse a ver Enredados: La Serie, y la mayoría de vosotros quizá no sabéis que soy megafan de Rapunzel, pero ahora ya lo sabéis ♥. Y la serie nueva me ha molado mucho, ¡es muy divertida! No esperaba que fuera gran cosa, pero tengo que admitir que la han hecho muy bien, el 2D le sienta genial, y las nuevas aventuras y personajes respetan la idea original.

Así que, en medio de todo ese hype, empecé a pensar “waaa, qué guay es el diseño de Cassandra, tan fuerte y refunfuñona, pero tan maja, y hasta le mola irse a liarla con Rapunzel. ¡¡Y su peinado me está gritando que lo dibuje!!”. Así que eso hice.

Espero que os guste, y dadle una oportunidad a la serie. ¡Taluego!

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top 5 hiroshi tanahashi hairstyles


It’s been a long time since I did a Meltzer Rating Tana’s Hair post, which is a failure on my part. But even from the data I’ve already assembled, it does seem like Tana has a few basic genres of hairstyle that he iterates on. 

Also, it’s important to note that because Tana is good and he loves us, he posts many glamorous right-side three-quarter view face pics, professional quality hairdo profiles, and strategic low-angle body shots on his Instagram. So you can all have enough information to make this judgment for yourselves, because this is a very personal choice for people and I want to be sensitive to that.


1. Flowing locks braided or slicked on one side:

2. God-tier ponytail:

3. Big soft curls:

4. Specifically that one photo from the morning after he won the IC Title:

5. Hiroshi Tanahashi has never had a poor or subpar hairstyle. Thus, this number is a stand-in for every other hairstyle Hiroshi Tanahashi has ever had or ever will have.

I would really like to know @leaveharmony‘s and @opinionatedwrestlingfan‘s opinions on this topic. Do y’all have a top 5 Tana hairdos?


((I saw this picture of Everett from the XY series and I was like “wow. he has guzmas eyes.”

and then i tried to edit him into a teenage Guzma with a different hairstyle.

It did not go as intended but it could have gone worse))

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hi honey!!! i just wanted to say i really love love love your blog. do you have any headcanons about the SMH and hair?? (that sounds weird,, like hairstyles and possible dye jobs etc etc etc)

Hi! I love you!! I can totally come up with some hcs for that!

  • First off, Nursey has a exact hair routine. He runs through it like clockwork every morning. Keeping curly hair frizz-free is difficult, especially in climates with dry weather (like the northeast during winter, so I’ve been told.) 
  • Dex, on the other hand, is the bitch who rolls out of bed twenty minutes before class, pulls on some jeans, and goes. 
    • Nursey, silently, watching Dex look like a trainwreck and leaving the house anyways: “I can’t fucking believe you, you beautiful garbage man.”
  • Dex actually starts to feel like he kind of needs to put some effort into his appearance (I mean, any of us would if we started living with a model, or, you know, our crush) so he starts investing a few products and gets an actual haircut during junior year. 
    • Nursey approves. He’s not going to give Dex the satisfaction of knowing that by saying it honestly, but he does. 
      • So he chirps Dex. 
        • “Chirping and flirting are variants on the same idea”
      • N: “Your hair looks nice, Poindexter. Trying to impress someone?” 
      • D: “Don’t you get up an hour early every morning to shower and do your hair and all that shit?” 
      • N: “Yes, Dex. Unlike you, I do enjoy being hygienic.”
      • *que non-sexually-charged bro-wrestling*
        • (just kidding of course there’s ust)
  • A N Y W A Y S
  • Holster almost always uses too much gel when he styles his hair 
    • It puts Bitty, Ransom, and Nursey in physical pain, but they can never seem to get through to him. They love him anyways, though.
  • Bitty always get the most stylish twink haircut he can, because he wants to be seen as gay without even opening his mouth, just like every other gay i know in the south tbqh***
      • ***Every gay in a safe area and with good support. Like, it’s so freeing to be out of the closet when you’ve spent so much time in it, you know? 
      • To blend in when not at Samwell, he gets Southern Frat haircuts, a key feature of which is to use just as much gel as Holster does
      • During the transfer period when he returns to Samwell from Madison, he looks like a Souther-Frat-Twink fusion and it’s both horrifying and beautiful
  • Ransom and Lardo both go for stylish, low-maintenance haircuts. They don’t want to have to put too much effort into their looks on a daily basis, but they both want to look good every day. 
  • They have a standing monthly appointment at a small barbershop in Boston, they always stop for Boba on the way back to campus. They always post a pic to instagram when they get a new hairstyle and their followers weep. 
  • Real friendship is knowing that you and your friend look better than every other person in the room and thriving based on that knowledge. Lardo and Ransom are always thriving.

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for the drabble game: yousana #15

anon said : #15 Yousana !!!      

For angst anon here is the fluff ;) 

15: “I don’t want to get up — you’re too comfy.”

Best thing about being a teacher is the way you can connect with your students. The worst thing however is waking up at six thirty because some of your colleagues wanted to have meeting before class and to be honest Yousef wasn’t really looking forword to Anna talking about how “ahead from everyone else” her classroom is . 

Just as Yousef tried to get out of bed he noticed he was locked into his wife’s arms “Sana, Sana time to get up” he told her quietly as he saw his wife wake up “Come on you don’t want to be late, I’m quite sure you don’t want to be late to your shift” Sana looked at him and huffed before she snuggled closer to him “I don’t want to get up, you’re too comfy” she told him “Maybe we shouldn’t get up at all today” 

Oooh, are you suggesting that we skip today, never knew you were the type” He told her with a smile playing on his face but the thought of just calling in sick today and cuddle with his wife was music to his ears “Hmmmm, I actually did skip school a lot” she told him as he pulled her closer 

No way Bakkoush, you take school way too seriously remember when you went to that lecture with a 39°C fever” he looked at her with disbelief waiting to see if her poker face would crack and she would  tell him it was a joke with her trademark smirk.

No I’m serious” Sana kept on “Okay when exactly I need dates girl, because you literally made a speech to Isak about having missed the least days at school from all your friends ” Yousef asked he still didn’t see his wife ever skipping school while Sana loved having fun and doing some crazy stuff, she is still the type to follow all the rules which he found endearing all the same 

Middle school” Sana answered “for like the first two years I told my mom all kind of excuses not to go school because i didn’t feel well or I only went to school for a half day saying I felt sick and I had to go home”

It was rare of Sana to talk about Urra Yousef thought as he looked at his wife, he knew what happened Sana told him about after he came from Turkey when they first got together but Sana never liked talking about the detailes. When Yousef remembers middle school Sana he remembers a lot of black clothes, a quieter Sana who liked staying in the background. 

He remembers her smile breaking her pokerface after a long day of school just because Mutta told her the funniest joke. But Yousef also remembers the changing point, Jamilla. She changed everything, his amazing sister-in-law who made sure that Sana became the person she is today.

“Why are you staring so much at me, I know I’m super pretty Yousef but please control yourself” Sana  told him in a fake mocking voice and Yousef couldn’t help but his roll his eyes. “Wow” he told her “You are quite confident for someone who has a birdnest on her head” as he he put a lock of her hair behind her ear 

“It is the newest hairstyle, you really need to educate yourself  about fashion, Yousef like people would kill for this hairstyle” “I’m sure they would” “You think I’m joking ?” As long as he had known the love of his life Sana Bakkoush there was one thing that never changed she hated losing more than anything especially in a discussion.

Yousef was deep in thought when Sana rolled on top of him “You know what we should do” she said to him as she went to for a kiss “What” Yousef asked not moving an inch, Sana stopped just a before she could touch his lips “We should finish that Tupac illuminati video” she said on smile of her face bringing her dimples out as she got out of bed. 

“You are such a tease” Yousef told his wife as she ran downstairs to set the tv on. “The last one down has to make breakfast” he heard her yell as she was running down the stairs. Yousef smiled to himself he couldn’t believe this was his life now, he has his dream job and his dream wife.

Yousef was living his dream life and he wouldn’t change it for the world.

Shall we play a Drabble Game? Send me a number & a Character! 

Chris Colfer in Vancouver!

So Chris Colfer was in Vancouver, and let me tell you it was some experience.

Lets start by remembering that Chris wasnt scheduled to come until 3pm, but the doors were opening at 9am so that people could get wristbands as their tickets into the events.  I arrived at 9:20 and got a wristband by like 10:30, but I made a friend with a mom and her kid who were also waiting in line, so that was nice. It almost made me think that I could get away with small talk all the time.

There were so many people lined up, I thought I was early but nope ahhparently people came at fucking 5 in the morning??? They got “golden tickets” meaning they got to sit in chairs at the front, all 10 of them, while everyone else had to stand which i guess wasnt bad but my feet really hurt so there was that.  It was worth it!!

Anyways, wondered around the mall and then waited outside the Chapters (the bookstore where it was) at 1pm and the poor employees were working so hard to shuffle everyone in organized lines.  We had a line that snaked around the bookshelves like a really long letter S, ended up sitting and waiting, reading some books on the floor, the wifi was kinda terrible tbh but we did it!! And thank god i got in line at 1pm cuz I was right behind where the chairs were.  The event was in the middle of the Chapters,so literally anyone walking past the entrance would see something going on.  And the crowd went all the way back to the entrance (Chris joked that it went all the way back “to the Sears”)  So again, if I was late, id have been waaaaaay at the back.  

The executive of Indigo Events from Toronto played some games with us, he was actually pretty funny! Seemed like a nice guy. The event didn’t start at 3 but smth like 3:13?? Chris came out and my first thought was, omg he is real!! This is like the first famous  person I’ve ever seen.  Wow his hair was very slicked back, it was a great hairstyle.  During the whole event he was smiling and he was really polite and very efficient moving from one activity to the next. 

 He read a TLOS 6 passage from the book and did all the voices (he’s mastered them), everything was TLOS, though there was one question about Stranger than Fanfiction.  Luckily nothing about glee or his personal life.  

The costume contest was great, he called it a “costume parade” cuz the stage was so small no one could fit, the contestants all had to walk in front of him runway-style.  He said they needed some “Rupaul” music (LOL) There was one guy in an enchantress outfit i think it was that was super cool, and a little girl who was the golden harp and her harp nearly smacked Chris Colfer, “And thats how Chris Colfer dies” he joked, it was hilarious.  She won, the runner ups were two people dressed as books: the book huggers. A girl in a golden hat and a boa came on stage and Chris made a comment like “this isn’t the rocky horror show”

The whole event was shorter than the waiting time!! But it was amazing seeing him in person, i was so inspired to just follow my dreams.  And the kids loved the books, one asked which fairytale was the first ever mentioned and Chris got really stumped on that, but she said she was just asking to see if he knew, and he called her sneaky.

It was his first ever Canada event!! He told us all to see his TLOS movie about 15 times when it comes out, and to light a candle and pray that it goes well.

He said he was inspired to write about fairytales cuz he would always question the fairytales and his grandmother got so fed up she just told him to write one himself.

 i didn’t realize until seeing him live how often he says “oh gosh” lol

he said goodbye and he hopped off stage super fast, if you had blinked it would’ve looked like he had just disappeared into nowhere lol.  guess he’s a busy guy!! And I’m totally in the picture he posted on instagram so yesss (kinda wish it was color tho)

It all happened so fast and honestly it was kinda surreal.   Maybe I’ve forgotten something, if you were at Vancouver please add on to this post!!

Ive got some pictures coming up (when the wifi works), blurry but lets see!!  Positive experience, and I got a signed book :)


Hi, i got tagged by Jem ( @p-arkwoojin) to do the different hairstyles selfie tag (?)   Thaank you for the tag~  . This was actually pretty interesting  since Ive had different hair styles this past year.

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How would the Uchihas react to their s/o playing otome games and fangirling over her favorite fictional characters?

Madara Uchiha

♦He’d think it’s a loss of time and would scold his s/o for waisting the time in such childish games. But he’d be secretly jealous of the fact that his s/o finds the characters attractive.

“Are you still playing that game?”

”You should do something else rather just sitting on the sofa and fangirling over ”

”Grow up finally”

”The electricity bill this month is super high just because of you recharging your phone over that game. Next time you’d be paying the bills, with your own money, understand? We’re nearly broke!”

Izuna Uchiha

Izuna is pretty found of any kind of video games, so he’d find it as something normal. Even if it’s not his kind of game, he’d be interested in it, just because he is jealous just as his big brother. Sometime’s he’s act and dress up as his s/o’s favourite character and flirt around.

“Is this the same game?“  

“Hey baby, do i look familiar? “  *winks*

“Baby, come and play with me instead.“

“Baby! Pay attention! “

Itachi Uchiha

♦Itachi is really open-minded and would like to see what his s/o is playing. In fact, he’d be kinda interested and fascinated, that he’d like to be learnt how to play.

“How do you play this kind of stuff? It’s interesting. Can you teach me how to play it?”

“And what do i click next?“

“Like that?“

“Are you sure?

“It’s not working. Am i blind or the phone turned off?  

Sasuke Uchiha

♦Just as Madara, Sasuke would think it’s a waste of time and his s/o shall concentrate on something better, rather than playing childish games. However, he’d just ignore. 

“I am going out with the boys

“I am going to take a shower

“I am going for a walk and train later. Will come home late.

Shisui Uchiha

♦Shisui… well…. he has already played the game and would appear as a guru, guiding over his s/o.

“No! Don’t click this, clickt that  *points over*

“Why do you have to be so coldhearted?! The boy just wants some affection! Give me the phone and let me play, jeez! I can’t stand how you play with his feelings  

“O M G!! I KNOW, right! He’s so hot! I wish i had hairstyle like his.

Do you think i shall dye my hair in blonde one just like his?

Obito Uchiha

♦Obito would just sit/lay beside his s/o and admire how they are playing. He finds it really attractive staring into his s/o as they put so much passion into something so “small”. 

“Wow! You are so skilled at this game!“

“How did you even manage to become such pro in it?“  

“You are already lever 187?! Amazing!!“

“OMG i love you

Indra O. (BE AWARE,. NSFW!)

♦He wouldn’t let his someone play such kind of games because he’s way too jealous and possesive.. In that case, he’d try to be as passionate and breath-taking as possible.

“Leave that game and come to papa   *pulls s/o on some kind of surface*

“We haven’t played long time, shall we do it?  *smirks*

“Today you look really sexy… and that parfume you’re using… it just turns me on so much

Guard!Hoseok Part Two

So now it is time for our lovely, ever-so-talented Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi aka can we talk about how good forehead!hobi looks??? Like hobi always looks good no matter what that’s a given but when you add it that lil touch of the forehead oh wow w o w like his face is so !!! and I feel like when the hair’s pushed back it really showcases just how !!! he is and like when he has black hair and there’s a bit of forehead oh boy game over it’s like 100/10 like in NMD when he had that hairstyle that was some good shit but also the fringe looks good don’t get me wrong the fringe is also 100/10 but like forehead!hobi has a place in my heart

  • For anyone that hasn’t read part one and would like to, click here
  • Guard!Hobi is honestly just a sweetheart
  • He’s the most genuine person in the entire castle tbh
  • Most people treat you like the future ruler, not a normal human
  • They talk to you like they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing, even though you just want to be chill and have friends  
  • You’re so used to people saying whatever they think you want them to say
  • When you meet hobi, you can tell that he actually means what he says
  • When he tells you he’d do anything to keep you safe and happy, you can really feel that he means it
  • When he tells you that you can come to him for anything, you know he isn’t just saying what a good guard should say
  • He proves that he actually means it time and time again
  • There have been countless nights where you two tell each other your deepest secrets
  • There are nights where you really need to feel him hold you and comfort you and he does without hesitation
  • He truly just wants you to be happy, future ruler or not
  • He’s honestly a bit nervous about who he’ll be chosen for when he signs up to be a guard
  • He’s worried he’ll get someone conceited, someone arrogant or someone just plain out mean
  • So when he finds out he has you, he’s s o relieved
  • “I don’t have to spend forever guarding someone I can’t stand”
  • The second you two meet, he’s all smiles and warm hugs that aren’t even supposed to happen but happen anyways bc you like being held by him and he likes holding you
  • You two do a lot of things you’re not supposed to tbh
  • Your relationship with your guard is meant to be strictly professional
  • They shadow you whenever you leave your room, they escort you back and forth and then leave for the night so the night guards can take over that’s supposed to be it
  • But lol that’s so not happening with hobi
  • He sneaks into your room at night so you two can talk and chill bc he knows how boring it can be when you’re all alone in there
  • He’s just someone who treats people like they’re his best friend and you’ve never had that so you kinda can’t help but open up to him
  • You know you can trust him and he knows he can trust you
  • It doesn’t really take him too long to fall in love with you but it isn’t as quick of a fall as it would be if he was Tae or Jimin
  • The more he gets to know you, the deeper he falls
  • You two are like lowkey flirty with each other though
  • You both know you probably shouldn’t push it too much bc you’re already walking on a thin line but like you can’t help it
  • He’s forever complimenting you like your looks, your personality, he calls you cute/adorable/the most precious human bean in the entire world 25/8
  • He loves finding out about your lil quirks bc that makes you even cuter
  • He realizes he’s in love at a pretty random point
  • There’s nothing that actually triggers it, he just realizes one night that at some point, he fell in love
  • You two are talking about anything and everything that comes to mind and you’re telling him about all the places you want to go
  • Out of the corner of your eye you just see him giving the look
  • We all know the look I’m talking about
  • The look of total and complete adoration, of love but also lowkey I really want to kiss you rn but I’m not sure if I should
  • He doesn’t really hesitate too long when it comes to confessing
  • You’ve yet to have a marriage arranged for you but both of you know it’ll be coming up soon
  • He knows he has a slim chance of actually possibly getting to be with you but he wants to take that chance
  • He gets kinda nervous and has no idea how to handle it at all bc he’s never been in love at all let alone with someone he’s not supposed to be in love with
  • He goes to Namjoon and Yoongi for help bc they’re smart they’ll know what to do they normally do
  • “Just confess, what’s the worst that can happen??”
  • “It’s either confessing or having to watch your first love be with someone else for the rest of your life”
  • He decides that they’re right, it would break his heart to have to see you go through an arranged marriage, he’s heard so many stories about how it’s rare to get someone you actually wanna be with and he just wants you happy that’s it
  • He tells you that night
  • You two are having your usual talk about your days and just anything that comes up and he’s just got his chin on his hand and his entire focus is on you and you just see him giving you the look again
  • This time he follows it up with an “I love you”
  • You kinda take a second bc you’ve been thinking about this moment for so long
  • You eventually tell him you feel the same and he lights up immediately
  • Like you’ve never seen him smile so widely or seen his eyes look that happy and it’s a look you want to see forever
  • Your parents are actually pretty on board with it since they knew hobi really well
  • They take away the whole guard title so he’s just a normal person so there aren’t any rules being broken
  • He does end up becoming king and he makes sure everyone is v v happy and he finally gets his wish of being able to wake up next to you every morning and he never ever forgets to tell you he loves you

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Wow wow wow your Jieun cosplay is amazing. That same wig and hairstyle can totally be used to cosplay Near from Death Note, if you're interested! Do you like/know him?

oh that’s true kinda, i think his hair might be a bit longer though ;0 and i mean, i know what he looks like and stuff but i don’t really know anything about him, i’ve only ever watched like the first couple of episodes of death note but then got bored lol
oh and thank you ! <3

Ladybug’s Secret Identity

So… I actually feel sort of slow now.

I was just complaining about how, okay, maybe I can get it if Marinette doesn’t understand that Adrien is Chat Noir - blond hair is common, and blond hair and green eyes can still be put up to coincidence. And, in the end, the hair style and frickin’ personality that Chat Noir has is different than Adrien. And the allergy? Who knows - it could be another coincidence. Chat Noir is so far from the personality that Adrien shows to the rest of the world that even with these similarities, it’s still entirely feasible, even likely, that they’re two different people.

But, Marinette? They have the same hairstyle! The same everything except Ladybug is more confident! Why can’t Adrien realize that it’s Marinette!?

…and then I realized that people cosplay as Ladybug. 

Okay, yes, we’ve only seen Chloe cosplay as Ladybug so far, but Ladybug is popular enough to have someone cosplay her.

And on another point…

People have Ladybug paraphernalia.

Everyone knows Ladybug. The mayor, the townspeople, little children!

She’s in news articles and on TV.

There’s even a statue of her (and Chat Noir, but everyone seems to focus more on Ladybug. Like the police in episode 6? Haha, Chat Noir gets thrown against the cage but it’s just, “…” And then Ladybug does and it’s, “Ladybug! Save us!” I love it, oh my gosh)!

Anyways, I’m derailing a little, the point is that Ladybug is popular. Very popular. Popular enough to have paraphernalia, cosplayers, and media attention and recognition.

So, Marinette’s similar hairstyle? For all Adrien knows, she could just be a fan who likes to style her hair the same as Ladybug.

And I’m screaming because of course. But, also frick because another stumbling block for them finding out each other’s identity.

(But, also - wow. That’s really thought out. All the kudos to the writers. Wow.)

when white people talk about black hair

one of my biggest pet peeves in life is having to endure a conversation with a white person (or any person who doesn’t understand black hair) about MY hair. 

there’s two kinds of people in this situation. there’s the ones who act mostly disinterested but with a hint of disgust. 

“so like….how do you wash your hair when it’s in those braids?” 

“do you want your hair to be that short?”

“can black people have long hair or no?” 

“so i heard you guys only wash your hair once a week right?” 

and when you answer their question they reply with an “oh” and then move on to something else. they try to pretend that they asked you the question out of genuine interest. but in actuality they’re most likely confused and disgusted by black hair because it’s different. since they can’t come out and say “i think your hair is weird” they disguise it with a question. and instead of actually doing research about black hair, they ask stupid questions about how we maintain our hair and pretend like they know what we’re talking about.

then there’s the other group of people. these people try SO hard to act like they know EVERYTHING about black hair, and they claim to “love” our hair and “want” it (lol i don’t think they could handle having our hair for more than 5 minutes but anyway) 

“OMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I wish i could have hair like yours!”

“my best friend in high school was black too, so i know a lot about black hair. you guys only have to wash it once a week.”

“my hair is kinda similar to your hair right! it’s really wavy and curly and it’s so thick! so i totally understand your hair!” 

“black hair is so amazing. you guys can get so many different hairstyles. i’m so jealous. i wish i could get dread locs!” 

these people usually mean well, but they don’t realize that this kind of behavior is just as insulting as being disgusted by black hair. 

there actually is a rare third group of people in this scenario. this person is respectful when asking questions about your hair because they know it’s a touchy subject. they ALSO know that they can’t possibly understand the complexities of our hair because they don’t have this kind of hair. 

“wow i really like your hair. i don’t know much about black hair but i think it’s really amazing because it’s so versatile.” 

“sorry if this is a rude question, but i was just wondering about the maintenance of black hair. i know it’s really different from my hair so i was just wondering what the process is for washing and taking care of it. sorry if this is a really ignorant question i’m just really curious!” 

“I think it’s amazing how your hair texture is so different from mine. it’s so unique and i really like it.” 

i think i’ve met maybe one or two people who have seemed genuinely interested in my hair because they liked it, not because it was weird or different. overall i still get annoyed with the hair questions, but when people like that ask me questions i’m more open to answer them. 

the truth is, our hair is too complex for most non-black people to understand lol. there, i said it. people try to act like it’s not, but it is!!!

we’re the only race on this entire planet who has this hair texture. so you can’t possibly understand what it’s like to deal with it. and that’s OK! but don’t try to act like you understand it or “want” it. how could you possibly understand it? and how could you “want” it when you wouldn’t even know what to do with it??? 

and if you’re so confused or disgusted by our hair, then just keep it to yourself. if you won’t take the time to do research about it and educate yourself, then don’t ask stupid questions or try to start hair conversations with us. 

like, i get that our hair is to much for you to comprehend lol, but instead of making yourself look like an idiot, just keep the comments to yourself. it’s not that hard. 

so if you like my hair, that’s great! a simple “i really like how your hair looks!” will suffice. and if you don’t like it, just be quiet. that’s it. 

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Suddenly Getting a Pixie Haircut And Dyeing It In Fire Colors

*Plays ‘BTS - Fire’ in the background*


“It looks awesome! I love it, I wish I could nail this look”


“I… Wow, where did your hair go!? They set on fire!”


“It really suits you. You look cute”
Y/N: “I look HOT~”
“No, I’m pretty sure you look cute


“This looks awesome, maybe we should get couple hairstyles, what do you think?”

Rap Monster

*A minute of silence for the lost hair*


Of course it suits you, you’re my girlfriend after all”


“Love it, you look like a fairy, feels like it’d burn to touch”

I hope you like it~
Fel free to request more!


And now it is time for my lowkey spirit animal, a total cutie with dimples as deep as the ocean that just make him look so adorable I wanna hug him, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Visuals first bc I need it
  • I have such a love and appreciation for blonde!joon tbh
  • Blonde hair just makes him look s o !!!!!!
  • But there is one hair color of his that is still my favorite to this day and that is the purple hair
  • Especially when they added in like a tiny touch of pink at the very top and it was just like the icing on the cake 
  • I would be s o down for the purple hair to come back tbh like it’s my favorite, he made it look so amazing and beautiful and it made him look ethereal and just like a soft lil teddy bear that you just wanna squeeze and hug and kiss his cute lil face
  • It was also a bit messy and laidback which is one of the reasons I love it so much
  • It made him look like an angel tbh and I love it so so much so that is the hairstyle that superhero!joon has
  • His style wouldn’t be any different from normal!joon’s, which can I just say I love joon’s style and I love that he expresses himself through his clothing
  • Plus he always looks really fucking cute in his lil outfits like 10/10
  • Like he makes all those cute sweaters and jackets and hats and glasses all look so good Kim Daily is just wow I need more of it
  • He would have the power of telekinesis, the ability to move things with your mind basically
  • He would use his powers to help people but he also uses it to play around with his friends sometimes
  • Like oh what’s that you’re gonna take a drink of your water ?? Nope lol that shit is gonna be floating now oops it’s suddenly levitating away oh no better go get it
  • He only does it when he’s bored or when he’s just in a playful mood
  • Bc when Namjoon is playful, he’s an actual child and it’s so precious to see this smol lil teddy bear just spring into action and he’s running around with the other boys, he’s playing along with whatever joke they’ve got going, he’s being an adorable lil goofball
  • And everyone automatically knows he’s the one doing it bc he’s just sitting there laughing his ass off bc it never gets old
  • Just seeing that initial shock on their face when it first moves is enough to send him into a giggle fit that literally has him on the floor
  • “I’m glad you think this is funny but giVE ME MY DAMN WATER BACK”
  • This AU is gonna take place is a town where superheroes aren’t really this !! thing it’s kinda like oh ight cool you do you dude
  • So everyone knows he has powers, everyone knows he’s got a few friends with powers too but everyone’s super used to it so no one’s super !!! when they find out
  • Half of the people in town don’t know who does what like they know someone can read minds, they know someone can control fire, someone’s forever flying above their heads but it’s just like another typical Tuesday afternoon
  • But there’s always a way to find out, like there’s that one friend that somehow knows the person who can fly and can call them to come help
  • It happens to Namjoon a good bit but he doesn’t mind at all
  • There have been times where people lock themselves out of something and need him to unlock the door, there are times when someone loses their bracelet and needs his help finding it, all sorts of things really
  • He gets asked to get things from the top shelf a lot
  • He can’t tell if it’s bc he’s tall and has long arms or if it’s bc they know about his powers but either way, he’s no stranger to love the top shelf
  • That’s actually how he meets you
  • You two had bumped into each other here and there bc you went to the same café but you had never spoken besides the mumbled “oh sorry”
  • You were in the library, looking for a book you needed for an essay that happened to be on the very top shelf
  • The book suddenly floats down and of course, you get all !! bc the fuck just happened wait no
  • Like you’re scrambling to get away from the shelf and end up bumping into a table and it’s so not how Namjoon wanted this to happen
  • He’s immediately like wait no shit I didn’t mean to scare you I was trying to be cute I should’ve done it by hand I’m so sorry are you okay I’ll buy you a band aid do you need one
  • Once you realize what happened you kinda just start laughing bc here’s this total cutie who looks nic E as fuck turning all cute bc he’s genuinely worried you’re pissed off at him for scaring you
  • He gets really ??? bc wait what why are you laughing is this like a sarcastic laugh before you tell me to fuck off
  • You reassure him you’re not mad, that you were just kinda surprised that your book suddenly started floating around
  • “Can I have my book btw??”
  • “What if we made a trade?? Your number for this book”
  • You know either way you’re getting your book but you decide to take the opportunity to give the total cutie your number
  • “It’s a deal”
A mom headcanon

This one time I saw someone in the tag bring up the similarities of Shimura Nana’s hair style and Midoriya Inko’s hair style and the person was suggesting a possibility of them being related (which can be possible)


What if the reason Inko has her hair styled that

was was because in her childhood, Shimura Nana was her favorite hero she looked up to?

Just like Izuku looks up to All Might?

And although Inko didnt become a hero, watching Nana’s courageous heroism has taught her how to be a strong women. And idk what the economy is like for non-heroic jobs in this hero based world, but im sure being a single mother in a fantasy world is just as hard as being one in the real world.

Maybe she wasnt a super mega fan like her son, buying every Shimura Nana merch existing on earth. Maybe Nana wasnt that popular of a hero. But everything Nana did (maybe on tv) everything she stood for, inspired and invigorated Inko to believe in herself, and to grow as a person. To be good without expecting any reward. To endure temporary hardships and cherish your victories, no matter what size. To fail in order to learn. To fall 100 times and get back up 101 times.

Inko may or may not have may physical memento to remember her favorite hero by, but what Nana fought for could have lit something within Inko that rivaled with the flames of One for All. And honors Nana in heart her own way.

And now to not be able to protect your only child from near-death every month is stressful enough. She cant punch away the evil like Nana. She cant super speed her way to the rescue like Nana. But in her own way, Inko becomes a different sort of hero.

And throughout these troubling times, she sticks it out and tries to believe in her son more.


with a smile.

Or maybe that’s just a really common hairstyle and im just smacking my own self with lame angst replace Nana with Izuku and Inko with Mina Ashido and you’ll see how silly all this sounds THEY HAVE THE SAME HAIRSTYLE ITS VERY COMMON WOW IZUKU INSPIRES MINA TO BE A BETTER ALIEN ITS 4AM AND I JUST WANNA GET EMOTIONAL. I dunno, s’crazy headcanon.

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jerm loves taking bubble baths with you!! he likes making bubble beards, both on himself and you. he also loves splashing around because water in general is just really fun to him. these baths often lead to soapy kisses and hilarious hairstyles. this also contributes to the one time he got soap in your eye and started to panic and apologize to you profusely. he felt so bad but nothing more kisses and bubble baths can't fix-👀

holy wow i’m so in love with him